Hells Angels Acquittals

December 4, 2017

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Hells Angels Acquittals

The long and winding saga of the Rockford Hells Angels who forcibly expelled former charter president Josh Johnson in late June 2013 may have finally found a conclusion.

Johnson, was expelled from the club because, as a defense attorney named Chris Humphrey put it last September, he “was no longer suitable to be a member of the Hells Angels.” He was unwilling to relinquish his symbols of club membership and other club property he had used to guarantee his membership in good standing so several members of the Rockford and Chicago charters took the symbols from him. Johnson had also taken his 11-year-old daughter to the meeting at the Rockford clubhouse at which his membership status was discussed. Two club prospects took the girl out for ice cream. That act was later described by prosecutors as “kidnapping,”

Charges were initially filed in the case against 14 defendants in July 2013. Seven of those original defendants pled guilty to lesser charges and were sentenced to two years probation. Charges against seven of the original defendants were refiled in December 2014. One of those cases was dismissed in March 2016. Another defendant’s case has been continued for years and seems likely to be dismissed.

Two members of the Chicago charter named Tomasz Lech and Jose P. Vielma Jr., were acquitted by a Rockford jury in September,

Today, three members of the Rockford charter named Christopher Lawson, John Savalick and Richard Todd were acquitted by Rockford Judge Joe McGraw.


5 Responses to “Hells Angels Acquittals”

  1. Hero Says:

    I am glad this case is over. It was an unreasonable filing to begin with. Hopefully those prospects are full patched now as they demonstrated great judgment in my opinion.

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    What sort of man brings a kid to Church when he knows he’s in trouble? Human Shields, not just in Goathumpastan any more. Respect and we’ll wishes to the 81 and all FTGF.

  3. deuce Says:

    The Fresno 81’s Toy Run is always a good time. I’ll miss it when we leave Cali next year. Good job, Fresno charter

  4. Va.Bob Says:

    I remember reading about a summons server(more than 35 years ago )bringing his daughter with him on his rounds.Real fucking macho.Like this Johnson dude.

  5. Iron Rider Says:

    I said before that the kidnapping charges were pure bullshit, the members who took the kid for ice cream did the right thing. Anyone know when you belong to an MC that when you leave bad, the club wants it’s property back and you’d be wise to hand it over.

    When someone wants to hang on to club property and they are out bad, they are just making things worse. No MC in their right mind is going to allow you to fly the MC colors when your NOT part of the MC any further, everyone knows this coming into the club and on the way out the door. There isn’t any mystery to it, it is that way for a reason, and if you dont like it, well that’s tough shit because you know the rule going in.

    I am glad to see the farce this prosecution was with acquittals coming down the pike, when guys are sentenced to probation you know the prosecution didn’t have much to work with in the first place.

    First off it was colossally stupid for that guy to bring their kid to the clubhouse when you know full well that the club wants its colors back, he fucking knew that but did it anyway I gather to use his kid as an excuse for nothing to do down with a meeting. Of course the brothers are going to look after the kid, what would anyone expect them to do? They did right by the MC and the out bad member and he should have recognized that instead of making shit up and crying to the cops, because like being out bad wasn’t making the guy look like an ass as it was.

    No one wants to lose their brothers and their club, but their are rules to being in the club and having those colors and consequences when you break the rules and everyone knows the rules, if you cant fucking abide by them stay the fuck out of the MC life, if you want to be in it then respect the rules while your in it and especially on the way out of it

    Congrats to the acquitted and lets hope more follow. Every charge a members beats, every charge an MC beats only makes us all more resilient because Law Enforcement will always be looking to knock us all down one man at a time, one chapter at a time, one MC at a time

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