Waco Prosecution Rests

October 31, 2017

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Waco Prosecution Rests

The prosecution quit today in the trial of Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal.

Now that the four prosecutors have said everything they could think to say, shown the jury about 1060 exhibits and solicited testimony from about 50 witnesses, the whole of the case against Carrizal turns out to have be cruel and weak – just like the last day of it.

This has been a Soviet-style show trial. Four hundred and fifty prospective jurors had their lives disrupted so McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna could either: A) Enhance his political reputation for defending Waco against imagined enemies; or B) ingratiate himself to the federal authorities who imagined and instigated the Twin Peaks Ambush in hopes they would not indict him for political corruption. Two of his assistant prosecutors, Amanda Dillon and Michael Jarret spent much of the last 30 months preparing for this trial and that cost local taxpayers something north of $500,000. The list of the damage grows from there. Millions for forensic testing, housing inmates, for investigators and lawyers, for overhead and courthouse security.

Doing Jake Carrizal

You might have thought the prosecutors would have wanted to go after somebody who was arguably guilty of something. Cossack Owen Reeves for example: A man with a villainous countenance who disappeared after the brawl, arrived at the hospital three hours later in a private vehicle with a knot on his head, who had misplaced his cell phone en route and who then announced to doctors that he had amnesia. Or the Cossack videotaped murdering one of the victims on the Department of Public Safety polecam in the parking lot. Or the Cossack videotaped firing a gun inside the restaurant.

No. For reasons that are still buried it had to be a Bandido. And then, for reasons that will probably never be explained, it had to be Christopher Jacob Carrizal.

Today the prosecutions put on two witnesses. The jury never got to see the first one.

The first witness was the government’s third “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang expert.” He is an El Paso police officer named Francisco “Frank” Balderrama. He has taken some classes in “outlaw motorcycle gangs.” He has talked to some Bandidos and former Bandidos. Last year, during an indicia search, he found a Christmas Card from the Dallas Bandidos to the El Paso Bandidos. Jake Carrizal was one of the Dallas Bandits in the Christmas Card photo. During voir dire with the jury out of the courtroom, Balderrama said he would testify that in his expert opinion the Bandidos Motorcycle Club is a criminal street gang. He also planned to tell the jury that Jake Carrizal had told other Bandidos “to come down here for a war.”

Judge Matt Johnson refused to let him “testify” in front of the jury. Defense attorney Casie Gotro probably would have ripped him to pieces anyway.

Calling Chuck

So instead, prosecutor Michael Jarrett called Jake Carrizal’s youngest brother Chuck Carrizal as a prosecution witness. Chuck Carrizal has been a Bandido for about 18 months. He is the sergeant at arms for the Dallas chapter. Jake Carrizal is the president of that chapter. Their uncle was the chapter president before that. Their brother Zach is a Bandido in New Mexico. Their father is a Bandido. Also Jake is a locomotive engineer, Zach is a mechanic and Chuck is a funeral director. All three of them are fathers with sons.

Jarrett put Chuck Carrizal on the witness stand for the sole purpose of showing the jury that club members are evasive and reserved when questioned about club business. And that was the case. Chuck didn’t know shit about shit. Jarrett dug out text messages between Jake and other Bandidos and questioned him about them.

Jarrett tried to put words in the youngest Carrizal’s mouth. “So, on March 25, 2015 Jake was aware of a conflict with the Cossacks.”

“Uh, maybe.”

One of the text messages on Jake’s Carrizal’s phone made reference to “a green and white storm” in the Fort Worth Stockyards. It was an obvious allusion to the Wino’s Crew Motorcycle Club, a group that broke away from the Boozefighters and established close relations with the Cossacks. “What do you think a green white storm refers to, Chuck?”

“Uh, rain.”

Three years ago Chuck sent Jake an email asking, “Who gave the Dirty Bastards Collin County?”

Jake replied, “We did” and Jarrett has been telling the jury for weeks that the Bandidos are territorial imperialists and Texas is their empire.

Yellow Helmet

“Do people need the Bandidos permission to ride their motorcycles?”

“No. People can do what they want.”

Jarrett sarcastically threw a succession of text messages at Chuck Carrizal. On May 16, 2015 “Meet on I35 in Wintergreen. No old ladies.” On May 17, “5/17 bro!!” And then, “Bring your tools guys.”

“What do you think tools means, Chuck”

“Uh, screwdrivers. That’s what I think it means.”

Jarrett badgered Chuck Carrizal. He mocked him. He showed the witness Jake Carrizal’s custom painted helmet. It has a gold visor. Chuck confirmed it was his brother’s helmet. Jarrett already knew that. It was about something else. It was an innuendo.

A Twin Peaks waitress named Shaniqua Corsey told police she “saw a crowd of bikers huddled around in what I call a fight circle. About four or five Cossacks were standing guard. A coworker told her they were arguing and standing guard. Bikers standing guard told employees not to come outside. A biker with a helmet was arguing with another biker. She couldn’t hear what they were saying but she knew it as very heated because through the yellow motorcycle helmet face shield she could see the guy’s face was flushed (red). As she was standing there watching them argue she saw the biker with the yellow helmet ‘mouth-off’ something, then he pulled out a big barrel, silver revolver and fired once at the guy across the way. She heard a second shot then ‘it was go time!’” She testified to that last week.

Jarrett insinuated this morning that Corsey’s testimony combined with Jake Carrizal’s helmet proves that Jake Carrizal fired the first shot at the Twin Peaks.

Gotro’s Turn

When Gotro cross examined the younger Carrizal she was as kind as Jarrett had been cruel. “Come on.” She said. “Come on. C’mon. Are you nervous.”

“Yes. I don’t like crowds.”

“Is it easy to talk about your motorcycle club?’



“Because not everybody gets it.”

“Is being in that club important to your brother, Jake?”

“It means the world to him.”

Jarrett had tried for 45 minutes to portray Chuck Carrizal as a dangerous liar. It took Gotro about two minutes to make him seem shy and emotionally vulnerable.”

“Did your Dad and your brother Jake prospect together?”


“Your Dad had been in the club before and left. Did he get beat up when he left?”


“Did he have to give up his bike or pay $5,000.”

“Nah, he just left.”

The Truth Won’t Hurt

“Chuck, you know your brother meant guns when he said tools? Chuck, the truth is not going to hurt your brother. You know he meant guns.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Did you go to the COC meeting on May 17, 2015.”

“No. I had to work.”

“If you had known there was going to be a fight, would you have gone with your brother, and your father and your uncle.”

Chuck Carrizal could barely say “Yes.” The large, tough, shy, young man didn’t begin to openly weep until Gotro asked him about learning that his father had been shot. He went to Waco with his mother. That sat in a Starbucks parking lot for hours waiting to talk to his wounded father. They were never allowed into the hospital so they went home. He didn’t hear from his brother Jake for days.

As her questioning continued, Gotro showed some real anger, not theatrical anger but something more like maternal anger because the prosecution had put her client’s brother on the stand just to embarrass him.

Jarrett took another shot at Chuck Carrizal when Gotro was done. “So you’re changing your testimony that your brother ordered people to bring guns to Waco?”


Jarrett switched on his most sarcastic voice. “Are we supposed to believe, they were surprised when a gunfight happened?”

“I don’t think they thought anything would happen at the COC meeting. Just to be careful on the road.”


It isn’t easy to watch a prosecutor bully a witness. Jarrett must have sensed that. He gave up

Judge Johnson ordered a recess, followed by a long meeting of all the lawyers in his chambers. For several minutes Johnson could be heard yelling on the other side of the closed door. When the lawyers finally marched out they took their places and remained standing while the jury filed in and took their seats.

Then District Attorney Abelino Reyna looked at the judge, his old law partner, and spoke in a voice so small the jury might not have heard it. “Your honor,” he almost whispered. “The State rests.”

Gotro will probably make a motion asking for a directed verdict of not guilty tomorrow afternoon. If she does, Johnson will probably deny it. So then she will make her opening statement and call her first witness.

This trial could be over very quickly.



23 Responses to “Waco Prosecution Rests”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    @Rojas,. I built my bike, I know every nut and bolt, every inch of hose and wire. I built it with dependability in mind. I have left the house once, count them one time, without my tool roll. Pushing that heavy beast over a mile in the hot sun taught me the errors of my ways. No tools? I’m calling a big time Bull Shot on that one.

  2. rojas Says:

    @ Dr G

    Thanks, I figured as much. Found that statement completely implausible.
    Every motorcycle or four wheeler I have had came with a tool kit. These usually got supplemented with time.

    So every new Harley comes with one and every older Harley better have one.
    It’s a shame Casey did not get this information in her cross with Jake. Show the jury that Jarrett is a lying bastard out to fuck both them, their community and the defendant.

  3. ak rack Says:

    Articles like this are the reason we should all dig deep when we hit the donate button.

    Thank you, Rebel.

  4. moto Says:

    “Today, Assistant City Attorney Judith Benton brought two tape recordings they city has not disclosed.”
    “The city claimed privilege because the recordings contain info from confidential informants that the city did not want to divulge.”
    “The judge listened to the recordings in his chambers and ordered the city to turn over the recordings or he would be forced to dismiss case.”

    What a circus… things could get exciting next week, if we don’t see a mistrial or withdraw of prosecution (due to not wanting to divulge CI’s) before then

  5. Gandalf Says:

    BTW: From what I see Jake never broke a Law that day. By Reyna’s argument anyone can be arrested at any time without breaking a Law. Just prove 3 people at the 1st Baptist church were selling weed… Then arrest the Pastor for directing the activities of a Street Gang because he organized a dinner where it was sold. There are MANY angles to attack that Law from. People smarter than me will be studying them all.
    Casie just got a postponement till Monday. PERFECT. Word around Waco is Reyna arrested 177 people without a case. THEY KNOW! Let them mull it over for the weekend while Casie decides if She wants to either, chop off some LE heads, Fight the CSG definition, or just get Jake off. A month ago I thought, Just get Jake off. Now that I see Reyna’s case and Waco public opinion turning…. I’m not so sure. Jake and Casie will need to decide what to do.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    @ david… with respect. I once learned that a Contract was just a piece of paper with words until it is upheld by a court. I’m thinking ALL Laws are pretty much the same thing. Sometimes it takes years of challenging them to have them nullified. This is Texas and in Texas a jury will convict an obviously Innocent man just because they don’t like Him… On the other hand in Texas a Jury will also acquit a man because they don’t like the Law or convinced LE over reached. i’m not sure why anyone would plead guilty to weed possession in Texas. Prosecutors know this and will drop the case if your stubborn and demand a Jury Trial. Obviously I’m talking Jury Nullification. Because Reyna’s case is so weak, He’s under investigation, and the people of Waco are starting to see the TPs debacle… The Bandits can use that as a tool to create public opinion against them being a CSG. Casie can attack the Law and convince this jury to “re-define” or nullify it. If She can do that… because this Trial is so big, it will be News. And the News might basically say, “Jury Finds Bandidos NOT a CSG” ANY win MUST be because the Jury decided The Bandits ARE NOT a CSG. Get it. Because Reyna’s case is so weak, Texans like “Self-Defense” they could easily acquit Him and ALL of Texas will have to believe it was because the Jury decided just that. Why? Because of the written Law. The fight is between Casie and Reyna defining TO 9 PEOPLE what that Law means. No better time than now to get a jury to nullify that Law. Ft Worth was not the time to do it. Now is the time.

  7. david Says:

    @ Gandalf, with respect,

    The greedy fucking attorneys comprising the TX Legislature, the criminals in Austin, WROTE and passed the statute which is being used against Jake by the persecutors, and the governor signed it, long before TP.

    The same statute reads/states, it is IRRELEVANT whether the accused is a member of the statute defined “criminal street gang “, or not. What IS relevant is the Code, and all WORDS, and word definitions, within the Bull-Shit code.The language of the code is the only thing which IS relevant.

    By definition, the word “combination” in the code includes people who are NOT MEMBERS of the codes definition of a “criminal street gang “. “Combination” members do not have to have any identifying logos, and do NOT even have to know each other. Combination membership can even change at any time.

    And the largest bull-shit of all, the attorney legislators wrote the LANGUAGE so the statute could be used against ANYONE, whether an actual crime was committed,or NOT.

    This sad and sorry state of affairs exists because statutes are written, passed, and enacted by attorneys in public offices using the government for THEIR self-interest.Every “law” passed, by them, guarantees themselves for-profit “work”, when they leave office and become for-hire defense attorneys defending paying clients against the statutory charges they THEMSELVES wrote, written intentionally to include as many people as possible, for as much PROFIT as possible. No cases, no “work”.

    True pieces of shit who lie to the public daily saying, they are ONLY looking out for the people’s interest. And on Sunday, some even sing in the church choir.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    Ask Det Rodgers if there were any Federal UCs or CIs at Twin Peaks. Set Him up for a Perjury charge after Operation Texas Rocker admits it. Use your platform here and now to give Mr. Pike a better chance when His turn is up. Use it to rid the Bandidos of the “Street Gang” label LE just gave them….”because they could”. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Maybe more important than Jake Himself. Make Headlines.

  9. Gandalf Says:

    I watched most of this Trial… It’s a “Show Trial”. Well, Your Show is over Reyna. Time for Casie’s song and dance act. -CALL BIG O!!!-CALL Det. RODGERS- Find the UC/CIs.- Redefine CSG as “A group whose SOLE PURPOSE is Crime.” Like I said before, Any group can have criminals. Police, Firemen, Plumbers Union etc.

  10. Dr G Says:

    That’s a flat out lie i have ridden a bagger for 20 years and every new bagger i have bought has come with a tool kit in it and i never leave it at home

  11. Rojas Says:

    Probable or impossible?

    Witherspoon tweets Jarrett
    “”Police searched the motorcycles there that day,” Jarrett said. “Would it surprise you to know that nobody brought a tool kit that day?”

    I know things have improved since the AMF days, but are Harleys that damn good now?

    I’m pretty sure this is another outright lie by an “officer of the court”.

  12. Bbally Says:

    Keep on it Rebel. Only place to get real news on this cluster fuck by Reyna!

    Reyna is comming up very short by all measures

  13. ArkBand Says:

    Well hopefully everyone realizes the jury is NOT made up of Jake’s peers,probably none of them have ever rode a motorcycle and the only thing they know about motorcycle clubs is what they see in the movies and on TV. Hopefully none of the jurors has never had a bad experience with a club member. The sheeple of this world want to believe that the police and the justice system doesn’t lie,they want to believe all is good in the world. I hope they truly see through the BS of this trial and the whole try at wiping out something that only a few people will ever understand.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    BTW: Casie has the opportunity to make the case that The Bandidos ARE NOT a Criminal Street Gang. YOU WILL NEVER GET A BETTER CHANCE than this time. It’s time for Casie to put an end of this CSG crap once…. AND FOR ALL! Getting Jake off might be kinda easy considering. SHE NEEDS TO GET THE BANDITS OFF this CSG BS. “Strike while the Iron is HOT’

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Jarrett took the bait like a largemouth dumbass. How naive of him to think Gotro would make such a major mistake. Tools means guns? yeah, you bet it does.

    Lol what a baffoon, epic fail, #rekt

  16. Gandalf Says:

    Boy I hope this ends soon. While on a short Vacation in New Orleans I finally got a few days to forget about all this. Then a chance meet at Lunch on Frenchmen St brought it all back hard and fast. We told each other things we both already knew but the most important thing He said reminded me why I have been Trolling for 2.5 years and How I found Rebel. “Because we are American.” THATS why we fight this BS. I have been slinging out Legal strategies for months with the hope just 1 will help. My last advice to Cassie is this; Remember, any group can have people in it who commit crimes. What makes them (The Shriners) NOT a Criminal Street Gang is what a CSG DOES NOT DO that they do. Like, have a “Political Arm” (Jarrett’s words) like the COC&I or wear their name on their backs or drive cars with emblems identifying them. Toy runs, dues, all supporting a Hobby (riding motorcycles). ALL the other CSG DO NOT do these things. Cassie needs to re-define Reyna’s definition… not let Reyna even define a CSG.
    Advice: Never order the Meatball Po Boy… Cajun and Italian don’t mix well and pickles should NEVER touch a Meatball. EVER! Dude…. 4 drinks… at lunch? LOL I guess you took me off my “Vacation square” and I took you off your “Lunch square” Nice to meet ya. I already forgot your name… as it should be. The only name I needed to understand who you were was on your sleeve. Ty :)

  17. Charles Wittmer Says:

    reyna should be prosecuted for abuse of power and wasting taxpayer dollars after he is prosecuted for corruption. I do believe some mc gangs are criminal, but I do also believe people should be allowed to have gangs or groups of friends. In hs my mc gang of 4 could not wear our colors.

  18. david Says:

    The bull-shit TX Penal Code 71.02, clearly states anyone accused of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity does not have to commit the crime as charged. The state need only prove beyond a reasonable doubt someone CONSPIRED TO COMMIT the crime charged.

    Code also states, someone need NOT be a member of a “criminal street gang” to be accused of Engaging. A “criminal street gang” is defined as “three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.”

    Code states, a person commits an Engaging offense if with INTENT to establish, maintain or participate in a “combination” CONSPIRES TO COMMIT the crime as charged.

    A “combination ” is defined in the Code as, “three or more persons who collaborate in carrying on criminal activities.” Participants need not know each others identity, and membership in the “combination” may change.

    So Reyna, with a corrupt legislature providing the judiciary with a statute broader than an 8-lane interstate highway, and then presenting the Bull-Shit Code to the jury, the bastard need not prove anyone charged with any crime under Engaging, committed any crime whatsoever.

    Absolute bull-shit, engineered by absolute criminals in Austin.

  19. Fuzzy Says:

    Bend over and grab that table Mr Reyna. Bite down hard on that legal pad. Casie is coming in dry!!

  20. Iron Rider Says:

    Reyna and Co. still trying to put the Gang tag on the Bandidos and other MC’s, honestly that is a joke considering the cops consider all these little gangbangers shooting people and dealing all over in cities across the U.S. gangs and no MC wants to be lumped into that category.

    Reyna and Co. putting Jake’s brother on the stand to try and impress to the jury that the Bandidos are a gang, because the jury didnt get to hear that line for the millionth time and trying to put on another OMG expert that watched SOA at the end to repeat what we hear at the beginning of the prosecutions case just smacks of desperation.

    It will be interesting to see what Gotro is going to do now that the prosecution is done. I am sure the jury is breathing a sigh of relief after being numbed to death with boredom that there is a light at the end of the tunnel that has them escaping out of this and back to their lives, I am sure many of them regret seeing that letter advising them they were selected for jury duty,

    Let’s hope Gotro kicks some ass. I sure would love to know what Broden would like to say about this and are good friend Reyna, but with a gag order in place guess we will have to wait and see

  21. Neuro Says:

    TFL Just like the NFL, totally fucking lame. We have been cheering for you since day one Jake.

  22. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    If this is the strongest case Reyna can muster, he should go back and redo first grade.

  23. oldskewl Says:

    Lord willing, Carrizal will walk and everyone else will be free from this horseshit fiasco. Reyna knows he’s in trouble.

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