Pagans And Pill Doctors Again

January 11, 2018

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Pagans And Pill Doctors Again

Tuesday, state prosecutors in Mays Landing, New Jersey accused an endocrinologist named James Kauffman and Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello, who is reportedly the president of the Pagans Motorcycle Club’s Cape May Chapter, with murdering Kauffman’s wife April on May 10, 2012.

Allegedly, April Kauffman was shot to death inside her Linwood, New Jersey home by a man variously identified as “a Pagan” and as “a Pagan associate” named Francis Mulholland. Mulholland was paid $20,000 and given prescriptions for Oxycontin to murder the woman, He died of a drug overdose in October 2013.

The alleged motive for the murder was that April Kauffman, a radio host, had learned that her husband was cooperating with members of the Pagans and others to distribute large quantities of Oxycontin through the black market. She wanted a divorce and James Kauffman believed that would endanger his drug business.

“As a result of April Kauffman’s desire to divorce James Kauffman, he was intent to have her killed, as opposed to losing his ‘financial empire,’ as he described it to several individuals,” Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner said.

Eight Arrests

Prosecutors allege that the illicit drug distribution network has continued and that participants were either current or former Pagans or Pagans associates. In addition to Kauffman and Augello, six people have been accused of participating in Kauffman’s drug enterprise. They are Joseph Mulholland of Cape May, New Jersey; Beverly Augello of Summerland Keys, Florida; Glenn Seeler of Sanford, North Carolina; Paul Pagano of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey; Tabitha Chapman of Absecon, New Jersey; and Cheryl Pizza of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

Although defendants have been charged in three states, the case against them remains a New Jersey, not a federal, case.

Today prosecutors announced “A confidential informant has had numerous recorded conversations with Ferdinand Augello and other individuals who have admitted to the details of the ‘enterprise’ including prescription fraud and the murder of April Kauffman.”

Déjà Vu

James Kauffman was arrested last June for brandishing a gun at police who were serving a search warrant on his medical office. He has been in jail since then. Prosecutors allege that Augello wanted to have Kauffman killed in jail. “On numerous occasions, Ferdinand Augello advised his co-conspirator that he wanted Kaufman dead and told the co-conspirator to have his individuals to proceed with the plan to kill Kauffman,”

The alleged drug ring was contemporaneous with a similar case in Philadelphia that began in March 2012. In that federal case, a financially stressed osteopath named William J. “Doctor Bear” O’Brien III was accused of conspiring with members of the Pagans to distribute more than 600,000 doses of oxycodone, methadone, muscle relaxants and Xanax.

O’Brien was convicted of distribution of controlled substances resulting in death on June 2016 and sentenced to serve 30 years in federal prison in October 2016. In February 2017 a Pagan named Patrick “Redneck” Treacy was sentenced to 20 years in prison for participating in O’Brien’s scheme.

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21 Responses to “Pagans And Pill Doctors Again”

  1. Sammy Sandwich Says:

    [email protected]
    Fuck em all . REDNECK did some time with ya man. I know if u see the name I’m using I’ll know exactly who I am, lol. Our mutual tattoo artist, big D, did ahige Odin back piece awesome. But Redneck u need anything, visit, $on books contact me.
    [email protected].
    Later bro.

  2. Gandalf Says:

    I guess that takes care of that.

  3. FBV Says:

    About 1996 he ratted on a bank robbery he did less than 3 years while all others did 10. Union county NJ look him up Vinnie 1” guess he’s still doing his CI bullshit been doing for over 10 yrs.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    PC or probable cause is known to be paper thin.

    Cops came to the doc’s office, doc probably always carries a gun. Cops lie and say he “brandished” it, and in jail they use/used other illegal tactics to get him to talk.

    No point in upholding the law if you have to break it to do so.

  5. Neuro Says:

    There is a Big Vin from Long Island, but the ongoing joke here is on the former self proclaimed poster named Vinnie 1%,who had an Italian last name and was from Hartford, Conn., claiming ties to the Home Team. Sieg laid out some of his past discrepancies.

  6. Mmmkay Says:


    So it’s prob just a jealousy thing bc vinnie is in a club he could prob never even have a chance to get into

  7. Sieg Says:

    Mmmkay, I doubt if anon has any actual evidence of Vinnie the Angry Inch 0%’er doing any actual informing, but it would certainly be within his parameters. WE’re talking about a pitiful fuck who claims to have received the Silver Star with v-device! Also known to have ripped-off a number of people with scams involving non-existent guitars. Also known to have claimed membership in at least one, and possibly two, major clubs, when he was a member of neither.

    Guess that pretty much makes The Inch up for anything shady.


  8. Mmmkay Says:


    How do you know if big vin is a ci? Who has he ratted on what cases is he a witness on??

  9. RtC Says:

    Anon, I imagine they are aware of “vinnie1″er” lol
    Best of luck to the Pagans MC beating this BS.

    RESPECTS to the REAL & especially to the man REBEL,

  10. rocco151 Says:

    @ Dutchboy

    Perfectly stated !

  11. Anon Says:

    a CI in the Pagans? Vinnie… that you again?

  12. James W Crawford Says:

    At least this is a case in which there is actual evidence of members of a motorcycle club committing actual crimes including drug trafficking and murder.

    Of course we will not see law enforcement citing this case to justify machinegunning a convention of endocrinologists.

  13. oldskewl Says:

    The wife was hot. Typical for a DR with the blonde Gold Digger wife… Story suitable for Lifetime Network.

  14. Jcfromnj Says:

    And the wall’s have ears, and other high tech toy’s……

  15. Paladin Says:

    @ Dutchboy,

    I totally agree and have seen it all firsthand on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, the government is the dominant club. And being the dominant club, at least for the time being, they make and enforce the rules.

    Long May You Ride,


  16. Freebird Says:

    @ Duthchboy

    You got that shit right!!!!

  17. FF Says:

    Some old jew bag degenerate doctor knocks up a teenager named April who gets offed probably by the cops and I’m supposed to believe some hair brained story about a drug user hit man who conveniently dropped dead coming out of the mouth of another junkie informer?

  18. Dutchboy Says:

    Bikers are not Criminals. Some criminals ride motorcycles, some drive Lamborghinis, some where badges, sit on benches in black robes, and some are Prosecutors in Texas.

  19. Gooch Says:

    Snitches imagine that. Doesn’t anyone learn from anyone else’s mistakes anymore. It’s in my opinion not always best to learn by your own experiences . Rebel On!~. Gooch

  20. Freebird Says:

    Another CI….. the hell you say!

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