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October 14, 2017

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The New, New Improved Dialogical Saloon

If it was just up to me, I would not have deleted the “The New Improved Dialogical Saloon.” It would still be up. However it offended the great god Google, for whom we will all soon work, because it violated the following Google Adsense guidelines:

“As stated in our program policies, sites displaying Google ads should provide substantial and useful information to the user. Users should be able to easily navigate through the site to find what products, goods, or services are promised. Examples of misguided navigation include, but are not limited to:

  • False claims of downloadable or streaming content
  • Linking to content that does not exist
  • Redirecting users to irrelevant and/or misleading webpages
  • Text on a page unrelated to the topic and/or business model of the website.”

“You do not need to contact us if you make changes. Please be aware that if additional violations are accrued, ad serving may be disabled to the website listed above. You should immediately take time to review your pages with Google ads to ensure that they comply with our policies.”

“Additionally, please be aware that the URL above is just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website or other sites that you own. To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance.”

If anybody has a problem with this please try to contact Google. Go ahead. Try.

Meanwhile, please feel free to continue your discussion here.




451 Responses to “The New, New Improved Dialogical Saloon”

  1. oldskewl Says:

    Site hasn’t been updated in a long time. Hope Rebel is okay..

  2. Shovelhead Says:

    Every time a Cop knocks on my door, I instantly start trying to figure out why he’s here, I mean like a million things flashing in my mind all at once. Almost like my life flashing before my eyes. You know like, where I’ve been, who I’ve talked to lately, did I do anything recently that would attract attention of LEO!

    Happened again today. Don’t want to say anything because I don’t know why the cop is at my door. He did try to come in but I blocked him and told him to step back away from my door if he wanted to talk. Turns out, he was looking for someone else?? I still don’t buy that, everyone knows me around here and what I ride. Now I’m fucking paranoid, damn it. I was having a good day.
    Anyone else have that? The flash of things you might of done for that cop to be here?

  3. Paladin Says:


    Either the S&W 640 or the older S&W 649. Both have 2.125″ barrels, are five shot, chambered in .38 special / .357 cal. Because the 640 has an internal hammer and the 649 has an integral hammer shroud, both can be concealed and fired from within a coat or jacket pocket without the possibility of the hammer snagging on the pocket’s lining. I would recommend feeding either one with .38 special 110 grain HP +P+, or .357 125 grain HP.


  4. Fingal Says:

    Not a duplicate — Paladin, glad you’re back. Maybe you can me gPaladin, glad you’re back. Maybe you can me give me some advice. I know that the killing power betwixt the .45, .40, and 9mm is insignificant and therefore go with the 9 for it’s 14+ detachable magazine. But dude, I want a revolver with a 5 shot cylinder that will stop the man who comes for me. The .38SW never worked. Is the .45 Colt gone, too? What is it: .44 Magnum/Bulldog or .357 Magnum – some SW snubnose, which also fires the .38 Special?

    Ride Fast Ride Far.ive me some advice. I know that the killing power betwixt the .45, .40, and 9mm is insignificant and therefore go with the 9 for it’s 14+ detachable magazine. But dude, I want a revolver with a 5 shot cylinder that will stop the man who comes for me. The .38SW never worked. Is the .45 Colt gone, too? What is it: .44 Magnum/Bulldog or .357 Magnum – some SW snubnose, which also fires the .38 Special?

    Ride Fast Ride Far. — Not a duplicate

  5. Fingal Says:

    Paladin, glad you’re back. Maybe you can me give me some advice. I know that the killing power betwixt the .45, .40, and 9mm is insignificant and therefore go with the 9 for it’s 14+ detachable magazine. But dude, I want a revolver with a 5 shot cylinder that will stop the man who comes for me. The .38SW never worked. Is the .45 Colt gone, too? What is it: .44 Magnum/Bulldog or .357 Magnum – some SW snubnose, which also fires the .38 Special?

    Ride Fast Ride Far.

  6. Dasein Says:

    Thanks, Paladin. That’s about the general assessment. For the early versions, there are numerous videos showing “accuracy”, and I’ve thought, “Well, maybe I’m not such a bad shot after all.” I came upon a 183 a couple of years ago, and it may not have been “love at first sight”, but it was something close, and it’s just new enough to have the bolt lock plunger. I feel it’s accurate enough for any of my likely needs, (grown accustomed to the peep sight), seems quite reliable, light and easy to handle as you say, and a lot of fun to shoot. Reminds me a bit of a 60’s muscle car: a bit primitive, with plenty of style and power. Plus, here in CA, I figure it’s about the best of the last of what’s left.

  7. Paladin Says:


    I’ve never been a big fan of the Ruger Mini 14, due to its inherent poor accuracy. If you were to purchase one, I’d recommend a newer version that has the ability to mount a Picatinny rail over the top of the open receiver. Mounting a red dot scope may help improve the accuracy of the rifle, as the stock sights that come on the rifle are pretty abysmal. Also; the newer model has some improvements such as: a cover over the op rod, a thicker barrel and a plunger on the port side of the receiver that allows the bolt to be held open without a mag installed.

    On the plus side: Because the rifle is compact, light weight and fast handling, with the addition of a red dot scope the rifle would be well suited as a home defense rifle. However; typical five shot groups range from 2-4 inches at 50 yards, making the rifle fairly inaccurate for hunting anything beyond that range.

    Long May You Ride,


  8. Dasein Says:

    Paladin: Do you have any experience/opinion of the Mini 14, older, 183 series.

  9. Sasquatch Says:

    Or maybe a (faster) rider overtaking two (slower) cops on bicycles?????

  10. Austin Says:

    Does anyone know anything about this Janus bike from Indiana ?

  11. rollinnorth Says:

    So, Laconia is postponed to August. I don’t really care; I haven’t gone in nearly 15 years. Last time, it seemed like there were more cops than bikers. This photo sums it up:

    If the link doesn’t work, the photo shows two bicycle cops closely following a rider down the Boardwalk.


  12. Shutup Says:

    Rebel, hope your burning some of that cheap gas, and social distancing on you dyna. Stay well.

  13. Sieg Says:

    Been real, kids. Much respects to the Brothers and Sisters I’ve met over the years, if you need to get hold of me, Rebel can point you at me.

    FTF / FTP

  14. Shovelhead Says:

    RIP to Pulsating Paula. December 2019.

    Your Pics will last forever.

  15. Drifter Says:

    Sieg posted: “RIP Colonel Mad Mike Hoare, 17 March 1919 / 2 February 2020 GBNF
    A Man Among Men”

    Seriously SOF, Godspeed

  16. Sieg Says:

    RIP Colonel Mad Mike Hoare, 17 March 1919 / 2 February 2020 GBNF
    A Man Among Men

  17. Fingal Says:

    I feel best when I punch someone in the face.

  18. Dasein Says:

    “The best feeling in the world is moving a man from point A to point B against his will.”
    George Kittle

  19. Anonymouse Says:

    I was channel surfing last night, and I found this interesting, in a can’t look away from the train wreck sort of way. I wasn’t sure where to post it where it would be on topic, so I figured here was as good a place as any. Talk about a drama “ripped from the headlines” with more than a little bit of artistic license taken.

  20. 78 1/2 shovel Says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Rebel and to all who visit here! I have read most of your books Rebel and have it on my Christmas wish list.

    78 1/2 shovel

  21. Shovelhead Says:


    To you as well. Almost 40 out, think I’ll go for a little ride around town. Always makes me feel good.
    Hope everyone out there has some peace today.

  22. rollinnorth Says:

    Merry Christmas to all!
    Thank you Rebel.


  23. Paladin Says:


    As a joke, my brother Jay used to hang a pair of pantyhose over his fireplace before Christmas. He said all he wanted was for Santa to fill them.

    What they say about Santa checking the list twice must be true because every Christmas morning, although Jay’s kids’ stockings overflowed, his poor pantyhose hung sadly empty.

    One year I decided to make his dream come true. I put on sunglasses and went in search of an inflatable love doll. They don’t sell those things at Wal-Mart. I had to go to an adult bookstore downtown.

    If you’ve never been in an X-rated store, don’t go, you’ll only confuse yourself. I was there an hour saying things like, ‘What does this do?’ ‘You’re kidding me!’ ‘Who would buy that?’ Finally, I made it to the inflatable doll section.

    I wanted to buy a standard, uncomplicated doll that could also substitute as a passenger in my truck so I could use the car pool lane during rush hour. Finding what I wanted was difficult. ‘Love Dolls’ come in many different models. The top of the line, according to the side of the box, could do things I’d only seen in a book on animal husbandry.

    I settled for ‘Lovable Louise.’ She was at the bottom of the price scale. To call Louise a ‘doll’ took a huge leap of imagination. On Christmas Eve and with the help of an old bicycle pump, Louise came to life.

    My sister-in-law was in on the plan and let me in during the wee morning hours. Long after Santa had come and gone, I filled the dangling pantyhose with Louise’s pliant legs and bottom. I also ate some cookies and drank what remained of a glass of milk on a nearby tray. I went home, and giggled for a couple of hours.

    The next morning my brother called to say that Santa had been to his house and left a present that had made him VERY happy, but had left the dog confused. She would bark, start to walk away, then come back and bark some more.
    We all agreed that Louise should remain in her pantyhose so the rest of the family could admire her when they came over for the traditional Christmas dinner.

    My grandmother noticed Louise the moment she walked in the door. ‘What the hell is that?’ she asked. My brother quickly explained, ‘It’s a doll.’ ‘Who would play with something like that?’ Granny snapped. I kept my mouth shut.

    ‘Where are her clothes?’ Granny continued. ‘Boy, that turkey sure smells nice, Gran,’ Jay said, to steer her into the dining room. But Granny was relentless. ‘Why doesn’t she have any teeth?’

    Again, I could have answered, but why would I? It was Christmas and no one wanted to ride in the back of the ambulance saying, ‘Hang on Granny, hang on!’

    My grandfather, a delightful old man with poor eyesight, sidled up to me and said, ‘Hey, who’s the naked gal by the fireplace?’ I told him she was Jay’s friend. A few minutes later I noticed Grandpa by the mantel, talking to Louise. Not just talking, but actually flirting. It was then that we realized this might be Grandpa’s last Christmas at home.

    The dinner went well. We made the usual small talk about who had died, who was dying, and who should be killed, when suddenly Louise made a noise like my father in the bathroom in the morning. Then she lurched from the mantel, flew around the room twice, and fell in a heap in front of the sofa.

    The cat screamed. I passed cranberry sauce through my nose, and Grandpa ran across the room, fell to his knees, and began administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. My brother fell back over his chair and wet his pants. Granny threw down her napkin, stomped out of the room, and sat in the car.

    It was indeed a Christmas to treasure and remember. Later in my brother’s garage, we conducted a thorough examination to decide the cause of Louise’s collapse. We discovered that Louise had suffered from a hot ember to the back of her right thigh. Fortunately, thanks to a wonder drug called duct tape, we restored her to perfect health.

    I can’t wait until next Christmas!!!!!!!!


  24. Drifter Says:

    FTW, Oh, Happy Thanksgiving…..

  25. Crash Says:

    Hey Shovel, some of what you say sounds suspiciously like the lithper himself Jameth “Morning wood” Macaroni or whatever the fuck he goes by nowadays. If that is you Morning Wood can I ask, have you ever heard of a ghost writer ? Because, dude, you really need one. If someone told me that book was written in crayon in the back of a place mat with a maze on the front I wouldn’t be surprised.

  26. Hellequiain Says:

    @ Shovel

    ‘I can’t talk right now.’

    Fucking fantastic news. Let’s keep it that way?????

  27. Neuro Says:

    @FF: Buffalo Bill ha ha ha, yeah. Good one.

  28. Dasein Says:

    Shitvel,seek help,elsewhere.

  29. FF Says:

    It puts the lotion on its skin

  30. Shovel Says:

    OldSkewl, I can’t talk now. I’m working on the murders near Vallejo and Lake Berryessa and the area in 1968 and ’69 of some high school kids and a young mother involving meth and a Northern California biker club. I’ll donate the story to Aging Rebel as thanks for saving me from the grammar police.

  31. oldskewl Says:

    @ Shovel;

    Why the fuck is it your concern which club(s) Rebel rode with or supports? Don’t you think as a “reporter” he should be neutral? That’s how it works, especially when trying to run a business on a dime thinner than a point gap shim.

    Let’s pretend shall we? “SHOVEL” ………….. “Who the fuck is that”? Are you somebody?, if so, who? Is “shovel” your rode name, nickname or a bike you like?
    You gotta be some sort of stupid to come to someone’s business and make demands of them, especially when they spend time babysitting your comments so you don’t get buried, and they do it for FREE!!!!

    I’ve seen you called out by patches in the comment section and guess what, you shut the fuck up, didn’t you? yes, of course you did, either that or Rebel saved you from destruction by editing your post or deleting it (one or the other).
    Good gawd man, Rebel has the patience of a saint.

    You can bet if anyone said “I ride with _______MC you would bring up their affiliation somewhere else in another thread on another day, or even worse you would run around in public saying “I chat with so and so with _____MC all the time”. See why people want to remain annon? No? Of course not.
    Nobody wants some shithead from the internet saying their name in public.

    To everyone else, have a Happy Thanksgiving, make a child smile this holiday season.



  32. FF Says:

    Shovel, you first.

    Truth or dare!

    Are you a boy or a lady? Inquiring minds want to know.

  33. The Kraut Says:

    A mans service and who he rode or rides with generally comes under the heading of “nunya” (as in none of your business).

    If and when one shares such background with another such as himself…it, sure as shit sticks to a blanket…wont be put out in a public forum.

    respect to those who warrant respect


  34. Drifter Says:

    @ Stroker, @ Shovelhead, @ Shovel….Respects
    Respects to all Vets and supporters….
    Thanks Reb, for our liberty and Freedom you fight for on a daily basis
    against state schmucks. Massive gratitude.

  35. stroker Says:

    I’m with Sieg on this……..

    @Shovel: Why should Rebel tell you anything?

    Why do you think you can hold him hostage until he does what you want?
    Maybe it’s just me, but if you came at me with that demand, I’d tell ya to go get fucked. This is a social web-site. Everyone can look in. I know enough about Rebel and what he’s done from bits and pieces he’s volunteered over the years, to build a pretty good pic, without him giving away privileged information….information that is his personal bio. The very fact he doesn’t brag about his life makes him very well-respected in my eyes.
    Very few of us here make any direct statements about who we ride with, or about our service experiences. Too many other eyes out there, who can use that shit against ya.

  36. Sieg Says:

    “…So, I’ll S.T.F.U. until Rebel tells us what unit in ‘Nam he served with or the name of the 2 stateside clubs he rode with…”

    I may be confoozed, but why do you think Rebel should tell you jack-shit? I mean, I know what zone he served in, and at least one Patch he rode with, but I gottta think if he wanted you to know, he woulda told you.


  37. Shovel Says:

    Penguin Says: October 4, 2019 at 5:20 am

    “Not being anything but a rebellious…“You Can’t Win”…“The Big Con”
    “Both tomes…rebellious…”
    “…informs the present clusterfuck…”
    “Now back to the flourmill…later…”
    “(Previously, after thinking about it – I think I was unfair to Shovel, sorry man)”

    I apologize to you and all of the other readers for ALL of my stupid comments, some of which should have put me behind bars and in the grave. Maybe Aging Rebel knows that when your life is threatened day in day out you just don’t give a fuck anymore about anything except retaliation, any way and every way. That’s one more reason to respect 1%ers and not cops. BUT, I will never apologize for the music. A special thanks to Rebel for throwing away most of my replies.

    A 1%er and Green Beret Veteran of the Cambodian operation told me to never tell anyone that you want to fuck a particular woman or that you have a problem with a particular man because both of their murders can then be pinned on you. So, I’ll S.T.F.U. until Rebel tells us what unit in ‘Nam he served with or the name of the 2 stateside clubs he rode with. So, until tomorrow – bye.

  38. Shovelhead Says:

    Respect to Rebel and all you Veterans out there. I myself served in the Army and although I very rarely mention my service to anyone, I did my part and would do it again.

    Be proud, no matter what happens in life, you all served our great Country, no one can take that honor away from you!

    Never forget…MIA/POW

  39. stroker Says:

    @Drifter………….cya there.

  40. Drifter Says:

    @Stroker, St Pats on the 11th in W town I hear…may make this one…

  41. Penguin Says:

    Not being anything but a rebellious fellow-traveler, who has life-long love for bikes and well, rebellion itself – and being old enough that memory’s fickle…I’ve been trying to recall this for months… With that I want to say the title of a book that goes with “You Can’t Win” (which some of y’all were glad to know about.

    So? I remembered the other title> “The Big Con”

    Both tomes were, they say, formative for the rebellious poet-junky Wm Burroughs. They sorta fit the genre that Rebel works in…

    The Big Con is history – back in the day. It’s history, not fairytale, and informs the present clusterfuck.

    Now back to the flourmill…later…

    (Previously, after thinking about it – I think I was unfair to Shovel, sorry man)

  42. Sandmann Says:

    @Shovelhead/Johnny Rotten:
    that’s a really nice paintjob, thanks for the pics!

    Respect to the deserving,

  43. Shovelhead Says:

    Out early this morning on the softail. A little cool but as soon as I hit the sun, the warmth felt so good, beautiful Man, the wind, sun, breeze…perfect.

    Then wham! Damn Seagull shit hit me right square in the chest. If you’ve ever been hit by seagull shit, you know it splatters all over and smells so bad you want to puke.

    You have to wonder, what are the odds? At the exact moment I’m crossing the bridge from Maine into New Hampshire, Right at the top, That seagull clocks me, direct hit, better than any sniper I know. ( actually, I don’t know any snipers) Yes, I believe he was aiming at me. Fuck it, I just kept going, folks think I’m a dirty biker anyhow. I knew I shouldn’t have removed that windshield!

  44. Va. Bob Says:

    Those of us with Easyriders and early(Paisano) Iron Horse collections are wondering if the issues with stories penned by serial murderer Larry “Jody” Via are worth more than others. What a piece of work.

  45. Shovelhead Says:

    Has a nice rumble to it and goes like hell.

  46. Aanon Says:

    Congrats on the new bike. Somebody set down some heavy coin to have that air brush work done.
    Sometimes the best one is the one you weren’t looking for.

  47. Neuro Says:

    Good work Johnny. Congrats to you Shovelhead, the new millenium of the twin cam. As you said yourself, not my style but a real nice looking sled for a good price. I bet the T header sounds nice.

  48. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Beats Sue….
    or collect or late fer supper




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