Waco Day 897

October 29, 2017

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Waco Day 897

Waco will never end. For the jurors in the first Biker Brawl trial, listening to the prosecution’s  slow motion attempt to manufacture a criminal case against Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal day after day, week after week must be like drowning in a manure pond.

The trial, originally scheduled to begin October 9, will enter its fourth week tomorrow. This is only trial one of a possible 192. There are also about 100 civil complaints for false arrest waiting for the criminal cases to end. A handful of civil suits have been filed against the Twin Peaks restaurant. And then just over the horizon is the prospect of a RICO case titled United States v. Reyna et al. And then just a few months after that the dream of the promised land, a vision of McClennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna in an orange jumpsuit accented with shackles and a belly chain, listening as a humorless judge reads him the plea colloquy. “And how far did you go in school, Mr. Reyna? Do you understand the charges against you? Do you understand that by making this plea you may be giving up certain of your rights” Like the right to see the stars at night, big and bright, for, say, eight or nine years.

If the prosecutors were actual human beings they would know they have lost. If the four grand inquisitors – Brody Burks, Amanda Dillon, Michael Jarrett and Abel Reyna – actually had evidence that Carrizal was guilty of some crime they would have mentioned it by now. Don’t you think? Wouldn’t you? They have not because they do not. Their only recourse seems to be to delay and delay and delay the inevitable contempt and scorn they are bringing on themselves.

Blood Soaked Photos

Just Friday, defense attorney Casie Gotro complained that she still hasn’t seen all the evidence in this overblown case. She insinuated that she may eventually move for a mistrial. Carrizal will probably be acquitted before it comes to that

This is a contextless prosecution. This jury is compelled to watch a drama written by idiots, full of blood soaked crime photos and baseless accusations glued together by half-baked conjecture and inference. The presentation of the ballistics evidence just started at the end of the third week. Maybe the defense will get its turn soon. But the prosecution just called its 45th witness. Its witness list has 450 names on it so this could take awhile

Prosecutors are deliberately misleading the jury in order to secure a conviction against a 35-year-old family man who is, at most, guilty of not trusting a system run by people like the prosecutors. This is not a trial. This is a political campaign. It is a political campaign because that is what these arrogant nitwits know how to win. None of them gives a damn about justice. They only care about winning.

Willie Horton

This prosecutorial team is comprised of what Paddy Chayesky called humanoids. They are not people who know the world from experience. They know the world at secondhand. They are the kind of very smart people who don’t get art or religion. That is why it is so easy for them to try to slander Carrizal’s character.

None of them even has the simple human capacity to feel ashamed. The low point this week may have come when prosecutors actually had the gall to show jurors images of all the dead including Jesus “Jesse” “Mohawk” Rodriguez. Then they showed the jury photos of Jacob Rhyne who was one of the two men who assassinated Rodriguez like he was a rabid possum. The jury was supposed to infer that somehow all the deaths were Jake Carrizal’s fault. Because he was there. Because he didn’t stay home that day. Because he knew the Cossacks were dangerous and he refused to be bullied by them. Because he subscribes to an old fashioned code of honor that forbids men to allow themselves to be bullied. That’s why the prosecutors wanted “to do” Carrizal first. He’s too big for his britches.

The idea in this case is to convince 12 jurors, not 10 or 11, but 12, that Christopher Jacob Carrizal is Willie Horton. Reyna and his running dogs are trying to convince the jury that Rhyne didn’t shoot Mohawk Rodriguez in the head. Carrizal did. It is an absurd notion and the only explanation for the prosecution’s case is that all of them are such egotistical provincials that they think they can convince anybody of anything.

Jasmin Caldwell

They can’t even convince a local television reporter named Jasmin Caldwell.

Prosecutors put crime scene technicians on the stand for days, and what they proved was that everybody in Texas carries a weapon and Waco has crime scene investigators just like all those big, uppity cities out there beyond the Brazos. You know, like Durango. Oh, and the technicians and operators and other important police persons found very many guns at the scene. So by the looney tunes logic of this whole wacky case, the jury should also infer that Jake Carrizal must be the biggest gun dealer in Central Texas.

“Witnesses painted a mental picture of the day for the jury,” Caldwell wrote Wednesday, “but little was discussed that appeared to actually relate to the defendant and his alleged relation to the evidence being presented.”

So now I’m back in Waco. Friday I pitched some people from The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, The Times Sunday Magazine and Rolling Stone. No go so far. Friday night a woman I know a little, not a lot, asked me why I was wasting my time on this.

I’m came back anyway. Here goes another three grand. Keep reading. I’m starting to get angry.




24 Responses to “Waco Day 897”

  1. KR Says:

    Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
    To the last syllable of recorded time;
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

  2. oldskewl Says:

    I’ve pitched in what I could and will continue to do so. You’re doing this because you live this shit. It’s in your DNA, it’s who you are and I for one am very thankful.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Gandalf Says:


  4. growlingfhardt Says:

    If not you Rebel, who? (will report on this total travesty of justice)
    Hang in there !!!
    “A Thousand Days of Waco”

  5. Mark Matis Says:

    If Waco’s 54th District Court accepts the request for recusal from Clendennen, what happens to Carrizal? Are not the pertinent facts in Clendennen also pertinent in Carrizal? And if so, how can Reyna et al continue in the Carrizal prosecution?

  6. Good Old Sledge Says:

    Thank you for doing this. I can’t think that spreading the truth is a waste of time. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to pay much, either.

  7. david Says:

    Urinal cake manufacturers are getting the “Reyna Cake” ready for distribution.

  8. Hangaround Says:

    I love the fact that the only PROSECUTION witness that had any non technical statements to submit was an independent club rider.

    While on the stand he basically threw mud all over their case stating the Bandidos did not charge clubs or run the COC etc. etc.

    What a joke., Reyna and crew are probably trying to bury his testimony in the annals of history underneath the tons of, this is a bullet from the crime scene, this is the body of an unaffiliated rider who was shot by police dribble they keep on forcing the jury to listen too.

  9. Uncle Bob Says:

    The stars shine high up in the sky
    But not for AbeL Reyna
    Yee Haw!

  10. Dr G Says:

    When Casie Gotro gets to present her case if she could make it short and sweet she will make lots of friends on the jury

  11. Atticus Ignorans Says:

    Is this a good time to say “told ya so”?
    (Your writing *rocks*, by the way.)

  12. Gordo Says:

    Prosecutorial misconduct??

    Withholding evidence??

    Full disclosure???

  13. rw Says:

    They’re not trying to convict Jake for a specific action of something that he did but instead the general action of being a Bandit

  14. Concerned Citizen Says:

    For an example on how the public narrative was controlled on this from the beginning, check out Swanson at 14:25 on this video. The “armed groups of bikers” arrested later Sunday who were reportedly riding in to retaliate were three concerned bikers, with no criminal record, waiting peacefully and patiently outside the tape for hours before arrested. One of the bikers was an engineer, one worked full-time with disabled homeless, and the other a straight “A” grad student working on his masters in counseling (since graduated). They were “armed” with two legal pocket knives and two biker wallet chains. Swanson’s comments are so incredibly and intentionally misleading.

  15. Casper T Ghost Says:

    Rebel, we are angry too. Thank you for your work and ceaseless advocacy for the truth. We are angry Rebel, and your exposing of the injustice in Waco is essential to this fight.
    I look forward to the day (years probably from now) when I read your writing on Abel Reyna being held accountable for all this.
    No words can express my loathing for Reyna and his henchmen. So until the day they legalize trial by combat, I have to settle for you shedding light on the dark deeds of these Waco cowards who hide behind the legal system the so readily use on others for their own self advancement.
    Thanks again Rebel.

  16. Shameful Says:

    Many lawyers still have not even gotten the discovery provided to Gotro at this point. Calls and messages are not being returned by the Discovery Coordinator for McLennan County, and it seems like the MO for this group will be to keep the defendants in the dark as long as possible, hoping to gain convictions to pressure the defendants to plead out, but if not, continue the trial by ambush approach they’ve done with Jake. #FTGF

  17. Paladin Says:

    These days, proving much of anything beyond a reasonable doubt is unnecessary. All one has to do is sufficiently scare a kidnapped audience into believing it.


  18. Stlrzfan Says:

    I don’t even remember how I found this site. I do know that is was either the day following the “Battle Of The Binary Mammaries” or very close too that. One of the first things I remember Rebel saying was “setup”. Dude, you nailed it from the absolute very beginning and it is a pleasure to see your vilification of all things Reyna finally be vindicated. Not completely, yet. But I do believe that “running dog” is going to have his day. Helluva job.

  19. Aanon Says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if in the scheme room, they have ” and the longer we drag it out, the better chance of getting this Rebel thorn out of our side” The chips are gonna fall where they will with the corrupt fuckers, I just really hope Mr Carrizal doesnt get it raw from an irritated dgaf jury. Thank you Rebel

  20. Iron Rider Says:

    While I haven’t been present at the fiasco as many of us haven’t it’s been interesting to see the various takes from people reporting on the trial. I can only imagine how mind numbing it must be for you Rebel and the others to sit there and think to yourself as Reyna and Co are rambling away over some evidence or testimony and be asking your self ” What? How the hell does this tie to Carrizal” and “Okay, and this has to do with that how?” I am sure you have probably had more WTF moments since you started attending this trial then you ever had in your life.

    One of the things that has surprised me the most is after all the time since this has transpired is that Reyna is in no better place to get a conviction now then he was way back then. This case and many others that are to come is based on so much speculation and conjecture then it is on fact, and so far the facts needed to convict Carrizal seem to be next to non exsistance from what has been reported so far.

    Reyna thought making Twin Peaks into a big show and getting it all on the 6’o’clock news and having Swantnon out there perpetuating myth after myth to the media about “big scary bikers coming to kill cops” and “hordes of angry bikers armed to the teeth on their way to Waco right now” and Twin Peaks into something it wasn’t other than Law Enforcement desperately trying to start a biker war when the real MC’s were having nothing of it.

    One thing we have all learned is that Reyna should be out of a job, the constant lies to the courts, other counsel, the media and on and on over the course of Twin peaks and before with the baylor scandal speaks volumes of why he should be out of a job and the Twin Peaks trial only furthers the assertion that Reyna;s career should be over.

    More than not people who have heard about Twin Peaks still have no idea about the real story buried in the background of how Law Enforcement for months and month were going out of their way to try and incite a war btwn MC’s and some of the pretenders and people still have no clue that this happened, people seem to believe that the cops and pole cameras and swat team members just “happened” to be around Twin Peaks that day because that is what the cops fed to the media.

    Carrizal’s trial just furthered the point of what a spectacle Reyna has created by trying to take these 177 cases to trial. Evidence that really doesnt point to Carrizal other than he was at Twin Peaks…like 176 other people were. There is no smoking gun anywhere to be scene so far other than the bombshells that keep coming out about Reyna and the prosecutions failure to do their jobs and follow the rules of law. The only person who is going to get convicted of anything is going to be Reyna because the guy cant keep his stories straight any longer and who seems to forgotten that when someone asks you a pointed question, chances are they knew the answer before they asked you it, like Broden asking Reyna if he has ever been under FBI Investigation.

    Carrizal’s trail has showed us all that the Prosecution will lie to you and your lawyer, will mislead the court and other counsel about discovery and evidence, will play games and lie about its witnesses list and who it intends to call to testify, will mislead the judge about defense complaints and fail to do their duty ethically and follow the rules of law and the court.

    The State DA must be seething at how Reyna and Co. have tried this case and one that his office will be stuck with deciding to appeal and all the fall out after Carrizal’s trial is over. Reyna and co have so far been accused of failing to turn over all discovery and evidence to various defendants and their counsel, has claimed to the court and other judges that all discovery and evidence was turned over and that has been no where near the case, has played games with witness lists
    Reyna and or Chavez lied about affidavits under oath. Reyna has lied and misled defense counsel about the FBI investigation into his conduct, Reyna has put out statements to the media about said Investigation even after being order not to do so, and has gotten booted from trial along with his office… and that just in the last month!

    It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the FEDS and the Teas State AG to hang this on Reyna with the D.A gone rogue angle to get out from under the mess Reyna has created, you can bet Reyna’s staff will all be too willing to be witness against because why tie your ass to the sinking ship.

    Ought to be an interesting couple of weeks coming up

  21. Dutchboy Says:

    Why are you wasting time on this? The question should be ” Why isn’t every scribbler with even a drop of investigative journalism in their blood not all over this like fat teens on a buffet? You knew w, I expected the Persecutors to have Something since they were so hot to “do Carrizal first”. So far all they have is Diddly and Squat. Keep the heat on Rebel.

  22. Wow! just wow... Says:

    Thank you, and the select other few, for being there, for us. For us, the People whom the “justice system” and Rule of Law, is required to provide Equal Protection and Due Process for all, no matter ones choice in associates or clothing. Thank you Rebel, for helping to insure the require balance between independence and external and internal accountability. Courts do not serve their enduring purposes or continuing responsibilities unless their structure, governance, operations, programs, processes, and performance lead to the reality and deserved public perception that the judiciary is accountable and fair. It is the courts’ responsibility to ensure rule of law, equal protection and due process, individual justice in individual cases, and the appearance of individual justice in individual cases. This judge and most certainly the prosecution do not seem to be able to hold themselves accountable, and I thank you, and a very few others, for being there to do so.

  23. Neuro Says:

    Nice analogy Rebel,any mammal can contract rabies but it is EXTREMELY RARE for a possum to do so, probably almost impossible due to their very low body temperature; the virus can’t survive, ie. Mohawk was a completely innocent victim. Nice also to show the shot of Reese’s Buttercups running from his dirty deed: namely, helping ol’ rattlecan Rhyne to kill Mohawk. Shame has no depth in this shitfest. Keep those queers in Waco honest, man. Great work.

  24. bout time Says:

    Bout time you got angry, you have been correctly pointing at what is to blame for 897 days. ATF

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