Clint Walker Fired

January 17, 2018

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Clint Walker Fired

Clinton Neal Walker, an out in good standings former member of the American Outlaws Association’s St. Petersburg, Florida chapter, was fired yesterday from his job as a Hillsborough County Fire Rescue medic because county officials thought he had showed “unwavering loyalty” to his former motorcycle club.

Walker has been the object of unrelenting official calumny since an “investigative reporter” named Jarrod Holbrook, who works for Tampa television station WFTS, decided to make an example of him in May 2016. Holbrook’s initial sweeps month, broadcast report was titled “I-Team: Uncovering the Tampa Bay firefighters who run with criminal motorcycle gangs.” Holbrook outed Walker and Fire Captain James Costa in tht broadcast as friends and members of the Outlaws. Costa was the president of the St. Petersburg chapter when the report aired and he was on the verge of retiring.

Holbrook’s report portrayed Costa’s and Walker’s employment as an outrage against common sense and relied on comments by an ATF agent named Keary Hundt and a Pasco County, Florida “gang expert” named Brian Kozera to make Holbrook’s case.

Mafia On Wheels

According to the broadcast, agent Hundt was “extremely concerned. He considers it (Costa’s and Walker’s employment) a public safety issue.” WFTS reported that Hundt, “investigates criminal motorcycle gangs. He says they are known for all types of crimes, ‘Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, arson, bombings, you name it..’”

Kozera described “criminal motorcycle gangs” as “the mafia on motorcycles, ya know. They’re very organized. It’s organized crime.”

Holbrook’s out of the blue character assassination dogged both Walker and Costa and continued through a televised report on WFTS last night.

Two days after Holbrook made Walker and Costa sensational, Walker was attacked in a St, Petersburg bar called the Del Mar Gastro Lounge by a local cop named Ruben DeJesus. While Walker was standing with his hands behind his back, DeJesus Tased Walker four times, handcuffed him and then kicked him in the groin, apparently because Walker was wearing an Outlaws tee shirt. Walker was arrested but cleared when a videotape of the incident surfaced.

Holbrook subsequently reported that Walker had been involved in a bar fight in Key West. Walker was charged with simple battery and suspended from his job for 10 day. Holbrook and WFTS played the biker angle hard. That news feature was titled, “I-Team: Hillsborough Firefighter and Outlaw faces Battery charge after biker brawl.”

Guilt By Association

Costa retired from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue but Walker was forced to resign from the Outlaws in November 2016 when, as a result of Holbrook’s sensational reports Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill announced that “All Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Employees” were forbidden from “any membership or voluntary participation by Fire Rescue employees with an outside organization that is recognized by government agencies to support or be involved in criminal or illegal discriminatory activity…. Therefore, effective immediately, all Hillsborough County Fire Rescue employees are prohibited from being a member of or voluntarily participating with any outside organization as defined below: Any group, organization or gang characterized by the commission of, or involvement in, a pattern of criminal conduct as identified by the State of Florida or Federal government. Examples listed in the 2015 National Gang Report include, but are not limited to, Crips, Bloods, Surenos, Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, Gangster Disciples, Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Pagans, Vagos, Sons of Violence, Outlaws, Banditos and The Mongols.”

Holbrook continued to report that there was a motorcycle club menace in Tampa and that Walker and Costa were its poster boys.

Last July Holbrook reported: “The I-Team found there’s been a recent string of violence among local motorcycle clubs. Law enforcement classifies some of those clubs as criminal gangs and criminal enterprises. Florida law enforcement agencies including right here in Tampa Bay are on high alert.” The report included references to both Costa and Walker.

Costa Shot

Two days later, Costa was shot while riding his motorcycle on the Tamiami Trail near Valroy Road south of Tampa.

“The shooting comes just two days after the I-Team uncovered a rise in local violence between motorcycle clubs,” Holbrook bragged. “Sources tell us Clint Walker, a Hillsborough county firefighter and paramedic, responded to the scene after Costa was shot. Sources say when deputies tried to take Costa’s leather Outlaws vest, he refused to give it to them, and instead gave it to Walker.” And, Holbrook promised, “Hillsborough Fire Rescue spokespeople… will review if Walker broke any policies by taking the Outlaws vest.”

That incident cost Walker his job.

Continued Affiliation

A medic on scene called Walker to tell him his close friend and former club brother had been shot, Although he was off duty, Walker went to the crime scene and rode in the ambulance with Costa to a local hospital. And, although he was off duty, he put on his official uniform in the ambulance. While in the ambulance, Walker took possession of Costa’s vest. When a Hillsborough County Deputy demanded that Walker surrender the vest to him, Walker said he intended to give it to Costa’s wife.

Walker refused to let police seize the vest although he did let a deputy photograph it.

Hillsborough County concluded yesterday that Walker’s refusal to surrender Costa’s vest to police proved his “continued affiliation with the Outlaws motorcycle club.” So he was fired.

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  1. Tommy Jr. Says:

    Im actually starting to like the old bastard. Lol
    But at a very minimum he’s getting a wet willy. Then he can buy the first one.

  2. 1nondescript Says:

    @Tommy & hillbilly..
    This back and forth is starting to resemble me and my ol lady fighting…don’t worry the make up fucking is who am I to judge…Im
    . still reading…I’m giving this one to Tommy threat was a bad look for you..don’t pull your gun unless your gonna crack..but really….fuck it let’s’s 70 degrees in central Florida today

  3. Hillbilly Says:

    @vogel I have to agree with tommy here asshole. you are reading and responding.
    So STFU and mind your own buisness.

  4. Rook Says:

    Why don’t you two meet behind the monkey bars after school and settle this shit once and for all?


  5. Tommy Jr Says:

    At this point, if the old man actually has the sand to show, i can assure he’ll get a fair stake. No guns, no homies. But i do intend to get a pic of his dumb ass flopped face down and palms up as soon as i let hands go and he’s napping on the floor.

  6. Tommy Jr. Says:

    Lmao, well thank you kindly, sir

  7. Neuro Says:

    Damn, I actually do think these guys are some hardcore badasses.

  8. Tommy Jr. Says:

    I was almost was in agreement with you until i saw you had cocksacks in your mouth in the other thread.

  9. Tommy Jr. Says:


    Lol, your probably right.

  10. Vogel Says:

    Wow these comments are so hardcore! Who are you losers trying to impress. Trust me nobody is reading this thinking “Gee, these are some hardcore badasses”
    More like “Gee, these guys are annoying and probably the reason their parents divorced 0

  11. Tommy Jr. Says:


    You sure spend a lot of time talking a big game about something your not gonna follow through on.

  12. Hillbilly Says:

    @tommie you sure spend a lot of time talking about a fight you were never in.
    And you have receipts! you can prove you were not in a fight way to go tough guy. So you have pissed off another dude to where he wants to give you a beat down. what a surprise. Who are you trying to talk out of it me or yourself? Tell you what bring those receipts and a note from mommy and I will let you swing first.

  13. Tommy Jr. Says:


    Good luck motherfucker! Your a fucking fool to assume the apple fell far from the tree.

    By the way, bitch, the last motherfucker that tried to threaten online that he was gonna come teach me a lesson in person ended up not showing up. Then went online and tried to say he showed up so he could look hard. Unfortunately for him i posted reciepts with my full name, date and time, and pics from that exact establishment, on the exact date, at the exact time of day he said he was gonna be there. I stayed close to 6 hours having a good time waiting to be “taught a lesson”, and the punk motherfucker never had the nuts to show. then everyone that believed he was about that life all of a sudden turned on him after discovering that he was a bitch.

    Now that you have made threats to come to me, i fully intend to stand my ground. And i fully intend to do follow up posts here about it. And everyone here is gonna find out just how it pans out.

    I gave you an apportinity to move on. Multiple times. And am actually still trying… Let this thread stand as proof that your dumb ass pursued me.

  14. Hillbilly Says:

    @tommie jr. Man it is hard to have a discussion with someone who has no idea what he is talking about. we are talking about cops and fireman stupid.The dudes from WW2
    and nam were out of uniform when they started MC’s you fucking moron.
    most of them were drafted.I am done going back and forth with a fucking daddy’s boy
    Like I said let your pops be the biker in the family. I will look you up when I am there and then you can tell are your buddies you got your ass kicked by a 60 year old
    Please dont move pussy

  15. Tommy Jr. Says:

    The more you talk, the more you make it evident that you are not only a punk, but that you are also a liar wanna be bitch to the outlaw lifestyle as well.
    You keep rambling on about how your a non conformist your whole life, yadda yadda. About how a “real” outlaw should never have a job in a uniform, etc. but its obvious that your dumb ass has no idea that most outlaw clubs were started by vets- who wore uniforms. and worked for “the man”.
    with that last comment you just made about uniforms, tells everyone here that you dont have a fucking clue. You just busted yourself. Bitch.
    Your attempt to look like billy badass biker failed. miserably.

  16. Tommy Jr. Says:


    Shut your fucking cunt mouth motherfucker. your nothing but a mouth running bitch. Ive gone to straight up dissing everyhing you stand for. And you are not gonna do a fucking thing about it.

  17. Hillbilly Says:

    @stroker I hear ya, maybe I am wrong been wrong before. but as a man who has lived my whole life as a non conformist and never really trusting the man no matter what uniform or title he is wearing i just have a hard time wrapping my head around why someone would want to work for the man. But hey different strokes i guess.
    I know that we need fireman and cops(good cops) to a certain extent.i just would not apply for the job and live the way I live. I hate to see anyone lose their job [email protected] jr. see son that is how you have a big boy discussion. Know a little bit and have some respect and maybe you will get respect back.
    Ride On.

  18. Neuro Says:

    Fire department eats shit here. Totally an extension of the man’s reach. Same for building inspection dept. All assholes cut from the same cloth. Wait til you are bullied and extorted by these dickheads. You will change your song then.

  19. stroker Says:

    with respect you are wrong about fire departments, at least all the ones I know, and even this story of Rebel’s tells you that Walker continued to work at the fire department after he was basically forced to quit the Outlaws. His continued notoriety caused him so much heat, his local FD finally had to let him go.
    I know from personal history that most all the FD’s in my area do not by themselves judge 1%ers as undesirables. Their BOARDS have been basically threatened by LE in our area, and in Walker’s case by the nit-wit at the local TV station who, apparently, has an ax to grind. That pressure cost my friends their jobs, and Walker his. FD’s are a whole different public agency than PD’s. Witness Walker getting fucked with by the asshole cop in the above story.
    IMHO Firefighters CAN be 1%ers. Depends on the area, and the mindset of the local constabulary, and of course, the press.

  20. Tommy Jr. Says:


    why are you still talking? You have already said you will be in Texas for a follow up on your beliefs. Time will tell if your to be respected or not.

  21. Hillbilly Says:

    @Tommy Jr. Tommie you are the only one full of shit on here. i state an opinion and not only do you disagree(which is cool) you have to go and disrespect me
    I do not know what your definition of a 1% is and frankly dont give a shit.
    I do not disrespect someone that i do not know and i won’t be disrespected by someone who shows no respect and no class. Go fuck yourself tommie

  22. Painfully Weeping Says:

    I wonder if the President of the Washington DC Iron Order Chapter will lose his job as a Fairfax County EMT and Fireman?

  23. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Paladin


  24. Old & Jaded Says:

    “It is a known fact the calcium is good for your teeth, minding your own business is even better.+

    @Paladin +1, Sir

    Go Jags!

  25. Paladin Says:

    1%er Says:
    January 21, 2018 at 11:29 am

    “To Muck 1%er, Gandalf and Rook I am just stating the facts or don’t you watch the news?”

    @ 1%er,

    In case you’ve missed the obvious, the “facts” and the “news” are oft times mutually exclusive. Rebel’s story is about a specific individual, that individual’s relationship to his former club and now his former employer. Your mention of a club that has nothing to do with Rebel’s story is akin to a little boy stating: ” It’s not fair. Johnny gets to do it, so why can’t I?”

    It is a known fact the calcium is good for your teeth, minding your own business is even better.


  26. Gandalf Says:

    @1%er; I considered it “Dry” because it was known. I read that. You prob just slipped up even mentioning it.
    On another Note: Jags/NE Close game. Viks get smoked. Total Purple Offensive Breakdown. Bet both underdogs.

  27. 1%er Says:

    To Muck 1%er, Gandalf and Rook I am just stating the facts or don’t you watch the news? There was a big news report On Jimbo and Clint and also the fire Capt that’s a Pagan in Pasco County. There ain’t no snitching going on here go back watch the Tampa bay news hell I think it was on here also. What I was saying if they are going to do this to one it should be done to all not just picking on a individual is all I was saying. So I think they all are getting raw deals so know your shot before you accuse someone of snitching!!!

  28. New England Rider Says:

    I don’t get it, was he good at his job? If so why was he fired because of what he does in his own free time? This is a head scratcher.

  29. Dasein Says:

    Skaggs: Got it now, thanks.

  30. Skagg Says:

    it seems Holbrook needs a refresher in ethics 101.

  31. Dasein Says:

    Skagg: What are you talking about?

  32. Skagg Says:

    Whatever became of the journalistic ethic to not become involved in a story?

  33. Gandalf Says:

    “For example, the terms “Outlaw” and “1%er” Those are terms of a lifestyle. We’re Non conformists, anti establishment Americans, who still believe in Freedom!
    We won’t be sheep and obey society’s rules, but of course we have to obey society’s laws. And for the most part we do!Those terms (Outlaw, 1%er) have absolutely nothing to do with being a criminal, only ignorant assholes and Cops think that.” (Shovelhead)
    Even this shoemaker (Me) believes this is as close as it gets to the reality of 1%ers.

  34. rocco151 Says:

    @Shovelhead +1

  35. Crazy Harry Says:

    Firing a 1%er employed to do a job most people haven’t got the balls or brains to do is really fucking stupid. I never read anything ever about this being a conflict of interest or lack of professionalism by any 1%er anywhere. All being said then the members of Urine Oder and other like MCs are also just as wrong and need to be identified and fired. I worked with 1%ers on the job and they never gave any less or slacked and were actually harder workers and better at what they did. They knew that eyes were on them so they set a better example, they did have something to prove. Leadership by example.

  36. Shovelhead Says:

    Tommy Jr.
    You can very easily tell from some of the comments here. Who actually lives the life and who’s only knowledge of the 1%er lifestyle comes from Gangland and SOA. Anyone can buy a Harley, you can ride 50 years, still doesn’t make you a 1%er.

    For example, the terms “Outlaw” and “1%er” Those are terms of a lifestyle. We’re Non conformists, anti establishment Americans, who still believe in Freedom!

    We won’t be sheep and obey society’s rules, but of course we have to obey society’s laws. And for the most part we do!

    Those terms (Outlaw, 1%er) have absolutely nothing to do with being a criminal, only ignorant assholes and Cops think that.

    Being a Fireman and belonging to a 1%er Club is Ok in my book. Firemen save people, they’re not Cops. They’re not the Law. Cops are rats in uniform who kill unarmed Americans for the Government.

    Also, Rat Packing has a purpose, and it works! Don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about that.
    And while I’m at it, lets get something clear for those who don’t understand. If you insult or attack a patch holder simply because of what he’s wearing on his back, then you are attacking the patch…the Club!! Not just that individual and you will be dealt with by the Club.

    Respect to the real 1%

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