Koz Is In The Building

October 12, 2017

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Koz Is In The Building

Too much happened at the trial of Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal in Waco, Texas today to fully report here now. You will just have to wait a month for the book.

The lesser news is that the case finally has a jury. After another four hours and 25 excruciating minutes of voir dire the prosecution and the defense finally selected nine men and three women to serve as a jury with two male alternates. Two of the jurors are black.

After a brief break and a move to another courtroom a statuesque blonde in a black skirt, scarlet jacket and high heels, Assistant District Attorney Amanda Dillon, read the charges against Carrizal. It took her 20 minutes and 40 seconds. For the first 15 minutes Dillon stood rigidly at attention and her voice never faltered once. Then her mouth finally began to dry and she shifted her weight slightly from foot to foot. Still she did not start to crack until the last minute and a half. Suddenly she dared to scratch her eye. She shifted her weight again twice and sighed and almost seemed about to cry from the effort of it all. But she made it through and it was an amazing demonstration of breath control and enunciation.

Opening Statement

Then McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna summarized the prosecution’s case in an uninspired, cliché ridden. 20 minute long opening statement. He promised to give the jurors a guided tour of “a subculture that exists in our world called the one percenters.”

“They exist to do their own thing,” he said. You know, like the so-called Gestalt Prayer from the days when Esalen was a happening place. “I am not in this world to live up to your expectations. You do your thing and I’ll do mine. If we find each other that’s beautiful. If not it can’t be helped.” It is surprising that today Esalen is not a super maximum gulag.

“This conflict had its base in 1966,” Professor Reyna continued, “When a group called the Bandidos called Texas its own.”

“Clubs must ask for permission to exist…. You will learn about those territories and those patches…. You’ll learn about the Cossacks, a rival motorcycle group that refused to ask permission to exist…and took the extra step of wearing a Texas bottom rocker…. Some Cossacks were harassing Bandidos…. Expert witnesses will testify that this disrespect had to be rectified…. Evidence will show a possible truce…. That truce fell through…. Certain Bandidos didn’t like it…. Support clubs act as eyes and ears for that dominant club…. One percenter way of life… The truce fell through and a conflict arose leading to the events of May 17, 2015…. The Confederation of Clubs and Independents acts as a front for the Bandidos….The COC&I met for the first time outside the Austin Area…. Moved the meeting to Waco but also to the Twin Peaks where the Cossacks were taking over… To rectify the situation that had been brewing in out area.” Jake Carrizal “rode into battle.” And then very many Valkyries carrying light savers and riding very many magical unicorns left the brave police with no alternative but to shoot, shoot, shoot. And this man, I say this man, this Christopher Jacob Carrizal, is responsible for all that.

If you’ve heard one of these things you’ve heard them all. It was a very predictable statement of the opinion of motorcycle clubs by a politician who knows nothing about motorcycle clubs. The jury was probably half asleep by then anyway.


Carrizal’s lawyer, Casie Gotro, chose to make her opening statement when she begins her defense.

The prosecution called its first witness. Lettie Jones, a former cook at the Twin Peaks, was gently examined by both Dillon and Gotro. She was traumatized by the event. She was in daily psychotherapy for three months afterward. She complained that she still suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her testimony was consistent with a brief, handwritten, voluntary statement she gave to an agent of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission at 11:45 a.m.on May 18, 2015.

The jury was dismissed, and out of its presence the prosecution called its primary expert to the stand; a man Wisconsin Outlaw Kevin “Spike” O’Neill described as a “psychopath;” Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Agent Darrin “The Koz” “Dirty Dan” Koslowski.

Yeah him. The guy portrayed by actor Ari Cohen as “Charles Falco’s” handler and “Pomona chapter sergeant at arms” in the riveting, based on a true story, Kerrie Droban vehicle Gangland Undercover. Droban and the Koz go way back. The Koz, according to Droban, was the source for the allegation that an Arizona Angel told ATF agent Jay “Bird” Donyns that he would be Running With The Devil for the rest of his life.

Koz Lies

Not to actually use the phrase “smoking gun,” but it was interesting to see Koz offering his own junk testimony, to that of all the other pseudo-experts who will testify against Carrizal and the Bandidos. This is a state case. It is a unique state case but Koz usually only testifies in cases in which the ATF has a special interest – which is to say federal cases. To the best of my knowledge he last testified in the Christopher Ablett case in San Francisco in 2012. He still has the same beard but this time he came equipped with a power point slide show. And he didn’t get five minutes into that presentation before he lied right there on the stand.

Koz told the judge and the lawyers that he had patched into the Vagos Motorcycle Club. He even threw up a slide that showed him wearing a seized Vagos cut from the back: Not from the front where his road name would have been but from the back. It suggests that claiming to have patched with the Vagos might have been slightly more than a misstatement.

The truth, as recounted by many Vagos and also by former ATF Agent Billy “Slow Brain” Queen in his book Under and Alone: The True Story of the Undercover Agent Who Infiltrated America’s Most Violent Outlaw Motorcycle Gang is more interesting.

Let’s Meet Koz

Kozlowski joined the ATF in 1988 and and a decade later, after an investigation into Death Row Records cooled off, he became part of ATF Case Agent John Ciccone’s “gang…targeting the growing outlaw motorcycle gang problem in Southern California.”

Koz worked behind the scenes as Ciccone and a particularly notorious agent named John “Hollywood” Carr tried to infiltrate the Sundowners Motorcycle Club. Not to be left out, Koz made a botched attempt to infiltrate the Hollywood chapter of the Vagos. Ciccone, who is very famous in a small, dark corner of America for making men offers they can’t refuse, convinced a disgruntled Vagos prospect to cooperate. The prospect introduced Kozlowski as a hang around – an informal friend of the club. Then the prospect died and his club brothers discovered that his bike was registered to the ATF. The official version of this episode, recounted by William Queen, states that the Vagos “went to the deceased CI’s wife and threatened her, demanding to know why her husband had been on a bike owned by the federal government. The terrorized woman gave up everything – that her husband was working as an informant for the ATF and that Koz was in fact an undercover Agent.”

So Koz blew his cover before he even prospected with the Vagos.

Ciccone and his gang, including Koz and Carr got better at it as time went along. Koz practiced his craft infiltrating the Warbird Warlocks in Virginia and Florida then came back to California to help Ciccone try to take down the Mongols. The investigation in which Queen had participated. Operation Ivan, had been mostly unsuccessful. The government did prosecute one murder in a particularly sordid case. The Mongols had been near its nadir. The club was down to 27 members when Reuben “Doc” Cavazos patched in. Cavazos was ambitious and he had some association with a Los Angeles street clique called The Avenues.. Cavazos began recruiting street clique members into the motorcycle club. Some of them didn’t even have motorcycles. Doc took over the club after an ATF instigated brawl between members of the Mongols and members of the Hells Angels on the floor of Harrah’s Casino in Laughlin, Nevada in April 2002, Ciccone, Kozlowski, Carr and Jay Dobyns were all there.

Black Rain

The extent of what the ATF had done and allowed to happen didn’t become obvious until years later when the surveillance tapes became semi-public during the civil cases.

In the meantime Ciccone and his “gang” were able to portray both the Angels and the Mongols as legitimate public threats and the money just came pouring in. Multiple undercover ATF investigations followed. They were all enormously expensive and dirty and they came to be known, for public relations reasons as “Operation Black Biscuit,” the infiltration of the Angels and “Operation Black Rain” which targeted the Mongols.

Kozlowski participated in both. He was a backup in Black Biscuit and he was one of eight undercover ATF agents, including four women, in Operation Black Rain. The Operation included multiple, paid confidential informants. Operation Black Rain was the ATF equivalent of Hitler’s decision to invade Russia. It probably cost $100 million and the Bureau has never recovered. In August 2015, ATF analysts Jeremy Sheetz told an audience of wannabe biker experts, “There will never be another operation like Black Rain. It was too expensive.” After that the ATF came to increasingly rely on proxy agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Homeland Security Investigations and various state and local police forces to share the cost and potential liability of motorcycle club investigations.

It is impossible to describe the full sordidness of Black Rain. I began the book Out Bad by saying:

“The point of Operation Black Rain was to put every outlaw in America out bad – to seize his cut, his motorcycle and his memorabilia, to rough him up, wreck his home, scare him and tell him “don’t come around this club no more.” It was, simultaneously emotionally, financially and legally devastating for the men involved. The point of the enforcement effort…was never to punish “criminals.” The point was to crush a set of seductive, romantic, dangerous, and maybe obsolete, ideas.”

One event from the end of the investigation might point to the darkness of the endeavor and the sort of man Kozlowski might be – the murder of Manuel Vincent “Hitman” Martin who was shot off his motorcycle on October 8, 2008 the day before the Assistant United States Attorney in charge of the investigation, a man named Christopher Brunwin pulled the plug and had a federal grand jury return an indictment. It was about 30 months into the investigation.

Dirty Dan

“Dirty Dan” Kozlowski, along with undercover agents Gregory “Russo” Giaoni and Paul “Painter” D’Angelo all became members of the Mongols Cypress Park chapter. It was a chapter that desperately needed members to keep from being decertified by the club’s mother chapter. Because half of the chapter’s members were ATF agents, two of them became chapter officers.

Numerous Mongols had already spotted the three as federal agents. Kozlowski’s photograph in Queen’s book was one big clue. Many club members called Giaoni and D’Angelo the “TJs” (for Tijuana) because they had refused to ride into Mexico. At the time Doc Cavazos was developing a serious substance abuse problem with cocaine. Numerous Mongols thought the three new Cypress Park brothers were the source of his drug problem.

Doc was in the process of having his autobiography ghost written. According to Doc’s brother, Kozlowski suggested the book. After he went to prison, Doc would only say “some people” suggested the book. Some contents of the book were later entered into evidence in the federal case. Kozlowski suggested that Doc participate in a reality television show called Gangland: Mongols Nation. Kozlowski himself, entered that entire show and outtakes from it into evidence in the case US v. Cavazos et al.

Hang Around Etc.

The rhetoric he used in his sworn statement accompanying the outtakes sounded very much like his testimony today.

“On May 15, 2008,” Kozlowski confides, “a nationally televised episode of the series Gangland aired on The History Channel. During the episode, several Mongols were interviewed, including some of the defendants in Cavazos. At one point, Ruben Cavazos (a.k.a. Doc), the National President of the Mongols said the following in reference to Mongols members and the Mongols patch: ‘We dictate what you’re allowed to wear on your vest and what you’re not. We dictate the type of shoes you can wear, the way you stand, the way you act in public, even your face. We used to have what was called a “war” face. And that was your face in public. The meaner or harder you looked, the less chance there was of somebody making a violent move on you.'”

In the declaration accompanying the statements he convinced Cavazos to make on video Kozlowski briefly establishes his authority and then concedes, “to the extent that facts stated herein are not within my personal knowledge, I believe them to be true.” In other words, the “facts” he states are facts because he believes they are “facts.”

And he then relates “The Violent History of the Mongols.” That includes the amazing revelations that “A ‘hang around’ is a male (usually a friend of a current Mongols member) who shows interest in being around members of the Mongols.” “To a full patched member, other full patched members are considered ‘brothers,’ and rank above all else, including citizens, law enforcement, and family members.” “Colored wings (are) earned when performing oral sex on females under various conditions.” Ooh la la! Well actually, today he didn’t talk about the wings. Maybe when the jury is present.

So far all of this could be chalked up to good ATF gamesmanship. But Doc was, to a large extent, a bad leader. Cracks were appearing in the club. Numerous Mongols, including Martin had noticed that the three Cypress Park brothers were ingratiating themselves to Cavazos and were suspicious about why.

“They were so far up Doc’s ass all the time, you know…. I figured even if they were cops what difference did it make by then. Shit. What did they have?” Besides, motorcycle outlaws see cops everywhere and before the three were allowed to join the club they were all administered lie detector tests. One of the questions was “Are you a cop?” And, all three passed the tests which satisfied Doc.


When a Mongol named Target Owens tried to show Doc’s son, Li’l Rubes, Kozlowski’s photo in Queen’s book, the younger Cavazos told him “these Cypress Park brothers have done more for the club than you ever have.”

And then in the summer of 2008 Martin stabbed a Hells Angel supporter and the three ATF agents knew it.

And then, according to multiple sources, Hitman Martin realized they knew. And, with all due respect to his memory, Hitman had a reputation for being kind of a dangerous dude.

It is at least plausible, that Kozlowski, who was the lead agent, thought they might be in danger if Hitman realized they could put him away for a long time. And, considering the way things shook out, it is at least plausible that Kozlowski decided to take care of Hitman first.

So one, hot, devil wind night in October, the three Cypress Park brothers rode from their safe house in Glendale (which featured a glass table that always had a pile of methamphetamine on it) out to Venice and then with Hitman back to a party at a now defunct bar in Glendale called The Mix. As soon as Painter, Russo and Dirty Dan got there with Hitman they immediately went looking for fights. “They were trying to say we were there to fight some Russian dudes, which was totally not the truth,” a Mongol who was there said. “They tried starting shit with girlfriends.”

Among the people the three rogue Mongols “tried starting shit with” was a member of the Mexican Mafia associated Toonerville Rifa 13 clique. The clique is named for the old Toonerville neighborhood in Los Angeles, which in turn is named for an even older newspaper comic strip. Mongols remember the Toonerville gangster as “Lips” for a tattoo he wore.

Now it just so happened, that contemporaneous with Black Rain was a federal investigation complete with wire taps of Toonerville Rifa 13. The wire taps were being monitored in a place called the “War Room,” which was a predecessor of a “Fusion Center,” and was a feature of the “Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Intelligence Architecture Plan.” The War Room was invented after 9/11 to coordinate the efforts of undercover agents and domestic spies from different police forces. The concept was realized about the time the war on drugs was being redefined as a national security issue and the original mission of the war room was to prevent undercover cops from shooting each other, which in Intelligence Architecture speak, is called “deconfliction.”

Factually, the three under covers would have been warned in advance if the gangster they had just picked a fight with intended to retaliate.

“The War Room,” according to contemporary police documents, “provides real time operational and tactical intelligence support by tracking, around-the-clock, all Federal, State and local law enforcement ‘high risk’ operations within the four county region.” So that night the Drug Enforcement Administration, ATF, FBI, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the Glendale PD and the Los Angeles Police Department were all monitoring the party at The Mix including listening in on the payphones.

The night he died Hitman Martin knew something, too. For whatever reason, that night, Hitman Martin experienced a sudden realization about Painter, Russo and Dirty Dan.

“Hitman came to me and…and said he had to see us the next day because we ‘had to talk about the new dude that was hanging with the Cypress Park (ATF) brothers.’ Mind you, in this entire investigation those Cypress Park guys never left a party early once. They rode in with Hitman. Yet, that night they left an hour or an hour and a half before everyone else. Why would they leave early? Right after Hitman came to me and another brother? Why did they leave then?”

Also curious was a Report of Investigation that Kozlowski wrote that day that said the Mexican Mafia had “greenlighted” Mongols. In fact that wasn’t the case at all. In fact Doc Cavazos had been kicked out of the club by then and the new Mongols President had arranged a truce with La Eme. Kozlowski didn’t act like he thought there was a greenlight. He and the other ATF brothers wore their Mongols cuts to the party.

When they left, they abandoned Hitman Martin to ride home alone.

None of the Mongols knew about either the Toonerville investigation, the Mongols investigation or the secretly reported green light but the three ATF undercovers all knew everything. The Field Agent in charge of the investigation and the man who actually typed up most of the ROIs, John Ciccone, knew. And, the Assistant United States Attorney who was officially conducting the investigation of the Mongols on behalf of a grand jury, Christopher Brunwin, knew. He knew the next day.

Hitman Martin made it a mile before he died. Afterward, club members were divided about whether Toonerville or the ATF did it.

The next day, “Dirty Dan tried as hard as he could to get me to cosign on the Toonerville dude as being the shooter,” a Mongol who had been at The Mix said. The Mongol refused because he had been standing outside the cocktail lounge when he learned Hitman had been shot. And, as he stood there he saw “Lips” just getting into his car. “When that didn’t happen he went to the National Sergeant at Arms and said that we were at the bar to start shit and he kept up his Toonerville hype. He even tried to get me and another Bro that was there that night in trouble over the shooting and thrown out bad.”

Giaoni and D’Angelo, federal agents and officers of the federal court, told other Mongols how eager they were to participate in the underworld war Kozlowski wanted to start. “Hey dude what’s going on. Do you know who did it? Do you think you know who did it? Well you know, if you want us to go with you, if you guys are going to go take care of business. We’re down.”

A Toonerville member was eventually charged for the murder. Then he killed another inmate in Los Angeles County Jail.

Today in Waco, Kozlowski offered to do his song and dance to help convict Jake Carrizal. The prosecutor who put him on the stand, Michael Jarrett treated the Koz with great deference.

“May I call you Koz.,” Jarrett asked at one point.

And Kozlowski answered, “Sure.”




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  1. Hangaround Says:


    I was thinking along the same lines but I was thinking Jessie Ventura, ex Governor of Minnesota and ex Mongol would be the ideal choice.

  2. xplor Says:

    The Motorcycle gang experts used the touchstone Hollister. Where did they get their information and does the jury know what happened there ? Have they read the short story “Cyclists’ Raid ” by Frank Rooney in 1951, four years latter or did they see the movie “The Wild One” 1953. Maybe they were there. That would make them around 90 years old.

    “the trouble was caused by the one per cent deviant that tarnishes
    the public image of both motorcycles and motorcyclists”

    Are you one of those that give motorcyclists a bad name ?

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    Gotro should call her own expert witness, a recognized member of America’s fourth estate, to rebut and shine a light on the filth. Whatasay Rebel, you’re already in town…

  4. ed Says:

    Thing is most folks picked for jury duty believe cops and the court system are the good guys and that they don’t lie or cheat or break the law. Until the changes, a person is pretty much fucked the minute they enter the justice system. And Texas is one of the worst states for it.

  5. david Says:

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Sun Tzu – The Art Of War

  6. Freebird Says:

    Great read Rebel!

    Still waiting on specific facts from the State! The great and powerful Koz looks more like a pimps bitch if you ask me! Bet the State won’t even give him a reach around when it is all over. Would probably make better money reading scary stories to kids on Halloween.

    If pulling into a parking lot on your bike is now riding into battle guess I’m screwed…

  7. Trebor Says:

    So we’re suppose to believe anything koz says?He made a living being deceitful a liar and a scumbag

  8. James W Crawford Says:

    I find myself perusing the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports once again. The small number of gang related murders allegedly committed by adult males who might be members of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs pales in significance compared to the carnage wrought by “inner city” (African American) youth gangs. One would think that the attention of the FBI and ATF should be focused elsewhere, but that would be politically incorrect.

  9. david Says:

    With the jury outside the “court” room (game-room), the statements of the “ex-spurt”, were made part of the case record. How much money is the exspurt receiving for talking shit while sworn under oath? Perjury is a felony criminal act.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    Koz talking about how 1%ers demand respect. It’s a fact of life that there are people with Patches and Badges everywhere… of all different types. Like a Special Forces patch or cops badge. Disrespecting ANY of them will get a guy stomped. You don’t need to fear to respect. The Fact is it’s not the guy with the patch that is scary… It’s the guy WITHOUT a patch, looking like Joe Public and loading weapons onto a freight elevator at the Mandalay Hotel in Vegas. THE MOST dangerous guys are the guys you don’t know. “Never get out of the boat” Why? Because you don’t know who that guy is. At least attacking a patch or Badge you know where you stand… even if you only are standing for a second. LOL

  11. Gandalf Says:

    With this new News Story and revelation of Officer Chica’s body cam, “In a conversation captured by her bodycam, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague after the shooting, “I really didn’t think it was going to end like this.”
    “I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out,” she said.” It might be VERY tempting for Cassie to take a swing at LE. DON’T DO IT! That’s Clint Brodens job. Cassie needs to stick to the Plan. Self Defense and Cossack blame. She needs to just give the Jury hints. Call Officer Chica but don’t push it. Remember, LE “saved Jakes Life” that day. The fact that it was a set up will put the Jury on the defensive… a “smoking gun” might backfire. Let Clint Broden take them down. Cassie and Jake need to get a Not Guilty AT ALL COSTS. Setting the stage for Mr. Broden.

  12. Matlock Says:

    They come to see what they want to see…. Koz testified that he believes anyone wearing a 1% diamond is a member of a criminal street gang. That’s totally false. In the motorcycle world nothing is more misdefined and misunderstood then the 1% concept. But people believe what they want to believe. Like the Wild Man from Borneo, “They come to see what they want to see; they come to see but they never come to know”.

  13. Austin Says:

    #RealNews. Love you Rebel. Hate these scheming low eared tax supported Napoleanic twisted backstabbing self aggrandizing manipulative arrogant soulless needle dick forked tongued sadistic self righteous mean sons of donkey fucking Tiajuana whores. Cut their funding. Disband the ATF.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    GIV’EM HELL REBEL! Now they know… but you always did. Wow

  15. Lurch Says:

    That testimony is for naught, the jury wasn’t there to hear it. What was the purpose? And what does it have to do with what led up to, and including what happened at Twin Peaks? “Koz” should be held for perjury for the lies he is telling, and has told.

    “Koz” is awfully close to “Oz”, Isn’t Oz a fictional character in a book of fantasy? Wait, so is Koz!

    Respect to the deserving.

  16. Iron Rider Says:

    Imagine that another Op that too place where Law Enforcement was trying to get a war started and that Klown Koz got popped because his fucking pic was in a book. I don’t believe any shit that comes out of a cops mouth, not a fucking word. Anyone who wants to be like Doc or Christie and buddy up to the cops to avoid doing a nickel, well that’s their prerogative but like fuck it’s mine

    Op’s that cost tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars and if you dont think the feds will do what it takes to keep that money coming in and that Op from being a flop, then your dreaming. Would the cops tap someone to keep their secrets from being spilled, to incite a war… well Twin Peaks wouldnt be the first IMO.

    Reyna can play this shit up however he wants and bring in knob goblin Dobyns to the stand too if his case is that shitty that he needs put some performance art on for the jury because his case is light on fact and evidence.

    If the “Koz” is the highlight of Reyna and Jarrets witness list, I am sure every member of the jury was examining the note paper that was in the jury box and wondering if they could slit their wrist with it to get the fuck out of this joke of a case and jury duty. Poor bastards

  17. panamaa Says:

    Rebel, That 3rd paragraph is a fucking masterpiece!!

  18. Grimace Says:

    Thanks for taking the time and keeping the rest of the community in the “know” as to what is going on with this case and all the others that you provide reporting on. If it wasn’t for your efforts, I and many others would be in the dark as to what is happening to bikers here in the U.S.A. and abroad.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  19. Shutup Says:

    fozz; not in waco, she’s down for repairs…

  20. fozz Says:

    only in merica , now i understan why the statue of justice stands with a set of scales in hand blindfolded,

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