The Horror

October 19, 2017

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The Horror

Nothing much happened today in the trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal, the Dallas Bandido that McLennan County prosecutors are trying to blame for the berserk bloodbath in the parking lot of the Waco Twin Peaks parking lot at about half past noon on May 17, 2015. Nothing much ever happens.

The trial enters its eighth day tomorrow after two full days of jury selection. The District Attorney’s Office has slowed everything way down. Today Judge Matt Johnson, who may or may not be part of the unprecedented, criminal coverup that followed the bloodbath, slowed the trial down a little more when he dismissed the jury at noon. He had a funeral to attend.

Afterward one of the lawyers in the room said he thought the trial would continue until Thanksgiving. Another thought it would last until Christmas.

Gotro Versus Frost

All morning, defense attorney Casie Gotro chipped away at a Texas Department of Public Safety investigator named Christopher Frost in cross examination. He testimony was evasive. In his defense, Frost may simply be a moron, but he comes across as an evasive moron. Throughout his testimony yesterday, he sat back and watched the video footage recorded with a DPS, clandestine, Axis Communications network camera while Assistant District Attorney Amanda Dillon narrated for him. He did not appear to be eating popcorn.

Today, Gotro put away the video and concentrated on the man who thought the Sunday brunch was important enough to secretly record it. The camera was there, Frost stated, “to obtain intelligence…not for any specific group.” In other words, just ordinary, Orwellian domestic spying.

Halfway To Pflugerville

By sheer coincidence, he said, two DPS officers happened to pull onto Interstate 35 just as a pack of Bandidos supporters rode past. Gotro asked Frost if those agents intended to follow the pack “all the way to Pflugerville.” And that, for reasons that might be a little clearer if you keep reading, shook Frost. He stammered, took a deep breath and finally answered that they were just going to follow the pack “halfway” to Pflugerville.

The pole camera’s video went first to Austin before traveling back at the speed of light to Frost’s iPad. He was “not aware” of anybody else monitoring what was going on at the Twin Peaks. Frost does not like to say “yes” or “no.” He likes to say “I do not recall.”

Gotro and Frost played cat and mouse. She asked him about emails that Waco detective Jeffrey Rogers sent to Frost’s personal email account. Frost didn’t remember them. Gotro showed him one of those emails. Frost still couldn’t recall seeing it. You know, all these cops are highly driven, type A personalities who are so constantly barraged by emails that they can’t be expected to remember them all.

More Video

After May 17, Frost and the invisible, elusive Jeff Rogers investigated “threats made against law enforcement” by the murderous Bandidos. It was all very long ago. Frost couldn’t remember the details except that after five or six news cycles it turned out to not be true.

After Frost the state called Peter Caldwell, the manager of the Don Carlos Mexican restaurant across the parking lot from the Twin Peaks. Assistant prosecutor Michael Jarrett prompted Caldwell through a long and boring playing of the video shot by a surveillance camera near the front door of the Don Carlos. Jarrett pointed out to the witness that the brave Waco “operators” ran toward the sound of mayhem that day when everyone else was running away – just like in the Marine Corps recruiting commercial.

Then it was time for everybody to go home.

But the tedious banality of all that only concealed the gangrene infecting this whole Biker Brawl case – not just the case contrived against Jake Carrizal but the unresolved criminal cases against the other 191 criminal defendants. The prosecution is in trouble. Abel Reyna, detective Jeff Rogers and other defendants in the approximately 100 civil complaints for false arrest may be in serious trouble.


First there is Dallas attorney Clint Broden, who represents defendant Matthew Clendennen – and who once taught the law to prosecutor Michael Jarrett. Broden filed a motion two days ago to hold the McLennan County DA’s Office in contempt and sanction it.

Reyna had agreed “(1) provide the defense with a ‘realistic’ exhibit and witness list by October 17, 2017 and (2) provide the defense with an expert witness list and to specifically identify ‘gang experts’ by October 17, 2017.” So far, the district attorney has refused to do that. “Previously,” Broden noted, “on or about February 26, 2016, in a response to a similar order, the State had produced a completely useless witness list containing more names than a population of Hallsburg, Texas.”

“I have rarely seen such utter contempt for orders of a court designed to ensure a defendant a fair trial,” Broden complained “The State’s actions are a transparent attempt to put Mr. Clendennen to the Hobson’s choice of giving up his two year delayed trial date or timely obtaining the materials that the State agreed on the record to provide him and which the Court ordered to be provided him. I wish the State would stop playing games in an attempt to defeat Mr. Clendennen’s right to both a fair AND speedy trial.”

Broden has already accused Reyna of perjury and a court of inquiry will be convened to examine that charge at some unknown, future date.

Thompson Too

It gets worse for the prosecutors.

Tomorrow, Austin attorney Millie L. Thompson, who represents defendant Thomas Landers, will move for Judge Johnson to quash Landers’ indictment “for prosecutorial misconduct that is so egregious that Landers cannot receive a fair trial and is being deprived of Due Process.”

So far, the State has been hiding what detective Rodgers knew and did and when, where and with whom.

“The discovery that the State has provided is missing the offense reports, supplements, other written material, and media created by, and/or used by, the lead detective on the Twin Peaks case up to the shooting – Jeff Rogers,” Thompson wrote.

“Detective Rogers was responsible for getting intelligence from members of the Cossack motorcycle club about their plan to go to Twin Peaks, as well as intelligence that some members of the Cossack motorcycle club planned to invade a party in Pflugerville, Texas held by non-Cossack support clubs (and was attended by grandmothers, women, and children). Detective Rogers coordinated with the Texas Department of Public Safety to set up the surveillance camera at Twin Peaks before the shooting. Detective Rogers informed DPS that there was a high likelihood for violence at Twin Peaks if the Cossacks went to that meeting, and he – along with DPS – knew that the Cossacks were at the Twin Peaks restaurant before anyone from any other motorcycle club appeared.

“The State’s prosecutor held in their possession email communications from Jeff Rogers addressed to DPS agents and other law enforcement and failed to provide them to the defense in discovery.”

“State’s prosecutor Michael Jarrett explicitly told the court on September 19, 2017 that the State had given EVERYTHING to defense attorneys….”

“And yet, on October 18, 2017, during the trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal, after Carrizal’s attorney showed an email from Jeff Rogers that was received from DPS’s responses to defense counsel’s subpoena, then and only then, did the State show that they too possessed those emails.”

“Counsel for Landers was forced to subpoena the material directly from the Waco Police Department, only to receive a Motion to Quash her subpoena, instigated by the State, but not signed by any prosecutors so that they do not look like they are withholding evidence.”

“As this case stands today, the State is refusing to provide discovery about an essential witness in the case – Jeff Rogers. When the defense has attempted to get that evidence directly from the police department, the State responds with obstruction. As the case stands today, Landers cannot get a fair trial because the State is obstructing his access to necessary, material, exculpatory, and impeachment evidence.”

Stupid, Crazy, Mean

So far, in the last two years, Abel Reyna has swallowed 192 loser cases and refused to give up on any of them. Commonsense suggests that Reyna has refused to dismiss the charges against any of the defendants he had arrested 30 months ago in order to limit his personal liability and that of his community for at least 100 complaints of provably false arrest and imprisonment.

But the question of why he jumped into this swamp in the first place has always been much more difficult to answer. Why was Waco investigating the Bandidos in the first place? Isn’t that what the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives does? Isn’t that why two of the prosecution’s first three witnesses work for the ATF? Why didn’t Reyna either ask the Feds to prosecute these cases or turn everybody except the obvious criminals loose?

An answer has surfaced.

In the last week, The Aging Rebel has been told by a very informed source that Reyna is and has been the subject of a federal investigation. The source couldn’t provide documentation and the names she provided could not be confirmed. But the source is confidant and it is the first time any source in this case has said something like this.

This rumor has to be considered speculation but it is intriguing speculation: not only because of the source but because it would answer the great mystery of the Twin Peaks Biker Brawl case. Why?

If Reyna has a problem then it would be logical for him to assign this burden to his home town in order to protect someone who could hurt him; like an agency or bureau farther up the official food chain. Maybe that’s what happened. Or maybe, they are all just stupid, crazy mean.

The horror. The horror.




49 Responses to “The Horror”

  1. Out Law doll Says:

    Then as god as my witness the police shot at least if not more that 1000 rounds at a innocent crowd of people at 1222pm on a day god said let have rest so they all are fucked because I am a angel and he is pissed don’t ever fuck with gods children on a Sunday he will seek revenge

  2. Out Law doll Says:

    It was a snitch under cover that shot the first bullet into the grind right beside me that started all the shit

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear OMG,

    Thanks for reading!


  4. Shutup Says:

    Or to paraphrase (and butcher a classic) “I just want to ride my bike, get my kicks, and not be hassled ( by any body). RMHF.

  5. Omg Says:

    Omg who cares enough of these gay Waco stories every time a witness farts you’re writing a whole gay ass story about it… fuck Waco and Texas and everyone involved

  6. Gandalf Says:

    @ James W Crawford; Civilian to Civilian. I think ya just gotta keep in mind that we are guests on Rebels Blog. This is a place for 1%ers and Rebel is the host. We have to act like guests and respect their home. Rebel and regulars have been talking about “Why do Civilians believe LE all the time and let them get away with this crap time and time again.” Well… Here we are. Supporting them as best we can. I have made plenty of mistakes on Rebels blog and have been called on them lots of times. These guys are just regular people who understand we make mistakes but are with them. Palidin once said, “There goes the Neighborhood” and He’s kinda right. Before Waco this blog was a hidden treasure for them… now we are here. For may part I intend to be respectful and give the MCs/1%ers what they want after Waco ends and Reyna falls. To be left alone.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    Like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. (The wolf) Tim Madigan looks to me like the Central Texas’s ATF “Fixer”. These days it’s easy to re-read the News just after Twin Peaks. We can see who wrote the story, see the BS and propaganda being pushed. In grade school kids always got caught cheating because their wrong answers matched. I’m thinking someone at ATF called TM and gave Him the Narrative and Tim did His thing. Seems strange He just did a few stories in the 1st week then disappeared. (I can’t find much else) He also wrote a BS book about the Waco Branch Davidians. His MO is to slander the Victim with whatever the ATF Narrative is and write creative tales for propaganda. Or so it seems to me. His book was “hastily written” after 2 books called “Massacre at Waco” and “The Ashes of Waco” were published. Here are His 1st 2 stories just after Twin Peaks:

    May 19, 2015
    May 23, 2015

    A Davidian Story:

  8. Iron Rider Says:


    Yes I know… but it goes more to the point of how they ringed off the courthouse and all this extra security for the trial because it’s so dangerous…lol… they used the same narrative at Twin Peaks after everything happened

    Reyna in trouble on multiple fronts, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another false flag Op come down the pike. Think about it Reyna is swering on this trial , Reyna doesnt want to have the Clendennen trial start, what a better way then to pull out how threats and danger is all about to stop a trial in it’s tracks, buy time stall the feds from taking any action or divert resources from the feds to Waco because scary bikers… we already saw the scary biker are coming for us all scenario once…why wouldnt they pull it again

  9. Gandalf Says:

    @ Iron Rider that Story is from May 23, 2015. 6 days after. Washington Post. 100% fake news. There is only 1 group of people who could get a fake story out like that in 6 days, in the Washington Post. Of course the Waco Trib (and others) put it on the Front page. Obviously that 1 group is Federal LE.
    Funny thing, The reporter put the Pic on to show the Texas rocker and actually caught a Cossack crew waiting around a corner to spring the trap.

  10. Iron Rider Says:

    From the article:

    “A bulletin from the Texas Department of Public Safety warned that members of the Bandidos, the most notorious biker gang in Texas, may be planning attacks on law enforcement officials, according to CNN, which reviewed the document.

    The bulletin warns that Bandidos who serve in the U.S. military may be “supplying the gang with grenades and C4 explosives” to target officials and their families with car bombs, the network reported.

    A spokesman for the Waco police, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, said police had received an increasing number of threats in recent days. “We are taking the necessary precautions,” he said. ”

    LOL Remember Swanton said the same bullshit after the Twin Peaks shoot up, and now that Reyna’s case is sewering the drain the cops come up with another violence is imminent story line to try and taint not only Carrizal’s jury but any juries in any of the upcoming cases.

    You know what conspiracy believe think where they dont believe the official version of events, they start thinking of a False Flag operation that is or was designed to distract from what really took place.

    I am no conspiracy fanatic by any means, but the Texas DPS and Swanton putting out that statement during the trial is nothing more than Reyna hoping this will convince jurists that these bikers are so dangerous and if they let them off chaos will reign, and we all know that is a bunch of bullshit I full expect this too will be thrown in with Gotro objecting to it and mentioning it in Carrizal’s appeal

    Seriously how many fights or people caught with knifes or guns or angry hordes of bikers have attempt top get to the Waco courthouse? None, not fucking one/ Yest the Texas DPS and Swanton want the PUBLIC and JURY to believe this figment of their imaginations. Not a single news report not a single person has been charged because nothing has occurred like that.

    Swanton and Reyna played that same song of violence was imminent after Twin Peaks but yet not a biker was seen, but yet we are to believe that crying wolf once again that angry bikers are coming is once again beyond laughable.

    We know Reyna is desperate for a win and the fact that Reyna may be facing a Federal investigation while his case is sewering the drain against Carrizal means desperate times are ahead, and what better way to stall a case or investigation than by claiming how danger is imminent, maybe so much danger to stop a trial in it’s tracks and postpone another. Could Reyna be that desperate, well you decide.

    One thing we are all seeing is how a case that never should have been brought to trial is slowly crumbling before are eyes and someone is flopping around like a fish out of water hoping to get back to safety and trying every trick in the book to get there.

    Once again it looks like the taxpayers of Waco and McLennan county are about to get their pockets picked for all these “increased security costs”. I wouldnt be suprised if the jury is surrounded by armed DPS or ATF agents going to and from the courthouse because of angry biker or some bullshit.

    Yes folks no collusion or attempt to influence a jury here. Just when you would think the clown show in Waco couldnt get any worse, well so much for that

  11. HT Says:

    So, in 2014, McLennan County Asst. DA Greg Davis quit, and left intimations/allegations with the local newspaper Reyna was selectively (not) prosecuting, based on political reasons/donations/support. At about the same time, another prosecutor, Joe Layman, was peppering case files with similar allegations?

    Davis was re-interviewed this week, and didn’t back off from his original statements.

    Now Broden reports there is another prosecutor still active in the DA’s office with similar concerns.

    I seem to remember US District Court Judge Sam Sparks openly questioning why Reyna was prosecuting so many.

    And now the failure to produce exculpatory materials. And witness lists with 400+ persons.

    It would be shocking if there wasn’t an ongoing investigation of Reyna.
    Too much taint. The wheels are coming off.

  12. James W Crawford Says:

    I want to apologize to anyone who has been offended by my jests on this forum. I am not a member of a motorcycle club but the case should offend anyone with principles and a respect for decency. The same considerations compelled me to object to the ATF and FBI massacre of the Branch Davidians and the US BLM persecution of the Hammonds in Malhuer County. I am going through my own shit resulting from certain members of local law enforcement colluding with criminals to falsely implicate me in an illegal marijunna grow that a tennant installed on my property without my knowledge or consent.. I recently lost a round in court because the case was heard by Amanda Marshal’s (Hammond persecutor) cuckold husband.

  13. Big Al Says:

    I’ve sat in on a portion of the trial. Not sure if Reyna and his crew of prosecutors are more ignorant, incompetent or sadistic, but they look bad. I do not see how the two ATF agents were supposed to save the prosecution since 1. they delivered no relevant testimony, and 2. the ATF in Waco has a poor rep. since they killed 50+ innocent at Mt.Carmel a few years ago. Friday 10/20/17 was a good day for Jake.It was clear to everyone in the courtroom that Jake and his club rode into an ambush by a pre-staged group of Cossacks, facilitated by L.E. If the jury was polled today, a not guilty decision would be in order. Next week the prosecution probably will attempt to use a Cossack to sway the jury , but it won’t work.

  14. Old No. 7 Says:

    @Shameful, Yes I think you are 100% correct. The “Cocksack’s” are totally fucked. Big O is a rat snitch bastard that pulled this together and now it’s all falling apart as the truth is uncovered. It’s been said here before, Cossacks, your leadership has pretty much ruined your life. They got 7 members killed, including Big O’s own kid. We know you meth head, hillbilly, no teeth bastards are not the brightest bulbs in the box, but yall are screwed. I do believe that Broden has a very winnable case with the gardener. He didn’t know or do a damn thing. First Cossack or ex-Cossack “in the know” that wants a pass – step up to the table and spill your guts. I am sure that 1 or more attorneys are pushing that to their client. So there is a federal investigation on the little tyrant. hahahah. Which current Asst. DA is working with the FBI??? Amanda Dillon, naw that Amazonian looking cunt is trying to follow in Reyna’s footsteps and is probably sleeping with him. My money is on Jarrett. He just looks like that type of person, kinda odd person that would tell on the other kids in school to be the teachers pet. So Reyna knows one of his staff is trying to fuck him “besides Amanda Dillon” and has to try to keep a straight face at the table. I find it funny when the game is played on them. There are too many top shelf defense lawyers on this case with a lot of legal connections and it appears they have a plan to expose this corrupt town. Mayor and City Council take notice and dust off your check book, you allowed this to happen and did nothing to stop it so your just as liable. Ohh and how do you put Mike Lynch on the stand as a prosecution witness? Stupid bastards arrested him and his wife, million dollar bond, ruined reputation and your hiding Big O, the man that spit in her face and they want you to help them? He certainly had something to say!! lol Fucking Genius. Thank you Rebel for all you do and Respects to the decent people on this site.

  15. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ Mark

    Unfortunately, the U.S.of A. IS a corrupt and criminal organization. It’s remotely possible that this trial fiasco will, at the very least, bring a tiny sliver of light to that fact.

    Stay on ’em, Mr. Davis!


  16. Gandalf Says:

    @ Shameful, Yep. Lets not forget the missing phone belongs to that “fearless leader.” Any real Leader/brother might take a dive for the team. Tell LE you duped most of the others with a fairy tale of a Peace Treaty meet. Then hope for a appeal. That said, ALL The Cossacks still have hope… Enough of them say they were duped + lots of Technicalities that Broden is totally on. Those Cossacks owe a HUGE debt to that “support group gardener” who is footing that Bill. Twin Peaks is a Textbook lesson for those who would conspire with Police. CIs everywhere should take notes.

  17. Out Law doll Says:

    Fuck Waco the cut don’t make me or break me

  18. Out Law doll Says:

    U know they are full of shit if they told them to leave the old lady’s behind why they have my cut and I walked that day I’m not a snitches

  19. Shameful Says:

    *compromised not comprised

  20. Shameful Says:


    The DA’s office bored the jury to tears, then presented a decent case against the cocksacks. It’s too bad that there isn’t a cocksack on trial at this time. Jake should be sitting pretty, if it were an impartial jury. He is definitely set for appeal.

    From what I see, if you wore a cocksack patch, or one affiliated with them, you’re screwed. Your group, or groups since you now have two with different patches, but the same name and all affiliated by the actions on May 17, 2015, your best bet is to contact your lawyer, contact the DA’s office, and make a deal. Your group is already thought of as snitches, posers, and generally overall idiots, so you don’t have to worry about further damaging your reputation. You should see the writing on the wall. They’ve seen all of your shot, your guns, and if you notice, key personnel have an odd absence from the trial docket. They tried the Bandido closest to the center of the action first. Now they want a support group gardener? Get real. The rumors are true. Your fearless leader is a cooperating informer. Both the old version of your club, and the new, are comprised.

    Perhaps it’s time to practice some self-preservation. The ship is sinking.

  21. david Says:

    If Un-Abel had any brains, and he don’t, he would have exercised his option of dismissal. The POS instead, keeps racking up felony criminal investigations against himself NON-STOP and even more criminal activity in public,besides all the previous major civil and constitutional Rights violation cases AND the many NEW civil and constitutionally protected Rights he violates on a daily basis.

    Factually, interstate 35 is a major drug running thoroughfare to many U.S. and Canadian points. Texas DPS,county pigs and Waco pigs look the other way when the large shipments pass through. DA’s have the option of no prosecution in the event of an arrest.

  22. Iron Rider Says:

    Well well well look at what headline hit the Waco Trib today

    Defense attorney alleges in motion that DA Reyna being investigated by FBI

    Rebel your reporting of this earlier has obviously peaked some curiosity and whats that old saying where there is smoke there is fire, well looks like Reyna’s office may be going from a small waft to a big wind of smoke.

    Maybe Broden is a reader, we already know Jarret and Reyna are, nice of them to come by and find out about the facts in their cases that they just don’t seem to know anything about. No wonder Jarret is such a fan of yours Rebel, nut I would have thought with all the resources of goverment available to Reyna and Jarret that they could gather these facts on their own, apparently not so much so come to the source of the breaking news it is.

    Wouldn’t that be a treat to Reyna behind bars in Waco of all places, lets see Reyna is facing a perjury investigation, charges of distributing pictures of Carrizal and his wife to everyone and their dog, a motion for sanctions by Broden for failure to turn over all discovery and denying Brodens client’s right for a speedy trial and possible investigation by the Feds.

    Ought to do wonders for Reyna’s re-election campaign…LOLOLOLOLOL

  23. Gandalf Says:

    LOL… Aanon, Your right. I will do my best to take your good advice. We used to have a quiet girl in our group. Her sole job was to tell me to “shut up” She was a busy girl…. Thanks for reminding me.

  24. Aanon Says:

    And for the love of Odin, abelino Reyna, is not a fucking redneck. We will not claim him, as, well…. read the name.
    A cencal cracker.

  25. Aanon Says:

    Senior gandalf, and I mean this to be respectfully put; fuck man, we get it. We understand you’ve been in the Texas courts and there is insight there, no doubt. All bullshit aside though, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has started skipping over your posts due to the fact that there are so many on each post. Smart man told me once ” talk less and they will listen more”. As I try to learn all I can from whoever I can, whenever… so on, maybe collect the thoughts and leave a post. Half your shit bears no relevance to anything other than apparently giving you something to do on the puter. I hope you have a nice barely charred piece of beef, fun of your pleasure, and a fucking great weekend.

  26. Hangaround Says:

    Gleefully watching TSpoonFeeds twitter as the an affiliated Los Pirados member destroys the prosecutions claims about the Bandidos and the COCI… :)

  27. Gandalf Says:

    “Slide” is TOO COOL. So is that Group of Support Club guys who marched through the Patio. All Y’all got my Respect x2.

  28. kr Says:

    every article has at least one line that makes me giggle. thanks for that!

  29. Gandalf Says:

    @Mark; IDK Jake is doing pretty good so far. Only a Pro could make that MisTrial call. I guess since it was for “Prosecutorial MisConduct” it would make news and work. IMHO. I guess If the Judge said NO… Yep, He would own it. Take all the Waco System down. The more the Merrier.

  30. Lisa Says:

    I believe this is so horribly real. I just can’t find words to explain someone like him. If I could I know they would be worse than stupid, crazy and mean. Worse than down right evil.

  31. Mark Says:

    One of the smoothest moves Gotro could pull off is to request a mistrial for misconduct on the DA’s part and state the number of time that it has happen in this case. Do that right in front of the jury if it’s fair game to do so. Every time the DA is caught red handed pulling this criminal, obstruction of justice to cheat the defendant out of a fair trial, demand a mistrial. Make Judge Johnson own it.
    Here’s what Johnson isn’t smart enough to figure out. He’s going to be the DA’s Rap partner in a criminal investigation. Their personal connection between the two of them is one that can not be let go of. Which compounds itself with the criminal obstruction of justice that is taking place. They look like a tag team. As the poster from WY stated, no decent judge would allow such a witness list to be filed in discovery. And on top of that a witness list with the intent to obstruction of justice, then allow people to testify who were not on the list. Judge Johnson owns all of it with his rulings. Just how stupid is that? This trial make the United States of America look like a banana republic, not just Texas but the whole county look very corrupted and run by criminals who are able to get away with anything they want to because the courts are in on it too.

  32. Gandalf Says:

    @ Neuro LOL. We can discuss that Later. Today we stand together. Funny how that happens… Different people standing together against injustice. We got lots of time to talk about Trump later. LOL

  33. Neuro Says:

    Gandalf, isn’t that known as Tejano or Chicano ? Please sir, I am a redneck. Please don’t smear us by including Abelini in our moniker. Thankyou

  34. Lou Sassel Says:

    I remember when this site used to be filled with urine order and devils rides articles and comments. Oh, how I long for the good old days.

    Great reporting Rebel (another donation is on its way).

    Respect to all that deserve it.


  35. Freebird Says:

    If Reyna pisses off the wrong person(s) on his side of the fence he might end up meeting Ex DA Ray Gricar.

  36. Gandalf Says:

    Like any givin Friday on Y&R it’s ON! Don’t think for a second the timing of CBrodens/Rebels revelation today was not timed. LAWYERS LOVE TIMING. The Lawyers are fighting TOGETHER! YEA! Way to go Mr. Broden.
    Hey Reyna, Is it getting Hot? Here’s a song 4 U. Your Father would be proud.
    Turn it up… That drum beat is them coming “Fo Yo ASS” You Fucking POS redneck!

  37. Freebird Says:

    I still believe most if not all of this is about Money aka funding. I also believe the DA is attempting to make his name known in higher circles. Would not be surprised if he has a copy of the playbook from the ATF gun walking operation fast and furious on his night stand beside the bed.

    There has to be a monster under the bed. If there is not, one you have to create one. He took a ream of paper and a bottle of paste glue and built a monster he can no longer control.

    Having worked for a govt agency for many years I witnessed the phenomenon we called fuck up…. move up….. The bigger hack you were the higher you went.

  38. Gandalf Says:

    BTW Y’all know I’m a Civilian without Bike or Patch. You may or may not know that I owe a large debt to some 1%ers who helped me and schooled me before most of you were born. That said… I always understood that the Patch was important enough to fight and/or die for. Again, These people are after your patches. Y’all got to fight them as hard as you would fight anyone after your patch. Don’t just go thinking this is just another attempt to lock up a Brother(s). It’s not. Hit the Donate Button and give Rebel some resources to fight these fools. Nuff said. With Respects 2 all.

  39. Gandalf Says:

    @Gman “longtime litigator” I thought when the Feds sent Reyna the Letter saying they would not disclose Morton evidence they had in their possession THAT was His way out. I bet $ Reyna was going to drop ALL the cases and blame the Feds. Or one of the Judges dismiss ALL the cases for that very same reason. It seemed like a perfect out to this shoemaker. BTW I seem to remember a Very Famous Lawyer from Wyoming… Never lost a case. 1st name begins with a G. I wonder.

  40. Paranoid Says:

    I’m a daily reader of your column and very interested in the larger implications of this case. I’m sending a C-Note and looking forward to tomorrow’s article.
    Thank you for the coverage Rebel

  41. Gman Says:

    Must read stuff for me every evening. I sit here in Wyoming as as longtime litigator and am just mesmerized by what has gone on and has been permitted down there in that shithole called wazco. Not saying that some of our conservative judges up here are always fair, but if a prosecutor filed a 600 person witness list in a wyoming district court they would be in big fucking trouble. In fact most of our judges would not even give the prosecution a right to more than a week to prove their case. If they weren’t Done it would be tough shit and game over. Someone is going to have to take the fall on this, and I don’t mean carrizal or the other thousand defendants. The powers that be know they can’t possibly try all of these cases. They also know they can’t afford to. Seems to me they are in a no way out position waiting and praying for a fall guy. More time is probably presently being spent figuring a way out than worrying about the next 150 trials. What a story. I’m donating to thus site. Good fucking shit rebel, and what do you know, the only bike I ride is one with pedals.

  42. RLG Says:

    “Reyna is and has been the subject of a federal investigation”

    oh shit is it the TJ dildo video?

  43. RLG Says:

    “I have rarely seen such utter contempt for orders of a court designed to ensure a defendant a fair trial”

    If there are convictions we will definitely hear about this again in appeal.

  44. Iron Rider Says:

    I should have added the fact that Reyna is trying to put Clendennen’s trial on hold is because of how Carrizal’s case has gone and all the little bomb’s that have gone off so far because we have to remember that just like Gotro, Broden is also complaining that the Prosecution has not turned everything over to the defense and as we are seeing in Carrizal’s trial the prosecution hasn’t turned everything over.

    It will be interesting to see what the court is going to do with the motion Broden has filed alleging prosecutor misconduct against Reyna and Co for failing to turn over all discovery and delaying Clendennen’s right to a speedy trial.

    IMHO I think the speedy trial portion while true will not go far, however the failure to turn over all discovery is going to be a lot harder for Reyna and Co to get out of because Broden can easily point to Carrizals trial and show that Carrizal’s defense team has seen a lot of thing come out during the trial that they didn’t receive in discovery as well as witnesses that were not on the list that showed up to testify, this is going to be where Broden is going to have Reyna by the short hairs and something the Judge who hears that motion for sanctions is going to have to give some serious consideration.

    Expect Reyna to do a lot of grovelling, but the more things come out like Reyna asking for an injunction against Waco PD from turning over communications etc to Broden is only going to make it look more and more like either Reyna and Co are incompetent or they have a lot to hide and I am guessing it is both.

    I wonder if when Reyna and Co arrive in the car service to the trail if it isn’t being driven by a clown like you would see at the circus and the door opens and all these clowns come piling out if that isn’t how people are seeing the prosecution and the legal system right now in Waco.

    Normally one would think things couldnt get any worse for Reyna and co then they are with witnesses not on the 600 name list, and repeated complaints of not turning over all discovery to filing injunctions from having evidence turned over to thwart defense counsel’s, so how could things get any worse, well judging by whats currently going on, they just arent going to get any better.

    So must for that Ready and willing to try these cases bit that Reyna has been running off at the mouth about.

  45. Iron Rider Says:

    I love how Reyna and Jarret keep whining how they gave the defense everything, and that there is nothing left to give, yes Gotro has caught them numerous times on that, same with Broden and now this bit with Rogers and missing notes etc, the appeal is almost writing itself, what is even funnier is that Johnson has but not choice but to tell the Prosecution to turn over what is missing, like when Drews was on the stand and his recollection of something was tied to a document that Gotro didn’t have and Johnson had to stop the trial so Drews could go to his car and get that document for Gotro. Talk about Reyna, Jarret and Johnson all looking like fools in front of the jury I bet Crarrizal was wishing he could laugh out loud at that moment.

    You have to wonder what the Jury is thinking when Reyna and KJarret profess to having turned everything over to the defense yet Gotro has caught them a few times with evidence or documents that the defense doesn’t have, so much for that neat tidy case Reyna is trying to portray this as.

    If Reyna is on the hook and in deep trouble and the Feds are worried that Reyna’s arresting all 177 people and all the civil lawsuits that are bound to go to trial sooner or later is going to take down their investigators connections to Twin Peaks and the Law Enforcement agencies that were lurking in the background, then the Feds may just go with the “Rogue Prosecutor” theory and pin things on Reyna since it is looking more and more like Reyna was thinking how good this would look come Election time rather than being rational if what went on was really going to indictments’ his office could win on.

    Things are starting to get interesting

  46. Gandalf Says:

    All right, All right, All right all ready. This story is worth another “C-Note” like stoker just said. Stoker is right. Rebel is all Y’all got. He is in the thick of it all gaining info FOR ALL OF YOU. If you have ever been to Waco (don’t) you would know what Hell is. No Beach, No Palm Trees, No Mountains… just flat, nasty and boring till it Hurts. Cops are probably following Him and I can just Imagine the Shitty Super 8 motel and the Old Guy clicking away on His laptop in His underwear. Tired of 18hr days when He should be in Cali on a Fucking beach watching bikinis. THESE PEOPLE ARE COMMING FOR YOUR PATCHES! REBEL IS FIGHTING FOR YOU! Kick the fuck in so Rebel can move to the Shitty ass Hilton down the street and eat something other than Wataburger.

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