Unsolved Mysteries Of Waco

October 15, 2017

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Unsolved Mysteries Of Waco

The defense in the trial of Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob “Jake” Carrizal may start its rebuttal of the accusations against him this week, When the defense finally gets its turn, three mysteries, one old and two new, might be solved.

The old mystery is why the security guards the Twin Peaks restaurant hired never showed up on May 17, 2015.

“If I owned a security guard business, and one of the largest, if not the largest restaurant and bar in town hired my company, I would definitely show up,” an attorney not associated with the criminal case said. I am pretty sure it would require a contract, per the Texas Occupations Code.”

Hanging Out There

The applicable law is the “Texas Occupations Code, Title 10. Occupations Related To Law Enforcement And Security. Chapter 1702. Private Security.

“Did the Twin Peaks simply not hire anyone,” the lawyer continued. “Did the Twin Peaks try to hire someone, but no one wanted the job? If they were hired, was there a contract? Did they back out at the last minute? Did someone tip them off about what was about to happen? Had they worked for the Twin Peaks before? If they had, did they get a visit from law enforcement seeking intelligence before hand? More often than not, the owner of manager of a security guard company is former law enforcement, and they are often in regular contact with local law enforcement officials.”

Why the guards, if they were hired, didn’t show up for the Confederation of Clubs meeting has been a mystery, at least to the public, for 30 months. There are five security services in Waco: G2 Security Solutions, Inc., Pro Security Group, Eagle Systems, Paladin investigation & Security and Centurion Security Group. The legwork should be simple. It would be shocking if the defense hasn’t done it

“I don’t know,” the lawyer said. “Just curious. It is just one of those things hanging out there, itching for an answer.”

AP Story

Two more mysteries popped up just four days ago in a story by Emily Schmall of The Associated Press. Schmall is notably good at her job. She has been on top of this story from the beginning. She was the first to report that at least four of the Twin Peaks dead had been killed by police. Wednesday she reported that “A Waco policeman reported that he spoke to an FBI agent at the scene immediately after the shooting.”

And in the same story, Schmall wrote, “A senior official closely involved in federal prosecutions of the bikers insisted in an interview with the AP that federal investigators were not aware of the Twin Peaks meeting or of ‘any impending violence.’”

Then why was an FBI agent there?

Schmall exposed a third mystery in the case in the same story when she wrote:

“In a conversation captured by her bodycam, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague after the shooting, ‘I really didn’t think it was going to end like this.’

“‘I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out,’ she said.”

The defense has to wonder about the context of Stone’s statement. To whom was she talking? Another officer? A supervisor? Stone was a rookie in 2015. Most rookie cops are conscientious and female cops especially so. Stone wouldn’t have said that if that wasn’t exactly what she had understood her job to be.

This week, or early next week, the defense should provide answers to these questions.


24 Responses to “Unsolved Mysteries Of Waco”

  1. Not Surprised Says:

    Another mystery: Who in their right mind would open fire on an
    entrenched SWAT team with a small
    caliber handgun except in the movies?

  2. BMW Says:

    IMHO, the mere fact that the “FIBBIES” were there indicates that the fight between a few of the attendees was a setup. Add in Stevie Cookiestealer’s fake “educational” seminar was to take place nearby, and any honest observer would call the resulting police massacre “a total set-up”. Of course, if we are looking for honest observers, we would have to eliminate almost everybody employed by the INJUSTICE INDUSTRY!




  3. Neuro Says:

    Sorry, I am rummy. I meant to list first in order, the forfeiture papers. I kept looking at the array of mugshots and realized the guy was not pictured. There were a bunch of guys not in that first slew. Later they were arrested and the photos were added. I had found this sack’s name in the forfeiture papers, but no photo had his name. When the second group was displayed, bingo, there he was. He physically fought the hardest for the sacks as well. You will see this upon further review of officer Bucher’s dash cam footage.I think he may have been shot in the arm. Also I think you’ll find in the second group, the dude who nailed ol’ bare behind the knee with what I believe to be a .380
    Yes, I too would like to know what really happened. There are many of us who want to know, just as American citizens alone. There are several subplots here. I was mistakenly calling that guy who slumped to the rail @3:07 as “dead dude” but now it seems like he is the dude they carried off, one on each side supporting him. We should not consider him the first to get it. There is so much video that queerboy porky won’t let us see, so we are surmising with very limited info to go on. Hopefully it all comes out.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    The only Ballistics I would like to see is who shot the Cossack at 3:07 in the patio Video… And I’m only curious if LE’s bullet did the deed.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    @Neuro I guess you missed my point. I don’t have a clue how a person gets a support patch… another poster suggested the 15bucks. I’m just saying they should stop saying “The Bandidos” when the group were more The COC&I members. And I don’t care about Ballistics at the moment and don’t need an autopsy to tell me how they died. I’m only concerned with SELF DEFENSE, CRIMINAL STREET GANGS and THE LAW OF PARTIES. Stay Focused.

  6. Neuro Says:

    Can anyone just buy support patches? The Biggest Club stopped that a long time ago, I believe. Gandalf, have you watched all the videos? There aren’t many. Have you read any autopsies? Ballistic reports? Do some homework. Go watch Patio View 2 again. How ’bout seeing the dead guy with the unlit cigarette standing there? You notice anyone else? I still think the old cat at the corner table in the plaid shirt had the biggest set of anyone there that day.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    If I have a group of 10 people. 6 Bandidos, 2 support Club members and 2 with a 15$ support patches. I can’t call them “The Bandidos” They are not. They are COC&I members. Casie needs to get the Judge to have the Witnesses address any group as COC&I members. Only if it is obvious and admitted Should any Witness call any biker(s), A Bandido…or “The Bandidos” ESPICIALLY since the witnesses consider The Bandidos a “Criminal Street Gang.

  8. James W Crawford Says:

    Biggest question is how LEO snipers could determine who were the victims of violence and who were the aggressors who were legitimate recipients of deadly force. Seems that it was predetermined that Cossack cutts were their targets.

  9. Gandalf Says:

    TY Paula…
    Now I gotta find the book. I feel like Casie looking for a Text message. LOL
    I’m thinking Media people can be somewhat cautious and verify who they are interviewing before they publish. I’m thinking LE must have either tipped that reporter off to the guy or at least verified that He was a Cossack and/or was there. Was He arrested after the fact? Because Others were. I believe He said that He was there.

  10. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Gandalf, the Cossack that you’re referring to, was found from the arrest affidavit, his name & truck information listed on page 3. It was sold to another Cossack. But at the time they ran the plates, it still showed as being in his name. That’s also how the reporter found him so fast.
    Some really good questions in of answers.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    @ Rebel. Well whoever He was He sure had LE’s theory down pat. At the time the most important thing would have been getting “the story” out… a keeping reality from the press. It makes sense that they might risk exposing their guy to accomplish it.

  12. FF Says:

    Did it ever occur to Carie to ask for volunteers to go through the file dump?

  13. Rebel Says:


    That’s in the book.


  14. Gandalf Says:

    Would the cops have the balls to let their UC/CI “slip” out of the Net then send the Reporters straight to Him?

  15. Gandalf Says:

    Another “Unsolved Mystery” Who was the “Unknown Cossack Leader” who escaped capture and gave that 1st Interview? And how did the reporter Identify and locate Him so fast?

  16. Gandalf Says:

    BTW Ya wanna know how the Cossacks were “Set Up?” (Quote Big O’s wife) Because LE told The Cossacks they would, “Let them Fight it out” (Officer Niki Stone). When the Cops didn’t let The Cossacks murder the Bandidos… instead killed them and arrested them… THAT was “The Set Up”

  17. Gandalf Says:

    Here’s a question. Can Casie force the Judge to know what is in the “Evidence dump?” By objecting to evidence that wasn’t disclosed and ask for a simple answer? (Overruled/Sustained) Even if Reyna showed the court where the Evidence is and the Objection is overruled… At least She would then know where it is and can argue it when She re-calls the Witness during Her turn at bat.

  18. Gandalf Says:

    If Jake and Casie want to bring everything out in a bloody Trial for Headlines. That’s certainly an honorable option. In that case let the Trial last till Christmas and take LE down with Headlines.

  19. Freebird Says:

    @ Jim Jones

    I agree 100%…. problem comes when in the mountain of documents you did turn over specific documents that are known even to the general public are NOT in any of the dumps. It had to be the new secretary… we gave her that document what happen to it? It should be there!

  20. Jim Jones Says:

    Well let’s see, the prosecution turned over the library of congress as evidence, with a little tidbit of actual evidence hidden here and there, good luck finding it, but legally they did turn it over. And as far as witnesses, they listed the entire US population, try and figure just which ones they will actually call on, but legally they did disclose there witnesses! If this kind of stuff in s not illegal, it is certainly unethical!

  21. Freebird Says:

    It is very safe to say TABC identified the Security Company hired. Also quite sure they talked to that company and determined the reason(s) for the no show. Do you think for one second that TABC would have proof the owner lied about hiring 3 security officers and they (TABC) out of the kindness of their heart let it slide?

    This would been headline news even with the 200 people in North Korea with internet service.

    Send your legos back

  22. Freebird Says:

    TABC would have the answer to question one. We know they conducted an investigation where they balled like the kid who just had his lunch money taken away. We were not included in the ambush prior to….. but rather after the fact. You bastards!

    Page 16 of the TABC document second paragraph states that specific information was requested in the subpoena. Don’t tell me the prosecution did not turn over that document.

  23. Iron Rider Says:

    That’s a very good question about the private security, my guess is that someone from Law Enforcement paid a visit in person or gave a friendly call to the security company about what a power keg things were and violence was imminent or they simply asked to NOT have security show up so that if a fight broke out there would be no one to stop it from getting bigger…. which is coincidentally what the cops wanted to happen.

    As for Mrs Stone’s comments I made very mention of where she said I thought we were supposed to stand back and let them have at it. Which furthers my contention that the cops were hoping and praying a brawl would break out since they had been unable to get a war started for months and month of fanning the flames to get a war going. So the cops are full of shit when they say they had no idea anything would break out.

    LOL the Feds werent involved, yeah right, the feds are so far into this you can see the shit on their noses. Like all fucks ups in Waco we all know the Feds are involved, but I am sure the shit Reyna pulled pissed them off and has dragged them into a bigger mess then they planned and now they are beyond neck deep.

    I am sure once Gotro starts asking questions Jarret will be dropping his rattle and whining away to Johnson who of course will not allow anything unjust to happen in his courtroom. You can sense the corruption from here.

  24. david Says:

    Mysteriously, all the different types of pigs present that day, including the FBI operative PHOTOGRAPHED at TP, corrupt Reyna, corrupt Johnson, corrupt BATF and the entire array of corrupt public office-holders which comprise Fake-Oh, continue to act as if their shit don’t stink for miles yet, anyone and everyone else’s does.

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