Reyna Under Investigation

October 9, 2017

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Reyna Under Investigation

Last Friday, a state judge in Dallas named Teresa Hawthorne “found probable cause to believe that” either the elected McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna or Waco Police Detective Manuel Chavez committed perjury or aggravated perjury at a hearing held in the Twin Peaks’ cases on August 8.

Dallas attorney Clint Broden (photo above) had requested the hearing on behalf of two Twin Peaks defendants, Matthew Clendennen and Ray Nelson. The first 177 Twin Peaks defendants were arrested on the basis of identical arrest affidavits signed by Chavez. Each affidavit was a barrel of lies. But their veracity no longer mattered to 139 of the initial arrestees after they were indicted by a kangaroo grand jury.

Sixteen additional defendants, not arrested at the Twin Peaks, were also indicted. One of them died. There are now 154 indictees.

What Is Truth

Reyna was provably an advocate for arresting all the witnesses to the Biker Brawl and locking them in a dungeon while the Waco Police Department’s Public Information Office, a braying jackass named Patrick Swanton, shoved the official narrative of the incident down the throats of the world’s assembled, migrating press

Broden has been wondering out loud for years about whether Chavez actually wrote the affidavits or Reyna did. So, at the August 8 hearing, Broden put them both on the stand and asked them about it. That went like this.

Broden asked Reyna, “Prior to the affidavit being given to Mr. Chavez or Detective Chavez to sign, did you allow him to have any input?”

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Reyna replied. “And a lot of the input – that’s what I was telling you about the hole from communication. There was a gap in communication between what was going on at Twin Peaks and what was going on at the convention center. And I remember getting the affidavit and it was, I believe, a draft somewhat of it. And I remember the draft made its way to Manny Diaz…I mean, Manny Chavez. And Manny said something like… to the effect of, this looks good. But at that point in time, I cautioned him and told him, Manny, you need to read every single line and word in this affidavit and if you cannot swear to it, then you need to go back out there and get on the phone and call the people at Twin Peaks and make for sure that you can swear to everything in this affidavit.”

Reyna laid it on thick. “And I…I told him that and I stressed it to him. And he says, no, okay, I will. And I said, that’s a draft. We’re working on it. You better make sure that you can swear to everything in that affidavit. And you need to go back out there and talk to the people at Twin Peaks. You need to talk to the people that had the Intel leading up to it,• the people that were…that were sitting out there watching these guys try to kill each other. You need to know every single bit of it. And he said, I will, I will.”

Then Broden called Chavez to testify and asked him, “Did you read over a draft (of the template affidavit) or a final copy?”

According to Chavez, the affidavits he signed were already finished when he saw them for the first time. “It was the final copy.”

“And do you ever recall Mr. Reyna saying words to the effect, now, Mr. Chavez, you need to make sure that everything in here is true and I need you to call people and make sure it’s true before you sign your name because you’re signing your name? Did any conversation like that take place?”

“ I never spoke to Mr. Reyna that night,” Chavez testified.

Court Of Inquiry

So Broden asked that a Texas Court of Inquiry be convened to determine whether either Chavez or Reyna lied under oath because he was pretty sure one of them had. A Court of Inquiry is usually convened to investigate official corruption. The first step is to establish probable cause that one of them broke the law. That’s what happened Friday.

This morning Broden sent out a press release that included the following statement:

“In my almost thirty years of law practice, I have never had to even consider requesting a Court of Inquiry. Nevertheless, perjury strikes at the core of our system of justice and, therefore, apparent contradictory statements under oath by public officials must be investigated. I am pleased that Judge Hawthorne recognized the need to hold public officials to the same standards as ordinary citizens. Her actions took courage and she is a true example of the type of exemplary judge who does not show favoritism nor bias and simply calls ‘balls and strikes.’ I remind people that Messrs. Reyna and Chavez are presumed to be innocent and I look forward to the Court of Inquiry process investigating this case to a conclusion no matter what conclusion is ultimately reached”



19 Responses to “Reyna Under Investigation”

  1. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    My question is, why didn’t Broden do this last year?

  2. Burgess Says:

    Chavez better watch out for “unfortunate accidents or unexpected suicide”

  3. Mark Says:

    Did Chavez sign the warrants or not? If he did, did he read them before he signed his name on them? If he didn’t read the docs and signed his name on them, are the arrest warrants any good?
    What difference does it make if the cop had a converstation about the warrants with the DA, he signed them. This can only be a way out for the DA as a Hale Mary so all the warrants are ruled dismissed and the statue of limitations is long gone. Everyone walks and the cop takes the lumps as the scapegoat. The cop has been set up, as it seems. But that’s on him for being stupid enough to be the fall guy should anything go sideways.

  4. Hangaround Says:

    And now Reyna says “Chavez went to French Polyneisia for Columbus Day. And he took both of his own cell phones with him. And now he is not returning his messages, McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna explained.”

    Wow, the amazing timing of things…. Wonder what century Chavez’s vacation will end?

  5. James W Crawford Says:

    Renya’s future

  6. Gandalf Says:

    @ Iron Rider What I am thinking is that it is VERY Important to any case that the Arrest Warrant be unimpeachable. “You better make sure that you can swear to everything in that affidavit” Reyna says. That’s because (IMO) if Chavez can be shown to be lying the whole case goes out the window. Esp at Appeal.

  7. Tree Says:

    Looks like the house of cards is beginning to crumble… About time!

  8. Maven Says:

    Rebel –

    Any idea how fast a Court of Inquiry will move along? Does this have to be resolved before the trails can proceed?

    As always, thanks for all you do to uncover the truth in Waco.

  9. Centurion Says:

    I want to know, who is the beautiful woman standing behind Scheck?

  10. Ol'Goat Says:

    ain’t been around in a while…just dropped in to say “Hell yeah”. This fucker is finally getting investigated. Don’t really expect justice but glad to see his stupid ass feeling some heat.

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Gandalf

    I dont think Chavez is disposable, but sacrificial, you bet your ass. Reyna didnt get this far without knowing how navigate political landmines…. look at the Baylor scandal

    You can bet right after Chavez testimony came out that Reyna was already on the phone working out Chavez’s demise in my opinion. They wont get rid of Chavez right now, but believe me, he will be sacrificed at some point

  12. RLG Says:

    After seeing Reyna in TJ like that, I think anything is possible!

  13. RLG Says:

    Wow! I wonder if the cellphone movie footage of him tripping on peyote and using a reciprocating saw tipped with a pink dildo on the shampoo show girl in Hong Kong bar will be admitted in court? It was pretty funny when he stripped to his pants off and tried to get the bar girl to use it on his ass!

    Sure security made that fat chick delete the video from her phone, but it looked like she was able to use a file recovery utility to get it back. They were pretty drunk when they were eating tripa street tacos at 4am and singing dirty songs in Spanish together.

    He obviously knew he was being filmed, but maybe frying your balls off is a defense against giving consent. I don’t know I’m not a lawyer…

  14. Gandalf Says:

    I’m not so sure Chavez is disposable. Remember He is the one who wrote the arrest warrants and without Him I’m thinking every case is kaput. Without Reyna the cases can go on with a Special prosecutor or the next in line in the Waco DAs Office.

  15. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Curbside

    Yup totally agree, if Chavez gets hit by a bus, Reyna will be in the drivers seat

  16. Iron Rider Says:

    I hope Chavez likes trains because he is about to get railroaded for telling the truth on the stand. We all read Reyna’s version of what occurred and we all read Chavez’s version of what occurred, who had more to lose by not being honest? Wasn;t Chavez that’s for sure.

    Will they hang the D.A. for not telling the truth under oath, nope too much to loose Reyna is the face of the D.A.’s office in McLennan County in what is about to be one of many big scary biker cases to take place in Waco, so cant hang this on him.

    Good old Chavez is just a detective with no political might or backing in the old boys club so Chavez is going to get called into someones office and the conversation will go like this:

    Chavez come in have seat, how’s everything? How the wife and kids? What your not married? Damn… got to get someone to fix you file… anyways lets get down to brass tacks… Chavez, your in a tough spot son, you told the truth at that hearing and that has got peoples ire up that the D.A. is now in a tough spot, so Chavez your going to take one for Reyna, sure it might be the end of your career, but dont you worry friends of Reyna have a cushy job lined up for you since your career as a cop is over, see your going to be the new head of mall security, so essentially your getting a big promotion now instead of just being fired and you will have a big chip to cash in later on, you know like when you need to get a speeding ticket cancelled, old uncle Reyna will look after you cause you did him a solid. Your going to love being the head of mall security, glad we had this talk Chavez, make sure to take all your shit when you clean out your locker Chavez, or should I say Chief Chavez of mall security”

    So yeah that’s probably how this will end up and of course the inquiry will just say how Chavez tarnished an outstanding D.A. and how Reyna was awestruck that Chavez lied to the court and has been rightfully terminated from the police deoartment

  17. Curbside Says:

    Dollars to donuts says the cop gets thrown under the bus and the whole thing moves right along, because that’s what the feds want to happen.

  18. Iron Rider Says:

    And I am sure Reyna will say “Aw shucks, sure didnt mean to do that I;m sowwy”.

    Reyna will just say that due to the massive dumps this inadvertently got in there, and of course I would never do that purposely….and Reyna will get a verbal slap on the hand and continue on.

    We all know of course that Reyna did that intentionally, this was no Oops a photo slipped thru, this was a large number of photos that were released, and when the mistake was brought forward to the D.A. did they fix this mess…Nope. Did any law enforcement personnel contact the D.A. to say ” hey you put these pics in the data dumps” Nope no one said a thing. Coincedence, you bet your ass.

    All designed to embarrass the defendant and his wife, nothing more nothing less. Remember that Reyna and co claimed they found child porn on several phones, but yet no one was ever charged? Now why would the D.A. not charge someone if they had child porn on a defendants phone? Because the D.A.knows it wasnt the case but if you get the accusation out to the media then you can get the potential jury pool thinking that the defendants are making or distributing child porn.

    I would bet the so called child porn pics are of someones little one playing in the bath or in a inflatable kiddie pool or something innocuous and are no where near close to child porn but a parent capturing a funny or cute moment of their child, and for Reyna and co to take something like that and turn it into something so ugly by calling it child pron just goes to show how low Reyna will go to lie and make up something out of nothing in desperation to save a failed prosecution of 177 people

  19. Shutup Says:

    Well we all know someone lied….

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