State Sponsored Mass Murder

November 4, 2017

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State Sponsored Mass Murder

After 30 months, the outlines of a giant iceberg are finally emerging through the fog. Although 90 percent of it remains concealed.

What happened at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015 was an example of state sponsored mass murder. Both the mass murder and the Orwellian coverup which has followed, and which includes a shallow racketeering case titled US v. Portillo et al., were contrived and have been executed by members of the Waco Police Department, the Lorena, Texas Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Twin Peaks Mass Murder was not conceived to be the blood bath it turned out to be.

The massacre was probably originally intended to replicate an incident in early December 2005, when members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club allegedly opened fire on members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club at a Christmas toy run in Norco, California. Three civilians, including a fire fighter, were wounded. That shooting lent itself to the portrayal of both clubs as public dangers that had to be eliminated by any means necessary. The event also became a racketeering predicate act in a RICO prosecution titled US v Cavazos et al., the largest and most expensive infiltration and prosecution of a motorcycle club in American History.


The Twin Peaks Mass Murder also appears to have been imagined as a way to humiliate the Bandidos who were outnumbered by the Cossacks at the Twin Peaks by about two to one.

In a signed and notarized affidavit dated May 20, 2015, Waco gang detective Jeffrey Rogers wrote: “We thought there was potential for possibly fights, but nothing like what took place. In my mind I expected some tension, some arguing, pushing and shoving, fights, I didn’t expect that.”

Rogers’ anticipation of violence was recently corroborated in a news feature by Associated Press reporter Emily Schmall. Schmall reported: “In a conversation captured by her bodycam, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague after the shooting, “I really didn’t think it was going to end like this.”

“I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out.”

Waco police officers on scene were deployed in a way to cordon off the Twin Peaks, but not is a way to deter violence by the Cossacks.

Rogers was also aware, before the first shot was fired, that after humiliating the Bandidos at the Twin Peaks the Cossacks planned to ride in a pack to a bar named Hanovers Draught Haus in Pflugerville, Texas where they intended to disrupt a family gathering for the wives and children of Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents members.

Before the pack of Dallas Bandidos led by Carrizal arrived, before the first shot was fired, at least one and probably more Cossacks sent out text messages that included a picture of a bear trap and the words, “trap being set.”

Six Police Assets

Rogers and other police conspirators were made aware of the pending violence by at least four confidential sources of information embedded within the Cossacks.

Those SOIs on the Twin Peaks patio included Cossack Nomad Owen Reeves and Waco chapter president John Wilson. Both were cooperating with Lorena police who were, in turn, acting as proxies for the DEA. In unrelated cases, Lorena police have demonstrated an ongoing working relationship with the DEA.

At the time of the Twin Peaks Mass Murder, the DEA and the FBI were conducting the undercover investigation which became the stalled case titled US v. Portillo et al. The day after the Mass Murder, a federal wiretap caught an angry Portillo saying the Bandidos were “a war with the Cossacks.” When the Portillo case was finally announced, Portillo was inaccurately quoted as saying that the Bandidos had “declared war on the Cossacks.” Federal prosecutors believe that successfully framing Carrizal would strengthen their hand in Portillo.

Cossack Mark Allen White was cooperating directly with Waco detective Rogers.

Charles Wayne Russell, who was shot and killed at the Twin Peaks, appears to have been cooperating directly with the ATF at the time of the mass murder. The Aging Rebel believes Russell was contacted by federal agents after a major ATF raid on a property in Tyler, Texas at the beginning of May. The property was owned by Cossacks Upshur County chapter president Randy Wood. At the time of the raid, Wood was in a federal lockup.The ATF raid included about 50 police officers and federal agents.

Two Texas Department of Public Safety agents, Cory Ledbetter and Justin Overcast were dressed as Cossacks and inside the Twin Peaks restaurant before, during and after the mass murder. The agents’ presence was known to the Cossacks and was taken by Cossacks to mean the attack that was to come was sanctioned by police. One of the agents would later describe the mass murder as a “turkey shoot.” (The Aging Rebel is deliberately not attributing the quote.)

Fog Of Prosecution

The actual facts of the case are known to McLennan County prosecutors and the prosecution of Christopher Jacob “Jake” Carrizal is deliberately malicious.

During the last seven months various co-conspirators in the mass murder and the resulting coverup have repeatedly, brazenly withheld evidence from Carrizal’s defense attorney, Casie Gotro, that would disprove the prosecution’s theory of the case: Which is that Carrizal “rode into battle” to participate in a mutually agreed upon affray. The fact is that local police and state and federal agents knew the Cossacks were going to ambush the Bandidos. The Bandidos did not. The prosecution’s stubborn and inept attempts to prove that Carrizal knew what he was getting himself into are deliberately mendacious and sophistical.

The wonder is, the state and federal conspirators have been getting away with this for 30 months. That may say more about the decline of American journalism than the degeneracy of American justice. The national press has ignored Carrizal’s trial. Most journalists who have covered the case have reported the mass murder as a true life episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Sometimes the reporting is worse than that. Last Thursday, a pretty “Legal Expert” named Liz Mitchell told KCEN’s Jasmin Caldwell that “the state must prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt, and” she “believes the state has met that burden.”

“Legal Expert Liz Mitchell…said defense attorney Casie Gotro could have moved for a directed verdict, which means if Gotro felt like the state failed to convince beyond a reasonable doubt, she could have rested and brought the case to the jury. Instead she chose to present some evidence of her own. Mitchell believes so far, the evidence supports the charge of engaging in organized crime.”

Mitchell appears to know this as the illiterate Baptist preacher knows the Old Testament, purely by faith.

Rule 508

Witnessing the prosecution fumble and drone like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off suggests that some of the withheld evidence may actually have been withheld accidentally.

But much of what has been withheld has been deliberately hidden both in order to secure Carrizal’s conviction and to conceal the illicit conspiracy the resulted in nine murders. Nine murders, by way of comparison, is one more murder than the infamous and ill-named “Bandido Massacre” in Shedden, Ontario in 2006, when a couple of men who aspired to be Bandidos someday killed eight men who also aspired to be Bandidos someday for reasons that had more to do with drug abuse than motorcycles.

Among the strategies the governmental co-conspirators have employed is Rule 508 of the Texas Rules of Evidence, the Informer’s Identity Privilege. That rule says: “The United States, a state, or a subdivision of either has a privilege to refuse to disclose a person’s identity if: (1) the person has furnished information to a law enforcement officer or a member of a legislative committee or its staff conducting an investigation of a possible violation of law; and (2) the information relates to or assists in the investigation.”

The privilege is generally invoked by claiming that the release of certain “information would put those person or persons at risk, and would jeopardize future cooperation of sources and other law enforcement agencies. A trial court has broad discretion to protect a party with a protective order.”

Games Prosecutors Play

Last Wednesday, during the fourth week of Carrizal’s trial, Judge Matt Johnson ordered the trial recessed until next Monday when the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office and the FBI both discovered, as for the very first time, hiding under a mushroom, electronic recordings that had not previously been provided to the defense. Johnson reviewed the recordings in his chambers Friday. He ordered that one of the recordings should be released to the defense and that a hearing be set for Monday at 8 a.m. to argue the merits of releasing or suppressing the other recording.

But wait. There’s more.

The multi-agency coverup continued Friday when DPS lawyer Christopher Lindsey, who had already told the defense a dozen times that everything pertinent to the Carrizal case had been disclosed, wrote Judge Johnson:

“In its effort to comply with your amended discovery order of October 30, 2017, DPS has become aware of records which likely are responsive, but require the Court’s discreet attention. DPS has discovered emails and attachments generated by the Ranger Division which we believe may be directly relevant to the Carrizal matter, but include highly sensitive information concerning confidential informants. DPS requests the opportunity to present these records for in camera inspection, and to seek rulings on whether they should be disclosed and under what protections.

“DPS respectfully requests an in camera hearing on these matters as early as Monday, November 6, 2017.”

When asked for comment, Gotro described the DPS with an epithet that suggests maternal incest.

Her point is well taken. But the big, recurring question remains unanswered: Is America so far gone that the government can get away with all of this?


This story was published on November 4, 2017 and corrected on November 5, 2017 as follows. The original version of this story said that Charles Wayne Russell was arrested following an ATF raid at the beginning of May on a property in Tyler, Texas owned by Cossacks Upshur County chapter president Randy Wood. Russell was not arrested during that raid. The Aging Rebel regrets and apologizes for that error.



34 Responses to “State Sponsored Mass Murder”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear CEE Crow.



  2. CEE Crow Says:

    Is Cory Ledbetter TXDPS agent also the same Cory Ledbetter who was an “assualt victim” that was listed on the original indictment?

  3. Shovelhead Says:

    The Bandits went to Waco for a meeting. If they were going there for War, they would’ve brought 200. Those Pussy, Rat Cossacks sucker punched the Bandits and lost.
    Amazing how many Rat Clubs are out there now. No Honor, no Brotherhood, no Balls!
    Make a deal with the Feds…you will always lose! Real Men know this.

    Respect to the 1%

  4. Gandalf Says:

    “… wouldn’t be any Cossacks left alive.”

  5. Gandalf Says:

    @ Mackey. If this were the 60s or 70s there would be any Cossacks left alive. Many more Bandits would have been there and LE wouldn’t have the balls to stop them. Bandidos gave the Cossacks a break. Cossacks saw it as weakness and showed no mercy that morning… Neither did the Cops. Oh well…

  6. ed Says:

    I don’t think the Cossacks get out much any more. Scumbag wannabees

  7. ed Says:

    That comment compareing this too the murder of the Shedden 8 wasn’t needed as I doubt you really know wtf happened.

  8. Dutchboy Says:

    @Mackey, blaming the victims is a real pussy move. Here I get to the end of Rebel’s well written story and hope to find some cogent comments and the first thing I see is your inane crayon markings. The problem is not the R&G playing “Sharks and Jets”, the problem is out of control “ends justify the means” LEOs. You know, this whole thing does have one aspect that smells like SOA, the LEOs, especially the gold shield totting empty suits, were all corrupt as hell in that dramatic TV farce too.

  9. Mackey Says:

    This is the bandidos fault if they would get out of the 1960s biker mentality of this is Theo turf and so on bullshit this would have never happend. It’s 2017 cut the sons of anarchy shit.

  10. ArkBand Says:

    Well hopefully the jury is viewing this farce as the readers here are seeing it.An attempt for Reyna to reach higher in his little world to become the savior of Waco from all these bad people. Also the Feds attempt to railroad Portillo will hinge on someone trying to save themselves and make up something.Like they say rats will abandon ship instead of helping to bail. Unfortunately I have no faith in the sheeple they will not stand for themselves,they just believe what they’re told to believe

  11. Gordo Says:

    Keep the info flowing Rebel

    Sad tho as 9 riders are dead

    Will we ever know which bullet from which gun killed which rider????

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    Proof enough that the Cocksuckersacks really *are* nothing but a pop-up club of rats and pussies.

  13. rocco151 Says:

    @James W. Crawford

    That would be icing on the cake if Mr. Willeford was indeed a Bandido !

  14. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Rocco151,

    You beat me to posting that story. From what I understand, the armed citizen actually shot the mass murderer in the kneck. The press is bloviating about a lucky shot through a gap in the murderer’s body armor. With few exceptions, any centerfire rifle will pentrate up to Level IIIA body armor.

    Members of OMCs have their faults, but when was the last time that a member of a biker gang shot up a church. Would it not be ironic if the armed good Samaritan was a Bandido?

  15. rocco151 Says:

    On a totally unrelated story let’s see how much press a “motorcycle enthusiast” in Sutherland ,Tx. gets after he engaged the “church assassin” with gun fire, chased the suspect at 95 mph down the highway with his friend in a pickup, ran the suspect off the road and held him at bay until police arrived ! President Trump was quoted as saying that the death toll would have been much worse if a conscientious citizen hadn’t taken his life into his own hands and “fought back” with gunfire. In my book he’s a hero !

  16. david Says:

    Concerning judicial rule 508 being employed by the criminals comprising the DA’s office, and the low court “judge”.

    Jake’s Bill Of Rights protected right to due process(Proper Procedure) under the 5th. Amend., supersedes rule 508.

    Miranda v Ariz.(1966), ” Where Rights secured by the Federal constitution are involved, there can be NO RULE MAKING or legislation which would abrogate them.”

    Due process INCLUDES, Jake being supplied with any and all information the DA has which would exonerate, including but not limited to, all testimony by undercover pigs and confidential informants. Not only necessary, proper procedure for an effective and proper defense.

    Texas constitution, protects Jake’s due process Right as well.

    The U.S. High Court has already decided and spoken, yet Jack-Ass Johnson, in the fucking lowest court which exists, is going to act as if HIS rulings are above the Highest Court in the country on Monday, and HE himself, is going to overrule Miranda. Arrogantly, and done in true tyrant fashion. He and Reyna have already violated Texas law which disqualifies both he, AND Reyna, so why the hell not?

    Jake’s rights supersede any “law’, ANY court rules, and most importantly, anything that Jack-ass so-called, “public servant” might say, rule on, or order.

    Johnson, being a law unto himself evidenced by his multiple, flagrant, violations of U.S. and State Organic Law either has no knowledge of the Rule Of Law or, he knows it and won’t follow it, which makes him completely lawless.

  17. Max J Tague Says:

    As former LEO, a Marine, and long time rider, this stinks from the get go. I know the cops and feds do their own thing. I know cops planted drugs back in the 70s. Why has nothing been done on the da and his keeping drugs and dismissing charges? Rebel, I post as much as possible, You folks are doing a bang up job, keep up the good work, much more needs to come out. Always follow the money, traces of the money in off the wall places, will show where some of the idea’s and and motive comes from. A hard look at all places that where funds were approved will help putting the puzzle together. happy hunting!!!

  18. MtPockets Says:

    @ Popeye

    Maybe they already have. Wasn’t it mostly Cossacks that were killed?
    Dead men tell no lies or tell of collusion with the feds.

  19. Mark Says:

    This new part of the story by Rebel and some of the posts that have been posted have added more information and the ability to think about, connecting the dots. First off, I have not the first clue of any club’s business and the actions they take, and don’t care to second guess. I am only concerned about justice, having a full understanding what one goes through sitting in the seat that Jake is sitting in, with out of control and crooked government officials playing their games. And what effect it has on one’s family during such bull shit. Here’s what I find upsetting with the information that keeps dripping out, thank you hugely Rebel for that by keeping all of us in the loop. Clearly this whole matter is about unadulterated evilness by the DA’s office. I pin this on the DA’s officed because the DA is the highest LE Officer in the county that Waco sits in. This whole matter was clearly arranged by the DA’s office and without that arrangement the crossacks would not have been there in such numbers and the COCI meeting would most likely have gone on peacefully. No question about it. But the second part of the cluster fuck that spun out of control at Twin Peaks, is the obstruction of justice part that was masterminded out of the DA Office. The arrest of the witnesses makes it next to impossible for Jake’s attorney to call cossacks to the stand to testify about how LE set this matter up at Twin Peaks, leading up the the abush of BMC and the deaths and injuries that took place because of the involvement of LE. No attorney for any of the crossacks would let their client/s testifying without immunity and of course the DA’s office isn’t going to go along with that, having testimony come out about LE’s involvement into the Twin Peakes matter. So justice is stalled because of the obstruction of justice by the DA’s office by having arrested the witnesses. It’s been said in public by many different criminal defense attorneys that the large amount of cases is too large for Waco to trial all the accused. But that seems not to be the point, to put people on trial, the point is the charges in effect are a gag order per se. Obstruction of justice to shut up the witnesses. Here’s another one of the key points. Judge Johnson, is in a fix, if it’s showed in his courtroom that witnesses have been charged to shut them up to keep them from testifying about what really transpired at Twin Peaks. And who was behind the set up, the ambush of the BMC that day. If informationi is shown and he refuses to do the right thing a judge should do. Judge Johnson could be in hot water along with his former law partner. I sure hope he’s a more honorable man than his former law partner. One damning thing that is really out of balance is, on the video an unarmed man in his mid 60’s was murdered, shot twice. Wouldn’t that be the first case that a DA would want to bring to trial? Which is a question that has not been answered by the DA’s office. Which should have been explained because that question has been put out there, many times. The only avenue that the DA could take at this point is to save his and other’s asses, let Jake’s attorney get the case dismissed to never be refiled, the same as if a jury found him not guilty. At that point, drop the other cases and settle the cases by moving those cases into a class action to combind all the civil cases into one. If this isn’t done, people who work in government and are involved in this case are likely to have very serious issues to deal with that could derail their plans they have for their later years to come. No retirements because of felony convictions have a way of changing one’s plans. I don’t get why anyone would want to take on such risk for a lawyer who was under a federal investigation and got so many others involved in this crazy cluster fuck. He’s not worth it and he’s clearly not smart enough to keep things under control so others don’t get sucked into “his mess”.
    The most important thing, is that Jake goes home and stays home and moves forward with the plans he had before he and his brothers were ambushed at Twin Peaks.

  20. Popeye Says:

    In the end Renya will burn his snitches along with everyone else.

  21. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Does Cowsack equal Urine Order probationaries? Any mc that would allow itself (under any circumstances!) to be infiltrated in such a manner by the damn cops certainly merits no respect in the galaxy I reside in. To allow such a thing to happen flies in the face of all we, as freedom loving bikers, believe in and live for. A pox upon them!

  22. Iron Rider Says:

    So basically the cops were desperate to get a war to start between clubs and after fanning the flames with innuendo and rumor mongering and perpetuating myth after myth to anyone who rode that “this club is coming after your guys” and “your a target” and other bullshit and hoping and trying to prod and goad members of real MC’s to take action and failing time and time again to get anyone from a real MC to bite they had to actual embed with the Cocksacks and recruit their hierarchy to help get that biker war started, so much so to make sure that it happened that the Undercovers were allowed to wear Cocksack rags and all while the other Cocksacks knew full well the cops were sitting around with them waiting for the Bandidos to show up.

    I’d bet dollars to donuts that their is surveillance video from inside and outside Twin Peaks with the undercovers doing a lot of running around and rah rah-ing the Cocksacks to pump them up to make sure something happened, because we all know the cops were running around for months before doing that to practically anyone who rode.

    I wonder how many of the Undercover Cocksacks and those Cocksacks who were CI’s were wearing wires? Could the reason the Texas DPS and other law enforcement agencies are desperate to have Johnson hear this in his chambers is due to the fact that maybe the Undercover Cocksacks who were wired got caught on tape trying to pump up the Cocksack members to gear up for a fight and push them to fight? I’d bet my ass there was a lot of talk of “do it boys, kick Bandido ass, remember we got your back and anything that goes down we got that get out of jail free card for you, so you have free reign to do what you will”.

    If conversation like that went down to Cocksacks or undercover Cocksacks were telling the hierarchy Cocksack CI’s to get the boys pumped to fight and you have immunity to do whatever and nothing will happen to you, then the prosecution has a huge problem on their hands, cause it wouldn’t be the first time the cops were caught with dirty hands. I wonder could it be that the Cocksack that threw the first punch outside had an undercover Cocksack that had whispered into his ear or had the coach pumping him up before he was sent in, one has to wonder.

    There is a lot to Twin Peaks that Law Enforcement wants to keep underwraps like how much influence they had in starting the events at Twin Peaks and about their Undercovers wearing Cocksacks rags with the Cocksacks hierarchy blessing and higher up Cocksacks being CI’s for the cops, I would be willing to bet most of the public has no idea because the cops had Swanton out there cheer leading how this was all the bikers fault and the cops just happened along the scene and bla bla bla, when this was the cops idea all along and one where they were making deals with the Cocksacks from before Twin Peaks even happened

  23. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC Yep. Spot on. But as we have seen time and time again these Hillbillys are as dump as paint. They still trust LE to help them after LE murdered them and locked them up. There should be a line of Cossacks to testify about what they know about Police involvement. It might make walking that yard easier. Instead of admitting being duped they hold out in hopes LE will save them. As if they didn’t see with their own eyes LE “Set them up” and waste their friends. Then arrest them all and in open court tell the Jury they were coming after them next. Y’all are still waiting on that blanket…. the one that will never come. Remember what I said about prison. It’s a place run by guys who have been there long before Twin Peaks, long before some of you were born. They have a code as well… about the same code Biker Clubs live by. They are Judge and Jury and Hangman. Every single Inmate is going to hate Y’all. Black, Mexican, AB, Bikers… everyone. Unless you rat on your handlers. Only then might you get a pass.

  24. Paladin Says:

    “But the big, recurring question remains unanswered: Is America so far gone that the government can get away with all of this?”

    Dear Rebel,

    I think Dave Burgess is well qualified to answering your question.

    Long May You Ride,


  25. Vicky Says:

    Freebird thats what scares me too

  26. Freebird Says:

    Is America so far gone that the government can get away with all of this?

    A part of me whats the answer to that question and another part of me says be careful what you ask for… you just might get it! Guess for me i want to see if anyone even cares anymore. If the majority of people in this country don’t care if Jake or anyone else gets railroaded than it is as bad as i thought and maybe worse.

  27. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    The Cossacks should have noticed that they need get out of grave free cards not get out of jail free cards. If I was a Cossack or Cossack attorney, I would be singing about how Texas and Federal law enforcement deliberately incited the lethal violence to advance their political objectives.

  28. James W Crawford Says:

    Re: Dirty Dingus McGee,

    I am even going to shoot your dog! LOL.

  29. Gandalf Says:

    And all this time the POS Cossacks are still waiting for their get out of jail free card. They still believe Reyna is going to give them sweet deals for their cooperation. Now that Rebel and Casie are inches from exposing them, along with Reyna possibly recusing Himself from the cases they are getting scared. Being from Waco they knew and Trusted in the complete Waco corruption of the DAs Office. How many Cossack Lawyers will decide they want to keep Reyna and the Judges of Waco in their cases. Clennanam aside, Big O and Co love the fact Reyna&Co are in control of their cases. These people are FAR from finished. FAR from repentant. Like all of Waco they have no Shame but in their fear have resorted to Trolling Rebels page. Fuck all you copsucking bitches… The Inmates know and are waiting for you. I’m betting every Rebel story is read allowed in every yard and dayroom in the Texas DOC. And His stories are copied on tiny kites in order to be smuggled into the deep, dark dungeons all across prisons in Texas. Laugh that one off ass holes. Be afraid, be very, very afraid. You know what I say is true.

  30. Bone Head Says:

    I am not an attorney, or paralegal, or even as well read as some of this page’s regulars. My legal experience is little more than getting tags for my vehicles to be honest.
    That said, I have to wonder if Johnson is starting to consider seriously whether to dismiss the case against Carrizal to minimize the damage against Waco.
    The impact on the rest of the cases yet to be tried would be interesting if dismissal were to happen, wouldn’t it?

  31. Neuro Says:

    Wasn’t the deceased Mr. Russell known as “worm”? Seems like it was a fitting handle. Even more ratshit coming to light, and it has barely even begun to unfold.

  32. Freebird Says:

    I agree with Dirty!! with a caveat. Every reign of terror has a start and end. The end is always bloody!

  33. JMacK Says:

    What a stomach-turning bunch of crooked bullshit.

    Respects Rebel. Not sure how you do it. But I’m glad you do. Even as a frigid ol Canadian, not an American. I certainly feel for my American friends….


  34. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    “But the big, recurring question remains unanswered: Is America so far gone that the government can get away with all of this?”


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