You Voted For Him

January 5, 2018

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You Voted For Him

This is a slow news week for everybody so the rash of nearly identical headlines from dozens of different news outlets this morning was impossible to ignore.

In case you are not already a news junkie here is a little, free taste of what you missed. “Long Island gets two more US attorneys to fight MS-13.” “Southern Indiana gets new prosecutor focused on violence.” “Eastern District of Arkansas will receive new federal prosecutor position focused on violent crime.” “Middle Tennessee to receive new positions to combat violent crime.” “Law and Order Advancement Under Trump.”

Go ahead. Take a wild guess about to which violent scoundrels beside MS-13 these headlines refer. “Prosecutors are also targeting other violent gangs, including the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, 18th Street gang, Salvadorans with Pride, and Outlaw motorcycle gangs.”

Second Scoop Story

All of this morning’s headlines refer to second scoop stories that originally broke in early October when “Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced several Department of Justice actions to reduce the rising tide of violent crime in America.”

At the time, the Attorney General’s personal propagandist said, “According to the FBI, the violent crime rate has risen by nearly seven percent over the past two years, and the homicide rate has risen by more than 20 percent. We cannot be complacent or hope that this is just an anomaly: we have a duty to take action. Fortunately, we have a President who understands that and has directed his administration to reduce crime. The Department of Justice today announces the foundation of our plan to reduce crime: prioritizing Project Safe Neighborhoods, a program that has been proven to work. Let me be clear – Project Safe Neighborhoods is not just one policy idea among many. This is the centerpiece of our crime reduction strategy. Taking what we have learned since the program began in 2001, we have updated it and enhanced it, emphasizing the role of our U.S. Attorneys, the promise of new technologies, and above all, partnership with local communities. With these changes, I believe that this program will be more effective than ever and help us fulfill our mission to make America safer.”

One of the ways the Trump Administration is working overtime to keep America safe is by “allocating 40 prosecutors to approximately 20 U.S. Attorney’s Offices to focus on violent crime reduction..” That is what all the headlines are about this morning.

More Cops

That isn’t all of the federal government’s mission to grow the prison population that is kicking in as the new year begins. There will be more easy stories in the slow news days ahead about:

“More Cops on the Streets (COPS Hiring Grants) – As part of our continuing commitment to crime prevention efforts, increased community policing, and the preservation of vital law enforcement jobs, the Department will be awarding approximately $98 million in FY 2017 COPS Hiring Grants to state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies.”

“Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force’s (OCDETF) National Gang Strategic Initiative –The National Gang Strategic Initiative promotes creative enforcement strategies and best practices that will assist in developing investigations of violent criminal groups and gangs into enterprise-level OCDETF prosecutions. Under this initiative, OCDETF provides ‘seed money’ to locally-focused gang investigations, giving state, local, and tribal investigators and prosecutors the resources and tools needed to identify connections between lower-level gangs and national-level drug trafficking organizations.” This is a combination of the previous “Let’s Give More Money To Abel Reyna And See What Happens Initiative” and the “Pot Is A Gateway Drug Program.”

“Critical Training and Technical Assistance to State and Local Partners –The Department has a vast array of training and technical assistance resources available to state, local and tribal law enforcement, victims groups, and others. To ensure that agencies in need of assistance are able to find the training and materials they need, OJP will make available a Violence Reduction Response Center to serve as a ‘hot line’ to connect people to these resources.” This is also known as the “Steve Cook Needs To Get Paid Plan.”

“Crime Gun Intelligence Centers (CGIC) – The Department has provided grant funding to support a comprehensive approach to identifying the most violent offenders in a jurisdiction, using new technologies such as gunshot detection systems combined with gun crime intelligence from NIBIN, eTrace, and investigative efforts. These FY 2017 grants were awarded to Phoenix, AZ, and Kansas City, MO.” The previous name of this program was the “Amazon Echo Follows You Outside When You Walk Your Dog Proposal.”

So, do you feel safer now?


132 Responses to “You Voted For Him”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    @Gandalf, many times I have found your post well reasoned and insightful… What the hell happened dude? Stroke? Severe head trauma? TDD (Trump Dislike Disorder)? We are worried about you and think you should seek professional help… Doesn’t feel very nice to be trolled does it. To have your sanity, your intelligence, your motives called into question. Gandalf you are better than this. You KNOW personal insults are the hallmark of a failed argument. So much that a personal insults in a competitive debate is seen as admission that your argument has failed. “Sheep”, “Waconian”, “Trumper”… I expect, and hope we will see a return to reason, facts, and insightful comments from you. Fair Winds.

  2. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Hillary vs Trump
    Reminds me of that poster that the Democrats had in 1960. A photo of an unshaven Nixon and the simple question, “would you buy a used car from this man,?”
    Now imagine a photo of Hillary and the question, ” would you buy a blow job from this woman?”

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    @ Moto, 4 arrest, two deals. Let’s break it down. Fed asks you “Have any dealings with the Russians?”. You say, “Nope, because you are thinking ONLY on the scope of the Trump Campaign and the Russian Government. Sorry dude, they meant ANY RUSSIAN AT ANY TIME IN YOUR LIFE. Suddenly you have your nuts in the federal wringer for “lying to the FBI.”. Which is a stupid charge any way because it is based on intent (thought crime). Now not everyone is a biker, some are political weenies, so Flynn and Popadope wet themselves when threatened by the big bad Feds and cop a deal. No real cost to them, they know Jack anyway. Mantafort and Gates are being charged on a money laundering beef that happened long before joining the Trump team and having zip to do with Trump or his administration. I’ll have to stand by my “biased and groundless” analysis. After a year of investigation all he has is two dopes on an old and unrelated money laundering charge and two clowns trapped in a lying to the fibbies? Sorry dude, we are talking big time NOTHING BURGER.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    @Mark… The point was what if a Civilian hacked your brother and brought the proof. I’m guessing both CI AND Civilian got problems. Why doesn’t Trump stomp (or even question) the Hackers? Of course a Club Member can do it… But outsiders (Putin) are OUT OF LINE and deserve the beating. Where’s Putins beating? I see ass kissing and admiration. Heck… Trump even wanted to start a “Joint Cyber Security” team with Putin. LOL. That was proposed with a straight face… Someone had to tell Trump it’s folly… The Sheep Baaa “He was Joking”….. again. Really?

  5. MtPockets Says:

    Gandalf, I too have read many of your postings and generally found them insightful and well thought out.
    That’s why I don’t understand why you keep beating the Hillary drum without seeing what a threat she was to this country?
    Let’s start with her private server and all of the emails that she had on that unsecured server.
    Anyone who has been in the Military can tell you how seriously information secrecy is and what the punishment is if you fail to secure all said information.
    Knowing that, give me one LOGICAL excuse as to why the fuck she thought having a private server was a good choice?
    The most obvious answer, to me, is that she want’d to control that information without intrusion.
    And why was she given a free pass? Members of our Military have been given pretty harsh sentences for much less.

    And as far as the Russians go, what about all those millions of dollars that was funneled to the Clinton Foundation by the those involved in the Uranium One deal?

    Seems to me, Putin is playing BOTH sides of our political arena.

    But then, thats no surprise, either.


  6. Gandalf Says:

    @RtC “Typical Lefturd lie Gandalf.” LOL. Aren’t you supposed to be guarding some statue somewhere? Forget that the statue is in someone else’s yard… you got every right as an American to tell them how to decorate their own parks. But Hey, I saw Hillary speeding down 45 after that Sam Houston statue… better hurry.

  7. panamaa Says:

    Man, Rebel you really stirred the pot with this one…….lol…

  8. moto Says:

    @Gandalf – I think you are spot on. The fact the DNC couldn’t run a candidate against a guy who didn’t even want to win speaks how how pathetic and corrupt they are.

    “Left, Right, Commie, Fascist… all just stupid labels to me. I fight the guy in front of me.”


  9. Mark Says:

    @ Gandalf

    That’s not apples for apples and you know it. Putin is the bad guy and we not only expect him to do things that are not in this country’s best interest, we count on him doing it.
    And hell yes, if I knew how to hack a computer and one of the brothers was a CI. Damn straight I would take it to church and let it fly saying I knew the POS was a fink and here’s the proof. LOL! You kill me man. You don’t like Trump because he’s a republican and a rich republican at that. It’s okay Gandalf, really it is, if you want to wear little donkey on your underwear, I mean they have to sell them to someone right? LOL!

  10. RtC Says:

    Typical Lefturd lie Gandalf. You said at 6:45am to consider the page turned.
    Then you came back at 7:05 with more BS, continued at 8:05 then HOPEFULLY
    made your last spewing of bullshit at 9:24am.
    I’ll know who to just scroll past for sure from now on.

    RESPECTS to the REAL & especially Rebel

  11. Gandalf Says:

    Now imagine if I hacked a Club member and found out He was a CI. Imagine I went into the Clubhouse and showed them my evidence… Heck, I know better. But it’s EXACTLY what Putin did. Why ain’t nobody giving Putin the same stomping I would get?

  12. Paladin Says:

    russell1946 Says:
    January 10, 2018 at 6:55 am
    “A crusty old one percenter once told me, “We don’t care about politics”.

    Better to take an interest in politics before politics takes an interest in you.


  13. Mark Says:

    @ Gandalf

    The youtube link below where Trump is doing his NY, dry humor on the Hillary emails. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the congress gave Hillary an order for the emails and Hillary had her computer tech, the same one that installed the home brew server in her home use, bleach bit to remove the 33,000 emails. If you think Trump is guilty of a crime and needs to be removed from office for joking about the emails. You may want to reconsider because I’m sure that you don’t want to be held by the same standard.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    If your Neighbor tells you your girl is messing around on you… and shows you picks He hacked from Her phone. You got 2 problems, your girl AND the Neighbor. Your girl you can just dump but your Neighbor is fucking with you. He ain’t your friend. Any idiot who thanks Him is a MORON! So too with Russia Hacking the DNC. If you are not upset with Putin (like Trump is not) your a fucking moron. If you don’t believe Russia/Putin did it… your un-reachable. Kool-Aid overdose.

  15. Gandalf Says:

    Here is another way I know… In all my Twin Peaks trolling the Waconian Sheep keep asking, “How can you defend the Bikers.” (Good vs Bad) They fail to realize that I condemn Reyna more than support Bikers. Yet… my comments against Reyna are taken as support for “the bikers”. So to this Trump thing. My comments against Trump are taken as support for Clinton. (the bad). I KNOW Y’all are thinking Good vs Bad by your 1st comments about Clinton. Pure Waconian (Good vs Bad). “The good” are innocent no matter the evidence. “The bad” are guilty no matter the evidence. If you didn’t hate Clinton so much maybe you could see… Same with Waco, If they didn’t hate bikers (propaganda) so much they might see what Reyna did. I study propaganda… It’s what I do. It’s how I came upon Twin Peaks… Not because I love bikers or hate LE but because I saw the propaganda clearly on day 2. I have been following it since.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    Oh… About that June Meeting with Trump Jr. Imagine if Jarret took a meeting with the Feds before Twin Peaks “to set up the Bikers” (ie; to get dirt) and there were E-mails to prove it. Y’all would say IT WAS PROOF. Now imagine Reyna asked the Cossacks ON LIVE TV to not take shit from the biggest Club. A Joke? LOL Please. Only a true Waconian (sheep) could believe that crap. Wake up. There is FAR MORE proof against Trump than against Reyna. Both are Guilty.

  17. russell1946 Says:

    A crusty old one percenter once told me, “We don’t care about politics”.

  18. Gandalf Says:

    Not really my business anyway. Just remember, propaganda needs a boogieman. Reyna used “Bikers”. Trump used “Clinton”. In order to work “they” need “the good” and “the bad”. Reyna and Trump also have another thing in common. They are not the end of the line but look like it. It’s the Feds and Putin who are the real villain in these cases.
    Please consider this page “turned”.

  19. Paladin Says:


    Your last post more than proved my point.


  20. Dasein Says:

    Gandalf: This is getting tiresome, like the “sheep” stuff, but because you are really missing out here, I’ll try a bit more. Trump actually DID fire comey over the emails, but NOT because comey was mean to poor hillary, as Trump so disingenuously stated. The REAL reason he dumped him was because he let hillary walk! But obviously he couldn’t just say that, so he put the other side of the coin out there, and laid the truth between the lines. Annndddd….part of comey’s hope for getting hillary away from the gallows, was Ta Da! Russiagate, (the obvious falsity of which being another good reason to jettison comey) the ultimate distraction, the “insurance” that peter strzok, fbi agent assisting mueller probe, (comey’s mentor) former sham “investigator” (for comey) of hillary’s little email boo boo (an arrogantly retarded platform by which to do “business” with foundation donors, ie, accept bribes in exchange for state department, and sometimes military favors), refers to in texts to his married mistress and co fbi agent/”investigator” lisa page.
    Here’s the scoop on strzok, the revelation of said texts bringing about these agents’ dismissals from these cases, which the liberal media immediately boasted as evidence of mueller’s “integrity”, when in fact it was clearly a case of trying to cover his ass after he was caught relying on these two.

    Is it any wonder Trump distrusts comey and mueller? Even some fbi agents have referred to comey as a “dirty cop,” and many are disgusted at his “handling” of the email “matter”, you know, “Matter”, the term Tarmac Loretta instructed him to use over the proper “Investigation.”

    This could go on indefinitely, but I don’t see you ever “getting it”, and though Rebel put this topic out here, I think it’s time to turn the page. Say what you will, but I’m over it here. I managed to read some of your waco posts, and generally thought you were making some sense, then.

  21. Gandalf Says:

    @Paladin LOL The Jerusalem thing…. bahahahah MORE PROOF! Trump is making enemies of ALL our Middle East allies (except Israel) Putin CONDEMS TRUMP on the comment. (keep in mind putting Israel’s Capitol or The USA Embassy in Jerusalem IS TOTALY IMPOSSIBLE! Like calling for the Capitol to be put on Mars) But HEY…. Putin makes nice with Turkey, Iran, Syria and anyone else that Hates Trump and Israel. WAKE UP! Trump is giving away the whole Middle East… to Russia. It’s happening, slow, but happening just the same. That Jerusalem comment IS MORE PROOF… Why did Trump even say anything?
    Dear Bikers, The Feds are not attacking you. It’s Fake News… Just a coincidence. Don’t bother about extra security, just text and talk on phones as if nobody is attacking you. Signed: Your Enemies.

  22. Gandalf Says:

    @Paladin… LOL. You my friend are sitting on a bench waiting on the Waco Bus. Except it’s a Sheep hauler. Your WEAK excuses to each individual “proof” without seeing the pattern is Waconian. Your all bent out of shape Reyna or Chavez lied but ignore the lie and accept the FAR FETCHED excuse for the lie. You live in an Alternate Fact world. YOU KNOW… even without a smoking gun… Reyna and the Feds set this Shit up. YET, you take the Waconian defense when it comes to Trump. Go Figure.

  23. Freebird Says:

    You dear boy are truly sitting on a bench where the buses don’t run.


    I have been on that bench more than once myself. Still have a couple of splinters festering in my right ass cheek!

  24. Paladin Says:


    Dasein answered your first point. To date there has been no connection between Trump’s campaign and the Russians and that meeting between Manafort and Krushner hs turned up nothing. The fact that Trump sold a house to a Russian that never lived there means nothing and the fact that Trump sold that house for more than it appraised for also means nothing. Trump never stopped making peace offerings to Cuba. We are not at war with Cuba. Trump slammed NATO because the nations that make up NATO have never paid their fair share of expenses. Nor does the fact that Trump has followed through on the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 make him “Putin’s boy”. I too think the NFL sucks, but I’m not in league with the Russians. Trump attacks the mainstream media because the’re rabidly biased against anything that doesn’t fit their liberal agenda. And yes, they all lie. If Rebel’s articles have taught you nothing else, you should have at least learned that. BTW; Trump never surrendered Syria. You dear boy are truly sitting on a bench where the buses don’t run.


  25. Gandalf Says:

    @ Mark: “It was a joke” LOL That’s the best excuse I ever heard. Bhahahahah Baaa Baaaa Baaaa. Yea, Let me try that “joke” excuse when I threaten my wife and She comes up missing… Bahahaha I’m sure you all will believe me. LOL My God Sheep… What WONT you believe? LOL

  26. Gandalf Says:

    @Dasein “Why don’t you pick each one apart with your Sheepish excuses….” Thanks for that. Heck I can defend Reyna with an excuse for every single thing He said or did. It’s The “Sheep” who believe it all. (“I’m not under investigation… it’s a BS story put out by my political enemies.” Pure Trumplike) Heck, Trump fired Comey…. tell me again it was because of how He handled Clinton’s E-Mails. LOL Y’all will believe anything. Even Multiple things ALL pointing in the same direction…. Kinda like the people of Waco defending Reyna… 1 excuse at a time. Not realizing all the red flags comprise a pattern. Sheep will be Sheep. Instead of “bad bikers” Y’all see things as “bad Clinton”…. AND BELIEVE ANYTHING! Samie-same.

  27. Mark Says:

    When Trump won the primary at a news conference he brought up Hillary’s 33,000 missing emails and as a joke he said, “Hey Russia if you have Hillary’s 33,000 emails please turn them in”. It was a joke but the media knew Hillary was a criminal twisted that into nothing but lies.
    The emails were not hacked from the DNC’s computer system and then giving to Wekileaks by Russia. Seth Rich got them to Wekileaks and was murdered for doing so and Podesta said as much in his leaked emails. This has been pretty much backed up by Wekileaks who put up $50,000 for any information on who murdered Seth Rich. Assange said, we stand by people that help us.
    Gets better. The FBI wanted to see the server that the DNC had to see who hacked it. The DNC refused to allow the FBI to even touch that server or their computers to look into the hack, duh! Because they had plans on trying to stick Trump and company with a BS story of working with the Russians to hack the DNC computers. And they did not want to chance the FBI finding that it wasn’t a hack but a leak. And the leaker was murdered on his way home from the bar two weeks before Wekileaks leaked Rich’s leaks.
    Some of you guys have got to let go of the main stream media, do not turn it on because it’s poison or better, Kool Aid and will poision your brain. Everyone here is brighter than the average America, without question and can do better if they tune out that lying, propaganda and disinformation from the communist Fake News media.

  28. Dasein Says:

    Trump asking Putin for hillary’s 30,000 illegally deleted emails on national TV is hardly a serious effort, much less evidence that “Trump IS Putin’s man.” It was campaign theatre, and highly suggestive that Putin probably Does have them, as she just (with criminal negligence) laid them out for anyone to see. In fact, most are probably on Weiner’s laptop, along with all of huma’s other state business. Also, the fbi, and the nsa (the “intelligence agencies” Trump so rightfully distrusts) most certainly have them as well. The meeting to get the dirt? Big hairy ass deal. At least it was no secret, and again, certainly no proof that Putin owns Trump. As far as I know, Syria was never ours to surrender. Seems it belongs to the Syrians. Cuba overtures stopped? That’s proof of cooperation with russia? What? Slamming nato? Good, it’s weak, don’t you think Putin prefers it that way???NFL and Statues? These are hot button prog flashpoints that need to be addressed as they arise. Trump didn’t start any of that. Attacking the media? Hell Yes! Do YOU trust “the media”, hillary’s largest campaign organization? Trump had/has nothing to do with Ukraine, nor Crimea, and mueller was comey’s mentor, the same comey that let hillary off the hook after stating she was guilty, but slightly editing the exoneration to remove any wording that would’ve triggered the statute, and dragging the “intent” red herring through the discourse, which is irrelevant. Mueller and comey are both crooked. Now, how is it again that “Trump is Putin’s Man”?

  29. Gandalf Says:

    Trump saying the Russian attack is “fake News” is proof alone. Along the lines of FDR saying the attack on Pearl Harbor was “fake News” or “it could have been the Chinese” LOL
    BTW#13- Trump has been talking LOUD about “rigged elections”… Another way our CIA and Russian KGB (FSB) uses to destabilize countries. Trump started this talk LONG BEFORE He won…. as per Putin’s orders. WAKE UP! Your President has been COMPRIMISED!

  30. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin; 1- Trump asked Russia to find the 33,000 E-Mails ON NATIONWIDE TV! 2- Jr, Manafort and Krushner took a meeting for the purpose of obtaining dirt. 3- Trump sold a house for a 50mil profit to a Russian who never even saw or used the house. During the recession and 30mil more than appraised value. 4- Trump ignores warnings from our Intel that Russia Cyber attacked our Election. 5- Trump surrendered Syria. 6- Trump stopped making peace overtures to Cuba. 7- Trump slammed NATO. 8- Trump pushed both the Statue and NFL BS issues. 9- Trump attacks the Media. 10- EVERYONE lies. 11- Manaforte did the EXACT same thing in the Ukraine. (helped install a corrupt, Putin puppet by a slim margin in a questionable election. When said puppet refused to do what the majority wanted, join the EU, the people rushed the capitol and bounced Him.) Need more? Why don’t you pick each one apart with your Sheepish excuses….
    The only thing left for Trump to do is fire Muller, (like Ukraines man refusing to join the EU) the people will get mad, rush the White House and USA will become the Ukraine.
    The fact is, Putin just invaded Crimea with Russian soldiers without markings. “The Little Green men” said they were not Russians and took over Crimea. If Y’all think for 1 sec Russia/Putin is not attacking the USA….. Well, U LOSE! But Hey, That’s evidence #12- Trump says Russia never attacked the USA.

  31. Paladin Says:

    @ P-Body,

    Regarding LBJ

    Long May You Ride,


  32. Paladin Says:


    Dasein asked you to provide facts backing up your claims. You dodged his request. So, I’ll ask the same question: Where are the fact that back up you claims? I have every confidence you’ll dodge my question as well.


  33. MtPockets Says:

    I voted for Trump because he IS the lesser of two evils and although Im not always happy with what he’s done- he still beats the hell out of the alternative.
    In my opinion, if Hillary had gotten in the very first thing (and most detrimental to the United States citizenry, IMHO) she would’ve done was fucked up the Supreme Court for generations to come.
    I’ll guarantee all those old as fuck liberal Supreme Court Justices already had their retirements planned out. Replace Scalia with a Liberal, and put a bunch of young Liberal pantsuits in place of the old fucks and we woulda been screwed.
    Not that we aren’t already.
    Anyone who thinks one party is better than the other, or that EITHER party gives a fuck about any one of us, is clearly delusional.

  34. The Kraut Says:

    Most of us who swore the oath and donned the uniform know full well that you dont serve/fight for ideals and political leaders…you fight for your Brother in arms.

    Fucka buncha politicians….best use for the sorry fucks is decorating the trees on the banks of the Potomac.

    Believe in the easterbunny/santa claus/the tooth fairy…whatever crumbles your cookies…Hold and keep faith with those like yourself and you may live to see the day when free men are what they claim to be…your choice.

    I’m with Sieg and Shovelhead in this…water seeks its own level.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  35. Sieg Says:

    Old & Jaded, ultimately, they are ALL out to fuck us. Everyone lies an easy target, right?!

    FTF / FTP

  36. P-Body Says:

    Hello all,

    Sorry for the late reply, sometimes you just have to say no to the keyboard. Dutch Boy I meant the optimism and radical idealism that JFK represented. And while you made some valid points, I’m sure a 21st century JFK platform would look considerably different than a mid 20th century JFK platform.

    And Paladin I couldn’t agree more regarding the lesser of two evils, it really is that simple. However wasn’t it a Southern Democrat ( LBJ ) that politticed for and ultimately singed legislation passing both the voters rights and the civil rights bills?

    Judging either party by decades old or even a century’s old platforms isn’t really a fair representation of today’s morals and standards. But designating clubs as threats worthy of federal attention is fascism. It wouldn’t be tolerated against numerous religious, ethnic or actual radical groups.

    That being said, Trump’s behavior in office has amazed me. He’s actually made Kim Jong
    Un look reasonable and statesmen like. ( Reaching out to South Korea ) and by opening the door for President Oprah. But that’s ridiculous, like a billionaire tv star could actually be President.

    Respect to the deserving,


  37. Old & Jaded Says:

    @Sieg – Yes, sorry to report I am both old and jaded. I didn’t like any of the people that ran in the last election. Yes, 1% clubs have been a target for law enforcement regardless of administration. This administration however has now named 1% clubs as a target. I think people should take that seriously. Party aside, I think Trump is a lying nutcase that could give a damn about working people or personal freedom. Just my opinion and ultimately, his record will tell the tale. I’d like to be wrong. Respects, O & J

  38. Shovelhead Says:

    Normally I wouldn’t get involved in this kind of Political debate, but I believe the enemy is and has been for decades, Islam!! Doesn’t matter what Country Muslims are from. They seem to hate everyone who isn’t a Muslim. I think they should be treated as a terrorist supporting group and treated as such.
    I don’t give a fuck if anyone knows a Muslim who’s a “nice guy” Yeah, they’re all peace loving hippies until they blow up your local Mall and kill your Wife and kids.
    Feds are so worried about Legalized Pot and Mexicans. The real enemy wears a rag on his head.
    I did vote for Trump, not 100% happy with my vote, but I did. Some things I like, some things I don’t. Pretty much the same with all elected officials.
    Damn it, now I’m gonna have to smoke one up and calm down!

  39. Sieg Says:

    Gandalf, it’s 2018, son, not 1956.

    The fact that you write about “trumpers” speaks all the volumes needed.

    You talk about how terrible Trump is and how terrible the rooskies are, and that leaves us where? You think the Clintons would have done better? If you do, I think you’ve been taking that Oxyclinton again. They are, arguably, the most corrupt political couple ever to crawl out of Saul Alinsky’s dreams and into the American life.

    Left/Right/commie/Fascist…all just stupid labels. Absolutely correct.

    As the song says, “when the color of my skin becomes my uniform of war”. I will stand with any White man, be he American, Russian, hell, even French, long as he can cook! That’s what it’s going to come down to, eventually, may as well face up to it.

    If you’re talking about Trump being divisive, yet you state the Russians are our enemies, you are the problem, not the solution. You have friends in Ukrainia-they don’t refer to it as “The Ukraine”-that’s all good. I have friends and family in Russia, Germany, Poland, all over Europe. And they are all ready, willing, and able to band together to repel boarders.

    Yet there are those who would have us believe that the enemy looks just like us, not like the hordes swarming out of the middle-east and South America.

    And Old & Jaded, tell me again how the Clinton’s are different, and the Democrats really won’t work with “Law Enforcement” against us. Thought you were old and jaded?


  40. Glenn S. Says:

    The career politicians have fucked things up beyond the recognition of a bunch of 18th century rebels who put their lives on the line for freedom. The career politicians deserve Trump, not just another of their own. Be nice for pot to be legalized. Also would be bad if some cunt made guns illegal, and Hillary Clinton said she wanted to treat guns like they do in Australia. I’m sick to death about everything being about race, and about women who prostitute themselves to get ahead claiming sexual assault ten years later. Imagine how all that would play out with Hillary in charge.

    I’ll be blunt and say, flat out, that I don’t want a woman in charge. I’ve seen what happens when one gets a leadership role in the workplace, and it ain’t pretty. Put one in charge of the whole country? With a news media that would be afraid to criticize her, because it’s not fashionable to criticize female leaders? I don’t think so.

    We’re never gonna get a president who has life experiences similar to the majority of Americans, who has lived in the real world. The system is designed where only serious money can put somebody up there. May as well be Trump. He can’t screw things up worse that the career politicians already have.

  41. Mark Says:

    Here’s a link that compliments Rebel’s style of hard hitting truth and fact finding that he labors to put into his work. The link is spot on the topic of Rebel’s story and clears up a lot of misunderstands that people have about what the hell is going on is DC.

  42. Gandalf Says:

    The Fact is… Trump/Trumpers see Trump vs Clinton, Right vs Left, White vs Black ect. I see it as USA vs Russia. Until Y’all see it in reality we are all in danger of Civil war. Exactly what Putin wants AND the only way to defeat us. If Y’all can’t see the USA being destabilized… and see only Americans as enemies… so be it. It’s working.

  43. Gandalf Says:

    @Paladin. Those numbered points about Democrats is/are pure propaganda. Ancient History. False because those D’s defected long ago to the R party. (ie; Dixiecrats) But Hey, You knew that. I’m surprised you didn’t tell us how the R’s freed the slaves. Or how we should hate the English because they burned down the White House.
    Trump surrendered Syria and Assad/Putin won. Y’all blame Clinton for Benghazi but the fact is Assad’s people killed CStevens because He was giving Lybia’s weapons to the rebels. Little green men in Crimea. Eastern Ukraine. Putin is giving NKorea rocket engines…. Messing with every Election of His enemy. My God man you must know we are under attack but don’t care. The Statues, The NFF etc. All designed to divide us… All supported by Trump. How can you not know the our CIA and Russia’s KGB (FSB) have been destabilizing countries for years? How? By discrediting the Media and Politicians and LE. IT’S THE OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOKS! We are under attack. Our CIA/FBI know it… but are under attack also. By Trump. The fact is Trump asked the Russians ON TV, in front of Millions to hack the DNC and find the missing E-Mails… yet, not enough proof for you. Go figure. There will NEVER be enough proof for sheep to condemn their Shepard. NEVER! Sheep will always find a reason the evidence is “fake news” … unless the “evidence” is against someone they don’t like. Then the smallest amount is enough. How sad is it that Clinton is mentioned in every Pro-Trump comment? How convenient it must be to have Russia help find dirt on your opponent? To have Russia’s Misinformation and Intel helping a person win an election. Putin doesn’t want Trump… He wants Civil war. Trump is helping… How else can you explain the NFL BS?

  44. Paladin Says:

    @ Gandalf,

    I misread the last statement in your post. However, I stand by the rest of my post.


  45. Paladin Says:

    @ Gandalf,

    It’s really quite simple. There are those that think Trump is the lesser of two evils. Now; wasn’t that easy?

    You stated, “Just remember… Leaders like Trump can not have the Clubs (or bikers) messing up their game. Anyone who doesn’t follow them get smoked.” What is the matter with you? It is ludicrous for you to think, much less say that Trump or anyone else is worried about clubs or bikers messing up “their game”.

    As far as your claim regarding Trump’s racial division, let me point out a few Democratic Party fun facts:

    1) Democrats promoted slavery.
    2) Democrats enacted and enforced Jim Crow laws between 1877 and the mid-1960s.
    3) The Ku Klux Klan was founded by and was an active arm of the Democratic Party.
    4) The Republican Party was founded in opposition to slavery.
    5) Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    6) To this day, democrats continue to enslave minorities, ensuring their votes through welfare programs.

    Regarding Russia’s medaling in our election: Unless I missed something, any involvement the Russians may have had was to expose via WikiLeaks the corruption within the Democratic Party and Hildabeast’s campaign, allowing voters to make an informed decision.

    Your comment to Sieg regarding you fighting for the guy in front of you speaks volumes. When I fought and if I have to fight again, it will be for the guy fighting next to me. BTW; I wouldn’t be too eager put to print the fact that you fucked a hooker as nasty as the Hildabeast,


  46. Old & Jaded Says:

    I was sick of career politicians too but respectfully can’t support the liar in chief. He makes the career politicians look honest and trustworthy – which is one hell of an accomplishment.

    Many posters here have an issue or two with cops. Trump courted law enforcement during his campaign and continues to do so. For all these newly funded prosecutors and task forces, their success is measured by arrests and convictions of people in the targeted groups. There will be big pressure on them as Trump will want to go on t.v. and boast that no one before him ever made an arrest and that he’s made the nation safer by incarcerating all the bad people…and in that list of bad people are 1% clubs.

    Unlike the ongoing tax savings for big business, working people have received only a temporary tax break. Based on his other goals, might be wise for some to save those funds for attorney fees because you can bet that more Waco’s are on the horizon.

  47. SoCal Says:

    California legalizes marijuana and the state government rejoices over a windfall in taxes. They have already taxed the fuck out of us on fuel, registration, property, cigarettes and income tax. They’re a sanctuary state refusing to turn over illegal criminals for deportation. Federal funding is being withheld because our state government refuses to comply with the Feds. I just wonder if the Federal government could bring RICO charges against governor Brown and his Gang by taxing their illegal federal drug dealing?? Those RICO laws are pretty broad!!

  48. Gandalf Says:

    @Dasein. Facts? LOL Why bother. The Facts are everywhere. Y’all remind me of the Waconians. Can’t see what’s right before your eyes. So many “Facts” your question alone says all I need to know. Putin/Trump’s game is about division. Civil war like in Ukraine. They divide by race, political party, Statues and even the NFL. Again, Yea, I fucked that whore in Pittsburgh so what does that have to do with the here and now? Nothing. Just remember… Leaders like Trump can not have the Clubs (or bikers) messing up their game. Anyone who doesn’t follow them get smoked. The only “boogieman” Y’all see is Clinton and snowflakes. We have been under Cyber attack for years now… Wake up. The “Left” has been fighting Forfeiture Laws and Gang Laws for years…. Why do you people ALWAYS bring up HClinton as if Her being a slut makes Trump a Patriot?

  49. Dasein Says:

    Gandalf: “Trump IS Putin’s man”, facts please, Real ones. What has Putin Ever done, or Could Ever Do for Trump, anything at all? Seriously, how in any but the most fevered and triggered, Resist “mind” could this be anything but laughable. I don’t hate the Russians, nor Putin, why should I, because the Dems are so suddenly “patriotic” as to revive this bogeyman? I’ve done “duck and cover” in elementary school. I’ve lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation for a very long time, but it’s never caused me to personally “hate the Russians.” They’re a lot like us, man to man, just in a harsher system, and a physical environment few Americans could handle. Sure they’re a military threat, but these days who isn’t? Trump’s idea of getting along with them is about the most sensible geopolitical idea of anyone’s since WWII.
    China is the real threat, in more ways than anyone can count. Forcing Russia into China’s league, unnecessarily, is stupid, suicidal, actually.
    Eliminating hillary was ALL that mattered, period. A “choirboy” couldn’t have done it, and we’re ALL Very Fortunate a ruthless egomaniac showed up to take care of business for us. The consequences of Trump’s win will never approach those of the alternative. Lock her up, naked in a cage, in public, till she dies.

  50. Gandalf Says:

    @ Sieg… “Long may you ride.” You have ALWAYS had my respect. Sometimes we even agree… but not this time. USA is being played by Russia. You will have your Civil war. Putin is seeing to that. Left or Right neither side is worth fighting and dying for but make no mistake about this… Trump IS Putin’s man. If you can live with that, so be it. As for myself I hate Putin and Russia. I have friends in the Ukraine. I’ve been watching Manaforte for many years. Talking about Hildabeast is like reminding me of some nasty hooker I once fucked…. means nothing to me. Everything to them. I forgot that Ho day after election.
    Left, Right, Commie, Fascist… all just stupid labels to me. I fight the guy in front of me.

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