Another Waco Delay

January 11, 2018

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Another Waco Delay

The trial of Waco Twin Peaks defendant George Bergman was continued for at least six months Thursday afternoon.

Theoretically, Bergman faces two decades in prison but it does not seem likely that he will ever be convicted. He is accused of engaging in organized criminal activity for attending a Texas confederation of Clubs and Independents Meeting at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015.

Last week Bergman turned down a plea deal. Prosecutor Michael Jarrett asked Bergman to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault to which he would be sentenced to a year of probation. “I didn’t do anything,” Bergman said. “That would be the first lie I told, saying I did something when I didn’t do anything. I am not willing to take anything because I didn’t do anything. I came to Waco for a meeting.”

Election Coming Up

Jury selection for Bergman’s trial was scheduled for January 23. Testimony would have begun January 24 in Waco’s 54th District Court before Judge Matt Johnson. Thursday, Jarrett and Bergman’s attorney, Clint Broden, filed a joint motion to delay the trial at least 180 days in the interests of justice.

The delay puts Bergman’s trial on the far side of two relevant landmarks in the Twin Peaks Mass Murder case.

First, the federal racketeering trial of Bandidos president Jeff Pike and former Bandidos vice-president John Portillo is scheduled to begin in February. There is a slight possibility that evidence pertinent to the Twin Peaks case may be made discoverable to defense attorneys during or after the federal case.

Secondly, Abelino Reyna, the McLennan County District Attorney who ordered Bergman’s arrest for what appear to be self-serving ends, may no longer be in office six months from now. Besides facing an FBI investigation for corruption, Reyna is facing an election. He is opposed in a primary election to be held on March 6. He will also be opposed in a general election scheduled for May 22.


19 Responses to “Another Waco Delay”

  1. rw Says:

    Just read where the comissionors for the county approved to request $600,000.oo to help with the costs of Jakes trial.
    Hope the state tells em to screw the pooch on their own dime.

  2. david Says:

    From the very beginning, Un-Abel KNEW he majorly screwed up by commandeering the executive branch and ordering the mass arrests of all those present at TP.

    At that time, he chose NOT to publicly admit he was wrong in charging everyone in order to save face and avoid public embarrassment. To him it’s a matter of personal, and family pride despite whatever the cost to anyone and everyone else.

    The people will have their say, in the March primary.

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    Nice to hear from you John… Have you talked to anyone’s defense attorney yet?

  4. John doe Says:

    Once upon a time there was a man with tons money in his account. The government decided it’s was too much and took it back. They decided to tell america they couod only practice one religion and forced this man to walk in that direction without telling him who he was. This man called and called for years on end and with every attempt there was 100% bullshit from 100 percenters.TWIN PEAKS WAS AN ATTEMPT TO KEEP STOLEN MONEY AND KILL JOHN DOE. They tried to frame me saying it started in the bathroom but quickly changed that story, shred, copy, paste. ALL SHOULD BE SET FREE WITHOUT COURT DUE FOR THIS SET UP. John Doe was terrorized on a daily basis since that sad day.     Sheep are trying to bring a lion down with corruption.

  5. Casper T Ghost Says:

    That sound you here Mr Reyna….. that’s the sound of all your lies,self serving,and cowardice… your miscarriage of justice,ruining of innocent lives, and ultimately the murder of American citizens…. that sound is the shit hitting the fan above the desk you sit on (for only a few more days). Your face is already on urinal cakes from Abilene to Austin. Now your family name will ring out in the whispers around Waco as the Shame of the town. The failure. The coward, the liar….Reyna will be be a tainted name that will forever haunt you and your family. Your children will be humiliated and you can never trust anyone again, because even people who pretend to be nice to you… they whisper your shame. You’ll feel your failure in every look in every interaction. You can know that where you go out to dinner- the guys in back have spit in your food. No where you go will escape the shame and cowardice and eventually Mr Reyna you will find some pussy way to end yourself. Here’s to ya Reyna the lying coward.

  6. Badd Guye Says:

    I am curious if Bergman was released from his bond conditions during this new time frame?

  7. Mercyful Fate Says:

    @Dirty – Yes, that’s what has my undies all twisted up as well. These innocent people have had their lives ruined because of those corrupted shitstains like Reyna et al. I can only pray that Karma truly is a bitch and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, gets what they got coming to ’em.

  8. Gooch Says:

    Abelino Reyna; psychopathic soldier leader of a deplorable, miniacle, & ruthless gang of pantywaist butt pirates. Who have terrorized the good people of Texas. (WACO = We’re not coming out!) Rebel On! ~ Gooch

  9. Theseus Says:

    Broden and Bergman and most every potential juror in Waco would say there is no chance you could find Bergman guilty of anything. A deal had to have been made to dismiss charges because the D.A. doesn’t have anything less than the conditional probation , that was already offered and rejected. Broden and Bergman probably argued for an immediate dismissal, but settled on waiting 180 days , to avoid sitting in that courtroom for two weeks.

  10. Dutchboy Says:

    Watch the new guy try something like “I wanna dismiss your case but I need you to sign this paper saying you won’t sue. It’s a good deal!”. Demand a no conditions dismissal WITH a formal apology.

  11. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    Ok, so Reyna loses the election and the next guy sez, “we need to dismiss these charges against X number of folks”. Does this give these folks back their lost jobs, houses, vehicles, reputations and the 3 years of life wasted? I’m all for the charges being thrown out, but that’s only the beginning to make these folks whole again.
    And if the first civil suit goes against the LE team, how long do you think it will stretch out on appeal? 2 years? 5? 15? These folks will NEVER see a round nickel from the government, MAYBE their heirs will.

  12. Iron Rider Says:

    Reyna is up for re-election and another Twin Peaks loss when we already saw one trial cost the taxpayers a coll million, another trial loss what 500k, dont think that would bode well for Reyna’s re-election bid.

    The fact that the case against Bergamn is shit and that Reyna and Co thought Bergman would jump at the plea deal and Bergamn told them to stick it ratted Reyna I believe and as for Broden agreeing to a deal, well maybe Broden is hoping whoever gets Reyna’s job will come to his sense and dismiss the charges not only against Bergman but other Twin Peaks defendants, cause the evidence against Bergman is 50 times weaker than what it was against Carrizal.

    Reyna is trying to save face, and Broden I believe will either get a dismissal before Vergman goes to trial or when a new D.A. take over, so I dont think this is a bad strategy from Broden

  13. Bone Head Says:

    Mr. Bergman has chosen to have his day in court. Standing toe-to-toe with a corrupt county and the asshats perpetuating so called “justice”. The man has my respect.
    Mr. Broden asking for a delay is going to fuck unabel. Good.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    BTW: Jake should get a PD assigned to Him. Milk the taxpayers $ as long as possible. Then and a week before Trial hire Broden with the “new found” $ someone “just” lent Him.

  15. Gandalf Says:

    Still no obviously guilty Cossacks go on trial. Where’s Big O’s trial? Or dude who executed Mohawk on Video? Or dude shooting up the place? How much more obvious does Reyna gotta be before the people of Waco realize? Looks to me that the whole dam Cossack Club was working for LE. Reyna has so much proof of a Cossack ambush it’s amazing. Zero proof of the biggest Club doing anything but defending themselves.

  16. Badd Guye Says:

    Timing is everything, so what’s with the timing here? Broden has consistently fought for speedy trials, so why now suddenly go in the other direction? Especially when it appears he has won (judging from the plea offer)? Seems a little more than just puzzling to me. Guess we will just have to watch it play out.

  17. Gordo Says:

    Drop the charge or charges against Bergman

    Done nothing wrong so why plead to some B.S. charge

    So much for your right to a fair and timely trial

  18. Theseus Says:

    Broden sees that the registered voters in McLennan County are generally the same composition as the hung jury in Jake Carrizal’s previous trial. ( 70/30 against Reyna ) The March 6 Republican primary should be the end of Reyna. Reyna’s opponent in the primary said many, if not most, of the criminal charges related to Twin Peaks should be dismissed. Bergman should not need to defend himself in a courtroom.

  19. Freebird Says:

    Joint Motion…. If this guy can’t walk away no questions asked. Than I’m a real stupid Mother Fucker!

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