Harry Angel In Waco

December 9, 2017

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Harry Angel In Waco

The truest truths are fiction. As if before our eyes, a mean, round little gangster in Waco. Texas is becoming Harry Angel, the protagonist of William Hjortsberg’s 1978 horror novel Falling Angel.

Harry Angel is a private detective working for a client named Louis Cyphre. Cyphre hires Harry to find a long-missing man named Johnny Favorite. As the five acts of the drama unfold, Harry first discovers that Johnny Favorite was a bad man who did many terrible things. Then that he himself is the missing Johnny. Then that Louis Cyphre is Satan. Then that long ago Johnny Favorite sold his soul to the dark prince. Finally, that Satan has now come to collect his debt.

Harry/Johnny protests all the way of course. The same way McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna protests his innocence again and again. It wasn’t the “elected District Attorney of McLennan County,” as Reyna grandly styles himself, who committed all those sins. It couldn’t have been. It couldn’t have been. The accusations must be lies. The Reyna other people see isn’t true. The Reyna who practices his campaign smile in the mirror is the truth.

Hear the tolling of the bells
Iron bells!
What a world of solemn thought their monody compels!
In the silence of the night,
How we shiver with affright
At the melancholy menace of their tone!

Edgar Allan Poe

Iron Bells

In the month since he failed to convict an innocent man named Jake Carrizal, Reyna has been caught in a vortex of allegations that he is an evil, corrupt man who has been getting away with it for years. Naturally Reyna denied what is more apparent every day just as Harry Angel denied what was more apparent every day.

When a former assistant named Brittany Scaramucci confirmed allegations Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune-Herald made years ago – and Reyna hasn’t talked to Witherspoon since – Reyna dismissed Scaramucci’s tales of bribery and drug use and a mysteriously stalled FBI investigation by telling friendly, gutless television station KCEN:

“Yet another example of a Twin Peaks defense lawyer digging up a disgruntled former employee with more ridiculous allegations and trying to smear my name and disparage the work of the people of this office. Now they are relying on the word of a person who was fired from this office for being untruthful. It’s shameful, but not unexpected.”

All The Sky Is Brown

When defense attorney Casie Gotro leaked a tape recording of a conversation with a state lawyer named Christopher Lindsey in which Lindsey described Reyna as “deluded” and Reyna’s preposterous Twin Peaks case as destined to “crater” Reyna told KCEN:

“Mr. Lindsey approached me almost a month ago about his comments in this conversation and apologetically explained to me the context and reasoning behind his statements. I can assure you that the District Attorney’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office are on the same page regarding this matter. As for the subject matter of the motion, the DA’s office is not withholding any evidence. There were items that were discovered during the Carrizal trial that were sealed and placed under protective order. Judge Johnson will address those matters on a case-by-case basis.”

Then he told KWTX, “He (Lindsey) was trying to get information from her and he was telling her what he thought she wanted to hear.”

Stupid people don’t get irony, so Reyna did not blink at telling the television station that Lindsey doesn’t really think Reyna is deluded. He couldn’t have meant that. He couldn’t. “He doesn’t really believe any of those things,” Reyna claimed.

Saturday morning at the beach, the sky is the color of wet sand. My nose is stuffed with burning brush, burning homes, burning hopes and dreams. My eyes water. There is a thin, grey powder on the Christmas lights.

I can smell Abel Reyna from 1,500 miles away.


16 Responses to “Harry Angel In Waco”

  1. James W Crawford Says:

    I need to get an unedited (X-rated) copy of the movie Angel Heart starring Lisa Bonet which is based on the book.

  2. stroker Says:

    Wonderful writing Rebel. Great analogy. Let’s hope Lucifer “collects” Reyna!

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ildskewl,

    Right. It is just past the Santa Monica Boulevard exit of the 405, near the VA, just at the bottom of the Sepulveda Pass heading into the San Fernando Valley.


  4. oldskewl Says:

    Jerry Ramirez Says:
    December 10, 2017 at 3:53 pm
    Looks like the 405 freeway west of UCLA in the Westwood section of L.A.

    Exactly where it is. I built twin 10 story buildings for student housing @ UCLA in 2011 – 2012. That’s right at the exit I took every morning to go to work.

  5. Dutchboy Says:

    I knew California was slowly turning into hell when I left there… Of course I thought it was figurative not literal. So with Cali turning into Dante’s Dream why is the devil still in Waco Texas? I will not be surprised when un-abel does a runner and takes an “extended vacation” on some island with no extradition.

  6. Not the 99 Says:

    It sure seems like Reyna’s world is begining to come down on top of him.
    If he’s guilty of what it looks like, he needs to face his peers, and accept the punishment that has been earned.
    Let’s hope he’s arrogant and selfish enough, to not puss out and take his own life.
    He needs to be brought down, and taken alive so he can live out the sentence he deserves.

  7. Jerry Ramirez Says:

    Looks like the 405 freeway west of UCLA in the Westwood section of L.A.

  8. RLG Says:

    “disgruntled former employee with more ridiculous allegations and trying to smear my name”

    Totally normal for a lawyer to not press libel charges.


  9. Sieg Says:

    Reb, I hope you got the newspaper ready to wrap that sucker up once he’s on the dock and gutted!

    Telling that beyond some peripheral comments, there is only one real journalist paying any attention to the end of Waco as we know it.


  10. Iron Rider Says:

    I wonder how long it will be for those who were tried by Reyna and convicted that claimed that they were innocent and that They didnt get all evidence and discovery and that they were Lied to by the D.A.’s office or they alleged they had evidence ago missing that would throw the D.A. case against them into dispute start popping out of the wood work citing all the allegations that have surfaced about Reyna.

    If you think about it sooner or later someone that is behind bars or was wrongfully convicted served their time and is out might be looking to restate allegation they may have made before in the course of dealing with Reyna’s office. The murder of the Baylor football player could be a prime example of a case that may come back to haunt Reyna as to the allegation and all the shady shit that went on in that case, so why would it be a stretch to assume there aren’t more cases out there like this were allegations of wrongdoing by Reyna have been made?

    If I were sitting in a cell because of Reyna or had a conviction hanging over me, I would sure as hell would be doing some talking to people to say “here is my story” because I would be willing to be there are more skeletons in the closet out there ready to come out and now would be an ideal time for some of those to start popping up, because for sure those details would be dug into especially by defense counsels for Twin Peaks defendants and possibly even the FBI.

    I’d bet old Reyna is having a lot of trouble sleeping at night lately wondering if that late night thumping he is hearing is the door being kicked in by the FBI who are coming to throw the wrist bracelets on him and haul him off to a cold dark cell.

    Time will tell.

  11. FUGS MUNDANE Says:

    Sulphur smells like rotten eggs. Reyna stinks like a rotten asshole. His next gig he’ll be crab bait.

  12. James W Crawford Says:

    Californians have allowed far to much Carbon to be “sequestered” in all of that brush to demonstrate their devotion to Global Warming Theology. Now the laws of thermodynamics are asserting themselves to pump all of that Carbon back into the atmosphere.

  13. SoCal Says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to come forth with sexual harassment charges against Reyna. Once word gets out that he exposed himself and beat off into a potted plant, he will be fired immediately!!

  14. Gandalf Says:

    LOL. Good one.

  15. Iron Rider Says:

    While Reyna claims that Davis and Scaramucci are disgruntled former employees who have ax to grind with him , that doesn’t explain why Jarret would turn CI for the FBI and why Jarret could have been wired in order to capture conversations with Reyna and why Dillion also met with the FBI.

    So that would be two active Reyna underlings that were speaking with the FBI and one working as a CI for the FBI, so how does Reyna explain away that? Reyna can’t and he knows it. So Reyna’s waving his hand and putting out the statements that these are disgruntled employees and all is well in the D.A.’s office is nothing more than an empty gesture.

    As for Reyna putting out a statement that Lindsay didn’t mean any of what he told Gotro and he’s and lindsay have this awesome working relationship and they are besties, gag me with a spoon! Look Reyna is claiming he and Lindsay spoke and that Lindsay did a mea culpa for Reyna, yeah and I believe in the tooth fairy. If Lindsay really wanted to put the fire out that Gotro started with her recording, then why didn’t Lindsay rush out a statement of his own to do damage control? I don’t think Lindsay was looking to do Reyna any favors since he was under the impression that Reyna was trying to fuck him and the Texas DPS agents over, hence no statement for Reyna, no trying to do damage control.

    Think about Reyna was trying to use the DPS guys to hide evidence that should have been provided in discovery to Gotro, Lindsay guys told him that Reyna is telling us we dont have to turn it over and to hold on to it, Lindsay knew that was going to be trouble. How many times did Reyna do that during and before the Carrizal case, we dont know but obviously Lindsay knew that when this came out, it was going to be a huge problem and a serious of one that charges and an investigation might come about and he told the DPS to tell his guys not to talk to Reyna and Jarret anymore cause they are trying to fuck us over so we need to watch our asses. When your own counterparts in Law Enforcement dont trust you and tell a defense counsel that you dont trust ANYONE in the D.A.’s office, that speaks volumes.

    All Lindsay did was ask Johnson to not allow the tape to be used, but Gotro recorded it legally, so there was nothing Lindsay could do. Could he have put out a statement about the events and tried to do damage control? Sure Lindaay could have but he didn’t. Lets think about that why wouldn’t Lindsay do damage control if Reyna says they spoke and had a hugfest and are still besties as Reyna claims?

    Lindsay more than likely hates Gotro for recording him but Lindsay also knows that Gotro had one of her assistants there and the recording and the contents could be easily verified by the assitant so lindsay cant walk back on what he told Gotro and I am sure it was the truth about how things were unfolding with Reyna. Lindsay could have put out a statement, but he chose not to because most of the damage from the recording coming out is on Reyna, the stories about the recording are about Reyna, and it is Reyna who has to do the damage control all Lindsay is taking is a little ego bruising because he got caught on tape and lets be honest do you really think Lindsay cares if Reyna is caught in yet another shit storm with allegations he withheld evidence and told other law enforcement agencies to obstruct Gotro and the courts orders on turning over all evidence and discovery over? I doubt Lindsay is losing a wink of sleep over it.

    Reyna is the one suffering the hits over the recording, Lindsay is just a little blurb in the story. No matter how many statements Reyna puts out and if the Pope himself put out a statement how he thinks Reyna is a great individual it wouldn’t matter one bit because the damage is done its out there and it just backs up what many defendants counsel have said and Gotro has asserted that Reyna and Co were willfully and criminally obstructing Twin Peaks defendants from getting all the evidence and discovery they are entitled to and how Reyna is out of control and even his own partners in Law Enforcement dont trust working with him.

    The clock is ticking on Reyna, Sooner or later the Texas State AG and the US DOJ are going to have to do something because the collateral damage is starting to go further afield then they may be comfortable with they arent going to want any other casualties than Reyna. Soon the bell will toll for thee,

  16. Dasein Says:

    Rebel: Been meaning to ask you about the fires, that clip says it all.
    Hope you and yours are all far enough away.

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