Clint Walker Fired

January 17, 2018

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Clint Walker Fired

Clinton Neal Walker, an out in good standings former member of the American Outlaws Association’s St. Petersburg, Florida chapter, was fired yesterday from his job as a Hillsborough County Fire Rescue medic because county officials thought he had showed “unwavering loyalty” to his former motorcycle club.

Walker has been the object of unrelenting official calumny since an “investigative reporter” named Jarrod Holbrook, who works for Tampa television station WFTS, decided to make an example of him in May 2016. Holbrook’s initial sweeps month, broadcast report was titled “I-Team: Uncovering the Tampa Bay firefighters who run with criminal motorcycle gangs.” Holbrook outed Walker and Fire Captain James Costa in tht broadcast as friends and members of the Outlaws. Costa was the president of the St. Petersburg chapter when the report aired and he was on the verge of retiring.

Holbrook’s report portrayed Costa’s and Walker’s employment as an outrage against common sense and relied on comments by an ATF agent named Keary Hundt and a Pasco County, Florida “gang expert” named Brian Kozera to make Holbrook’s case.

Mafia On Wheels

According to the broadcast, agent Hundt was “extremely concerned. He considers it (Costa’s and Walker’s employment) a public safety issue.” WFTS reported that Hundt, “investigates criminal motorcycle gangs. He says they are known for all types of crimes, ‘Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, arson, bombings, you name it..’”

Kozera described “criminal motorcycle gangs” as “the mafia on motorcycles, ya know. They’re very organized. It’s organized crime.”

Holbrook’s out of the blue character assassination dogged both Walker and Costa and continued through a televised report on WFTS last night.

Two days after Holbrook made Walker and Costa sensational, Walker was attacked in a St, Petersburg bar called the Del Mar Gastro Lounge by a local cop named Ruben DeJesus. While Walker was standing with his hands behind his back, DeJesus Tased Walker four times, handcuffed him and then kicked him in the groin, apparently because Walker was wearing an Outlaws tee shirt. Walker was arrested but cleared when a videotape of the incident surfaced.

Holbrook subsequently reported that Walker had been involved in a bar fight in Key West. Walker was charged with simple battery and suspended from his job for 10 day. Holbrook and WFTS played the biker angle hard. That news feature was titled, “I-Team: Hillsborough Firefighter and Outlaw faces Battery charge after biker brawl.”

Guilt By Association

Costa retired from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue but Walker was forced to resign from the Outlaws in November 2016 when, as a result of Holbrook’s sensational reports Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill announced that “All Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Employees” were forbidden from “any membership or voluntary participation by Fire Rescue employees with an outside organization that is recognized by government agencies to support or be involved in criminal or illegal discriminatory activity…. Therefore, effective immediately, all Hillsborough County Fire Rescue employees are prohibited from being a member of or voluntarily participating with any outside organization as defined below: Any group, organization or gang characterized by the commission of, or involvement in, a pattern of criminal conduct as identified by the State of Florida or Federal government. Examples listed in the 2015 National Gang Report include, but are not limited to, Crips, Bloods, Surenos, Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, Gangster Disciples, Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Pagans, Vagos, Sons of Violence, Outlaws, Banditos and The Mongols.”

Holbrook continued to report that there was a motorcycle club menace in Tampa and that Walker and Costa were its poster boys.

Last July Holbrook reported: “The I-Team found there’s been a recent string of violence among local motorcycle clubs. Law enforcement classifies some of those clubs as criminal gangs and criminal enterprises. Florida law enforcement agencies including right here in Tampa Bay are on high alert.” The report included references to both Costa and Walker.

Costa Shot

Two days later, Costa was shot while riding his motorcycle on the Tamiami Trail near Valroy Road south of Tampa.

“The shooting comes just two days after the I-Team uncovered a rise in local violence between motorcycle clubs,” Holbrook bragged. “Sources tell us Clint Walker, a Hillsborough county firefighter and paramedic, responded to the scene after Costa was shot. Sources say when deputies tried to take Costa’s leather Outlaws vest, he refused to give it to them, and instead gave it to Walker.” And, Holbrook promised, “Hillsborough Fire Rescue spokespeople… will review if Walker broke any policies by taking the Outlaws vest.”

That incident cost Walker his job.

Continued Affiliation

A medic on scene called Walker to tell him his close friend and former club brother had been shot, Although he was off duty, Walker went to the crime scene and rode in the ambulance with Costa to a local hospital. And, although he was off duty, he put on his official uniform in the ambulance. While in the ambulance, Walker took possession of Costa’s vest. When a Hillsborough County Deputy demanded that Walker surrender the vest to him, Walker said he intended to give it to Costa’s wife.

Walker refused to let police seize the vest although he did let a deputy photograph it.

Hillsborough County concluded yesterday that Walker’s refusal to surrender Costa’s vest to police proved his “continued affiliation with the Outlaws motorcycle club.” So he was fired.

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86 Responses to “Clint Walker Fired”

  1. Tommy Jr. Says:


    Wanna be huh?
    I never said i was or wasnt in a club. i am willing to give some of you the benefit of the doubt. It is obvious a few of you do not take about a half a second to think shit out before you let it spew. And i also realize that many of you deal with so many people on a daily basis that are so full of shit, that its hard for you to tell if your dealing with someone you shouldnt be fucking with.
    So if your having thoughts of doubt, then its a wiser decision for you to move on.

    Many 1%’ers look at this site, and the comments daily. Many also post here. Often. This is not the site any of you need to be talking reckless on about club members.

    shit you say can and will get you hemmed up. Peoples lives, and or livelihood are posted in the above news Rebel puts out. And a lot of people are already effected by the topics you read here. Even before Rebel posts them. And then when you make wise ass comments beneath these reports, you can bet your ass that they are taken personal. Often times by a large group of effected people.

    So if you come here to hate, expect whatever fallout comes your way as a result.

    Send Your Legos Back.

    And fuck anybody who wont.

  2. Tommy Jr. Says:


    Are you stupid? Or do you just not get it? Okay then. smh. You cant say i didnt try to talk you out of it.

  3. Hillbilly Says:

    @Tommy Jr. Tommie, tommie. Well lets see first you want to have your daddy kick my ass, then you call me a liar, and now you want to sick the Outlaws on me.Do you even know a Outlaw? You my fiend are a piece of work. Tell you what i am in Texas 2-3 times a year.
    How about next time I’m in your area I will look you up. If you can come without pops, your crew or your gun maybe this old biker can teach you some manners.
    Like I said you should know who you are picking a fight with RUB.

  4. Tommy Jr. Says:


    I can handle myself just fine. I know it hurts your feelings to know that if your run your mouth out in the street that your gonna get fucked up one way or another. 1 on 1 or not. For a guy like you the results are the same.
    and your multiple attempts to make this about me are not working. YOU ran YOUR mouth about a few 1% members from the Outlaws MC. Lets just hope for your sake that they dont decide to press the issue and get your IP address from rebel so they can see how true you are to your belief that they are “real tough” as you put it in sarcastic words.

    I attempted to give you a different outlook, and hopefully make you rethink any thoughts of granger you had. But my attempt to help you out is apparently flying over your head. Its amazing that you have made it to your age bumping your gums like you do. Good luck to you.

  5. HarryBalls Says:

    Tommy Jr, Hillbilly is right you are just another hotheaded wannabe that MC’s don’t need in their group. Because you work at a bar it’s expected that you need a beatdown? I did not see anyone in that video being a “tough guy” needing a beatdown. Sure that does happen occasionally, but in this instance I didn’t see the need to clear the house. Why go to jail for some slap-ass wearing a bun that is not a threat?

    One other thing comparing Navy Seals and needing a big group to take out some fuckups wearing turbins to a MC needing to be a pack of dogs in a sleepy ass laid back bar in the Keys is fucked up….not even close. There is a time to give beatdowns and this to me was not a time.

  6. Hillbilly Says:

    @Tommy Jr. tommie i am not missing your point. Your point is that if you get in a scuffle you need backup or a gun. i did not say that i was going to bitch slap you.
    i said if you got bitch slapped how would you handle it and you told me. with a crew or with a gun so we know how tough you are.i bet your pops could handle himself without you around. you i don’t know about. i am all for sticking together and have been in a couple of brawls doing exactly that. But if it is 1 on 1 I am not going to gang up on the other participant unless he is like you and wants to use backup or a weapon. Like i said let your pops be the biker.

  7. Neuro Says:

    Hillbilly is right. Go back to Mommy Tommy. FTR: I turn 60 this year.

  8. Hillbilly Says:

    @Stroker, You are missing the point. Would you let a known cop join your club?
    I would expect the fire dept. feels the same way about a outlaw member being a cop or fireman. It is a confict of interest. i am on the biker’s side i just do not think that you can be 1%er and then work for the man. i know that all outlaw bikers are not criminals but the general public does not know that and neither does the fire dept.
    they think that we are all criminals. Like JMack says find another career. The man can do whatever he wants for a living but working for the man and being a 1%er is going to come with what it comes with. You make your choices and then you have to live with them.
    Ride on

  9. Tommy Jr. Says:


    I think your intentionally missing my point man. Its not about “needing” any friends to fight my battles. Its a matter of simply sticking together. I’ll ask you a little different since your still trying to see it for something its not. So pops can certainly hold his own still at his age. But even still, what do you supposed i would do in the event someone tried to put hands on him and i was at his side? When people walk around playing tough guy, especially grown men trying to walk around slapping other grown men, then walking away alive is still a good option. Even if it means getting beat by multiple

    Yes, to answer your question, i would be honored to go to fisticuffs solo if someone tried to slap. But the harsh truth is it really depends on the setting. This is Texas.. i might pop a new asshole in a mf’ers forehead. Especially if i was minding my own business trying to have a good time. And depending upon the setting where someone decided to try to ruin my day, there is a high probability that i would walk the charges.

    i have no vested interest in defending the Outlaw MC. But the guys you saw getting beat in that video appeared to all be bar staff of some sort. They chose to work in a bar.. and that beat down could easily be chalked up to job hazards. I dont feel sorry for some punk with a top knot, that though he was hard, went out and got a job as a bouncer, then got his ass handed to him.

    Yeah i ride. Wtf. And for someone who has been riding so long, allegedly, you seem to have spent zero time around any real clubs. Otherwise it would be no mystery for you why you dont run around trying to act like a tough guy. Especially 1% MC’s.

    Everyone knows what happens to tough guys. You end up embarrassed, hurt, or dead. And the only people that dont like it, are the ones running around trying to play badass. ….but by all means, feel free to try to walk up and slap some grown men. hopefully it works out for you like you think it will.

  10. Sieg Says:

    Gandalf, it’s a shame you can’t read as well as you can fill a text-box with volumes of words.


  11. Hillbilly Says:

    @Tommy Just one more response tommy since you wrote such an impassioned few paragraphs. So you believe in strength in numbers. So if someone were to bitch slap you are you going to look around for your crew to come beat the shit out of the dude
    or are you going to handle it solo? Sounds like you get all your education from pops.
    Pops should have taught you how to stick up for yourself and to know who you are picking a fight with. Let pops be the biker. Do you even ride?

  12. Hillbilly Says:

    @Tommy Listen tommy I have been riding and living the lifestyle before you were born.
    I am saying that 6-7 guys beating the shit out of a couple of bartenders is not all that tough where I come from. Since you brought it up I am 60 and I would rather that you gave it a try. You might win but I guarantee you would not want a rematch.

    Ride on

  13. Gandalf Says:

    @Sieg Quote; “So, the poster “1%’er” made a few statements that were out of line.”
    The dude dry snitched…. Cold blooded. And you talk about me “spitting chicklets”? LOL Dude absolutely did named a Club. Are you saying YOU would make me spit chicklets??? If I called out a snitch in front of you… Or would the snitch (1%er) do it? 1%ers comment (dry snitching) and your comment reminds me of a comment I recently read by another poster on another story… Both, “Nigger Shit.” Since when is it honorable to Dry Snitch and/or defend a snitch? I missed that part. I also know better to talk smack about making people I don’t know “spit chicklets” I have no intention to further the “Nigger Shit” by talking the same smack back at you. I’m sure your right about me being a punk. Go figure.

  14. Dutchboy Says:

    “Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, arson, bombings, you name it” Hey, Mr Investigative Reporter, wanna real organized crime syndicate Guilty of ALL those crimes and many more? I present to you. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Ta da! Best to the oppressed in the Sunshine State. As for not”surrendering” the vest to the Cops? We all know it would have ended up hanging on the wall over some cop’s pool table (maybe in the local IO Cunt House?).

    “Evidence” goes missing all the time. AR has been on this story for a long time, thank you for that Rebel. Fair Winds.

  15. stroker Says:

    Have been following this story since Rebel first reported it. The phenomenon of firing fire dept. employees who just happen to belong to a motorsickle club is not new. I can personally cite several instances of the same happening to solid, upstanding individuals here on the central coast of California, after being painted with the same brush. These were/are members of smaller clubs, but in at least two of the cases, law enforcement went out of their way to wreck their lives by pretty much demanding the fire departments who employed these guys, fire them for being members of clubs that “associated” with the local dominate club.
    Not being a member of, but “associating” with them!
    Total bullshit. And both of these guys lost their jobs, because cops went out of their way to disparage them, and stoke the fires of hate, for no other reason then being bigots, when it comes to motorcycle clubs.
    One tried to go through the union process, but when push came to shove, he lost.

    Discrimination is not just about blacks.
    If anything, when it comes to us (motorcycle club members) we are even less worthy than blacks or other races. We are almost not worthy of living in the minds of John Q. Public. We get no help from that quarter.
    We are, as has been stated here by others, in fact “outlaws”….because the law does not stand for us. We exist outside the protections of the law.
    Most of us recognize that….but to say Walker was “sucking off the government tit” when he was in fact, someone who saves lives, who runs INTO burning buildings, not out of them….to say words like that just illustrates the divide that exists even here on Rebel’s site.
    This man has been abused by the very system he worked for.

    I would ask those who disparage him…..if you were lying bleeding on the ground and this man came to your rescue….would you refuse his aid because he was, or is, in a motorcycle club?

    Respect to Clint Walker.

  16. Coolaid Says:

    This is utter bullshit.. I have nothing more to add..

  17. Gandalf Says:


  18. P-Body Says:

    Seriously, these entity’s don’t understand brotherhood or honor, but they will understand writing a big check. They’re not called Civil Suggestions. Shameful and said this is where we are headed.



  19. Bradley Ward Says:

    Let’s take a moment to talk about journalists involved in “weapons trafficking”, shall we? Katie Couric, David Gregory, …

  20. Facts Says:

    Once again this Holbrook has the facts incorrect!!!
    Being very close to parties involved, I know what I am talking about!!!
    Before Mr. Costa was taken into surgery the night of almost being kIlled, a cop approached Mr. Costa in the ER stating she knows he won’t give them the vest but, she has to ask. She did, Costa declined. The cop said , we atleast need to take pictures of it then. When police asked Mr. Costa again for his vest in the operating room, he declined. Police then told Mr. Costa they needed to take blood samples from his vest. Mr. Costa replied with; They could only take the samples with his wife present! Police agreed!!
    Clint Walker ABSOLUTELY DID NOT withhold evidence!!!

  21. HarryBalls Says:

    While I agree that the reporter is a jackass and you should be able to retrieve the personal belongings of a friend to give to a family member…..after watching the video of the fight in the Keys, what a bunch punkass shit there. Can’t really tell what is going on to the right of the camera, but Walker was not initially involved and came over and started throwing fists. And then the next thing you know anyone in the vicinity is getting a beat down for no good reason. WTF ever happened to mono-e-mono and if someone jumps in on the other side then they get a beat down. Lots of punkass Sons of Anarchy going on these days.

    Respect to the “real” 1%ers

  22. Neuro Says:

    Of all people in the world, a fireman ought to realize that if you want to play with fire,you’re gonna get burned.

  23. Tommy Jr. Says:


    Dont like strength in numbers?
    Would you also accuse a pack of wolves of being pussies when wolves only hunt in packs? Or are Navy S.E.A.L.s pussies when they only operate in teams of up to 10 guys vs 1 or 2 bad guys? Or what about cops when they have an entire department on scene chasing 1 guy down the highway?
    The truth is, it only takes 1 wolf to ruin your day. And i would bet money on it taking only 1 S.E.A.L. To kill a mf’er at any given moment. If your logic on 1%’ers is that they arent “tough” for sticking together, then your same flawed logic should also apply to my examples above. Which is foolish. Any group of anything thats truly down for the cause isnt out trying to prove to a bunch of wanna be, self proclaimed badasses how “tough” they are. The general rule is- use as many as necessary to put down anything that opposes them AS fast AS possible. And if anyone cant come to terms with that fact, then my recommendation would simply not to fuck with them. Its not like 1%’rers are out trying to push up on you. In fact, your damn near gonna have to physically try to force one of them to do something to even get addressed by them. Basically what im saying is, you literally have to go out of your way to get in a situation with them. And the only people who end up in beefs with 1%’ers are the same ones who literally walk around trying to be badasses. And what do we all like to see happen to self proclaimed badasses??

    And to point out more of your flawed thinking, are 1%’ers also not allowed to be good dads, husbands, loyal friends, and otherwise stand up guys? What exactly do you think 1%’ers are supposed to be doing 24/7? If your answer is in line with thinking that they are all criminals, then i would suggest that the biggest threat to those guys, are people with your way of thinking.

    my pops is in a respected outlaw club. And im certain that at his age of nearly 60, he would still fuck you up. 1 on 1. quick.

    I dont care how you try to shit on the lifestyle. You know the score as well as anyone else how it goes down when you try to fuck with a 1%’er. So… howbout just dont fuck with them?

    Give respect, and you’ll get it in return.

  24. Hangaround Says:

    I hope he not only sues the shit out of the counties but finds a crafty lawyer type to sue that shithead “investigative” reporter too. What a shitshow…

  25. JMacK Says:

    Not meant to be a disrespect to anyone, but personally, I’d change careers before I gave up my patch. But that’s just me. I’m not there and don’t know the exact circumstances, and it’s none of my biz. I just know what I would do.


  26. Hero Says:

    Florida is just f’d up. I just canceled my vacation to Universal Studios Orlando. JK, wouldnt go there anyway. But on a serious note, everyone there is a story regarding Florida this comment section goes into over drive. In begining to think Florida is the new wild west.

  27. rocco151 Says:

    @ Paladin
    @ Sieg
    Thanks as always for your experienced wisdom!

    Let me get this straight, a medic identifies himself as such upon arriving at the hospital to other Emergency Personnel(who have no problem with his being there giving comfort to a friend) and is asked by his injured friend (a retired Captain of the Fire Department) to guard his valuables and deliver them to his wife. He refuses to give a vest to a female deputy who wants it just to have it (if it was material to the case it would have been confiscated rather than have a picture of it taken )(with permission) by female officer’s supervisor and Walker would have been arrested for obstruction of justice. So basically Walker lost his job for safekeeping his friend’s valuables ! If people are going to lose their livelihood because of people they know I think everyone of us (especially the politicians involved in this case) are pretty vulnerable !

  28. Sir Lord Sweetleaf Says:

    Dry snitching is most definitely snitching. A real bitch-made form of it but nonetheless.
    Sorry to see a man trying to support his family get done this way. What a wonderful world.

  29. Hillbilly Says:

    I have seen the key west video and it looks like 6-7 dudes beating the crap out of a couple of bar staff real tough. Either you are a 1% biker or you are a public employee sucking off the Gov. tit. I don’t see how you can be both.
    If you say you are living the outlaw life,then live the outlaw life.
    You can’t have your cake and eat it to.
    One or the other and then live it and quit crying.

  30. Iron Rider Says:

    So the little media witchunt Holbrook started for MC members continues on. I would love to know what precipitated Holbrook on this crusade, because since the cops put Walker on their radar there sure seems to be an agenda to have him terminated from his job because of an MC affiliation and that seems pretty fucking discriminatory considering this guys whole careers seem to be aimed at helping people who are sicked injured or near death from what has been reported Walker seems very good at what he does.

    Let’s see lot of cops who commit crimes, an have MC affiliations seem to still have jobs, but because the cops and Holbrook decided to make Walker a target and not any with a law enforcement connection sure makes me think that Holbrook was nudged towards the information about Walker and maybe doing a little hit piece.

    I sure hope Walker sues the shit out of the city for discrimination, because it sure fits the description of what has been going on, who knows maybe some subpeona’s will take up whose little agenda getting Walker removed from his job this really was.

  31. Austin Says:

    …Yet one more example to demonstrate why the general public understands Firemen are HOT and cops are just not.
    I totally agree with Mark & Kentucky Rider that these two men likely became victims or targets because of all the publicity.

    Mr. Walker demonstrated loyalty and committment to his co-worker/brother/friend just like he would do it for a complete stranger if he were on the job. Character isn’t something you pull out for special occasions. It is unfortunate that a publicly supported agency cannot recognise true integrity within their own employee, but rather take action as a result of the hydrophobic rants of a fear monger. There is probably some kind of dirty love triangle going on between Jarrod Holbrook, Keary Hundt and Brian Kozera.

    1% of zero is still nothing.

  32. Sieg Says:

    So, the poster “1%’er” made a few statements that were out of line. No point beating that particular dead horse, but on a side note…

    “Good thing dude wasn’t charged with a crime or we might Have gotten a detailed list of crimes committed by other Clubs. Dry Snitching IS snitching.”

    Take the grits out yer mouth, Gandalf, you saying this is a specific club or club-member ratting out another club? I mean, to me it reads like either a supporter, a cop, or just some anonymous fella decided to claim 1% to make his comment all bad and official. Maybe I missed something, but I do believe a comment like the above, hell, like the above or like the one “1%’er” posted would make sure you were spitting Chiclets if you made it in a CH.


  33. Freebird Says:

    @Muck 1%er

    Spot on!

  34. Rook Says:

    Sons of Violence ? wtf ?
    @ 1%er I think your “P” might want to have a sit down with you.
    If you are what you claim.

  35. Mark Says:

    First off, the vest belonged to a victim of a “shoot & run” cowardly felony crime. If the vest was honestly evidence of the felony shooting crime, Walker would not have been allowed to keep it and we all know that’s a fact. Was Walker asked by the felony shooting crime victim, to take his personal effects like, keys, wallet in addition to his vest?
    One point I’d missing that is absolute common sense. When a couple gets a divorce, does that mean they, the once married couple, should not associate with their former In-Laws and if the do that means the couple is still married. What bullshit. Me thinks Walker has a very real lawsuit for real money to go after, to be made whole again.

  36. KentuckyRider Says:

    As an aside, I believe that news channel is directly responsible for Costa getting shot for making his name and face so public. Maybe it was going to happen anyway…I don’t know and it’s not my business but plastering his fucking name and face all over local tv sure didn’t help. Also, you can bet your goddamn bottom dollar these dicksuckers in Tampa wouldn’t say shit about a city employee wearing a BLM shirt or going to an antifa rally.

  37. Gandalf Says:

    @Muck 1%er

    Good thing dude wasn’t charged with a crime or we might Have gotten a detailed list of crimes committed by other Clubs. Dry Snitching IS snitching.

  38. Maven Says:

    What a messed up situation. Unfortunately once those dumbass reporters outed him it was only a matter time before he got fired. Hope he sues their asses.

  39. gunfighter Says:

    Rebel et al,
    Living here in Pinellas and knowing Clint and his old boss, through my own club, this is a real travesty. What they left off is that Clint has dedicated his life to service – he is also a Marine veteran who served multiple, serious tours in IRAQ and who still takes care and supports his brothers in the Corps.

    Nothing but respect and full support for him (and the union) shoving this up the wazoo of the county commissioner and his Channel 11 mouthpiece.


  40. Paladin Says:

    @ Muck 1%er


    Long May You Ride,


  41. Muck 1%er Says:

    Not gonna get into a pissin contest here, but it seems kind of sad to me that our culture/lifestyle, or whatever you wanna call it, has diluted to the point that someone claiming 1%er status…goes onto a public forum and rats out another 1%er. Must be a new breed of 1%er or hopefully an anomaly.
    Hopefully they aren’t starting to all turn out that way these days.

  42. Yankee Says:

    No matter what has happened in the past. Respect to Clint for putting his job on the line and not letting the cops seize the vest. I hope his loyalty does not go unnoticed even if he hasn’t kept the best company as of late.

  43. MtPockets Says:

    So, apparently, the Constitution doesn’t apply to Hillsboro County?

  44. Anonymouse Says:

    I’m no expert, but calling for the firing of a fireman/club member as a response to being outraged at the firing of a fireman/former club member is a bit short-sighted.

    Hope this investigative journalist, who I’m sure doesn’t have the nuts to run into a burning building or ride, is proud of himself.

  45. Bones glass 1973 Says:

    @1% GTFO here with that

  46. 1%er Says:

    Oh they erase my comment about the Pagan Fire Captain in Pasco why did you erase it that’s not right a man was just fired and so should that Pagan Buzz!!!!!

  47. 1%er Says:

    Fire that Firemonkey too!!!!

  48. 1%er Says:

    I hope Clint Sues them not dies!!!! Spell check messed up the first message

  49. 1%er Says:

    I hope Clint dies them also. What about that Pagan that’s a fireman in Pasco county that’s ok what’s good for one should be good for the other.

  50. mac Says:

    I hope Clint sues the shit out of both Pinellas and Hillsborough County.

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