Scaramucci’s Affidavit

December 7, 2017

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Scaramucci’s Affidavit

This morning at about 9:15, David Conrad Beyer, the attorney for Twin Peaks defendant Billy Jason McRee, and Brian Bouffard who represents Jorge Daniel Salinas filed an affidavit in support of their proposals to call McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna as a witness to explain why he ordered police to arrest McRee and Salinas.

It is a vital question. McRee and Salinas are both innocent men.

Maybe Reyna was drunk, Maybe he was high on cocaine. Maybe somebody bribed him. Maybe the United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas who was pursuing a mostly futile investigation of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club blackmailed him into ordering the arrests. Maybe Abel Reyna is just the two bit moron he appears to be in a video that has made the rounds of defense attorneys and investigators in the Twin Peaks case – the one of him twerking. Maybe Reyna is corrupt and venal and addled and stupid and a bad dancer all at once.

Whatever his problem is, an affidavit made and notarized on November 27  by former Reyna deputy Brittany Scaramucci and filed today strongly asserts that Reyna and McLennan County and the City of Waco all do have a problem

Scaramucci’s affidavit states:

BEFORE ME, the undersigned official, (notary Public Laura Uptmore) on this day appeared Brittany Scaramucci, who is personally known to me, and first being duly sworn according to law upon her oath, deposed and said as follows:

1. My name is Brittany Scaramucci. I am over 18 years of age, and I am fully competent to make this affidavit. I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein, and they are all true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

2. I have been licensed to practice law in the State of Texas since November 2009.

3. In early 2014, I was appointed as a special prosecutor to prosecute Jennifer and Louis Jarvis. In the course of that prosecution, I was confronted in the McLennan County Courthouse parking lot by the Jarvis’ attorney who told me that there has been a mix up. He stated that Jason Darling was supposed to be appointed those cases and he had worked out an ‘informal’ probation for them because they were ‘good people’ and should not see the criminal justice system. That attorney specifically told me that if I ever wanted a good relationship with Reyna’s office for my future clients, I would not prosecute the Jarvises.

4. Soon thereafter, 1 was informed that the FBI was conducting a public corruption investigation in relation to Reyna and that they were interested in the court reporter’s transcript from one hearing in the Jarvis cases in particular, if the testimony led to any information about improper prosecutions for political purposes.

5. At the time, I also had a client, Brandon Gatlin, who was alleging that he personally delivered cocaine for Reyna’s use. He saw a newspaper article about the hearing in the Jarvis cases and asked me to take him to talk to the FBI. Mr. Gatlin and I met with the FBI at the AUSA’s Office in Waco, Texas in order to provide Agent Brust with information for their multifaceted investigation of Reyna. The meeting lasted approximately an hour or more and I believe that the interview of Gatlin was recorded by Agent Brust.

6. Based upon my involvement with the Jarvis cases, my resulting investigation, and my meeting with Agent Brust, I also became aware of several other cases in which a particular special prosecutor has been appointed solely for the purpose of facilitating politically based dismissals on behalf of Reyna.

I have read the foregoing and I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge

Brittany Scaramucci


36 Responses to “Scaramucci’s Affidavit”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    @rw, nope, no Jets here, in fact I agree with you. I imagine there are A LOT of folks in Texas that would love an unrelated-to-the-TP-Murders excuse to send Reyna into the dustbin.

  2. Gandalf Says:

    @ Muck 1%er; Yep

  3. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Muck1%
    You are right.
    I will cease

  4. Muck 1%er Says:

    @Gandalf & JWC

    And this shit has WHAT to do with the subject at hand? Personally…I’d rather you take your political bullshit somewhere else, instead of hijacking this thread

  5. Gandalf Says:

    BTW; There was a Special Op CIA Strike Force 8min away from Chris Stevens’s safe House/Embassy. 2 Questions… 1- WHY? 2- Why did they not act? Answer… 1- To Protect Chris Stevens (CIA). 2- Because the CIA DROPPED THE BALL! Not Hillary Clinton or the State Dept. The State Dept so “out of the loop” they didn’t even know what or why it was happing. BUT, Because CS was “Ambassador” to Libya. The State Dept had to answer the Questions. Of course they didn’t know crap or CIA told them it was handled…. over a Video??? What it was… was Assads people killing Chris Stevens for arming the Rebels with Kaddafi’s weapons. GET IT?

  6. Gandalf Says:

    The only “Fact” that matters in Benghazi is that Chris Stevens was smuggled into Benghazi BEFORE Kaddafi was killed and BEFORE Obama’s Airstrike. That makes Him CIA. He always traveled with trusted X-Seals. Who were “Security Contractors” paid by the CIA. After that…. it’s EASY to figure out what Happened.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    @ JWC; That the USA had something to do with the Unraine Maiden only supports the case that Putin attacked us. That leaked conversation is old News and after 4 months of the USA being silent and my Friends in Kiev asking why??? It was comforting to hear the USA cared. Then John McCain went to Kiev and we knew we had support AT LAST! One day I will tell you about Benghazi and Libya. THEN you will understand how Putin/Assad & Co killed Chris Stevens BECAUSE CS WAS CIA! Giving the Syrian Rebels (aka ISIS) all the weapons confiscated from Libya after Kaddafi got fucked in His ass. Chris Stevens was CIA through and through… protected by CIA, NOT STATE DEPT at all. CS was “Ambassador” by title only. That “Embassy” was a CIA safe house. It’s against International Law to appoint an acting CIA Agent as Ambassador. Had CS not been killed He would still be sending weapons to the Syrian Rebels…. We lost Syria the day CS died and the R’s started blaming Clinton. Too much light on what He was doing… Many of those weapons fell into the hands of ISIS. Both ISIS and the Syrian Rebels are SUNI. Assad, Iran… Iraq now… are Shite. BTW: CS was smuggled into Libya BEFORE Kaddafi was killed. BEFORE Obama smoked Kaddafi’s troops on the road to Benghazi…. B E F O R E! That’s a known fact. What isn’t known is that Chris Stevens and His 4 Seal “bodyguards” (friends) called in that Airstrike that led to Kaddafi’s demise. Chris Stevens DID NOT ANSWER TO STATE DEPT! His security was guaranteed by CIA and the CIA doesn’t give a ratz ass about the State Dept. They do what they want… So Clinton let Him “do what He wanted.” CS/CIA fucked up not HClinton. THATS why She was so indignant at the Hearing. Because She knew that they knew… but kept blaming Her for Political gain. PUTIN/ASSAD KILLED CHRIS STEVENS! Not Fucking Hillary Clinton. Jezzz.

  8. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    Nice payback to the guy who surrendered the nuclear weapons program that our CIA didnt even know he had. Every dictator on the pkanet now understands that they need nukes to survive.

  9. rw Says:

    appearantly my sarcasm affected u like a jet plane.
    My apologies

  10. Gandalf Says:

    @ Dutchboy; Trump surrendered Syria to Assad. Russia is building a Naval Base there. No problems now that the Rebels are gone. While Trump talks about moving the Israel Embassy to Jerusalem the Arabs get mad… turn to Putin who supports them. Turkey is about to move to Russia’s side. Syria, Turkey, Iran… Iraq too. Will side with Russia. Forget THE FACT that moving our Embassy to Jerusalem or moving Israel’s capitol to Jerusalem IS IMPOSSIBLE! Just words. Like building a Trump Resort on Mars. Can’t be done. Trump is giving away the whole Middle East and Putin is waiting with open arms. Yes, “Deep State” of Intel people WHO KNOW and now have to bring their “trade” to their own home country. They protect us… always have. Trump is giving away the Middle East that we rightfully won during The Arab Spring. Putin wants to fill that Vacuum. Trump is Helping with that “Move our Embassy to Jerusalem Horse Shit.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    @ JWC I had a friend in Kiev. A College Student who was sending me FB Pics in instant Messages from Gov Buildings they were ransacking. The Maiden was set off by 1 action. The Pres refusal to join the EU. That Pres was VERY corrupt. His Election was suspicious and orchestrated by Paul Manafort with Help from Putin. Sound Familiar? All Trump need do is fire Muller and set off a Maiden in the USA. Putin doesn’t take over ANY country. He starts a Civil War then supports the Rebels so the country has territory disputes and war against themselves. It’s His MO. He does these things by attacking their Media, Intel Agencies and Politicians. Sound Familiar? Remember “The Little Green Men” in Crimea? The Tanks in the east? The shooting down of the passanger jet? All these things Putin denied having anything to do with. Sound Familiar? They attacked us… MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT! It’s Civil War they want. BTW Trump is not the Target… Putin is. Trump will roll. We will blackmail Him… Spy vs Spy. Been going on for ever. At this point impeaching Trump isn’t the object. Identifying Putin’s Methods and Actors is. General Kelly is pure Intel… Now Chief of Staff and put there to watch Trump. The vote by Congress to make it impossible for Trump to lift sanctions gives you a gage on who knows… Everyone. But ya just can’t bounce Him or Arrest Him. People will get mad…. So they will try to use Him to get to Putin. Fun and Games at the CIA. Flynn turned… so will Trump. BUT, we will never know.

  12. Dutchboy Says:

    @rw, Abel grabbed my ass. There, feel better? @Iron Rider, you never grabbed any? If some hottee “actress” waved it in your face you wouldn’t “grab it”? Finally @Gandalf, luckily we are not some East European shithole. Hell, we’ve got individual States with larger populations than Ukraine. Also, not everyone would cry if Muller was sent packing. The deep state (Soros et al) has spent 100s of millions trying to collapse the current administration, our economy, and our free society. If you look Soros and company has wasted their investment. I’m no Rider on the Trump Train but give POTUS his due. So Far he’s at about eight stars out of ten.

  13. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf:

    Interesting how our opinions on other issues differ. I watched the “reveloution” in Ukraine gobdown too. The video of US Dept of State operative Victoria Nuland passing out cookies to protesters exposed the role the US pkayed in organizing coup. Even more incriminating was the audio of an intercepted cell phone conversation during which she dictates who should be in the provisional government.

    I for one was eager to accept the quid pro quo that the US would not threaten Russia if Russia refrained from going nuclear in response to the Warsaw Pact then the USSR disintergrating. An independant but neutral Ukraine (which had a huge ethnic Russian minority and a Russian majority in the East and Crimea as a result of Stalin’s genocides) was a win win situation. Ukraine joining the EU would establish German hegemony on Russia’s border.

  14. rocco151 Says:


    Tremendous job as usual…thanks for allowing us all to witness Pulitzer caliber investigative reporting !

  15. James W Crawford Says:

    Re IronRider,

    I am confident that all of the men on this forum have grabbed a woman by the pussy, repeatedly. This is customarily done in context of a romantic relationship, or sometimes for the very conservative, only within marriage. In context of a not yet established relationship, such exploratory physical contact is part of the process of negotiating an understanding of the status of the relationship. Sometimes the woman fends off the exploring hand. Sometimes the woman opens her thighs which usually indicates that intercourse will follow.

    As crude as Trump’s comment was, given the social norms of the entertainment industry it was quite possible that any such incidents that Trump wasinvolved in were consensual.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    What I am saying is we may be closer to Anarchy than you think. When 1 action by 1 person can set it all off we need to recognize that fact. In the Ukraine it was The Pres veto to join the EU. With us it’s the firing of Muller. Recognize it because when/if it comes it will come fast. Unexpected. To be a 1%er with a club and brothers might be the difference between life and death. Respects to all.

  17. Gandalf Says:

    I’m so glad that I am old… The way things are going is very bad. I watched the Ukraine go down the same road. Exactly the same. Add Twin Peaks and this Just-us System… add cops shooting blacks and people hating Immigrant Mexicans and the pot is about to explode. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong. In the Ukraine the President refused to join the EU against the majority’s wishes. BAM! The people rushed the Pres house… Civil War. All Trump needs to do is fire Muller and the people will swarm the White House and Trump will run… ie; Civil War. Texas will become the Donbas and sit in a Civil War stalemate like in the Ukraine’s East. Destroyed and in rubble. The only good news is the Bandits WILL NOT forget Reyna and Waco… The second Anarchy comes I expect them to get their payback. While everyone will fight for a different reason (right or wrong) they will all fight just the same. With our prison population emptying out onto the streets… pissed! Make no mistake about this. It’s what Russia wants… and did in the Ukraine. They similarities are without question. Manafort knee deep in both. At this point I don’t care anymore. Stay true to your brothers… your going to need them. Us Civilians will simply die in the streets. But Hey, everyone has to die some way… some how. I will die fighting… Not for a “cause” but simply fighting the guy who is fighting me for whatever reason. A pissed off black guy, a pissed off biker, a pissed off prisoner… What the difference why He’s trying to kill me?

  18. TX_Biker Says:

    If I didn’t know for a fact that this was real I would have to believe that this was some Hollywood B flick courtroom movie. But, sadly, this is all too real.

  19. Texas guy Says:

    Should someone look into the convenient motorcycle accident/death of Brandon Gatlin

  20. Torque Says:

    The real Question is:
    When does Reyna fully figure out he is fucked, and run for Mexico?


  21. Mickey Says:

    I forgot to add Radio Legendary to the reporters that have made contributions to the Waco debacle, sorry Jim. Great coverage by all of youse!!!

  22. Mickey Says:

    I kept thinking about the general population in Waco, what’s wrong with these people? Wake the dickens up! There has been enough pressure now from Harry Storm, and of course The Rebel, that now even Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune seems to be on board and must report the real news. In Cassie’s interview, it blew me away that the public would make contact with her and mention Abel’s Goody Powder Problem. I am now thinking the cat is finally out of the bag and Abel is on his way out, I hope with a prison sentence. l

  23. Rojas Says:

    Reyna is done. You can stick a fork in him.

  24. Iron Rider Says:

    So Reyna is saying Scaramucci and Davis are “disgruntled ex-employees” that desperate defense lawyers with Twin Peaks clients have dug up to besmirch Reyna’s name and degrade the District Attorney’s office and that Reyna is and never has been aware of any FBI investigation against him.

    Well I highly doubt Reyna knows nothing about any FBI investigation, there is too much ass slapping and old boy network that I am sure someone got wind of the FBI investigation and tipped Reyna to the investigation.

    As for Reyna’s assertion that all these “disgruntled ex-employees” are making this up, well this isn’t betty the secretary or jim the mail room guy making these allegation these are lawyers who worked for the D.A.’s office making allegations with very specific timelines and cases with certain individuals, so if these ” disgruntled ex-employees” were cherry picking facts to smear Reyna they’d have to have really done their homework to manufacture allegations, and one has to Remember that Jarret and Dillion are still with Reyna’s office and were interviewed for the FBI investigation and Jarret was acting as a CI for how long and still could be for all we know for the FBI.

    So while Reyna might wave his hand and claim that this is a smear campaign , the people that are making the allegations against him arent some run of the mill perp that is under indictment and that is going to pretty hard for Reyna to overcome and as much as Reyna would like to say “move along, nothing to see here” there is way too much smoke burning from the tire fire that Reyna’s office has become.

    While some may thin k Reyna is some diabolical genius legal mind, I dont think that is anywhere near the case, Reyna never practiced criminal law when he was in private practice with Johnson, it was Reyna’s family connections and donors that helped him get the D.A.’s job and let’s not forget there is plenty of scandal that has follow Reyna since he has gotten the D.A. job and this has continued on into the Twin Peaks case.

    Reyna’s political connections arent going to be able to get him out of the Twin Peaks mess and the FBI investigation by those who formerly worked for him and those who still do just shows an egotistical man with big dreams of moving up the political ladder and using his office to do so. There have been people with bigger political might and a helluva lot smarter than Reyna that have tumbled down off their perch because they thought that money and power would protect them from any misdeed they had done and still they fell and some never got back up and other got up off the grounds but have no where near the stature they once had.

    When a person starts to go power mad and starts rubbing those around them the wrong way, everyone will tolerate it for a while before they either walk out the door or strike back, and that is what we are seeing with former and present employees of the D.A.’s office and while Reyna can sit and issue statements proclaiming this and that and feign innocence and play the victim card it really just show how narcissistic the man is and how desperate he has become to hang onto to his job because it is the ONLY thing protecting him from the wolves that are scratching at the door licking their chops to get at their prey.

    There is no way politically or professionally Reyna survives from any of this. Twin Peaks will be Reyna’s downfall but it certainly wasnt the start of it because it started well before this but The Feds and the State have a perfect scapegoat to get out from under this mess and the rogue and corrupt prosecutor angle is writing itself as we watch it all unfold. Reyna will go down, how fast and how hard the fall will be is the question and who all accompanies him on the way down will have everyone running for cover

  25. Dasein Says:

    I think david has hit on why Reyna thinks it’s safe to play the fool: There’s such a large supporting cast, on all “sides”, they can’t get to him without getting everyone else. So far it’s worked, and hopefully this little Texas county is small enough to be taken down. On a national scale, I see a whole lotta “folks”in on the same shit, from many angles, making it hard to smack down that bitch in the middle. She’s got so much on so many that she probably really is “safe”. But Reyna is playing a much smaller game, below the threshold of safety in numbers. Hopefully, whoever gets him, will have the stomach to get the others as well, and live to pull it off. “Arkancide” is very well known, but “Texascide” hasn’t yet happened. If Reyna ever did/does make it to the Statehouse as Governor, he’s probably home free, and that’s what I think he’s been counting on. It’s looking bad though, for him and quite a few others. Either Justice will hold its nose and let this shit slide, or there’s going to be a huge socio/political explosion in that little corner of Texas. And it didn’t help Reyna to make several hundred lawyered up enemies, on top of his other problems. In the Waco arrests, Reyna sealed his own fate, one that a coked-out smart guy would’ve avoided, but a coked-out moron just couldn’t resist.

  26. tudo Says:

    If it’s the video embedded over at, I’d say that is less “twerking”, and more… uhm, two chubby men ass grinding. Whatever it is, it doesn’t appear to be Leviticus 18:22 compliant.

  27. Old & Jaded Says:

    And the smoke around Reyna continues to grow… I hope this affidavit makes the news. At some point the public has got to become fed up with this self serving charade that has needlessly harmed so many people. I can’t begin to imagine what this has cost the tax payers so far and there’s only been one trial.

    Forgive me if this information has already been published here but has Reyna ever acknowledged that the Feds are investigating him? Given the folks that have aired this publicly, seems odd that he’s still in his position. I guess unlike the majority of the Twin Peaks defendants, Reyna must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Ironic isn’t it?

  28. Freebird Says:

    @ RW

    I don’t think that ass clown could find his own ass with both hands….

  29. david Says:

    Scaramucci @ Point # 3: Jason Darling (appointed by who?) to prosecute the Jarvises is in the shit as deep as Un-Abel. AND, the unnamed Jarvis defense attorney in bed WITH the prosecution warning Brittany that if she did prosecute(outside of the criminal Reyna deal), she would have a “bad” relationship with the DA’s office.

    When the good is called and treated as bad, and vice versa, these lying attorneys have gone beyond ANY justifiable reason for holding office, and the people of the county need to grow a set, and throw them out.

  30. Gandalf Says:

    “He stated that Jason Darling was supposed to be appointed those cases and he had worked out an ‘informal’ probation for them because they were ‘good people’ and should not see the criminal justice system.” The powers that be (Reyna) decides who is “good” and who is “bad”. The “Good” never see the Criminal justice system and the “bad” get arrested whenever it fits the needs of the “good”. Corruption so deep even the Texas AGs office is involved. Sacrificing “bad” Bikers (fellow Texans) to get promotions and funds for the “good” people of Waco. It’s that simple.

  31. Iron Rider Says:

    @ rw

    What?? No way look at the guy who was grabbing pussy and is POTUS.

  32. Anonymouse Says:

    I find it astounding that someone with a microscopic dick can find so many ways to step on it, as appears to be the case with Reyna.

  33. Iron Rider Says:

    Imagine that Reyna and someone were fixing cases which would be a crime under the penal code. This is yet another person who had contact in Reyna’s office that was aware of cases fixing being done for friends and political contributors to Reyna.

    That old saying where there is smoke there is fire and there seems to be a hell of a wildfire burning ferociously behind Reyna. And much like with the Baylor scandal I wonder if we will see the same names keep popping up, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a little circle where it’s the old boys looking after the old boys and we already know 3 of the people in that little circle.

    That’s two different lawyers who had contact with Reyna that have alleged corruption, bribery and fixing criminal cases for supporters or good folk ~wink wink~

    Makes me glad I live no where near the cesspool that Waco is because man it seems if you are in Law Enforcement in any capacity you can break the law with impunity with no concern about trouble on the horizon.

    This is the problem you face when you have elected politically aligned people put in positions in various levels of law enforcement and political office.

    I wonder how the court will look at Reyna and Chavez meeting up at Chavez’s counsel’s office when they have a hearing coming forward to see who told the truth on the stand. If that isnt collusion I dont know what is and the fact that the defense isnt screaming bloody murder about it to the judge is astounding of course unless Broden has to the court and due to the gag order nothing can be said, Rebel any new on that subject?

  34. rw Says:

    If someone would just say Abel grabbed my ass maybe that would get him

  35. Austin Says:

    will you do the fandango?! Thunderbolts and lightning… Karma

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