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December 8, 2017

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Reyna In A Box

McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna is running out of powerful guardians.

The Aging Rebel believes the attached, heavily redacted audio recording contains a portion of a much longer conversation between Casie Lynn Gotro, the defense attorney for Twin Peaks defendant Christopher Jacob Carrizal and Christopher Lindsey, who is an attorney employed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This page believes the conversation took place on the afternoon of Saturday November 4.

The conversation was precipitated by Gotro’s discovery of two pieces of evidence that McLennan County prosecutors and the DPS had deliberately hidden for more than 30 months.

No Rocker Issue

One hidden piece of discovery – which Lindsey discusses with Gotro – is an 80 minute audio recording of a June 2015 debriefing of Cossack Motorcycle Club informant Mark White by Reyna, Assistant District attorneys Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon and Waco police detective Jeffrey Rogers. White’s statements contradicted the prosecution’s theory of the case. The prosecution has promoted the idea that the Bandidos attacked the Cossacks at the Twin Peaks, rather than the other way around, and they did so in order to “teach the Cossacks a lesson” for daring to wear the word “Texas” on the bottom of their vests. That was always a deliberate lie fed to the press and repeated from Waco to Kazakhstan. Waco prosecutors just ignored what White told them.

The next time she appeared in court, the volatile Gotro called the arrogant Jarrett a “criminal” and they both got away with it – Jarrett for being a criminal and Gotro for calling him on it.

The second piece of evidence finally discovered to Gotro was an interview of Cossack William Flowers and an unidentified FBI agent. A transcript of that interview has never been released to anybody. Gotro, over Lindsey’s objection, was given a heavily redacted version of the document.

Press Play

Please be aware that the audio recording may not play on some older browsers.

The audio tape was released this morning by Dallas lawyer F. Clinton Broden as an attachment to a “Motion to Determine the Scope of Withheld Discovery” in the case of his client, Twin Peaks defendant Burton George Bergman.

On the recording, Lindsey tells Gotro, before she even began her defense, that the DPS expected the case to “crater.” Lindsey said that he expected “Abel is going to start pointing his finger at Michael.” Lindsey said Reyna couldn’t be trusted. “Not in this case. Not even a little bit.” He described Reyna as “delusional.” And he said he had advised a Texas Ranger to “Stop talking to Abel.” “Stop talking to Jarrett.”


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    Johnny Golden tonsils Lindsey

  2. Lucky-As-A-7 Says:

    Jarrett’s a piece of shit!

    Reyna’s body language says; “nervous”

  3. Mark Says:

    Another point outside of LE:
    I remember one certen news story right after the TP cluster fuck, that was full on disinformation to screw the BMC. The Disinformation Piece was an interview with a cmc P being interviewed and he was saying that the BMC charged them $75 per chapter per month and that was a big expensive and so on. Nothingi about his club laying in wait to attack 7 members of the BMC with up and maybe more than 10 to 1. Funny how the media never got to that part. When I was reading this I was blown away that any MC, P could be that chickenshit and a lop. Seemingly the media was part of the foundation through putting out bold face lies, Disinformation to railroad any of the members of the BMC that were to be put on trial.
    This IMHO is a textbook case of RICO corruption that the civil suits need to drag in the media because the media went too far overboard with such stories. The media is responsible to be complete in such stories and at least put in the other side’s input to such. Putting in Waco LE as the other side of the story doesn’t cut it.

  4. Curbside Says:

    I’m thinking Reyna must have video of someone important doing something horribly bad. I can’t think of any other way he hasn’t been sold down the river. Like seriously, who’d he catch fucking a goat?

  5. Mark Says:

    Here’s something many don’t knows about, maybe not even Rebel. It’s called, NOA, notes of agreement, which is a written agreement between, the Feds and LE with in a state. The sheriffs have one the state cops have one and so on. Many times NOA can be short with little in them but it’s an understanding of what goes on between different levels of LE. These notes are protected and not for public eyes. What I see happening is this. If Reyna was part of a plan with the Feds to lay the foundation for the TP matter and he is now going sideways and seems to be showing signs of going out of control and can’t be trusted. I can see the Texas state level of LE backing off from Reyna where no is to have contact with him and to let the AG office handle everything. This would be done to protect the relationship and the NOA between the state and fed LE. There is a lot of money from the Feds that goes to DPS, I.E., grants for training, funding for new types of enforcement programs and the big one, how they split forfeitures, covered in the NOA in federal cases. Nothing goes on in the state of Texas and the Feds without DPS having boots on the ground involved. They will not allow Reyna to screw that up.
    The problem goes back to Reyna selling favors and someone making the call (fed level) to set up a sting with Reyna, giving birth to the TP cluster fuck. Using Reyna like a CI, not knowing Reyna and assuming Reyna would be business as usual. This TP sting was way outside Reyna’s abilities and Reyna being Reyna did things his way, the stupid way, aka: the cluster fuck outcome way.
    With DPS backing away from Reyna is a clear sign of CYA and breathing room to wrap their arms around all of this. Seems there wasn’t much DPS involvement in the TP sting and they would want to keep it that way, now more than ever. The big problem is, they are going to have to get the truth out of Reyna to figure out where to start from. A lot of people’s careers are on the line with Reyna’s cluster fuck. Which could be why the McLennan sheriff refused to honor 3 subpoenas, he’s refusing to get sucked into Reyan’s mess.
    If the call goes out for the CIA clean up crew to come in, Reyna will be the scapegoat straight down the line. Reyna has no where to turn, he’s being isolated.

  6. Jim Jones Says:

    Say what you want, but that MF’n Reyna is made out of Teflon or copper coat or something, cause “NOTHING” sticks to that SOB!

  7. Old & Jaded Says:

    I’d love to read the, “context and reasoning” offered that might justify stating that Reyna was delusional and that others shouldn’t be talking with he or Jarrett. Appears that the, “Thou shall not inform on another attorney” rule was broken. Too bad – was almost thinking that someone other than the defense attorneys noted on this site might have some integrity.

    No evidence withheld? Tell that to Ms. Gotro who had to remind prosecutors they interviewed an involved party prior to Twin Peaks and knew that the basis of their prosecution theory was flawed, not to mention the multiple discovery items she received after the trial started…

    With no disrespect to the hard working defense attorneys on these cases, can’t resist sharing…”What’s the difference between a lawyer and a liar? The pronunciation.”

    Whole thing stinks to high Heaven.

  8. Iron Rider Says:

    And then there is this little blurb

    Central Texas News Now spoke with Reyna over the phone. He said that Lindsey had approached him about a month ago and apologized for his comments.

    Reyna then issued a statement to Central Texas News Now.

    “Mr. Lindsey approached me almost a month ago about his comments in this conversation and apologetically explained to me the context and reasoning behind his statements. I can assure you that the District Attorney’s office and the Attorney General’s office are on the same page regarding this matter. As for the subject matter of the motion, the D.A.’s office is not withholding any evidence. There were items that were discovered during the Carrizal trial that were sealed and placed under protective order. Judge Johnson will address those matters on a case by case basis. For Mr. Bergman’s case, it will be addressed January 5.”

    -Statement issued by Abel Reyna


    So Lindsay isnt going to be able to walk back his comments that Gotro recorded, those are his words, and Reyna’s statement on the recording looks like someone trying to save his ass by throwing out some glitter and telling us what a love fest Reyna and Lindsay are having and how they have always been happy together and that no one is going to tear their special relationship apart even though Reyna comes across as that psycho who just cant come to grips that the relationship is over and someone has moved on and is going on with their life despite your instance that everything is good.

    Honestly the whole Twin Peaks and Reyna fiasco reads like a paperback book you found while riding the bus with it’s cover torn off, you have no idea if it is romance, horror or tragedy you have in your hands.

    Reyna sure is loving issuing statements but if there was really nothing to the recording why was Lindsay urging Johnson to not allow the recording, a conversation that under Texas law Gotro was allowed to record to be used? This recording came out at Carrizal’s trial and while Lindsay didnt like the fact he was recorded and didn’t want the recording public, why is it that Lindsay didn’t issue a statement way back saying that the conversation was taken out of context and sau how he loved working with Reyna and how they have a wonderful relationship and bla bla bla?
    Maybe because Lindsay told the truth, and yes he got caught on tape and didn’t like it, but Lindsay has never denied any of what he said to Gotro.

    Lindsay not publicly denying or claiming the conversation with Gotro was out of context or his personal opinion and never issuing a statement of love for Reyna sure does signal he isn’t going to do Reyna any favors and that his words were the truth about the situation. It is impossible for Lindsay to walk them back.

    Reyna can claim big love in all he wants much like anything Reyna say’s that statement rings pretty hollow that Lindsay has never backed him up, so Reyna is still out on his own with his ass twerking in the wind so to speak.

    I’d say thing can’t get any worse for Reyna, but they continue to and will continue to as the days go by. Meanwhile the Texas State AG is looking more like a fool everyday that the Reyna Twin Peaks clown show continues and the FBI’s case seems to be getting easier and easier to get a conviction on when Reyna gets indicted because the case is making itself as we speak

  9. Old & Jaded Says:

    Fascinating tape. Iron Rider, you are right – the news articles really are writing themselves.
    Gotro really took care of business with her case. Glad to see others following suit. When the Texas DPS thinks a DA is delusional, that’s a mega problem. And let’s not forget the FBI investigation. Reyna is in a world of trouble. Hopefully the vast majority of these cases will soon be dismissed. Let the civil lawsuits rain!

  10. rw Says:

    In the end I think ol anel is gonna turn out to be just another crackerhead.

    Crackerhead -dickhead that crumbles under pressure

  11. Gandalf Says:

    @ Iron Rider. IF (big if) Reyna and Jarret and FBI were all in Co-Hoots and knew there was a Reyna investigation AND made a deal to support Operation Texas Rocker, (by allowing TPs to happen, Arresting, indicting and Blaming the Bandits etc..) for Reyna’s Investigation to go away… The Cell Phone could have been for TP’s communication (before, during and after) in the guise of Reynas Investigation… doesn’t it all fit? Why was Jarret so involved at the Convention Center? Seems to me the DPS, Reyna, Jarret are doing what all snakes do…. eat each other.

  12. Iron Rider Says:

    LOLOLOLOL This shit gets better and better everyday. So even the Texas DPS didn’t trust Reyna or anyone else in his office, now why would that be? Obviously the Texas DPS instructing their officers to NOT talk to Reyna and Co because they couldn’t trust them and the Texas DPS operating under the assumption that Reyna’s office was so corrupt that they couldn’t trust them and were so concerned that Reyna WAS out to sabotage the Texas DPS and working against them instead of with them and telling Texas DPS to not turn over discovery and evidence to Gotro and the court even when requested by subpoena and Johnsons orders show how far Reyna was willing to go to criminally hide evidence and discovery and flout the courts rulings.

    The fact that the Texas DPS was so concerned about Reyna trying to frame the prosecutions failure in the Carrizal case on the Texas DPS for withholding evidence or discovery or whatever other hair brained way Reyna planned to paint the Texas DPS and it’s officers signals to me that Reyna knew the case was in trouble and he was more than willing to tell Texas DPS officers to ignore court orders and the judges rulings on turning over any more discovery or evidence to Gotro sure does smack of prosecutorial misconduct and the fact that a Texas DPS official had to go to his own people and tell them dont talk to Reyna and anyone from his office because they are trying to use everything we say against us is a powerful statement of just how far Reyna was willing to go to game the Carrizal case to get a win at any cost, even if it meant breaking the law.

    When the Texas DPS is going to the defense and going ‘yeah this is a shitshow and we dont think the case against your client is about to self destruct because of the D.A. and his attempt to sabotage our law enforcement agency and it’s officers by telling them to ignore discovery and evidence production orders and to use the conversations with our agents and twist them into how we are the cause of the prosecutions case falling apart is nothing less than astounding.

    The fact that this Texas DPS specially doesn’t want any officers from his agency talking to Reyna and Jarret leads me to believe they we’re aware that Jarret was a CI for the FBI and may have been passing along information that the FBI possibly wasn’t aware of, not to mention that this Texas DPS official states that they thought Reyna would not only point the prosecutions failures in the Carrizal case against the Texas DPS but also point the finger at Jarret makes me think that Reyna knew that Jarret was meeting with the FBI and could be acting as a CI for them, because why else would Reyna point the finger at just Jarret and not Dillion unless Reyna was tipped about Jarret and saw the failure of the Carrizal case as a way to get even with Jarret for ratting him out and to use the case issues as a failure to prepare the case and make sure everything was done and all boxes checked and they were ready to go to trial to scapegoat Jarret and seek to fire him from the D.A.’s office which would get rid of Jarret and his talking to the FBI and someone who would have landed in Reyna’s job if he was fired or asked to step aside while under investigation.

    Somewhere along the line it looks like Reyna knew he was being investigated by the FBI. Question is did Reyna’s counter surveillance of his employees in the McLennan County’s D.A. office or did someone who knew that Reyna was being investigated tip him off? My guess is that someone leaked the information to Reyna and then Reyna started to surveillance those underneath him to see who was with him and who was against him.

    Now the real question is the more the fallout from Twin Peaks gets more explosive by the day and the allegations against Reyna get more damning everyday how much longer can the Texas State AG and the US DOJ let Reyna stay status quo as the man in charge of the Twin Peaks case and how much of the allegations and tidbits that have come out since Twin Peaks happened and during the Carrizal trial and what we have seen since the Carrizal acquittal get more damning allegations of prosecutorial misconduct start to effect not only the Twin Peaks cases but the Federal Bandidos cases that are scheduled to start being tried of February of 2018, because of I was one of the Defense counsel for one of the Bandidos to go to Federal trial I would start beating the bushes and see how much of the federal case may have links to the Twin Peaks case and if some of the same Law Enforcement agencies and officers that are connected to the Federal Bandidos case are connected to Twin Peaks and start tugging at the threads and see how much starts to unravel.

    As for Reyna, if this jackass gets re-elected the citizens in McLennan County are retarded, because Reyna will have every citizen in McLennan county paying for his mistake long after their grandchildren have grown up and then passed on because the financial hit from all the lawsuits will bankrupt the citizens for hundreds of years.

    Just when you thought thing couldn’t get any worse for Reyna, well they still can and are and the rogue prosecutor theory of mine is looking better and better to the Texas State AG and the US DOJ everyday I bet, because they can flush most of the Twin Peaks cases away and pin the blame on a coked out paranoid D.A. who misused his office and position for personal and political gain and to further his own political career at the expense of the taxpayers and the justice system.

    I’m telling you the press release is writing itself

  13. Gandalf Says:

    Dear Reyna, That bass and drums is them coming for you… Note: DON’T FUCKING MESS WITH TEXAS! You fucking Fool!

  14. Hero Says:

    That is some very damaging info. Wonder if all cases will be dropped with prejudice ?

  15. Anonymouse Says:

    Wow. That’s some amazing shit right there. The whole thing will crater and Abel will start pointing fingers at Lindsey’s guys, so Lindsey advises his LEOs NOT TO TALK TO THE PROSECUTOR BECAUSE HE CANT BE TRUSTED?!

    I feel for the arrestees, but at this point I might be a little jealous. Their civil suits appear to be shaping up nicely.

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