Brad Doan’s Cell Phone

November 15, 2017

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Brad Doan's Cell Phone

Brad Doan was one of the first witnesses called to testify in the recent trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal.

Doan was the manager of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015. He rented the restaurant patio to the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents. He was a witness when members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club ambushed an incoming pack of Bandidos and Bandidos supporters.

Doan was called as a prosecution witness on October 23 and questioned by Assistant District Attorney Amanda Dillon. He did not reveal much because he wasn’t asked much.

Security Guards

For example, no one ever asked him why he hadn’t hired security guards for the event. There has been some speculation, including on this page and in police documents, that Doan had hired guards or off duty policemen who never showed up on the day of the ambush and mass murder. He simply didn’t hire anybody.

In a videotaped deposition in May 2017, an attorney named Bradford P. Klagcr asked Doan, “Just to be clear and make sure I understood your earlier testimony, Twin Peaks Waco did not have any private security for the May 17 COCI meeting. Correct?”

Doan replied, “No, sir.”

“ There was no private security; you didn’t hire any security for the event?”

“ No, sir.”

Cell Phone Data

At the same time, while the cell phones of most Twin Peaks Mass Murder witnesses were searched, there doesn’t seem to be any public record that Doan’s cell phone or the cellphones of other Twin Peaks employee witnesses were ever examined by police. It has just never come up in the criminal cases. But it is an issue in the Multi District Litigation against the restaurant that is unfolding in Dallas. In fact, besides never being searched by police, Doan’s cellphone seems to have disappeared from June 2015 until November 8, 16 days after he testified in the Carrizal trial.

According to records in the civil cases, Doan’s phone was searched by a Houston company called Equivalent Data, LLC, “on or about June 10, 2015. Lawyers for the Twin Peaks turned over “a forensic image” of Doan’s phone to plaintiffs in the civil case but the “image” didn’t contain any text messages. The texts remained lost until plaintiffs in the civil case tried to subpoena the information on Doan’s phone directly from the Equivalent Data, which in the meantime has become a company called Consilio LLC.

That was when the text messages that were on Doan’s phone on May 17, 2015 reappeared. The complete image of Doan’s phone, including his texts was turned over to plaintiffs’ attorneys last Thursday, just as the jury on the Carrizal trial began to deliberate

Probably none of this means much but the timing makes this an interesting series of events. And, the devil is always in the details.



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  1. Iron Rider Says:

    Good to see you figured it out bradley, hopefully that will help the others as well

  2. Agnarr Says:

    Well I’m going to give it a try as I have had the same issues.

  3. Bradley Ward Says:

    Thanks, Iron Rider, but mazer was right. It wasn’t Chrime. It was a problem with the URL I was using.

  4. Iron Rider Says:

    I also use Chrome and I never have any issues on Rebel’s site.

    @ Mazer Have you tried uninstalling chrome and then re-installing it? My guess is there is a plugin somewhere on your computer that is causing you the grief, but if you think the problem lies within chrome itself, my advice would be to uninstall chrome and then re install it.

    Another thing you can do is download the Opera browser, I have it as well and I dont have any issues with that on chrome either

  5. Bradley Ward Says:


    “At what point are you receiving this error, initial page load, or after commenting or clicking on a link?” — After commenting.

    “Also, are you behind I firewall, inside a corporate network?” — Yes to both, though I have tried from three different networks including outside the firewall/corporate.

    “What Plug-ins are you running in Chrome? Have you disabled them and tried again?” AdBlocker Plus, yes I have.

    I found the problem. When I first found this board (Google search) the link was an https protocol. I clicked the Waco tab and the result was another https protocol URL, and I saved that as a bookmark. So every time I came to this page it was https protocol. After commenting, the board does a redirect back to refresh the page. It appears that doesn’t work (in Chrome or IE) when the originator was https but it does under Firefox (in certain circumstances) and Samsung Internet (probably WebKit).

    When I realized this wasn’t supposed to be an https page I changed my bookmark and everything is fine now.

  6. mazer Says:

    @Bradley Ward

    At what point are you receiving this error, initial page load, or after commenting or clicking on a link?

    Also, are you behind I firewall, inside a corporate network?
    What Plug-ins are you running in Chrome? Have you disabled them and tried again?

    Bit of an old timer myself, been in IT since ’85.

  7. todo Says:

    “Justice is in jeopardy in McLennan County and I won’t stand it…Abel Reyna has broken the public’s trust.”

  8. Bradley Ward Says:

    @mazer, No the problem is definitely not PIBKAC nor is it an ID-10-T error (as us IT old-timers called it).

    The problem may not be Chrome per se, possibly an add-in. However, Rebel has been very kind in helping me troubleshoot and I assume you are offering your assistance as well to explain why I get an ERR_INVALID_REDIRECT (as seen here: or ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. Or perhaps not. Either way, I’ve discovered the Samsung Internet works just fine.

  9. James W Crawford Says:

    Interesting how lost cell phones from which otherwise deleted text messages can be extracted can be found after someone has perjured themselves with great enthusiasm because they presume that their false testimony can not be rebutted.

  10. TX_Biker Says:

    rw is correct. This has always been about “getting” the bandidos for political gain or, in the case of assisting agencies, increasing budgets. If there is no boogeyman to justify their existence then the cash cow dries up and they go away. The bandidos are not an organized criminal enterprise and LE knows it.

  11. rw Says:

    Because its about getting the Bandits.
    It’s not about getting justice or anything else.
    Reyna doesn’t get a feather in his political cap for getting a couple of sacs.

  12. Freebird Says:

    @ Gandalf

    IMO the short answer is they were never the primary target. What evidence that has come to light or should we say heavily redacted thus far would kind of be like sleeping with your sister.

  13. Neuro Says:

    Is that Lawyuh Mazer? The cobbled-up cobble-uh is the schizoid.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    So think about this. It has been said before but gets more obvious as things go forward. Why are the Cossack Leaders not being pushed to the front of the Trial order? Like Jake was.

  15. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    As one of the people who speculated that police snipers might have been stationed on the roof of Firebase Don Carlos, perhaps I owe everyone an apology. However; it appeared to be a cogent explaination for the discrepency between witness descriptions of a fusilade of gun fire and the relatively small number of rounds that the police admit to firing.

  16. mazer Says:

    Rebel, you are welcome, but it was only a statement of fact. And since you are convinced that PCS looks nothing like Swanson, then I accept that as well.

    All I wanted to ascertain is to whom is she referring, when she calls out someone as schizophrenic.

    And Gandalf, yes, we were all FNG’s, I’ve been reading this blog for almost 7 years, commenting occasionally about 3-4 of them and still feel like the FNG most days. And if PCS has been around awhile, it has not stuck in my head like yourself, Paladin, and many others.

    So, it appears that apologies are warranted to Paula Carroll Swann, Please forgive me for my undeserved (and incorrect) reaction to your post.

    Some days, I just gotta find a way to step on my own crank.

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear mazer,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I will let Paula Carroll Swann speak for herself. She looks nothing like Patrick Swanton.

    Respects to you,

  18. Gandalf Says:

    @mazer and PCS . LOL I guess we all were FNGs once mazer. PCS has been “Fighting the good Fight” since TPs +1. It’s OK. Lots of FNGs these days. It’s a good thing. There are some really old posters that saw a wave of FNGs like myself after Twin Peaks. Sometimes we annoy them. Paladin, Dasein, Sieg, Bone Head and lots of others. I remember lots of posts, “It’s getting crowded in here.” by the OGs. Now I’m thinking the same thing. LOL
    I don’t think anyone really knows 100% of what Rebel did for these defendants. I remember Clint Broden posted a few times and now Casie. I have always believed all the players monitor Rebels page and defense Lawyers contact Rebel Himself. The comment section here is the proverbial Wall that gets the Shit thrown on… Some sticks, most don’t. Of course Rebel Himself (and His Stories) are not just Shit thrown at a wall. He is real smart, this is not His 1st Rodeo but He used that past knowledge to guide the Lawyers. To show LEs MO and point the Lawyers in the right direction. I’m not sure who started the Blue Shirt guy signaling LE to start the Murder. Prob the same guy(s) who think there were Snipers on Don Carlos roof. Mis-Information can hurt. And Reyna took advantage of it at Trial.

  19. mazer Says:

    Good Morning Rebel, and thanks for all of your hard work you do keeping this information flowing.

    A need to pose questions and rebuttals to a couple of comments.

    1st, Bradley Ward, the problem is not Chrome, I use it on this site everyday, most likely the problem is a PIBKAC as we say in the IT world.

    2nd, Paula Carroll Swann, whom is the schizophrenic to which you refer? Surely not Rebel I am sure, for independent verification of random facts have proven on multiple occasions that his sources are more than reliable. So I am curious to learn subject of your reference. Perhaps it is the DA that is reading this, curious, since it is your post, perhaps your are the DA’s alternate personality? Or perhaps the last name of your other personality is Swanson?

    Again and always,
    Respect to those deserving of such.

  20. Freebird Says:

    @ Damon

    Are you saying the family tree is really a telephone pole?

  21. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    I know that the DA reads this, please stop believing in what a schizophrenic has convinced you of because none of it’s true.

  22. Juan Hunglo Says:

    Fuk reyna,cant stand LE,But at least this guy stands for something…. .

  23. Damon Says:


    Waco don’t have a CSI unit – no-one has dental records and they all have the same DNA.

  24. Freebird Says:

    I find it interesting Mr Doan went from being a person of interest by TABC to a prosecution witness. According to a Sep-8-2017 news article TABC stated they suspected he may have had connections to one of the clubs so they conducted an investigation. Their high tech approach was to look at his social media footprint. No mention of his cell phone or questioning the busboy @ Ninfa’s Mexican restaurant.

    I can’t wait for season one of CSI Waco.

  25. Bradley Ward Says:

    Rebel, your site apparently doesn’t like Chrome. Thanks for all you do!

  26. Bradley Ward Says:


  27. Dutchboy Says:

    Wow, are we sure the Clintons are not involved? This sounds like when the White Water records showed up on a White House side table the day AFTER the Statute of Limitations ran out. Like the old saying goes, dumb criminals go to jail, smart criminals go into Politics. Was there a conspiracy to break the law, maybe even premeditated murder? The facts say yes, but it wasn’t the guys and gals there for a civil rights meeting. Nothing is more dangerous to a Free society than criminals with badges.

  28. Hero Says:


    After hearing the testimony and Jake’s case and the evidence that you’ve personally seen or have access, can you write an article givung us a play by play start to finish of the sequence of events that transpired that horrific day in wacko Waco?

  29. Mark Says:

    Would it not be ironic if some of the civil lawsuits get amended with RICO against the McLennan County DA’s office and the players involved with the DA, that are involved in trying to help railroad defendants. Would that not make awards amounts 3 times the jury’s awarded amount?

  30. Iron Rider Says:

    Lordy Jesus it’s a miracle that the image with the contents tuned up….after the prosecution competed it’s case. Just like a lot of thing with the Twin Peaks case, the missing discovery just magically appeared after the fact not beforehand like it should have.

    You know it’s funny when you see the games being played till you realize that guy at the defendants table was looking at some long stretches in prison then it’s not so funny and borders on outrageous.

    You know as I have followed case from all over the U.S. that involved prosecutorial misconduct and read information on those cases, I know one day Reyna and Twin Peaks are going to be in that group, because I fail to see how the events dont qualify for it not to be. It’s shit like this that sends people up for long stretches because prosecutors can’t play by the rules and seem to have that get a win at any cost.

    This latest revelation is going to make everyone have a “WTF” moment but as we have seen so far with Twin Peaks, the WTF moments seem to be getting worse and worse for the prosecution.

    This is like a Hollywood movie, you honestly would think your reading a script with all the shit that has gone on and there are still skeletons coming out of the closet and new revelations popping up. I can only imagine what’s coming next

  31. Gandalf Says:

    Like the gap in the 1st Patio Video marked Waco PD and leaked to CNN. The part cut out showing The Cossacks jumping the railing… Just follow what you don’t see. Heck Swantson was a walking, talking Freudian Slip. “It’s the Restaurants fault, It started in the Bathroom, They were not From Here.” OR It wasn’t LEs fault, we didn’t see it start and the Bandidos did it. These guys are easy to follow. Every word is BS and basically can lead a person straight to who are they protecting…. and who is their target. So very weak a game from Day 1. I swear Reyna still thinks He can fool everyone. Think about this, Reyna isn’t blaming Himself. He knows He’s fucked. By Nature He blames others. Does He Blame Jake? Personally. Or does He blame someone else… at a Federal Level… Or Jarrett? Or the Amazon Blonde? Someone is getting the Blame. I wonder Who?

  32. todo Says:

    Speak of the devil……

    Waco: McLennan County DA files for re-election–McLennan-County-DA-files-for-re-election-457803893.html

  33. Paladin Says:

    It would seem the devil is everywhere in Waco, not just in the details.


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