FBI Versus Bandido

October 25, 2017

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FBI Versus Bandido

Eight days ago, in a case that remained sealed for two days, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents arrested an alleged Bandido named Thomas “Manana” Giles in Albuquerque.

The case is titled USA v. Vickrey et al. It is named for Giles’ co-defendant Michael John Vickrey. An article by Mike Gallagher in this morning’s Albuquerque Journal under the headline “FBI arrests Bandidos Motorcycle Club’s ‘Sergeant at Arms’ in drug, gun trafficking case,” describes Giles as a chapter officer and Vickrey as a “a hang around and not a club member.” The FBI has not issued a news release announcing the arrest.

The FBI used an informant to instigate four illegal drug transactions.

Criminal Complaint

According to an affidavit signed by FBI agent Leysha Lopez Recci:

“During the course of the investigation, FBI agents utilized a Confidential Human Source (CHS) to conduct four controlled drug purchases between September 8, 2017 and September 29, 2017, where Vickrey and Giles sold methamphetamine or heroin to the CHS.

“The CHS began cooperating as an FBI source in 2016. During the CHS’s period of cooperation, the CHS participated in dozens of consensually recorded conversations with investigative targets. The CHS has participated in numerous recorded controlled buys, in which she/he purchased drugs, firearms, and stolen vehicles. She/he has located violent fugitives for the FBI. The CHS provided background information about major methamphetamine traffickers in New Mexico. The CHS has been convicted of auto theft (x4), receiving stolen property, aggravated assault on a police officer, battery with a deadly weapon, possession of cocaine, vandalism, DWI, and tampering with evidence. She/he is cooperating with the FBI in an attempt to receive a favorable recommendation from the government on pending federal charges for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and distribution of methamphetamine. I consider the information that the CHS provided to be reliable because much of it was corroborated through consensual recordings, other CHS, social media posts, independent source information, information obtained from public databases, law enforcement investigations, controlled buys, and physical and electronic surveillance. To my knowledge, the CHS’s information has not been found to be false or misleading. I also spoke with other FBI Special Agents who have worked with the CHS and they described the CHS as being trustworthy and reliable.”

Giles will appear at a detention hearing tomorrow, October 26, at 9:30 a.m. before Magistrate Judge Karen B. Molzen.


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17 Responses to “FBI Versus Bandido”

  1. Lewie Wickham Says:

    I was living at one of the three places raided by the FBI. What puzzles me is where are the real criminals in this investigation. Because the prolific car thief who was bringing stolen bikes and cars to people who were associated with the raided parties, was infact a paid confidential source.The drug buyers were confidential informants the drug sellers were as it turns out confidential informants for the DEA or ATF so apparently the way in inflate crime numbers and get a high profile arrest is to pay professional criminals to commit crimes and then they arrest the accessories…conspirators …and hang arounds. The FBI took vehicles they said we’re stolen even confirmed to reporters that all vehicles confiscated we’re stolen. Two months later and three years later they have returned two trailers one motorcycle and an automobile.The FBI broke all the windows in a single mothers RV after being told she was asleep with her infant inside. Then through flash bang grenade into the RV. What ruin and misery they have caused with their confidential sources who should be called confidential performers because they are the criminals who intiated and executed every criminal conspiracy and criminal act outlined in the investigation…why don’t we pay firefighters to start fires?

  2. John smith Says:


  3. John smith Says:

    He was the biggest meth head barely function as a human being does surprise me

  4. Dutchboy Says:

    @ Rollinnorth,maybe it’s CSPS Confidential Sock Puppet Source. Or IFS Invisible Friend Source. I wonder how many CIs exist only in some LEOs mind.

  5. Chicago 1%er Says:

    I once gave a junkie $50 bucks to go get me a bottle of jack.
    Came back with the bottle, and my change.

    Totally trust worthy. SMFH.

  6. rollinnorth Says:

    “Confidential Human Source” as opposed to, what, “Confidential Zombie Source” (CZS)?

    Thanks, Rebel, for keeping up with all this.


  7. TX_Biker Says:

    So now the Feds are trying to paint an entire group in a bad light due to the action of the actions of a few people? Well that can be applied to any group. here are just a few of the several hundred arrests in the month of July this year of another group. The following Data comes from a site called Police Misconduct, from the Cato institute. I admit I only picked 2 from each week in July of 2017. There were many more.looks to me like LE has more of a criminal enterprise than all Motorcycle clubs combined…

    Dawson, Georgia: An officer was arrested for pulling a gun on someone during an off-duty altercation.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection: An officer pled guilty to an interstate marijuana smuggling conspiracy.

    Florida (First reported 3/6/17): An officer pled guilty to distributing obscene material and resigned after sending pornographic material to teens.

    Pasadena, California (First reported 2/22/17): An officer is being investigated for illegal firearms dealing. A federal search warrant was served on his home, but no charges have yet been filed.

    Baltimore, Maryland: Three officers were indicted on additional charges of burglary following February racketeering indictments with several other officers.

    Nebraska State Patrol: The superintendent was fired by the governor, other officers and employees have been suspended. The FBI is investigating evidence tampering involving a fatal crash.

  8. Hold_The_Phone Says:

    ” The CHS has been convicted of auto theft (x4), receiving stolen property, aggravated assault on a police officer, battery with a deadly weapon, possession of cocaine, vandalism, DWI, and tampering with evidence.”

    Wait, let me get this right…A junkie facing time is now “trustworthy”? That rat fuck would probably pimp his own kids out to get his next fix or a reduction in sentence. What a piece of shit. Maybe they’ll do to him what they did to a rat in the last riot at the New Mexico State Pen…burned him alive, starting with his toes, with an acetylene torch.

  9. Panhead Dan Says:

    Consensually recorded my ass!

  10. Brad H Says:

    The way they describe the chs, it sounds suspiciously like an atf training program for a recruit, Or an lacso member.

  11. BD Says:

    Well well, how convenient. I’m sure the jury will “accidentally” read this.

  12. jay Says:

    the word ‘entrapment’ has been stricken from to dictionary…. to ensure safety, and stuff….

    lets go downtown here in spoke-a-loo…. i’ll bet we can ‘encourage’ all sorts of confessions and such…. grrrr….

  13. Freebird Says:

    The only thing missing from the rat is he/she wanted to go to college and major in world peace and shit just came up and they never got to pursue that dream! Are you fucking kidding me?

  14. James W Crawford Says:

    Back when I was doing criminology research to rebut the propaganda regarding the Clinton “Assault Weapon” ban, i wason a first name basis with the FBI criminologist who compiled information regarding SHRs and homicides of police officers. Now I cant even find the phone number. I have no idea how to obtain full copies of recent FBI Supplementary Homicide Reports.

    I do however have paper copies from back in the 1990s.

    If Rebel or Ms Gotro would like a years SHR (3″ thick computer printout) ican provide it.

  15. Gandalf Says:

    “FBI arrests Bandidos Motorcycle Club’s ‘Sergeant at Arms’ in drug, gun trafficking case,” Sounds like Front Page material for the Waco Trib.

  16. Iron Rider Says:

    Is there anyone who is a witness for the Feds that doesn’t have their ass in a sling and facing Federal time that wouldn’t rat out their own mother to save themselves from having to do a nickel in the joint.

    With that said CI’s (rats really) are about as reliable as a asking a crack addict if the 5 dollars you are about to give them is to only be used for food and nothing else and the crack addict nodding and saying it really is for food. The reliability of a CI whose as is in a sling and the Feds have an axe dangling over their head is just a sign of a do anything say anything sign anything mentality that the Feds would impress upon the CI or face a stretch in Club Fed, so I wouldn’t exactly believe in the reliability of any CI nor their testimony as it is obviously going to be self serving, even more so when you see a case where this CI has worked multiple ops, kind of like driving that car that has a a blown head gasket a few more miles , and then a few more, and then even further until it finally blows and is laid down for good till its fixed

    So you will have to excuse me if I take the Feds word for much of anything when they have been riding their CI like a rented mule through multiple ops all while holding an axe with the threat of letting it swing to someone that would do anything to save themself and lord knows maybe even perjure themselfto further the F

  17. FF Says:


    Another junkie rat.

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