Angels RICO Case Announced

November 20, 2017

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Angels RICO Case Announced

The details are still sparse, but the FBI in San Francisco has announced a racketeering indictment against 11 people “associated” with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Six of the indictees were arrested about noon Saturday when state, local and federal police, including an FBI Swat team, surrounded and disrupted the Red and White Sonoma County End of Summer Run as the pack was preparing to pull out of the Wagon Wheel Saloon in Santa Rosa. There was a simultaneous raid on a Santa Rosa home. The End of Summer Run is an annual, charitable event that had originally been scheduled for last month but was delayed because of a series of devastating fires in the Northern California wine country.

At the time, police refused to provide a reason for the raid. Police seized 10 motorcycles at the run.

Today, by way of Twitter, the FBI announced that the charges against the accused include murder, maiming, home invasion robbery, extortion and witness tampering. Suspects were also arrested in San Francisco, Boston and Fresno.

The maiming charge suggests a connection to a January 2014 indictment against members of the Salem Massachusetts charter of the Hells Angels.

Raymond “Ray Ray” Foakes, a former President of the Sonoma County charter is among the defendants.

As of Monday afternoon, an hour after the FBI tweets, the indictment remained sealed.


42 Responses to “Angels RICO Case Announced”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    @Agnarr, couple of suggestions if I may. One: forget packing your ol lady at least for several months. Give yourself time to re-aquire your solo skills before you take on responsibility for another. Two: find a beginners training program. Some local colleges and or dealerships offer them. Yes you will feel like a nub, so what? You are new again to the sport, take the class, well worth it. Buy a “training bike”. Don’t go drop umpteen grand on the bike of your dreams yet. You’ll be solo until your skills are back so get a bike that you won’t cry over when you drop it. You want to learn cruiser, not sport bike so maybe an old Honda Shadow or something similar. Third: the town you describe sounds a lot like my burg. Small Town means lots of back roads. Use them. Less traffic and more changing road conditions per mile than primary roads. You’ll re-aquire your “saddle sense” faster bombing the back roads. Finally, when riding use your imagination and be thinking several hundred yards ahead. “What’s over this next hill? Herd of cows in the road? Farm implement across the road? No more road?”. Anticipate the worse and prepare for it. Good luck and safe riding.

  2. Agnarr Says:

    Late Turkey day to all here.

    I’m Agnarr, known by almost everybody that way. Got the name from my time hanging with an European Middle-age Historical org. So I’m not affiliated with any group of riders.

    Anyway as Dutchboy, I.R and others have already said: Nothing beats actual time in the seat to learn and quicken ones response time. It’s something called muscle memory. I haven’t ridden in years, so much so that mine for all practical purposes is gone.

    For me to feel comfortable enough to be anywhere near a bike ‘big enough’ to take me and the wife anywhere.

    I would need to get a bigger style of bike then I’ve ever ridden. I say ‘big enough’ for me, is two-fold. One, is due to my size its not what it was when I was in the Army and riding So I would need a bigger style of bike for it to hold me and my Lady. And two it would need to be able to handle longer distances then just around town. We live in a small town and hardly nothing to in it. In fact I can drive from end to end in about 10 – 15 minutes, depending on Stop lights. But hey, it’s a good place to have raised a family in; and now we got the grandkids, so we’re not going anywhere.

    That goes back to a need for a ‘bigger bike’, for my needs. It unfortunately, would have to be one that there is no way for me to safely handle it. Not just starting out again.

    I used to own a ’86 Ninja when they first came out in 80’s, before that, I had a Honda 350 that was my father’s old bike when I was in High School. Other then that, I had a few dirt bikes growing up back in the 70″s. But that all went to the way-side when I met my wife and started having a family.

    So for me I know, I would have to restart the learning all over again. Besides, of first finding someone willing to let me on their bike so I can relearn almost everything.

    None of my friends own bikes; and the only bikers that I know in this area or have any sort of interaction with are ones that I do not really enjoy having to be around. That a Long Story and a topic, for another time. But back on point…

    Since my skills in bike riding have not been used in so many years. I would need to re-aquire the needed skills, and my muscle memory is now, for all purposes non-existent. And that leads to my point.

    That people forget that if you don’t use a skill even your muscle memory, it fades as well. Which is why you see a need to remind people that bikers are on the roads each Spring. It’s not just because bikers are now riding again and people have forgotten to look for them during the Winter months. But hopefully, in the back of the bikers mind to remind them that they also need to be aware that they are not just as sharp. Ones Awareness and reaction time will slacken over time, even in just a few months earlier. Its even worse if they haven’t been on the back of one for a while like me.

    We all got stories of bad spills, and accidents we’ve either seen or been in. Including me. I just don’t want to see another bad one.

    So ride while you can.

  3. Freebird Says:

    @ Stranger

    I hate to admit to myself but your view was mine for the last 10 years. I’m not saying its wrong in any way. What i will say is after watching a stacked deck Waco DA get knocked out. It makes me pause and think maybe there still is hope!

  4. Aanon Says:

    Frank, the point is the club didn’t follow him over the guy in the alleged attack. So the club is not responsible. Fucking yard duty

  5. steve Says:

    The stranger funny that plenty of people are still looking to join 1% mc.

  6. the stranger Says:

    Changing times. The culture that embraced the Angels in these parts has gone by the wayside. The USDAO will present the facts, which are apparently very detailed r.e. “informant”. If the defendants plea most of them will have a life to return to; some will never be free again. As much as we don’t like it the acts that were allegedly committed all fit RICO charges. Slam dunk for prosecution; next case.
    The world is changing rapidly. The biker culture is disappearing and the qualities that brought us together are getting dilluted. Get used to it boys. I ride alone so if something goes down it is for my own mistakes not anothers. Ride free and Love your friends. Happy Thanksgiving. This is still the best country in the world.

  7. Dutchboy Says:

    @Iron Rider, great advice. Motorcycles are MAGICAL, they make you INVISIBLE! Except to cops, to a cop you look like a six foot tall donut. Yea, seat time is the ONLY way to build the hardwired reactions you need when Granny Glaucoma takes a left hand turn or Debbie Distracted drifts into your lane. Thinking is slow and slow is dead. Good luck BW. Fair winds

  8. Bradley Ward Says:

    @Dutchboy, There was a very nice Street Bob that I almost bought, but it seemed better to pay cash. Less crying if I wreck it!

  9. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Bradley

    When the oldest boy started to ride this summer he got a chinese made cruiser style bike that we bought from a guy and his wife and this dude had it maintained at the dealer and it was in excellent shape.

    The boy wanted a used Harley, and I told him ride this for a while and lets see how you do before we find you something better. It only cost us 3k for this ride, so if anything happens to it, it’s cheap to fix and if he does well on it, then when the time is right we will find him a used harley and sell the chinese cruiser to help pay for the harley.

    I have seen yuppies that run out and spend 30k on a new Harley and only to put to have it go down and get trashed because they dont have enough seat time and some that just cant handle the higher cc bikes.

    Find a ride you can afford for now get some seat time and then move up as you can afford it. Main thing is to get out and ride and get used to a bike and get used to what it is like to ride in traffic and remembers always keep your eyes peeled and never assume anyone sees you, way to many assholes that seem to think bikes can stop on a dime when they cut in front of you. Ride safe!

  10. Dutchboy Says:

    @ Bradley, it isn’t what you ride but that you ride. Hope you find a Harley you like. If you have mechanical aptitude look for an older bike. I have a carbureted single cam Evo, best engine HD ever built.

  11. Dutchboy Says:

    @Frank, so ALL members of so-called OMGs should be tarred for the actions of a few? Under those rules should all police be tried for the crimes of Frank Coppola (1st Degree Murder)? Should the “Blue Gang” as a group pay for the murder of Emogene Thompson? Micheal Chapel, a police officer was convicted of her murder. There are police who are good and faithful servants of the people, should they pay for the crimes of the few scumbags with badges? How many dirty cops have we heard of? No where near as many as are actually bent. Should all LEOs be locked up because they “conspired” (knew or should have known, gave aid and comfort to, or were in some way associated with) with bent cops? Of course not. No person should be punished for the crimes (or supposed crimes) of another. Go to church Sunday and look at the congregation. If one of those fine upstanding members is a wife beater should YOU go to jail?

  12. Bradley Ward Says:

    Just for clarification, I’m talking specifically about Waco and the Feds taking of the Mongols’ logo. I don’t know much about this case yet.

  13. Bradley Ward Says:

    @Dutchboy I can attest to that. I don’t know why I feel drawn to fights such as these but I suppose it is because I have a righteous anger at abuses such as these. Having been bullied most of my childhood, I feel compelled to stand up against this sort of thing. Sometimes it seems like I go out of my way to court controversy!

    As a result, I have felt the desire to join (or at least hang around) a MC. Of course, I could only afford a V-Star and most want an “American made” bike. (I don’t have the heart to point out that H-D is owned by Kawasaki.) I might trade up to a Harley next year if the price is right.

  14. Dutchboy Says:

    @ Frank, “Wonton Cruelty and Violence” WCV, sounds like a government agency. Are you talking about burning women and children to death like in Waco One? Shooting a mother in the head while she holds her infant like at Ruby Ridge? How about shooting at least four and possibly many many more at Waco Two? Shall we talk about “experiments” carried out on unsuspecting AMERICAN CITIZENS that would have made Dr. Megillah laugh with Glee? In the twentieth century at least one hundred and fifty MILLION people were murdered by their own “Governments”. Ours is better than any other but still a long way from having clean hands.

  15. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Bradley Ward,

    Correction noted and valid.

    However; my point is that I have seen no evidence presented that would support the claim that members of OMCs commit homicids at a high rate, santioned by leadership or not. I suspect that most homicides committed by members of OMCs are fairly mundane domestic violence or other interpersonal disputes. I repeat my suggestion that Defense attorneys obtain copies of the FBI SHRs, (a 300+ page computer printout for recent years) and challenge the so called motor cycle gang experts to spend a few hours underlining (and providing supporting documentation) all of the murders that were allegedly committed by biker gangs. I suspect that the numbers would be rather trivial compared to the number of killings committed by gang members whose common characteristic is not an affinity for riding motorcycles but a physical appearance (skin pigmentation) that might indicate that they might be President Obama’s bastard son.

  16. Freebird Says:

    Damn Frank…..

    My first instinct is to pull my pistols…..

  17. Frank Says:

    Does anyone else recall the man used a walker to get around and after enduring unprovoked verbal taunts from an HA member that HA member ran him over with a pickup as he walked across the street?
    The gov’t doesn’t pull these charges out of their ass, OMGs are a target because they made themselves a target after almost 70 years of wanton violence and criminality.

  18. Freebird Says:

    @ Paladin

    Your spider web analogy is spot on! I wonder if the spider realizes there are four seasons? Come on winter we need you!

  19. Dutchboy Says:

    Another part of the LEO tactic, besides prosecution-as-punishment and bankrupting the clubs is to make membership seem unpalatable. “Why would anyone want to be in a OMG if they are being constantly harassed?” Thinks LEO to himself. They fail to recognize that there are MEN in this country that are DRAWN to the fight. Not all are ANTIFA-hide-my-face beta pussies. Would love to see the numbers but I suspect more QUALITY hang-arounds in the months following a LEO attack.

  20. Hero Says:

    @Iron Rider, you post is very well thought out. I think a large percentage of cases like this are aimed at wallets and will not stand in court. I am reminded of a case that resulted in one murder guilty plea of a Hells Angel in Mesa Arizona supposedly committed at the clubhouse. I don’t know all the facts but that thought just came to mind reading your post. Respect to you and yours

  21. Hero Says:

    @ Bradley, thank you very much. I will definitely try that.

  22. Steel Says:

    Have to wonder if part of the game plan of the feds isn’t to attempt to bankrupt MCs through constant litigation. Like the Mongols patch case. Feds keep losing but feds keep it going because it forces the Mongols to expend resources defending themselves. Same thing with this one. Weak case at best but could take a lot of time and money for HA to defend themselves against the feds harassment.



  23. Bradley Ward Says:

    @James, Correction: “commited by MEMBERS of OMGs” The Feds are trying to assert that these were sanctioned by leadership. They need to prove it.

  24. Bradley Ward Says:

    @Hero, are you posting from a mobile device? I find the same thing happens when I post from Chrome for Android. I have found that if I reorient sideways (landscape) that the button reappears.

  25. roame Says:

    Interesting article on RICO. Law as a Weapon: How RICO Subverts Liberty and the True Purpose of Law
    By William L. Anderson, Candice E. Jackson
    This article appeared in the Summer 2004 issue of The Independent Review

    violation of RICO does not require intent, recklessness, willfulness, or even knowledge on the part of the accused.
    This law was passed before most of us could vote. I always remind myself that ignorance of the law is not a defense. This one was written to make it easy for le to ‘protect and serve’. Having chapters across state lines seems to help them out too.

  26. Bcnasty Says:

    @ Paladin, you sir win the comment of the day.

  27. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Rebel, I am tired of these law’s that are in VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION.
    We have rights.

  28. Iron Rider Says:

    Okay well after reading some of the information from Rebel’s story and some from the L.A.Times it looks like shit the Feds cobbled together from different cases scattered over a 12 year period and thru them all into this indictment.

    Let’s look at the highlights:

    The associates are being charged for crimes that date back to the summer of 2007 :

    * Raymond “Ray Ray” Foakes, 54, allegedly helped carry out a mortgage fraud scheme to secure a home for a marijuana operation. Nine years later, Foakes allegedly sexually assaulted someone and threatened to harm the victim and the victim’s family if they reported the assault.

    * Brian Wendt, 40, Jonathan “Jon Jon” Nelson, 41, and Russell “Rusty” Ott, 64 — lured an unnamed victim to the Fresno clubhouse, where Wendt killed the person.

    * Damien Cesena, 36, and Jeremy Greer, 37, allegedly carried out a home invasion robbery in which they stole marijuana from an unnamed victim.

    WTF??? So they cobbled these four cases and mixed them in and decided to indict and lay RICO Charges? No offense but these cases dont look a whole lot better than the Twin Peaks cases?

    So Foakes is alleged to have went out and fraudulently obtained a mortgage and then used the very house that would have been in his name legally to run a grow up on behalf of the club is what the Feds are assuming? Does anyone else think that is a little bit of s stretch? First off if a full patch Hells Angels member was going to get into the grow up business I dont think he would go and put a grow op in a fucking house that he legally owned because that would be just asking to get your ass busted. Secondly if Foakes was going to do this anyone would say” dude having a grown op in a house YOU own is a bad idea, what were you thinking? Seriously, I doubt anyone who is going to run a grow up is going to do it in a house they own.

    Next you have the allegation that members or associates of the HA killed someone at the clubhouse. Seriously? If you have ever had the privilege to be invited into an MC club house you would see the great pride that is taken to make the clubhouse look neat and tidy and a place your proud to be at, the MC and it’s members take great pains to have the club house presentable and there are a lot of things that aren’t allowed in the club house and fucking murdering someone would be at the top of the list. The club house is treated with respect and doing a fucking murder there would be a sign of disrespect and the way Law Enforcement has been keeping an eye on MC’s does anyone think any MC would let someone get murdered at it’s premise when there is this much heat out there? Color me fucking more than skeptical on this as well.

    Now we have the allegation that HA members or associates went and did a home invasion to rip off some pot? Like seriously? Are they that hard up for pot in that area? Honestly I think if the HA wanted to get pot bad enough they sure wouldn’t go and do a drug house rip, that is more little gangbangers in the hood kind of thing and I doubt the club would think much of its members doing a drug rip hood style.

    Sorry but there is nothing so far that impresses me every much about all of this so called culmination of events that makes this RICO. Yes we all know the Feds love RICO but these cases are stretching it to make even basic criminal cases never mind adding RICO into the mix and spread out over this much time? Fuck off.

    This looks like the cops version of a bunch of whodunit’s they couldn’t solve so they busted someone whose an outsider or someone that knows this guy who happened to be taking a shit in the washroom shitter stall when they over heard two guys standing at the urinals talking about last nights SOA rerun and assumed all this big scary biker talk had to be the HA and thought score this is the best way to get rid of those charges I face for prostitution because I was sucking dick for crack money and I should run to the cops and tell them the info I have for them and want immunity from my prostitution charges.

    Wait? What has Christie been doing for money lately since his whole book and speaking tour didnt work out so well.

  29. Paladin Says:


    Of the ten bikes seized, I would guess that six of those bikes belonged to those arrested. The other four were probably impounded for expired registrations. Unless members of CARB’s enforcement division, of possibly the CHP were part of the raiding party, I would be surprised if any of the bikes were seized for pipe or emissions violations.


  30. Thump Says:

    Dicks had to do this shit on a charity run for the Norcal fire victims. No good deed goes unpunished.

    @Aanon Emissions rules suck. You have to smuggle pipes into Cali if you don’t want to run stock shit. But at least weed will be legal in 2018. Weird times.


  31. Hero Says:

    and this is a perfect example of drawing a members funds. Total b.s.

  32. Hero Says:

    I expect your right or fairly close. I think more MC members are killed by police than by other MC’s as proven in Waco. The tactic is something that’s been discussed in the comments here before the summer I think. The government blue print is incarcerate as many MC members as possible and bankrupt the rest. Lawyers dont work for free. In not sure but I think I read that Jake maybe retried and

  33. Hero Says:

    You hit the nail on the head. I don’t see the government going after international gangs, even in the wake of the border agent killed by rocks today, the focus has been on building a wall. Hello rocks can be thrown over a wall. With Trumps approval rating at an extreme low I see this as a desperate attempt for re-election.

  34. Aanon Says:

    I’d guess that it isn’t the amount of murders, crime, etc. It’s the fact that all of the pussies are scared of a biker, and as they are normal guys, ( don’t go bang the block and shit like that) that police feel it is easier. And since pussies are scared of bikers the pussies feel that police are justified and money’s spent justifiable. Casa de fruta, early 90s pretty sure during Hollister mom said stay away from those bikes. Told this big ol cat I like your bike. Sat me on it and another 10 before I finally made it to the truck. Never forget that. Best wishes to the A’s

  35. Aanon Says:

    Shitty shit indeed. Wonder if any of the bikes seized were due to mods on new smog bikes. Seen some bs on the local news that new cars nodded are getting hit and taken.

  36. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Hero:

    Interesting tactic given the common perception that OMCs are criminal gangs that habitually wage war against each other.

    I would still like to see an accounting or list of homicides committed by OMCs. I suspect that it would be about a dozen per year?

  37. steve Says:

    The case sticks there will be people going to jail till they have grey hair or are never getting out the charges they have layed on a serious.

    The perils of taking on the government.

  38. steve Says:

    They have layed on some serious charges pretty much life ending if they go down they better hope the feds don’t have a solid case or there will be some plea bargaining going on to avoid being in jail till there old enough to collect a pension.

  39. Gandalf Says:

    @ Hero; Trump said “International Gangs” will be targeted. It’s gonna get worse. They are pumping lots of $ into it. I, personally never believed any other “Gang” would be targeted more than a Headline or 2. Just the MCs. Just Batten down the Hatches and wait it out…. One day the Italian or Mexican Mafia will be back in play. 10,000 FBI agents chasing 6 ISIS members was getting old.

  40. Paladin Says:

    At the risk of stating the obvious; The government is a spider. If one doesn’t learn how to successfully operate within the open spaces of its web, one will be caught, then eaten.


  41. Hero Says:

    to bad the MC’s can not charge the government with the same.

    @Rebel for some reason I am limited to the about of words I can type before the submit comment button disappeares.

  42. Hero Says:

    So that’s what, four out of the big 5 on charges. Banditos MC, Mongols MC, Vagos MC, and now the Hells Angels MC. It appears that the governments approach of targeting one MC and then moving on to the next one after the cases are concluded has changed. Now its come after all of them at once so the MC’s can not offer help through finances and support of one another. The government all ways charges MC’s with conspiracy allegations,

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