Justice Delayed Some More

November 1, 2017

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Justice Delayed Some More

The first Waco Biker Brawl trial is a jalopy. Today it went back into the shop for another five days. It turned 23 days old today. It will be 28 days old the next time the jury sits down in its box.

“Everybody is working very hard to move this trial along,” Judge Matt Johnson lied to the three women and eleven men who have spent the prettiest part of autumn trapped in Johnson’s inexcusably cold courtroom listening to jackasses bray and looking at endless stills from a snuff porn film and endless slides made from other people’s text messages. “We are going to continue the trial until Monday morning at 9 a.m. I know this has lasted much longer than you signed up for, I know this is lasting longer than I told you it would just last week. I am sincerely sorry for the delay.”

So much of this trial has already been held in secret in either Johnson’s man cave or in a huddle of whispers beside his high bench that for all practical purposes it is already in violation of the Sixth Amendment.


There seem to be three reasons for this. First much of the underlying case of the tragic Twin Peaks fiasco of May 17, 2015 must be kept secret so many lucrative careers will be preserved.

Secondly, secrecy must be maintained lest, in the blunt words of Federal District Judge David O. Carter, “the people find out what happens here and they burn the courthouse down.”

And finally this trial is happening in Waco, Texas where the city motto should be, “Fuck it. Good enough.”

Let’s Review

The current delay is putatively the product of an order Judge Johnson gave this week, compelling every public agency in McLennan County to turn over any and all evidence they might possess pertinent to the Twin Peaks cases. Sure enough, the City of Waco, which should be inferred to mean the Waco Convention Center, had two recorded conversations. The convention center was where most of the unwounded “witnesses” were transported for questioning and where the the decision was made by District Attorney Abel Reyna to arrest 177 of them based on his personal dress code so they could be locked in a cage until they each coughed up $1 million.

One can only guess why these conversations were recorded. They may have been captured by surveillance cameras. They may have been recorded intentionally. Or, they may have been recorded inadvertently: Like when somebody forgets to turn off a recording device after, say, a witness interview.

While these witnesses were locked up, Waco Public Information Officer Patrick Swanton fed the world’s migrating press a pack of lies. The Huffington Post called the arrestees “thugs.”

Biker authority Steve Cook told The Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune “that the Cossacks have been flirting, if you will, with Hell’s Angels. If I’m a Bandido, my immediate reaction is: “These guys are going to try to make a move and bring an international gang into our state, which is going to cause a war” “The Bandidos already knew that the Cossacks weren’t going to play ball,” Cook blathered to the Post, “and when push came to shove and these guys weren’t cooperating, all hell broke loose. You can tell by the number of weapons involved that these guys came looking for a fight. They were prepared. Maybe it’ll be time for law enforcement and the public to take the blinders off and recognize these groups for what they are. Criminals.”

Ashley Charles Wyatt, whose nom de mouchard is Charles Falco, told Slate. “what happened here was, the Cossacks have been around since 1969, the Bandidos since 1966. The Cossacks always stayed out of being a motorcycle gang, but they’ve been growing in numbers, and becoming more and more hardcore. So they decided that they were going to wear the Texas bottom rocker—which is telling the Bandidos that they believe that this is their territory, and they’re willing to die for that claim.”

M.L. Nestel a “Senior Writer” for the Daily Beast and a former reporter for the New York Post, the New York Daily News and Newsday published a story online called “Blood on the Tires: Inside the Texas Biker Gang Wars.” The story linked the Waco Biker Brawl to a shootout at Gator’s Jam Inn in Fort Worth the year before . That fight was actually between a Bandido and a members of Wino’s Crew over a woman. But a Cossack was in the bar at the time so, you know.

A Cossack named Scott “Scoot” Keon was allowed to inform the Palestine, Texas City Council about the Biker Brawl. “On our side, we are not a gang,” he told the city council and a media starved for actual information about what had happened. “We are an organization that is Texas-wide. None of us are one-percenters.” Scoot blamed the Bandits. “There are things that they (the Bandidos) are involved in that we have no interest in,” he said. “We are businessmen, family men, and veterans and are in no way affiliated with them. We won’t be pressured into paying them dues, and that’s where their anger is coming from. Just because other clubs have given in, doesn’t mean we are going to.”

Obviously, there was a press offensive going on. Motorcycle clubs do not know how to launch public relations campaigns. Federal police forces do. The way state and local police forces help federal police forces is by spreading disinformation and limiting access to information, for example through the use of gag orders.

The public relations battle was lost when The Washington Post jumped in with both feet. The Post published a 2,400 word feature explaining what happened at the Twin Peaks and why by a freelance police reporter named Tim Madigan. Madigan based his story on a series of interviews with a Cossack named Paul Russell “Philco” Miller. The Post claimed the Bandidos had ambushed the Cossacks. It was the exact opposite of what actually happened. The Post has never corrected its account.

Gag Order

Gotro got the two recordings this morning. In open court, she was allowed to reveal that one party in the recorded conversation was an assistant district attorney, another was Waco “gang investigator” Jeffrey Rogers and a third was an unidentified policeman from some local, state or federal police force.

Johnson ruled in open court: “After reviewing the two items in camera I have determined that a reasonable probability exists” that the newly discovered evidence might influence the guilt or innocence of the defendant. Then he placed “a protective order on dissemination of the evidence and identities on the” recordings.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarret told the judge, “We are not going to assert privilege.”

Let the speculation begin.

By the way, The Aging Rebel protects sources.



50 Responses to “Justice Delayed Some More”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    @ Robert (You POS!) “Anybody ever wonder why somebody unaffiliated with any party might want to infiltrate.” UNAFFILIATED? I am AN AMERICAN you fucking Piece of Shit! You and yours love the fact you can stomp on the Niggers and nobody says nothing because they are “unaffiliated” Love the fact that people won’t defend others from your BS because they are “unaffiliated” As a matter of fact you count on that fact. Well, FUCK YOU and YOURS!

    ” First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” (M.Niemöller)

  2. Gandalf Says:


  3. Robert Says:

    Anybody ever wonder why somebody unaffiliated with any party might want to infiltrate. Gandalf I’m quite certain you know nothing the newspaper didnt say. Don’t think you ever been to prison “convict….OG…old head.”

  4. Gandalf Says:

    I remember my 1st Lesson. “Don’t ever rat” The main 1%er watching out for me showed me a joint and asked if I wanted to smoke it. We went to a new guys cell and the 1%er told new guy to put up the sheet. As we were getting stoned 2 other 1%ers came into the cell. It seems new guy had ratted on someone years before. So they held “court”… all the while new guy was getting smashed. Over and over. He was trapped and paying the price for a years ago debt. In the end my 1% friend grabbed me by the neck and said, “Don’t ever rat, we will always catch you” End of Lesson. I was a baby. They were adults… I got the Lesson. As time went by I had to pull my weight in some pretty scary mixes… After awhile it gets natural. Not as scary… just same ol song and dance.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Funny… When I hear comments from guys on this and other stories sometimes I can hear the same language, if you will, I remember so well. Esp from Sieg and Vagos1%er. Those 2 crack me up. Other times a guy will comment just once and I can tell by His words and lack of posts… that He is probably real. The real ain’t commenting… I can guarantee you that. So I do for them as best I can. LOL

  6. Gandalf Says:

    I was very young. 1%ers took me in. Taught me the rules and showed me how to roll. Let me roll with them… Hard Hearted MFers. LOL I owe a debt to these guys. I’m just trying to pay it forward. I’m 100% Civilian and very old and legit. Family man. That’s how I know some things about Clubs and Law… Yet am neither. This Twin Peaks crap woke me up. I smelled a rat on day 1. Found Rebel on day 2 and now I’m here. It’s almost over though Thank God… I know better than to get into any other of Rebels stories. Not my Business. I read them and the comments but rarely comment. If I ever did I regretted it.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    @ Aanon Had to plead guilty in another State my 1st time at bat. Cost me 20 but that’s very old News. I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse.

  8. Aanon Says:

    Slightly off topic but… if you are 100% in front of Texas juries, how would you get og, old head, convict and the like? Not a dig, just sincerely curious. Thanks for the clarification in advance.

  9. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Mike Smith

    There is some truth in what the brother told you. One of my brothers back in day told me that:
    ” If the cops are asking you a question 8 times out of ten they already know the answer and if they dont they are fishing for information to fill in the unknown part. Give them nothing, they get nothing”

  10. Mike Smith Says:

    Shameful makes a great point about Cody Ledbetter. I swear that there are so many layers to this thing.

    IMHO, if I were Cassie Gotro I would call him to the stand and read him his interviews. Then ask him point blank why he said that? You know, who coached you and prepped you to give those interviews and make such an obviously false statement?

    Again IMHO the propaganda war that the LEO’s ran is as much of an indictment of the LEO’s as any of the other evidence.

    A Brother long years ago, once told me: “Anytime an interrogator asks you a question, they are telling you something that they know or do not know. It is impossible to ask a question and tell the person that you are interrogating something in return.”

    And for sure Sgt. Swanton would be high on my witness list.

  11. david Says:

    From : “The Life of Colonel David Crockett”, compiled by Edward S. Elis (1884)

    Crockett,who died at the Alamo, on the entire present Texas state legislature, who are as corrupt as hell for passing their money-driven, Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity “law” which they themselves, are guilty of:

    “Money with Congressmen is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the people. But it is THE ONE GREAT THING for which most of them are striving and many of them sacrifice honor, integrity and JUSTICE to obtain it”.

  12. david Says:

    @ moto , with respect,

    In Fake-Oh, when Un-Abel’s law partner is the presiding “judge” in a case which Un-Abel is permanently DISQUALIFIED from being the persecutor, due to written TX law the “judge” will NOT follow, and when the same “judge” apologizes to the jury for misstating the “trials” length, what he may be communicating, BUT NOT FOR THE RECORD:

    I’m sorry this clown-ass show of a “trial” with a predetermined outcome has kept you from hearing more of our lies on TV, but this fake-ass show “trial” must continue so the general public can be further deceived we attorney-judges care about the public, and not ONLY our self-interest.

  13. Wasn't there Says:

    This will not be a popular comment, but so be it. I said this back in May of 2015, and I stand on this today. The fault of Waco/Twin Peaks will fall at the feet of the CMC. Let us remember some serious facts here. 9 men never made it back home after that encounter. I don’t give a damn about colors they wore that day, they were still human. Both groups lost that day. Respect to the memories of those that fell and never got back up.

    Jake is not on trial for murder or even assault. I have watched the videos that were released, I have read the indictment (original and superceded) for Jake and for Clendennen. The state is attempting to convict on Conspiracy, WITH the underlying charges of murder and assault. The Federal government has a similar charge called RICO. He is not being tried in a federal court. The state has produced Reyna as the prosecutor. He has made A LOT of mistakes. Personally, it should have ‘mistrialed’ a couple of weeks back. I have followed the AR, local news (Waco Trib, KWTX and KXXV) to balance MY opinion. I love the way AR produces his stories with cynical and humorous viewpoints. Don is a fantastic author. But, this story is far from over. Now is the time for Gotro to do her job and convince the jury that there was never any conspiracy. Maybe she can win it. Maybe not.

    The facts remain, this is NOT 1966. Or even 1980. This is 17 years into the 21st century. Times have changed a hella bunch since I started riding back in the early 70s. I have seen plenty, trust me on this. History, however remains the same. Some people resist change, or even abhor it. People that have lived the life know what time it is. I will NOT get involved in another clubs politics, ever….that’s a fast way to a serious physical adjustment. And there are things that you still don’t do today. (Don’t take a fight to a man’s home, as example) People today rattle keyboards instead of sabres. Most people today are armed, well armed at that, and have decided that shooting is easier than taking an old fashioned thumping, hence Waco, and all the mistakes that were made. By everyone. No one is NOT at fault. Some are in my opinion more culpable than others, but that’s just my opinion. A mistake is still a mistake.

    I make no predictions on what a jury might hear/see or even decide. Betting a jury outcome is just stupid. So far there is only about 100 different reasons for appeal if a conviction is made. I was NOT in Waco in May 2015. I was NOT there to make decisions about what might be in a man’s mind causing him to pull weapons and fire. Videos only show partially what occurred and the steps that led to those actions. Not detailed enough. Forensics might be able to fill in some gaps, but not all of them. Some footage captures fatal attacks, and others capture weapons discharges.

    I am mortified by the fact that almost 200 people were detained/arrested and held with unreasonable bonds, just because they were at the wrong place and time back in May 2015. So many of them are completely innocent of wrong doing. May 2015 changed things for us in Texas on bikes. The outcomes of this and other trials, good or bad, will not change it back. We have to get used to our new normal. And that new normal is fucked up.

  14. Well Now Says:

    @paul the nutsack,
    hahahahahaha!!!! Your really coming on this site and talking shit (as a cossack)?
    As Gandalf already told you, YOUR FUCKED and a SNITCH. Also, don’t underestimate the quality of men monitoring this site – there are all here from 1%-99%. Problem you and the rest of the cronies got is that you did not quit your meth head club. YOUR STILL WHO YOU ARE, (MINUS 7 FAGS). You can never get away from that for the rest of your life. You look in that mirror everyday, and as soon as you get past your rotten teeth, you see a fucking coward bastard that will be heading to prison soon. LOL I hear a bunch of people just waiting to have lunch with snitching cocksacks on day 1. Don’t forget the Bandido that was murdered was Hispanic, OHHH,damn, now you have another problem inside. Maybe you can fit in with the Crips and Bloods? ha. Dude, take your fucked up medicine, yall deserve everything your getting . Truth is Truth – being a fag cossack, you would not know it unless Big Ho, told it to you. Ohh and his ol lady is a fat whore also. Just go away, put it in your mouth and squeeze! (not big O’s dick, a GUN)

  15. Gandalf Says:

    LOL. I just thought of something. You probably have a big Cossack tattoo on your back. Good Luck walking the yard sporting that tat. LOL Every single Inmate knows they can gain favor from the Biker Crew by fucking with you. I’d suggest you have them removed asap. Inmates see a Bandit tat and respect that. A Cossack tat will make things VERY hard for anyone sporting one. Even some Hamster from Houston will be fucking with you to gain favor… I’m not so sure you Cossacks really understand what awaits you. Big O got you convinced it’s all good. “We can roll with the AB” LOL Don’t for 1 sec believe that BS. Prison is a whole another world run by guys who have been there since before you were born. Big O is just a pimple on their ass. Disposable. His rep can’t be tolerated by them no mater what Big O tells you. If you think the AB is going to go to war with the Bandits… over You or Big O…LOL… Think again. Business is Business. Their rep is weakened by any Cossack in their crew. That’s just the way it is.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    BTW If you and Big O think the Aryan Boys are going to welcome you with open arms… Think again. They have to live with The Bandits. Maybe work together. Don’t imagine they will be taking you in because that would be an act of war with the Bandits. Inside and outside of Prison. Get it… Your all alone.
    Note: If the Aryan boys do take you in… It’s a set up and expect them to sell your ass to your enemies asap.

  17. Gandalf Says:

    Dear Paul,
    Your Right. I don’t know very much about Biker life in Texas. Had this happened in Pretzel Land there wouldn’t be none of you left. As I see it the Bandits gave Y’all a pass… and still are. You should thank your Lucky stars for them. As for your high paid Lawyer He robbed you too. What has He done so far? I suspect the deal is still active and you/yours expect Reyna to give you a pass sooner or later… so He waits for that sweet deal while spending your $. Stupid is as stupid does. But Hey, I DO know about Prison and doing time and let me give you my “expert” opinion on your future. In every Prison there is a crew of Inmates who are Bikers. They are as strong as they need to be in a world of Yahoos and other nasty gangs trying to fuck with anyone alone or weak. Usually the areas Biggest Club runs that crew and do not let any rats or punks roll with them. I promise you as I type every prison in the USA has a Crew of Bikers just as I described. They usually take in any biker from any club and maybe a few Non-Bikers who are hard and cool (That’ll be me) They talk about riding, prospecting, old ladies while they lift weights and stay alert for danger. Obviously if Jake is convicted He will roll straight into a leadership position in that Crew. On the other hand… there is YOU. Everyone knows everything about everybody so you can’t just sneak by these guys. As a matter of fact they are waiting for you and know exactly who you are. Some of these guys have been there 20+ years and have no chance of getting out. They are hard. More hard than you ever could possibly imagine. They will be waiting. They already know your coming and have a plan for you Cossacks. Nobody likes a rat. Cossacks have already been given the rat label. The only kind of rat that’s acceptable in Prison is a rat who rats on; A Cop, A Guard, The Warden, The DA etc. The only way you Cossacks can dodge this bullet is by RATTING on your handlers. Should you be the guy who testified that the FBIor Waco PD set this shit up…. maybe … just maybe. You can get a pass and roll with these guys. I’m not saying for sure but you know what you did. So do they. Even Big O’s Aryan boys will not let you and Big O back into their Crew. For 1 you would be coming in with Lots of enemies because of Twin Peaks and 2 you can’t be trusted anymore. Good Luck with that.

  18. Shameful Says:


    Oh I would definitely use stupid to describe you, and so would many. But you are a lot more of what you want to call everyone else.

    Hipster, suburbanite, playing dress up on the weekends.

    You have always boasted about being in other “outlaw” clubs, but never have put anything up except your nutsack affiliations. Your SOA beanie does not count. But despite what Doc said, despite what Zeke said, you never felt like the group would ever get to be like all of those groups you heard about.

    So here comes Big O. I do not even want to know what favors you did for him to get in his little group. But now here you are. Along for the ride. It truly must be great to wear that 1% diamond you have always wanted. But how long do you think that will last? You are not shiny white. Those SS bolts and peckerwood patches don’t match up totally. I am sure you will pose and pretend, like you always do, but eventually, the good old boys in your group will decide that keeping the Circle intact is more important that the suburbanite mutt. But hey, then you can write a book, and maybe you can talk to your friend Steve Cook about being an expert. Or the Iron Order is hiring I’m sure. It must be a great thing to have all of these options.

  19. moto Says:

    “We are going to continue the trial until Monday morning at 9 a.m. I know this has lasted much longer than you signed up for, I know this is lasting longer than I told you it would just last week. I am sincerely sorry for the delay.”

    Who tells the jury how long the trial will last? That’s unheard of ime

  20. Shovelhead Says:

    Cossacks…This word,forever more, throughout the 1%er community. will be synonymous with “Rat”
    You guys made a deal with the Devil and lost.

    Was it ever going to go any other way??

    Respect to the real 1%

  21. Paul Says:

    ****queer. Fuckin autocorrect. How do you hipsters do this shit so often? Fuckin sucks.

  22. Paul Says:

    Firstly poindexter, think of you? I don’t, you’re just like the rest of these yahoos are just a spectator of someone else’s struggle. Secondly, you can’t “crash” an open meeting at a public venue. Check out what Mr Landers said on a YouTube video about 3 years prior of “opening our meetings” which is what those who actually wanted to accomplish something positive that day was banking on. Every other time UCOW, a COC derivative, was at a private venue and we never considered going. Lastly, and importantly, “convict” ever heard of dry snitching? I don’t fuckin rat, for absolutely no reason. Give zero fucks about what you think about honor, you’re just some quire hiding behind a fake name like the others.
    Now sham-ful. It’s clear that you don’t know me or anyone who does. Stupid is definitely not a word anyone, even enemies, would use to describe me. I may not be liked by some, which is cool because I hate a lot of motherfuckers too, but stupid, dumb, thick or slow, nope.
    This has been somewhat entertaining, and I’m sure that you drama fiends would love to go back and forth for hours, but I see no point at trying to talk common sense to any of you, I’ve read bits and pieces of manifestoish ramblings on here between the gag reflex exercises you perform with Mr Rebel over here.
    Rebel, offer stands. I like to look a man in the eyes when I tell him he’s wrong.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    Hey Paul… 500 bucks for a bandido cut? LOL How cheap is that? My price would be 50,000 and I’d invest 10,000 in the planning. If I put a 100 dollar bill on a tigers tale I know EXACTLY what you would say, “Hey Y’all watch this”

  24. Gandalf Says:

    BTW… “Poindexter”… That’s good. Really. It’s nice to know you think so much of me.

  25. Shameful Says:


    You really are as stupid as you’ve been made out to be, huh? Besides your “brothers” who let quite a few cats out of their bags with your interview, among many, MANY other things (where are their phones, Atwood’s stories, etc?) you slipped in the interview a couple of times. But like your thoughts on what you and yours call “brotherhood”, you’ll continue to pretend and flex.
    It’s almost sad, because you are continuing to be used by those who are trying to build cases on clubs. If you had been at Jack Hartwell, you could have spoken on the length of time certain “brothers” were pulled from cells. You could have seen the discrepancies in what was said vs what happened. But you were too busy feeding a story to someone who would get the side out you were told to get out.
    Keep on keeping on. When the feds decide to settle, because there’s nothing they can get on R&G that will hold up to appeal, they’ll be looking for some to take the fall. And they already have quite a few who are talking all about some texts, phone calls, and a rather spirited discussion at Atwood’s.

  26. Gandalf Says:

    Yea, I still don’t know why I chose that name But you can call me Convict, Old Head, OG whatever you want. You fucking Cossacks crashed that Meeting in a FUCKING MALL parking Lot.
    If what you say is true.. then who gave the interview to Madigan. Name/ don’t go claiming “Honor” and say you can’t say it. Y’all have no honor. Your Leaders HAVE NO HONOR! Cossacks=Zero Honor.

  27. Paul Says:

    Mmmk poindexter… is that your professional legal advice? Fuck and to think that I spent thousands on counsel when all along it was right here on a fuckin blog with mouthy little commentators. Fuck it… I’m done for the night, been umm, fun though. I guess. Nighty-night poindexter

  28. Paul Says:

    Exactly my point poindexter… if you were knowledgeable about Waco clubs, you’d know who I am. I stayed in contact with the area local club Presidents because of my past experiences, clubs can coexist. We were all respectful of one another and and if there were any issues, myself and that President would resolve it. It was beginning to work before this bullshit.

  29. Gandalf Says:

    @Paul… BTW How stupid does a guy have to be to not understand that Rebel, Broden and Gotro ARE THE ONLY FUCKING CHANCE YOU GOT to beat this. A simple TY would be in order. AND, Have you seen Big O lately? Y’all still plotting and hatching up more plans to take over Texas? Advice: Stay away from the Elementary Schools and Airports….it might not go well.

  30. Paul Says:

    @ poindexter…. do your fuckin homework.

  31. Paul Says:

    Who the fuck calls themselves “Gandalf”? Fuckin nerd. Listen here poindexter, it was a Cossack President, but it wasn’t me. I didn’t believe that story when I got home from the hospital and wouldn’t say that shit if it wasn’t true ya little fuckin hipster. You can say shit over and over and over, but it doesn’t make it true. Read that bullshit article/interview again. None of the description of the guy who spit it out fits me.

  32. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paul, I don’t see ne Paul Russell Miller on my list? Which one are you?


  33. Gandalf Says:

    Hey Paul, You gave the interview to Paul Madigan you dip shit! HE sold it to the WP at the request of the Feds? He made BANK. How much $ did your get crackhead? 10 bucks? FOESAD!

  34. Paul Says:

    Yeah, that’s it sham-ful. People here in Texas and those from my home state who know me, just read that bullshit and rolled their eyes. Who really has the rat problem? Look no further than the different indictments and “brothers” rolling on each other. Who had a 30 yr vice cop riding with them? Who has a support club with an active TSA cop as an officer and who has cops on mutha-fuckin speed dial? It’s shitty that clubs are being torn down just to justify federal pensions. I’ll say this, AR can write, it’s bullshit, but you’re not here for truth, you’re here for entertainment. Since none of you have skin in this or could care less if two clubs are clearly under attack by the feds (in case you forgot, we’re all facing 15-99 for a fight that got outta hand), just keep shaking your little pom-poms. You all hide behind fictitious names, hiding behind your monitor popping off with little comments that only keep the divide. You all feed off each other and bullshit speculation. I still honestly believe that it was only a couple guys who couldn’t hold their sand during a tense discussion that ignited this nightmare, but that’s way too boring to feed your need for drama. Laughing as I write this. Fuckin clowns. Rebel, you get curious you know how to contact me.

  35. Shameful Says:

    I guess the royalties checks, or fed kickbacks, quit coming, so no need to claim it, huh?

  36. Paul Says:

    I never gave WP an interview. But “fuck it, good enough”….

  37. david Says:

    In a real court, one for all people of the state not just for attorneys/attorney judges, a real judge would have ALREADY found Jack-Ass Reyna in contempt for failure to provide Jake with evidence, after issuing the court Order.
    Attorney “judge” Johnson is incredible.

    Author of gov. BS, Steve Crook’s prediction is the reverse of what is going to occur.
    The general public will recognize groups of public office-holders, legislators, judges and administrator, as the self-interested criminals they in fact are.

  38. Rojas Says:

    @ Iron Rider

    I don’t think Clendennen will go to trial. There is no there there.
    Sure Reyna got an indictment, but that’s a slam dunk depending on how one goes about it. And we know how Reyna went about it. He did not allow Clendennen to speak to the grand jury.

    I expect these three gentlemen will set things right.

  39. Shameful Says:

    In regards to the Washington Post articles, let us not forget good old Dane Schiller and his article in the Houston Chronicle where he loudly repeated the claim by Cody Ledbetter that he watched a member of the R&G shout something along the line of “Take this m-f’er” while standing over Boyett and pump 2 rounds into his stepdad’s head. We know that those were both police rounds now, and they have been advised that their article was incorrect, but like the Post, no retraction or correction.
    The media use by the feds is strong with this case.

  40. Iron Rider Says:

    And now this blurb in the Waco Trib

    HEADLINE: 3 Houston-based attorneys to replace DA in Clendennen Twin Peaks case


    So much for Clendennen’s case starting anytime soon because these 3 lawyers will need to be brought up to speed on the going’s on in the case not to mention they still have all the Reyna fallout to deal and the various Motions filed by Broden.

    So Clendennen’s case will be lucky if it starts in the next three months I would say, but then this is Waco so the tag team of Johnson/Storthers might say ” nope were good to go”

  41. Aanon Says:

    Looking at the picture, seems as only one person in that group can smell chicken shit. Hard not to when it surrounds you tho.

  42. Iron Rider Says:

    LMAO I swear Rebel you put that pic at the top of your article With Reyna, Gotro and Johnson up for the look on Gotro’s face.

    You’d swear looking at that picture that Gotro is listening to Reyna explain something to Johnson and Gotro “is thinking what a bunch of bullshit Abel, god your full of it”

  43. James Crawford Says:

    How much you bet that not only will this case be dismissed, as a result, all of the other cases will be dismissed too?

  44. Freebird Says:

    @ Fuzzy

    Whats on those tapes is what Rebel has been saying all along. It was an ambush! A fucking set up by with feds taking lead. No one takes a piss without big brothers permission!

  45. Freebird Says:

    How do these mother fuckers sleep at night? When this is over they need to burn waco to the ground and start over….

  46. Bernadette Feazell Says:

    Thank you for pointing out how “inexcusably cold it is” in the courtroom, absolutely oppressive.

  47. Brad H Says:

    Let’s see, as the c-sacks and their affiliated groups outnumbered the red & gold roughly 2 or 3 to 1, isn’t it probable the bulk of the weapons at the site belonged to them?

    Also, the recordings released today were, most likely, withheld, hidden from and otherwise not disclosed to the defense when ordered by the court to release any and all evidence during discovery. Definitely sixth amendment violations abound.

  48. Gandalf Says:

    BTW Tim Madigan also wrote a book (a Hit Job) on David Koresh’s Branch Davidians claiming Koresh was molesting children and the ATF/FBI had every right to burn Mt. Carmel down to the Ground. The book “has many new revelations from ATF files”. Tim Madigan also never wrote another article after the 1st 2 in that 1st week.
    IMHO Tim Madigan is a “fixer” of sorts for the ATF… most especially the Waco area ATF Office. This guy has DEEP ties to these ATF guys in the Waco area. His book alone shows He had access to the ATF files Investigating The Branch Davidians. ie: Waco Area.

  49. Iron Rider Says:

    LOL Reyna and co with yet again more discovery that wasn’t turned over to the defense, three CD’s of police radio transmissions not turned over. What did Reyna lose them in the couch cushions in his office. You really have to wonder how much MORE is out there that the defense doesn’t know about? At this rate, I would expect there is a lot despite Reyna and Co’s thumping on the table complaining how they gave the defense everything and there is nothing left to give.

    All Reyna has done so far is make his office look like a bunch of clowns. Seriously they may as well all pile out of the car when they pull up to the courthouse each morning wearing clown costumes and honking a little horn, because the idiocy we have seen so far in failures of the prosecution to do even the most basic elements when trying a case.

    What I do love about this is that Reyna and Co along with Judge Johnson are all coming out of this looking like clowns, and the Carrizal case is circling the bowl and on the way down the drain, even if Carrizal got convicted ( and I fail to see how with the way the state has put on their case so far ) there is no way in hell an appeal wouldn’t be granted.

    I swear the Texas State AG must dread looking at the update as to how Carrizal’s trial is going and the rulings from the court, because as Reyna and Co is an extension of that office it sure doesn’t looking like Reyna and Co. could put on a trial for a parking ticket which reflects badly on the State AG.

    The Carrizal trial will be law school fodder for years to come in the lesson of ethics and how to prepare fora trial and present a case, because the failures so far have been epic to say the least.

    Rebel your depiction of the going’s on lately in court has been nothing less than stellar reporting. It’s a shame more people that are just getting their “news” on this are seeing the 1 minute stories on the t.v. news or reading the blurb in the Waco trib but other than that they are getting the sanitized version of events and not the untold stories that are underlying in the events before and after Twin Peaks occurred.

  50. Fuzzy Says:

    Whatever’s on those tapes must be good for the judge to say he’ll be forced to dismiss if they don’t unass the info. I mean, he’s had a million good reasons to dismiss thus far and hasn’t made that threat up till now.

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