November 10, 2017

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McLennan County, Texas just wasted what probably amounts to $2 million on a failed attempt to “do” Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal.

Christopher Jacob Carrizal was charged with three criminal counts: Being a leader of a criminal street gang; conspiring to murder nine men; and conspiring to commit aggravated assault against 18 more. The charges were all patently absurd.

He faced life in prison if convicted.

The three woman, nine man jury deliberated for just under 15 hours over two days. They were all sequestered at a local hotel last night.

Going Backwards

By the end the jury seemed to be going backwards. Earlier in the day the jury foreman sent Judge Matt Johnson a note saying they had agreed on one count and were hopelessly split on two others. The panel’s last message to the judge said they were hopelessly split on all three counts and that there was no possibility that they could agree.

In open court, the jury foreman said the split varied by count. He said he couldn’t remember the split for each count.

Johnson declared a mistrial and dismissed the jury at about 2:45 p.m. local time.

Carrizal’s trial lasted 32 calendar days and was marked by multiple delays. The prosecution took more than three weeks to present its case. The defense was over in two days.

Having Fun

The prosecution was remarkable for its flippancy and cynicism. Early this morning, snarky Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett (photo above) actually had the audacity to tell Carrizal and his defense attorney, Casie Gotro, “We’re all just here having fun.” He wasn’t smiling as Judge Johnson dismissed the jury.

The Aging Rebel will have further coverage of the dismissal of the charges against Jake Carrizal and the implications of that for the other 153 defendants who have indicted as a result of the Twin Peaks Mass Murder on Monday.

Expect No Mercy, a book about this trial, will be out in about six weeks.



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  1. Paladin Says:


    Makes one wonder what’s in Rojas’ wallet as well.


  2. Gandalf Says:

    As a matter of Fact I’m done talking at you. Maybe you can find another friend on Rebels blog to talk to… I’m sure your not the only Cossack here. There must be a few cops on here you can talk to Try Ted Unlis or Robert. Good Luck waitin on that blanket… and Don’t get any on ya.

  3. Gandalf Says:

    @Neuro; Bahahah County time in Okeydoke County don’t count. And it’s “You Guys” I ain’t never even been in Pittsburg. Like I said before Y’all should be thanking your Lucky Stars for The Bandits humane treatment… Had you pulled that same crap in Pretzel Land there wouldn’t be none of you left.

  4. Neuro Says:

    Goofed-off, don’t youse have any shoes to shine? Thanks for the great counsel on how to do one’s time. You would make a great partner with Gus Christie. Youse guys could resume his classes/seminars for first timers on how to get by doing a stretch. I’m sure Rebel could put you in touch with him.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin, Yes… It appears so. @ Neuro; Dude just remember, somewhere in the Texas DOC there are people waiting for you. They have been there since before you were born. OG Bandits with strong crews. It’s their world and they are Judge, Jury and executioner. Nobody’s going to help a rat even if they hate that crew. I might suggest you cover those tats and learn to hand wash Laundry in your sink. Change your name to Maytag or Puddin. Good Luck with that. (Of course there is always PC and Y’all might like spending the rest of your lives with Pedophiles and Trannies. Heck, They might even let you call Shot)

  6. Neuro Says:

    Thanks for a good laugh fellas. You goofs are real tag team champs! Slumming, eh Paladin? I guess it gets lonely at the top sometimes. Thanks for all you guys did to bring about a decent outcome in this trial.

  7. Paladin Says:


    Neuro’s a Cossack? Well, if true, that would explain why the boy’s been so out of sorts as of late.


  8. Gandalf Says:

    @ Neuro; I’m just wondering why a Cossack would post on this board. I guess it’s a free country. I was looking for your Congrats to Jake and the Bandits and can’t find any. R U disappointed?

  9. Neuro Says:

    Thanks, I guess.

  10. James Crawford Says:

    Re Iron Rider,

    The Twin Peaks case is not the only major event to go dark.

    How much more reporting has there been on the Mandalay Bay hotel shooting since the Sheriff announced that there would be no more press conferences? This blackout comes soon after the repeated narrative revisions and the revelation that the “hero” security guard is an illegal alien who should never have had the job.

    The reporting blackout also obstructs revelations that multiple shooters from the Saudi Owned Four
    Seasons Hotel which occupy the top floors of the Mandalay Bay building and caters to Camel Jockeys might have been involved. The recent purge of the Saudi Royal family might be a response to President Trump quietly threatening to nuke Mecca and Medina in retaliation.

    How much recent coverage has there been about the FUBAR that allowed a dishonorably discharged USAF reject who had beaten a step child nearly to death to buy the rifle he used to nearly exterminate the congregation of a Texas church?

  11. Mark Says:

    @ Iron Rider

    Ease up man, how do you know that the public isn’t demanding to know a lot of, why’s. How do you know that public isn’t boiling over at the cost and the negitive light being shined on Waco, again. My hunch is many of the people in Waco are not happy about any of this but they don’t have an avenue to voice their minds becuse the media isn’t going to go against the government.
    Heres some truth with numbers. 90 percent of the media is owned by 6 Money Changers, aka: Bankers, international bankers who have zero loyalty to the USA. Look at how Trump was being smoked by Hillary in the polls. Never mind she couldn’t get more than 150 to max of 200 people at her events and Trump was pulling in ten’s of thousands at his events. Hillary was still way, way ahead in the polls. But the people made their voice heard on November 4th, 2016 by screaming over the top of the Money Changer’s Fake News Media. Same bullshit is happen right now in Waco. You know the drill man, tune out about 90 percent of the Fake News Media’s bullshit and use some of the information that your gut feelings tells you is likely the truth. I wonder how many in Waco know about Rebel’s thing and would love to read what he has to say?
    Ride hard, stay free.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    @Neuro You just pulled your own card.

  13. Iron Rider Says:

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that other than news of the mistrial the day it occurred and the news about that guy Johnson running for Reyna’s job that there has been no further News about the Twin Peaks case, seriously!

    You’d have to think that the public and media would have questions about all the missing evidence and discovery along with everything that has gone on with Reyna and the he said she said with Chavez and of course the mistrial and things that were testified to in the mistrial.. but no, its been radio silent.

    No taxpayer outrage at the cost to put on and try this one case… one case out of 153 that the Reyna and Co lost….badly! No one questioning whether it is a good idea to even retry the Carrizal case yet alone a 153 other ones that will be using next to the same EVIDENCE ( and I honestly dont even know if I would call it that , it doesn’t even fit the hearsay definition in my book ) but yet nary a peep has been heard about why Reyna and Co couldn’t even get a win on one count out of the three with so much evidence and witnesses etc and why Reyna’s case was such a flop defeated by Gotro who came into the case not long before it went to trial and hadnt even got all the dicovery and evidence and got ambushed during the trial and yet Gotro still managed to WIN… and no media is questioning anything with Twin Peaks other than Rebel? WTF.

    I fail to see how the millions of dollars that have been spent since Twin Peaks happened and all the millions spent since, the waste of the courts time, the costs to taxpayer to put on one trial fly experts witnesses in house the experts in hotels and feed them along with the jury and all the associated costs of $400k to protect the court house from the angry hordes of bikers during Carrizal’s trial and you have a pretty big boondoggle on your hands and no one in the public or the media is questioning it except Rebel? I find that fucking baffling or is it just the media in the part of the country is really really law enforcement friendly?

    It’s a fucking strange sight to see IMHO and looks like Rebel is going to be the sole source of investigative journalism for what’s all going on with the Twin Peaks cases.

  14. Neuro Says:

    Gandolf, you promised to go away. Matt Clendennen was not a member of the Cossacks. He is no more a gardener than you are. He owns a landscaping business and employs gardeners.

  15. panamaa Says:

    Great work and follow up on this government murder and the resulting would be kangaroo trial… Thank you, I can’t help but to think you may have had an impact on the whole fucking mess….


  16. Gandalf Says:

    BTW… Big O. Go to Broden with your info. Not Casie. Give Casie a rest. Broden represents “The Gardener” a Cossack ALL Cossacks should be grateful for. My respects to the only Cossack I think deserves respect. The Gardner. ie: Matthew Clendennen. If He thought or knew of a deal He wouldn’t be fighting so hard. IMHO

  17. Steel Says:

    Hopefully this won’t get re-tried. With all the evidence withheld, Ms. Gotro said it correctly that the case would be presented differently next time. It will show the pattern of judicial abuse by the DA office. I think the DA would be best to let this case go and all the other ones with it. They’re about to look worse if that’s possible.



  18. Shameful Says:

    Big O is not out of the Cossacks. He still runs it, and most of the Copsacks who were at TP and actively involved are now wearing that different Copsack patch, complete with 1% diamond. The amazing results are that the old ones still support them, still back their play, regardless of the shit they put them into, and the current label that LE has given them. They made their choice, and continue to make their choices. The old version continues to back those who have abandoned them, and those who led them into the clusterfuck they now face. At least 3 (Big O, Paulie, Voodoo) are known CI’s, and if Wilson, White, or some of the others psyched to the new version, they are loaded with informants and UC’s. While I have no love for any version, the best play would be for the old version to realize what they were led into, take the hit, and cooperate to clear those who may not have known shit was planned, including probably close to half of their people in attendance and all of the COC&I members, including R&G. But Jax wouldn’t do it, and I really question the intelligence of most of the Copsacks. They’re going to take some big hits and get some big bits as this develops. I’m sure many inside are anxiously waiting.

  19. ed Says:

    Thank you Casie. You were spectacular. And FUCK the COPSACKS M/C. Wilson was a rat for the feds in Colorado some years back.

  20. Gandalf Says:

    @ West Coast. I’m thinking ratting on LE’s involvement giving up His phone as evidence against LE would strengthen His hand in court. If the Jury blamed LE and had the smoking gun against LE they might acquit Big O. I have no love for Cossacks and especially Big O, Paul? (Wash Post) or any of the Informants but they seem to be the rest of the Cossacks only hope of beating this. Big O would be stuck waking up every morning looking at Spike and that alone would be worse than waking up in jail. As you pointed out already. And She’s gonna bump Him off too… it’s only a matter of time.
    BTW: One only must look at all the Cossacks who didn’t file a motion to recluse Reyna to shorten the list of what Cossacks knew about any deal. They are waiting for Reyna & Co to drop their charges or dismiss them. They are still waiting on “The Blanket” that will never come. Now they are getting scared. 1- Reyna eats them up like you said OR 2- Reyna gets indicted and some other DA controls their fate. At this point seems like any DA could convict any Cossack. IMHO

  21. Iron Rider Says:

    I’m not about to cry any tears for the Cocksacks, it’s a shame that anyone who died at Twin Peaks lost their life. The Cocksack’s and their hierarchy could have chose to tell the cops thanks but no thanks rather than become Confidential Informants for Law Enforcement and one has to remember that there were 4 separate individual Cocksacks that were CI’s for Law Enforcement and don’t give me any shit about “oh this guy had to co-operate or he’d have to do a nickel” fuck that, shut your yap and tell Law Enforcement no thanks, if you have to do a nickel then do your nickel, don’t fuck everyone else because you fucked yourself up by getting charged for something. There is a choice, it’s up to you to make the right one.

    The fact that Cocksack hierarchy decided to swallow the bullshit that Law Enforcement had been feeding to anyone who rode that big biker war brewing and bla bla bla and decided to become a willing part of Law Enforcement start a war with an MC program was a bad fucking choice , plain and simple, they could have said no way, but they didn’t so much so they became defacto Law Enforcement agents and went right along with Law Enforcement’s lets start a biker war plan.

    Let’s face the facts, the Cocksacks didn’t just figure the lets start something when the Bandidos pulled up to Twin Peaks, they went to Twin Peaks in numbers because they already were told that they were to make something happen with the Bandidos. The minute the Bandidos pulled into the parking lot the Cocksacks were streaming out of Twin Peaks in large numbers.

    The fact that the Cocksacks had under cover cops wearing their rags at Twin Peaks just shows that the Cocksacks that were present at Twin Peaks knew they were working with the cops, it’s wasn’t like these two cops that were dressed in Cocksack rags just happen to roll up there out of the fucking blue, no this was by design and I am sure the undercover CopSacks were there to make sure everything went to plan and rah rah the troops if needed.

    The Cocksacks hierarchy made Twin Peaks happen, they allowed themselves to be sold on the promises of kicking Bandido ass and get out of jail free cards for everyone, they Swallowed everything that came out of Law Enforcement mouths and did so like a two dollar hooker. The Cocksack hierarchy sold their own people out, got their own people jailed and got their own people injured and got their own people killed.

    Can you imagine if you were some Cocksack patch holder and the hierarchy told you about the cooperating with Law Enforcement game plan and how the streets would be paved with gold after they helped out at Twin Peaks? First I would have thought it was a joke and then when I knew they weren’t kidding I’d have took off my cut and said here ya go and fucking walked. No MC in their right mind or it’s members would think “rad! Cant wait to be on team Law Enforcement…yeah baby ”

    Look what the Cocksack hierarchy that were cooperating with Law Enforcement got for being on Team Law Enforcement, some are in wit sec hiding so they dont get their ass kicked for being rats, others got to check out the fine jailing facilities in McLennan County, others were in hospital and other were in the fucking morque, gee guess that”the cops got are back if we do some bad ass shit with the Bandidos promise didn’t quite come thru.

    I didnt think much of the Cocksacks before and my opinion since Twin Peaks isn’t any better, their little club has been reduced to a bunch of wanna be rat cop goofs and they didnt have any respectability before and after Twin Peaks they are nothing more than a laughing stock. If anyone if these rat goofs is still running around in one of their shit patch sets and wears it with any pride, that is nothing more than desperation and pathetic, fucks I’d have more respect for someone running around in an SOA patch set then I will for any Copsack and that should tell you how low that fucking bar is.

    So the Cop sacks are in tatters their little rep destroyed, now known as the Copsacks to real MC’s only person that may take them in is some other cop or mall security iron on patch set club with real real low standards.

    The Copsacks are finding out how much Law Enforcement has their back, members dead and injured, other members sitting in jail, others in hiding ( cause brotherhood )lol and others facing indictments cause that get out of jail free card doesn’t seem to apply here.

    Sorry but no sympathy from me for any Copsacks, your own people sold you out and you knew it and went along and it cost you some of your own people who ended up in hospital and in the morgue. Your reap what you sow, and you made the wrong choice

  22. West Coast Says:

    Spot on with your assessment sir. Big O needs to hit the media and contact Gotro immediately. LE just changed strategies and that is to feed on Cossacks for a while which includes your hillbilly ass. You already got your kid smoked and there’s a lot of men that have you checked on their to do list so it’s time you became a man!!! The other benefit is that you don’t have to sleep with that woMan of yours named Spike! Dude, she’s REALLY UGLY and Evil. I’ve seen her close up and it’s disturbing to look at that beast. I’d start talking to get away from that swamp monster. She’s gonna kill you in your sleep anyway for killing her fucked up kid. Step up and start talking before it’s too late.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    Dear Big O, You got a choice… Help your “Brothers” or Help Police. Either way you choose it looks bad. Read my below message to LE. Walk your ass to your LE handler and demand they pressure Reyna to drop charges against EVERYONE or your going to the Media and will testify at all Trials about what you know about LE involvement. Make sure they know you will be testifying for the Defense in Op Texas Rocker also. Do it not and you are most assuredly Fucked. Simply hoping YOUR case gets dropped or you can be found Not Guilty is just plain stupid… They can’t drop just yours. It must be your case as part of a whole… ie: All cases. Get it? You still have a card to play.

  24. Gandalf Says:

    Dear LE, I’m only going to say this 1 MORE FUCKING TIME. You got to be DUMBER THAN DOGSHIT to let these Trials go forward. Any of them! Reyna is going to bring Y’all down with Him. It’s time to pay Reyna a visit and USE FORCE of exposing Reyna, FORCE of filing charges against Him… unless He drops ALL charges against ALL defendants. That’s the ONLY way out. Chavez is about to be called on those Arrest Warrants He signed. Judge Johnson will be called on His corruption and the way He let Reyna get away with that whole trial…. The people of Waco are going to scream even louder and Reyna’s enemies are coming out of the woodwork. I know you are not stupid… ACT LIKE YOUR NOT. Jezzz.

  25. RtC Says:

    Big FAT CONGRATS to BANDIDO Jake1%er & the rest of the R&G, on actual justice being done! If the AG isn’t totally stupid, this will be the beginning of the end for those slimyfuck pigs, that not only means cops, but the rest of that
    cesspool of an injustice system in Wacko.

  26. Gandalf Says:

    Thanks Dr G. For your TY Post. It’s nice to know but I actually do it for Myself. FTGF means something to me. Always has. Seems the only thing left is to get the truly Guilty. I don’t understand why a Cossack would go to Jail instead of ratting on the Guy(s) who set Him up. The fact Big Os phone is missing and He disappeared for hours after… among other things known… and things known only to Cossacks seems obvious. That guy “Paul” who was allowed to do the Tim Madigan interview must know also… He must know someone sent Madigan to Him even if He wasn’t briefed on the Narrative. This guy can expose the “Fake News” part of this thing. I don’t know why all the Cossacks are not exposing LE. Maybe they are simply out for themselves and still expect LE to honor the deal… Who knows? What I do know is LE has a serious problem with so many Cossacks looking at so much time. The best Play for LE is to drop ALL charges against everyone… To keep the truth from coming out. It has ALWAYS been Reyna’s best play. His arrogance has put Him deeper into the corruption hole. Had He dropped ALL charges the moment the Feds said thay had Morton Evidence and refused to give it up. LE, Reyna, Op Texas Rocker would ALL be in a better position today. Surly they must see this.

  27. fozz Says:

    tommy jr, dont know what you red ,but it sure wasnt what i wrote, try reading it again

  28. Dr G Says:


    Big O is not going to sacrifice himself for his brothers he is no longer a cocksack he ran with his head between his legs

  29. Rojas Says:

    I think Reyna’s problems are larger than a primary opponent.

    I suggest the unfortunate circumstance that Reyna, Jarrett and Dillion conspired to withhold Brady material in Jake’s case will not go unnoticed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a DA or four from other counties join in the coming ethics complaint against the trio.

    It’s actually ironic that the states organized crime statutes define a criminal combination as three or more. While the Michael Morton Act does not allow for criminal sanctions it will be damn hard to move these cases forward without a bar card.

  30. Gandalf Says:

    ALL Juries NEED to blame someone, some group or something for the Crime. Cossacks should now know Jakes jury blamed them. Cossacks have only 1 option. Blame Big O and/or the Police. If Big O was real He would sacrifice Himself for His 50+ “Brothers” and expose the Police involvement. Tell Broden, The News and testify to all Jurys that He duped them to believe there was a “Peace Deal” when in reality there was none and LE had UCs and CIs (including Himself) inside TPs. Wilson too needs to tell what He knows about LE involvement and/or encouragement. It’s the rest of the Cossacks ONLY WAY OUT. THE END.

  31. todo Says:

    I hope DA candidate Johnson is not related to 54th District Court Judge Johnson.

    Political parties in Texas need to start drug testing and performing psych evaluations on DA and judicial candidates beforehand.

    The last Dallas DA spent almost her entire term in some undisclosed drug rehab/mental health facility. The guy before her was a scoundrel.


    Reyna needs to step down and let the governor appoint someone to clean up Reyna’s mess. Of course Governor Abbott could have shut down Reyna’s shit show two years ago. Instead he sent money, which just encouraged, emboldened and prolonged Reyna’s hubris fueled foolishness.

  32. Tommy Jr. "Hands" Says:


    I dont think any of the real 1%’ers could care less what everyone has to say. Isnt that kind of one of the more famous long standing outlooks of a 1%’er?.. not giving a damn what people think? Thats what i gather from the ones i know anyways. And if i were you, i would never suggest that a real 1%er is “hiding behind a patch” again. Because it seems like a fine way to not make any friends if you ask me. If your insecure that somebody might not like your comments, then it would be wise to stfu. Dont you think?

    By the way, congrats to Jake. I hope all red and gold trails go the same way or better.


  33. fozz Says:

    certain people on here think if your not a 1% your not in the loop cant coment , i thought about half the people charged were civilians just wearing suport patches ect abeit bikers,

    ive been rideing 50 plus yrs respect those that earn it not demand it , loath those that hide behind a badge, patch whatever ,,

    respect those that wear them with pride and honour,

    Rena falls into the first catagory

  34. BigV Says:

    Gandalf: Don’t leave unless you have a higher authority tell you to, and answer to that higher authority.

    There are mainly cops, more cops, agent provocateurs, clueless people, 99%er’s, and I would very much doubt if any real 1%er comments on here anymore with any regularity.

    Rebel has said he’s about free speech and that is why he allows the discourse he does.

    I don’t know how it has been since I quit reading and posting on here, but the way it used to be was that a person either gave themselves an invitation to the world, or Rebel gave them that invitation via the banhammer and an IP block if necessary.

    Ask Rebel if you’re unwanted. He mostly answers email unless he’s neck deep in shit.


  35. Freebird Says:

    I have been thinking about it all day. This better not be a dream!

  36. Iron Rider Says:

    WTF??? If anyone wants to see Reyna doing damage control after losing big time against Carrizal and Gotro, have a look at this story Half way thru there is an Interview with Reyna about Carrizal’s mistrial, check out the load of bullshit with this guy!


    LOLOLOLOLOL What a idiot, this walking Chia Pet sits there and has the balls to say
    “We got some good feedback from the jury” Say what? No you fucking didn’t, They didn’t believe what you were selling and they would have put thru not guilty on all counts if it wasn’t for a some who didn’t see it that way, se don’t sit there and tell the people that a mistrial was an awesome win for the D.A.’s office despite the mistrial being declared.

    And as for Reyna saying “if your asking me right now there will definitely be a retrial” You don’t get to make that decision Chia Pet, your fucking boss will and after watching how you botched this case and have so much going against the D.A.’s office I doubt your retrial wet dream is going to happen.

    After this shit show and making the State AG look like his people couldnt win a case, Reyna will be lucky if he gets to prosecute jaywalkers let alone still have a job.

  37. Old and Jaded Says:

    Thank you, Rebel for your dedicated reporting.

    This article (and the photos) are worth a look: http://www.wacotrib.com/news/courts_and_trials/mistrial-declared-in-st-twin-peaks-shootout-trial/article_9d099b15-e4b5-5a4e-89d9-ce6cd6c54b01.html

    With no disrespect intended and no names named, if you find yourself posting five plus times on the same topic on a regular basis, you might want to back away from the keyboard.

  38. david Says:

    Congrats to Jake, his MC and thanks to Rebel for consistent, factual journalism.

  39. just tom Says:

    Great news! Rebel,thank you for the coverage of this trial.”Just the facts Jack,just the facts”.

  40. Hero Says:

    Congrats to Jake and his MC. I didn’t see this coming, it is something I hoped for but did not think was possible with so much corruption. I doubt Ryena will answer for this travesty but I’ve been wrong before.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Guess I was wrong about the verdict, eatin my words.

    Check the front page of Waco Tribune http://www.wacotrib.com/news/

    Anal Reyna is on the chopping block. There’s CI info on a bar Reyna frequents where he may or may not be buying his coke from lol.

    Great news, nice weather, life is good.

  42. FF Says:

    Godspeed, Jake!


    Think you’re ready for the street
    You want to mix it in some fight
    Let me tell you somethin’
    Now I don’t want to get you uptight
    But if you’re in a corner
    And you can’t find no way out
    Don’t look around for no help down there
    there won’t be any around
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy
    So you think you got a case
    And you think you know the score
    No you don’t want to listen
    You can’t be told no more
    But when you get out there
    You better do it right
    ‘Cause the streets are lined with things that kill
    And they’re hidin’ in the night
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy
    Feel that you can cut it
    You think you got the time
    They’ll only give you one chance
    Better get it right first time
    And the game you’re playing
    If you lose you gotta pay
    If you make just one wrong move
    You’ll get blown away
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy
    Expect no mercy, expect no mercy


  43. Gandalf Says:

    I been banging away at that Dam with a sledgehammer for more than 2 years. Lots of people have joined me. Now there are thousands. I guarantee you… I am tired. I don’t need to bang on that bitch anymore. I am content to get out of the way, order a Jack and Coke and watch Reyna go to Prison. The Local Waco News comment section is already screaming for blood. The people of Waco KNOW… it’s just a matter of time. Broden has the biggest hammer of everyone. His timing is perfect. He is a great Lawyer.
    BTW Trapped Rats are dangerous. Look for Reyna to come hard after a Cossack for redemption. Get ready Kyle… my guess is it’s you. Good Luck to ya.

  44. Dr G Says:

    I wish i could reserve a copy of Rebels book i bet they sell out quick

  45. Dr G Says:

    @Gandolf i dont think anybody wishes for you to just go away i personally found your comments very enlightening and honest thank you for all you did

  46. Gandalf Says:

    @ Rojas Yes, it did. The Trick was knowing when Jake and Casie didn’t want a Mistrial. They were in the courtroom and Casie has a 6th sense that tells Her when the Jury is with Her. It was sometime after Jake testified. I continued to hear Sieg’s words and thought there was no chance of winning if that Jury got to vote. So I Trolled Johnson on the Live feed for weeks. LOL Mistrial, Mistrial, Mistrial over and over. “Why would any Judge waste time and $ to continue a Trial KNOWING a New Trial will be granted on Appeal.” Putting the wasted $ on His ass not Reynas. Did it Help? Did it work? NO… Fight the Good Fight is all we were doing. Civilians, 1%ers, Housewives, and Shoemakers. And all roads and theories led back to Rebel. Most of our stuff came from this blog. And Yea… We also Hit the donate button. More than once… There came a time when Rebel needed all the recourses he could get. During the Trial. I guess you hit a nerve with that comment Aanon. I’m sure you didn’t mean it as I took it. Keeping Civilians out of your business is in your nature… all 1%ers nature. I respect that and like I said, Hope to be gone soon. And Yes, I’ll take my buddies with me. LOL Leave Rebels blog to the people, “in the loop”. The 1%ers.

  47. Bernadette Feazell Says:

    Thank goodness! So relieved for Jake and his family, thank you for your coverage.

  48. Rojas Says:

    @ Gandalf

    The time for Johnson to call a mistrial and show an ounce of integrity came and went. He failed the test.

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