And Now We Wait

November 9, 2017

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And Now We Wait

Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob “Jake” Carrizal’s fate was placed in the hands of a nine man, three woman jury today at about one p.m. Texas time.

The jury was charged 909 days after about 70 members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club ambushed a small pack of seven Bandidos and another dozen Bandidos support club members as they rode into a Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting at the Twin Peaks restaurant in a shopping center called the Central Texas Marketplace. Carrizal’s was the first to trial of at least 154 criminal cases for engaging in organized criminal activity resulting from a premeditated mass murder of nine people and the wounding of 18 more.

The Cossacks deliberately disrupted the meeting. They arrived early and claimed all the seats that had been reserved for the meeting and most of the parking spaces. Members of the rogue club deliberately left a small number of parking spaces open as a trap. While they waited for Bandidos to try to use those spaces multiple Cossacks text messaged this illustration.


The small Dallas pack, led by Carrizal and his uncle David “3D” Martinez took the bait and tried to park in the open spaces. Carrizal was immediately swarmed by Cossacks who pushed his motorcycle and told him he couldn’t park there. Other members of his pack who had made it as far as the open spaces included Carrizal’s father, Christopher Julien “Shovel” Carrizal . his uncle, chapter sergeant at arms Reginald “Wrecker” Weathers and Manuel Issac “Candy Man” Rodriguez. About two minutes after they pulled in Matrtinez, the elder Carrizal and Weathers had all been shot, Rodriguez was dead and the younger Carrizal was fighting for his life. The bloodbath began when Cossack club officer Owen “Big O” Reeves punched Weathers.

Prosecutors blamed Jake Carrizal for the mass murder, saying he should have obeyed the Cossacks commands and parked someplace else. Aerial photographs of the crime scene suggest that might have been physically impossible.

The courtroom was packed. Observers included multiple police officers including Chief Ryan Holt, Carrizal’s family and Reeves family. Court started 45 minutes late and the first hour on the record was filled with Judge Matt Johnson reading the 57-page jury charge aloud.

Jake Carrizal is charged with being part of the identifiable leadership of a criminal street gang who directed or supervised the commission of a conspiracy to commit murder and or aggravated assault. He is charged with conspiring to commit or actually committing nine murders, including Rodriguez’ murder, and 18 aggravated assaults including the gunshot wounds to his father, his uncle and Weathers.

Guilt By Association

Most of the prosecution’s case was an attempt to convince jurors that the Bandidos are a public danger and that membership in the club is a de facto crime.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarret made the closing argument for the prosecution. Jarrett told the jury that Carrizal had no right of self defense because he is a criminal street gang member and because, although he never shot anyone, he did discharge a two-shot, .38 caliber derringer after he was attacked.

Jarrett argued that Carrizal is guilty of all the murders and assaults under the Texas Law of Parties because he came to Waco looking for a fight – because that is what Bandidos do. “It just doesn’t make sense,” Jarrett argued, that the Dallas Bandidos would have come to Waco for a COC&I for any other reason.

Jarret urged jurors to study the videos of the mass murder because “Our community was forever changed over a patch…a piece of clothing” and “this crime was one a in a million case where the crime was caught on video.”


Jarret told the jurors that Carrizal would still be guilty of nine murders and 18 aggravated assault even if he had stayed home in bed. “He was guilty before he left Dallas,” Jarrett claimed. “He was guilty at Wintergreen!”(By which Jarrett meant a gas station near the intersection of Interstate 35 and Wintergreen Road just south of Dallas.) “He was guilty as he rides into enemy territory! He provoked the conflict long ago!”

He told them Carrizal “has earned every charge” and “You have the power to finish this fight today.”

It is impossible to know right now if the jurors are as stupid as Jarrett thinks they are. The only clue is that none of them actually laughed at him.


Defense attorney Casie Gotro argued that “the case has been about the Bandidos” because “the broader and more general the State could make this prosecution the fewer questions they had to answer.”

She said that Carrizal had to choose between being “a criminal or a coward. You steel your nerve. You plant your feet and you don’t leave your brothers behind.”

“Red and gold, right,” Gotro who wore a red suit to court asked. “How close am I to being a known associate?”

Gotro answered Jarrett’s accusation that Carizal was guilty of coming to Waco in a Bandidos cut with, “We have the right to wear whatever color we want. We have the absolute right to slap tasteless bumper stickers on our fenders…. We don’t need an army of cops to say give me that cut, give me that gun.”

She said, “What happened in Waco would have happened even if Jake Carrizal hadn’t been there.”

“When he was surrounded by Cossacks should Jake Carrizal have broken into a run? Some men aren’t built like that.”

She referred to a souvenir tee shirt from the Bandidos 49th Birthday run in Tyler, Texas a couple of months before the Twin Peaks Mass Murder. The shirt contained an oblique insult to the Cossacks. The prosecution showed the shirt to the jury repeatedly. “That shirt,” Gotro said. “I wish I had a nickel for every offensive tee shirt I’ve seen in my life. We don’t put people in prison for bad taste.”

“He should stop going to COC meetings?”

“Of all the evidence the best they have is ‘bring your tools?’”

“I wish we had more time,” she said. “There are some parts of the puzzle that don’t fit.”

“Tell them the community you live in has room for courage.”

“Find Jake not guilty. Not guilty on all counts.”


If Jarrett’s closing argument was sophistical and dishonest. Dirstrict Attorney Abellino Reyna’s rebuttal of Gotro’s argument was a loathsome and histrionic rant. “Poor Bandidos. Poor, poor Jake Carrizal,” Reyna shouted like a storefront preacher.

“They knew the Cossacks would be there. “

“Oh no. Oh no! We’re moving that COC meeting to Waco!”

The low point might have been Reyna’s repeated use of the phrase “Poor Bandidos.”

Or it might have been when he accused Jesus Delgado “Jesse” “Mohawk” Rodriguez of trying to cut Cossack Jacob Cody Reese’s throat before Reese shot Rodriguez through the heart; which was just before Cossack Jacob Rhyne shot Rodriguez in the face; which was just before Rhyne tried to shoot Jake Carrizal in the face as he lay on the ground waiting to die; which was just before two Waco cops shot and killed Rhyne.

“Poor Bandidos,” Reyna ranted. “Use your common sense.”


86 Responses to “And Now We Wait”

  1. Neuro Says:

    Truly Deplorable…

  2. FF Says:

    Wow. People are using this serious shit to attack other posters? That is some despicable punk ass shit.

  3. Paladin Says:


    There will always be those that never attempt to make a difference, yet have no problem showing their ass while talking shit from either the safety of the sidelines, bleachers or the Internet, never daring to actually get in the game. They’re no more annoying than autumn’s camouflaged dog shit that one scrapes off one’s shoe.


  4. Defense Fund Says:

    The Bandidos fight against the lies and corruption is far from over. Anyone that believes in the cause and wants to donate to the Defense Fund can certainly do that. I bet if you contact Rebel privatly, he could get you the address to mail your donation. Talk is cheap, kicking Mclennan counties corrupt ass is not.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Don’t feed the Trolls

  6. Neuro Says:

    Naturally I will second the motion. Talk is cheap, so is free help. How much money did anyone donate to the defense fund, since there is such a personal interest on everyone’s part ? There have been calls to donate to Rebel, but how much did youse give to the BMC Defense Fund ?

  7. Paladin Says:


    I offered to help, and you?


  8. Rojas Says:

    @ Paladin

    Clearly you deserve a participation trophy.

    I hereby nominate Paladin as the absolute greatest “tier 2” investigator in Texas. Certifiable by the TPDS no less.

    I propose a six foot tall, eight tiered trophy with a simulated birds eye maple finish. I will dip it myself.

    I propose we top it with a little green army man with one hand on his gun and the other on his ass.

    Can I get a second on the motion!

  9. Neuro Says:

    I agree Robert, fuck everybody.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    @ Robert. LOL whatever….

  11. Robert Says:

    A painfully lengthy discussion for the other party I assume

  12. S.paw Says:

    @Rebel..Please take a look at tbe Waco Tribune today on REYNA THE GANGSTER..

  13. Paladin Says:


    I didn’t backtrack. I had a lengthy discussion with Gotro’s detective / investigator (Kevin Fisk) and I offered my services at no charge. And no, I’m not a liar. And yes, you’re a mall cop.


  14. Robert Says:

    You told prison stories and you ain’t never been to prison. It is obvious
    Wish I was a mall cop. Your EXPERTISE was solicited and you backtracked. Explain that. Or own that.
    I love liars. Fuck y’all

  15. Paladin Says:


    Robert is a mall cop, nothing more. End of story.


  16. Mike Smith Says:

    It was never a dead lock. Trials are for proving things. Jake proved that he had the courage to take the chance. Renya proved that he is a fool.

    The litmus test isn’t whether Abelino will retry, it is whether the private law firm that is due to try the next case will even convene a petit jury. If they throw in the towel the entire episode will be over.

    Then there will be the RICO prosecution in SA.

    Finally, the civil actions will be heard. And when they are heard a lot of the real facts will come out. Maybe not the truth, but a lot of the real facts.

    Gandalf, Paladin, Rebel, this has been a tumultuous few years on these pages. I look forward to some more celebratory posts and insights.

  17. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Gandalf

    No respectable club would let any Cossacks near their club, not even to pick up garbage ion their parking lot. The Urine Order or some other Iron On patch set outfit will take them in, as long as they have the 20 bucks for the patch set that is

  18. Gandalf Says:

    Thanks Hangaround but this shit wore me out. Sometimes I get fixated on something like this and it sucks I can’t stop fighting until it’s over. I hope I can put Rebels page down now. Or at least not think so hard. It is what it is and now everyone knows what it is. BS. It will be fun watching Broden expose the Feds on this one.
    I will say this to the Bandits… Great Job from start to finish. The Cossack problem was played perfectly. My Respects. Now ya gotta do what Sun Tzu says and Alexander The Great and The Roman Empire did. Ya gotta find a chosen Few of those Cossacks and encourage them to start Support Clubs in Waco and Tyler. Watch them close but allow them a way to become Bandits. Just a few. Not the ones who knew about the Cops and informers. Remember when Bush disbanded the Iraq army? It does no good to have soldiers running around with nothing to do. Ya gotta incorporate your enemy like Alexander did. It works. Otherwise a surge in Kinfolk and IO might cause a minor problem or 3. ;)

  19. racer x Says:

    Great news!..after reading your blog for years I was one who also thought the fix was in..

    maybe there is hope for justice in this case?

    thanks Rebel and the rest of you for your honesty and trying to keep us informed of the real story.

  20. Mark Says:

    I’m totally Stoked, funking A, right on.
    Good for you Jake.
    And thank you Rebel for keeping all of us in the loop with honest reporting on this injustice.

  21. Paladin Says:

    “Johnson instructed them to continue again, telling jurors he will have to declare a mistrial if they are unable to come to a decision and another jury will likely hear the same evidence as they did and would be confronted by the same questions they had to consider.”

    Johnson continued: “There is no reason to hope the next jury will find these questions any easier to decide than you have found,” the judge’s instructions said.

    Judge Johnson’s statements suggest that a retrial of Mr. Carrizal would not be in the best in the court’s best interest.


  22. slycechyx Says:

    Mistrial, what does this mean for all the other defendants? Will charges be dropped for all?

  23. Paladin Says:

    Juror “P” had disclosed on his questionnaire that he had ties with a local motorcycle shop. As I and others have stated, “you only have to get to one”. Juror “P” had a bad experience with the Cossacks and said he wasn’t going to change his vote.

    If Gotro had attacked the criminal street gang definition as arbitrary, using law enforcement as an example, there might have been a juror that had a bad experience with a cop as well. It only takes one.


  24. Iron Rider Says:

    Is it true that Reyna started sobbing like a little girl because Johnson declared a mistrial? Just heard that rumor. Or maybe I made it up, probobaly will happen anyway.

    Hey Rebel, make sure to send a smirk and a wink Jarret’s way on your way out of the know cause no hard feelings…

  25. Hangaround Says:

    On another note guess you’ll be hanging out here a little longer….. LOL.

    Thats fine by me I like reading your posts….

  26. Gordo Says:

    Double jeapodry???

    5th amendment???

    Hopefully no retrial

  27. Hangaround Says:

    AFTER YOUR COCAINE CHARGE IS DONE if you are still free and want a retrial you are gonna get smoked by Casie…!!!!!

    FTGF!!! A MC club victory !!!

  28. Iron Rider Says:

    Mistrial came down, jury was deadlocked on all 3 counts. Congrats Jake and Casie. Some may say this isn’t a victory but in my mind it is because it means some people on the jury didnt buy the bull shit that Reyna was selling and this in my mind shows what a failure the prosecutions case was.

    Will Reyna claim retrial sure, but will the Texas state AG be game? I dont know about that. Think about the mess this trial was and all the goings on with motions to recuse, Reyna, Johnson and Strothers all the problems with evidence, and discovery not being turned over, allegations of proprietorial misconduct and on and on.

    There is also going to be the fact that Gotro will be able to now fight on the motions that she presented and Johnson denied and all the shenanigins that went on with late discovery, evidence not being disclosed that the State will have to argue on and that is going to be problematic for the D.A to over come.

    While this case isnt over, this is a win for Jake in my mind and one for the MC community as well. A conviction would have turn any little skirmish any other MC had into charges like these.

    Lets hope the Texas state AG sees a chance to get out from under this mess and decides smartly to get out from under this because it wont get any easier for the state here on in with the future trials either

  29. Gandalf Says:

    DEADLOCKED! MISTRIAL! IT IS OVER! 2.5 years. The rest is just clean up.

  30. ASpectatur Says:

    Just Curious, Neither the Prosecution, or Defense Had Anything in Their Jury Questionnaires about Business or Personal Relationships with Any of the MC’s Involved in the Case? That Seems Like it Would Have Been a Given…

  31. ArkBand Says:

    Judge just declared a mistrial

  32. lofty Says:

    Witherspoons twitter just posted… MISTRIAL

  33. Gandalf Says:

    @ Robert (The Cop) Nice to hear from you again. So now you hate everyone do you? Not getting enough respect on the Street… or at Home? Try beating your wife or kids. Or maybe just roust up some innocent kid for… Heck, Whatever you want. The Fact is people used to respect Cops. Now they don’t. Why? The Media? Cell Phones? The Parents? Guns? TRY BLAMING YOURSELF DICKHEAD! Just like you tell us to 24/7. The fact is Twin Peaks, Dead unarmed black people getting wasted and videoed, lying cops on the Stand ect. added to, Weed Laws, DAs who can indict a Ham Sandwich but never a cop, The Prison System… and on and on and on ALL make it dangerous for you and yours. Some Crazy fool is already plotting to get payback for Twin Peaks… I hope you all well but I ain’t crying about dead cops any more. Like you tell us at Twin Peaks and everywhere else, ITS YOUR OWN DAM FAULT! Try Policing your own… Have you ever arrested a cop? Have you ever arrested ANYONE for weed yet… your kids, Nephew, Niece, Brother smokes pot and you don’t arrest Him/Her? Don’t answer these Questions. It would be a waste of time. NOBODY BELIEVES YOU ANYWAY. Why is my Country going to Shit? Look in the fucking mirror. And like New Orleans during Katrina… When you cops get scared and run home to protect your families… And the Prison Guards do the same… and the angry Inmates bail out by the thousands to rape and slaughter the innocent women and children who paid you all these years, Only then will you know what YOU AND YOURS did. I’m asking you to repent and do something about it before it’s too late. Not in any way threatening you and yours.

  34. Filburt Says:

    This is totally self defense on Jake’s part.

  35. moto Says:

    Hodlding the jury hostage isn’t winning any friends.

    “The note from the jury said that some jurors are willing to wait a month and are not willing to consider a review of the evidence”

    Any guilty charge will be met with such a rock solid Appeal case, and the evidence in favor of an appeal keep growing

  36. xplor Says:

    While the jury is still out it is time to think about prosecutorial jury tampering. Something like the trick they played with the first grand jury.

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