Passive Aggressive Prosecution

October 12, 2017

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Passive Aggressive Prosecution

The sound of the first Twin Peaks trial is the sound of whispers and snickers like rustling leaves; after the jury has been led to wherever the jury goes when it goes away; and the judge and the defendant and six or eight lawyers kidnap the court reporter to make a permanent record of their perpetual argument in camera; while the witness sits alone in his box; and all the relations and friends and media and consultants and consulting lawyers and observing lawyers and crackpots and groupies and deputies wait and wait and wait and wait and wait until an infuriated bailiff storms into the courtroom and orders everybody to take their cell phones to their cars “because we have already had two incidents of butt dialing and if we see a phone we are going to ban you from the trial.”

The cowards flee. The scofflaws stare like zombies. The bailiff goes to wherever the jurors go and the whispering rustle resumes.

The trial of Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal, who has been accused virtually at random of being a mass murdering street gangster, is the least dramatic trial in the history of the Common Law. It is being trapped in somebody else’s kid’s dance recital on the Moon. It is study hall in a North Korean re-education camp. It is an Andy Warhol film festival with no popcorn.

So Far

So far three witnesses have taken the stand. The first was Lettie Jones, a Twin Peaks cook who got to the restaurant shortly after the first Cossacks. Jones was broken, financially and emotionally, by the terror she felt that day and by what she saw. So naturally the prosecution chose her to give a quick guided tour of the scene of her worst nightmare using an overhead projector and a laser pointer. Stay classy Amanda Dillon.

And then for something entirely different, the next two witnesses were paid employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Not that the ATF, the motorcycle club police, could have had any involvement in the Twin Peaks Biker Brawl. To suggest that would just be crazy talk.

Those witnesses were alleged psychopath Darren “Dirty Dan” Koslowski and a Bandidos nerd named Doug Pearson.

Neither of them came to talk about Carrizal because the prosecution’s theory of the case is that Carrizal is guilty by his association with the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Generally, guilt by association is considered to be both a logical fallacy and proscribed by the First Amendment but the times, they are, uh, changing, and Kozlowski, for one, is unimpressed with logic or the law.


With a big Sons of Anarchy poster projected behind him as a backdrop, Kozlowski explained that most of his knowledge about motorcycle clubs comes from other law enforcement officers; that being in a one percenter motorcycle club equates with being a criminal; that anybody who joins a three-piece-patch motorcycle club does so with the intention of committing crimes; that there is “no doubt” in his mind that the Bandidos are a criminal street gang; and that the First Amendment right to wear motorcycle club insignia exists only “for the time being.” Kozlowski didn’t utter Carrizal’s name once.

Pearson is gang specialist with the Aurora, Colorado Police Department. He has a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Colorado State University and he. along with Kozlowski, was also involved in Operation Black Rain, the ATF’s long, expensive, mostly futile infiltration of the Mongols Motorcycle Club that led to the indictment of 79 Mongols and civil forfeiture proceedings against 150 more. Kozlowski was an undercover agent in Los Angeles. Pearson was deputized as a Tactical Field Officer in Las Vegas.

Pearson is less overtly fascist than Kozlowski but he is also more fatuous. Most of his experience has come from “working runs” like Sturgis and Laughlin. He has interviewed four Bandidos in his quarter-century-long career. He testified he has talked to 100 more, which is to say he wrote them citations in places like Sturgis and Laughlin and the Mongols annual run to Palm Springs. He also never once mentioned Carrizal but then he hardly testified at all.

He spent most of the afternoon sitting alone in the witness stand.

Power Point

Both Kozlowski and Pearson came equipped with Power Point presentations larded with debatable assertions and prejudicial images. And that is why any progress in this trial so far has been blatantly prevented. In a fair trial, Gotro would have seen these presentations at least three weeks ago. But this isn’t a fair trial. This is an L-shaped ambush.

The prosecution has simply sprung this testimony on her in hopes of gaining an unfair advantage. She has fought it tooth and nail. Most of this has been done with the jury absent. Much of it is getting done in the judge’s chambers. The prosecution’s tactics have put Gotro and Carrizal in a no-win situation. She can either let the prosecutors get away with a succession of dirty tricks in order to actually get on with the trial. Or she can constantly object, and pause to inspect evidence which makes her look scattered and unprepared.

Today, during the third or four or fifth delay, one wit suggested that maybe Carrizal should have stuck with his old lawyer, Landon Northcutt.

You can see the frustration in the jurors faces each time they return from one of their recesses.

So far the case is going just the way the prosecutors want it to go.


19 Responses to “Passive Aggressive Prosecution”

  1. david Says:

    Kozlowski, Pearson, and whoever else WAS NOT PRESENT AT TP, are not persecution “witnesses” at all, any statements they make is irrelevant to the case, their presence on the stand is irrelevant, their statements objectionable as irrelevant by any attorney representing any of the accused.

    They, never witnessed a thing at TP.

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    And more on Today’s going on’s in court, try not to puke from the bullshit Jarret and Reyna are pulling and how once again Gotro is syaing where is this evidence and Reyna’s is saying she got it all…. Hmmm same complaints she had before the trial, so much for that co-operation that was assured from Johnson Recusal hearing of course this is from Witherspoons reporting…cant wait to read Rebels article, because yesterdays’ Article from Rebel should have opened some eyes

  3. Iron Rider Says:

    Looks like the Reyna / Chavez inquiry had a judge assigned to it according to the Waco Tribune

    Of course I can’t wait for Rebel’s story on the inquiry, Rebel always has an interesting viewpoint and when he puts his thoughts into his articles you know you wont want to miss reading it..

    No I wonder what will happen to Chaves since he isnt in the country and no one can seem to get a hold of him…coincidence?

  4. drifter Says:

    Bravo Zulu Miss Gotro, keep counter punching.

    Oath breakers= waco judicial system operatives. You fools are helping destroy the constitution, but likely too dang arrogant to care or just continue to spin your absurd “save our ass reasoning” into an ever increasing gooey mess of state abuse and authoritarian malfeasance that no one can get off…as the Democracy that many have fought so hard and paid the ultimate price for, slowly turns into ashes, with your sociopath tactics and misrepresentations blow torching the path to an ever increasing state tyranny.

    Respects to the regulars…

    Great work Rebel!

  5. Trebor Says:

    I caught Steve Cook in a lie on one of the Gangland episodes where he had pulled over what he claimed was a Bandido.Not only had the producer covered up the “Bandidos”face but also the patch that was on his left chest.First thing I noticed was you could still faintly see the patch was round signifying Red and Gold Support club not diamond shaped like a 1%er patch.So he lied there.Then he went on to make a big deal cuz the”Bandido”had a knife.Manufactured drama for ratings.Play up to the cameras.

  6. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Hero,

    Objections enable future appeal. If Gotro does not object to questions, testiomony or evidence during trial, she can not use it as an issue for appeal.

  7. xplor Says:

    The two paid witnesses are pitch men for the ATF.
    Their job is to convince the jury that motorcycle clubs are “As seen on TV ”
    But Wait…There’s More. They spin tales of yore. What we used to call bench racing
    they repeat as facts, hoping to convince these rubes that they are dealing with
    dangerous men. This sets the tone of whats to come next.

  8. El Chuntaro Says:

    SONS OF ANARCHY!!? Whats next? Steve Cocksuker Cook?

  9. Hero Says:

    So what if Gotro has to draw t his thing out with objections. In fact that’s what she is paid to do, its called defense. This first trial is laying the tracks for everyone else to get rail roaded by a morally curropt injustice system.

    My two pennies.

  10. growlingfhardt Says:

    Collaterally off topic:
    Current episode (#1135) of The Keiser Report, starting at 15 minutes in, where Stacey is interviewing Catherine Austin Fitts, who in the last 30 seconds of the show says, “If he (Trump) is able to get tax reform it could make a huge difference, if you look however at what the Deep State is doing around the country to implode the economy and make sure they can do the ‘rape of Russia’ here, we are in real danger.”

    Then at 25 minutes in: “But let’s assume for a second he (Trump) didn’t do anything illegal, there’s enough that you can use to smear and drive him crazy. I’ve litigated with the Federal Government for 11 years, doesn’t matter what the facts are, doesn’t matter what the truth is, they make stuff up, they falsify evidence, they do whatever.”

  11. Freebird Says:

    Thus far this trial runs parallel to the House Un-American Activities Committee… The only thing missing is a relative of Joseph McCarthy being called as an expert witness!

  12. Gandalf Says:

    Josey Wales: Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.

    If it comes to that Cassie needs to keep fighting, lying and cheating as much as Reyna is… make this Trial Last 3 months. Call Rebel as an Expert Witness to dispute the “Experts”… Why? For Spite!

  13. Gandalf Says:

    BTW If I were Cassie and Jake leaned over and said, “Fuck it, go for the Cops.” I would actually faint in court. Get recessed until the next day and consult with Clint Broden all night. Know exactly what to ask to help Clint in His battle. Like all warfare… working together is how you win. BTW Life is Life no matter the charge. Shooting the Gov or breaking a toilet seat (3rd Felony) makes no difference to the Inmate. Big O needs to stand up and take a Brodie for the rest of the guys. Cassie could call Him and He could get some payback for what the Cops did to Him, his Club, and His friends. The Fact is, (and Big O knows this) Jail is going to be hard for Him this time around… unless He stands up against the Cops. ALL of the Cossacks should be worried about doing time marked as rats. Siding with LE (by taking a deal and lying) should be out of the Question after LE set them up like that.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Yes Bone Head, Our modern “Justice System” pretty much works like that. Cops arrest targets knowing they can’t win at Trial and Prosecutors break rules knowing they will get an appeal… It’s “the ride” (as Jeff Pike so eloquently told us). Sometimes Cops pick the wrong targets and the DA let them off one way or another. Sometimes the DA convicts the wrong targets and they get “appeal bail” or probation etc. They got lots of tricks to filter who they want in jail and who they don’t want.
    I’m thinking there might come a time in Jake’s Trial when Jake leans over to Cassis and says “Fuck it, Go for their throats” and Cassis changes plan from Self-Defense to Get the Cops. If that happens Jake will be simply be accepting his fate knowing he will be back on appeal and Helping the Guys in line behind Him.
    Cassie can ask the Judge to postpone Sentencing until the Reyna/Chavez investigation is over. She could ask for appeal Bail if the R/C investigation comes up bad against R and/or C.
    In the end these guys win and Reyna & Co lose. There are too many good Lawyers looking for dirt and these Cops will not hold up under the pressure. This trial is a battle in a war. Sometimes the battle is lost but the war is won. (The Tet Offensive) The people of Waco are beginning to get the truth. Finally.
    Ya just gotta respect Jake… The 1st guy on the beach. He looks as calm as a person can be in his situation… as expected.
    Seems to me that the question is not so much, “Is Jake Guilty” as much as “Are the Bandidos a criminal street gang.” That’s the fight Jake and Cassie are fighting. No matter how it ends Mr. Broden is gonna have lots more ammo when He goes after the Police. “Keep the Faith”

  15. Bone Head Says:

    Jake Carrizal may be found guilty (hope not), which would lead to appeals. I’m going to assume the appeals process will be a little less theatrical and a little more in line with the truth (no Koz). If I’m wrong please correct me.
    IF it goes to appeals, I’ll assume Rebel will cover that also?
    Thank you Rebel.

  16. Paladin Says:

    “But this isn’t a fair trial. This is an L-shaped ambush.”I’m thinkin’ more like an X-laid ambush. Why? Well, An “X” ambush only works when ambushing from an elevated position. Based on it’s history, the prosecution in this case has always acted as if it were above the law. If allowed to continue, no one will escape unscathed.


  17. Gandalf Says:

    I like Cassie. I think She is doing well. It’s expected that She be a little shook up during the ambush… She will be fine

  18. Iron Rider Says:

    I stated this in another story and I will again the trial by ambush is one that favors the prosecutors and once they love to use whenever they can. I dont really think anyone can blame Gotro for her defense of Carrizal, because in what normal court jurisdiction would a judge allow the prosecution to not share a witness less, or any evidence, or what experts they intend to call to the stand and allow the prosecution to not have turned over all discovery and evidence availability to the defense? None , except in Waco!

    All Gotro can do is object and taclke evidence and witness issues during the prosecutions case and when it’s her turn to present Carrizal’s side of things, but we all need to remember that Johnson is the one sitting on the bench running this trial and he will continue to deny and delay over any motions or objections Gotro has an was far from impartial in pre-trial and has continued the trend so far in this trial, Gotro is playing against a loaded deck that was set up from the get go.

    Remember Johnsons recusal and how he he was saying he’d be fair and Gotro would get all the discovery and evidence and Johnson promised to put away his chapstick and stop kissing Reyna and Jarrets ass….yeah so much for that.

    I dont care what Lawyer would have taken on Carrizal’s case, the result would still be the same a defense lawyer going up against a judge and a prosecution team that has stacked the deck against an accused before the trial began. Who could blame Gotro for being frustrated, in pre-trial she knew the Judge was helping the defense along, and in trial it has been the same song. Gotro tried and got Strothers removed, Gotro tried to get Johnson removed but the outside judge chose Johnson to oversee the trial, so deck stacked once again.

    Does anyone wonder why Johnson is taking so many objections and motions in chambers? That is due to the fact that then the media and Rebel cant report what occurred and the arguments made in support and against them.

    How many witness would you see bring a power point presentation with me to a trial and filled with conjecture and facts not about a case? An SOA image??? what the fuck does that have to do with the Bandidos or the Cocksacks? What did the Sons Of Anarchy plan to ask if they could fly a Texas rocker for their imaginary and fictional club? Is a fictional club and televesion show somehow connected to MC lives and the code that clubs, it’s members and supporters live by, fuck no.

    Ask any MC member what they think of SOA and how much it compares to being in a real MC? Once they get the look of astonishment off their face that you’d be dumb enough to believe that shit, you can expect a hearty fuck off to be said your way. Why? Because anyone connected to an MC knows that it’s no where near reality and it a joke that they wouldn’t tune into to watch even for 5 minutes.

    So if Reyna and pals putting up a SOA poster to depict what an MC is is going to be talked about by one of their experts, then you know what a joke the expert is. You may as well have the kid from Mc Donald s who put the condiments on hamburgers up as a blood spatter expert because he knows the splatter patterns when he squirts too much ketchup onto a burger and it goes all over the place, because obviously he has the same qualification as these so called biker experts.

    I can only imagine what is going on thru Carrizal’s mind when he is seeing this shit trying his hardest not to shake his head and laugh so hard that he starts pounding the table at the so called experts. But I also fell sorry for the guy because the deck was stacked against him from the start and continues to be despite the promises to Carrizal and Gotro that they playing field would be even, but as soon as Johnson was selected to hear the case, there isn’t anyone among us who thought the guys would get a fair trial.

    We are going to have to hope that Gotro despite not getting access to all the discovery, evidence and witnesses and an outline of what the prosecution planned to present and a Judge hell bent on helping the prosecution with it’s case is able to show the Jury what a joke and the experts have been and the evidence is so far and how this case is based on illusion rather than fact and I sure hope like hell there is more smoking guns that Reyna and Jarret missed that Gotro is going to pounce on.

    let’s not stake Gotro to the cross here, I’d be frustrated as well if I was in her shoes knowing the bullshit that is going on and what the outcome will be before the case has even started due to the stacked deck she is playing against with the prosecution adn a judge that is bending over backward to help the prosecution win it’s case

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