Clendennen Lynching Further Delayed

November 20, 2017

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Clendennen Lynching Further Delayed

Retired judge Doug Shaver of Houston, who has been appointed to preside over the trial of former Scimitar Motorcycle Club member Matt Clendennen, aborted an attempt by Dallas attorney Clint Broden this morning to turn a pretrial hearing into a voir dire examination of McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna.

Most of the evidence surrounding the mass murder at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015 has been hidden or washed and spun dry since the event occurred. The hearing Broden wanted to have today would have been the most illuminative event in the case so far.

Broden intends to call Reyna as a witness at Clendennen’s trial to explain why Clendennen was arrested. Like most of the 154 indictees in the case, Clendennen’s guilt is completely theoretical and conjectural. There is no evidence that he broke any laws but Reyna insisted on his arrest anyway.

Unfair Advantage

This morning, Broden wanted the chance to impeach Reyna’s credibility and throw some mud at the prosecution. His legal argument was based on a 1985 Supreme Court decision in a case titled United States v. Bagley. In that case the high court ruled that defendants have aright to know any evidence that would impugn a witness.

Generally, you can’t libel someone in a court filing and it isn’t libel if you report that court filing. So by using careful phrasing Broden has been able to accuse Reyna of being a crooked, greedy, degenerate drug addict who may have arrested 177 mostly innocent people because his brain was fried or because he made a deal with the FBI or because aliens had turned him into a zombie. Also Reyna is both a government official and a public figure. So everything in those last two sentences is completely libel proof including the part about “the elected District Attorney of McLennan County” “being a crooked, greedy, degenerate drug addict.”

Don’t you love the First Amendment?

This morning Broden intended to call assistant district attorneys Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon; former Reyna assistant Julissa West; an FBI agent named Dan Brust; a former assistant district attorney named Greg Davis; a “local attorney” who would have testified “that Reyna was delivered cocaine in the period around his actions in relation to the Twin Peaks case;” and others. In a motion to quash filed late last Friday, Reyna argued that attempting to compel the district attorneys to testify would be an illegal deposition that would give Clendennen an unfair advantage in defending himself.

Shaver And Reyna

Shaver agreed with Reyna and the only subpoenaed witness who actually testified this morning was West. She only testified until Shaver told her to shut up and leave.

Both Reyna and 54th District Judge Matt Johnson have disqualified themselves from the Clendennen case: Reyna because he testified in a hearing in the case and Johnson because he used to be Reyna’s law partner. Shaver has replaced Johnson and he has now named four special prosecutors, Brian M. Roberts, Brian Benken, Feroz Merchant and Mindy Miller, to replace Reyna.

Broden told Shaver he was ready to go to trial today because there was no evidence to prove his client guilty. The judge laughed at the notion of rushing into a trial a mere 919 days after the alleged offense.

Clendennen’s next pretrial hearing will be March 5, 2018. He may now go to trial as early as next May. Or maybe the May after that. Probably, the way it looks now, by at least May 2020. Or so.


25 Responses to “Clendennen Lynching Further Delayed”

  1. Mike Smith Says:

    I would like to see the text messages and emails between the LEO’s in the days/hours BEFORE the atrocity took place.

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    Why am I not surprised to find another corrupt, ignorant, moronic, air-wasting judge sitting?

    Fuck you Shaver. Go test the warning label on a plastic bag, you air-wasting lump of shit in skin.

  3. Freebird Says:

    Stumbled across this and thought how profound?

    Joseph de Maistre 1 April 1753 – 26 February 1821

    False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.

    Will the school children in Waco at some point in the future be reading this by Maistre and think to themselves this happen in my town not so long ago, how is that possible…..

  4. rw Says:

    It appears that some of the news media in waco are reporting on these allegations and not ignoring them as the DA would probably prefer

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Jarret was a Big part of a big case. That’s a reward. Why did Reyna reward Jarret by giving Him so big a part in so big a case? It doesn’t make sense that Jarret ratted on Reyna but we know He did by Davis’s statement. So why did Reyna let Jarret be such a big part of Jakes case? Why? Because Jarret and Reyna are equal partners in the “Set up”. Dillon got a reward too. Why did Reyna allow Jarret and Dillon to both have a part in Jakes case? Wasn’t it both of them who supported Davis’s complaint?

  6. Gandalf Says:

    OH… And not just the Cell Phones. They also want the Video of the fight and the News Medias PR version was pre arranged. The Cossacks were then encouraged to “attend” the Meeting and fight the Bandits. Big O was told the Bandits were going down and The Cossacks will be able to take over Texas. 1- Because they beat the crap out of the Bandits at TPs for all to see. 2- The Bandits will be in Jail and bankrupt. Nobody would want to be a Bandit anymore. Everyone would fear The Cossacks.
    The Trials were always supposed to come before the RICO Trial… but it was supposed to be assault trials, not the mess it is. The Feds made a deal with 2 idiots that day. 1- The Cossacks jumped the gun, wore bullet proof vests, sent Text messages about bear traps and armed themselves beforehand. Then attacked the Bandits obviously and too soon. (“It started in the Bathroom”) Of course the Cossack phones were never supposed to be confiscated and they were not supposed to even be arrested. (“They were not from here”) 2- Then Reyna dropped the ball by not convicting Jake.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    So the scenario is this: Operation Texas rocker is stuck in the mudd. Davis and Jarret make the complaint against Reyna. Davis quits. The COC&I announce the Waco meet. The Feds bring in Jarret and Reyna and discuss allowing the fight, arresting the Bandits and getting the Cell Phones. They give Jarret a cell phone to communicate about the upcoming TP meeting. Reyna knows Jarret has the phone but also knows if He plays ball the Davis complaint will go away. Jarret agrees not to support Davis’s complaint. Reyna convinces the Waco Chief of Police to take a vacation because the 2nd in command will arrest the Bandits as ordered.
    Note: Jarret was way to involved at the convention Center. Reyna made the call but Jarret was knee deep in that decision. Everyone asks why was Reyna so involved in the decision to arrest… I’m asking why was Jarret so involved? And why doesn’t Reyna seem upset that His 2nd in command turned on Him?

  8. Gandalf Says:

    @ Iron Rider; Assuming The Feds wanted the Bandits more than Reyna my Questions would be about the Timeline of that Davis Complaint, The Start of Op Texas rocker, The Cell Phone delivery, and The day the COC&I announced the Waco meeting. I’m still thinking the Feds simply disregarded The Davis complaint, incorporated Jarret and made a deal with Reyna. I’d like to know if Jarretts covert cell phone was used while at the convention center. I’m thinking the Feds wanted ALL the Bandits/COC&I cell phones for Texas rocker and the only way to get them was by arresting ALL of them. They didn’t want to arrest the Cossacks but had to.

  9. Mark Says:

    @ david

    You hit the nail on the head, man. Shaver, is not going to stand for justice but is going to be all about the Establishment where his retirement check is mailed from. Which is his only loylity to, at this time in his life, that check mailing establishment. From the story of the courtroom events, Shaver comes off as a condescending wise guy that is full of himself.
    Why is it that all the tax feeder lawyers that are connected to Twin Peaks in anyway, have no respect to their oath, to uphold the Constitution?

  10. Dutchboy Says:

    “Justice delayed is justice denied.” William Gladstone. Why are most profitable crimes illegal? Because the Government hates competition.

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    The other thing I forgot to mention is since Broden is chasing the cellphone records for the phone Jarret was using to communicate with his FBI handler it ought to reveal just how long and indepth the investigation of Reyna has been.

    Remember that Davis and Jarret first went to the Texas DPS with their concerns about Reyna which begs the question did the Texas DPS do their own investigation or did they decide this was something that they ought to bring to the Attention of the Texas State Attorney General that one of his District Attorneys was being accused of misuse of his office by two of the people under his command and launched either their own investigation or did the Texas State Attorney General bring in the FBI out of prudence.

    If the Texas DPS command brought the concerns about Reyna forward to the Texas State Attorney General and the Texas State Attorney General brought in the FBI, just how long has the Texas State AG known about the allegations of Reyna misusing his office?

    Think about this, Greg Davis Resigned his job back just before August 2014 with the McLennan County District Attorneys office. Jarret took over Davis’s job around the first week of August 2014 as Reyna’s second in command. The Twin Peaks shooting happened in may of 2015, this would have been while the Texas State Attorney General was aware of the allegations made by Davis and Jarret about Reyna and while Reyna was possibly under investigation by the FBI.

    So the Texas State AG let Reyna be in charge of the McLennan County D.A.’s office knowing there were allegations that Reyna was misusing his office and powers as District Attorney in several instances that have been alleged and in one of the biggest investigations to fall to Reyna’s office and thought it was a good idea to not have Reyna step aside even more so after Reyna had gone with Jarret and personally inserted themselves into an active ongoing crime scene and basically took over and dictated how and what should transpire and how the police should set aside how they were going to investigate things and follow Reyna;s commands?

    One would have to assume that the Reyna investigation is still active since the FBI have not confirmed the investigation was terminated and the Texas State AG has not confirmed or denied an investigation of Reyna by themselves or the FBI. How does the Texas State let a D.A. under its command to continue prosecuting cases and making decisions on prosecutions when he has been accused of misconduct in deciding who should and shouldn’t be prosecuting for political and personal purposes? Even more so when the allegations are made by subordinates under that very D.A.???

    If Jarret was feeding information for the FBI back after august of 2014 thru his secret cellphone and taking notes of everything to document it for future use, I’d like to know how long was Jarret a CI for the FBI and was Jarret parroting information about the Twin Peaks incident to the FBI about Reyna discussing how indicting defendants at Twin Peaks would be good for his political capital to move up the ladder? Think about it Twin Peaks was not even 10 months later and Davis and Jarret took their concerns to the Texas DPS before Davis left the D.A.’s office before August 2014 as Jarret took over Davis’s job in August 2014, so there is a very real possibility that Reyna was under investigation when Twin Peaks occurred and he and Jarret went and inserted themselves into the investigation at the scene in Waco that day.

    Remember Reyna picked the Waco PD Detective to head the Grand Jury that indicted all the bikers from Twin Peaks and anyone else that was there. We are aware of allegation being made that Reyna thought that indicting everyone at Twin Peaks would be good for his political capital and move him along to bigger and better things, but Reyna picking a WACO PD detective to head the grand jury that would be indicting the bikers sure make it look like collusion to make sure everyone he brought to the grand jury would get an indictment against them and if Reyna was still under investigation at this time then Reyna must have mentioned his plan to have the detective sit as the head of the grand jury and that they would speed thru the indictment process to get all indicted. If Reyna did mention his plan to Jarret sure as shit Jarret would have told this and made not of it with his FBI handler.

    If that above proves to be true how the fuck does the Texas State AG still manage to let any Twin Peaks indictments stand knowing that Reyna was under investigation and if Jarret was relaying Reyna’s decision making to the FBI there is no way in my mind that the Texas State AG wasn’t getting briefed on it all. IMHO there is now way Reyna should have been allowed to be in charge of any decision on prosecutions when he was under investigation for abusing his prosecutorial discretion and shouldn’t have been in a position of authority let allowed to try any cases period.

    There needs to be a lot more digging into who knew what and when and why Reyna was allowed to run amok since being under investigation that could be as early as Sept 2014 and how he has been allowed to continue on in his role as McLennan County DA with the allegations of abusing his prosecutorial powers by those under his command

  12. Iron Rider Says:

    So Shaver shut Broden down. let another lawyer who works for Reyna and was in the gallery watching object and Shaver then decides to shutdown Broden’s questioning by kicking the witness off the stand and will not allow Broden to enter anything on the court record? Did this happen in Waco, must have because that seems to be how Judges handle cases in Waco.

    While Shaver may have shut this down, I dont think this will be the end of Broden’s inquiry, yes Shaver quashed the subpoena’s but I still don’t see the reason why unless it is due to an active FBI investigation but I would think a Federal Prosecutor would have had to ask for those to be quashed due to an ongoing federal investigation, that would make sense, but I’d love to know the legal reasoning behind Shaver’s quashing of Broden’s subpoena.

    I don’t think anyone is at all surprised that the appointed lawyers that are going to hear Clendennen’s case are not ready to go to trial They were appointed not long ago, so Shaver allowing more time was justified and if the four assigned truly have two million documents to go thru that will take time and let’s be honest here Reyna and Co had two years to prepare and they still fucked up Carrizal’s trial and still managed to make the D.A.’s office look incompetent.

    While I am sure Clendennen and Broden would like to get this over with hopefully the assigned lawyers will dismiss the case much like they should do to 98% of these cases. Reyna and Co still are going to get booted from other cases after all the shit that came out in Carrizal’s case, there is way too much dirt to have them have any involvement in Twin Peaks cases.

    Just because Broden quashed the subpoena’s for now for Reyna and Co I dont expect Broden to just let it be and other defense counsel are going to attack that angle as well IMHO but I think Broden will appeal this because Shaver just plain seemed like he wasn’t interested in hearing anything other than his wife saying lunch was ready, no where in Rebel’s story did we read why Shaver decided to shut Broden down as in what legal reason and the fact that Shaver was not letting Broden put squat on the record in my eyes means Broden will probably appeal.

    If all they have on Clendennen was him ducking for cover and running and this was supposed to be the second home run win case for Reyna and Co after the Carrizal case, well kids shit isnt going to get much better for the prosecution case wise with the other defendants.

    Interesting to see what Broden’s next movie as well as what Gotro will do with everything that came out at Carrizal’s trial. As I said before shit is still going to get pretty interesting.

  13. david Says:

    Question. Who appointed POS Shaver? A “retired” judge pulled out of retirement cannot possibly act in the accused interest, but only in the interest of the person appointing the POS. Even IF shaver was elected prior to “retirement”, he ain’t elected NOW.

    Clendennen’s right to have an elected judge preside in all hearings relative to his charges just got trampled, denied and violated by whoever appointed Shaver, and by Shaver himself.

    Because of the dishonest, conscienceless, monkey-shit which proceeded out of Shaver’s mouth, To all the people of the state and county –

    Albert Camus – “It is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.”

  14. James Crawford Says:


    Did Renya have a serving of cocaine delivered to the judge prior to the hearing?

  15. racer x Says:

    we had a local judge who least on the streets..was a known cokehead.
    eventually it came out that he was taking the drugs from secure evidence lockers substituting baking soda in its place,it went straight from those lockers to the incinerator.
    Reyna,Johnson..all of them are in cahoots and need to pay for what has been done to these people and their families.
    oh and the judge when he finally got caught received a slap on the wrist and although no longer in office he still walks the streets.
    this whole system is fucked..hope this case takes down all these crooked assholes who masquerade as public servants.

  16. Filburt Says:

    WTP must rise up against this evil.

  17. Thump Says:

    Hey Rebel,
    Thanks for what you do. I always enjoy your coverage and your books and I send green paper your way when I can.

    The Sonoma County 81 end of summer run got raided Saturday by FBI and local cops. Any word on what the pork is up to? I heard they were at the Wagon Wheel stealing bikes.


  18. Gandalf Says:

    @ JJ ; Reyna is the J Edgar Hoover of Waco. He has the dirt ON EVERYONE!

  19. Roswell Says:

    It is inconceivable that our justice system is this corrupt (or it would be if we weren’t watching this play out in real time).
    Making these people testify would give the defendant and unfair advantage? Isn’t the defendant supposed to have the advantage of being presumed innocent?
    All of the people listed that he wanted to testify are either officers of the court or officers of the law and they can’t be called and trusted to tell the truth?

    The police state is alive and well and the depths of its entrenchment are becoming clearer by the day as this farce continues.

  20. Freebird Says:

    The face of the real organized crime family…. I have no idea how these son of a bitches sleep at night! They make the mob look like the Red Cross.

  21. Jim Jones Says:

    I have always heard, to be successful, it’s not who you know, nor what you know, but what you know on who! I would certainly like to know who “Reyna” has the goods on, and just what he has.

  22. Zeke Says:

    A mere 919 days – some people have no patience

  23. oldskewl Says:

    The damage Ryna has caused will never be forgotten. They may cover it up for a bit longer but it will eventually come back to bite him.

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