Biker Brawl

November 2, 2017

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Biker Brawl

The current prosecution of Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob “Jake” Carrizal offends justice. It is a malicious prosecution based on numerous calculated lies.

Four weeks into the Carrizal trial, after 30 months of investigation, based on conversations with multiple eyewitnesses including members of both the Cossacks and the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and others knowledgeable about what happened before, during and after the mass murder at the Waco Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, The Aging Rebel believes all of the following to be provably true.


The disruption of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting – which became a mass murder – was premeditated and instigated by known and unknown agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Drug Enforcement Administration; and by known and unknown agents of the Texas Department of Public Safety; the Waco Police Department; and the Lorena Police Department as part of a federal investigation of the Bandidos that would later be called “Operation Texas Rocker.”

The known actors include Joseph M. Arabit, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration-Houston Field Division; Christopher Combs, the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the San Antonio Division; DPS Lieutenant Steven Schwartz and DPS agents Christopher Frost, Johnathon Estes, Mark Gerik and Justin Overcast; Lorena Police Chief Tom Dickson and Lorena officers Rick Becknauld, Kraig Disney and Shawn Board; and Waco Police Detective Jeff Rogers.

Those policemen acted individually or in concert with three, known Cossacks Sources of Information. Those SOIs were Cossack leader Owen Reeves, who lost his son when the melee exploded; Cossacks Waco chapter president John Wilson; and Cossack Mark Allen White.


The cynically provoked confrontation was intended to demonstrate that “the objectives and purposes of the Bandidos” included “preserving, protecting and enhancing the power, territory, reputation and profits of the (Bandidos criminal) enterprise through the use of intimidation, violence, threats of violence, assaults, murder, attempted murder and robbery against rival motorcycle organizations; promoting and enhancing the enterprise and its members’ and associates’ activities, including, but not limited to, robberies, including robbery of property of rival motorcycle organizations, and other criminal activities;” and “making money for the enterprise through, among other things, extorting money from other motorcycle organizations through fear and threats of violence, drug trafficking, and illegal gambling activities.”

A DPS “clandestine camera” was installed near the anticipated confrontation in order to capture video evidence of Bandidos “attacking” peace loving Cossacks.


Two DPS undercover officers wearing “Cossacks gear” were sitting at the bar inside the Twin Peaks restaurant mingling with Cossacks before the confrontation occurred. Cossacks knew the two were police officers and the officers told Cossacks they were there to watch the Cossacks “stomp the Bandidos out.”

Cossacks in leadership positions had already been told that they would be protected from the possible legal repercussions of the confrontation. One of the two undercover officers dressed as a Cossack later called the incident “a turkey shoot out of the gate.” He also said that Swat officers assigned to “patrol” the Twin Peaks that morning knew where they were supposed to be positioned before the shooting began.

His recollection contradicts sworn testimony in the Carrizal trial by Waco police sergeant Stephen Drews who briefed and deployed Waco police that morning. The recollection agrees with the actual deployment of Waco police that morning.


Police from multiple agencies detained more than 240 witnesses for questioning after order was restored at the Twin Peaks. About eight hours later, after a meeting with other officials at the Waco Convention Center, McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna ordered that any of the witnesses wearing indications of membership in either the Cossacks or Bandidos or wearing indications of support or expressing support for either club should be arrested.

There is significant proof in the public record that this was a unilateral action in support of the lead agencies in Operation Texas Rocker: The FBI and the DEA. Multiple attorneys have raised cogent allegations that at the time he acted on behalf of the FBI Reyna himself was under investigation by the FBI for political corruption.

After 30 months, the law as it is understood here, has finally chosen someone to blame and the man who has been chosen betrays both the obvious truths and the obvious lies in this matter. First of all, criminal prosecutions are not about Platonic ideals like “justice.” They are about uniquely noble and flawed human beings: Uniquely noble and flawed defendants, witnesses, lawyers and judges who often find themselves painted into corners as they act out the great dramas of their lives.


Waco, Texas, where the Carrizal trial is unfolding, is a uniquely provincial city. That provinciality expresses itself as both a charm that has already vanished from most of America and a potential for corruption that would be impossible in most of America. The local courthouse is both a beautiful, friendly, old fashioned place and a hive of nepotism. During one of his press conferences after the mass murder, Waco police spokesman Patrick Swanton vilified the Twin Peaks brawlers as “not from the Waco area.”

Waco owns this mass murder. Jake Carrizal should not be blamed simply because he is a stranger; an unconventional man from somewhere else.

Lies do not endure. Time is a hard rain.

When this trial resumes on Monday, the important question will not be whether Jake Carrizal is innocent or guilty. Of course he is innocent. The important question will be whether the men who caused and covered up this mass murder finally stop trying to blame somebody else.



49 Responses to “Biker Brawl”

  1. Mike Smith Says:

    @ Gandalf, thank you. I wrote a second story to try and make the average Joe believe that this could happen. It never got any traction.

    As you have said, until it’s reported fairly in the media we are getting nowhere.

    As for the 81, it is my theory and we will have to wait and see if it comes out.

    Having followed Rebel for years, I believe that he is spot on and that there are some surprise witnesses available to the defense.

    As Brothers in Germany say: “We press the thumb.”

  2. Hangaround Says:

    Well if its not clear it should be. Jeff Rodgers from Waco PD is naming the COSSACKS that he talked to BEFORE TWIN PEAKS IN COURT….

    Here is a twitter feed from court.

    ( Yes all, I know the live stream is better but Im at work so options are limited … )

  3. Gandalf Says:

    @haha; Jezzz Dude the 1st “Tethered Goat” Fiasco ain’t even played out yet and Y’all got the next one started already. Not that it’s my business but the rank and file Kinfolk might want to watch closely at what happened to the Cossacks. Pay attention to your leaders. If they are OK… cool. But when you see Big O with a Kinfolk Patch it might be time to take a walk… If ya know what I mean. I got nothing against you guys and wish you luck… If your legit, Good Luck. If your just bait… Just stay clear of Mall Parking lots, Elem Schools etc. Take your game far from Civilians.

  4. Haha Says:


    All 5 clubs are aligned lmfaooo funniest thing I heard all year everyone is on fritz with each other what country are you in Australia?? I guess your mad the kinfolk are in Texas to stay. Sorry for the bad news. And to be honest I could care either way. And to post my address you already know who Iam and won’t do shit about it

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Robert Says, “Hey Gandalf
    From cop to cop….you don’t know shit about Twin Peaks. “Convict….OG…?” Really? OG. Why would you even say such. You are one of two creatures….a slithering police officer or some nobody living under a computer. You have even less right than me to be here. I think the former….brother”

    You are obviously a Cop and I obviously struck a nerve. I couldn’t think of a better recommendation as to why I should “be here”. TY.

    @Mike Smith… Are You the guy who wrote that short story in the 1st week after TPs? With “Mexican Dave” who was really a Polack from up north who because of His position got oil splashed on Him making Him look Mexican? If so your theory seemed spot on except that I could never believe the HA could ever get a foothold in Texas through the Cossacks. That was the only part of the story I found hard to believe… The rest seemed right and was the beginning of my search for answers. It’s been a long time and I’m tired. Scared for my kids because of what my Country has become. Not scared of Outlaws and Bikers but scared of Police and Fake News. In the end those of you with Patches and brothers will be in a far better position to survive… And Robert, ITS YOU AND YOURS who were trusted to keep the people safe who will ultimately be the cause of MANY deaths and Anarchy. I hope I am long dead by the time that happens. You think you are protecting people but in reality NOBODY trusts you anymore… NOBODY.

  6. 1%er Says:

    Your just the messenger? You need to stop mouthing about shit that involves other clubs, including mine. The big 5 are totally aligned and in communication on all matters, including you stupid assholes. My info says your a disgruntled ex bandit, out bad that got a nice black eye to show for your stupidity. You also became a kinfag and now chopper Dan left you and your lost and lonely, trying to fan a non-existent flame. Your desperate for attention because you have nothing but your make-up club with guys you don’t even know. If you want to put your name and address here i would bet you would get the recognition you so desire.

  7. Haha Says:


    Don’t shoot the messenger from what I heard you 1 pretender. Go suck ya mothers dick ya stupid cocksucker. All clubs are pretty much rats and pussies these days just won’t find out till shit pops off which clearly happens every single time a club gets raided or busted so stfu and stop thinkin your cool or tough you bitch or come to Dallas and I’ll beat your fuckin ass with chopper fans ole lady’s 12 inch black Dildo

  8. Robert Says:

    Do you know exactly who Gandalf happens to be. He seems to think such. Am I the only stupid fuck who can see what he is

  9. Neuro Says:

    There’s no way any of the big teams would ever take them in,after all that has been revealed, with much more to come.

  10. Neuro Says:

    Mike, why invoke the HomeTeam ? Bobo wants everyone to infer that from his handle, but he never said names. If you have been following things for the past few years you’d already know there is another club pushing east from Berdoo, in to Arizona and New Mexico. Who knows ? Not me. I don’t know shit. Congrats on calling this mess from day one, that was very perceptive.

  11. Neuro Says:

    Mike, why invoke the HomeTeam ? Bobo wants everyone to infer that from his handle, but he never said names. If you have been following things for the past few years you’d already know there is another club pushing east from Berdoo, in to Arizona and New Mexico. Who knows ? Not me. I don’t know shit. Congrats on calling this mess from day one, that was very perceptive.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    BTW Rebel know exactly who I am…

  13. Gandalf Says:


  14. Cowboy Says:

    You ignorant fuck, the kinfags already split 3 ways months ago. They kicked chopper dan out of the club for being a pussy. He started another club named Ronin, and 1/3 went to another Chinese ninja made-up club. Just like was said here, you cant build a club with a foundation of liars, thieves, rats, cops, child molesters etc. Chopper dan, big o, john Wilson are all rat snitch bastards with god ugly women beside them. Some of these guys have changed cuts 3 times in 16 months. There is no Cossacks anymore and the few that still wear the rag, only do it while watching TV. They damn sure aint riding in public. lol And everyone knows the kinfags are history. So STFU and go braid chopper dans ol ladies hair you piece of shit.

  15. Robert Says:

    Hey Gandalf
    From cop to cop….you don’t know shit about Twin Peaks. “Convict….OG…?” Really? OG. Why would you even say such. You are one of two creatures….a slithering police officer or some nobody living under a computer. You have even less right than me to be here. I think the former….brother

  16. Aanon Says:

    It’ll be nice when this is all dismissed, carrizal can not sit in court all day, and the rest of us won’t have to skip 10 medication induced blurts of partial thought or a mini fucking novel while trying to get to an intelligent tort after a well written report on 2 wheel doings. Go back to topix or some shit. Thank you again Rebel. Best man for the job usually winds up with it.

  17. Kenny 1%er Says:

    Well well when the shoe fits right in the asses of the fools. I still think of the Brave men who rode in there thinking of how they could help all clubs fight the laws. That where aimed at destroying our clubbs. I guess they couldnt do it legally so now when does there trial start?When will they sit in the same cells they put inocent men and women in. Get down Rebel, and stay away from trickbags. Uare the only man who has some nuts to report this rape.

  18. Iron Rider Says:

    @ HaHa

    Like anyone would want the Cocksacks in their midst. Hell even the damn Shriners wouldn’t take the Cocksacks in, so unless the circus is coming thru town or some other 20 bucks gets you a cool iron on patch set group pops up it surely isn’t going to be a respectable MC.

    I’m sure tons of Cocksack members are having that same wet dream that someone….anyone will take them in, I mean who wouldn’t want fine members who let cops were their patches, whose own higharchy were CI’s for the cops and whose members were encouraged to be add asses with a deal with the cops to look the other way while acting as an agent for the cops.

    I am sure the standards of this patch over club must be very high for a Cocksack to be considered worthy of a patch over. I am sure Tattoo and Mr.Rourke are smiling away at making someone else’s dream come true

  19. Freebird Says:

    @ Haha

    Let me guess…..

    Iron Order or Blue Knights? I am laughing so hard I can’t even drink my beer.


    I had to go there!

  20. Mike Smith Says:

    I called this the day it went down.

    Now I want to see what Cassie Gotro can do with the body cam statement of that new female deputy.

    As for the Jaw Dropping Patch swap, I wouldn’t hold my breath. The Featherheads have been known to make some gigantic mistakes: but those are rare occasions. They are not taking in all that shit. Definitely not, since they have been in on the ground floor of this mess. There are way too many cops, and rats and skin heads mixed into this lot for them to start taking more chances.

  21. Lucky-As-A-7 Says:

    Two things I was promised when I patched. Death and Prison. I managed to avoid both so far. But I seen a lot of both. We all know what we sign up for.

  22. Haha Says:

    kinfolk and Cossacks are patching over to a another club Texas will be in for a surprise real soon mark my words. Your jaws are ganna drop

  23. Gandalf Says:

    @ Mary and on drifters lead, “C U Next Tuesday” (LOL Drifter I had a friend used to say that all the time)

  24. Drifter Says:

    My apologies to Rebel,I know he can handle these type of comments, but for me, enough is enough.

    Mary typed, “Do you believe your bullshit? You seem very insides and opinionated. You want to be a reporter. Then learn to get your facts.”

    My oh my, you mention bullshit, likely cause you spew it so well. If going to act authoritarian, at least know what you are talking about. There is no wanting to be a reporter, and if you did any research you would realize that. Rebel is a reporter, and has been for decades, and a novelist as well.

    So instead of flailing your fingers with gibberish, write out what your challenges are, oh I know, it is easier for you to flap your gums than think. Sorry, did not mean to hurt your feelings, or cause you any undue mental anguish to search for ever elusive cohesive thought, you just might have lurking somewhere in your vastness of intellect emptiness.

    Is that an echo you hear?

    Maybe the ashes of the Constitution that you burned in your mind are getting in the way of rational and responsible thinking?

    For some reason this acronym came to mind from your post.


    Back to the sidelines….Respects to Rebel…Respects to the regulars……

  25. James W Crawford Says:

    I love this paragraph:

    “Cossacks in leadership positions had already been told that they would be protected from the possible legal repercussions of the confrontation. One of the two undercover officers dressed as a Cossack later called the incident “a turkey shoot out of the gate.” He also said that Swat officers assigned to “patrol” the Twin Peaks that morning knew where they were supposed to be positioned before the shooting began.”

    The irony is that the Cossacks were so encouraged by the promise that they would be protected from the legal consequences of their planned biker brawl that it did not occur to them that they would not be protected from the enthusiastic abuse of deadly force. As I posted soon after this massacre occurred, it simply was not possible for the police snipers to differentiate between aggrsssors and victims in real time. The fact that all of the bikers who were killed by police were Cossacks leaves no doubt of whatnthe rules of engagement were. The Cossacks’ Cutts literally became targets on their backs that designated them as legitimate victims of police gunfire. The undercover officers who were so transparently masquerading in Cossack gear were safe because they continued to drink at the bar when the shooting started.

    It must be a bitter realization for the Cossacks grunts that their leaders literally lead them like sheep to the slaughter.

  26. Dasein Says:

    Wasn’t one of the cops in the cocksack costume that guy with the red boots, a Sgt Barnum, perhaps?
    Found this somewhere, from 7/15:

    “There is a great deal of news coming in about Waco during the last twenty four hours…..

    The first trickle from our floodgates comes from Cossack Paul “Philco” Miller, who is the Hill County President. He was shot in the informant induced melee at Twin Peaks on May 17th, and released directly from the hospital instead of sent to jail. Word on the streets is the ballistics on the bullet retrieved from Paul’s innards was a Cop Shot.bwe are glad to hear Paul is recovering, and maybe even riding a little again,and hope he continues on his path to good health.

    million dollar wound

    Now on with the feature presentation…..

    About a month before Waco happened, several independents and various other members of the CoC were having dinner at Twin Peaks… There were no Bandidos in attendance,no wild partying or drinking… there was about ten Cossacks on the porch. When a few of the Mom n Pop members went out to the porch to smoke, there was a small altercation. It wouldn’t have been all that significant if not for the players involved. Cossack Owen “Big O” Reeves and another Cossack cornered a CoC member and got really belligerent, trying to coerce him into a fight. He told Big O “man, this isn’t the place to do this.” Owen was more concerned with, “This is Cossack territory, take that to your fucking boss.. ” type behavior.

    In the ensuing weeks, Owen and his little friend seemed to be on a mission, privately “meeting” with various members of the CoC attempting to convince them to abandon the Coalition and making that ridiculous noise about “paying dues to the Bandidos” which of course, no one except a cop or a reporter on CNN would believe anyway.

    All of this, right down to the Texas rocker, is very reminiscent of a similar scene that played out with the Ghostriders and the Gator Bar and Wade Smith maybe a year ago. When you look at the comments Wade made to various people BEFORE Twin Peaks about how he was going to “Walk in and take over a CoC meeting” and then AFTER Twin Peaks happened , the things he said on his Facebook about Bandidos being terrorists, AND since he has most assuredly pointed his finger toward the Bandidos when talking to cops in the past, its very plausible to imagine he had his hand in this mess somewhere as well.

    So, our stage is almost set, right? We have almost all the elements needed to bring on the gunfight at the Waco Corral.. but what is missing? Cops! Everyone KNEW there had to be a cop instigating this shootout somewhere at Twin Peaks… What we DIDN’T know what the cop in question is Big O’s little sidekick..That’s right… there was a Cossack who allegedly was absorbed in with the rest of the Dirty Knuckles MC when THEY were convinced to quit the CoC and become Cossacks.. who is an undercover Waco Drug Task Force Agent. He and Big O apparently had formed a camaraderie based on bullying other bikers. Whether Big O KNEW he was bringing a cop or whether he just thought they were causing trouble remains to be seen. Whichever is the case, the end game resulted in Owen ultimately sacrificing his stepson to be a player in the cop’s game.

    When they headed to Twin Peaks that day, there was never a peaceful meeting planned. The Bandidos had no idea anything was going down, which is why they had a rather sad showing of attendance in comparison to the people brought in by the Cossacks. Several of the men in that club claim that they had other plans that day and were called in to Twin Peaks that very morning. They arrived in a forceful showing of numbers and soon flooded the patio and parking lot with Cossacks. Many witnesses say that the Cossacks posted themselves like sentries all around the parking lot.

    There was no prospect getting his foot ran over, there was no fight in the bathroom, there was no FBI operation gone bad. There was one or two undercover twerps and snitches on the Waco payroll all gungho in anticipation of the upcoming Steve Cook Gangbangers Ball and riding high on the adrenaline of several successful sex ring sting operations.

    When Big O and a few others came in, they hassled the lady helping with the parking, and a few other people as well. It was her foot got ran over as they bullied her, saying things about it being their territory. It’s amazing how this particular habit is blamed on the Bandits when every story you here about the Cossacks involves them pissing on a tree somewhere. They bugged Sandra until they saw she wasn’t gonna play along, and then made their way to what seemed to be preplanned positions. When the group of Bandidos rolled up that we all know about by now, the same thing happened again.. Cossacks were telling Bandidos they couldn’t park there.There were words exchanged and Big O was the loudest mouth out there. When a Bandido tried to calm everyone down with a “lets settle this later” Owen was yelling. ‘You bet we will.” All this time, many of the Cossacks are jumping rails on the porch and making their way toward the fight, or drawing their weapons. Several of the Bandidos including Manny Rodriguez and Ray Allen never even had time to step off their bikes or do anything beyond swing blindly toward he assault from the handheld, Cossack wieled weapons that surrounded them. Then a shot rang out in the scuffle… maybe two? Suddenly cops came out of nowhere with assault weapons mowing down bikers all over the parking lot.

    When the fight broke out, O’s friend pulled on a mask and participated. When the fight was over, he yanked off his mask and vest, ran around to the front of the building, and entered Twin Peaks as Officer Jason Matthew Barnum.


    That’s right… Little Mr. Red Boots has been infiltrating the Cossacks. He is also the same Waco cop who was involved in some sort of assault issue on June 29th..

    Meet a Cossack aka Sgt. Barnum

  27. Grimace Says:

    No words need to be said about this total mess that has impacted so many lives in the biker community over made up B.S.

    I hope Waco has good insurance because there is going to be one hell of a payday coming to those that were caught up in this.

    The “TRUTH” will set you free.


  28. Baron_of_Greymatter Says:

    Mr. Reyna, you may be named “Abel,” but it is now you are cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive our brothers’ blood from thy command.

  29. TX_Biker Says:

    Great piece Rebel!

  30. panamaa Says:

    Mary says “Do you believe your bullshit? You seem very insides and opinionated. You want to be a reporter. Then learn to get your facts.”

    Mary, suck my cock…..

  31. Well Now Says:

    Those RAT BASTARDS cocksacks – Fuck, we all new it anyway. I will tell you this Owen Reeves and John Wilson, ohh and that fucking old, too much makeup wearing, gunt belly, IGNORANT, tv crying, whore, meth head yvonne reeves, HELL AWAITS YOU FUCKS!!!!! I hear Yvonne is about to get some charges on her FAT ASS also. She will be easy to arrest, she is stalking the courthouse with her husband less daughter in-law. lol
    Cossack’s, how the fuck do yall allow this? Is there not an honorable 1 among you?

    Thank you Rebel for exposing these pieces of shit. Hit the donate button and click the links.

  32. Curbside Says:

    Once again, another outstanding piece of work here, Rebel. One thing I am surprised about. Of all the federal alphabet agencies involved, I noticed you didn’t mention anything about the Bureau of Assault, Tax, and Fuck Everyone being mixed up in this bullshit.

    At least we’ve got quite a bit of hope for the outcome on this one. Thanks for keeping us informed, because the mainstream media sure as hell ain’t.

  33. Burgess Says:

    Be carefull out there AR

  34. Neuro Says:

    Owen Reeves is the stepfather.

  35. Mary Says:

    Do you believe your bullshit? You seem very insides and opinionated. You want to be a reporter. Then learn to get your facts.

  36. Gandalf Says:

    Look for my EMail Rebel. The Calvary may be on it’s way and you both can finish this. Collect that Prize. :)

  37. Shutup Says:

    Enjoy your long weekend, Don. Hope your muse gets you set for next week.
    Can’t thank you enough for your coverage of this bullshit.

  38. Freebird Says:

    Should have finished that… guess what agency here in Tx a security company gets their license through? Yep DPS.

  39. Freebird Says:

    Guess that answers the question why the Security Company guys never showed.

  40. Mark Says:

    Very heavy but no surprises with all the off the wall bullshit out of the DA’s office. If true, the cossocks need to completely, totally shut down, they have disgraced themselves. They can show they get it and never show that patch ever again. None of this conduct from LE and government attorneys is anything new, and is par for the course. But a club to allow cops to knowingly wear their patch as described is one of the most disrespectful and low class things a club could do. Beyond words.
    But I’m very happy about what Rebel had to say because it sounds positive for Jake and his family.

  41. Filburt Says:

    fbi, atf, dea, dps = TERRORIST.

  42. Whobe Says:

    Time tells all.

  43. Gandalf Says:

    BTW Every God Dam, Mother Fucking Cossack still breathing should be on their knees sucking Rebels Dick! Broden and Clendennen get hand jobs. If they don’t hit that fucking donate button asap.. when they go to Hell it’s gonna be on the ISIS level… Full of Arab Trannies.

  44. Gandalf Says:

    (Drops mic)

  45. Iron Rider Says:

    Well well well, So not only were Cocksacks playing the role of informant, there were several Cocksacks playing informant and the to top that off they allowed the cops to parade around in their Iron on Cocksack patches and that my friends just goes to show you why no MC in their right mind would consider the Cocksacks to be nothing more ( less actually) than a bunch of Iron Order wannabe’s.

    I can tell you right now, no fucking MC that has any soul or worth to it would knowingly allow ANY member of Law Enforcement to fly their colors, no matter what you promised, threaten or offered them … Period!

    Many of us had already developed a notion of what the Cocksacks were about, when some of their people did a Henri Houdini and vanished like a fart in the wind and only to pop up to appear as a source in news stories that are alarmingly similar to what the cops were spinning to the media. What a coincidence.

    Imagine that Law Enforcement desperate enough to enlist the Cocksacks and a pile of their people to act as agents for Law Enforcement to help incite a biker war that Law Enforcement was desperately trying to happen by running around telling anyone who rode that war was imminent and they are coming after you and your boys and whatever other bullshit they were telling to try and suck some in, and the cops did suck someone in, and that would be the Cocksacks, and sucked em in so much that not only could the cops use the Cocksacks Iron on patch set but they got to enlist some of the Cocksacks brethren in to help out too. I am sure the Iron Order was so moved by the Cocksacks participation that they will probobably be patched over to the Iron Order and be allowed to attend SOA rerun circle jerk night at various Iron Order clubhouse (police station for short)

    If people didnt think the Cocksacks were a joke before I am sure this brilliant effort to be a “law Enforcement partner and agent” ought to do wonders for morale, I wonder how many Cocksacks know the myth of brother hood and bad assery that was supposedly what the Cocksacks were supposed to be is anything but. Rats in their midst, upper members acting as CI’s and agents to help the cops and let the cops play dress up with their shit on…lol and there were probably a ton of “patch holders” who had no idea that this bad ass bike club was so law enforcement friendly.

    What I find even more funny about the Cocsacks is that they swallowed every inch that Law Enforcement fed them, they swallowed with a smile on their face. Yup Law Enforcement told them they could be bad asses with impunity because they had cops in the club, CI rats in their midst and thee Feds promised get out of jail free card as long as they started a war that the Feds weren’t able to do. So as much as the Cocksack’s had been acting all innocent, mean while those awesome cops got how mnay of the Cocksacks own killed? And with permission I might add.

    It will be interesting to see what the recordings have on them and who were all the folks heard on the tapes. I see Gotro and the other defendants and their counsel are going to take every piece of information that has come out at the trial, about Reyna, as the problems with turning over disclosure and evidence as required by law, because there is too much smoke to deny seeing the fire.

    Awesome reporting Rebel, lots of facts that some will have their mind blown when they read your story, and some are definitely going to have a “I knew it” moment for sure.

  46. Sieg Says:

    Keep the drag out and sharp, old son…they’re gonna be looking to catch you out.

    When the guilty verdict comes in, I hope that the conspirators in uniform learn to like looking over their shoulders.


  47. Woodstock Says:

    Love Loyalty and Respect Don.

  48. Freebird Says:

    I believe there is a visible crack in the dam. The water is rising for sure. When the dam gives way it will come fast and hard. Floods have a way of washing away the trash.

  49. Trebor Says:

    Goddamn Rebel!You deserve a Pulitzer prize for your writing!!Got me tingling with your latest scribe.Should be required reading for all those”on the other side”.

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