Waco Day 947

December 18, 2017

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Waco Day 947

Nine hundred forty seven days after the Twin Peaks Mass Murder, the coverup of the joint federal, state and local, street theater sting operation that created the bloodbath is almost accomplished.

All the litigation that surrounds these state sponsored murders is beclouded by competing interests. The legal consequences are becoming what Stephen Hawking calls a singularity. Information falls in and disappears. All anyone can see is the legal turmoil.

“The Twin Peaks,” as Amanda Dillon calls it, has become such an incomprehensible argument that the truth is just another point of view equal to and indistinguishable from hundreds of other points of view – most of which are lies. “The Twin Peaks restaurant killed Big O’s son.” “Jesus Rodriguez was trying to cut Jacob Cody Reese’s throat when Reese and Jacob Rhyne killed Rodriguez in self defense.” “Waco Swat was there to see and be seen.” “The Cossacks were invited to the Twin Peaks patio that day – by a Bandido leader, who offered to make peace in a long-running feud between the two gangs. That invitation was a setup for an ambush,” “The Confederation of Clubs and Independents is a ‘front’ for the Bandidos.” “The Bandidos are terrorists. They execute people.” “The Cossacks don’t consider themselves an outlaw club.” “There was absolutely no contemporaneous Waco and federal investigation.” “We have discovered all the evidence in the case to the defense. They have everything we have.” “The 63 Cossacks and their supporters at the restaurant were not just waiting to have lunch with fellow bikers from around Central Texas. They had come for a special sit-down with the Bandidos to hash out an ongoing dispute. Before their meal arrived, Diesel was shot, execution-style, with two bullets to the back of his head.” “It don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime.”

If everything is true then nothing is true. Lawyers are mostly to blame for the Gordian knot that the Twin Peaks has become.

Here, as of today, are the unresolved components of the “Twin Peaks case.”

Very Many Lawyers

There are nine cases in the multidistrict litigation ongoing in Dallas before a judge named Jim Jordan. The plaintiffs include a couple of shaken Twin Peaks customers called M.K.H. and C.R.H.; Melvin Michael Pattenaude; the estate of Jesus Rodriguez; the estate of Matthew Mark Smith; and Yvonne Reeves and other survivors of Richard Jordan. The various corporate and individual defendants are all associated with the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant. All the complainants think the restaurant is to blame – mostly because the corporations associated with the restaurant have the deepest pockets.

William Richardson, who was wounded at the Twin Peaks, is now suing the restaurant and its management company; former Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman; Waco police Detective Manuel Chavez; McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara; and “John Doe,” an unidentified Waco police officer in the 74th District Court in Waco.

Four plaintiffs are suing various government defendants and the Twin Peaks in federal court in Austin.

There are an additional 30 civil cases with 132 plaintiffs filed against various government defendants in federal court in Austin.

James Edward Stallings, Jr. is suing Detective Manuel Chavez, the city of Waco and others in federal court in Waco.

Many Defendants

There are 27 asset forfeiture cases in McLennan County.

There are 154 unresolved criminal cases of defendants who have been indicted by McLennan County grand juries.

There remain 38 criminal defendants who have neither been indicted nor exonerated.

That totals 366 cases involving civil complainants and civil or criminal defendants.

This accounting excludes continuing or resolved federal charges against members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and an ongoing federal investigation of McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna. This also excludes unresolved charges of perjury by Reyna during a pretrial hearing, multiple uncharged instances of perjury by expert and material witnesses during the trial of Jacob Carrizal – the only case to go to trial so far – and possible charges of obstruction of justice by multiple members of the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.


31 Responses to “Waco Day 947”

  1. James W Crawford Says:

    Just FYI, Texas law enforcement just bagged an unarmed woman and child


    This is what happens when bullets start flying. Just emphasizes how irresponsible it was to incite a biker brawl at the Twin Peaks restaurant, then shoot into the melee.

  2. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    Just had surgery ysterday. They cut my ear off and drilled a hole in my head, again. Now recovering. On opiods for the pain.

  3. Gandalf Says:

    Merry Christmas JWC. :)

  4. James Crawford Says:

    Re Dutchboy,

    Valid criticism. I did not mean to imply that biker lives or even 1% lives are less valuable than non biker lives. What I was attempting to communicate was that the police and DA who seem to harbor such prejudice knowingly and intentionally incited a conflict at a public venue that endangered the very people whose lives they believe are innately more valuable because they are not bikers. If I was John Q Texan who had taken his wife and children out for an after church supper at Firebase Don Carlos (as opposed to Twin Peaks which is not so family oriented) I would be royally pissed off at the police. If I was a waitress or a cook at Twin Peaks, I would also be pissed off at the police.

    It has been my observation that even when 1% bikers engage in violence without encouragement by law enforcement, they favor venues where there will not be uninvolved by standards put at risk.

  5. Mark Says:

    The Waco, Cluster Fuck has in fact shined the light on just how corrupt the criminal justice system can get in the hands of, opportunist that are self serving. The government lawyers involved, all of them, have the mind-set of, “truth doesn’t matter, it’s what can be proved”, to mislead a jury. This Waco, Cluster Fuck has been a shit stain on Lady Liberty’s dress for all to see and smell. And reflects on the kinds of people we have in our criminal justice system.

  6. Dutchboy Says:

    @JWC at the risk of appearing to be rat packing you, which I am not, two of your comments struck a nerve (the ice on a sore tooth kinda nerve). The first was your “put a lot of non-biker lives at risk” chaps my ass. Is it your contention that in some way “non-biker” lives are more valuable than the lives of scooter trash? The second was the “cultivate” comment. Bikers are not one dimensional characters like in some Made For Cable Crime Drama. Every “biker” is more than just that. Doctors, lawyers, Congressmen, State Legislators, Firemen, MANY Military men, bankers, business owners, Catholics, Freemasons, dad’s, granddads, sons, ministers, et al ad nauseum have and do were a Patch. Some are 1%ers some run with a family club and many of us are somewhere in between. Simply put, “bikers” are found in every strata of American Life because WE ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS. So please, don’t make the mistake of thinking “bikers” are all social misfits who can’t relate outside their closed world. “Cultivate relationships”? Already done, thank you.

  7. Dutchboy Says:

    @Gandalf, rereading the comments I see I trampled on your comment. My apologies, purely unintentional. Carry on.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC LOL, If you and I were bar hopping and found ourselves in a bar having this same conversation I’d be suggesting hopping on over to TGI Fridays. If you didn’t take my advice I would have to leave you to “make friends” yourself. LOL Dude… I know you mean well… and they probably do too. But, “I respectfully suggest that if members of OMCs wish to survive” LOL Not only is it a “debate” (foul) but you seem to miss the fact that these guys and Clubs have been around since long before we were born. They know and understand that prison and danger is a part of their life. It doesn’t mean they are criminals and committing crimes… It just means they couldn’t care less what the Law says. If they are following a Law it’s because they want to. Not because it’s the Law. “Dude, we have 2 choices. We can get stomped in this bar trying to “make friends” or get laid at Shenaggins.”

  9. The Kraut Says:

    @JWC; “omc”s need to cultivate alliances with other people whose divergent opinions on other issues do not preclude them from sharing a belief in freedom….

    You some kinda fuckin diplomat? Tell ya what, build a bike, ride the fucker a long while and ways…hangaround…prospect…get patched.

    By the time ya accomplish all that you’ll likely as not have learned to STFU about whats nunya bidness…

    This life aint an easy one but its ours who earned it and live it…I never expected to be lauded and applauded by the citizens for who and what I am…just left to be who and what I am with like souls such as the ‘Real” who post here.

    go finish yer xmas shopping

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  10. James W Crawford Says:

    Re WinterStorm:

    I respectfully vow to endeaver to persevere in my efforts to spell “Bandidos” correctly.

    I respect your desire to be left alone. However; I rsspectfully suggest that if members of OMCs wish to survive, they need to cultivate alliances with other people whose divergent opinions on other issues do not preclude them from sharing a belief in freedom.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC The bottom line is all these guys want is to be left alone. The best way to show them respect is to do as they ask. Waco and Rebels page makes it hard for me sometimes… My outrage overcomes me. In the end our goal should be to do just that. Leave them alone. I try but it’s hard sometimes.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC The only advice I can give you is this; For a Civilian using a clubs name is disrespect. If you say it your obviously talking about them and talking about them without being them is pure disrespect. If your ever amongst 1%ers don’t ever use their clubs name in conversation. Sometimes you can say, “The Club” “Your Club” “The big Club” whatever… but even then your talking about them and that’s disrespect. They WILL call you on it.
    Twin Peaks is an American/Texas thing more than a Club thing (IMHO) so judging by these guys reactions to my using the name in posts I’m thinking just in this 1 case it’s kinda OK. As time goes by using the name by civilians will be less and less tolerated even here. I read every story and every comment but I try my best not to comment on things that are not my business. That Oregon story about the Victims not being notified pissed me off so I commented. But I also sent E-Mails to the 2 people who were responsible. Trying to investigate and figure out what happened is not my business and I kinda cringed when I saw your comment.
    In the end we don’t really belong here and it’s like being in another persons house. If a guy wants you to use a coaster on a glass table… don’t argue or look for alternatives. It’s not a debate and debating is disrespectful in itself. Just apologize and use the dam coaster. LOL
    When I first found Rebel (May 2015) after Twin Peaks I did my best not to use the B word… and my computer would underline it and sometimes correct it wrong. Rebel had to call me on it in E-Mails I can’t even count the times… It may seem like a small mistake to us but these guys take it serious… and after all, it’s their house. You might notice that guys from other clubs rarely use the word on Rebels blog. They use BMC or other things. Just try not to use the word at all. Your mistake helped me realize I have been using it too much. So I will check myself… out of Respect. “Our thing” is their thing and we can never lose sight that we are guests here… all we can hope for is to be tolerated.

  13. Winter Storm Says:

    Geez – you seem to fuck up here every few months. You are not 1 of us so stop trying to “fit in”. Learn respect and learn to listen.

  14. Fallendesperado Says:

    I can’t believe how many riders and non-riders i have spoken with have almost forgotten this ever even happened….it’s truly one of the worst cases of unconstitutional government over reach in modern history but folks have already moved on to the latest fashion fad

  15. Gandalf Says:

    Feds indict Reyna? Pure Suicide! No chance of that happening now.

  16. Dutchboy Says:

    Can’t dazzle them with brilliance? Then baffle them with bullshit! Gee guys, we thought we were gonna trap all these Bikers in a crime sting but we caught ourselves. Guess we’ll have to obfuscate the facts, delay justice until it dies of old age, and demonize the innocent… Arrest EVERYBODY! Damn, didn’t know bananas come from Texas

  17. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ James Crawford,

    Hey Jimmy, how about BANDIDOS?

    RIDER 1

  18. RIDER 1 Says:

    HMMN…. The FED had an investigation on going against the Bandidos and were desperate for something to justify their waste of tax payer dollars. At the same time Reyna was being investigated by the FED for being an ass wipe. What could Reyna have on the FED that could be keeping them from indicting him or preventing the Texas State AG from firing him?

    RIDER 1

  19. James W Crawford Says:

    How about “Bandits”?

  20. oldskewl Says:

    James W Crawford Says:
    December 19, 2017 at 9:23 am
    Re BandidoNomad1%,

    No offense intended. As you can see from my posts, i have no talent for proper spelling, punctuation or grammar.

    “Not having talent” is not an excuse for continually misspelling the MC’s name. It’s disrespectful. So either keep yourself outta of the thread or find somewhere else to comment.

  21. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Every local LE that took the stand committed PERJURY. They didn’t follow the chain of custody of putting the evidence in a room and not into the evidence room.
    Reyna told a bald face lie to the jurors of Jesus Rodriguez aka Mohawk stabbing Jacob Reese in the throat. Reese wasn’t on the injured list of those who went to the hospital. I bought came up out of seat.
    Bucher was caught in his lie of saying that they saw the Toyota Tundra truck in Twin Peaks rear parking lot and Jackson with the dash cam showed they went in to the Don Carlos parking lot to run the plates on the Toyota Tundra.

    Jackson described in detail how the shooter on the ground shooting at him, however unaware that we all knew that the man who he was describing & who he shot was already dead on the ground.
    Officer Price only sent the 3 officer’s who fired the. 223 rounds that killed 4 people to ballistic testing therefore we’ll have known who all shot the living, as if we haven’t been paying attention to the fact that 14 officer’s was placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after firing their weapons.
    Let’s not forget Cheif Stroman’s press conference 44 casings recovered NONE WAS OF NON-LE SHOOTERS as 12 of those 44 casings recovered came from the 3 officer’s who fired the. 223. We also know that many casings recovered from the police was hide as well.

  22. James W Crawford Says:

    Re BandidoNomad1%,

    No offense intended. As you can see from my posts, i have no talent for proper spelling, punctuation or grammer.


    @ James W Crawford i believe you have been told the proper spelling is BANDIDOS not Banditos if you wish to not spell our club name correctly then do not use it in your comments
    Thank you,

  24. Gandalf Says:

    Personally I sometimes think the Bandits outsmarted LE, The Cossacks AND Reyna. If so imagine how perfect that would have had to be played. My respects to the Bandits if my “Machiavelli Theory” is true. Of course I’m pretty stupid about these things and have been wrong before. ;)

  25. Paladin Says:

    If one had the notion to visit the Southern States directly East of Texas, one might seriously consider taking the log way ’round.


  26. Iron Rider Says:

    The fact that there were four Cocksacks who were CI’s for Law Enforcement and that two of them happened to be upper echelon hierarchy in the Cocksacks and that two undercover cops were wearing Cocksacks patch sets tells me that the Cocksacks aren’t as innocent in all this as they claim to be.

    What MC hierarchy would knowingly agree to let the cops run around in their patches amongest their own members? None. There would have to be one helluva an incentive to let the cops run around in your patch set, and normally no MC in there right mind would agree to it, but the Cocksacks did. Now did the underling Cocksacks know about it? Maybe not everyone but I would be dollars to donuts that there were underlings in the Cocksacks that knew there were cops wearing their rags at Twin Peaks that day. Seriously your not going to notice two guys you have never seen before wearing Cocksacks patchs from your charter walking around mingling thru at Twin Peaks? Yeah right, course your going to know it otherwise someone would be going “who the fuck are these guys wearing are charter and Cocksack patches?”

    THis would mean that the underlings were TOLD these were cops and that they would be joining us at Twin Peaks and that would have had to come from someone higher up in the ranks, cause your telling me the Cops could just impersonate a Cocksack and walk in with patches and a charter tag and no one would think anything of it..pfft doubt that. But if someone gave the order to just treat them like a Cocksack, well that would tell you there was a level of cooperation happening here.

    Think about this the Cocksakcs were ready for a war, they sent out messages about a trap being set and as soon as the Bandidos got there , boom they flooded into the parking lot to pick a fight. If the Bandidos were going to war, does anyone think they wouldn’t bring numbers to make it a somewhat fair fight? Why the hell would the Bandidos choose to be outnumbered 3 to 1? No one would, the Bandidos may have expected some friction but not a war.

    The Cocksacks were looking for a fight, now why would that be, could it be on orders from the hierarchy to rain down some mayhem on the Bandidos, my bet is yes there was that command to the underlings because there was a nothing will happen to your guys deal with the cops and the cops in Cocksack rags were there to raw raw the troops if you want my opinion and make sure they got a war, what I dont think the cops thought would happen is that the Cocksack underlings would take that free pass and use it to kill people, and that is why the cops were saying ” no one thought this would happen” and “we thought they would just brawl” Now why would the cops think that unless they were told that would be the plan to get a war started that they had been trying to ignite for months with all the rumor mongering and outright fairy tales they were telling to anyone who rode about how these guys are after your guys and their club is out to destroy your club.

    I honestly think that after shit exploded and all the deaths and injuries that the cops were quietly going to charge the few that did the serious crime and let the rest go and hopefully their op would go unnoticed that was until Reyna stepped in and thought that charging everyone would make him look like super D.A. and be a stepping stone to the governers office because who doesnt like a hero right? and Reyna fucked the feds plans right there and the shit show we have today is the result of Reyna’s stupidity and the feds thinking striking a deal with the Cocksacks to start a war would get the Bandidos cold backfired like a motherfucker

  27. Firefly Says:

    very interesting rebel

    its seems that the Australian Police force have taken a leaf outta the Feds handbook on dealing with outlaw motorcycle clubs and began to issue the blue gang with M4 assault weapons. They are only looking for a Waco type scenario which would give them the excuse to pull the trigger and assert themselves. They had been given exceptional powers to disrupt the way Bikers ride and associate and this latest tax payers xmas present will no doubt be used in a manner to justify things…….

  28. James W Crawford Says:

    All of this death and litigation could have been averted if a few cops had had the testicles to either warn the Cossacks to not ambush the Banditos or warn the Banditos of the ambush. Unfortunately, the cops, Federal and local, wanted the confrontation to occur to justify their “investigation.”. They put lots of non biker lives at risk

  29. Gandalf Says:

    “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” It’s what they do. All this in the name of Justice and keeping us all safe from the hoard of pillaging Bandidos. Them dam Cossacks just got in the way after they were pushed in front of the Investigation…. These people get awards for this stuff. Like Stockbrokers and Bookies, they get paid no matter if you win or lose. It’s a racket. Fuck the rules… Nobody else is following any.

  30. racer x Says:

    how long do these people have to wait to find out the truth…is it till the evidence is diluted enough so the verdicts favor the law and establishment?
    seems that way to me..

  31. TX_Biker Says:

    Thanks for keeping up with all this. I don’t know how you keep it all straight. It does seem that their will never be light at the end of this tunnel.


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