Twin Peaks Lawyer Quits

January 9, 2018

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Twin Peaks Lawyer Quits

Yesterday, Casie Lynn Gotro, the eccentric Houston lawyer who defended Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal at his five-week-long trial last October and November. withdrew from the case.

Carrizal was charged with so many crimes it took an assistant district attorney more than 20 minutes to read them all. Simply stated, Carrizal was accused of instigating multiple assaults and murders on behalf of his motorcycle club at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015. The trial jury hung and Judge Matt Johnson declared a mistrial. Carrizal will probably be retried in April, If the long-delayed case actually does go forward, Carrizal will be represented by somebody new.

Withdrawl Motion

In her motion asking Judge Johnson’s permission to quit, Gotro said she “should be withdrawn from this case as counsel for Defendant because she has fulfilled her contractual obligations to Defendant and Defendant desires new counsel to represent
him at retrial. “

“On November 10, 2017, a trial on the merits of this case resulted in a mistrial,” she wrote. “Defendant is set to be retried on April 2, 2018. On December 11, 2017, Movant was informed Defendant would be seeking new counsel for his retrial. Movant advised replacement counsel should be obtained quickly as time was of the essence.

“On December 23, 2017, Movant emailed Defendant her motion to withdraw citing fulfillment of the original agreement as the basis for withdrawal. Movant instructed Defendant of his right to object to withdrawal. Absent objection, Movant requested Defendant agree to withdrawal by returning a hard copy to Movant of the motion bearing Defendant’s original signature. Defendant has since agreed orally and via informal writing to Movant’s withdrawal as counsel but has yet to deliver a hard copy of the motion bearing his original signature.

“On this day, January 8, 2018, Defendant was emailed a copy of the instant motion.”

The Bad Bitch

Gotro was Carrizal’s second defender. His first defender was Landon Northcutt. Prosecutors appeared to see Northcutt as a weak litigator. Jake Carrizal was chosen by prosecutors as the first defendant to be tried because they “wanted one they could win.” Even if Northcutt had turned out to be Clarence Darrow, the official deck was officially stacked against him. Prosecutors consistently withheld evidence from him and, according to a source, a judge named Ralph Strother “ambushed Northcutt by setting him for trial without Northcutt asking for a setting (while) many defendants have been begging for a trial.”

Gotro replaced Northcutt in late March 2017 to great fanfare. At the time, a source described her as “the bad bitch.” Her intrusion into the case seemed to alarm prosecutors.

Gotro had to deal with the same official coverup that every other lawyer in the case has had to endure. There were scores of examples of District Attorney Abel Reyna trying to rob Carrizal of his right to a fair trial but one was particularly illustrative of what happened in Waco. Reyna, his first assistant Michael Jarrett, assistant Amanda Dillon and Waco detective Jeffrey Rogers conducted a tape recorded interview with Cossack Motorcycle Club informant Mark White the month after the Twin Peaks. White told them all that there was not an issue between the Cossacks and the Bandidos over the Cossacks wearing a “Texas” bottom rocker on their vests.

Unethical Prosecutors

Throughout the Twin Peaks cases, prosecutors have always maintained that the “motive” for the “Bandidos attacking the Cossacks” was the Cossacks wearing the word Texas on their backs. Reyna told the jury that in his opening statement in the Carrizal trial.

In order to get an unfair advantage, prosecutors hid their tape recorded interview with White because it undermined their case. It surfaced only after Judge Johnson ordered all jurisdictions and agencies that had been involved in the Twin Peaks investigation to disclose any possible evidence in their possession to him and through him to Carrizal’s defense. A single, honest Texas Ranger found the White interview and told Reyna about it. Reyna – and this was in the fourth week of Carrizal’s trial – specifically told the Ranger to keep the evidence hidden. The Ranger obeyed Judge Johnson instead of the prosecutor. So, that piece of evidence emerged from the coverup.

The unethical games played by prosecutors would have made it difficult for anyone to have won the Jake Carrizal case but throughout most of the trial, rather than being a heroine riding to her client’s rescue, Gotro was shockingly inept and ill-prepared. She mostly ignored a mock trial held six weeks before the actual trial. She failed to prepare witnesses. She repeatedly asked prosecution witnesses questions whose answers she did not know. Sometimes her questioning gave prosecution witnesses the latitude to make statements they could not have legally made otherwise. She gave a 90 second, extemporaneous opening argument to the jury and it was punctuated by two sustained objections. She called hostile witnesses for the defense. She refused to call witnesses made available to her.

Inept Defender

During one particularly disastrous day an attorney observer cracked up the courtroom by asking, “So, who had the under?”

After her opening statement another, well known attorney said, “She just isn’t cut out to be a lead attorney. She can be brilliant when she is working for somebody else but she just doesn’t see the big picture.”

Most of the lawyers in Texas thought her ineptitude was going to get Carrizal convicted. One attorney expressed “doubts” about Gotoro’s “mental state and behavior.”

“At some point,” he said, “after a possible conviction, I expect I may be called as a witness about whether she gave Jake effective assistance of counsel. I hate this whole situation. It’s unfair to Jake and his family. Casie desperately needs a mistrial and she’s too deluded, thinking how well she’s doing, to believe that a mistrial is a better option than a jury verdict.”

In the end , largely because of Jake Carrizal’s transparent testimony, Gotro got her mistrial. Now it will fall to somebody else to win the case,


23 Responses to “Twin Peaks Lawyer Quits”

  1. Gandalf Says:


  2. Neuro Says:

    Fuck her and all her fanboys too.

  3. Gandalf Says:

    It would not have mattered if Reyna would have snorted a line in the courtroom, broke down… confessed, cried and begged Jake for forgiveness. There were Waconians on that Jury who would have held out for conviction even if it took a week and they were all alone. Cassie did all She could without all the evidence. To 2nd guess Her after what She did is just plain rude. Think about it… That was 1 battle in a war. Cassie stood, “like a stone wall.” It will be up to CBroden to finish them. Broden has all the weapons… Casie had, Jake but no real weapons and no idea of the enemies battle plan. Reyna will run from Broden at every chance. Jake needs to hire Broden for His April trial to end this war. No other Lawyer has the weapons or balls to do it.

  4. Rojas Says:

    There’s a place where the rubber meets the road.
    You wont find it in the peanut gallery.

    My understanding is she’s down about 50K on expenses alone.

    I believe Casie is turning over information to TCDLA.
    In the end it will be up to the State Bar of Texas to jerk their cards.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    “Gotro was shockingly inept and ill-prepared.”

    Yea, shockingly inept and ill-prepared like a fox.

  6. Mark Says:

    Just hit me. Why can’t Jake’s new lawyer or even Casie and maybe she needs to do that as a gift to Jake. File a police report on Reyna for, Obstruction of Justice and a whole shit load of other crimes attacked to the Texas Ranger being asked by him to not follow the judge’s orders. With the intent of cheating the accused out of a fair trial. Casie, should file with the State Police and with the FBI for federal civil rights violations. That yahoo DA needs to be face the music. In fact that will likely lower the lawsuit liability if he’s removed from his job because of crimes he’s committed and the cases are all dropped. Just the cost along for McLennan County will be huge.

  7. TN Says:

    I thought she did a shitty job, but I didn’t get to see the whole trial. I figured the parts I missed would have pulled it together since everyone was praising her so much. I did see all of her opening and closing, and beyond a doubt it was the worst I’ve ever seen. I felt really bad for Jake. Is anyone taking up donations for his defense fund? It is the good fight you know. Everyone has a lot riding on this, so to speak. I know I’d chip in, and anyone else who can should too.

  8. Old & Jaded Says:

    Recall at the time of the trial that Rebel noted that she was often late and at times didn’t seem to have it together during cross examination. I think the volume of material and the underhanded manner in which it was provided was likely pretty rough as I believe that she handled the trial solo – unlike the D.A.’s office that had multiple attorneys on deck. She did openly and repeatedly fire on the prosecutors regarding their misconduct and for that I give her credit. Hopefully this second effort will result in the proper verdict and the innocents charged will have their cases dropped so they can start to get on with their lives. It’s chilling when those that govern us are able to openly misuse their authority.

  9. MtPockets Says:

    Whoever you end up with for a lawyer, good luck Jake.

    I still can’t believe they want to take another run at him. It makes me wonder what kind of underhanded bullshit they have planned for this go round…

  10. Neuro Says:


  11. Winter Storm Says:

    It was entertaining to watch sometimes but she made a TON of mistakes that cost this man his not guilty! Not prepared and disorganized – Jake deserves better.

  12. oldskewl Says:

    Sometimes in life we face situations where we sink or swim. For who she was, the experience she had and vast amount of evidence withheld I think Gotro was swimming to the best of her ability.
    She didn’t get the desired outcome but she did win with a mistrial.

  13. Mark Says:

    Below is what I posted here on Nov. 10th and I stand behind that I said then, today. I believe with the correct attorney, Casie’s request for a dismissial for criminal acts by the DA during the trial should be revisited by another judge to have the case dismissed with prejudice. The DA asking a Texas Ranger to lie and engage in obstruction of justice also disregard a judges order is more than enough to question everything about the DA’s case. Did the DA ask his PAID special wittnesses to lie and they did? Who knows the truth about what the DA did and didn’t do and if the special wittnesses are lying to get the bucks from McLennan County for being a paid liar for the DA. The DA has damaged this case so badly that no retrial can be had because justice is in too much question, because the DA committed criminal acts by asking a Texas State Ranger to obstruct justice to criminally railroad a man on trial. No respectible court should allow Reyna to move forward with a retrial.
    Here’s what I posted on Nov. 10th.
    If a second trial happens, Jake needs to get another attorney. She thinks from the heart too much and didn’t get down to the details of, it’s not a crime to be in the an MC, there is no law against it. There is no loss of Constitutional and God giving rights of self defense when someone has been knocked to the ground and a criminal/felon is aiming a gun at them and is going to kill them, to defend one’s self. Jake was in so much danger the cops killed the guy that was in the process of shooting and killing Jake. And Jake has a deadlocked jury, you have got to be fucking with my mind.

  14. Freebird Says:

    Its easy to Monday morning quarter back not so easy to see the easy pass when your being rushed or in this case facing a stacked deck. If the dog had not stopped to take a shit it would have caught the rabbit. I believe with all my heart and soul there was divine intervention involved here. IMO Casie pulled the curtain back so the average person could see just who the wizard of oz really is. Our criminal justice system are the real criminals. There has to be a special place in Hell for Reyna! What matters is she stood and fought when she did not have to. I respect that!

  15. Gandalf Says:

    Good Job Casie… It’s always best to change pitchers. I only wish you would have waited until a week or 2 before trial so Jake could get a postponement. I’m betting Bergman never sees a courtroom because CBroden is TOO GOOD. Reyna will try to push another trial with a weaker Lawyer.

  16. Dutchboy Says:

    IMHO. now is the time to hire a heavy hitter, a legal shark known for tearing the asshole right out of Prosecutors. Make Reyna at al afraid to try again.

  17. Iron Rider Says:

    Kind of surprised to see Gotro leave but I hope Carrizal doesn’t need another lawyer for a trial, I am hoping that based on what we saw during the trial that the state comes to it’s damn senses and declines or drops the Crarizal case before a trial starts. That would be the right thing to do because I dont believe they will fair any better in a re-trial either.

    Of course jackass Reyna say’s he wants to try everyone, but wanting to and being able to secure a conviction is another story, and as we heard with the Bergman plea offer it seems like the prosecution isn’t so convinced it is going to have better success with other defendants that were charged in the Twin Peaks cases either.

    Well I hope whoever takes Jake’s case is ready to deal with all the stunts that Gotro hand other defendants counsels have faced so far from the D.A’s office, because the list of underhanded bullshit Reyna and Co pulled is long and endless

  18. Iron Rider Says:

    Kind of surprised to see Gtotro leave but I hope Carrizal doesn’t need another lawyer for a trial, I am hoping the three lawyers that werre appointed to porsecute

  19. James Crawford Says:

    The trial will not be as fun to watch without Cassie.

  20. ASpectatur Says:

    Hind-Sight is a Sniper… I think Anyone Who Read the Vast amount of Info Provided by The Rebel Can See How Engulfing, & Over-Whelming This Ordeal Truly is. She Did Her Part… Because of it… Information That Wasn’t Available to Anyone is Now Available to The Rest of the Defendants & Their Attorneys. Hopefully, Some of these Defense Attorneys Will be More Capable At Taking Apart The DA’s Evidence & “Expert Witnesses”

  21. Hero Says:

    I didnt like this Lady after she called the rebel a blog. This site is news website for people who want the real news, not the “fake” news of the masses. For what ever reason she withdrew, now Jake needs a trial lawyer. A few names come to mind but I am sure the fellas there don’t need my help. Keep on keeping on.

  22. Elvishimselvis Says:

    Criminal Prosecutors should be jailed and disbarred for withholding evidence that exonerates defendants with the truth, what kind of justice system is it when these people only care about their conviction rate rather than if someone really committed a crime or their true intentions that lead to the final result… jail them and disbar them , end of story…

  23. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Being first in a corrupt system who was allowed to remove those who filed for speedy trials off 2 different court dockets just to get Jake first. Northcutt would have been a guilty over Casie’s mistrial.
    For the fact of this mass arrest of INNOCENT PEOPLE, all of the same. Well can we say to many Chiefs with to many cheating.

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