Reyna’s Motion And Jarrett’s Book

November 18, 2017

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Reyna's Motion And Jarrett's Book

At eight minutes after four yesterday afternoon, McLennan County, Texas District Attorney Abelino Reyna filed a motion to quash a hearing Monday at which he and three other members of his office – Michael Jarrett, Amanda Dillon and Heather Nering – have been subpoenaed to appear.

The hearing was scheduled because Dallas Attorney Clint Broden intends to call Reyna as a witness in the trial of his client, former Scimitar Motorcycle Club member Matthew Clendennen. Broden thinks Reyna’s testimony may be impeachable.

The Scimitars are a support club for the Cossacks Motorcycle Club.

On May 17, 2015 Cossacks crashed a meeting of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco and took all the seats and most of the parking spaces. Cossack leaders deliberately left a small group of parking spaces vacant in front of the restaurant as a trap. When members of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club tried to park there they were surrounded and attacked by Cossacks.

State Sponsored Mass Murder

Police knew the ambush was going to occur and two undercover Texas Department of Public Safety agents, dressed as Cossacks, were inside the Twin Peaks when the ambush was sprung. Provably, police encouraged the Cossacks to crash the event. The Bandidos were the target of an ongoing federal investigation at the time and the point of the ambush was to create and video-record Bandidos committing criminal predicate acts for the racketeering case the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Agency, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Texas DPS was trying to build against that club.

The actual execution of this Byzantine plot was left to Waco police and local DPS agents and so it was extraordinarily half-assed. Nine men died and another 18 were wounded. The tragedy caught the imagination of the world’s migrating press and the resulting publicity sent waves of panic through officials at multiple levels of government.

At the same time the FBI, ATF, DEA and DPS were desperately trying to catch the Bandidos doing something flagrantly criminal, other FBI agents and possibly other DEA agents were investigating Reyna for official corruption and an incident in which he appears to have had a large amount of cocaine evidence delivered to his official office. From one, official point of view, the confluence of all these threads appear in hindsight to have been serendipitous.


Reyna personally assisted in the investigation of the crime scene. And about eight hours after the shooting stopped, Reyna ordered that 177 mostly innocent people be arrested for participating in an organized criminal conspiracy. That is what Sigmund Freud would have called projection.

Most of what the national and world press published for the rest of the Twin Peaks Mass Murder news cycle were blatant and misleading lies intended to, as everything about the incident was intended, to buttress the racketeering case against the Bandidos. Instead of reporting about one of the worst cases of official corruption in America since the Civil Rights Era, virtually all journalists reported that the Twin Peaks Mass Murder was a real life episode of an absurd television program about bikers called Sons of Anarchy.

Clendennen was one the of Twin Peaks witnesses who was unjustly arrested and accused. There is zero proof that he committed or had foreknowledge of any crime and there is a mountain of proof that Reyna and others repeatedly disregarded his constitutional rights. Broden has been digging into the case for more than 30 months and Reyna and other members of what can reasonably be described as the “McClennan County Courthouse Gang” have been trying to frustrate him at every turn. The motion Reyna filed just before the close of business yesterday in just his latest machination.

Broden Talks Back

In his response to Reyna’s motion to quash Broden writes “Abelino Reyna cannot handle the truth.”

Broden argues that “Reyna’s political opportunism was so egregious that” Assistant District Attorneys Greg Davis and Michael Jarrett “took their concerns to both the Texas Rangers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

“Numerous witnesses can confirm the FBI investigation,” Broden writes.

“If evidence of his political opportunism is all ‘100% false,’ ‘fake news’ and a ‘lie,’” Broden asked, “why is Reyna now, at the eleventh hour, trying to quash the subpoenas of his employees and even trying to quash a hearing without any standing to attempt do so?”

Broden’s motion runs over with details about life in the McClennan County Courthouse Gang. Like:

Bikers According To Jarrett

“Jarrett used a phone other than his regular phone to communicate with (FBI) Agent Brust because he was fearful of Reyna checking his main phone in a fit of paranoia.” “Jarrett has routinely used a pocket recorder to record conversations with Reyna.” “Jarrett has mentioned writing a book about his Twin Peaks experience and has maintained a personal diary describing the case.” “Jarrett took possession of copies of the documents that he and Davis collected and provided to the FBI regarding examples of Reyna’s political opportunism.”

“Dillon could testify to her meeting(s) with federal authorities and her assistance to Agent Brust in providing case information for cases where the FBI believed Reyna acted with political opportunism.” “Dillon could testify that Jarrett has bragged about writing a book on the Twin Peaks’ incident and keeping a diary regarding the incident.” “Dillon can identify witnesses who can provide evidence that Reyna’s presence at the Twin Peaks scene was unwanted by law enforcement and that Reyna talked about how the arrests would make him Attorney General or Governor.” “Dillon could testify to statements from Reyna that Mr. Clendennen was indicted because Reyna did not like his lawyer.”

As of 2:19 p.m. Pacific Time Saturday, Broden’s hearing is still scheduled for Monday at 9 a.m. Central Time.


42 Responses to “Reyna’s Motion And Jarrett’s Book”

  1. Freebird Says:

    Wanted to send out a big shout out to Abelino “Abel” Reyna on Black Friday!

  2. Mark Says:

    Here’s where it’s an injustice to not allow this man to have a rightful speedy trial that he’s been repeatedly requesting. On bail for a felony he has his Constitutional Rights put on hold, he can’t vote, own a firearm to hunt or protect himself and his family in his own home. Can’t travel, no passport. His life is on hold while people play games that directly violate his Civil Rights. To all these lawyers on the government payroll, the U. S. Constitution is just as Bush described it, “just a G D piece of paper”.

  3. david Says:

    At Mark, i stand corrected. Chaves the Pig, not the Chief of Waco Pigs.

    Question: When are the defense attorneys going to file a “Motion To Dismiss” based on the fact Chaves will not be available to be questioned in ANY proceedings, or have some filed one already on the issue?

    It’s witness exclusion/tampering by criminal Reyna with no conscience.

  4. Bradley Ward Says:

    @rojas, So much for Clendennan’s right to a speedy trial. After all, it’s only been 30 months. What’s another 6, right?

    I’m sure Broden won’t take this sitting down!

  5. rojas Says:

    Looks like Shaver quashed subpoenas, invalidated others and shut the hearing down with first witness on the stand.

    Pushed Matt’s trial date out to follow Jakes retrial.

  6. Jim Jones Says:

    Well, that Hearing went down so quickly, I don’t even think it had time to circle the drain on the way down. I am starting to believe “Reyna” has dirty pictures of someone.

  7. Mark Says:

    @ David

    It’s Chaves the dick that is out of the country that is part of the issue with Reyna and what was or was not discussed before Chaves signed the warrants to arrest everyone. And Chaves has 2 cell phones if I remember correctly and he took both of them with him out of the country. If he’s still gone, it may seem that he has money to burn in parasites.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    It’s not real smart to try and railroad the Conductor…. He might just steer that Locomotive right into the Courthouse. Just Sayin.

  9. Kenny1%er Says:

    This lawyer seems to have the idiots who let this happen on the run. I know somdsy this hass got to make cnn or msnbc msybe even fox. But this story is fucked. Now with the first case a misttial that should help the defence!!! I cant wait. What comes around goes around and they tried to kill Dallas Bandits or let them fight their way out into a life sentence. Ive saw a predicated act be smoking a rolled cigortheysaid joint!! So this type of shit has been building. Now the Mongol mc case reopened… Come on fellows we better get over our past problems or we wont have a future. Its all bikers who wear patches that this is gonna fuck. Thanks Rebel for your service.

  10. david Says:

    @ Mark, 4:42, with respect.
    The Chief of Waco pigs was allegedly “out of town” when Criminal Cartel Head Reyna was arresting 200 at TP.

    The Waco Pig Chief is now, allegedly “out of the country” in Malaysia. Whether he was in Waco when TP went down, or NOT, he IS a prime gov. witness, his phone calls to Reyna included, and that fact ALONE, in and by itself, is a lawful reason to dismiss and which EVERY DEFENSE ATTORNEY for the accused KNOWS and should have ALREADY filed a Motion To Dismiss the BS charges, for lack of evidence.

    Pig Chief Stroman IS a very important, necessary gov. WITNESS the gov. needs PRESENT to prove its case.

    Without his ass in court, the gov. DOES NOT HAVE a suit. The lack of ANY defense attorneys filing a Motion To Dismiss for lack of evidence(Stromans inability to testify), again shows attorneys can not be trusted.

    And it ain’t like he would leave the country without his phone.The entire Bull-Shit
    legal proceedings are provably unlawful, and no one has the balls to ram the facts home.

  11. Rojas Says:

    @ Todo

    One might observe that journalism has taken quite a shift in Waco since William Cowper Brann got back shot on the streets of Six Shooter Junction. A fearless critic of the power structure, Brann once noted, “I have nothing against the Baptists. I just believe they were not held under long enough”. Brann was the owner, editor of the Iconoclast. I note without irony, rebel is a synonym of iconoclast.

    Why did ol’ Bill Whitaker murder all those words while tip toeing around the obvious?

  12. Bbally Says:

    Weep Rolling Rebel … Appreciate your work on this ….

    Reyna in lock up would be perfect

    Also a group of Cossacks going up on real racketeering charges would be acceptable.

  13. Mark Says:

    @ fat fingers

    If you type in your message and once you like that message, then type in your personal info at the top. The message can’t be sent before you’re ready. Been there done that.

  14. Mark Says:

    I’m going to take it that Rebel, has sound information from trusted places. Being said my 2 cents gives me some thoughts. The feds can do whatever the hell they like because the DOJ is the largest law firm in the world, pretty much a sound fact. The federal agencies that are involved in Twin Peaks and the set up, very likely have some scapegoats in mind if things start spinning out of control more than they like. All of this could very well graduate to the federal courts where they can handle it. Don’t believe for one second that players in the FBI, ATF, DEA will be hung out to dry, ain’t going to happen. The Texas AG fully understands this and he’s not going to get involved, this thing is too far sideways and will only damage him and whomever he wants to drag into it from his office. People will resign first or be part of a deal with the feds to move it over to them, on the federal level. Remember that hooker that claimed rape at Duke I believe it was Duke, way back how many years or so ago. The DA in that matter lost his law license, pension and all kinds of bad shit got dumpped on him. There was no way out but to scapegoat him and correctly so. There is no way that Rayna would think for one second of blowing the whistle on Texas state cops, and any federal level of LE. This thing has the smell of having gone sideways, too far out of control and shut down so that it’s out of the news and the public forgets, it’s history if that happens. Look at what just happen in Las Vegas, it’s out of the news and is becoming a, Conspiracy Theory. The cops killed the shooter and thats the end of it. It goes away.
    Bottom line: this matter will likely be put to an end and if a scapegoat is needed, I’m sure it’s not going to be hard to figure out who. A dumb shit DA on a power trip, as the media will be saying. He shuts up and takes the fall, and all his criminal shit goes away It has to be real bitch being a monkey on a chain as your master cranks out music. As the story line will be, he ruined all the cases so no government lawyer can take any of them to court. (Sound like Commey on Hillary?)
    One thing to add, this whole Twin Peaks matter has one thing to it that is dangerous to any state’s lawyer. The defendents can honestly take the stand and tell their side of the story. They can’t be tripped up, because all they have to do is stick to the truth. As more and more of them go to court, they too can come back and testify at other trials. Any CI’s could be very threatening on the stand, with the background on Twin Peaks and the ambush. Don’t think the government attorneys don’t know that and more.
    As far as Rayna trying to duck out of the court hearing as reported. He’s going to milk things with paperwork at every turn. Rayna was banking on, proof without truth. Big mistake.

  15. BMW Says:

    Sounds to me like Brodan has uncovered the REAL truth about gangs in Whaco: the incredibly corrupt dystopia promulgated by the Reyna Courthouse Gang and their gunmen. How many Whaco P.D. corruption scandals have there been to date? I tried to count them, but with the Baylor scandals, the massacre of the Branch Davidians and assorted real estate scandals, I kept finding more and more every time I hit the Internet to check!


  16. david Says:

    Maybe Jarrett’s book title should be, ” My Life In Crime “, based on Gotro’s statement in open court.

  17. Freebird Says:

    Oh hes having fun…. tossed me a basketball and with my corked bat i jacked that bad boy into the parking lot!

  18. Neuro Says:

    Oy Vey !

  19. Dasein Says:

    Rebel: Freebird seems to be replying to Todo’s earlier post with the Trib article. But maybe you’re just having fun.

  20. Freebird Says:

    What an end to a great book…. the future survival of our country is in the hands of 1%. Fuckin David & Goliath on steroids!

  21. Freebird Says:

    @ Rebel

    You Sir are the 1%!

  22. James W Crawford Says:


    Still hoping for a phone call from you. My situation is continuing to evolve. I might be making the national news soon.

  23. david Says:

    The Reyna Criminal Cartel self-destructed long before TP. Felony bribery and obstruction of justice as its primary M.O.(not “political opportunism” as Broden wrote), nolle pros decisions for his friends “campaign donations”, and potentially reduced sentences for perjured testimony in his many case wins when proved, are taking the criminal down.

    Even the out of country removal of the Waco pig chief did not,could not, guarantee Reyna’s complete fall.

    Any attempt at damage control will fail for a number of reasons. One being the money game. The County Commissioners, if THEY wish re-election, will stop giving Un-Abel any more millions of the TAXPAYERS money due to his complete incompetence.

  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear Freebird,

    What did you just say to me?


  25. Freebird Says:

    @ Todo

    I myself have found it easy to judge the media since 99% of them are political whores. I have to believe this article is the result of leaving the bar at 2am with a really hot chick and finding out that hot chick has a really big dick!

  26. Gandalf Says:

    See, The thing is… Reyna can’t use Cambridge Analytica for a Trial. To profile Jurors. He can’t use Taxpayer $ for it either. But He can use them for the Election. To profile “Voters”… Then use that info to stack the Jury. CA is a POWERFUL TOOL. The Bandits might do well to use it if they can. Back Reyna’s opponent by giving Him/Her the $ to do the “research.” Then use it themselves when it’s time to pick a Jury. Allow ALL the Defense Attorneys to use the info.

  27. Gandalf Says:

    Another thing. I don’t believe these guys are done by a long shot. If the R Primary is in March and Jakes Trial in April they may be planning a PR Blitz starting Jan. It’s possible Reyna gets a lot of $ from sources outside Waco. Use that $ to “Humanize” Himself and attack the Bandits….again. It would go a long way in jury polluting. Jake (and all Bandits) should watch closely for any kind of set up. The “see, I told you so” approach. The Feds (and Reyna) could use Cambridge Analytica this time and target Waco. For Reyna and against the Bandits. Next time Reyna&Co are not going to be as conservative and instead of putting just a few of their own on the Jury put all 12. It could get very ugly around Feb and March. Huge $ could roll in for Reyna’s re-election and the Bandits demise.

  28. Gandalf Says:

    @ IRider. I don’t think that… I’m just throwing out a “what if”. Jarret was knee deep in that Convention Center BS. I’m sure it’s just more “Shit” that don’t stick. That Phone could have come in real handy at the convention center for collusion with the Feds. Imagine if it showed a lot of Com traffic just before and after TPs? Maybe Broden wants to see it just to make sure.

  29. Iron Rider Says:

    @ rojas

    I think what we are seeing is the Deny, Deflect Delay strategy being employed by Reyna. His response doesn’t really say this or that only a blanket benign statement how this is just a fishing expedition to embarrass him and hinder his offices prosecution of Twin Peaks cases bla bla bla.

    I doubt that is going to be highly effect in warding off Broden’s attack, much like Reyna’s bad ass lawyering in the Crrizal case, there isn’t anything in that answer that is noteworthy

  30. Iron Rider Says:


  31. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Gandlaf

    I doubt Reyna was in on the FBI things at all. After the shootout happened at Twin Peaks Reyna’s decision to go to Twin Peaks and assert himself into an investigation not as an observer to understand what transpired but to direct the actions being taken and to order the Waco PD to charge everyone and then decide to seek million dollar bonds on everyone was designed for the assembled media especially when Reyna saw that it was picking up national coverage and what better way for Reyna to get his name out there to people that had no idea he even existed outside of central Texas.

    Reyna was probably having this wet dream that if he could get a mass amount of plea deals and take the other to juries and get a range of convictions and jail time that he would come across as a bad ass D.A. and could use Twin Peaks as political capital to move on from McLennan County to something more befitting of his might whether on the State or Federal scene.

    As for Reyna and Jarret working together, I doubt that Reyna’s has too big an ego to share the spotlight with anyone. You have a different opinion I know but Davis and Jarret confronted Reyna way beforehand and David had enough to want out which put Jarret into his role as second in command so to speak, but by being A CI for the FBI and feeding the FBI information Jarret put himself in a great position to land in Reyna’s spot if Reyna was sidelined while and investigation was underway even more so if Reyna went down for the count.

    So Jarret could have become the beneficiary in my opinion if Reyna was asked to step aside or went down for the count so really Jarret would have gained nothing by working with Reyna against Reyna though their was much to be gained.

    One question we have not heard yet is if Reyna did or didn’t know about the investigation? Reyna claims he had no knowledge of it, whether that is true or not we dont know Reyna could have been tipped off to the investigation but there is nothing to say that was the case and if Reyna was oblivious to it, it’s been the ultimate blindside and I am sure the fireworks went off in the D.A’s office after Reyna read about it.

    As for the cell phone conversations between Jarret and the FBI contact person well it will remain I gather hidden away and I doubt a Judge is going to let the content of those conversations become public if that investigation is still active as I would have to believe they would ask a judge to not allow or reveal them in court due to the investigation being ongoing, a judge may allow generality type questions but I doubt specifics pointed questions will get much traction especially if a federal prosecutors asks the Judge to limit that type of questioning since the investigation is still active.

    As for the two Waco Trib opinion pieces While there is some questions I wouldn’t say it is any hard hitting journalism taking Reyna to task for any of his actions since Twin Peaks or the resulting failure of the Carrizal trial nor the investigation of Reyna by the FBI I would categorize as more a softball opinion rather than anything of real substance. Let’s see some real articles that delve into the matters at hand like Rebel has been doing since Twin Peaks. Let see some real investigative journalism about everything that has gone on, then we will have something to talk about, till then just white noise.

    Lots of questions to be answered yet, and time will tell if we will see the truth come out and people held responsible another others whose nightmare may finally be over, but until that day were all going to be keeping an eye on the proceedings and what results come out.

  32. todo Says:


    I think what he trying to say is that just because he beat his wife both before, and after, it isn’t relevant to whether he beat his wife this time. It almost borders on an admission.

    I don’t think he fully appreciates his former law partner isn’t the judge on this one.

  33. Rojas Says:

    Irony is mighty thick in this one.
    Trib quotes Renya’s motion:

    “The apparent purpose of the subpoenaed testimony is to explore in a public forum alleged previous ‘bad acts’ of the district attorney having no connection to the criminal case at hand,”

    Is Renya trying to argue that previous bad acts that would establish the “regularly and continuously” element of his combination are somehow not pertinent?

  34. Gandalf Says:

    Howabout this. (A Theory) There is a secrete Cell Phone all right but it was for the TP/Operation Texas rocker communications. Jarrett and Reyna both knew about it but Jarrett was the point man and Reyna (being under investigation) couldn’t be givin a cell phone to keep a “buffer” between the Feds and Reyna. While the FBI’s Reyna corruption investigation was real in the beginning with Davis’s complaint it quickly turned into the TPs conspiracy. Anyone asks why Jarret is talking to the FBI it’s because Reyna is under investigation… Not colluding in the TPs debacle. Plausible deniability set up ahead of time. If so… does Broden know and is He after that Cell phone?

  35. todo Says:

    An attempt by the Waco Tribune to explain Carrizal trial outcome (after whoring for Reyna for the past 2.5 years). This is the second post Carrizal trial opinion piece. Seem to be trying to distance themselves from Reyna.

  36. Old and Jaded Says:

    Iron Rider, you make some good points. How can the Texas AG allow Reyna to continue? A staged situation that lead to death, serious injuries and trauma to so many people that did nothing – but show up for a meeting. Not to mention false incarceration, loss of jobs, financial ruin and the corresponding family problems that accompany all the above. Most attorneys don’t rat on each other in an official capacity unless it’s bad – real bad. No matter what side they represent, they wind up handling cases together and it’s easier to maintain some level of civility, whether they like each other or not. This man’s own employees are talking to the Feds and the allegations of misconduct described here are serious. I wish some investigative show would do a couple segments on this mess and blow it wide open for public viewing. No idea what the cost has been to date but it’s gotta be staggering. Someone in government ought to have the integrity to say enough and end this cluster. Fng sad.

  37. rw Says:

    The Texas AG is a crook too. I believe his trial comes up in Dec.

  38. Iron Rider Says:

    Broden has Reyna in a tough spot with the FBO Investigation and the fact that Dillion and Jarret along with Davis spoke with the FBI about Reyna and remember Reyna put out a statement denying any knowledge of any FBI Investigation. I doubt anyone is suprise that Reyna would file a last minute motion as it would tactical to try and delay any hearing, the real question is what Judge is scheduled to hear Broden’s motion.

    Well know what will happen if it were Johnson or Strothers, they would be listening to the lawyers with a stern look on their face as if they were trying to stifle a fart that might be too loud to let go all while feigning how they were paying strict attention to Broden’s concerns and then of course reserving their decision so they could seriously consider Brodens motion even though we know what the answer to it will be because we have seen how the three Amigos Reyna, Johnson and Strothers look after one another Waco style.

    Reyna filing last minute is nothing more than a delay tactic which of course Broden will file a reply too objecting to Reyna’s last minute filing and of course raising his concerns about Reyna overstepping in trying to squash or delay this hearing.

    Of course Reyna wants everyone to believe that Reyna, Jarret and Dillion are like the three musketeers going happily along with no division and no sign of animosity insight, but considering the fact that Jarret went out of his way to make sure he didn’t communicate with the FBI with his official cell phone speaks about how concerned he was about Reyna catching wind of hiss contact with the FBI.

    Now think about this why would Jarret be that worried about Reyna to use another cell phone Reyna had no knowledge of? Would it be because Reyna was tracking and analyzing monthly cell phone billings and going thru detailed billing that may have included incoming and outgoing called numbers? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Could it be Reyna was that paranoid of people under his own command and concerned about subterfuge to go as far as monitoring their contacts via incoming and outgoing calls? Well Jarret seems to have enough of a concern about Reyna to avoid using his office supplied cell phone.

    I am looking for ward to how much weight the judge will give Davis’s affidavit that Broden filed with the court, that is going to be one huge problem for Reyna to overcome because Reyna has no control over Davis like Reyna does with Jarret and Dillion because they still are under his command, which begs the question of why is the Texas State AG still allowing Reyna to be at the helm of the McLennan County D.A. office considering the allegations against Reyna and an ongoing FBI investigation? Normally when allegations like this come to light someone is asked to step aside while the investigation takes it’s course, but not in this case? Now why would that be? Unless of course the Texas State AG office was made aware of the FBI investigating Reyna and is co-operating with the FBI investigation and possibly running their own parallel investigation of Reyna.

    I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Broden at some point subpeona’s the Texas Sate AG’s office to see if they have knowledge of the Reyna FBI investigation and are investigating the allegations against Reyna themselves. If the FBI tipped the Texas State AG to the fact that they were looking into Reyna, I doubt the Texas State AG would sit idly by and do no investigation of their own and this would also help the Texas Stat AG get out from under the mess of the Twin Peaks cases if the Texas State AG could point to Reyna and state he went rogue and mis-used his office for political/personal gain which would make him the perfect scapegoat.

    Buckle up everyone things are going to get interesting down the road here not only with the Broden filings but we still have the Chavez/Reyna he said she said inquiry coming up and I am sure Gotro is going to be filing a flurry of motions against Reyna and Co if she gets official word of the State desire to retry Carrizal.

    Shit is about to get real interesting, if you thought Reyna was under the spotlight before this ought to be a real treat. While I dont feel one bit sorry for Jarret and Dillion I can only imagine how paranoid Reyna was before now that he knows Jarret and Dillion have talked to the FBI about him, it must be like walking on eggshells now in the office and one could only imagine the tension in the air and animosity that is going around in the McLennan County’s D.A.’s office right now.

  39. Fallendesperado Says:

    Someone should demand a hair follicle drug test on Reyna…the dude sounds half spun out

  40. Bone Head Says:

    I bet the DA’s office is what you could call a “hostile environment” these days. Reyna, Jarrett and Dillon probably spend a fair part of their time staring holes in each others’ back. And that sort of environment is good for Mr. Broden I would think.

    Thanks Rebel.

  41. Paula Carroll Swann Says:


  42. Big Al Says:

    Rebel, I’ll take notes at the 1/20/17 hearing.
    In a courtroom setting coming up soon, The D.A. is going to implode.
    Too much dishonesty and blow for any one man to hold .
    And we don’t want to miss it.

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