Gotro Begins Carrizal Defense

November 6, 2017

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Gotro Begins Carrizal Defense

More happens in the Waco trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal before 9 a.m. than happens in most criminal trials all day.

Today the Carrizal trial began with a pow-wow of many lawyers. Defense lawyer Casie Gotro was there with two assistants. District Attorney Abelino Reyna was there with his assistants – Michael Jarrett, Amanda Dillon and Brody Burks. An assistant city attorney was there; and a lawyer from the police union CLEAT; and Christopher Lindsey who represents the Department of Public Safety; and Assistant United States Attorneys Mark Frazier and Greg Gloff.

Secret Stuff

Most of them were there to argue about two pieces of evidence the prosecution just discovered after more than two years. One was an 80-minute audio recording of a meeting in June 2015 between Cossack informant Mark White and Reyna, Jarrett, Dillon and Waco detective Jeffrey Rogers. During the conversation, which seems to have been an attempt by White to make a plea deal, White told prosecutors that the issue that supposedly instigated the Twin Peaks Mass Murder, the Cossacks putting a Texas bottom rocker on their vests, had been resolved in 2014.

The DPS argued that the other, recently discovered piece of evidence, a transcription of an interview between Cossack William Flowers and an FBI agent was too dangerous for the public to know about. Johnson allowed the interview to be redacted, which means that all the really interesting parts were crossed out with a black marker, before copies were given to attorneys on both sides.

Then Gotro moved for a dismissal of the case based on prosecutorial misconduct; demanded a 45 minute recess to read what could be seen of the Flower’s interview; then angrily stormed out of the courtroom calling Jarrett “a criminal.”

It was mostly downhill from there for the defense.

Rogers For The Defense

The defense moved for a directed verdict of not guilty. Johnson denied it.

Then Gotro gave a 90 second opening statement that featured two sustained abjections from Jarrett. Gotro managed to tell the jury that there were 258 witnesses to what happened at the Twin Peaks, that the “full weight of the state of Texas” was on Carrizal’s shoulders and that, so far, they had only heard half the story. “Would you like to hear the rest of the story,” she asked.

For her first witness, Gotro called Rogers, the Waco cop who was most involved with the buildup to the mass murder. Rogers had just spent two hours being coached up by the CLEAT lawyer and he didn’t remember much. What he did remember was the prosecution’s recurring talking points – the half of the story the jury had already heard. During cross examination, Jarrett got the chance to show the jury their best evidence – a series of text messages including two telling Bandidos and support club members to bring their guns and leave their women at home,

Gotro had a little tantrum at one point, arguing “Being in Waco is not a crime!” “It is not a crime to travel with a firearm!”

Jarrett argued back that if “You’re a gang member you don’t have the right to bear arms.”

Gotro shook her head and yelled “That is not the law! That is not the law!” At least that woke the jury up.

Her point that any random policeman can label anyone a gang member, under the illegal argument of guilt by association, “Because of the colors he wears and the company he keeps” was how Gotro put it, was well taken.

But it just gave Rogers the opportunity to tell Gotro, and the jury, that that was exactly what the law is.

Yvonne Reeves For The Defense

It is hard to know what Gotro was trying to accomplish by calling Rogers as a defense witness. Maybe she thought she could change his mind in front of the jury, as Saul changed his mind on the road to Damascus.

It is even harder to understand why she called Yvonne Reeves, the wife of Cossack Nomad Owen Reeves and the mother of dead Cossack Richard “Chain” Jordan II, as her second defense witness. Reeves sobbed when she recalled her dead son. She wept through most of her testimony except when recalling the noble work of the Cossacks Care For Kids charity. That probably didn’t help get Carrizal acquitted either.

Two Actual Defense Witnesses

Gotro called two more witnesses that probably helped her client. John Bridgeman, the president of a Soldiers For Jesus Motorcycle Ministry in Houston told the jury he thought the Confederation of Clubs and Independents was a good thing and that he had many friends in the Bandidos, some of whom knew the Bible better than he did. But Jarrett was skeptical and Bridgemen didn’t get on the stand until late in the day.

The defense’s best witness was a twice wounded, disabled combat veteran named William Apodaca-Fisk. He testified on a video recorded last week.

He used to be a member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. He started a new club called the Squad Veteran Riders Motorcycle Club and he is an officer in the Southern New Mexico Council of Clubs. He associates regularly with Bandidos in both New Mexico and Texas. He was matter of fact and informed.

He testified that the Bandidos is not a criminal gang and that members were helpful and supportive when he started his own club.

He testified that a one percenter is a “professional biker.”

The shame is that he didn’t testified first.


50 Responses to “Gotro Begins Carrizal Defense”

  1. Clarence Whicker Says:


    I wanted to let you know that you’re offering a great service and I appreciate your business.

  2. Gandalf Says:

    @ Dutchboy. What Church? Waco/ATF simply redefined The Branch Davidians as a Cult. Simple. 99% of Waconians call them a Cult. Spin + propaganda works. David Koresh was a pedophile and Mr. Weaver declared war on the US. There was a time when I almost believed both these things… almost. But more Yes than No. After TP I’m not so sure and will never believe them again…. even a little. TP was too obvious and should be studied by all Americans as to what these people are capable of. “1 Deasil, then bear…” Those words ring in my head over and over. The Cossack who said them is as guilty as Big O. How does He sleep at night?

    On another note: I always remember seeing that Cossack on Butchers cam who looks like He’s shooting straight at butcher. I thought, He’s not shooting at Butcher He’s shooting at the guy with the helmet who ran to the pole for cover. Now I know that was Jake and for such a big man that dude ran fast, dodging bullets. Notice that the Cossack waited a while… then picked His target, cocked His gun and started popping. He was after Jake in particular. Maybe 4 shots until Butcher dropped Him. That cop TRULY saved Jakes Life. Jake should thank Him on the stand and personally. Why? Because it’s true and the right thing to do. I never blamed the rank and file Waco PD shooters and counted on the fact they shot the aggressors. 8-1 is a huge difference that said it all to me. IMHO

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    @Gandalf, I recall a particular “church” in Waco that the “government” decided was such a danger to public safety the Feds HAD to pull a military style (even had SF training as I recall) “dog and pony show” style raid for the press. If the LEOs are willing to burn women and children to death in a church what would stop them from declaring YOUR church a CSG for the pot vending you suggested? Or even worse, for being not PC enough? When you control the courts, the lame stream media, and the overwhelming force you become a tyrant. Again, respect Fair Winds and Following Seas

  4. Paladin Says:


    See Texas 85th Legislature Title 1. Code of criminal Procedure Art. 61.02 (b)


  5. Gandalf Says:

    Speaking of the OJ Trial. 1 BIG LIE (Have you ever used the word Niger before? FLee to Furman) and Jake is TOAST. Jarrett knows it and it’s His only goal at this point. FLee Baily had the tape or knew it existed before He asked the Question. The Tape with Furman using that word 35 times??? He set Furman up. That’s why His mama named Him F Lee Baily. Baily only questioned Furman.
    Look for Jarrett to put 1 trap after another to catch Jake in that 1 big lie. It works. Never get caught lying in court. It’s the kiss of death. Guilty or Innocent your toast. Reyna’s already 1/2 baked with His BS. I’m about to. (takes bong hit) Good Night.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    Wow… Dutchboy is EXACTLY right.

  7. Paladin Says:


    My mistake. The authority lies with the Texas legislature.


  8. Gandalf Says:

    If tomorrow the Headline read, “Waco Baptist Church members arrested for growing Pot. 6 members arrested.” And They sold it on Sundays before and after Church. Would Waco PD arrest the Minister and charge Him with directing a CSG and send Him to jail for 99 years? I think not… THERE IS a unwritten part of that CSG Law. Casie needs to put The Bandits squarely in that “unwritten” part. 1st She has to show the jury there is a unwritten or interpretation part of that Law. Not complain it’s random. Prove it’s there. An unwritten part that must be interpreted and it’s NOT word for word.

  9. Paladin Says:


    I admire your enthusiasm and hope you are right. I’ve been wrong in the past and in this instance I look forward to being wrong again.


  10. Rojas Says:


    Can you show us where in Texas Penal Code, Title 11, Chapter 71 it defers the authority to the TDPS to designate Criminal Street Gangs?

  11. Gandalf Says:

    By Reyna’s definition of a CSG a Church who has 3 members growing and selling weed is a CSG. The Minister is Guilty for organizing a picnic where it was sold. Whether He knew about it or not. NO… add the unwritten part of that Law and the Minister isn’t arrested.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    The fact is what you call “random” enforcement of CSG Laws I call an unwritten and understood part of that Law. Not random at all… just unwritten and understood by Police and DAs.

  13. Gandalf Says:

    The Fact that The Bandidos organizing principle is to Ride Motorcycles AND they support a Political Organization that Lobbies for their cause IS HUGE. IMHO What other CSG does that? NONE! Churches Lobby, Cops Lobby, Shriners Lobby.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Churches Organize for Religion. It doesn’t matter how many members committed what crimes. Churches, Cops, Shriners ect will never be considered a CSG. Because of their Organizing principle. Seems like simple logic to me. (simple is good)

  15. Gandalf Says:

    I understand my Strategy is “Spin” and The letter of the Law is against it. Spin works in Texas. She already asked if the Crips did toy runs or escorted abused children to the Hospital. There are lots of examples like that… I’m thinking getting that Gang Expert on the Stand and fire those Questions one at a time… To make it more obvious. I’m thinking the jury is still trying to decide if The Bandits are a CSG or not. The Judges Instructions will weigh heavy but I think they have already decided that it’s the Jury who decides Gang or Not. So the judge might just let it be… Let They Jury decide what that Law means.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    Good Point. To use another group She would have to have the actual Data. If Casie can just get the jury to think “What do Bandits (and cops) do that CSG DO NOT DO.” In my mind THATS what makes Cops and Shriners NOT a CSG. Because they organize for a specific reason. The Bandits organize to ride motorcycles. None of the listed CSGs have an organizing principle. Except Crime. She just has to get them to look at it differently… not what CSGs do but what they don’t do. Not compare The Bandits to the Shriners but compare them to the other CSGs. All She need do is recall the Gang Expert and make Her case. IMHO

  17. Paladin Says:


    The second paragraph of my prior post relates to the following: Sec. 71.023. DIRECTING ACTIVITIES OF CRIMINAL STREET GANGS. (a) A person commits an offense if the person, as part of the identifiable leadership of a criminal street gang, knowingly finances, directs, or supervises the commission of, or a conspiracy to commit, one or more of the following offenses by members of a criminal street gang:

    When the Plumbers Union conspires to break the law it’s not especially news worthy. Cops are held to a higher standard because they hold the public trust. When cops conspire ( to break the law, not only is it news worthy, but people notice.

    Having spent a number of years going after dirty cops, I can tell you that not everyone loves cops. People get pissed when the law applies to others, but not the cops. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there isn’t someone on that jury (it only takes one) that has been unfairly fucked over by a Texas cop, maybe even a Waco cop and wouldn’t mind getting a little personalized justice. Again, the O.J. Simpson trial comes to mind.


  18. Dutchboy Says:

    Bone Head, well said Sir. Mackey, exactly which chapter of IO do you belong too?

  19. Dutchboy Says:

    @Gotro,. Madam Counselor, if anybody on the jury is a Freemason or Eastern Star remind them, maybe in your closing, that at one time Masons we’re considered a “criminal organization” in many jurisdictions of the US (William Morgan 1826, NY.). Show that ANYONE, ANY GROUP CAN BE DECLARED A “CRIMINAL STREET GANG”. Your church won’t perform gay weddings, criminal conspiracy. You can see where I’m going with this.

  20. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin. I don’t quite understand “with the underlining action Assault, Murder.” My shoemaker mind says without the Assault and Murder the charge can’t stick. I’m pretty sure a Texas Jury would find Self-Defense and eliminate those 2 actions.
    As far as the CSG definition I would chose the Plumbers Union or something like that to do the comparison. Jurys love cops and it sounds like an attack on them if She uses Cops. Texas juries are funny animals. I believe they would disregard the exact written CSG Law if put to them right. (see below) Texans can also be stubborn and its very possible that 1 person can (and would) hang that Jury. There are more men than women on it. Don’t underestimate the effect of arresting 177 people either. Waconians are upset about that… Casie needs to lay on the “Cossack Ambush” thick. Leave no doubt. IMHO Her only defense against that CSG definition (vague) is to compare the Bandits to the Crips, Bloods etc. If She has stats about another group fine… add that in as you suggested. ITS WHAT CSGs DO NOT DO that The Bandits do. I can only think of a few and think “The Hobby” that brings them together is compelling. CSG are about 1 thing… Crime. Crime is what brings them together. (But Yea, I get it. The way it is written is bad) She has to define it what is written and show the vagueness.

  21. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Paladin

    Well said. Let’s hope the jury isnt buying what Reyna and Co are selling.

  22. Shutup Says:

    @Paladin, yes sir. In a nutshell.

  23. Paladin Says:

    To all;

    Unless Gotro can convince the jury that the club in question is not a criminal street gang as defined in the Texas Penal Code, Title 11, Chapter 71, it’s over. It really is just that simple. The club in question was designated a criminal street gang by the Texas DPS long before the Twin Peaks incident. Groto having William Apodaca-Fisk testify that “the Bandidos is not a criminal gang and that members were helpful and supportive when he started his own club” is ludicrous, as is John Bridgeman stating that: “he had many friends in the Bandidos, some of whom knew the Bible better than he did.

    Folks; The cops are not on trial (although they should be), the P. of the club in question is and the charges against him stem from him being in charge and directing the activities of a designated criminal street gang. “Directing the activities” doesn’t mean Carrizal personally directed person “A” to shoot person “B” or that he personally directed person “C” to stab person “D”. It does mean that Carrizal directed the charter of his club to ride to a specific place at a specific time, knowing there was a high probability of a fight with another club.

    It matters not who said what to whom or who knew or didn’t know this, that or the other in advance of the fight at Twin Peaks. The cops LET the incident at Twin Peaks happen. The clubs involved in the fight at Twin Peaks MADE it happen.

    When speaking with Gotro’s investigator, I mentioned to him the following: One way to blunt the prosecution’s case is to show just how overl arbitrary the TX penal code definition of a criminal street gang is. One example could be that statistically, based on numbers, members of TX law enforcement have been convicted of more crimes that meet the “criminal street gang” definition than the club in question. The main difference is that law enforcement is government sponsored and the club in question isn’t.

    The prosecution might argue the absurdity of such a comparison, stating that “a few bad apples don’t spoil the whole bunch”, which can be applied to any group, including the club in question and the prosecution will state the need for the police and other law enforcement entities. When one opens the door to what we do or don’t need, one can argue: Who decides? What freedoms do we “need”? What religions do we “need”? Do we “need” the Masons, Shriners, E Clampus Vitus or any other fraternal organizations. And again, who decides?

    If Texas Penal Code Title 11, Chapter 71 can be applied to the club in question, it can also be applied to law enforcement as well. The fact that it is not, makes it arbitrary.

    Dear Ms. Gotro,

    It’s the live rabbits you must to pull from your hat, not the dead ones.


  24. Gandalf Says:

    Police can not understand Respect without Fear. They believe the other clubs fear the Bandits…. because they fear the Bandits. When they see anyone show the Bandits respect they obviously believe it’s fear.

  25. Gandalf Says:

    Again: Do Crips and Bloods do Charity? Do they have a hobby like riding Motorcycles that brings them together. Do they pay dues? Do they have a treasurer/Sec? Do they support any Political Org like the COC&I? Are they required to have jobs? Do they wear clothing with their names on it. Drive cars with their Names on it? Do they allow sex offenders? ….. “Wouldn’t it be a better description of a Criminal Street Gang to say their SOLE purpose to organize is for Crime?” “Wouldn’t you say that ALL the other gangs on the list organize solely for the purpose of Crime?”

  26. Gandalf Says:

    The Very last thing the Jury heard was a Text Message signed “FTP Expect No Mercy” proving what Jake said it means. Making those “Experts” wrong when they said it meant violence.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I’m with Sieg on this one. This trial’s outcome was decided before it started.

    It is the most important thing for the gov/state/waco to blame this on the bandits and find them guilty. Then the headline “Twin peaks bandidos guilty” will be force fed to the whole planet for at least a week.

    Best case scenario, carrizal wins on appeal, this will be very silent and swept under the rug.

    They picked him first for a reason, his verdict will lay the foundation for all the cases to follow.

    I guess someone has to be guilty right? It was either gonna be the bandidos or waco and the feds (and the copsacks).

    Hope to God I’m wrong and that I have to eat these words..

    Now that the prosecution has presented their case and we have had time to listen to it, one wonders exactly what part of that case took 3 years to prepare?

  28. Hangaround Says:

    How could anyone possibly convict “single father of two, drug tested railroad engineer, defender of inappropriately touched fiances, and all around following in the family motorcycle club tradition good guy” Jake, an innocent who fell into the intentionally plotted ambush by Cossacks?
    I’m sure that in closing Gotro will be sure to reiterate Cossacks buying chains, Cossacks fondling guns at twin peaks, and cops knowing the whole thing was going to happen.
    Combine this with a little Freedom of Association and Not a member of a street gang until its proven and not hearsay that Bandidos are a street gang and voila! Justice Prevails!
    Well played Casie!

  29. Gandalf Says:

    Wow. How cool is Jake? I’d say He Humanized Himself and put the Criminal Street Gang issue to rest. Wonderful. Reyna ain’t gonna be able to shake Him either. He might score a few points but nowhere near enough. After Jake comes the “Cossack Trap” evidence and this thing is over. IMHO. Respects to the Bandits, Y’all are the smartest group of guys I have ever seen or heard. And I’m old. I’m thinking Y’all played this whole Cossack thing perfectly. Machiavelli Would be proud. I think you got this.

  30. Slickie Says:

    According to their Website the Soldiers For Jesus is an MC not a Motorcycle Ministry.

  31. moto Says:

    Police chief (then assistant) Holt scolding the owner of TP for “inviting gang members” and suggesting he hires private security almost reads like extortion.


  32. Hangaround Says:

    I think Gotro is on the right track. I believe the strategy she is following here is not the “establish everyone else is guilty” theory as much as it is “given everything you have heard about Cossacks setting traps and cops knowing what was up, my client innocently rolled into a bear trap” theory.

    I myself will be quite suprised if the verdict is anything but not guilty or hung jury. I have not yet heard one thing that provides any shred of evidence that the Bandidos intentionally went looking for trouble at Twin Peaks.

  33. Gandalf Says:

    @ Sieg. LOL. TY for the Reality check. FTW (Fuck Their World) I changed it a little.

  34. Mark Says:

    Follow the money:
    How much money were the cossacks snitches making WPD where forfeitures were involved? The conversations between these cossack snitches and any and all involved in LE on all levels need to be available to the defense lawyers because the cops could have been using the cossacks are a means of, entrapment of crimes that would not have happen without the partnership between the snitches and the cops. Everything needs to be on the table, everything.

  35. Freebird Says:


    I dont think anyone could frame the issue any better than you did. I sat in the courtroom this morning and watched the battle of non-discovery continue to play out. Gotro had a short flurry of left jams about not getting documents she had requested. The states response to the court was oh well they must have gotten lost in the shuffle. A mans life is on the line… i cant get that phrase out of my head! Think about that for a few minutes. It must have gotten lost in the shuffle.

  36. david Says:

    Of course, the criminal presiding “judge” acting like a monkey by following his “law” partner Reyna’s lead, DPS(Dept. of Public Shit) attorney Lindsey’s lead, and the fucking pig-Union attorney’s lead in a fake “trial” which could be called a completely lying, Monkey Trial, is par for the course for an “attorney-Judge” who is a member of one of the largest criminal-organizations in the world, the Attorney-Club, as well as every aforementioned attorney.

    The attorney-club infiltrated the state legislative, executive and judicial branches of gov. which was created by the people of Texas, not by members of the fucking attorney-club, which gov. belongs to, and is owned by, ALL the people of Texas, not just members of the fucking attorney-club. Furthermore, the same attorney-legislators passed an unconstitutional “law” stating ONLY ATTORNEYS can be “judges” on the bench to solidify THEIR organized criminal activity, conducted on a daily basis.

    Based upon attorney-judges’ past and present record of provable criminal activity which the bastard attorneys falsely call “misconduct”, AND every accused persons’ protected Right under the Ninth Amend. to have all proceedings presided over by an elected NON-attorney judge, this so-called “trial” ain’t nothing BUT a bunch of monkeys going through the “motions”.

    These co-conspiring, arrogant, evil criminal bastards are in truth evil, for the reason following, and many others:

    “Truly evil people don’t just hurt others. They take pride in the pain they cause and then try to blame their victims.”

  37. Mackey Says:

    Give it up already all these idiots are going to jail for a long time open and shut case. Let it be a lesson to all you wanna be tough guys playing baddass on weekends if you join one of these clubs your going to jail or in a 6 foot hole. Join abate and leave the clowns where they belong in a courtroom or graveyard… I mean circus

  38. Sieg Says:

    All you sideline-lawyers miss the point…there is no justice, period. This is going to end in a conviction, and a nice fat sentence, no doubt in my mind at all.

    What Rebel is doing is recording some of the last gasps of a dying civilization, and laying some of the groundwork for the Second Republic.


  39. Gandalf Says:

    Casie should have laid off the cops and the theory they instigated it. I think it’s true but without a smoking gun it seems useless. Blue Shirt guys tapping His head? Now this Constable.??? Both things seem useless. Get the “Expert” witness on to defend against the CSG label and show everything that blames the Cossacks. She’s getting off message. IMHO. All I can do is hope now. Stay on Message Casie.

  40. bcnasty Says:

    Never think not saying anything is being complacent.

  41. TX_Biker Says:

    Gotro will need to end every day with something positive about Jake and The Bandidos. She will also need to stress everyday that the prosecution has tried to paint Jake as guilty simply because he was there.

  42. Kenny 1%er Says:

    Very least mistrial and this time defense could advocate with all evedence. We all know he shoulda got a go free card on how stupid this trick bag of a place is. Im still trying to get that the judge is former law parner? Reminds me when i saw my jury list and half where police!

  43. Mark Says:

    I don’t see where the cossacks along with the government have engaged in a partnership that entails, national security and is top secret. Or were the snitches in the cossacks in so deep, what was redacted was information that could, effect on going cases? Like maybe some other Twin Peaks cases? What other information is the government hiding and getting away with it. All of those lawyers that showed up Monday morning seemingly were there to hide something from the jury. Where the cossack snitches really in that deep? In time did the cossacks mc become a front for cops as a vehicle to drive around in the underworld and build criminal cases? Is that what is being hidden from the public and jury?
    The first witness, made it clear that cops behind closed doors label people who have committed no crimes, criminals. In violating the Constitution that they took an oath to uphold. My question would be, do you have a SCOTUS ruling that gives police the ability to strip a citizen or many citizens of their Constitutional Rights? Can Muslims be stripped of their Constitutional Righs because they go to church and there are some radicals that are with in the ranks of that church, past, present or future? What about NRA members in due time? When they came for the Unionist, I said nothing because I was not a Unionist……..

  44. Bone Head Says:

    Forgive me for getting a little sideways here, but reyna may have opened a real can of worms.
    Were I in Texas and convicted by his office, I’d want to know just what evidence was withheld in my trial. The efforts he’s put forth to muddy this case would indicate it is standard practice with him.

  45. Vicky Says:

    It seems to be lost on anyone even those who ride. I don’t see anyone other than the few on this website that is worried at all. Because I guess it doesn’t affect them. Or they don’t realize that it does.

  46. Shutup Says:

    @Ironrider, it’s already lost on on the public ( sheeple). Unfortunately, short attention spans. They don’t ride, so it doesn’t affect them. They are missing the corruption, and /or just don’t care. Thanks again Rebel. Respect to the Righteous

  47. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Dr G

    Think of how many riding groups wear vests with a semblance of a patch set in Texas and carry a a firearm but yet Law Enforcement doesn’t consider those groups an OMG, so it is more a case of cherry picking to suit their claim as they see fit.

    Law Enforcement wants to apply the OMG selectively even though they claim they don’t do that but as we are seeing they are doing just that and think about this if Law Enforcement considers any group that is allegedly a 1% group why did they choose Cocksacks as a group they would crawl in bed with and even offer their members a get out of jail free card for any bad acts committed at Twin Peaks while enlisting Cossack higher ups as Confidential Informants and even donned the Cocksack rags and paraded around two of their undercovers in Cocksack rags at Twin Peaks all whilst the regular Cocksack patch holder knew the cops were in their midst.

    No other legit 1% MC would KNOWINGLY allow cops to wear their colors, nor would they allow the cops to attend their events as members of an MC, nor would any MC members be caught dead at any event with cops wearing their cut knowing all along the others members were “good” with that. It would never fucking happen.

    If I ever said to my brothers “Hey the cops will give us a free pass to cause some shit and all we have to do is let a few brothers be informants and we need to let the cops hang with us dressed in our cuts at such and such events and act like everything is on the up and up I am sure my ass would be between my shoulder blades and I’d be on the outside looking in forever and that’s being polite about it.

    The fact that Cocksack higher ups were informants and let the cops fly their rags and their regular members were okay with it and then played along at an event where their members were shot and killed just goes to show you the cops will make a deal with anyone and that those who got shot and or killed were just the cost of business and I will be the Cocksack higher ups that were informants could give a rats as that they climbed in bed with the cops and their OWN members were killed in the process and their idiot members went along with this whole scheme for a get out of jail free card and to be a law enforcement partner.

    The cops have a long history of fucking Confidential Informants and even their own people, looks at Jay “knob gobblin” Dobbyns and William Queen, used and fucked over by their own Law Enforcement brothers and department and left swinging in the wind.

    Any club that would take a Cocksack in as even someone to watch the rides, would have to be out of his fucking mind. Only some fucked up Law Enforcemnt club like the Urine Order would be proud to have a Cocksack in their midst, no MC worth it’s patch and name will want any part of a Cocksack being taken into their club

  48. Dr G Says:

    What Gotro needs to do is use Texas definition of a gang against them because of their definition every LE agency is gang and shouldn’t be carrying a gun

  49. Dasein Says:

    In the linguistics of strategic communication, the last thing said, is considered more memorable, and therefore more important, than what was said before. It may be she understands this, if perhaps only subconsciously, and was “saving the best for last”.

  50. Iron Rider Says:

    So Reyna, Jarret and Dillon had a meeting with a Cossack Mark White who was a confidential Informant and decided that the defense didn’t need to know about that little meet up? Uh yeah the defense does and that should have been part of the discovery that was turned over, but of course you know the prosecution gave the defense everything right? Not so much, outright misleading the court and defense seems to be well at hand.

    Sorry but this trial ought to be over, the prosecution has claimed to have turned all relevant discovery over and how many times have we seen Gotro’s say that all the discovery hasn’t been turned over and she has repeatedly that many many times and rightly so. How many times now has Reyna and Co. reassures the court that Gotro got EVERYTHING and there isn’t anything left to give , only for more and more discovery to be found and have to be turned over yet again. Not only that but how many times has Johnson had to order the prosecution to make sure that all discovery is turned over and again and again more items keep being found ~wink wink~.

    The meeting of Reyna, Jarret and Dillion with Cossack CI white and not informing the defense borders on prosecutorial misconduct and some ethical violations of the Texas State Bar professional code of conduct. As for Jarret’s assertion that “He thought White was lying, so didn’t think Gotro needed to know about the meeting” is nothing but a very lame attempt at ass covering.

    There are so many problems with the prosecutions handling of this case before the trial and since it began that I fail to see how a jury can rely on ANYTHING that the prosecution has put forward in evidence and testimony, the constant misrepresentations to the court and the defense about discovery and evidence are so overwhelming and prejudicial to Carrizal that there is no way in hell Carrizal was given a fair trial, one can not have a fair trial when the deck has been stacked as we see this one has.

    As for the State, the DPS, Waco PD and any other 3 letter acronym law agency trying to say “we didn’t turn this or that over because we thought it was privileged” and we wanted to protect our informants, boo hoo that is for the court to decide, not everyone else with something to hide and again Gotro is right that it was up to the judge not Reyna and Co or law enforcement to decide to withhold it. and the way Johnson is running this case has the prosecution and it’s law enforcement partners asked Johnson to withhold it and bar it’s use, he’d have probably granted their request and gave them a cookie to boot.

    Johnson has gone out of his way so far to help keep the case against Carrizal alive, you can only have so many failures of discovery and evidence not being turned over and the court having to order everyone too look for anything else so many times in a case like this and still feign how your impartial to keep the charade going. if this was anywhere else but Waco, this case would have been over.

    I sure as shit am not going to blame Gotro on this one, Reyna and Co. have misled the court and defense on discovery, evidence, information on meetings, recordings etc in an attempt to sandbag the defense by “finding” all this discovery and evidence etc in the midst of a trial especially after the prosecution has presented it’s case, so how does Gotro overcome that when she could have challenged the discovery before the trial started or when the prosecution witnesses were on the stand. That’s a pretty damn big hurdle for the defense and the prosecution and Johnson know it and got away with it.

    Rogers conveniently not being able to remember half the shit when asked by the defense but yet able to remember the slightess detail when asked by the prosecution is self serving and more than indicative of ass covering. Why is it that Rogers said that when the Cossacks were streaming off the patio and had surrounded the Bandidos that arrived that Rogers said he saw the first punch being thrown from someone on the outside of the circle but he believes the shot was fired from the center of the group? Really so all those bodies in a circle of how many people and he was able to pick that out? Nothing sort of amazing if that really did occur the way Rogers says, but I doubt that.

    There seems to be a LOT of selective recollections from the prosecution concerning evidence, and recordings and meetings with confidential informants and all this late discovery and with law enforcement testimony. I fail to see how a jury can convict when the prosecutions case has been a shambles and all the failures to follow the law and even the courts orders, not to mention all of the prosecutorial misconduct that has gone on in a trial that has been by ambush and this has been the epitome of the definition of trial by ambush.

    If Carrizal is found guilty, it would be a real tragedy considering the prosecution and Law Enforcement failures that have occurred in this case not to mention the rulings by a judge who has been anything but impartial contrary to the oath he swore to uphold. Even if Carrizal is found guilty, there is no way in hell an appeal court would look at this case and go “we see no problems here, good trial conviction stands”. Carrizal would get a new trial.

    With that said how does the State proceed to retry Carrizal with all the problems and failings the first trial had, there certainly will be no suprises for the defense and evidence and discovery not given to the defense before will be known and used while the prosecution starts it case giving Carrizal’s counsel better footing to challenge it and witness testimony and make motions concerning it by a judge who may have a heel of a lot more impartiality than Johnson has shown, question is will the State have the stomach for it with the epic failures we have seen already and want to absorb the cost of another trial where they will be up against a more robust counter attack from the defense?

    One thing this trial does show is how once man can be railroaded by a Judge, District Attorney’s office and Law Enforcement and the rules of law and court can be obliterated and failures to follow the law under which a person is afforded under the penal code and the constitution are being abused and erased more and more and how the courts have lost their impartiality and are too intertwined with the prosecution and law enforcement to render a fair trial to anyone that comes before it accused of a crime.

    I have said this before and will again you are no longer presumed innocent till you are found guilty, more that you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence and with Judges, prosecutors and Law Enforcement acting in concert like this to hide things from the defense, no way in hell anyone will get a fair trial.

    And with the recent events of the mass shooting that took place in Texas, all the goings on in the Twin Peaks case will just be lost on the public.

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