No Bail For Flamethrower Pagan

October 6, 2017

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No Bail For Flamethrower Pagan

Pagans Motorcycle Club member Anthony Corraro was ordered held without bail yesterday by Judge Joseph Oxley in State Superior Court in Freehold, New Jersey.

Corraro is a firearms and gardening enthusiast who is charged with second-degree attempted possession of destructive devices, fourth-degree possession of armor penetrating bullets and fourth-degree possession of firearm silencers – all of which is apparently illegal in New Jersey. But Corraro has gained international fame in the last month because when his home was raided he was found to be in possession of a perfectly legal flamethrower.

The Daily Mail headlined its September 19 story about Corraro’s arrest “Flamethrower, armor piercing bullets, bomb-making materials and dozens of guns found at motorcycle gang member’s home in New Jersey.”

Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Decker told the judge that a search of Corraro’s home discovered pipes, fuses, flammable liquids (like gasoline), “books containing instructions how to make bombs,” six rifles or shotguns, 10 handguns, the perfectly legal flamethrower, nitrogen based fertilizer, perfectly legal hollow-nosed bullets and “armor-piercing” bullets.

“What if these materials were not discovered,” Decker asked rhetoriocally. “What if this individual didn’t step up to law-enforcement? What if?”

The individual who stepped up was an acquaintance of Carraro’s named David Tash. Tash seems to have been inspired to step up after he was discovered to be in possession of more than 50 grams of marijuana. Tash, who was arrested on the same day as Corraro, has since been released.

“Given the nature of the charges, given the climate we live in, given what we know about him, it would be a danger to society, knowing what we know, to release him with these charges pending,” Decker told the judge.



26 Responses to “No Bail For Flamethrower Pagan”

  1. Maniac AL Says:

    I don’t get how Dave tash who already has a felony on his jacket served time and is to be around guns what was he doing sleeping with his gun the same gun a 1911 on his hip walking the property stating I’ll cap any one who comes on this property and was in possession of a ar-15 armor piercing tips and larger clips than the leagel 15 round ones he had 30 round ones and tons of ammo and over 50 grams of pot.and dave is psychotic so he should of never of been in his possession why was he released when mr corrarao never been convicted of a crime was a EMT saveing people’s lives I bet they never said how he saved a state trooper when he saw the troopers car in the woods and he went beyond the call of duty to help the officer this is what some prosecutor wants to make a name for them selves while dave was selling drugs we know guns and the sale of marijuana don’t go together I’m just saying if you know the two men you would agree tony is not a violent person nor has he ever been a problem to Society so ask your self are we really free even when you have no record like mr Corraro. the man who lied and made up this story because a cop questioned him and he feared he would be arrested be cause of sale of pot he made up lies to put the heat on a innocent man .

  2. Carla ciralla Says:

    Isn’t the basement a common area?
    Dave slept in the basement..Thank you!!

  3. Carla ciralla Says:

    The gas they obtained was for a rc car.
    And the brothers are convicted felons…imagine that…Dave ratted on himself, gave information on his own address..then realized he screwed up..,he slept with his ar15 And 1911 and he was afraid of his own nightmares..
    But he feared for his safety..what a pussy

  4. Carla ciralla Says:

    Thank you for the positive comments..

  5. oldskewl Says:

    NJ has got some fucked up laws. I thought CA was bad, but you can buy hollow points all day long without a problem. No transportation laws of BS like they have.

    This is what happens when the Feds wanna fuck with you, everything they can dream like Gasoline is now a felony.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    “David Tash, 53, and Christopher Tash, 49, were arrested and charged with possessing firearms while prohibited, possession of armor-piercing bullets and possession of a large-capacity magazine. David Tash was also charged with possession of over 50 grams of marijuana.”

  7. Gandalf Says:

    “Police arrested 49-year-old Anthony Corraro, of Freehold, who police say is a member of the Pagan’s Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. Police also arrested David Tash, 53, and Christopher Tash, 49, of Howell. The three men are facing a variety of weapons charges. They could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.”
    What am I missing here? Since when does a DA out a rat? Esp a rat against The Club? Usually they try to protect the rat. And why was the “rat” and His brother arrested and charged with the same crimes? I wouldn’t expect to find out anything anytime soon even if it were my business. The Club with no name don’t talk much either.

  8. Dutchboy Says:

    “nitrogen based fertilizer”? Oh the humanity! Most ALL fertilizer contains nitrogen. Most also contain phosphorus and potassium. “What would have happened”? Mr. Dickhead Decker? Well I suspect the suspect’s roses would have looked nicer next spring. Oh, and he had pipes too? Wow, no other use for pipe than bombs, right? Did his wife have a pressure cooker in the kitchen? Wow, obviously terrorist intent. What a crock.

  9. Neuro Says:

    Thanks Gandalf, I like how you put that “to risk so much.” No kidding.

  10. Shovelhead Says:

    Fuck you ed. All cops are rats, that’s their job, that’s what they chose to do for a living. Most Yuppies are rats because they’re afraid of their own shadows. I’m willing to bet you’re a Rat. Are ya ed? little rat motherfucker? probably call the cops on your neighbors all the time don’t ya?

  11. ed Says:

    They all rat nowadays. Jeff Pike said it best when he said on CNN “That 1%er patch might have meant something 30 years ago. These patches nowadays are just fodder for the fuzz.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    @ Neuro. You could be right. A little bit of weed seems like too little to risk so much. Plus NJ is pretty big on letting people out ROR for weed charges. Maybe PPig saw an opportunity to protect the real rat? Who knows?

  13. Curbside Says:

    @Paladin, does NJ have a specific definition for “armor-piercing” handgun ammunition? I know the teflon-coated bullets being able to go through a vest thing is a myth, and federal law determines its’ armor-piercing capabilities by the composition of the metal, but New Jersey has some absurdly fucktarded laws I can’t comprehend.

    I remember that episode of The Sopranos, where the dude got sent up for extra time because he had hollowpoints in his pistol. I thought that was just some TV bullshit, until I googled it. Yep, not even with a carry permit.

    I’m wondering if he had some of those special heat-seeking bullets that can take down airplanes, or a rifle that had one of those shoulder things that goes up?

  14. Filburt Says:

    Phufk all who don’t have the means to protect themselves against enemies, foreign or domestic.

  15. Neuro Says:

    It is not believable. Fuck porky pig. Are they setting Tash up for some reason ? Something is way off.

  16. Shovelhead Says:

    Tash trying to destroy a Mans life for a small bust like that, is incredible. Fucking low life Rat Motherfucker. 50 or more grams if even convicted and you get the max is only about a year and a half in jail in New Jersey.
    Your name David Tash will quickly spread amongst the Biker community. Enjoy the rest of your life hiding under rocks you piece of shit!

  17. Gandalf Says:

    There must be lots of Hang arounds who see you guys as “get out of Jail Free” cards. I guess ya just got to look at the guy and ask yourself, “Who would LE want more if they had us both?” A Patch holder is like a 12 pt buck to LE. So a hang around needs to be 12pts or more. Kinda like if Charles Manson was a hang around. No DA is going to give old Charlie a pass to get you.

  18. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you Decker, you air-wasting corrupt shit-stain and fuck the pigs who read the arrest warrant and didn’t laugh at the asshole Decker for filling it out.

    Last of all, when Corrano gets out *if* he has to do any time for these bullshit charges, I hope he gets to see his ex-friend had the fuck stomped out of him by some nigger carjacker. I mean stomped so fucking severely that he now jumps out of his skin every time he hears a footstep behind him. Fucking pussy rats deserve no less.

  19. Aanon Says:

    Poodle papers with pit bull prior maybe? But 50 grams? Really? Send a fella away bc you can’t stand with your 50 fucking grams?

  20. xplor Says:

    If you have a can of choke cleaner and a Bic lighter, You need to turn yourself in.

  21. Freebird Says:

    OMG…. I sure hope he did not have a motorcycle with a full tank of gas. That is like WMD’s!

  22. deuce Says:

    Fucker turned rat for less than 2 ounces of weed. What a sorry pile of shit

  23. Iron Rider Says:

    Imagine that someone willing to Rat out their friend or acquaintance all because they dont have the nerve to do their nickle or whatever and be a man.

  24. FF Says:

    David Tash… an ounce of weed and you cried like a bitch and sang like a bird?

    WTF over

  25. Paladin Says:

    Handgun ammunition that has been deemed “armor piercing” has been illegal for civilians to purchase or possess since KTW introduced their ammunition, loaded with teflon coated bullets in the late ’60s. Based on its velocity and muzzle energy, center-fire rifle ammunition has always been “armor piercing”.

    New Jersey’s restriction on the possession and transporting of hollow point ammunition is as follows:

    “Hollow-point ammunition is available for unrestricted purchase from most retailers wherever firearms are sold, and may be transported by purchasers without special licensing. However, hollow-point bullets may not be carried outside of a place of target practice, dwelling, premises or land possessed by a person, even if one has a valid permit to carry a handgun, except when being transported directly to and from these places.”


  26. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me. A fella I know from Jersey once told me that the state is so fucked up you even have to sign the pharmacist’s register to buy a lousy bottle of iodine. Seems it’s a controlled poison there. He then said that they couldn’t even get the name right when they named the place, it should’ve been spelled Jerski. One interesting fact about that state: They don’t even give you an expiration sticker for a motor vehicle. If the tags go out and you haven’t filed a “certificate of non-operation”, they just put a bench warrant out for you and haul your ass off to jail at their first convenience! Why do people put up with shit like that? It’s beyond me. Are they afraid to move cuz they’re afraid it would be worse somewhere else maybe?

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