Tiger By The Tail

January 6, 2018

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Tiger By The Tail

It is going to be fun to watch Waco, Texas humbled. It is going to be fun to watch Abelino Reyna fail over and over. It is going to be fun to watch biker experts Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon get put in their places. It is going to be fun to watch this gang of leather faced cannibals get what is coming to them. It is going to be fun to see them ruined.

The Waco Twin Peaks mass murder isn’t going away. It is just now getting interesting. It has just now found its act three, its dramatic turning point.

When he ordered the arrests of 177 mostly innocent men and women Reyna, the McLennan County prosecutor, grabbed a tiger by the tail. Now he can’t let go.

Shove It

Yesterday, a defendant named George Bergman told Reyna and Jarrett to shove a plea deal that would have “punished” him with a year of probation if he agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault.

“I didn’t do anything,” Bergman told Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune-Herald yesterday. “That would be the first lie I told, saying I did something when I didn’t do anything. I am not willing to take anything because I didn’t do anything. I came to Waco for a meeting.”

Reyna and Jarrett haven’t got a thing on Bergman and they are desperate to convict somebody of anything. Bergman’s lawyer, Clint Broden, said he is eager to get to trial so he can finally prove his client’s innocence.

Bergman’s Story

Bergman told his story 28 months ago:

“My name is George Bergman and I want to introduce myself to the Court and to the District Attorney’s Office and tell you who I am.

“I am 48 years old. I am a long haul truck driver. I have been married to my wife, Judy, for the past 24 years and I am still on good terms with my ex-wife, Kimberly, who I was married to for two years when I was younger. I am the proud father of five children (Ashley, Stephen, Joshua Jonathon, and Jayanna), one of whom is a highway patrolman, and I am also the proud grandfather of six grandchildren. I work hard for my family and have been law abiding my entire life. I also want to tell the Court and the District Attorney’s Office who I am NOT. I am NOT a gang member and I am NOT a criminal. My life is my family and one of the few outside interests I have is motorcycles. I am a member of the Desgraciados Motorcycle Club that has about ten or eleven members. To my knowledge this Club has never been involved in any type of violence whatsoever. The funny thing is that I was not even planning to go to the Confederation of Clubs meeting at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015. Nevertheless, my wife had to go out of town and it was a beautiful day so, at the last minute, I decided to ride my motorcycle down to the COC meeting without about four other club members. What is also funny is that I thought the meeting was at the Texas Roadhouse and did not realize it was not until we passed it by.

“When I arrived at Twin Peaks, I parked my bike and when I saw how crowded Twin Peaks was I decided to use the restroom at the Don Carlos restaurant. Just as I started toward Don Carlos I heard shooting and ducked behind some cars. I then saw one police officer in front of me just shooting wildly toward the crowd at Twin Peaks with a rifle and then one officer ran past me and told me to stay on the ground. I want it to be clear that I did NOT take place in any violence that day. I had been to several other COC meetings and there was never any violence at the meetings. There are things from that day I will never get out of my mind:

• The police shooting into a crowd of motorcyclists.
• Me calling my wife at 12:27 and telling her, ‘Baby I love you and I may never see you or talk to you again. I am in the middle of a police shootout “
• Having the police dump a body of one of the bikers in front of me and me having to try to plug the hole where he was shot to help stop him from bleeding out and dying.

“Although I was originally told I was being taken to the Convention Center to be questioned, I was later arrested and my bond was set at $1,000,000. Thanks to my attorney at the time, Brittany Lannen, my bond was finally lowered to $80,000 and thanks to be ex-wife who posted my bond I was released after spending 20 days in jail. As a result of being in jail I lost my job. I now also suffer from shoulder problems because of the length of time I was kept zipped cuffed. I am also being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have been getting work here and there to support my family but it has been tough.

“In summing up, I know a lot of people are looking at this situation and judging it with the luxury of perfect hindsight, however, as I said, I had been to several other COC meetings and I had no reason to expect any violence on May 17th. I try not to judge others but I feel betrayed by a system in which I could be an innocent bystander, get arrested, be told I have to post a $1,000,000 bond and then have to sit in jail 20 days and lose my job and my ability to provide for my family.

“I was not part of a conspiracy to commit murder. The only conspiracy I was part of was a conspiracy to drink beers and eat hamburgers with my friends.”

Berrgman’s trial is scheduled to begin January 23.


41 Responses to “Tiger By The Tail”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Re James Crawford

    “Denial ofmedical care tonthe wounded is standard opporating police procedure in mass shooting situations.”

    ^ Actually, that sounds about right.

    You glossed over a couple things though.

    1.) Once the scene is safe, EMS can be allowed to treat the wounded. We didn’t see this happen at Twin Peaks. It will never be proven, but we all know medical attention was purposely denied causing people to die.

    2.) Police snipers were the mass shooters, obviously once they stopped shooting the danger was over.

    James if you call these actions “standard”, and you think the police acted correctly and just, then all I can say is that I hope one day you or your family is on the receiving end of the “justice” you promote.

  2. RtC Says:

    Hey “ANGARR” they are the BANDIDOS MC!

  3. Motocyclerider Says:

    Many thanks and much sincere respect to you, Mr Rebel for your labour of love and being a light shining in the DARKness. May you prosper & be in good health. May i and many others obey the prior unheeded inner prompting to PayPal you or otherwise send you a deserved gift of (needed) support.
    I will do so today.

    To YOU, Mr & Mrs George Bergman, i don’t know a thing about you’all, but your recent action sincerely inspires bigtime R-E-S-P-E-C-T within me. Your courageous action is not only inspiring but perhaps invaluably significant to many, many others. Maybe some not yet old enough to choke, retard & kick..

    If’n someone (other than me) were to establish a gofundMe site or similar means of helping with your groceries, utilities and other fees on your journey to the other side – i would gladly send a small gift from our S.S. retirement income immediately, and furthermore as powsible.
    Perhaps others may (and are no doubt already) helping out.

    Mr Rebel, please forgive me if ive overlooked that such a fund-resource already exists.

    Ride safe

  4. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Anonymous,

    Denial ofmedical care tonthe wounded is standard opporating police procedure in mass shooting situations. Just ask the parents of the children who died at Sandy Hook Elementary.

  5. Nags Says:

    Once Broden blows the lid off of this entire clown show that has been going on I hope all 177 wrongfully accused and incarcerated bikers runs a screaming straight piped V-twin right up the ass of the entire Waco Just-us system and is correctly awarded a settlement that insures their kids and grandkids never have to work a day in their lives if they don’t want.

  6. agnarr Says:

    Hope your right Gandalf.

    The Snipers covering a political meeting sounds like some of the same crap that the feds were doing to Bundy in Nevada. Add the FBI not disclosing their evidence for the first trial because it is supposedly such a big matter towards the implications to their BIG trial in San Antonio towards the Bandito’s. It just makes me look at it today like the feds are doing the same all over again; only here; they are using other LEO’s to do their dirty work for them. I believe that at Twin Peaks the Snipers were I believe from the DPS, if I remember the patches correctly from the pictures I saw and what I read.

    There is more stink to this whole mess then my dirty socks when I was taking 25 mile strolls in full combat gear for the Army.

    Respect to All.


  7. Gandalf Says:

    Reyna thought Casie was tough. Just wait until Clint Broden gets this shot at Him. BRODEN KNOWS EVERYTHING! He knows every path to every person responsible. He’s going to break this case wide open… for everyone. We needed a “win” in Jakes case “at all costs” and Casie and Jake came through. Now it’s time for Broden to go after the Cops.
    Dear LE, Be afraid… be very afraid. Your guys are going to crack.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    In my mind the single most outright blatantly corrupt thing that Reyna did was arrest everyone.

    • The police shooting into a crowd of motorcyclists.
    • Me calling my wife at 12:27 and telling her, ‘Baby I love you and I may never see you or talk to you again. I am in the middle of a police shootout “

    ^ This should have been all over the news instead of Swanton telling us it was a “biker shooting”.

    Imagine if the innocent bystanders had not been arrested, the news would have been full of color comments like:

    “The police killed everyone.”

    “I heard assault rifle fire and then I saw heads get popped.”

    “He shot someone, tossed the gun, and took cover. Seconds later in what looks like a vengeance type kill a rifle bullet hit him in the top of the head as he laid motionless and unarmed flat on the ground.”

    “The police sprayed rifle fire at a restaraunt full of people.”

    “In a shameless cold blooded display of extrajudicial punishment the police denied medical aid to the wounded. Declaring the scene unsafe, EMS was not allowed to enter the twin peaks parking area even though they were a stones throw away. Police also did not allow the wounded to be carried to the waiting ambulances. Instead they waited til a few bled out and died.”

    There’s the dinner time news story that America never got.

    Whatever happens to Anal Reyna he deserves worse.

  9. Dutchboy Says:

    @ Rojas, we did not steal that from him. A criminal syndicate conspired to commit murder and blame the surviving victims. They stole it. Unfortunately the trigger pullers will never face justice but maybe one or two of the shot callers will. “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of Justice.”. Charles de Montisquieu.

  10. Iron Rider Says:

    Don’t blame Bergman for not going any where near the “deal” Reyna and Co offered. If Reyna and Co thought they had the good why offer Bergman a deal? Reyna and Co are hoping like hell people will take plea deals because after the Carrizal trial and the prosecutions brilliant talents on full display we all got to see the Prosecution’s case is more of illusion than anything based on fact and evidence to support it.

    Let’s not foget about all the discovery issues and the prosecution meeting with witnesses etc that the defence never knew existed and that’s just the start of that shit show. Carrizal was supposed to be a slam dunk according to Reyna and we saw that it was not anywhere near that.

    Bergman’s case is even worse that Carrizal’s and there are going to be plenty more just like this with next to no evidence to support the charges they were indicted on. Bergamn could have taken the deal and got his life back somewhat but he’d still have the effects of a conviction following him for the rest of his life. I applaud Bergman for standing up to what he believes and knows and the is he didn’t do anything and is innocent and fuck Reyna and Co and their so called deal.

    The hell that Reyna has put the 177 Twin Peaks victims thru is one I seriously hope Reyna doesnt escape and lets hope whoever the people elect for Reyna’s job that common sense comes into play and they drop the indictments against the rest of the Twin Peaks defendants after the election and Reyna is out of a job.

  11. Rojas Says:

    @ Goldsboro Williams

    You nailed it.
    I’d just like to add a little bit. He’s a family man and he has not gone through this alone. Every hour, every minute, every moment when the future was considered… For damn near thee years…

    We stole that from George and Judy and for that I’m ashamed.

  12. jay Says:

    thanks again for keeping on top of this rebel…. i’m about to walk over to the mailbox to fetch the books i ordered…. look forward to reading them knowing i’m doing a tiny part in supporting a true investigative journalist….

  13. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Good for you Bergman.

    I can’t imagine being under that kind of pressure for so long. Yet he hangs tough. That is a man who has earned respect.

  14. Brad H Says:

    Just read stories from Las Vegas: Cloven Bundy case dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct. They were found to have withheld evidence pertaining to surveillance cameras and snipers placed at Bundy’s ranch in Nevada. The trial judge admonished the prosecution for incompetence.

    If only the wacko prosecutors were held to the same standards, this crap would be dismissed.

  15. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Ductchboy,

    Excellent point.

    Of equal significance is the implausability that the shooters could evaluate the situation in real time to differentiate between aggressors who were using deadly force and victims.

    I remain convinced that the preplanned rules of engagement was “aim for anyone wearing biker club colors and be careful to not shoot anyone with tits.

  16. James W Crawford Says:

    I thought that I would share this:


    Obviously a different case with seemingly different people, but prosecutorial misconduct against people whose primary crime is being unpopular is a common factor.

  17. Dutchboy Says:

    @Davr, excellent point! Last I heard willfully firing a rifle into a crowd is multiple counts of attempted murder. NOBODY is such a great shot that they can be certain someone won’t step in to the line of fire, a round will over penetrate and harm an innocent, etc.

  18. Dutchboy Says:

    @FILBURT, the political bashing was in the last story “You Voted For Him”. Would-be Prosecutors always try to run with the most powerful party in that county, be it Elephant or Jackass. Many corrupt Persecutors in Illinois, New York, California, Oregon (ask the GJMC), Washington State, District of Criminals, etc. If Reyna was in any of those states he’d have a D after his name. Reyna may be a RINO (Republican In Name Only) but that has dick to do with how many good people he’s hosed or how much coke he’s snorted.

  19. Mercyful Fate Says:

    I think the 23rd of this month will be the tipping point. Then, each “Not Guilty” verdict will soon be followed by a civil suit against Waco/et.al. by those same defendants. Shit’s about to get real.

    Damn, the wheels of justice move slow, don’t they? We’re nearly approaching the 1000th day mark now. Think about that: Nearly one thousand days have come and gone since the Twin Peaks fiasco occurred! It’s way past time the innocents have their day in court and the sub-sequential reparations that are owed to them.

    This post wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory “Fuck you Reyna / Jarrett / Dillon / Swanton / DPS / ATF / etc…”

  20. Davr Says:

    Identify the Officer who was shooting wildly into the crowd. When does he go on trial for murder and spend 20 years or more in Huntsville prison? That’s what I want to know? Support your local.

  21. Dutchboy Says:

    The plea deal is equivalent to a serial rapist telling his victim “Don’t fight, tell me you like it and I won’t slit your throat” then at trail saying, “it was consenual! She didn’t fight and she said she liked it!” Never forget, this was a LEO attack on a POLITICAL MEETING. No different than if SWAT lit up a bunch of seniors at a Tea Party Rally. Persecutors have a real problem, they are trying to rape a man fueled by Just Anger. He doesn’t want to escape, to crawl away like a kicked dog, HE WANTS HIS DAY IN COURT, HE WANTS HIS SAY, HE WANTS TO BE EXONERATED. If you pick a fight don’t bitch when you get your ass kicked Reyna. Finally the truth has a chance to come out. Suggestion for the defense, ask your client on the witness stand “How many shots did you see the police fire?”. “Interesting, you saw the police fire X, surely not all police rounds fired that day, yet the persecution, sorry prosecution, claims only Y was fired.”

  22. SharkRib Says:

    Any of us could easily be in Bergman’s place. I hope this sad travesty is over soon for him. For the families of those murdered, it will never end. Thanks for reporting on this Rebel.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    Remember that CI who said the fight had nothing to do with the Texas Rocker? On a Tape withheld? hmmmm??? The best Spy is a Double agent… If a Clubmember is arrested maybe the best thing He could do is accept a CI job then report asap. Start taping His handlers, feeding them BS and creating defense points. Not that Dude was a double agent but that’s one way He could mess with LE. Misinformation, muddy up a real CI and get these fools on tape. ;)

  24. Freebird Says:

    Mr Bergman has my respect…. stand and fight more so when the system is rigged!

  25. TX_Biker Says:

    all of them need to stay the course. No plea deals. eventually the alphabet agencies, Waco and any other entity involved in this travesty will turn on their informants and agents provocateurs and fry them. Then and only then will justice be served.

  26. Filburt Says:

    Who advertise’s that they will be “Tuff on Crime”? Who uses the “Tuff on Crime” agenda to push their election and re-election agenda? Who picks a grand jury that indicts a ham sandwich? Who withholds exculpatory evidence that will exonerate a defendant ? Who seeks conviction’s at ALL cost? Who commits prosecutorial misconduct and gets away with it?

    REPUBLICAN District Attorneys.

    Vote the SSOB’s OUT.

  27. Mark Says:

    CORRECTION: Who should ‘NOT” be on trial. Some how I over looked puttin the work “not’ in there. My mistake, I own it.

  28. Mark Says:

    If I lieved in Waco or just in McLennan County I would organize, The People’s Grand Jury to do a commission per se on the Twin Peaks cluster fuck. Any search engine will explain the law and the SCOTUS runiing on, The People’s Grand Jury. WARNING!!!! Do not go beyond issuing the findings of The People’s Grand Jury. If the jury takes any kind of action (warrants, lawsuits) the criminals in the system the, tax feeder lawyers will use their courts to file felony charges for threats to a public official. Be aware of this because it will happen.
    The Citizens Grand Jury is perfectly legal to put in place by the citizens when they feel it’s warranted. It’s an official way to protest the current corrupt actiions of the people in government. This is something that the people in McLennan need to look at because there are going to be many civil lawsuites because of TP and the way the County Attorney handled the whole masss and refused the recommendations by many LE supervisors and did what the hell he wanted to do against their advice and recommendations of experience LE officials that have been at it for decades. The city of Waco and the country of McLennan by current case law can not file a bankruptcy to get out of jury awards. The federal court basicly said, the county elected the officials and the county has the resourses through the people personal property as revenue to pay the lawsuits. Meaning, all the people of McLennan County will be on the hook through property taxes and fees. One way to maybe protect the people of McLennan County is to put toghether, The People’s Grand Jury to issues their findings. If the jury investigates correctly and deep enough and cast the net far enough and places other levels of LE in the over all plan of the Twin Peaks cluster fuck. Meaning when civil suits get filed the lawyers filing them will see the Deep Pockets outside of Waco and McLennan county and go after other levels of government for the jury awards.
    What is going on now is the County Attorney is trying to get some wiggle room by deals (get out of jail free cards) that have no negitive outcome for the person that takes the deal but in hopes of justifying the overall situation. The problem with that is, it’s not going to work. For one thing it’s going to dig the civil lawsuit hole deeper to trial someone who should be on trial and the deal offer makes that very clear. The McLennan County Attorney maybe the nicest guy anyone has ever meet but that doesn’t take away from what seems to be a fact. That he reached his level of, incompetence when he filed to run for office. Everything after that, he’s been in way over his head. And the FBI investigating into his office kind of makes that a sticking point.
    Warning again: If the people of McLennan put together, The People’s Grand Jury, do not pick party hacks from PC’s on up and no lawyers. And whatever is done do not issue any warrants or file lawsuits. Only issue a Grand Jury findings that are supported by sound evidence that comes before the Grand Jury. It’s a fine line, do don’t cross it. But if done correctly, it could be a pressure release valve for the people of McLennan Country. I’m not a lawyer so this is only my persoanl opinon and many may believe my opinion is BS and I’m a fucking idiot. Do a search on, “The People’s Grand Jury information”, great information and advice.

  29. Freebird Says:

    I would say this is where the Big Lie kicks into overdrive!

  30. Rook Says:

    The fallout from this will hopefully curb any future acts of da’s, cops, feds, etc. inserting crimes into clubs where there are none
    To many good people have went down for no good reason.

  31. Bone Head Says:

    I see why Rebel reported this with a touch of humor. I’m far from a legal expert, but we may be seeing the breaking point. All these bullshit charges may be dropped in the future. Again; I’m no legal expert.
    Of course, that will require unabel and company to realize they’re fucking themselves publically.

  32. Big Al Says:

    Michael Jarrett said in court he is eager to go to trial to prosecute Bergman for three felonies that have potential life sentences, only minutes after he offered the misdemeanor one year deferred probation. Jarrett is an incompetent liar. His boss, Reyna, is worse. A sane prosecutor would drop this case. Bergman is taking the way of courage and freedom .

  33. Rojas Says:

    @ Paladin

    No, I think the prosecution should dismiss.

  34. Old & Jaded Says:

    Good for Mr. Bergman. What happened to him and others is just a travesty of anything resembling justice.

  35. Paladin Says:

    @ Rojas,

    So, you think Mr. Berrgman should plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit?


  36. rw Says:

    They think they’ve got the tiger by the tail.
    They just don’t have the IQ between em to figure out that’s it’s way of keeping them around till it’s hungry and ready to eat.

  37. Austin Says:

    I believe this gentleman’s statement could be applied verbatim to every single defendant in this situation.

    “I was not part of a conspiracy to commit murder. The only conspiracy I was part of was a conspiracy to drink beers and eat hamburgers with my friends.”

    Unlike the sworn officers of the tax supported law enforcement personnel…. who WERE CLEARLY part of a conspiracy to commit murder….

  38. Agnarr Says:

    Bone Head

    I won’t bet against you when it comes to Rectal and his minions, they may try to do just that. He already tried to do it for the Grand Jury.

    After the fiasco that we watched from his first time in the courtroom on Carrizal’s trial, they all in the DA’s office need to be shown the door by the people in Waco. Otherwise that poor county will never recover from having to pay the price for who they have in that office.

    Just Saying….


  39. Bone Head Says:

    I would guess if anything but a “Not Guilty” verdict was returned that somebody is guilty of jury tampering. And no; I would not think unabel is above that.

    Thanks Rebel

  40. Rojas Says:

    My understanding is the offer was one year of deferred probation. I read that as no probation unless there is a subsequent offence for some period of time. Hell that would be a sweet deal for an illegal littering charge.

    Jarrett and Dillion don’t have an ethical bone in their body if they try this man on a charges that provide for 15 years to life. I’d liken it to a junkie who would kill a man for a fifteen dollar watch.

  41. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Good job Rebel. If you are coming to Texas bring some warm clothes.
    Jury questionnaire on January 12th I think Jury selection will be January 22nd.
    Johnson ordered the CI be released and all evidence to be given to Broden by Friday, we know how that went last time..

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