October 21, 2017

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Abelino Reyna, the McLennan County, Texas District Attorney who has spent much of the last two years trying to ruin the lives of 191 people accused of being part of a criminal conspiracy for attending a Confederation of Clubs and Independents, biker rights meeting at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015, may himself be caught in a bear trap.

Reyna is currently prosecuting a Dallas Bandido named Christopher Jacob “Jake” Carrizal. Carrizal faces life in prison if Reyna can convict him.

Yesterday Clint Broden, an attorney in the case who represents several of the people Reyna has been trying to destroy in both criminal and civil cases, filed a motion that alleges that Reyna may have instigated all those charges and may be prosecuting Carrizal simply to enhance his political career. Broden filed the motion on behalf of Matt Clendennen.

The motion seeks to compel “assistant district attorneys for McLennan County to produce any and all information indicating that Reyna routinely makes prosecutorial decisions based upon political opportunism and/or information which impeached his credibility.”

The Motion

The motion states:

“While it is not clear whether the investigation remains ongoing, the defense has received what appears to be very credible information indicating that Reyna has been, and very likely continues to be, under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas. The information also received by the defense indicates that at least one aspect of the federal investigation goes directly to Reyna’s credibility and his making decisions whether to prosecute or not prosecute individuals based upon what he perceives to be his political interests. Most importantly, it has been indicated that one or more currently serving Assistant District Attorneys have met with federal authorities to provide information that would indicate that Reyna does, in fact, make decisions whether to prosecute or not prosecute individuals based upon what he perceives to be his political interests and to provide information which would seriously undermine Reyna’s credibility.”

Kristin Hoppa and Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune-Herald reported yesterday that “a local attorney who formerly worked as an assistant district attorney under Reyna said the FBI is conducting a ‘multi-level’ investigation into alleged misconduct by Reyna. The attorney, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution, said they have a client who was questioned about Reyna by federal agents.”

The federal investigation may have begun as early as 2014, well before Reyna initiated charges against the Twin Peaks defendants.

The Friends Of Abel Reyna

Broden’s motion contuinues”

“In addition, the defense has been provided information from multiple sources that Reyna consulted with criminal defense counsel in connection with this investigation. Thus, Reyna himself appears to be aware of the allegations.”

“Reyna has testified at a prior hearing in this case and Judge Johnson has ultimately recused himself from the trial of this case because Reyna will be a material witness. Indeed, Mr. Clendennen has made no secret about his defense nor the fact that Reyna will be called as a witness at trial. Nevertheless, to date, absolutely no Brady/Bagley information related to the federal investigation of Reyna has been tendered to the defense. This is despite the fact that, upon information and belief, Reyna is aware of the investigation and at least one of his current assistant district attorneys has be debriefed by FBI Agent Dan Brusk and/or Assistant United States Attorneys for the Western District of Texas.”

His Lips Are Moving

Last night, Reyna told television station KWTX, “The claim that I am aware of some federal investigation or that prosecutors in this office have been interviewed by the FBI is patently, 100 percent false.”

“I was always taught in dealing with a case: If you have the law, you argue the law. If you have the facts, you argue the facts. If you don’t have either, you attack the other side,” Reyna said in the statement.

“Mr. Broden’s most recent ridiculous and untruthful allegation regarding a make-believe federal investigation, is proof that this saying is true.”

“It’s unfortunate that the same whisper campaign, carried out by the same individuals during my last re-election bid in 2014, has found a new ‘mouthpiece’ in Mr. Broden two weeks before his client is set for trial,” Reyna said.

“I stand by the decisions I have made in this office, and the history and integrity of my family name, which are rooted in this community and the walls of this courthouse.”


30 Responses to “Karma”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    @ Hangarround; Yes, I’m following and watched the Live Feed. Live Feed is WAY BETTER than Tommy. Here is the Link. https://www.facebook.com/CentralTexasNewsNow/videos/1866189660077421/

  2. Hangaround Says:


    Tommy Witherspoon‏ @TSpoonFeed 6m6 minutes ago
    “You know you saved innocent lives that day, don’t you?” Gotro said.
    “I like to think so, ma’am,” Jackson said.
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  3. david Says:

    Thanks Rojas, for Lander’s Memorandum of Law in Support of his Motion to DISQUALIFY both criminal Un-Abel, AND the entire DA’s office. Power-madness in the extreme.

    Anyone can, and should, suspect, since he performed so many documentable,blatant, criminal acts in public,he did much more criminal shit in private.

  4. rojas Says:

    Stepped on it with that one.
    They say it’s the second thing to go.

    Millie Thompson is not and has not been a Judge yet.
    If she decides to run however, I’d be inclined to say yes.

  5. rojas Says:

    Judge Millie Thompson
    Pardon me your honer

  6. rojas Says:

    Judge Thomson

    Filing states Dillon and Jarrett have both been interviewed by FBI.


    I wonder, did they whisper?

  7. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    Your point about motorcycle club mrmbers having more resources than the Weavers or Koresh was very enlightening. It should have occurred to that the entire club membership will step up to help fund legal expenses for individual members. Given what is at stake and the common interest, they will be generous. I imagine that 1,000+ Banditos can raise $1 million to defend one of their members.

    Renya has also made the mistake of prosecuting the accussed individually. Any defense tactic that prevails in one case will prevail in most others. I expect that once a few succeed inbeing acquited, many will have their cases dismissed.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    @ Lisa: Something tells me your daddy is going to get that Federal Job He wanted. Leavenworth needs Kitchen staff. Happy Visiting. One day you will know it’s Reyna who is the Criminal. We don’t expect you to understand givin your upbringing and Locality. FOESAD (Google it) BTW Read the signs, “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!” That includes YOU and Reyna! Your daddy wrote a check He can’t cash.

  9. Gandalf Says:

    Casie needs to ask EVERY DPS and Waco PD detective if He knew if any ATF/FBI UC/CIs were at Twin Peaks (or Cossack members) that day. Get them on record denying it and put the bug in the Jurys ear. The people of Waco HATE the ATF after Mt. Carmel made them the laughing stock of the USA. Sooner or later the Feds gotta admit it and there might be proof Waco PD/DPS knew. ie: Perjury

  10. Lisa Says:

    So you take it upon yourself to show your bad a$$ self this one time and you think your a Good.

  11. Casper T Ghost Says:

    First thank you rebel for your work and continued advocacy for truth.

    My favorite quote by Reyna is about how he stands on his family name that is so sacred and entwined with the history of the Waco and bits courts.
    Mr Reyna- Your Name and Family’s name will FOREVER be remembered as the example of corruption of our justice system, FAILURE TO PROSECUTE RAPISTS, MURDER OF CITIZENS AND VETERANS, LIES AND COVER UPS. You will be studied in Law classes as an example of How Not To Be- you will be known to students for generations for you gross mishandling of this case,your consistent failure to side with truth over self advancement.
    You will be ridiculed and and your face will be on urinal cakes in ever biker bar in the America. Your children will live in fear and shame over YOUR actions for their entire lives as well as your grand children. Your family will have to leave your precious Waco just to escape the shame of this…and there is your Family legacy Mr Reyna.
    That name that you claim to stand so high upon… Will be the most disgraced name in Texas since Santa Ana.
    Like Foster’s is Australian for beer- Mr Reyna, you will be equated with cowardice and with self advancement at the expense of justice/fairness for citizens you claim to protect.
    2 years from now as you lose every dime and are stripped of your legal titles by the wheels of justice you so hypothetically hid behind- look back at this post. Read your own arrogance and your sacred family name in the Waco halls of justice quote…. and remember that we told you so. And that I’ll be taking an extra piss on your face engraved urinal cakes.
    Ps Jane Fonda must be happy about your face replacing hers in urinals. So there’s your silver lining mr Reyna. What selfless service.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    @JWC It’s all good. Us Civilians should consider ourselves guests on Rebels Blog. While I understand The Regulars must feel like we invaded… they have been wondering where we have been for all this time while they have been shit on by LE. So now we are here. I do so hope to leave them alone after Waco because that’s really all they want from us. To be left alone.
    The common denominator between Waco 1, The Weavers and Waco 2 is the way the Media reacted. THATS why I believe The Feds were involved + the name of the Operation (Texas Rocker). The Feds targeted The Bandidos and Reyna helped. What they didn’t realize was the Bandits knew and didn’t take the Cossack bait at Twin Peaks. They also have lots more resources than Randy Weaver and David Koresh. Lots more supporters. 200 Texans + family members will not be denied. Rebel saw it all so fast… knew instantly what Happened. Reyna and the whole Waco Justice System has stuck their necks out and The Bandidos got the Ax. Someone is going to rat out the ATF to save their hide. Probably Reyna.
    Note: Waco Pd didn’t have UCs or CIs in the Cossacks… The Feds did. Plausible deniability. Somehow Rogers is involved… maybe knows. Big Os phone probably proved it.

  13. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Gandolf,

    Very good point about the connection with the Branch Davidian and Weaver scandals. ATF conducted Psych Ops to demonize the Branch Davidians and the Weaver family so that few would to their extermination. The same tactics have been employed against motorcycle club members, particularly after the Twin Peaks massacre.

    The tactic was so effective against the Branch Davidians that the press ignored the fact that at least three and perhaps all four of the deceased BATF agents were shot with either .308 caliber or 5.56mm rifles consistant with the weapons employed by the BATF sniper teams stationed at the “undercover house” rather than the .50 BMG machineguns and full auto AK-47s that the ATF claimed that their were ambushed with. When three dozen, empty .308 caliber and 5.56mm cartridges were discovered after the fire, the BATF eagerely claimed that their snipers had fired them during the initial raid to distract attention from allegations that FBI snipers were shooting people who attempted to escape the fire. The punch line is that all but one of the Branch Davidians killed during the raid were shot with 9mm, 147 grain Hydroshocks which are the BATF ammo of choice for their HK MP5s rather than .223 or .308 rifles.

    Although I am not a member of any motorcycle club, outlaw or otherwise, I recognized the gross criminal negligence of inciting the altercation that was exploited to justify the Twin Peaks massacre. Many bikers might resent my comments, but all should recognize that they need allies to survive.

  14. david Says:

    Rojas, with respect, was commenting on Pig-Boy Reyna’s recent statement reported by Rebel in, “His Lips Are Moving” above.

  15. Rojas Says:

    @ David

    The accusation is not by Broden.

    Reyna swore to a recusal motion that he had represented someone in private practice. His long time associates testified under the penalty of perjury that he did not.

  16. david Says:

    Of course, POS Reyna would never make ridiculous and un-TRUTHFUL accusations against 191 people. He can dish it out big time, he can’t handle even ONE accusation by Broden, when he is being accused of criminal activity.

  17. Rojas Says:

    A “whisper campaign”:

    Seven prosecutors and Reyna’s administrative assistant resigned in 2014. The administrative assistant was a long time subordinate of about 16 years. Her tenure went back to the days when Reyna was in private practice with his father.


    “But Reyna’s former executive assistant in his private practice and later in the district attorney’s office told the Tribune-Herald that Reyna has never represented Jarvis.

    Further, the former assistant says she believes Reyna recused his office after Cox told the DA that he and Waco attorney Jason P. Darling had an agreement to dismiss the cases if Reyna would recuse himself and make sure Darling was appointed special prosecutor.

    “Guy said they had an agreement to get rid of these cases because (the defendants) are big Baylor people, and they don’t want Baylor to know,” Julissa West said. “It was going to be a huge deal that they had been arrested, and (Cox) said they had an agreement to give the cases to Jason Darling.”

    “West, who worked for Reyna a total of 16 years before resigning in August, said one of her jobs when she moved with Reyna from private practice to the DA’s office was to head off potential conflicts when some of his former clients picked up new criminal cases and ended up in jail. She said there is a master list of Reyna’s clients that she checked each day against the jail list and Jarvis was not one of his clients or potential clients.”


    “West said she is prepared to testify at Friday’s hearing that after Lannen was appointed, Cox called to speak to Reyna, who was not in the office. She told the Tribune-Herald she will testify that Cox told her that because Lannen and not Darling had been appointed, Reyna needed to reverse his recusal, take back the Jarvis files and then refuse to prosecute them.”

    Someone whispering there?

    Perhaps they had the gain on her microphone turned way down because Julissa West, and his former law associate, Damon Reed, both testified that Reyna never represented the Jarvises.

  18. Aanon Says:

    ” Un christian”, don’t believe so. There’s something real special about this guy, I was kinda hoping a fed conviction, a real fuck up during processing/ classification, and at least a few weeks on the main in one of more abrasive places. I’ve heard Victorville is a great winter stop. Even if things were as the cops, da, all that are as they say there still just a lot of people that went to have a few, chow down, and chop it up with like minded people. In cali, if you tell me you have some action and you are actionable, I take a ride too because I didn’t tell to stop it. Beyond ruining a bunch of folks lives who are not in the so called baddest of the bad, as well as they, I don’t understand allowing this shit to happen is ok. Negligence and many other fouler words come to mind. If my lil girl cauget a stray while eating her wings, would I blame Jake? How could I? He didn’t allow it or bring that there. If I was on the jury I know that would eat at my thoughts. A lot.

  19. Gandalf Says:

    Same game… different target. “Much of the success of the DOJ-FBI targeting in the past has been achieved by isolating the victims, aided by a steady deluge of media slanders against “corrupt” politicians. Add to this isolation the prohibitive cost to the targeted officials of taking on the DOJ (which spends taxpayers’ dollars liberally in these stings and prosecutions), and threats directed by prosecutors against family members and friends, and it becomes clear why many innocent victims accepted plea bargains.”

  20. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    I have 193 arrested, 39 not indicted, 106 indictments following 48 indictments following 1 later indicted. 193 people.
    Back in August 2016 Broden proved that the arrest affidavit are NO GOOD because detective Chavez admitted on the stand under oath that he had NO KNOWN KNOWLEDGE OF ANY when he signed them. At that time Reyna was caught lying on the stand under oath in Johnson’s court, who by law was to Recuse himself from hearing this case because he was Reyna’s law partner.
    ILLEGAL actions all over these case’s made by the State.
    Expert witness #2 presentation of his evidence the day of in court, not given to the Defense, and admitted on the stand he’d been on the case for over two years. 2 day’s waist over patches of one’s Constitutional Rights of freedom of expression & freedom of speech and freedom to assimilate doesn’t make a person guilty.
    As seen in Lisa Ling’s show of them trying the same thing with the Mongols and they won in court and on the Hells Angel of the Judge throwing the case completely out of court.

  21. Curbside Says:

    Would it be considered “unchristian” to hope that Abel Reyna contracts cancer of the ass and lives out the rest of days in a state of miserable existence?

  22. Gandalf Says:

    ATF Propaganda Tactics; Notice Tim Madigan’s name pops up. This is a good read, not to long either. Tim Madigan wrote those 1st 2 stories for The Washington Post in the 1st week after the shooting. Then (it seems) never wrote another story. Ya might find these tactics were used after Twin Peaks. And notice the Warning at the end.


  23. Tola Says:

    I don’t think Abel realizes how weak and pathetic it makes him appear when every time he is challenged he invokes his father’s legacy.

  24. Austin Says:

    “I stand by the decisions I have made in this office, and the history and integrity of my family name, which are rooted in this community and the walls of this courthouse.”

    @Anonymous *LOL* The translation in my head runs more along the lines of “My family has 1000 year-old roots here. …My Uncle is the notorious smuggler El Coyote …. and don’t you peasants know Reyna means ‘Queen’ and I do mean Isabella of Portugal. And my sister is married to Gordo, he’s a jefe in Jalisco New Generation Cartel….”

    But – yeah! Don’t hate the player – hate the game.

  25. Iron Rider Says:

    What I find astonishing is Reyna and Co. repeated chest thumping about how they are so ready for trial and how they were of the belief this was going to be an Easy win against Gotro and Carrizal because of all that evidence and video that the prosecution and their oh so secret witness list.

    As the trail has progressed and Rebel and other have report on the goings on and other defense Attorneys take note of the prosecutions so called ‘rock solid” case against Carrizal, it turns out much like the story of the Big Bad Wolf and the 3 pigs that there is a lot of huffing and puffing and threats of bringing the house down but we have yet to witness this epic tale of proprietorial badassness,

    W e have all heard how Reyna and Co have fallen all over themselves to tell any Judge how the prosecution has turned over all discovery and materials, evidence to the defense and there is noting left your Honor, and of course as the trial of Carrizal has gone on we have seen witnesses, documents etc that the defense never got notice of or has ever seen. Not only has Gotro complained of this to tone deaf Judge Johnson but Johnson has bent over backwards to help the prosecution and in turn has seen the missing documents and witnesses not on the prosecutions list come to blow up in his face and Johnson sitting on the bench with his face red because the prosecution has made him look like a bigger clown then most thought he was already.

    Gotro and Carrizal are witnessing the prosecutions failure of judicial prowess and limited comprehension of the rules of court and the prosecution obligations to turn over all items, documents etc and make them available to the defense are only serving to further the appeal that is sure to be filed as soon as Johnson slams his gavel down.

    Let’s not forget the various mis-steps that Reyna and Co have taken have them in serious trouble on several fronts, never mind Gotro saying that she is not getting all discovery and witnesses not disclosed, Broden is also claiming the same exact thing. Then we have Reyna and Chavez and who told the truth and who didnt scenario and inquiry forth coming, We have Rebel putting out that the FBI and US Attorney for Texas investigating Reyna for basically misusing his offices prosecutorial powers and cronyism and this is only the beginning of whats to come.

    One would have to assumed that the prosecution was in real trouble when one of their big shot biker expert witness was going to testify and had a power point presentation with a SOA poster included in it so the myth of big bad biker could be impressed upon the jury should have been a sign of how in trouble the prosecution is ( Hey Jarret: Pro tip for ya bud, maybe try not to use a poster from a TV drama show of a make believe biker club as part of your so called evidence to promote the culture of how big bad scary bikers operate, christ even bikers from real MC’s laugh at the portrayal of the so called MC life on SOA and cant be bothered to tune into it for 5 minutes with out wanting to laugh hysterical and then flip the channel…. of course the Iron Order though have circle jerk night at their trailer park HQ and marvel at what basses the guys from SOA are and how they should aspire to be like that )

    It will be interesting to see what happens when Gotro puts her case on, once thing is for sure it sure shouldnt be the tire fire that the prosecutions has been

  26. Aanon Says:

    I would think if you don’t have facts or law, then you can’t prosecute. Like we have no facts, we can’t find a proper law, so we’ll go after or attack rather, because he’s a Bandit. That is his partial response to allegations of misconduct? Sounds like a confession to me. Poor poor excuse of a man. Shameful. I guess there’s hope his children can be greatly influenced by a real man, such as jake. Someone else must shave this guy. Fking piece of shit.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    “I stand by the decisions I have made in this office, and the history and integrity of my family name, which are rooted in this community and the walls of this courthouse.”

    Translation: “If found guilty I’m going to blame it on someone else and send that person on vacation. My family has lived in Waco a lil while so y’all should have my back even though I’m not white, right? I learned to talk like a Texas boy pretty good and I mean c’mon my dad used to clean the shitters here, that’s gotta count for something!”

  28. Neuro Says:

    Yeah, karma is a bitch. Glad to see the downward spiral. It’s totally retarded that any Bandits et al were ever charged. On a side note, anyone who ever sets a real trap like that ought to have their face put into one, and I would love to watch as I personally trip it. signed, Neurotic Animal Lover

  29. Freebird Says:

    Oh fuck!!!! did KWTX close the interview with baby pictures of little Abelino Reyna holding the 10 Commandments on Mt Sinai?

  30. Paladin Says:

    At this point, investing in popcorn futures might be the way to go.


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