Dutch Court Bans Bandidos

December 20, 2017

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Dutch Court Bans Bandidos

This morning a court in Utrecht. Holland immediately and completely banned all three of the clubs that call themselves the Bandidos Motorcycle Club from the Netherlands. No one yet seems to know what that exactly means.

The dense, 8,000 word ruling (in Dutch) begins, “The Bandidos Motorcycle Club Holland is banned and dissolved because the club is in conflict with public order. The court also determines that the activities of the foreign chapters (all Bandidos worldwide) is in conflict with public order.”

“The Bandidos characterize themselves as lawless and use slogans that contain violent messages,” the court said. “The club has a culture in which the commission of serious violence is encouraged. The lawlessness also appears to exist in fact, given the number of members involved in criminal offenses. The focus on committing and encouraging violence is also evident from the awarding of patches such as the ‘expect no mercy’ patch.”

The Dutch Bandidos’ lawyer, Marnix van der Werf, argued that crimes committed by members are not representative of the club as a whole or of Dutch Bandidos. He also argued that there is no global Bandidos organization.

Bandidos Are Bandidos

The court disagreed, saying:

“This court is of the opinion that BMC acts out as one independent worldwide motorcycle club. This is evident from the following facts and circumstances, viewed as a whole:

“BMC uses the same name worldwide: ‘Bandidos MC.’

“BMC has a website called ‘Bandidos MC’ (www.bandidosmc.com). On the website all countries in the world with Bandidos chapters are mentioned, with internet hyperlinks to those chapters’ websites. The website describes joint activities and news about chapters worldwide, for example the announcement that BMC has a new chapter in Belgium.

”Only persons who are members of a chapter affiliated to the BMC United States, BMC Europe or BMC Australasia may wear the worldwide club wear of Bandidos, mostly sleeveless leather vests in the club colors, with the name ‘Bandidos MC ‘ and with the same kind of symbols. These symbols have the same meaning within BMC. The same slogans are also used worldwide by members of BMC.”

“The fact that BMC United States, BMC Europe and BMC Australasia have a decisive influence on the way in which the Bandidos manifest themselves on their continent does not diminish the unity of the club. After all, each of them presents itself as part of the worldwide Bandidos fraternity.”

Expect No Mercy

Using statements made to police by what appear to be former members in Europe, the court took aim at the club slogan “Expect No Mercy.”

First the court acknowledged the argument made by Dutch Bandidos “and BMC Europe,” that the club has “no subculture of lawlessness. The ‘Expect No Mercy’ patch means, contrary to what (prosecutors) argue, that the Bandidos member who bears that patch for the club has suffered, not that he has committed violence on behalf of the club.”

But the court agreed with prosecutors that:

“The inclination of the Bandidos toward committing violence and encouraging violence is demonstrated by the Bandidos in the fact that committing violence is rewarded with honors (like patches) or a rise in club status. The most prominent example of this is the ‘Expect No Mercy’ patch. This patch is awarded to Bandidos who have committed serious violence on behalf of the club. This is obvious from a summary prepared by police.”

The police summary includes a statement by a former Bandido that the murder of a German Hells Angel by two Bandidos would be rewarded with “Expect No Mercy’ Patches; the posthumous award of the same patch to a Dutch Bandido killed by a Hells Angel; and the posthumous award of the patch to two Bandidos killed in Australia.

“The culture of lawlessness of the Bandidos is not just lip service, but it’s actually a culture of lawlessness,” the court claimed. “Relatively many Bandidos members are involved in the commission of serious crimes, often crimes of violence, threats, intimidation and extortion. The Bandidos accept this kind of behavior. Club rules reflect this acceptance. This is apparent from the obligation that Bandidos remain silent when stopped by police.”

Not Forgotten

“Furthermore,” the criminality of all Bandidos “is proven by the maintenance of ‘jail lists,’ lists of incarcerated Bandidos; and ‘jail funds,’ to help support indigent Bandidos in prison; and in newsletters and other ways of remembering Bandidos in prison.”

The Bandidos established its first chapter in Holland in 2014 and now has three chapters in the Netherlands, in Sittard, Nijmegen and Utrecht.

This is the first time that a motorcycle club has been banned in the Netherlands. An attempt to ban the Hells Angels in 2009 failed.

The ban begins immediately and all club assets in the Netherlands including clubhouses, insignia, motorcycles and bank accounts will be seized as soon as Dutch police figure out how to do it.

The effect this ruling will have on Bandidos visiting the Netherlands from other countries is not immediately apparent.


32 Responses to “Dutch Court Bans Bandidos”

  1. Eugene Bell Says:

    GLOBALISTS are taking over countries one group at a time, they are killing off elderly people by medical care getting worse and worse when it comes to people on social security, they are profiling certain people, in this case motorcycle clubs, but there are other groups that it is OK to profile, such as while people, and anyone associated with white segments of society, and yea, that is certain Muslims are given special treatment, and allowed to take over large sections of cities and eventually they will take over all of the countries they infiltrate.

    It is time for motorcycle clubs to wake up and stop acting like children and fighting among themselves, they all have a common enemy. WE all have a common enemy, not just the motorcycle clubs, but the rest of us in society have a common enemy.

  2. ed Says:

    When the Fat Mexicans in America realized that the overseas guys weren’t going to play by the rules; They split and don’t have anything to do with each other anymore. Dutch Liberal officials suck. Fuck them. I don’t live there.

  3. Kat Says:

    My guess is that the clubs don’t take shit from the muslims and the native dutch probably admire them for that…..globalists got to snuff that way of thinking out.

    I wonder how Geert Wilders feels about this ruling?

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucking Dutch…want their nation to be taken over by ragheads but worry about a club and its colors instead. Is there such a thing as a smart Dutch person?

  5. Bolo Says:

    But the Dutch government has no problem allowing muslim subhuman filth to spread terror, roam around in rape gangs and actively try to subvert European culture and democracy with their death cult. Too bad the Bandidos in Holland are predominately white or else the Dutch government would be licking their ass cracks.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    @ Sieg. Merry Christmas friend. I think Your right about this Country… I wish you were wrong and hope I’ll be dead. Teach your kids survival. Happy New Years.

  7. Sieg Says:

    Gandalf, most street orgs do have their own colors that show clearly where they operate, who they are, and who the affiliate with. Some even wear MC support patches on their colors.


  8. 1nondescript Says:


    There is a lot going on in the sunshine State right now..I anticipate your thoughts..
    As always…thanks for standing up to the man..

  9. Just happen to know Says:

    When the USA split from the other countries, it updated its patch and font (that patch and font is also in Central America now as well). It was intentionally changed to a 1911 but it says 2011 bc that was the year it was done

  10. Flash Says:

    Stevo Says:
    December 21, 2017 at 11:33 am
    The UK already has a ‘biker task force’ Tomo, it’s part of the SCS. All police stations have been issued with sheets of photos depicting patches and instructions on who to contact if the patches are seen.

    So does the US, every police dept watches any COC or FOC meetings and anyone that attends is listed as a 1 %’er or a 1%’er supporter and those lists are given to all PD’s so if they come across any of them they know they are bad guys.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    I keep trying to envision a cut for a Crip or Wise guy.
    “T-Bop”.. Crips KC (knucklehead Club)- Bottom Rocker; 13th and Tasker. OR
    “Sal the mop”… Gambino OT (Our Thing)- Bergin Hunt and Fish Club NY

  12. Dutchboy Says:

    Dear members of the Dutch Government, please put down the joint, step away from the transvestite hooker, stop watching so much SOA (BTW, that’s a fictional drama, not a documentary,FYI) grow a pair of balls and SAVE YOUR NATION FROM THE REAL THREAT! No, not biker clubs dumbass, Radical Islam.

  13. Dutchboy Says:

    Let’s see, we are being over run by immigrants who worship a rock in Mecca, want to destroy everything about being Dutch and drag us back into the 14th century. These Invaders, umm I mean immigrants claim rape is part of their culture, like to sodomize boys and goats, and if we dare to say anything the daisies in the press will shake their petals furiously and call us “racist” & “islamophobes”. No political gain there not to mention they are REALLY dangerous! Instead let’s go after the Bikers! Yes! We can show how tough we are by “banning” that Red and Gold club! Of course we tried it with that Red and White Club several years back and ended up looking like fools, but at least the BMC is not going to put out a Fatwah on us!

  14. Shutup Says:

    @Psycho. Motorcyclism, first time I saw that patch was J.W. Rock El Ambassador( sic). And yes, motorcycles in general will be outlawed and only outlaws will be riding. Catch the wind while we can.
    Respectto the Righteous

  15. Azbrick Says:

    Wow! Hard to believe that this is ok with the general population. What happened to the Holland that I so fondly remember?

  16. ASpectatur Says:

    @ Not the 99, There is a Pistol Company in Texas Called STI That Actually Produces a “2011” Pistol. It is a Double Stack 1911… Seriously Doubt that Much Thought went into the Layout yall are speaking of… But an Interesting TidBit O’ Knowledge…

  17. Not the 99 Says:


    Instead of 1911 it sez 2011.
    Might be symbolic of something, or just a typo on several thousand cuts?

  18. Psycho Says:

    This is off of a simple google search, which led to the Bandidos website. Is that level of investigation too much to ask from the Dutch government? What I can find in 15 seconds with one hand on my phone, (since I need the other to alternate between destroying a burrito, and sipping my local-made scotch ale), was more than a court could figure out with all the resources at their disposal? Nope, governments have an agenda to wipe out anyone who touts their own way of life, and their own code of ethics. If you consider yourself free, or don’t get your sense of right and wrong from arbitrary legislation, then government will take an active stance to wipe you out.

    “In the years that followed, the Bandidos MC spread world-wide to more that 80 countries, but as time wore on, differences of opinion between the United States, Europe and Australia about the club values and definitions, prompted changes to be made.

    It was discussed at the annual Chapter Presidents Meeting in February 2006, there it was decided by 100 vote to set Europe, Asia, free to follow their own path. On July 17th, 2007, the club was split. Though we share a common name and a similar patch, we are no longer associated with the Bandidos MC in Europe, Asia and Australia. Leaving us to get back to our roots, embodying the true meaning of Motorcyclism,”

    Fuck your feelings,

  19. SoCal Says:

    Why not just ban motorcycles? That would get rid of those pesky HOG riders too…

  20. Stevo Says:

    The UK already has a ‘biker task force’ Tomo, it’s part of the SCS. All police stations have been issued with sheets of photos depicting patches and instructions on who to contact if the patches are seen.


  21. RtC Says:

    FUCK THE DUTCH! Must have had some fuckin’mudslime influence with their idiotic
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  22. TX_Biker Says:

    Back in the day, as they say, the support patch used to say I support Bandidos worldwide. Now here in the USA the patch just says United States. The Fat Mexican (coolest guy on the planet),here in the USA, now holds a 1911 pistol instead of the revolver. I don’t believe there is any association between the Bandidos here and out of the country.

  23. Gordo Says:

    Read that news clip yesterday

    The attack on mc’s colors etc is an attack on freedom of association and constitutional right of a citizen

    Seems govt”s just have to go after mc”s because they are identifiable by their colors

    All the negative shit in this world is not because of mc’s and their members

    Gov’ts just want us to believe that so they can divert attention away from the dirty politicians

    Oh yeh and Reyna

    Thx Rebel for your informative blog

  24. Gandalf Says:

    I’m amazed at how much danger our Gov puts us in to protect us. Like that Chica in Oregon. She’s in more danger because they didn’t let the victims speak and they slapped her on the wrist. in an effort to protect Her they made her the most wanted Chica in Oregon. Now they want to take the patches off “the criminals” (JK) as if that will make them simply go away. The war on Drugs… same thing. More danger. They already got every dam black man plotting going postal. Just wait until the bikers (people with honor) start getting shit on like this. My God! These people are insane. How am I supposed to know who “The Bad guys” are if they take their patches off. LOL I mean really, I might talk smack to just some biker who might deserve it… But I sure as fuck am walking away form a patcholder 1%er unless it was really important. LOL I like my “Criminals” labeled. I wish the thugs in the hood put their names, AO and rank on their coats. LOL
    Like Drugs… The Clubs ain’t going nowhere.

  25. Sandmann Says:

    Here in Germany, they haven’t yet figured out how to justify all-out bans of the large MC nations so they started by forbidding them to wear their colors in public.

    The recent move by the Dutch authorities, however, might be a precedent for the rest of Europe…

    Respect to the deserving,

  26. Muck 1%er Says:

    Indeed and Indeed

  27. Paladin Says:

    The ongoing Mongols’ case may be the tipping point here in the United States. And yes, I’m well aware of First Amendment rights. I’m also well aware of how well all of those Constitutionally protected rights are working out for all those trapped and charged in Waco.


  28. Iron Rider Says:

    And here we go again another country wants to stamp out an MC. Lets say the Dutch ban the Bandidos, okay now what? Are they going to ticket you if you have a Bandidos sticker on your ride? Are you going to jail if you have a Bandidos t-shirt on? Do you get life if you caught wearing the patch?

    Do the Dutch courts think that their ban on the Bandidos is just going to make the Bandidos all gather up for a farewell BBQ and everyone turns in anything with the word Bandidos on it and slinks into retirement to never gather again? It’s not going to happen.

    The Bandidos and their supporters will still support the Bandidos, they will still be part of Bandidos, and the Bandidos will still exist even if they arent flying their colors publicly they will still fly them.

    Make no mistake it’s a war and everyone connected to an MC is the enemy on several front all over the world, we are being hunted and rounded up and trying to be exterminated through various methods and apparently the freedoms that are supposed to protect everyone are only extended for a few and we are not part of the few.

    Wont be the last time we here about this,it’s happening everywhere and will keep happening, because lets face it, we look better on the news with those shiny rides, those vests and those clubhouses than those little gangbangers who are are terrorizing neighborhoods and dealing drugs and killing their own and those in their neighborhoods cause they can, but hey lets go after the bikers who the public rarely sees commit a crime rather than those that do it every day

  29. Sieg Says:

    Coming soon to amerika.

    FTF / FTP

  30. Tomo Says:

    Fucking hell. I wonder how long until the UK authorities decide to try this.

  31. Shutup Says:

    SYLB Worldwide
    Respect and merry Christmas to the deserving.

  32. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Trying to take our freedom away.

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