Niehaus Gets 23 Months

December 15, 2017

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Niehaus Gets 23 Months

Twenty-four days ago, on November 21, Wasco County Oregon Circuit Court Judge Janet L. Stauffer sentenced 50-year-old Lisa Ann Niehaus of Baker City, Oregon to serve a total of 23 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections plus 24 months of work release at Tri County Community Corrections in Moro, Oregon. Niehaus received credit for 137 days served in custody.

She is currently undergoing offender assessment at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Niehaus was charged with five felonies and 15 misdemeanors last May 27 after she drove head on into a pack of 40 motorcycles, The bikes were en route to the 40th Annual Fossil Motorcycle Campout, a start of summer event at Bear Hollow Park sponsored by ABATE of Oregon. Most of the pack was comprised of members or friends of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club.

Press Release

According to a press release issued by the Wheeler County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office, Niehaus “crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic…on Highway 19 at about Milepost 60, a location just east of Fossil. This vehicle struck a large number of motorcycle riders that were riding as a group to attend a locally held event at nearby Bear Hollow Park. Many of those in the group were self-identified as being members of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club.

“There were two fatalities on scene and numerous serious and traumatic injuries. This resulted in a medical response requiring ambulances from Spray, Fossil, Condon, and Arlington. Five different emergency air transports occurred from both on scene and from the Asher Community Health Clinic. Volunteer medical crews and fire departments responded, along with the Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office, Gilliam County Sheriff’s Office, and the Oregon State Police. Highway 19 was closed for almost nine hours as a local crane was called in to assist in clearing the wreckage.”

“A number of the victims remain in critical care at regional area hospitals. Due to the criminal investigation no names of the inured or deceased are being publicly released at this time. The families of the deceased have been notified.”

The men dead at the scene were later identified as Aaron Michael Polsfuss and Donald Robert Pratt.

Secret Justice

Apparently out of fear that Niehaus might be subject to retribution by Gypsy Jokers, none of the victims or survivors were informed about the progress of the case by Wheeler County District Attorney Gretchen M Ladd. According to one survivor, “These men and the families of the ones she killed, were never notified of any status updates to the case. They weren’t given court dates, much less given the opportunity to be present at her sentencing or make a ‘victims impact’ statement.”

According to the official brochure of a state bureaucracy that calls itself the Oregon Department of Justice Crime Victims’ Services Division: “A victim impact statement (VIS) is the vehicle through which a victim of crime is given the opportunity to be heard before punishment is imposed. This right to be heard gives the victim an opportunity to express how this crime has affected them emotionally, physically or psychologically and provides a way to offer thoughts, suggestions and recommenda- tions on a defendant’s sentence. The statement can be made in writing and/or given orally and can be presented personally by the victim, victim’s next of kin or through an attorney.”
Niehaus pled guilty to two counts of criminally negligent homicide, two counts of third degree assault and three counts of fourth degree assault. She will be eligible for release from prison on April 27, 2019.

Survivors who feel they were cheated out of their victim’s impact statement may express their complaints to either District Attorney Ladd or Victims’ Advocate Terry Ignowski. Both have offices in the Wheeler County Courthouse at 701 Adams Street in Fossil, Oregon. The county website says the prosecutor “has an open-door policy at all times, so please call the office or stop in anytime.” Her telephone number is 541-763-4207 and her email address is [email protected] Ignowski’s phone number is 541-763-4207 and her email address is [email protected]


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  1. jestawoman Says:

    @ James W Crawford…. The clubhouse has not now or ever been confiscated.

  2. Old & Jaded Says:


    Imagining your husband holding a brother as he died is exactly why the victims/next of kin should have been able to speak. She needed and the court needed to grasp the magnitude of this horror on the part of the survivors. Maybe if someone had given a damn such an insulting sentence wouldn’t have been imposed.

    This isn’t the first case that involved a hearing that included fear for the welfare of the defendant due to the some of the other players. That’s not a judgement on the victims here – just an observation. Hard to imagine that they couldn’t have laid out some rules for the sentencing date in advance to keep everything under control.

    What happened to the victims and their families sucks. I wrote both of the people noted above. I hope that helps. If it’s any consolation, this woman will have nightmares and wake up sweating about what she did for the rest of her life. I realize at the moment, that’s precious little consolation. I wish you, Mama J, TT and all families involved all the best as you move forward.

  3. James W Crawford Says:

    Ironic that they give Lisa Ann Niehaus a slap on the wrist for killing three Gypsy Jokers and maiming many more concurrently with confiscating the Gypsy Jokers’ clubhouse.

    I have no direct knowledge of this tragedy but it seems to have been sn intentional assault rather than an accident. It reminds me very much of my brother’s death as a result of being intentionally run over by a thief who was stealing a garbage can.

  4. Jestawoman Says:

    To:[email protected]
    Dec 16 at 2:45 PM
    Hello Gretchen…. This is xxxx, wife of xxxxxxxxxxxx. We spoke several times on the phone after Lisa Niehaus drove into the motorcycles, killing 3 men and causing catostrophic injuries and dismemberment to several others.
    I felt you were friendly and that you understood the effect that terrible event had on all of the men involved, as well as how it affected your first responders and community. I even felt after speaking with you, a little comfort going forward. I’m not sure how you found us to be a threat to Niehaus while she was in custody and going through the legal proccess so as to be rightly charged and penalized for her crimes.
    It was clear right away that she was in protective custody. That did not seem suprising to us. But as time went on it was clear that there was a definate mentality of fear on the part of those involved in this case. I think it was a bit irrational, none of these men involved had been convicted of murder or made statements to your people that would make them that kind of threat. Again, you seemed confident in your position and assured of the proccess going forward. So it was disappointing that you didn’t find it acceptable to just tell us there was concern for the safety of Niehaus.

    So much concern for this person that lives in your community that recklessly drove head on into a pack of motorcyclists and did a 180 in the middle of them.

    So, we were just grieving, having funerals, tending to men who were coping with lost limbs and children who lost their fathers……waiting to be notified of a court date. A court date that would be a morsel of satisfaction as we were doing those things.

    I think you will believe me when I tell you that when we finally learned that it was done, that she had been convicted, that she got a pathetic 23 months – believe me when I say we all felt sick to our stomachs and our hearts are heavy for the families of the 3 dead men, Aaron Polsfuss, Flash and ‘Power Ranger’. And you can bet there is a fire in the heart of the injured – for example: everytime Justin looks down where his leg used to be.

    I seriously doubt that anyone in court stood before Niehaus and told her just exactly the scope of the damage she did. Nobody told her about the 4 year old boy that cries every single day and has trouble sleeping because he doesn’t understand why his Dad is GONE. I’m sure she never saw my husband sitting on the ground with Aaron Polsfuss, that childs dad, and holding his broken bleeding head as he died, and then calling for a knit hat to cover the wounds when he took his last breath. So many more I could describe…

    Niehaus should be fucking shown any and all video and photos of the scene that night!!!! And pictures of all the traumatic injuries and dismemberments!!!

    You know full well that the rights of these people and their families AS VICTIMS were stolen from them in secrecy. All of those rights that are constitutional law and spelled out, promised on your website. Every one of those people involved were victims, and so are the loved ones of the men she murdered. They ALL had a constitutional right, given by this country many of them have gone to war for – to stand before Niehaus and tell her what she had done!!!! She should be liable for all the motorcycles she totaled!

    So, it is an empty and dark conclusion in which there is NO JUSTICE. Political profiling in rural america by fearful feeble cowards.

    I just don’t understand. I would think that if someone was really worried about the safety of Niehaus they would have given her max sentence so she’d be safe in custody for longer. Maybe they can send her to the murderers protection program when she gets out too. Did they really feel that incompetent to keep her safe? 23 months or so from now she’ll be on the streets again. Having no sense of what she did she will likely be reckless again. I bet if she kills locals there will be a shit storm and she gets max time. .Y’all look like fools protecting the real threat to your own community.

  5. TT Says:

    my brother called me early the next morning after the wreck, his voice crackling and low, he told me to call our mom and tell her, “I’m okay, and I love you guys.”

    This event has scarred him. It makes us hug a little harder when we see each other and listen a little closer when we talk.

    The events of that night have affected every person differently. As time passes some will rise to the occasion and honor the men lost, injured and damaged and some will crumble under the weight of the sorrow. All will carry the sights, sounds, and feelings forever.

    These are real people, real families, with real feelings, real bodies and real souls. They are entitled to the same courtesies and rights that the law allows despite their club affiliation. If the law states the right of the victim(s) is to deliver an impact statement and the courts did not allow this then the court is violating the law and should be held accountable.

    Ride In Paradise Aaron, Flash and Power Ranger

  6. MtPockets Says:

    @ Outrider- and any other readers in that area
    As a local, could you please write a letter to the Editors of the local newspapers asking for coverage on this? Ask them for details about what the LE investigation found, what the original charges were, and what the outcome has been?
    Also ask them why news has been nonexistant.
    At the time of the ‘accident’, the local authorities were using some pretty strong language in describing the wreck, yet it was then completely forgotten?
    As ‘out of towners’, most of us would not have the same effect with the local news sources as a local, and the local community would also be more likely to listen to a neighbor making the inquiry.
    This absolute bull shit deal needs to be made public and those responsible held accountable. The only way to make that happen is with local support.

    Thoughts and prayers for all of those affected…


  7. Rose Says:

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of the three men who died and for those who are forever maimed physically and emotionally. I don’t know any of these people, but I KNOW one thing, my sister was murdered in January 2016. I KNOW that being part of the process of the conviction and having my say at sentencing was a significant part of the healing process. The justice system let all of you down. That DA and whomever else involved should lose their jobs. I’m so, so sad and angry it turned out this way. God bless you and may you find peace somehow.

  8. Outrider Says:

    I’ve been going to this run for over twenty years an ride these roads offen. They are a classic back roads that you may hit 60 or 70 on some straight streach but for the most part lots of third an fourth.Nice country. As a local rider we heard about it shortly after but that was it until now. No local news what so ever. Usully something like this is headlines for days in this place. My deepest condolences to the GJ an all family an friends.

  9. swordofqueens Says:

    As the wife of an ‘outlaw’, this makes me BEYOND angry.
    There is a perception amongst the general public that men in MC’s are gangsters.
    This couldn’t be further from the truth.
    To the man, every club member I’ve ever known or met, is a father, husband, brother, son, uncle…
    While my husband is not part of this particular club, when we married, our best man WAS.
    It hits home particularly hard, because our best man knew the men who were killed, maimed, the ones who survived.
    Our ‘justice system’ is a farce designed to protect those who appear, on the outside, to be upstanding citizens.
    But who protects the Brotherhood? Who protects those who I’ve found, personally, to be the the most loyal and loving people I’ve ever know?
    I hope the victims, and the families of the victims, file ALL of the lawsuits, and shove this mountain of injustice up the ass of the broken system that allows a murderer to go on with her life in less than two years, while the victims of this horror have to live with all the loss for the entirety of their lives.
    Prayers for those men and their families.

  10. Bone Head Says:

    Dutchboy wrote… “Outlaw” does not mean “outside the Jurisdictions of the law” it means we recognize we are outside the “protections of the law”…

    If there was ever any doubt.

    Condolences and prayers for those left behind.

  11. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Not the 99,

    Just perused the map. Very gentle curve to the highway at that location. No reason why even an idiot would not be staying in their lane unless perhaps to passing which is not mentioned.

  12. Dannie Says:

    It’s moves like this from our government that makes people not trust our officials or the process! I hope the families sue all that were involved in making a prejudiced, profiling decision to cheat the family & friends from a process that is offered to all other citizens. It’s no wonder people take the law into their own hands as the government has once again proven they can’t be relied upon to act fairly or morally right! Shame on you!

  13. Azbrick Says:

    An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.. Hope that she gets some Old Testament Justice served up in the joint

  14. Gandalf Says:

    My E-Mail; “How does a person get the status and authority to decide that legitimate victims can not be represented in court and what gage or scale do you use? What a disgrace it is when your offices start protecting criminals… I am no biker so luckily if some wacko runs their car into my bike riding kids I’ll be considered a victim, hopefully. I’m not sure How I would feel if my victim title was taken away to protect the guy/gal who ran over my kids…. Wow!”   

  15. Gandalf Says:

    I E-Mailed BOTH those people. Some of us should do the same. Others should “not have edges that catch”…. remain hidden.

  16. Mama J Says:

    Not only will the Oregon State Bar association be contacted but an investigative reporter. We do not even know what her charges were. What are the 15 felonies? We are not vindictive, just want some answers and some healing closure. Her rights have been protected what about the victims and families. All the secrets have started a boiling pot and seems like that is what the Judicial system is creating with the cover-up.

  17. What Evar Says:

    It’s not irony that as a group we don’t participate in the justice system. It’s just 70 years of the Justice system playing an unfair role in the treatment of us.

  18. Corky Says:

    Families of Motorcycle clubs should be treated no different than any other family who members have been Murdered via reckless drivers. We are all people who are told to have equal rights. A murder is a murder regardless.

  19. Trebor Says:

    As a 1%er with untold hundreds of thousands of miles on the road I’ve seen time and time again the lack of care from those in cages.Fuckers who will look right at you and stare as they left turn in front of you or switch lanes no signal while engrossed in their smartphone.Sometimes I chase em down give em a piece of my mind sometimes I kick a door in or break off a mirror if they get lippy.In every occasion I take the chance of going to jail cuz in society its never the person who started the shit its the person who finishes that gets in trouble.No different than being in a bar minding your own business and some drunk shithead comes up and starts his garbage.You tune up the disrespectful asshole its you that gets hemmed up.Those Gypsy Jokers were minding their own business going to party have fun and enjoy the comeradery and some end up dead or maimed for life.Gypsy Joker Power Ranger was a good man in my book and my book has very few names written down.

  20. Iron Rider Says:

    @ mtpockets

    Right you are, I also looked thru Google and it looks to me like other than the initial press release from the cops, there has been not a peep about it since. My guess is the prosecution while playing big scary biker angle knew there would be blowback over this sentence and it would appear maximum effort has been expended to make sure the press coverage is next to nothing.

    Looks like some in the prosecutors office are engaged in some ass covering in the prosecutors office I wouldn’t at all be suprised if the prosecution asked and the defense agreed to a gag order or some kind of protection order over the sentencing hearing from being publicized. something seems a little fishy

  21. MtPockets Says:

    A simple google search leads to no indication that local news organizations(or any other, besides Rebel) covered this travesty.
    What are they trying to hide?

  22. Dutchboy Says:

    @JWC “eternal VIGILANCE by the people is the price of liberty”. Andrew Jackson’s farewell address. Justice, like water, has a way of finding it’s level over time. Water can seep through concrete, it will find its way through stone, given enough time. If this was deliberate, if this was murder and not just a stupid accident then Lisa Ann had better sprout eyes in the back of her head because God’s Angels of Justice will find a path to her door. Karma can be a real mo-fo.

  23. Vanessa Heath Says:

    Well at this point in time nothing surprises me in regards to all the biases and corruption that goes on in our government and Justice System these days! There is no equality in sentencing these days! One person gets the book thrown at them the other gets a pat on the hand usually depending on who they are, if they paid an attorney or have a public defender. If they are black, white fit, yellow or purple, female or male, who their daddy is? Socioeconomic status it’s all racism! Now we have Trump as President so it’s okay to be a racist these days which is even more astonishing since we have spent the last 25-50 years trying to abolish that too! But this makes me even sicker! You don’t get to “Pick the Vic” For the State of Oregon to do this because You don’t like the Victims of this Blantant Disregard For Human Life Tragedy makes you WORSE then any Biker! You have Used & Abused Your Power, Position and Authority and Completely Disregarded The Laws in order to Serve a Personal Spanking to a group of people that you are biased against in a Negative Way and You did this after a very personal and tragic loss that they suffered! You purposely prevented Justice from occurring which makes you more perverted than any Motorcycle Club on the Planet! Shame on you! Your not better You are Worse! And corrupt as all hell! Karma will kick your ass u won’t get a free ride! Maybe you catch Cancer maybe your loved ones will be killed in a car crash? When you abuse your power like this there is always retribution! Universal Law makes this a requirement! As for the charges you didn’t even follow Oregon Law! She drove into oncoming traffic and ran those bikes down one after the other! Blantant Disregard For Human Life! Knowingly she did this! Not unknowingly! And Recklessly! She never even stopped! Hitting Bike after Bike on the wrong side of the Road! You know what happens when you give someone like this a free ride like you have? They do it again! And when that happens God help you all! You failed to serve and protect Society just so you could serve your vengeance! Sick and twisted corrupt powers that be Shame On You! You Make Me Sick!

  24. RLG Says:

    Condolences to the family and friends.

  25. Iron Rider Says:

    I would say unfucking real but most of us are a little more than disgusted by the sentence for the many that were killed and seriously injured. If this was the shriners or any other group would this pittance of a sentence be drawing howls from drunk driving organisation and the police themselves as well as everyday citizens, sure as hell it would.

    Just cause someone rides and has a patch on their back doesnt make their life not worth anything, everyone had family, brothers. friends that wont see their loved one again, or will have see their loved one struggle to have the life they once had but struggle to achieve because of serious injuries.

    The fact that the prosecution purposely went soft on a sentence for this lady and excluded the bikers families from being able to give impact statements shows just how biased Law Enforcement will be with selective prosecution, so much for all equal in the eyes of the law.

    This is not only a tragedy for the victims but for the justice system and how the abuse of power can effect one group when selective prosecutions are handed out and this one smacks of hypocrisy.

    So I guess if someone wants to kill or injure someone, never mind going and kicking their ass, or hit them with a bat or stabbing them or shooting them because all those tactics will draw sever time in prison, but feel free to have a few wobbly pops and run that person over or mow down with your vehicle because hey a couple years is a pretty good deal apparently no matter how many you kill or injure.

    And fuck the prosecutors with their revenge and threats bullshit theory, if anyone actually wanted this woman dead, wouldn’t it have happened long ago? Yeah, but it didn’t because as much as I am sure there is hate for this woman no one was out hunting her so please stop with the big scary biker coming to get us all bullshit, talk about stereotyping.

  26. Rosie. Says:

    My heart breaks for my dad everyday.
    I’ve never felt so empty in my heart.
    PowerRanger will live on forever
    Dad I love you.
    RIP brothers.

  27. Not the 99 Says:

    J W C

    Check ur facts

  28. ScooterTrash Says:

    The double standard is behond fucked up. RIP

  29. Mama J Says:

    So why was my comment deleted?

  30. Old & Jaded Says:

    Sled Tramp & Seattle Griz,

    Let me add to the list of people here sorry for your loss.

    If there are any fund raising efforts for the families, please post if that’s okay with Rebel.

    RIP to Flash, Aaron, Power Ranger and condolences to their families and the other victims.

  31. James W Crawford Says:

    Reading the description of the collission makes me wonder if this was an intentional assault rather than an accident.

    I know how much it comforted me to be informed of judicial events when my brother was murdered by a petty robber who intentionally ran him down with a Dodge van. Probably kept me from taking care of business myself. The idea of being denied normal access to information because of membership in a perceived gang (the Gypsy Jokers are still infamous for the shooting of Portland cop years ago) would have enraged me. I suspect that by denying justice to the motorcycle club members, the authorities dramatically increased the risk of vigilanty justice.

  32. Dutchboy Says:

    Thoughts, prayers and condolences to the families, both blood and bond. Respects to the GJMC.

  33. Dutchboy Says:

    Dear members of the LEO community, government officials, and members of the public. The next time you hear of “bikers” who refuse to talk to police remember what happened here. “Outlaw” does not mean “outside the Jurisdictions of the law” it means we recognize we are outside the “protections of the law”. These victims of this Woman’s murder and attempted murder did not have their legal RIGHTS, civil RIGHTS, or Constitutional Rights “protected” by the system. Instead the “system” was so worried about protecting a malicious murderer they wiped their collective asses on the Bill of Rights then had the gall to give this homicidal bitch a slap on the wrist and tell the grieving families, friends, and survivors “Don’t like it? Awww, too bad scum. If you want you can complain to the very people who just raped Lady Liberty. I’m sure your pain will bring EVERYBODY in the office a smile… Right before it’s filed in the trash.”. Yes LEO, GOV, AND CITIZENS the next time you hear of a biker that doesn’t want to help, or even talk, with the boys in blue remember this and ask yourself, Would you?

  34. Aanon Says:

    3 men are dead. Bitch gets less time than a friend who has 4 duis, no injury, just can’t stay put when thirsty. I bet if a joker ran into a pack of 50 cars he’s be charged with terrorism and get a F ing doozy of a date. Shit ain’t right. Wretched bitch isn’t even low enough.

  35. Cavey Says:

    Had a patch holder swerved into a pack of pink pussy hat wearing individuals, and scratched one of them, he’d be hung!

  36. Mama J Says:

    It is difficult for me to even respond to this injustice, I have an attorney that has not been able to get any info from Gretchen Ladd and I have called her several times on the status of this case . I signed papers that indicated my desire for any information on trial and or hearings. The DA never called{so much for “open door policy} and my attorney just recently found that the guilty woman was uninsured. To just now discover this horrific bit of news just sickens me. I am not a Joker, my sons siblings and his three sons are not bikers. What difference does it make? We are humans and deserve to be heard, This horrible hole in our hearts we feel will never be mended as we begin to celebrate the holidays without my Aaron . I an not vengeful just simply stunned at this deliberate act of deception,

  37. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ sled tramp…
    Well said. My Brothers rode through the site the next day or so on the way back from a run and they said it was a very somber and sobering experience. The families of the lost will suffer for a lifetime.

    Respect to you

  38. Colin L Says:

    It was 3 lives that were fuckin taken!!!

  39. Kelly Says:

    Niehaus was charged with 3, not 2 charges of criminally negligent homicide. She murdered 3 men. Maimed several others. We have a sickening feeling in our stomachs, our hearts are heavy. DA does not return calls….

  40. sled tramp Says:

    Flash and Aaron were not the only Brothers lost,Power Ranger died a couple of weeks later on the table as a result of injuries incurred during the wreck.So,the bitch is guilty of 3 deaths.The damage was not confined to death,severe injuries and mental trauma are still with us.Had it not been for Brothers trained and experienced in combat/Trauma situations who saved Brothers lives,the losses would have been much worse.The fact that men who lost limbs were hard charging in the gym weeks later and never let their spirits flag nor diminish their love for the club is a tribute to Brotherhood.

  41. Paladin Says:

    Lisa Ann Niehaus can run, but it will be very hard if not impossible to hide.


  42. F.S. Says:

    She didnt only ruin her own life.. she ruined lives of thousands of her they may be just 3 men. But to the rest of us, she took away a father, a husband, a brother, a friend. 3 kids are left too be raised without their father.. if that doesnt speak for itself i have no idea what will.

  43. Muck 1%er Says:

    If one of those men had been gay, or a tranny…the whole state of Oregon would be in an uproar and her head would roll. But Noooo, nobody gives a damn about those dirty bikers out trying to enjoy life. This is such a blatant statement of truth about the justice departments view of us and the sad thing is…the citizens don’t give two shits.
    Shortly after this happened…an old man hit the brakes in front of a pack of my Brothers down in Northern Kalifornia. Of course it caused a pile up and one of my Brothers had to be life flighted to UC Davis. With a shattered pelvis, leg and fractured spine. Who did the cops blame in their report? Yup, my Brothers.
    It’s just bullshit all the way around.

  44. Seattle GRIZ Says:

    I attended the funeral for one of those MURDERED by this woman at their club house.
    I saw the tears of his children and his club brothers.
    I witnessed the collective pain of those in attendance, as they lifted his destroyed bike out of the back of the truck that retrieved it from Oregon. And I saw how that crumpled bike affected that man’s mother.
    And Lisa Ann Niehaus ONLY gets 23 months to do penance for those irreparable losses? And don’t forget the broken and injured, nor all the economic loss this nightmare triggered.
    And now to hear that the families were denied their legal rights in the legal proceedings, because they are 2nd class biker citizens . . . very believable.

  45. TX_Biker Says:

    @Gandalf; Truer words were never spoken…

  46. Dsaein Says:

    Wonder how the prosecution would’ve handled this if the victims had been someone different.

  47. Sieg Says:

    Just-Us was served. Again.

    FTF / FTP

  48. Stevo Says:

    2 years for 2 lives? Fucking hell.


  49. Gandalf Says:

    Only the “good” people can be victims. When will you Bikers realize that WE get to chose who is good and who is bad. Just like WE chose who is a “gang” member and who is not. We don’t need any evidence or court rulings or a Jury to decide these things. It’s like Porn, “We know it when we see it.” And stop complaining about your Constitutional rights… You have none. The bad people don’t have rights. Welcome to the USA. If anyone should be kneeling during the National Anthem it’s Bikers…

  50. Old & Jaded Says:

    “Under Oregon law, when a person is found guilty except for insanity (GEI) or responsible except for insanity (REI), the judge is required to ask the victim whether he or she wishes to be notified of future hearings or releases relating to the defendant and if so, include victim contact information in the court order that places a defendant under PSRB jurisdiction. The Board then is required to provide notice in advance of any hearing regarding that individual.”

    This angers me and I hope these survivors file a complaint with the Oregon State Bar Association in addition to expressing their ire directly to the people noted above. They deserved to be put on the record re how this horrible incident impacted their lives.

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