Reyna Calls Critics Laughable

December 13, 2017

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Reyna Calls Critics Laughable

McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna thinks repeated questions about his integrity by “biker lawyers” and “disgruntled former employee” are funny.

Since the first “biker brawl” trial ended with a hung jury, Reyna has been repeatedly called deluded and corrupt by people who would not seem to have any particular ax to grind with the small town politician.

In fact, it looks like there is probable cause to believe that Reyna demanded that almost 200 men and women be falsely arrested after a tragically botched, biker sting operation (part of a clandestine joint investigation of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club by the FBI, DEA. ATF and the Texas DPS) at a time when he was under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for corruption.The only direct evidence of quid prop quo is that the FBI investigation has not yet found a conclusion.

It also looks like Reyna accepted bribes to dismiss charges against people who were justifiably arrested; that his chief assistant was spying on him for the FBI; that he was aware of and protecting a “gambling operation;” that he flaunted his cocaine use and that he may have acquired some of his cocaine from a police evidence room; that he consorted with and did favors for drug dealers; that he deliberately and repeatedly hid evidence that would tend to prove the innocence of people he hoped to convict; that he committed perjury and that he suborned perjury.

No Big Thing

None of this has sparked outrage in Waco, Texas or the rest of the country and it hasn’t attracted anything approaching the interest, speculation, misinformation or litigation that the so-called “Twin Peaks Biker Brawl” attracted. Reyna sees all of the smoke and flames that now surround him from the perspective of an ambitious politician.

Last month, when he announced he was running for reelection, Reyna said, “After seven years on the job, the record is pretty clear. Violent criminals are finally getting the justice they deserve, crime is down and our streets are safer, and we’ve come in under budget every year. The criminal defense bar, disgruntled former employees, and a bunch of out-of-towners from Dallas can try and smear my name all they like, but the facts don’t lie.”

Recently, Reyna has been metaphorically slugging it out with a couple of Twin Peaks defense lawyers named David Conrad Beyer and Brian Bouffard. Yesterday the two Fort Worth attorneys filed and released an affidavit by former Waco detective Sherry Kingrey. Kingrey doesn’t have an obvious motive for lying about Reyna.

Reyna reacted to her affidavit with a statement to Waco television station KCEN that argued:

“The affidavit of Ms. Kingrey secured by a biker defense lawyer and the four-year-old allegations it contains are equally not true and even more laughable than those previously asserted. The only calls I remember from the night of Twin Peaks were to the Waco Police Chief, individuals from my office, my wife, and a current restaurant owner to arrange for food to be brought to our hard working law enforcement men and women. Had Ms. Kingrey been at the scene, she could have enjoyed a tasty chicken sandwich and fries. As for my conversation with Detective Chavez, her affidavit would mean that not only myself but at least two other assistant DA’s who witnessed our conversation are also not telling the truth. Further, had she believed this was important, why did she not address it in any reports while an active officer?”

Reyna might be more credible if he was a little more bold with his lies: If instead of weasel words like “the only calls I remember,” he came right out and said “the only calls I made.”

Kingrey told KCEN, through her lawyer, that her statement was true, that she was at the Twin Peaks that night and that she had had a “cabbage roll.”

Pardon For Pay

Today Bouffard filed and released a letter on Reyna’s official stationary dated December 16. 1013 in which Reyna asks the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole to fully pardon Kevin Chirafis. Reyna admits in the letter that he met Chirafis through his uncle Sammy Citrano and describes Chirafis as his “good friend.”

The letter substantiates an allegation made by Reyna’s former top assistant, Greg Davis, in an affidavit filed in another Twin Peaks case on November 10. Davis wrote:

“In addition to having cases dismissed for political and/or personal reasons, I also know that Reyna wrote at least one letter -requesting .a full pardon for a campaign supporter’s relatoive. For example, even though the DA’s office had a policy of opposing early parole for offenders, Reyna wrote a letter in December 2013 requesting a full pardon for Sammy Citrano’s nephew Kevin Chirafis who had been convicted of the felony offense of Manufacture and Delivery of a Controlled Substance in Brazos County.”

At the time, Reyna dismissed his former assistant’s claim about the pardon as “fake news.”


19 Responses to “Reyna Calls Critics Laughable”

  1. David Low Says:

    I was wondering if the fake media will ever bring up the Waco biker shootings. I doubt it though, they don’t want to expose the real truth about cops. Here’s how they act when they don’t know their being recorded..

  2. RIDER 1 Says:

    Wonder if Det. Chavez happened to visit Palau while he was on vacation?

    RIDER 1

  3. Filburt Says:

    L.E. Should have arrested reyna long ago…

  4. Iron Rider Says:

    WTF???? How the fuck does someone who has had current and former staff accuse him of corruption, has intentionally lied and misled the courts and defense counsel about evidence and discovery, has intentionally told law enforcement officials to withhold evidence despite those officers knowing it should be turned over to the defense, been accused of doing drugs, fixing cases for friends and political contributors and they name Reyna to be the head of a task force??? Did they give him some cookies too.

    Honestly if you think Waco was fucked up before, this isnt going to make nay of us feel any better. So lets see one of the prosecutor go betweens between the feds and the State AG thinks Reyna and his staff cant be trusted and even told DPS officers that ad Reyna gets a pat on the head and a promotion? What the fuck..seriously?

    Does Reyna have someone high up in the Texas State Government doing blow, while having hardcore midget group sex with a goat included in the mix on film or something? Cause how the fuck does that walking Chia Pet deserve a promotion? Did daddy Reyna pay some people off or something? Cause I doubt Reyna is smart enough to pull off anything like this on his own, I doubt Reyna could find his way out of a phone booth.

    That is some serious fucked up shit, either this is the Texas State AG ‘s way of calming the Reyna storm that has been raging by instead of suspending Reyna while a investigation is pending and putting him into a job that isnt really going anywhere with a title that means shit to save face or the Texas State AG is a fucking moron, cause how else do you explain it.

    I would have loved to hear what some of the defendants counsel thought when they heard this news, Gotro and Broden must have hit the roof

  5. MtPockets Says:

    Looks like the state of Texas is circling the wagons to help Ryna.
    That is not a good sign…

  6. todo Says:

    Waco: McLennan Co. DA named to head state board–McLennan-Co-DA-named-to-head-state-board-464263983.html

    WACO, Texas (KWTX) McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna has been selected as chairman of the executive board of the Special Prosecution Unit for the State of Texas.

    Special Prosecution Unit was founded in 1984 to combat the growing gang violence in Texas prisons.

    Since then, SPU has expanded to include not just the prosecution of felony criminal offenses that occur inside our prisons and juvenile justice facilities, but also the civil commitment of sexually violent predators.

    “I am proud of the great work we are doing for the citizens of McLennan County. I am honored to receive, and am humbled by, the confidence of my fellow elected officials with my selection as chairman. I look forward to serving the board and ensuring that justice is served,” Reyna said Thursday.

  7. Dutchboy Says:

    Laugh it up Fatboy. Notice that tightness around your neck? It ain’t your shirt collars shrinking there Spanky. The noose is slowly tightening and soon you will be dancing on the breeze Smartass. Hmmmm, hope you like orange jumpsuits and big angry guys with names like Bubba, Snake and Tyrone. “Under budget”? Let’s see how it looks when Waco et Al starts paying out teens, then hundreds of millions to the 177 you victimized.

  8. Iron Rider Says:

    You know every time I read the verbal diarrhea Abel “Chia Pet” Reyna spews to the media in front of a camera, I really start to wonder if Reyna alleged coke use is doing all the thinking for his fuzzy little melon.

    Does Reyna really believe that any time he opens his mouth or puts out one of his statements to refute allegations against him that the public and media believe everything he has to say? I dont believe a thing Reyna say’s but I really get the impression that Reyna believes everything Reyna say’s is the gospel, seriously!

    We have all heard at one time someone say oh that person is delusional or in denial about things, and honestly looking at Reyna you can see where both those attributes can be made towards him. No matter who comes forward Reyna seems to put out that he’s a victim, and everyone is disgruntled against him and that Reyna’s integrity is solid. Now we all see that the facts of the allegations that have come and the variety of people that have voiced allegations have been people closely aligned with Reyna in a professional relationship. It’s not some crackpot no one has ever heard of before who is pissed off, its all people connected to him in the course of their work.

    When I look at Reyna’s denial’s it remind me of a fiver yr old who has their hands covering their eye saying ” you can’t get me ” when playing hide and seek but yet they are still standing in front of you, that’s how Reyna seems to look at all this.

    So either Reyna is just going to keep denying anything and everything because he figures that’s the best strategy or the guy is seriously a few screws loose and has no concept of what is going on around him, but Reyna really believes that people are standing behind him and think he is telling the truth, then the man is just plain delusional

  9. rw Says:

    Yesterday the letter for pardon was fake news. Today after the letter was published Reyna told a TV station he stands by his words. Wonder what the spin will be tomorrow

  10. James W Crawford Says:

    Chavez must now realize that which Renya is up to his neck in deep shit, Renya is standing on Chavez’s shoulders. If Chavez denounces Renya now, then Chavez is conceding that he is guilty of 177 counts of signing false affadavit. He has to plea bargain his way out of this shit pool. That will not be possible until the lawsuits start rolling in or Renya looses an election.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    We all say “Reyna arrested 177 mostly Innocent Texans.” But Legally that’s not True. Chavez arrested everyone. Had Reyna & Co been “out of the loop” that day, as is the norm… it would be 100% Chavez’s fault. Legally Reyna didn’t arrest anyone. Sooner or Later that will be Reyna’s defense. “I only brought the cases to the Grand Jury because WPD (Chavez) arrested them. I am only bringing them to Trial because the Grand Jury indicted them. I did nothing wrong… just doing my job”

  12. Gandalf Says:

    Reyna incorporated Chavez in His plan. Chavez needs to watch His ass. Sooner or later everyone is going to realize HE signed the arrest warrants and if He lies to protect Reyna it’s going to be ugly. Best thing Chavez can do is rat on Reyna while He still can…. and Reyna is obviously going down.

  13. Steel Says:

    Karma. His whole charade in the Twin Peaks case opened the door for him to be exposed for the corrupt person he is. Now, he may end up in jail himself. He’s spinning like crazy because he knows he is caught. Thanks for all the great reporting Rebel.



  14. Freebird Says:

    I have felt this whole Waco circus is slowing growing into the Big Lie of my lifetime. Great job Rebel! I will always believe you are the voice screaming in the wildness. Those of us who consider this place home everyday have a front row seat. Keep turning that AMP up!

  15. Gandalf Says:

    Think about this… If (when) Reyna is found Guilty of selective prosecution and official corruption, Every single Criminal He ever convicted has reason to appeal. Some might even get New Trials. Rapists and Pedophiles too. With Luck their appeal bond and probation deals will keep then within Waco City Limits.

  16. No name Says:

    “The criminal defense bar, disgruntled former employees, and a bunch of out of towners” Sounds like everyone that ever had any interaction with this dick, thought he was piece of shit. And he admitted to it.

  17. Iron Rider Says:

    Reyna can keep waving his hand and saying “oh it’s just biker lawyers being desperate and trying anything to smear me” and “disgruntled ex-employee’ lines all he wants, but notice that Reyna has said nothing about two of his current staffers talking to the FBI and one of them acting as a CI for the FBI in their investigation of Reyna. How does Reyna explain away that? He Can’t.

    Think about it 4 members current and former of the D.A.’s office making the same allegations of corruption and case fixing over different time periods and these people went to the DPS and then were out in touch with the FBI. If these allegations are B.S. as Reyna would like us all to believe why is it that many of them pre-date Twin Peaks? If they predate the events at Twin Peaks then the biker lawyers dont have much to do with them other than bringing the allegations to the forefront and putting for the the fact that Reyna was under investigation and why he shouldn’t be anywhere near the Twin Peaks or any criminal case for that matter out to the court and public.

    So what would Kingrey have to gain about lying about the events as she has described them in her sworn affidavit? There is nothing professionally for her to gain she is retired, she isn’t running for chief of police or anything nor any political job that we are aware of, so there isn’t anything to be gained by Kingrey for coming forward as much as Reyna would like everyone to believe. The Bikers lawyers are not going to compensate Kingreay for her testimony, there just isn’t anything there for Reyna to point and and say told ya about.

    We have yet to see Reyna refute any of the allegations with any kind of proof all it has been is statements about how everyone is out to get me and I am the victim here…. that;s it. If Reyna wanted to really attack his accusers why not file his denials under oath, or file affidavits that support his position? Reyna won’t do that because that would open him up to persecution and having to testify to that in court which would open him up to cross examination and anything in an affidavits could be used in a criminal or civil proceeding.

    This is why Reyna keep putting out statements to the media because his statements to the media are just that and Reyna knows full well that he can’t be held to the letter of the law as if he put his fighting words in a sworn affidavit, but he can make statements to till the cows go home and knows that legally they can’t be held against him.

    As for Reyna’s chest thumping and proclamations of innocence and playing the victim card there are way too many credible people that had associations with Reyna that are alleging wrongdoing and mis-use of the political office for personal and professional gain along with the allegations of withholding evidence and outright lying to defense counsel and the courts and instructing officers to hide evidence from the court and defense.

    There is way too much smoke billowing from Reyna’s office for this all to be a coincidence and too many people in the know that have come forward and alleged many misdeed at Reyna’s instance that just can’t be dismiss with the wave of a hand as Reyna would like us all to believe.

    Reyna will fall, when the Feds get tired of his act or the Texas State AG gets tied of one District Attorney making making a fool out of everyone in the D.A.’s office. Sooner or later the cards will come crashing down and when it does Reyna will be the fall guy for everything that went down at Twin Peaks and all the civil suits filed afterwards.It isnt a matter of if it is when.

  18. Old & Jaded Says:

    Ah yes, the old largely bullshit claim of “fake news” hauled out by typically lying fools. District Attorneys deal with defense lawyers and former subordinate attorneys all the time and don’t have these types of allegations leveled. Kingrey was smart to say nothing until she retired. She’d have had a massive target on her back.

    Mr. Law and Order thinks everyone is stupid. Thank God for the dedicated “bunch of out-of-towners from Dallas.” He’s right on one thing, “…the facts don’t lie” and I sure hope the ones connected to him catch up with him real soon. In the meantime, I hope the citizens of Waco continue to save lots of money because their city will soon be leveling some bonds to pay for this farce.

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