You Voted For Him

January 5, 2018

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You Voted For Him

This is a slow news week for everybody so the rash of nearly identical headlines from dozens of different news outlets this morning was impossible to ignore.

In case you are not already a news junkie here is a little, free taste of what you missed. “Long Island gets two more US attorneys to fight MS-13.” “Southern Indiana gets new prosecutor focused on violence.” “Eastern District of Arkansas will receive new federal prosecutor position focused on violent crime.” “Middle Tennessee to receive new positions to combat violent crime.” “Law and Order Advancement Under Trump.”

Go ahead. Take a wild guess about to which violent scoundrels beside MS-13 these headlines refer. “Prosecutors are also targeting other violent gangs, including the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, 18th Street gang, Salvadorans with Pride, and Outlaw motorcycle gangs.”

Second Scoop Story

All of this morning’s headlines refer to second scoop stories that originally broke in early October when “Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced several Department of Justice actions to reduce the rising tide of violent crime in America.”

At the time, the Attorney General’s personal propagandist said, “According to the FBI, the violent crime rate has risen by nearly seven percent over the past two years, and the homicide rate has risen by more than 20 percent. We cannot be complacent or hope that this is just an anomaly: we have a duty to take action. Fortunately, we have a President who understands that and has directed his administration to reduce crime. The Department of Justice today announces the foundation of our plan to reduce crime: prioritizing Project Safe Neighborhoods, a program that has been proven to work. Let me be clear – Project Safe Neighborhoods is not just one policy idea among many. This is the centerpiece of our crime reduction strategy. Taking what we have learned since the program began in 2001, we have updated it and enhanced it, emphasizing the role of our U.S. Attorneys, the promise of new technologies, and above all, partnership with local communities. With these changes, I believe that this program will be more effective than ever and help us fulfill our mission to make America safer.”

One of the ways the Trump Administration is working overtime to keep America safe is by “allocating 40 prosecutors to approximately 20 U.S. Attorney’s Offices to focus on violent crime reduction..” That is what all the headlines are about this morning.

More Cops

That isn’t all of the federal government’s mission to grow the prison population that is kicking in as the new year begins. There will be more easy stories in the slow news days ahead about:

“More Cops on the Streets (COPS Hiring Grants) – As part of our continuing commitment to crime prevention efforts, increased community policing, and the preservation of vital law enforcement jobs, the Department will be awarding approximately $98 million in FY 2017 COPS Hiring Grants to state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies.”

“Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force’s (OCDETF) National Gang Strategic Initiative –The National Gang Strategic Initiative promotes creative enforcement strategies and best practices that will assist in developing investigations of violent criminal groups and gangs into enterprise-level OCDETF prosecutions. Under this initiative, OCDETF provides ‘seed money’ to locally-focused gang investigations, giving state, local, and tribal investigators and prosecutors the resources and tools needed to identify connections between lower-level gangs and national-level drug trafficking organizations.” This is a combination of the previous “Let’s Give More Money To Abel Reyna And See What Happens Initiative” and the “Pot Is A Gateway Drug Program.”

“Critical Training and Technical Assistance to State and Local Partners –The Department has a vast array of training and technical assistance resources available to state, local and tribal law enforcement, victims groups, and others. To ensure that agencies in need of assistance are able to find the training and materials they need, OJP will make available a Violence Reduction Response Center to serve as a ‘hot line’ to connect people to these resources.” This is also known as the “Steve Cook Needs To Get Paid Plan.”

“Crime Gun Intelligence Centers (CGIC) – The Department has provided grant funding to support a comprehensive approach to identifying the most violent offenders in a jurisdiction, using new technologies such as gunshot detection systems combined with gun crime intelligence from NIBIN, eTrace, and investigative efforts. These FY 2017 grants were awarded to Phoenix, AZ, and Kansas City, MO.” The previous name of this program was the “Amazon Echo Follows You Outside When You Walk Your Dog Proposal.”

So, do you feel safer now?


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  1. FF Says:

    I conclude Trump is doing a great job, so far. Fuck Hilarity, the communists (democrats ) and their Vichy Regime (republican ) enablers.

  2. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Austin,

    I have no doubt that hispanics were complaining about the flood of gringos into California, Arizona and New Mexico after these states were ceded to the US after Mexico got its ass kicked in the Mexican American war. Native Americans were well advised to resent the new immigrants that followed the Conquistadors who conquered what is now Latin America. The Australian aboriginees would also have been well advised to resent the convicts at Botany Bay who soon over ran their continent.

    The point is that I see no reason for the US to refight the Crimean War to expel ethnic Russians from Eastern Ukraine. I certainly do not want to give Turkey unoppossed dominance of the Black Sea and surrounding region. Aside from not being in the US national interest, the Ukrainian government is no less authoritarian than Putin.

  3. Austin Says:

    “…US intervening in California after the State is completely over run by illegal aliens to protect ethnic gringos and maintain access to the Pacific.”

    This analogy is brilliantly disturbing, and crystalline.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    Funny, If they arrested Trump you would cry, “It’s a coup by the deep state. The people voted Him in.”
    If they arrested Reyna you would cheer, “Justice was served”

    You believe Trump when He says, “They are picking on me.” Don’t believe Reyna when He says the same thing. Selective judgement. Good vs Bad syndrome.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC Reyna and Trump are 2 peas in a pod. The fact I can support the Feds in one and hate them in another shows I am not a sheep. Again: I see Trumpers as I see Waconians…. Supporting “the good” vs “the bad” as they perceive it to be. Disregarding the smoke and claiming others are “out to get them.” Which is OBVIOUSLY True… but why? Maybe it’s because the cops/Reyna attacked those bikers and Trump attacked the Intel people. Trump will lose this fight.

    All the game show hype and suspense over the memo boils down to 3 words, “DRINK MORE OVALTINE” (a advertisement for weak minds) It should have said Kool Aide.
    I have a Love/Hate opinion of LE. Without them my kids and grand mom are in danger. With them I am in danger.

    Trump attacks The Media, “Fake News”, Intelligence People, Judges, Election “rigged” results. EXACTLY how our CIA has destabilized monkey Goverments for years…. The exact playbook. THEY KNOW!

    “In 2016, the Russian government engaged in an elaborate plot to interfere in an American election and undermine our democracy,” McCain said. “… While we have no evidence that these efforts affected the outcome of our election, I fear they succeeded in fueling political discord and dividing us from one another.” These attacks, “The so-called attacks “serve no American interests,” he added — “no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s.” JOHN MCCAIN Hero/Patriot/Republican/Terminal Illness (tell me how JMcCain is a traitor saying this for political gain) You quote Russian Bots and Hannity.

  6. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    Someone else posted this over at TheConservativeTreeHouse that brilliantly articulates the problem:

    As I said to Tucker the other night, there’s no evidence of Russian government interference with the 2016 election, but there’s plenty of evidence of US government interference with the 2016 election. The latter ought to be far more disturbing. All foreign governments can be expected to pursue their national interests as they see fit. That the most powerful forces within your own government decide to subvert the election result is far more bizarre, and far graver.

    The surveillance of Carter Page was a cover for the surveillance of Trump. The creation of the Steele dossier was a cover for the “Full Investigation” of the Trump campaign. The rumors of Kremlin “kompromat” are a cover for the widespread dissemination of Democrat “kompromat”. And “foreign interference” in the US election is cover for domestic interference in the US election.

    The fact that the FBI, DOJ, CIA are usurping Constitutional authority by becoming a Praetorian Guard that annoints the President is a far greater threat to my freedom and safety then any intervention by Russia in the election.

    Question for you?

    Is it possible that the Twin Peaks Travesty was orchestrated to enhance the political power of FBI, BATF, DOJ prior to the election so that the people would be more complacent about these agencies annointing the next prsident?

  7. Gandalf Says:

    BTW: Putin (Trump unknowingly) wants the USA at war with each other. Lots of dead kids and old people… (see Ukraine) Jeff Pike just wants to be Left alone. Big Difference.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC Maybe I think Don AND Jeff are both guilty but Jeff has more class and Jeff ain’t giving aid and comfort to The Russians. ;) I think Jeff outsmarted those cocksuckers at Twin Peaks… How, By NOT “going to war”, by NOT smoking every Cossack in Texas prior, By NOT sending the whole army to Twin Peaks… Get it? So while the Head of The Biggest Club… Not guilty of “the war” but guilty of outsmarting them. The enemy killed itself. LOL Ya just got to love that. Reyna got got too. Feds could be next and a big payday possibly coming. Genius

  9. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    You beat me to making the point that release of the FISA abuse memo will undermine the credibility of the FBI and therefore benefit bikers at Twin Peaks and everywhere. The same applies to the shit hitting the fan over the Finnicum assasination.

    We will see what we will see on the FISA memo. I still do not understand what makes you think that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. Given her history of corruption and appeasement, a President Hillary would have been Putin’s wet dream (figuratively rather than literally). I can understand the idea of Russia screwing around so as to undermine the credibility of EITHER Trump or Clinton so they would be less able to intrrvene against Russian “aggressions.”

    I am sorry if I do not seem sympathetic to the Ukrainians. Russia intervening in Crimea to protect the interests of ethnic Russians and maintain access to the Black Sea is analogous to the US intervening in California after the State is completely over run by illegal aliens to protect ethnic gringos and maintain access to the Pacific.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    Speaking about Wire Tap warrants. Didn’t the Feds get a wire tap on Jeff Pike just after Twin Peaks? If so, Every word bashing the FBIs wiretap “abuses” could help Jeff Pike & Co. If that Warrant was approved because of Twin Peaks, Jake was not convicted, and Pikes Lawyers fight that warrant… It opens the door to expose the Feds involvement at Twin Peaks in the suppression Hearing. The fact that Reyna was under investigation but nothing done creates suspicion about Twin Peaks and the Feds. Which creates suspicion about the wire tap warrant.
    In the end… as Trump weakens the FBIs creditability to save His own ass He might just be saving Jeff Pikes ass as well. 1 Trumper on Pikes jury might not trust the FBI anymore. Just saying.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    “Your Honor we request the Phone tap evidence be suppressed. The warrant was approved based on my Clients worse enemies Dossier and Statements. My Client stole His wife and ran over His dog. The Dossier writer shot my Client on 3 separate occasions and stabbed him twice. Furthermore we believe the Police Department is out to get my client and We believe that FISA Warrant and this prosecution proves it. TY” LOL Good Luck with that argument.
    And when the Judge looks you straight in the eye and says, “At the time LE nor the Judge knew He was your worse enemy and submitted it in good faith. Plus the fact LE also submitted other evidence to obtain the warrant… YOUR SCREWED! Motion to suppress denied.”

  12. Gandalf Says:

    So… check it out. The whole memo todo is about an Illegal search. A “TECH” if you will. We all know and love the suppression of evidence rule. So anyone on this board who can keep a straight face and argue that the dude who had 5 Ks in His trunk is innocent…. because the evidence was suppressed, LOL TOO MUCH KOOLAID. LOL Makes me wonder what they got dude saying on that tape. Hmmm? And if you think any judge wouldn’t allow LE to tap your phone if your worse enemy wrote a Dossier… LOL Your dreaming.

  13. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC LOL…. Your out of your mind. Again… and I’m going to use small words so you can understand; A Partisan Memo IS NOT PROOF…. that a Partisan Dossier was proof for a FISA warrant. Which part of that do you not understand?
    AND… if it is… Why can’t the COC&I simply create a memo saying the Twin Peaks defendants are innocent, submit it to the jury… and that be that. I’ll tell you why… BECAUSE ITS FUCKING PARTASAN MEMO YOU FUCKING IDIOT!
    TY… Have a wonderful day.

  14. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    Congress voted to release the infamous memo.

    President Trump is required to wait a few days to enable review before releasing the memo.

    Trump will release the memo.

    Once a large segment of the population see the evidence that a cabal of politically partisan spooks attempted to become a modern praetorian guard that would be empowered to annoint the Emperor or Empress, people will be livid.

    President Trump will not be able to fire Muller because Muller will become the victim of a public lynching, burning at the stake, or better yet, a good old fashioned stoning.

    Given the fact that Russia still has enough nukes to destroy the United States’ 100 largest cities a half dozen times over (it used to be 20 times over), i am hoping that Mueller’s demise will enable Trump to negotiate with Putin to reduce hostilities.

  15. Gandalf Says:

    @Sieg I’m going to give you a tip. The Anarchy you have been waiting for may be closer than you think. The Berlin Wall, The Ukrainian Maiden, The Fall of the USSR, Romania etc. Build up through years but happen in a day. 1 event. Your “event” may be the firing of Muller. Without considering sides… or right/wrong. That event could throw the USA into Anarchy…. Marching on the White House. Snowballing. Prepare. (or not LOL) :)

  16. Dasein Says:

    Try to keep up. Your stuff is threadbare, and looks like the same koolaid that you see in every counter argument. Here’s some fresh facts, and the dam is about to break.

  17. Gandalf Says:

    @Sieg When you and your “Brothers” allow the enemy to infiltrate your ranks to provoke and fight “the Biggest Club”… I’m guessing you will know exactly what it is like to be a Cossack.

  18. Gandalf Says:

    @ JWC… Yes, That stupid Cunt Clinton sold Uranium RIGHTS to Russia. Obama approved. Both fucking stupid, dangerous. I’m for calling a meeting with Putin, smacking His face on Live TV and telling Him, “Fuck you… deals off… asshole”
    Take it back.

  19. Gandalf Says:

    I can’t have this argument again… Too tiring. I’m sorry for calling Trumpers Wacoians… It was not meant to be an insult. Just a human observation having argued with both people. Waconians say, “Bikers are bad… in 2015 they did this.” Trumpers say, “Clinton is bad… uranium.” As if that makes Reyna and Trump Innocent. THATS the similarity.

  20. Sieg Says:

    Russians are White Europeans.

    Makes them my Brothers.

    End of story.

    Oh, except to say that the entire Euro branch of my family was wiped out by soldiers of the defunct USSR, with only two males surviving the Second War of White Destruction. The last surviving male came out of the Gulag in 1956. Others in my family came over, under, around and through the Wall from East Germany. Don’t bother trying to tell me about communist depredations, I probably know more about them than most. There is no comparison to what is happening in Russia today, none.


  21. Gandalf Says:

    Yes, Ukrainians Hate Russians. Yes, Ukrainians fought with the Nazis. Yes… Ukrainians still Hate Russians. What’s your point? I’m for killing Russians. Kick all the bastards out of our Country. Set that Reset button for 1956. If your afraid of Putin and Russia and WW3…. That’s your problem. Not mine. Have you noticed Russian Military weapons being showcased on Social media? Their newest jet or Missile??? Why do you supposed that is happening? To scare the weak. Fuck Putin. That guy is moving Nukes and actually said, “If Clinton gets elected it will be WW3” Fuck Clinton…. Who the fuck does He think He is saying shit like that? I ain’t afraid… once the Ds get in office IT WILL BE WAR! Putin started it. Fuck His “Little Green men.” Kiev is just a short drive to Moscow. The Black sea Fleet is in Crimea… Ukrainians are Russian hating crazy tough fighters. Putin better be worried about His front door…

  22. Gandalf Says:

    @ JWC Your comment is FULL of dangerous misconceptions. “However; the cold war is over.” LOL And the Feds war on the Clubs is over. Relax… they ain’t watching you anymore.
    “Putin might be a thug, but he is a potential ally against Turkey.” LOL Putin and Turkey are in Syria TOGETHER…. After Trump surrendered. Get your facts straight. USA used to support The Rebels…. not anymore. Where do you think the Refugees came from?
    Imagine if the USA invaded Mexico with Troops that took off their emblems? LOL

  23. Gandalf Says:

    Now imagine if Jeff Pike did a interview saying “Kick those Cossacks ass. How dare they wear the Texas rocker.” Then said, “Awww I was just joking.” Anyone who believes Trump was “just joking” when He asked Russia to “get Clintons E-Mails.” ON LIVE TV is a fool. Kool Aid overdose. Seek Help.

  24. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    I respect your opinions, but regarding the “Russia Hacked the Election” meme you are wrong.

    Russia might have preferred Hillary as POTUS. Remember that idiot “reset button” that she presented to the Russian ambassadore? The dumb cunt couldnt be bothered to have “reset” translated accurately into Russian. Hillary also provided State Dept and probably DoD approval for the Uranium 1 deal which gives a Russian company a controlling interest in a large fraction of US oil reserves. Thanks to the new hard rock hydraulic fracturing technology, the US and other countries now have vast suppplies of natural gas and oil. This gas surplus in context of the newest combined cycle powerplants which have an effeciency much greater than 50% make it nearly impossible for new nuclear power plants to be competitive. The most plausible use for that Uranium is to enable the Russians to reconstitute their depleted inventory of fissile material so they can build nuclear weapons.

    However; the cold war is over. The Berlin wall has been dismantled except for a few historical monuments. The Warsaw pact has ceased to exist. Russia is not the Soviet Union with a virulent political ideology that they seek to impose on the world. Russia is now an only moderately large population that is undergoing a spectacular demographic implosion. The Russians are struggling to survive amongst their former vassal States with the certain knowledge that Russians will soon become the minority even in Russia.

    I know my history. I remeber Stalin’s terror famine that killed millions of Ukrainians. I also remeber that the Ukrainians welcomed the Nazis (with open thighs?) and were eagerely complicit in the halocaust.

    I am also realistic about current reality. In spite of all of the rhetori , Ukraine is just as authoritarian as Russia. Ukraine has also been engaged in a subtle campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Russian MAJORITY of Eastern Ukraine.

    Putin might be a thug, but he is a potential ally against Turkey, our putative NATO ally who just invaded Syria as the opening phase of Edrogen’s dream to ressurect the Ottoman empire.

  25. Gandalf Says:

    I’d Vote Jeff Pike for President…. He obviously knows how to deal with Cossacks! LOL

  26. Gandalf Says:

    BTW: When Y’all start yapping about snowflake, Obama lover, Trump hater whatever. Know this I don’t Hate Trump. I HATE RUSSIANS. So get you insults straight. TY

  27. Gandalf Says:

    @connectthedots Yes, I noticed the “Fake News” resemblance to Twin Peaks. BUT. I also noticed Paul Manafort, the June meeting, Trumps lies, Millions of Trolls during the Election. I also notice most recently (stay with me now) A partisan Memo claiming to be “proof” that a partisan Dossier was claimed as “proof” for a FISA warrant. How sad. Who would believe a COC&I “Memo” saying Twin Peaks was a set up? (It was)… but who would believe a “Memo”. MEMOS ARE NOT PROOF! So Why? Why are the Russian Trolls pushing #release the memo? I have seen that 1st hand. Russian Trolls are easy to spot.
    NOT TO MENTION: While we all know and Love bad warrants for the Tech they are… getting us off… it doesn’t mean we are innocent.
    I also noticed Trump isn’t doing 1 dam thing to Russia for attacking us. Like if FDR said Pearl Harbor was “fake news” and doesn’t help with our being friends with the Japs. I see a man doing everything He can to stop an investigation. I don’t give a fuck what His excuse is. Just today Trump refused more sanctions and still hasn’t enforced the other ones. This shit ain’t fake… Too much smoke. Obvious obstruction no matter what His excuse for obstruction is. “Because I am innocent.” ain’t an excuse for obstruction. If you think that “Dossier” is the only reason for this investigation (and the FISA warrant) your mad.

  28. connectedthedots Says:

    Did anyone else notice the FBI and Obama administration tried to nail Trump the same way they’ve been targeting MCs? They created a fake ‘crime’ with the Russia dossier then used it to get a warrant for a wiretap and subsequent Mueller fishing investigation. When I read about it the first thing it brought to mind was the Vagos case where they created a conspiracy of their own and then arrested everyone who fell for it.

  29. david Says:

    “Politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.” – Frank Zappa

    All about money, all the time.

  30. P-Body Says:


    I’m probably going straight to PC Hell for for this, but I laughed my ass off at that link, thank you. I was brought up in a very Grapes Of Wrath, Appalachian atmosphere of poverty and economic “distress”. We were white and poor. But blatant use of the N word was common, not necessarily derogatory but descriptive. Then came negro, colored, black, African American and “person of color”. What are white people, clear? I’ve lost track.

    I can’t judge LBJ with today’s optics. But I can look at his record and accomplishments. Interesting discussion but it’s time to move on. Thank everyone for the spirited discussion, kickstands up!

    Respect to the deserving,


  31. Sieg Says:

    Dislike of the Clintons goes much deeper and much farther back than her run for office. Goes back farther than the first Slick Willie regime, when a lot of people, myself included, were burying legally-held arms in anticipation of what we thought was an imminent civil war.

    My folks lived in Arkansas when Slick Willie was the governor there, and first getting ready to run for president. If you asked the locals why they were supporting him, even though his corruption was widely known in the state, they would invariably answer “it’s the only way we can get him out of Arkansas!”

    And they meant it.

    Will Putin do whatever he can to advance his agenda? Of course, that’s what leaders do. If they happen to be Russian, or German, or French, or whatever, their interests often don’t coincide with ours, and then what? Do we piss and moan that every American who has ever had contact with anyone in that countries government is “guilty” of somehow subverting our nation?

    No. Only the Demicans do that.


  32. Paladin Says:

    Gandalf Says:
    January 10, 2018 at 10:11 am
    “Now imagine if I hacked a Club member and found out He was a CI. Imagine I went into the Clubhouse and showed them my evidence… Heck, I know better. But it’s EXACTLY what Putin did. Why ain’t nobody giving Putin the same stomping I would get?”

    For someone who isn’t patched, much less a biker, please share with us how you all of a sudden have become an authority on what a club would or would not do regarding your above stated scenario? On second thought, please don’t. You really need to STFU and move on. Unfortunately, as in the past, your lack of self-control will prevent you from doing so.


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