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October 27, 2017

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Own A Piece Of History

The Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club clubhouse at 3535 NE Martin Luther King Jr., Boulevard in Portland, Oregon is for sale.

The two story, 2,496 square foot, brick building was built in 1931. The lot measures 50 by 100 feet.

The Stuart Realty Group which is brokering the property describes it an “emerging location of Northeast Portland near the Boise area and Irving Park. A commercial building that backs to a residential property. Great live/work opportunity. Brewery. Development. Parking etc. Property development profile available.”

There was a viewing for potential buyers yesterday.

The asking price is $550,000. Last year, the taxes on the place totaled $842.16. The realtor wants potential buyers to make a bid on the clubhouse before 6 p.m. next Wednesday.

There is now a “quirky, gay-friendly gathering place” called the Local Lounge across the street. It offers “events like movie screenings, trivia and dance nights. The owner is a man named Randy Faber. Yesterday he told KPTV, “When we acquired the bar in 2010, we put up the gay pride flags right away. Culturally, we shouldn’t get along very well, but I’ve never had any issues with them.”

Live and let live.

We grow old. We grow old.



17 Responses to “Own A Piece Of History”

  1. Roc Says:

    I was a member of the gjmc g oh r almost 20 years. It was the greatest tjme of my life. I had not be arou d s better bunch of men since I was in Vietnam. Riding in and out of the gaye we never revived our bikes or made all the noise that little man was saying. I.had talk th o him before and he said he had no problem with the club. If someone did all they had to was tell us and we would resolve the problem.I never saw in all my time with the club when we would go for a ride ,we would only go so loud out the gate. Sometime we would get a visitor who didnt know the rule, but that was once and then they would be told to keep it down.
    They the cops had to have something to do so they evilized the mc club.I ll bet there was more trouble at your elks club. What made us bad boys was that stupid movie the with Marlon Brando. I never saw anyone get beat up unless they attacked a member. Which in 20 year only once. As for the murder the guys in jail didnt kill Bobbie. It was the one who went state witnes, He admits he killed Bobby, hit him with a bat.
    The cops gave him a free ride, what the hell is that.

  2. oldskewl Says:

    They say “The neighborhood is improving” and their glad the club is out. I hope crime skyrockets now that the club is gone…. Gay’s can sit outside the bar and slap each other and walk naked around the neighborhood.

    Fuck them, probably the only thing keeping those fuckers in check was the MC.

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    Shame to loose such a lovely home. Hope the Jokers find a place friendlier to manhood and traditional American family values. Hmmm, interesting that the clubs are now the spear point in defending things like individual liberty, freedom, the right to live and ride free of government harassment/entrapment. This is why so many veterans become bikers after our years of service. We are taught to stand, to be men, to live and die for Freedom. We don’t buy into the pussification of the American male. Guess that’s why the government masters can’t stand us. Sorry, didn’t mean to go on a rant. Just hate the thought that a place as rich in club history as this will turn into some sort of queen palace. Ride free or die.

  4. Popeye Says:

    I hope they notify the brothers who are doin time. Not gonna be pretty is someone comes home and the clubhouse has been turned into a gay bar

  5. Neuro Says:

    HA,HA,HA three cheers for the Central California Cracker, funny.

  6. Aanon Says:

    Gonna gandalf this up a bit. One might find a striking similarity between the club (s) and the clubhouse. Looks rough on the outside, might alarm some and scare others. But to be welcomed inside, you would find exquisite taste and high quality which you might not now or ever possess in your own. Foosball and a bar? A handicap accessible shower? Fucking monsters. I bet they barely cook large pieces of sacrificed farm animals and have rituals too. Or barbecues if vilification isn’t your agenda. Straight up tho, I wouldn’t be watching much of that channels news if it being laid out to me by a goo gobbler.

  7. Aanon Says:

    Get a queer to interview some of the darker community about a club. Yup makes perfect sense. If that lady doesn’t know the difference between a gun blast and a motorcycle, I wonder how many times she has caught herself crying about a still birth only to realize it’s shit. Respect to the jokers. On a side note, look at the ch, they must be criminals to afford that. Or maybe there’s some skilled tradesman in the club. That would make more sense. Looks like the fellas put in a lot of work.

  8. Freebird Says:

    That’s a shame! looks like the frontier is getting even smaller.

  9. Jim Bob Says:

    Oh, wow, that clubhouse is nicer than most people’s homes that I know, (not meaning to say that my friends/family don’t have nice homes just saying that clubhouse is spectacular).

  10. James W Crawford Says:

    I can still remember the raid during which a Portland cop got himself shot and the subsequent trial.

  11. Hangaround Says:

    @Iron Rider,

    Yeah its a shame. clubhouses are limited these days, Everyone seemed to decide that between giving the feds and easy way to monitor us and asset seizure its just better to do without.

    What the feds don’t understand about that is clubhouses used to keep mcs away from the public and the public away from mcs. It was better for all that way. (Unless your a gay twink that bought a house behind a club house and you hate loud exhaust… )

  12. Dasein Says:

    The Clubhouse IS beautiful, but here’s what they’re up against, at the Local Lounge:


  13. Iron Rider Says:

    Hangaround Says:
    October 27, 2017 at 12:20 pm
    Nice clubhouse


    What no weapons cache or big piles of coke on the table? Where is the grow up? I dont see any facilities for beating and torturing people either. Gee the Feds wouldn’t like this depiction of what an MC club house looks like.

    I dont fucking like asset seizure and shit like that against MC’s because it is nothing but harassment and a cash grab by the Feds or the State. The thing is not only have the Gypsy Jokers suffered this fate other have as well and their are other MC’s facing a fight to keep their digs from being seized and sold.

    A crying shame, looks like the guys made themselves a nice spot to hang and have a few and with no complaints from the neighbors, funny how that works but yet having an MC clubhouse in the area is full of danger the cops say, doesnt seem like that

  14. Sieg Says:

    Gotta ride with Dasein on this one…Portland is pretty pitiful these days, but especially when you get south of Sandy. Condolences to the GJMC.


  15. Dasein Says:

    Excuse me, it’s “Connie” Johnson.

  16. Dasein Says:

    I think the gays just finally overwhelmed/repulsed them with sheer numbers. The club across the street, the twink reporter, the anchor man with that Very odd mouth, the just-so color coordinated “Patty” Johnson, neighbor. Portland’s a liberal sewer, surprised the Club put up with it as long as they did.

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