Carrizal’s Defense Won Today

October 16, 2017

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Carrizal's Defense Won Today

Houston lawyer Casie Gotro shook a lime tree last Friday. Today she made margaritas.

She was late to court as she often is. Her client, Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal, sat at the lawyer’s table all alone. One of the prosecutors, Michael Jarrett, glanced at his watch and smirked. The judge, Matt Johnson, glared at an invisible spot over the courtroom door. When she arrived six minutes late she was admonished by Johnson. She promised not to do it again.

Five prosecutors are trying the case. The other side is just Casie and her entourage. Throughout the trial the bailiff, an authoritarian little man named Jack Campbell, has been threatening to hang people who have phones in their pockets in suspended cages so the locals can throw cow pies at them. The other day he actually made Tommy Witherspoon, the Waco Tribune-Herald reporter who tweets live from court (@TSpoonFeed) turn off his tablet because his key strokes made barely audible clicks. Not a single cell phone has gone off since then until today when one played a concert in the brief case of one of Gotro’s legal assistants. The phone was buried deep in the satchel. It went on forever. The bailiff just glared. Johnson glared. Everybody else just smirked.

Gotro Comes Through

Then all sins were forgiven as Gotro exposed the entire case against her client, Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal as the house of cards it has always been. Her victim was Doug Pearson, the Aurora, Colorado “motorcycle gang expert.” She invited him to describe the evidence against her client last Friday. It looked like a blunder then. It looked like a stroke of genius today.

“The fact that she asked the witness a question to which she didn’t know the answer is on her.” Jarrett gloated. So Gotro stuck with that line of questioning and the fact that poor, evasive, laconic, dogmatic Pearson presented the prosecution’s case and had to defend it – not Jarrett, not Reyna, not Amanda Dillon but poor, stupid Pearson, was on Casie Gotro, too.

The prosecution’s case will be largely based on information gathered from three cell phones belonging to Bandidos Marshall Mitchell, Ray Allen and Carrizal. The defense, which includes not just Gotro but other friends of Carrizal, has extensively prepared for this trial for months. Part of the strategy in this case will be to make sure the jury hears Carrizal’s defense as many times as possible. Pearson, the prosecution’s third witness, unwittingly became a means to that end.

By about 11 a.m. Gotro was dismembering the state’s case in chief in front of the jury and there wasn’t a thing the prosecutors could do about it.

Texas Bottom Rocker

As stated by the government’s own witness, The Bandidos and the Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs agreed to work out there differences in July 2014. The Cossacks vice-president announced on his Facebook page that the Bandits did not object to the Cossacks putting on a Texas bottom rocker. But, Pearson still insisted that the Twin Peaks Ambush was a mutually agreed upon affray over that Texas bottom rocker.

In December 2014, the same Cossack vice-president sent Bandido Marshall Mitchell a text message saying, “So the truce is over.”

Mitchell texted back, “What are you talking about?”

Pearson insisted that meant that Mitchell was telling the Cossacks they could no longer wear a Texas bottom rocker.

Fold Teeth

In the months that followed, the Cossacks agreed to smash the Bandidos on sight, to “fold teeth” and that all Bandidos “must go to the hospital.” The Cossacks put a $500 bounty on Bandidos patches.

In May 2015, the Texas Highway Patrol thought that the threat of assaults by Cossacks of other motorcyclists on Interstate 35 had become so dangerous that Increased highways patrols. The Bandidos were self reliant. They warned members traveling along that highway to the meeting in Waco warned one another to bring guns and leave their women at home. The prosecution will argue that these messages will prove the Bandidos were to blame for the violence at the Twin Peaks.

The Cossacks and the members of their support clubs arrived en masse about 11 a.m. They took all the parking spaces, parked at the front of each space and took all the seats reserved for the Confederation Of Clubs & Independents meeting. When a woman named Sandra Lynch, who had reserved the Twin Peaks for the, tried to put out orange cones, 15 Cossacks surrounded her and called her a “fucking cunt.” Law enforcement witnessed the encounter and did nothing.


One of the first Bandidos to arrive was Marshall Mitchell. He parked his motorcycle, walked straight into a pack of Cossacks including Cossack Nomad Owen Reeves, stuck out his hand to shake with Reeves, then went inside the restaurant without incident.

There were more police cameras at the scene than has been previously reported. One camera captured the license plate numbers and the faces of the small pack of Dallas Bandidos as they exited the interstate into the Texas Marketplace shopping center.

Before the pack of Bandidos, led by Carrizal, arrived at the Twin Peaks, one Cossack sent out a text message with a picture of a bear trap and the message “trap being set.”

Pearson, who has been a consulting expert on the case for two years still doesn’t know who threw the first punch.

Gotro’s courtroom style is eccentric, She throws her body and her soul into her work like an abstract expressionist. She flicks her hair, cocks her hips, starts and stops and surveys the courtroom like a meerkat sentry on guard against cobras and eagles. Her style of cross examination is unique. She asks open-ended questions. Sometimes, like last Friday, she obviously doesn’t know what the witness will reply. But she is stubborn and brave. And today she was very shrewd.

There will be much more of today’s testimony in the book.


34 Responses to “Carrizal’s Defense Won Today”

  1. Aanon Says:

    Or maybe, someone thing agency is playing games trying to make some think the worst, antagonize others and surely anger many. Can you imagine the shit storm? The accusations…

  2. Aanon Says:

    Bo, look up. Keep going. No, all the way. Yes yes. Contact. It’s right there, yup, you got it. Maybe the guy was quick to report it because it was in a current chain of events. Maybe a kid made an airplane with the paper it was on, and it got him in the nose on one of those crazy freeways. Pissed him off, made him put it out. Maybe. Maybe all he can report is what you’ve already said, and you already got it to us.

  3. Neuro Says:

    Same scenario for Bo from the green team. Where did he go? Double murder of the top two officers in San Berdoo, then falls off the earth. Maybe those two guys are hanging out together. Who knows ? Hopefully Rebel can put in some time on these back home in Ca. when he returns.

  4. Dusk Says:

    You’re not the only one wondering what happened. There’s only one reason someone could fall off the planet like that….

  5. Bo Says:

    @freebird appreciate it bro, curious if you turn anything up. Always wondered why Rebel hasn’t touched it and he was so quick to report their version of him being out bad with many facts saying the opposite. The whole thing seems hinky to me so ya a giant heads up for all those out there. Respects

  6. ed Says:

    He has one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the State of Texas. He should be ok if the other side plays fair; Which , we know they don’t.

  7. Iron Rider Says:

    Looks like Reyna and Co. filed a a motion asking to postpone Clendennen trial that was sussposed to start on Nov 6th, Broden filed an objection to the request ( of course it’s Waco so after a handjob to a couple of his favorite judges Reyna will be allowed to postpone Clendennen’s trial date)

    I guess after some stellar testifying by Reyna’s cop witnesses that Reyna figures they need better coaching and a bigger SOA poster for better effect. I am sure Rebel will have more details

  8. Freebird Says:

    @ Bo

    Speaking for myself I say this type of request is the way it should be! In my twisted world it’s what is called a “Heads up” I will see what I can find.


  9. Bo Says:

    Sorry for posting it here but I don’t know anyway to email you rebel and I got no answer on the original post. Respects to all the bandits fighting for their lives and to the regular readers.

  10. Bo Says:

    @Rebel and all readers! Is anyone including you Rebel gonna report or look into the Mongol who was arrested for the murder of an 81 here in so cal vanishing into thin air!? He’s no longer in the court or jail system! He’s vanished into witsec or wherever before even one hearing!! Anyone else smell a rat! Joshua Ryan Hurbert was arrested for murder with no bail and before his second court appearance he vanishes from the docket! Look yourselves! He’s not in custody, he was not released, there are no further court appearances scheduled.. he’s just become a ghost!! Someone is telling all he knows and more!! @Rebel any thoughts!? Must be another big case coming down the pipe!

  11. david Says:

    Pearson’s statements being made under oath does not guarantee their veracity.

    The U.S. Sp.Ct. HAS ruled that pig officers, “are known liars and perjurers.”
    Pigs lie all the time on the witness stand.

  12. david Says:

    Horse Shit-Bags Reyna and Johnson collude to allow a witness, not on the persecution’s witness list, therefore unknown to the accused, to testify against him.

    Proving the two scum will do anything to try to keep Reyna’s 98 % conviction rate.

  13. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Iron Rider,

    I would say that the cops who incited this massacre only have centimeters or even millimeters to offer.

  14. Atticus Ignorans Says:

    @dasein Underestimating Gotro seems to be a popular activity. I wonder why.

    I’ll bet there’s a reason her peers have honored her as lawyer of the year.

  15. DR G Says:

    Very clever article [Down Goes Gotro]

  16. Mark Says:

    Rebel noted, “The prosecution’s case will be largely based on information gathered from three cell phones belonging to Bandidos Marshall Mitchell, Ray Allen and Carrizal”.
    And the Cossacks MC cell phones didn’t have any information or little information on them. Just how stupid is that?
    As I have been saying, truth doesn’t matter in crooked courts but what can be proved. Meaning, lawyer word smithing which is proof without a hint of truth. We are seeing the complete breakdown of any integrity in the Waco criminal justice system. I wonder if the, Reyna – Johnson Big Top, tents are still set up for the circus atmosphere to tamper with the emotions of the jury?

  17. Dasein Says:

    No idea who isn’t a “total douchebag” in Neuro’s world view, but Cassie Gotro is possibly the worst opponent this heavily fortified, rehearsed, and conventional prosecution could imagine. She doesn’t quit, and they never know where she’s coming from next. Like Mamasan used to say, half joking, “VC come tonight, kill you all.”

  18. Gandalf Says:

    @IR Aprox (I have no idea the #s) 97% of the Cossacks vs 1% of Bandido. That’s a good stat for Court.

  19. Atticus Ignorans Says:

    What did I tell you last week? The State will regret Pearson bumping his gums at Gotro’s invitation.

    It’s still not over, but there are levels here that we laypeople can’t necessarily see. If you’re on Carrizal’s side, have faith; if you’re on the State’s, cry harder.

  20. Iron Rider Says:

    The cops asserition is idiotic that the Bandidos and the Cocksacks were going to brawl it out. Do the cops really think if the Bandidos believed a war would erupt they would come knowing they would be outnumbers 3 or 4 to 1?

    Please if your going to go to a brawl your going to make sure you have numbers, and that is why the Cocksacks had numbers there. Remember the feds had been fanning the flames to incite a war, looks like only the Cocksacks were stupid enough to swallow every inch of what the cops were offering

  21. Bobbie A. Haygood Says:

    #GOGOGOTRO #FTGF! Daily prayers for Casie Gotro and Jake Carrizal! We love you both! You are not alone!!

  22. Gandalf Says:

    Basically all Cassie needs to do now is thank Officer Butcher for dropping that Cossack (who was just a few feet from Jake and executing Bandits) and saving Jake’s life. THE END!

  23. Freebird Says:

    Change the facts… change the outcome!

  24. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Paula Carroll Swanson,

    Are motorcycle club members Borg who have the Constitutional right to “assimilate?” I thought that the two relevant passeges read “associate” or “assemble”.

    I am still amazed that the cast of Voyager were able to keep a straight face during scenes that referenced Jeri Ryan’s “Borg implants.”

  25. Austin Says:

    @Neuro- douchebag lawyer… yeah yeah,
    They are lawyers-It’s what they do.
    But think of like…. say , Jim Carey in Liar Liar.
    Double douchefest … until the magic moment when
    The witness makes some crazy comment … and AHA!!
    “…The TRUTH will set you free!!”

    Go Go Gotro!

  26. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Basically, they want to put 193 people in prison for their 1rst Amendment right to freedom of assimilation, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
    If they had just arrested those guy’s who beat RO then 9 people would be alive today and 193 people would not be going through this.

  27. Austin Says:

    Stubborn and Brave. Sometimes you don’t know what’s under the rock-but you know you need to kick it anyway.

    Keep the light shining on this darkness.

  28. Gandalf Says:

    I need a Cartoon of a Cossack standing on the “trigger” in the middle of a Bear Trap.
    2 Cossack Leaders pushing open the teeth.
    A line of Bandits on their bikes.
    The Trap says, LE
    The caption of the text says, Cossack: “The trap is set.”
    Wife: “Bring home milk.”

  29. Paranoid Says:

    The suspense is killing me. When and where can I get the book ?

  30. Slickback Civilian Says:

    Awesome news, just fantastic..
    Casie G. peers thru the gunner’s sight as she lines up the reticle on the prosecution’s turret…presses the button for range and calls out ‘target tank, sabot, now’…her gunner calls out ‘up’..she depresses the firing button as she says ‘on the way’…the tank rocks back as a 5000fpm discarding-sabot-DU penetrator blows the turret off the prosecution witness as the ammo lights up and the silver bullet burrows into the jackass named ‘Abe’, tied to the tree is vaporized into red mist….

    You go girl, and Mr. Jake, the PacNW says ‘we support the fat Mexican’..

  31. Iron Rider Says:

    Rebel reported that the lady reporter in the Associated Press story wrote that the “There was no Federal Law Enforcemnt at Twin Peaks till after everything happened” Yet we have so called “Doug Pearson, the Aurora, Colorado “motorcycle gang expert.” and he is a Colorado cop assigned to the ATF.

    If you recall Doug’s testimony he stated he say’s the fight started over by where Carrizal parked but he didn’t “see” who threw the first punch. If there was no Feds there that day, then how did so called “Doug Pearson motorcycle gang expert” witness where Carrizal park, and that this fight started over By Carrizal and that he didnt see who threw the first punch?

    That tells me the feds are lying thru their teeth that there were no Feds on site at Twin Peaks that day. Which would mean so called “Doug Pearson, the Aurora, Colorado “motorcycle gang expert.” is not telling the truth about the Feds being at Twin Peaks that day.

    Lets not forget the fact that Gotro is still being ambushed and Johnson is still helping Reyna and pals with their case. There was a witness on the stand today for the prosecution that was not on the 600+ witness list that testified, and Gotro didnt know the witness would be testifying, this witness was police witness Daniel Harper who was involved in handling all of the bikers seized cell phones. Gotro complained to Johnson that Harper wasnt on the proseuctions witness list, Reyna told Johnson it was essential to allow the prosecution a last minute addition to their witness list because Harper was essential to prove the states chain of custody of all the seized cell phones. Naturally Johnson aprroved Reyna’s request allowing REyna to add Harper to the witness list over Gotro’s objections ( and the fix is still in ) That’s from Tribune reporter Witherspoons article on today’s events

    So Johnson is still helping Reyna along and fucking over Carrizal at every attempt, imagine that. Rebel has done a great job at reporting everything he can but it’s damn hard to cover every little thing, even Witherspoon is facing the same dilemma, tough to cover every little detail.

    Great job on covering this Rebel, hopefully your little shadows arent following you everywhere you go while your in Waco covering all this. too bad this is live on tv, I would love to see it, but I may have a hard time not vomitting from all the bullshit out of Reyna and Johnson.

    Sp much for Johnson pledge of making sure Gotro and Carrizal get all evidence and Johnson being more impartial, we knows that was nothing but all bullshit

  32. Neuro Says:

    She seems like a total douchebag, just like all the other lawyers in the room. I still wish her well, just sayin’….

  33. Nagalfar Says:

    LOL, if only comedy clubs had this level of comedy… shit, I would be there every night, still smilin… the prosecution, they are not going to be sleeping good for the next year, this is their first real nightmare, most people call reality… and then some of us call it justice.

  34. Gandalf Says:

    Yea! Looks like my job is almost done here. I like Y’all and everything but after this Waco Twin Peaks I gotta split. Too much Drama. LOL I will continue to respect All the Clubs who deserve it. Good Job Casie. Great Job Rebel.
    BTW I’m thinking that Colt’s QB should have ran that ball into the end zone. Ima gonna start trolling Indianapolis News sites… NOT!

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