Angels Case Update

November 28, 2017

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Angels Case Update

So far, three of the defendants in the racketeering case centered around the Sonoma charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club have been released.

Sonoma patch holder David Salvatore Diaz, III is free on a $ 100,000 bond. Sonoma members Jason Randall “Agro” Cliff and Brian Allen “Bucky” Burke are free on $150,000 bond. Sonoma member Damien David Cesena appears to be about to be released on a secured bond of $150,000.

Five other members of the motorcycle club, Brian Wayne Wendt of the Fresno charter, Christopher “Rain Man” Ranieri of the Salem, Massachusetts charter and Sonoma brothers Jonathan Joseph “Jon Jon” Nelson, Raymond Michael “Ray Ray” Foakes and Russell Taylor “Rusty” Ott remain in custody as does former club member Jeremy Daniel Greer. Sonoma charter member Russell Allen “J.R.” Lyles, Jr. has yet to learn of the accusations made against him and so he has not yet turned himself into authorities.

Eight days after the Federal Bureau of Investigation held a congratulatory press conference, almost all of the case remains sealed.


Yesterday Erick L. Guzman who is Cesena’s attorney filed a motion to compel discovery of the evidence against his client. “To date, defense counsel has received 0 (zero) pages of discovery in this case,” Guzman complains. Since motorcycle club investigations always involve multiple police agencies, Guzman demands that the evidence he seeks not be “limited to those items that the prosecutor knows of, but rather includes all discovery…that is in the custody, control, care, or knowledge of any ‘closely related investigative (or other) agencies.’”

Three categories of the evidence Guzman is looking for hint at the possible roots of this case:

“Agreements Between the Government and Witnesses. In this case, Mr. Cesena requests identification of any cooperating witnesses who have committed crimes, but were not charged, so that they may testify for the government in this case. Mr. Cesena also requests discovery regarding any express or implicit promise; understanding; offer of immunity; past, present, or future compensation; or any other kind of agreement or understanding, including any implicit understanding relating to criminal or civil income tax, forfeiture or fine liability between any prospective government witness and the government (federal, state and/or local). This request also ncludes any discussion with a potential witness about, or advice concerning, any contemplated prosecution, or any possible plea bargain, even if no bargain was made, or the advice not followed.”

“Informants and Cooperating Witnesses. Mr. Cesena requests disclosure of the names and addresses of all informants or cooperating witnesses used, or to be used, in this case, and in particular, disclosure of any informant who was a percipient witness in this case or otherwise participated in the crime charged against Mr. Cesena. The government must disclose the informant’s identity and location, as well as the existence of any other percipient witness unknown or unknowable to the defense. “

“Bias by Informants or Cooperating Witnesses. Mr. Cesena requests disclosure of any information indicating bias on the part of any informant or cooperating witness. Such information would include what, if any, inducements, favors, payments or threats were made to the witness to secure cooperation with the authorities.”

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9 Responses to “Angels Case Update”

  1. Tj Says:

    Locally, judge was ready to grant bail for ranieri back here in the east , but the San Francisco us da opposed it so he was not released, decision being appealed, held in Wyatt in rhode island

  2. Lexx Says:

    Thank you Rebel…. this sounds so familiar. I hope the defence gets all the discovery, unlike the Waco vs.

    Thanks iron rider for your words of wisdom

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    “When we do bad no one forgets, when we do good no one remembers” or in this case “when we are doing good the goons will bust us on the word of a rat trying to save his own ass”. The LEOs raided that ride for PR, to turn a good deed into a pile of shit. I hope most Americans can see through this shallow ruse. @ Iron Rider, well said. Best to the Red & White and to all FTGF.

  4. oldskewl Says:

    Rook Says:
    November 29, 2017 at 6:01 am

    That was released the same day they pulled off their BS stunt raiding a fundraiser for fire victims. As a longtime resident of the Sonoma Valley I can tell you it’s been decimated by the fires, biggest hit on this area in history.

  5. Dr G Says:

    I almost had to go into Rebel rehab got so use to reading Rebels writings on the Waco bs and with the holidays i didn’t get my daily Rebel fix and just as i was dialing the rehab phone number up pop’s a new writing whew that was close

  6. Paladin Says:

    …your going to go to your grave with no honor, no integrity surrounded only by those who are blood related to you and the only family who showed because they thought they had to.” And maybe not even them.

    Long may You Ride,


  7. James W Crawford Says:

    This is why I am with Groucho Marks.

    I would never belong to any club that would have me.

  8. Iron Rider Says:

    I have said this before and I will again it always amazes me that someone who is stupid enough to get caught doing a crime is willing to throw everyone under the bus because they dont have the ability to do the time for their crime because of a choice they made and was their own downfall.

    Nothing burns my ass more than those whose moral compass seems to deem self preservation as more important than standing up for their own failures and taking the punishment that comes with it but would rather take down those that they know or have friendships with and yes even their former brothers and throw them to the wolves because they wont do a nickel but aren’t too concerned that other will have to do a nickel because someone was intent on saving their own skin because they jammed themself up.

    Long ago a brother told me “You give nothing, they get nothing” and that your integrity defines who your and what type of a person you will be. This came from a brother who had been in the MC a long time already and was well respected inside and outside of the MC and to this day those words have stuck with me.

    There is nothing worse than someone who is willing to thrown everyone under the bus for their own stupidity and not only do they throw the immediate people under the bus but their families as well and even more so if they happened to be self employed or have their own business’s it has any even greater impact and it’s cowardice to do that to others.

    Once you rat everyone out your forever destined to be on the outside looking in and your never going to be able to look in the mirror and be happy knowing you ruined others lives because of your own stupidity and because you dont have the courage to do your own nickel your making others do time for your crimes is beyond cowardly and one day when your old and gray and close to leaving this earth, your going to go to your grave with no honor, no integrity surrounded only by those who are blood related to you and the only family who showed because they thought they had to.

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