Still No Waco Jury

October 10, 2017

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Still No Waco Jury

After two days of voir dire, which in Waco is pronounced so as to rhyme with tire fire, there is still no jury in the Jake Carrizal case, just one-hundred-forty-something potential jurors.

There were 151 potential jurors this morning at 9 a.m. That number dwindled during the five hours and 40 minutes the prosecution took to perform a sort of game show audience warmup. Abel Reyna wandered through the many rows of banquet hall chairs, calling on each member of the jury panel in turn by name, asking each in his meticulously cultivated redneck drawl what they thought various phrases in the laws Carrizal supposedly broke might mean. “And let me ask you Homer Simpson,” or Marilyn Manson, or Gramma B. Frustrated, or whatever the hell their names might happen to be, “what do you think engaging and directing might be?”

Local Boy Does Good

Reyna took time to tell the Reyna family success story. “My autobiography if you will.” His “grandfather was a janitor in this courthouse.” His father was a district attorney before him. As a boy he “grew up running around this courthouse.” He was very good at building rapport with his audience. He is a very accomplished politician. The only time he stumbled over his words was when he tried to say “presumption of innocence.” He was better the second time he said it, when he told the prospective jurors “presumption of innocence is not an absolute.” If someone murdered him in front of all of them, Reyna asked like the Socrates of the prairie, would the man who murdered him in front of them be entitled to a presumption of innocence from them.

That was only about 45 minutes into the prosecution’s voir dire, which in Waco is pronounced as if it should rhyme with liar, and already by then it was tempting to test Reyna’s theory.

Then Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarret bored some jurors to death. A couple more had family emergencies. Finally about 3:05, defense attorney Casie Gotro got her chance to question the visibly exhausted and impatient jury panel.

From What

She was already in a bad mood. She had been fuming all day about the histrionic display of security in and surrounding the court house. The courthouse is now ringed with bicycle racks and squad cars. And then there are the cathedral style party tents outside the jurors entrance.

“What’s up with the circus tents,” Gotro asked an armed guard outside the jurors entrance.

“They’re for your safety, Ma’am?”

“From what?”

They’re for your safety ma’am.”

During one break, with the jury panel out of the big room, she asked the judge, the Honorable Matt Johnson, “What’s up with the circus tents?”

And he replied something like, “Uh, I dunno.”

“Already, half of these jurors are scared to death”

“Uh. So.”

Maybe Manana

Gotro began her remarks to the jury with a story about not being a native Texan and moving to Houston in the late 90s. Jarret objected to that. Obviously it is different when Reyna tells his story.

Gotro was allowed to talk to the panel for about as third as long a time as the prosecutors had. The hearing ended at 4:45. The jury will return again tomorrow for the fourth day in a row. Many of them have already lost a week’s pay. Many of them will be looking for someone to blame.

I walked out with the courthouse with a friend. We followed four potential jurors and stopped at a corner to wait for the light to change. A deputy was standing there. We arrived just in time to hear the deputy tell the prospective jurors, “Just stay on the sidewalk so the cameras can see you and you’ll be safe.”

It would have been futile to ask, “safe from what.”

Maybe some news will happen tomorrow.


47 Responses to “Still No Waco Jury”

  1. Slickback Civilian Says:

    I’d like to humbly submit to this readership that the important question of ‘why’ has not been researched nor discussed enough.
    Why did this spaghetti mess go down like it did. It’s worlds away from the LE ‘business as usual’ approach, starting with the commo to the Twin Peaks owner and continuing with the preplacement of the pole camera and finishing with the county, state and federal mafia.
    I would bet a set of delkron cases or sputhe heads there’s still a deep undercover in the cossacks or the bandits or probably both and some of the keystone kops/clown routine by LE is to validate his/their bonafides. It’s what I’d do….and don’t think for a minute that these posts, website and comments aren’t in a fusion center dstabase, somewhere in NSA’s Utah facility.
    For extra credit research Dwave quantum computing and forget ever getting a good’s night sleep. We create the monsters that eat us; don’t believe me, just look at nuclear power…

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    qrs Says:
    October 11, 2017 at 9:36 pm
    In a .conversation captured by her bodycam, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague after the shooting,”I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out,” she said.

    Great stuff! So when will she be deposed in the civil suits?

    That tells me that the cops were gung ho and bent on action and started firing shots first. If this cop thought law enforcement was going to stand back and let the bikers duke it out, then why would she make that statement unless someone got trigger happy and let lose and then that would make sense why this female cop stated that.

    This should be interesting for not only Gotro but other defendants counsel as well as her statement signals that the cops were hoping like hell something would happen ( much like the cops had been trying to fan the flames to start a biker war for months ) and if it wasnt going to happen on it’s own then they would help it along.

    We all know there were undercovers present at Twin Peaks but no one has said if there was a undercover among the cocksacks whose sole purpose may have been to incite something to get that biker war the cops had been hoping for started.

    I would bet dollars to donuts that the cops being so amped up by their superiors of such omni present danger that their trigger fingers and safety’s were off and I am willing to bet when whatever started the cops fired the first shots out of panic and then it was just target practice after that, because I find it hard to believe that some supervisor would give the a-ok to shoot into a crowd of well over a hundred people especially not knowing who is who.

    Waco has a fine history of law enforcement fucking up an operation that ends up killing people, so this wouldn’t be the first time that it has happened and a lot of people ended up dead.

    I cant wait for Gotro and the other defense lawyers to go after the cops on all the shit that transpired that day, because I am sure we are going to some classic slip ups on testimony of what went on that day and how and by whom.

  3. qrs Says:

    In a .conversation captured by her bodycam, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague after the shooting,”I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out,” she said.

    Great stuff! So when will she be deposed in the civil suits?

  4. rw Says:

    That story was top of the page on the waco trib earlier

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Y’ALL GOT TO READ THIS!!!!!! I believe it’s a AP Story…. FINALLY!–waco-shooting-lessons-20171011-story.html

  6. Iron Rider Says:

    And this story in the Waco Trib

    Police did little to stop Waco biker showdown

    No, what really? Wouldnt have anything to do with them trying to fan the flames to start a war like they were doing for months blabbing that war is coming scenario to anyone on a motorcycle would it

  7. Iron Rider Says:

    Anonymous Says:
    October 11, 2017 at 5:17 pm
    The reason some clubs are labled OMG or Gang is easy to decipher if you can make yourself think like a fat lazy pig.

    When the local 1% MC has a run in your town it adds up to hundreds if not thousands of overtime hours for the local PD.

    No way this would be allowed if they said the truth, that they are watching some regular guys have a family day picnic or camp out. So let’s twist reality and call them gangs, the picnic is just a front for criminal activity, and the force will bolster it’s on duty personnel in case all hell breaks loose.

    And in reality the fat lazy pig’s get overtime hours to sit in their car and look at porno on their phones, watch movies, or sports, maybe even sext with the girl on the side. And they add these special assignments to their resumes to boot.


    your logic is bang on any MC that goes on a run knows that the cops will be there, most runs are posted well in advance , reservations made, spots reserved etc and any and every MC knows the cops will be there in full force to put on a show. No MC members or supporter or friend is going to do anything to cause trouble when we all know the cops have surveillance watching every move someone makes.

    Yet the cops put out press releases about danger and all these bikers coming to town and they are bring in resources from other departments and bla bla bla but yet at the end of it what really comes of it? Tickets for an expired plate, an expired drivers license, equipment fines and maybe jay walking if the cops are really lucky, but yet the taxpayers get dinged every time for how much money in overtime and extra man hours for all these cops plus hotel rooms, meals etc and all to say look what we did expired license tickets equipment violation tickets and expired tags… high five bro! And of course every media outlet runs it like there is going to be big drama hook line and sinker.

    The real kicker is every time the media goes and interviews buisness owners and citizens in said town and everyone says we had no problem with them, they came and bought this or ate this or stayed there and everyone always says the bikers were polite and spent a ton of money and citizens say, we had no problem it was quite the sight to see all these bikes and bikers, but yet the cops like to tout it as some success story on their part and that they save the children from being rounded up and the women killed and the town plundered, like give me a break, same song and dance every time, every year.

    I have said this before nothing but a PR effort and a way to squeeze extra tax dollars out of the taxpayers that the cops would otherwise never get. I would love to see the cops say we are going to spend this amount of taxpayer dollars when the bikers come to town for such and such run on this date…. and why do the cops never reveal the cost because they know the taxpayers would have a shit and revolt against that wasted cash to police a run, and it is why the cops always hid those details because of the public knew they’ed fucking peak at the money being waste to generate some stupid ass tickets at best

  8. Gandalf Says:

    NEXT! State calls (Mr. MaGoo) Biker Gang expert.

    LOL Dude is a moron!
    He said he infiltrated the Mongols for three years, the Warlocks and Vagos during his career. He said the Bandidos are an outlaw biker gang

    He said the Bandidos remain a 1 percenter outlaw motorcycle gang.

    He said he is not familiar with the Dallas Bandido chapter or with Carrizal or his behavior.

    Gotro is asking him what he knows about the Texas Bandidos for him to come to the conclusion that they are a criminal street gang.

    He said he has seen photos, presentations, talked to an agent who infiltrated them, but he doesn’t know specifically about the Texas group.
    BAAAA WRONG ANSWER “Thanks for wasting our time.”

    He said he thinks anyone wearing the diamond 1 percenter patch is a member of a criminal street gang.
    BAAA WRONG ANSWER! “A 10 year old girl with a 1% patch isn’t a member of a street gang. And all people who were Cowboys jerseys don’t play football on Sunday”


  9. Gandalf Says:

    The first state witness is Lettie Jones, a former cook at Twin Peaks. She started working there two months before the shootout.

    She said at least 50 Cossacks were there, an unusually large number for them at one time, she said.

    The Cossacks jumped over the patio railing to rush into the parking lot, she said. She saw two bikers running with guns and shooting.

    Jones said she has never seen Carrizal before. She is being excused as a witness.
    (Cassie asks NOTHING! Nice.)

    “Thank you Miss Vito, You’ve been a lovely, lovely witness.”

  10. Anonymous Says:

    The reason some clubs are labled OMG or Gang is easy to decipher if you can make yourself think like a fat lazy pig.

    When the local 1% MC has a run in your town it adds up to hundreds if not thousands of overtime hours for the local PD.

    No way this would be allowed if they said the truth, that they are watching some regular guys have a family day picnic or camp out. So let’s twist reality and call them gangs, the picnic is just a front for criminal activity, and the force will bolster it’s on duty personnel in case all hell breaks loose.

    And in reality the fat lazy pig’s get overtime hours to sit in their car and look at porno on their phones, watch movies, or sports, maybe even sext with the girl on the side. And they add these special assignments to their resumes to boot.

  11. Mark Says:

    Hangaround, that wording for gangs is spot on in a few different states and cities as well. The only way that could be, was for the feds to pass on the words with an offer of money to LE in such states and cities. Yep, a cookie cutter law that the DOJ wrote. Would that not be bribery to get lawful citizens, outlawed for no crime but association with other like minded citizens, so unionized government employees can be paid more?

  12. Iron Rider Says:

    I think Gotro is being underestimated in her tactics. A re lawyers a club, they sure seem to be but even when you have people like that all in the same affiliation it sure doesnt mean they like one another.

    If you look at the way Jarret and Gotro have been going at one another you will see there is a lot of animosity there because Gotro knows that her and Jarret are not playing with the same rules and Reyna and Johnson love ion is still raging away.

    Think about this for a moment, in the opretrial hearings Gotro fully laid out her complains about impartiality and how the court seem to giving the prosecution everything on it’s witness list and an outside Judge found that there was percieved bias and removed one Judge from the case already which bounced it back to Johnson whom Gotro already asked to have recused but the outside judge decided to have Johnson hear the case so Gotro is stuck with Johnson for now.

    This case will be appealed and Gotro at the moment has several things to point out to an appeal court about the hijinxs in pretrial and what went on with Reyna and Chavez and what is currently taking place in Johnsons court and all the extra security around the courthouse.

    One also has to remember that Waco is an old boys club and Gotro is an outsider, never mind that she is a lawyer, there is a lot of ” I got your back buddy” shit going around in Waco and sure as hell Gotro isnt part of that group.

    We haven’t seen Gotro reveal what her tactics will be but we have seen her get Jarret riled and Johnson riled up, so dont think for a second that this isn’t gamesmanship on her part, she isn’t afraid to go guns blazing with either of Johnson or Jarret and I dont expect her to let up anytime soon every lawyer has their own tactics they use and employ, I believe we are just seeing a few that she has played.

    We are just starting to see things shape up but once the trial start we should see the real fireworks start, because all we are seeing is the technical side of things in pretrial and jury selection but once the trial actually starts is when we will see the so called evidence and witnesses and they will be crossed and then fact and fiction will start to be separated.

    Hell Jarret isn’t wanting to give his strategy away and neither will Gotro but we will get a look at both sides tactics and strategy as the trial begins, so lets see how things play out

  13. Neuro Says:

    I’m a loner and a total nobody. I am going out on a limb to speak for others, but it has been said before, hence the “repeated.” I figure you heard it and/or saw pictures.. The fellow you reference is a supporter. Thankyou.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Sorry Neuro… My Mistake. Consider it “stopped” for my part. Respects

  15. Neuro Says:

    Bandidos MC does not have black members, and of course they do not have any former leo’s. This should stop being repeated.

  16. Hangaround Says:

    From the Texas Penal Code

    (d) “Criminal street gang” means three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.

    So since the cops in Texas commit more felonies than the Bandidos, wear a badge and associate together are they not also a criminal street gang?

  17. Freebird Says:

    Street Gang is only words IMO. Ask 10 people and get 10 different answers what they think it means. This simple redneck thinks it should be a very narrow window. What do you claim he did that day and can you prove it?

  18. DR G Says:

    Look at the number of Bandidos and their support clubs just in Texas and tell me they planned to ambush anybody that day with only the 20 or 30 that got arrested

  19. Gandalf Says:

    She’s right… It’s up to The Jury to define “Street Gang” and the Judge should stop letting Jarret call them a street gang. Jarrett needs to be saying “The Bandidos MC and alleged street gang” Jake might have accepted that He might have to do time until appeal and helping the next guys up. Ya gotta respect Jake and Clendennen for fighting so hard. The others just need not get scared and make a deal when their time is up. They will all be in a much better position knowing what’s coming. These Waco DAs and Judges KNOW these Trials will be back on appeal. They just don’t care. Maybe Jake does too.

  20. Gandalf Says:

    @ david: IMHO Cassie Grotro is exactly perfect for this Trial. CBroden is in the Courtroom and probably a few more heavy hitters. They probably consult on breaks and Lunch. Maybe all of them.??? This is a self defense case, a defense of Conspiracy and defining what a Street Gang is and most important… Are the Bandidos a street gang. She’s doing good. IMHO

  21. david Says:

    Hangaround with respect, the court “game” rules state, failure to object timely is fatal to the case.

    Broden is having pre-trial hearings on his timely objections in Matt’s case. Gotro is allowing Carrizal’s frame-up case to proceed to trial, without challenging everything in/at its proper time.

  22. Baby Face Says:

    Change of venue.

  23. Hangaround Says:

    Just some thoughts on this so far.
    I don’t think Casie Gotro is part of the good old boy club, she is working pro bono and I see no reason for her to do redundant work when Broden is already laying the frame work for her to be able to cite in following motions to the court.

    If Big O’s phone is so important then a copy of his text messages can be subpoenaed.

    while some providers do not keep content the records should point to other phones that will have the text conversation.

    This would be a great time for any kind of club that wears colors be it red and gold or a local abate chapter to setup a charity drive tent and serve refreshments outside the Waco courthouse. Might seem silly but the best way to fight a propaganda war is with your own propaganda.

    @Gandalf I think its great that you are offering up potential legal strategy. Wrong or right ideas never hurt and I bet the defense lawyers are following

  24. Nagalfar Says:

    When you have your circus outside court and force the people to submit to your “for your safety” to it to get into the court, its because you have nothing else inside the court that will ever get the Jury to go your way, so, you need to change their hearts and minds BEFORE you prove to them you got nothing that the juries ears are going to consider the broken laws of conspiracy, murder and more conspiracy… his case is nothing more than dominoes, it only takes one no vote on the first case or ANY case after that, the rest will fall fast… they know it, thats why there is circus in town. IF this case goes to appeals and it will, (lol, the circus guarantees that FACT, Jury bias because of it, its already case law), it will end up at the state Supreme or somehow settled in a lower court based in law, either way on this, this is clearly one of the defining cases of the last 100 years… every legal rule for D.A.s’ has been broken so bad, its nothing more than fucking rape of innocent people and the law… when it goes there, it cant be ignored by the media, there will always be plenty who will once they get a small whiff of what has been done to the “law”, it be all over their viewers screens when this case goes to higher courts…

    The Waco Police Dept. is going to be FORCED to explain why it was the murderers and it worked with the D.A. to conceal those murders from the public by denying so many reports that would have put the Waco PD as the one who racked up the body count, that was not the “evil club members”, the bodies of people with no club connections, no weapons, no motives, just wantonly picking targets and pulling the trigger, another person murdered by gang members (at least that part of the story was right), at some point Waco’s paperwork will be searched by the F.B.I (I am certain Waco PD is already papering over the “bad or fading, or whatever” reports, depositions will then tear the whole real story apart)… they thought they could build a case with years of time on their side, they still cant, thats the main reason, for the circus tents… This whole case is based on these idiots having a big body count to report, evil club members and their supporters were trying to slaughter everyone… we had to kill them for safety of the people around them, seems no one ever stopped to think about silly things like including the corner in their little scheme, ballistics is a ABSOLUTE SCIENCE, there are no lies that can be told there, I guess they never once thought about their ability long term ability to hide evidence like that from appeals courts and Supreme Courts.

    Waco P.D. is already worried about who will be the first one to step up and start singing like a pretty little bird, ratting out his brothers so he wont end up giving blow jobs in the corner of a cell for life. It is now literally fighting for its life and to keep people out of prison… Reyna’s key D.D. officer people are leaving or already left, they do not want their names or their career’s destroyed, they already know the score… lol.. and I guess, they dont trust Reyna’s being on the helm to guide them though this storm thats building (just think about this case though their eyes, they are proof of whats going to happen)… This case will change American law (that is how you get out of paying insane settlements because you screwed it up that bad, first, you say you cant pay, so you give them a few million to live comfortably, and you change the law so it wont happen again and move on)…

    Reynas’ had big future elections to a much higher office dreams, Waco PD dreamed of being the “Saviour” of 100’s of people bigger budget”, getting huge budgets, Reynas career is already over… knows it too, the acts of the D.A.s office and the Waco PD are proof of nothing more than absolute desperation to save their asses from a life of SHU unit survival… The state and feds will be dragged into this case… there is no way out, they already know it, so did Reyans staff.

  25. david Says:

    Attorneys Broden, Looney and others fighting arrogant and power-crazed Reyna every step of the way. What the fuck is Gotro doing other than “playing the game”?

  26. DR G Says:

    She is not showing whats up sleeve till last minute.It doesnt her any good to make it go to appeal cause she is court appointed lawyer

  27. Freebird Says:


    Surely the city of Waco could have gotten a good deal on the studio set from Thunder dome with a ring of M113’s around the dome providing security.

  28. Mark Says:

    Jim/David, I have had that on my mind every time I read anything here. Why is she not forcing a change of venue and why is she not flipping out over the judge and DA connection. I said a long time ago on this site, lawyers many times do not go to court to win but to set things up for the appeal. Why not be coming unglued with the DA setting things up to freak out the people that are coming in to be on the jury with hard core scare tactics. This in itself is so far over the top, that I can’t figure out why a motion hasn’t been filed with a higher court to put this circus on hold to sort things out. Already, things are spinning out of control and it seems not to be an issue.
    Waco, the best Police State money can buy.

  29. Jim Jones Says:

    @david: “Have no idea why Gotro has not already moved the “court” for Un-Abel’s disqualification, a change of venue, and a removal of the other shit-head, Johnson.

    Broden has on two points.Maybe she, is part of the “court” game.”

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that!

  30. Gandalf Says:

    Bandits also have Black members. One was arrested at Twin Peaks. A retired Police Officer. How many Gangs have Retired Police Officers among their ranks?

  31. david Says:

    Spoken by the true Tyrant he is, “presumption of innocence is NOT an absolute”.
    Translation: the accused is guilty because I’M saying, he is.

    2) And the POS used the “doesn’t necessarily follow” trick on the prospective jurors, showing his “absolute” disrespect for the jurors,the public,and their thinking ability.

    Shit-Head’s example of eyewitnesses to a murder not needing any proof as to the guilt of a shooter completely fails because, the jurors were NOT PRESENT at TP.

    Have no idea why Gotro has not already moved the “court” for Un-Abel’s disqualification, a change of venue, and a removal of the other shit-head, Johnson.

    Broden has on two points.Maybe she, is part of the “court” game.

  32. Gandalf Says:

    TEXAS GANG ASSESMENT: Page 29- “(U) Race and Gangs

    (U) Most gangs in Texas have membership based along race or ethnic identity. This characteristic of gang organization can be attributed to the prison environment, as inmates tend to congregate or associate with others of their own ethnicity, or band together for protection when racially outnumbered. Many gangs cite race as their reason for having organized, and some go further by professing racial superiority over others. While individual members of these gangs may hold racial bias or prejudice, the gangs themselves will often engage in business arrangements with gangs of another race when it is mutually convenient and profitable. In Texas, most gangs will work with nearly any group in order to further their criminal objectives, regardless of the racial makeup or ideology.

    (U) All 20 gangs identified in the tier ranking list have a membership based along racial or ethnic lines, with the exception of the Bandidos, whose membership is comprised of both Hispanic and white males.”

  33. Hold_The_Phone Says:

    “There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.”

    -Charles de Montesquieu

  34. oldskewl Says:

    I can’t imagine being on the hook for the shit. Typical DA bullshit and scare tactics, next they will hand out fake wigs and masks to hide to identity of the jury.

    It was a setup from the beginning and will continue to be a setup until the final words are spoken.

  35. Mark Says:

    What Reyna is doing is laying the ground work so get, Proof without Truth in front of the jury. It’s a scam of what can be proved without any truth involved. Here’s the kicker, without O’s cell phone the defense is going to have a hard time with the DA’s scam of Proof without Truth. Yea, yea, 5 guys rob a bank and one shoots a teller, they are all on the hook. However, that doesn’t apply in this case. All the Clubs were members of the COC but one. One thing about riding a motorcycle that we all know is, you don’t answer your cell phone even if you hear it. Try talking to someone on a cell that has the window down in a car, wind noise out of control. So using a cell phone while commanding a motorcycle in a pack isn’t in the cards. Could piss off everyone around if it was tried. I’m not going to say any more because I don’t want to chance tipping off the punk wordsmith. But keep your eye on Proof without any Truth and of course the judge sees it a mile away and will act otherwise. You know the 3 monkeys.

  36. SoCal Says:

    @ Gandalf,,, your definition of a criminal street gang is spot on. I don’t know how the usage of”OMGs” became so common place. The same goes for “Organized Criminal Activity” when committed at advertised events in full view of cameras. Iron Rider, don’t worry too much about the cost to the taxpayers. I’m sure the ATF can come up with a gun walking or an off the books tobacco scam and divert some money their way… Disgusted in SoCal

  37. Shutup Says:

    Also, all the helicopter traffic might seem normal to L.A. but it’s picked up in the last few weeks around Waco. Just saying…

  38. Shutup Says:

    Sorry, Void.
    Respect to those who deserve it. Thanks again Rebel, your coverage is all we have.

  39. Shutup Says:

    Article one ( Texas bill of rights)
    Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in lawful defence of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have the power,by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.
    Section 19.DEPRIVATION OF LIFE,LIBERTY,ETC.; DUE COURSE OF LAW. No citizen of this State shall be deprived of life,liberty,property,privleges,or immunities, or in any manner disenfranchised, except by the due course of the law of the land.
    Section 29. PROVISIONS OF BILL OF RIGHTS EXCEPTED FROM POWERS OF GOVERNMENT;TO FOREVER REMAIN INVIOLATE. To guard against transgressions of the high powers herein delegated,we declare that everything in this “BILL OF RIGHTS” is exceptedout if the general powers of government,and shall forever remain inviolate,and all laws contrary thereto, or to the following provisions, shall be viid

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Using scare tactics on the jury just like they did for Drifter’s trial. Extra security, wasted tax money, no imminent danger. Just another DA using LE and every other resource available to spread fear throughout the jury.

  41. Gandalf Says:

    “In a Show of Hands… How many people Voted for Able Reyna? How many would vote for Him again?” Separate these Jurors with 2 Questions.

  42. Gandalf Says:

    @ Iron Rider: Reyna was telling the Jury, “IM FROM HERE…They are not” Probably His best move all day. People from Waco are Funny Like That. It hold big weight.

  43. Gandalf Says:

    Another Thing: Everyone knows Big O was in charge of The Cossacks. ANY DISCUSSION for or against a planned “meeting” would have come through Big O. NOBODY ELSE. He’s the Boss. Without Big O’s phone to prove “a meeting” was set up OR prove The Cossacks PLANNED to Attack (or crash) the COC&I meeting would be on HIS phone that has been conveniently lost or misplaced. Any other Cossack talk of “a meeting” could very well have been Big O lying to them. Without His phone we will never know.

  44. Iron Rider Says:

    Of course Reyna blathered on about his roots, he’d like a jury to believe that he is one of them and would never do anything untoward, because Reyna knows he will be getting discussed in this trial and his methods and motives are going to be up for discussion there is no way around it.

    The fact that Reyna was there and showboating when this was supposed to be Jarret’s case is telling that either Reyna figures Gotro will best Jarret or Reyna is so worried about what potential witnesses may say ( you know like a Detective named Chavez did ) that he wants to be front and center in case any grenades are about to go off so he can give his buddy Judge Johnson the handjob -er- hand signal to shut Gotro’s line of questioning down

    So they went all ape shit on security, prejudicial to Carrizal, no no, just Reyna looking out for your safety. Well nothing like stupidity in a stunt like that to help Carrizal on his appeal.

    So they havent been able to find a potential jury as of yet, gee imagine that, considering Swanton out at Twin Peaks making up huge horror stories and predicting the big war that was coming to Waco in a matter of hours ( never mind that none of it happened, no angry hordes of bikers to be seen) I highly doubt that they will find anyone who hasnt heard about Twin Peaks considering it blanketed the media for days on end thanks to Reyna and Swanton, so good luck with that.

    Imagine that Johnson is letting the prosecution do what ever they want while shutting down Gotro every time Jarret drops his rattle and starts to whine. Another thing to add to the appeal I’m sure

    I can’t wait till the bill for all this extra security comes in to Waco taxpayers and citizens of Texas, cause I am sure much like us they are going to see this is nothing more than a prop to propel the big scary biker myth that Reyna wants to prejudice the jury with.

    So Rebel walked from the courthouse with a friend and saw four jurors ahead at the corner and there just HAPPENED to be a cop in the mix giving friendly boy scout tips on crossing the street? More like Reyna and Jarret making sure Rebel is followed and if he talks to anyone that the cops are there too shoo away citizens from sharing there thoughts with Rebel, or maybe the cops were following Rebel to make sure that the big scary bikers didn’t try to intimidate him much like Reyna and co seem bent to do, dont let your shadows get the best of you Reyna, they just dont like the heat your turning on in their kitchen. Maybe you should have asked Jarret if he’d like an 8 x10 and a couple wallets size pics of you Rebel since Jarret seems so interested in taking your picture.

    I do hope that these citizens are angry because once they have to take time out of their life and have it wasted as a potential juror in Waco where this took place and only to be asked have you heard about it and what their thoughts are I am surprised some of them didn’t let loose any really let their thoughts out on how this was a waste of their time and damn near everyone knows what was reported on the news. If potential jurors think this is a waste of time wait till they have to hear Reyna’s case, the frustration level may go sky high at what a waste of taxpayer dollars this is and how the loss of their time is something that shouldn’t have been squandered.

    Hell if Matlock was around even he wouldnt have wanted to try this case because it is such a dog.

  45. Gandalf Says:

    Crips, Bloods, MM, ANation, Italian Mafia ALLDO NOT!

  46. Gandalf Says:

    My Take- 1- “Jarrett is explaining the law of parties, using the example of three guys conspiring to rob a bank but only one goes inside and kills teller. Jarrett is explaining the law of parties, using the example of three guys conspiring to rob a bank but only one goes inside and kills teller.”
    Argument: Jake was simply cashing a check (A Legal act of attending a meeting) The robbers were The Cossacks planned the Robbery. When Police shot the robbers Jake took cover. Why Arrest Jake?

    2- “The majority of the panel is saying punishment as the most important aspect of the penalty phase.” These Jurors MUST blame someone! No in between.

    3- “Jarrett said a member of a criminal street gang cannot bring a gun to a discussion and later claim self-defense when it turns violent.”
    “Gotro objected as a misstatement of the law.” (The Last Question before recess.)
    The Freudian Slip: Jarrett is afraid of the “Self Defense” argument and mis-stated the Law on purpose + They have proof of “a discussion” or will try to prove a discussion happened.

    BTW: The argument against “A Criminal Street Gang” lies in what a Criminal Street Gang DOESN’T DO like. Come together because of a Hobby (Bike Riding), Join Political Orgs that support that Hobby (COC&I), Come together for Charity events (The Toy Run), have websites and sell Merchandise or accept members from different ethnicities. Bandits do all of these things.
    Crips, Bloods, MM, ANation, Italian Mafia ALL

  47. Paladin Says:

    A parallel to the proper pronunciation of Voir Dire is the proper pronunciation of the word “hors d’oeuvre” which is properly pronounced as: horse duover.


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