November 10, 2017

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McLennan County, Texas just wasted what probably amounts to $2 million on a failed attempt to “do” Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal.

Christopher Jacob Carrizal was charged with three criminal counts: Being a leader of a criminal street gang; conspiring to murder nine men; and conspiring to commit aggravated assault against 18 more. The charges were all patently absurd.

He faced life in prison if convicted.

The three woman, nine man jury deliberated for just under 15 hours over two days. They were all sequestered at a local hotel last night.

Going Backwards

By the end the jury seemed to be going backwards. Earlier in the day the jury foreman sent Judge Matt Johnson a note saying they had agreed on one count and were hopelessly split on two others. The panel’s last message to the judge said they were hopelessly split on all three counts and that there was no possibility that they could agree.

In open court, the jury foreman said the split varied by count. He said he couldn’t remember the split for each count.

Johnson declared a mistrial and dismissed the jury at about 2:45 p.m. local time.

Carrizal’s trial lasted 32 calendar days and was marked by multiple delays. The prosecution took more than three weeks to present its case. The defense was over in two days.

Having Fun

The prosecution was remarkable for its flippancy and cynicism. Early this morning, snarky Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett (photo above) actually had the audacity to tell Carrizal and his defense attorney, Casie Gotro, “We’re all just here having fun.” He wasn’t smiling as Judge Johnson dismissed the jury.

The Aging Rebel will have further coverage of the dismissal of the charges against Jake Carrizal and the implications of that for the other 153 defendants who have indicted as a result of the Twin Peaks Mass Murder on Monday.

Expect No Mercy, a book about this trial, will be out in about six weeks.



113 Responses to “Mistrial!”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Esp to Jake and the Bandits.
    When it comes to fighting I have rules. Developed over many years.
    1- Always count to 10 (ie; Be Smart, think about it). Try to walk away.
    2- Ignore anyone who I believe I can beat (Women, Children, Drunks, Punks etc).
    3- Always declare 3 times, “I don’t want to Fight you.” Loud and in front of witnesses.
    Using Rule #3 (the most important rule) works great in 2 ways. Obviously In court… and it will always give you the element of surprise. Believe me the guy in front of you ain’t going anywhere… You will still have your “Fun”. LOL. He will become MORE embolden and push harder. The look on His face when you have had enough is Priceless and People will see this and tell the Cops later.
    I believe The Bandits basically used Rule#3 in dealing with the Cossacks. That’s why they won. By being Smart. I respect Smart more than anything else.
    Happy Thanksgiving…. and “Be Smart” :) Always.

  2. TN Says:

    Wish it had been not guilty but its the next best thing.

  3. Westcoast Says:

    @Paladin, very well said.
    These fucks don’t have a clue! Face to face, they melt.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Paladin Says:


    There are a number of people that post on Rebel’s that you, Rojas, Robert, etc. would not want to make angry.


  5. Neuro Says:


  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Neuro,

    Stop trying to tip over Gandalf. I know who Gandalf is. I know his story. I do not tell it here because I respect his privacy. You would not like him when he is angry. Okay?



  7. xplor Says:

    The great sage of the Brazos Patrick Swanton told you ” They are not from around here”
    You don’t ride into Waco and raise hell or we will string you up. Jake will not get a fair trial from folks born and raised in Waco.

  8. rojas Says:

    Judge Criss, Rolando Reyes memorandum of support to disqualify Reyna. Dillon and Jarrett named in supporting roles as well.


  9. Neuro Says:

    @ Westcoast: Okay.

  10. Dasein Says:

    Paladin: I have a post for you in the newest iteration of the Saloon.

  11. Westcoast Says:

    Geez Rojas and Neuro,
    Folks, “most” people come to the Rebels site to get informed on the atrocities facing the motorcycle world and injustice that follows. We also get Rebels insight into matters, as he certainly has more connections than the rest of us combined. As Real Americans, this is 1 of the few places we can be informed with “mostly” like minded people. In this site, important information is being shared by readers comments as well, and hopefully the right people read this and it provides a path and clarity for them to address the ill’s of society being shoved down our throats. So given that, can you please stop your trivial bullshit and attacks on others, as it totally distracts from the message and conversation Rebel is working to achieve. Basically, your undermining the Rebel and dis-respecting the people here. We don’t give a fuck what you think of others post’s! So, I say act right and stop making this site about YOU / OR kindly move the fuck on. Rebel is about to block your IP. Show some respect if your on our Team. If your a Cop, Cocksack, Kinfuck or a sympathizer of those fags, keep talking so Rebel will be sure who you are and end this party for you. If I am wrong, act right – that will teach me a lesson! Respects to the People here that deserve it!

  12. Paladin Says:


    Based on Rebel’s reporting and what’s come out at trial, you and your band of merry men have a lot to answer for. Hope your medical insurance covers chiropractic visits. Continually looking over your shoulder is bound to give you a chronic crick in your neck. If it doesn’t already, it’s gonna really suck to be you.

    Hey, why not ask your buddy Rojas to make one of his participation trophies for you? Your’s can be dipped in shit and instead of a little green Army figurine at the top, your’s can have a rat. Since you’re all about the seconding of motions, you want to second this one as well?


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