Satire Proof Waco Day 872

October 4, 2017

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Satire Proof Waco Day 872

Paul Looney, the attorney for Waco Biker Brawl indictee Cody Ledbetter, will file a motion tomorrow in McLennan County’s 19th District Court, to disqualify the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office from Ledbetter’s case and demanding the recall of discovery and the deletion of electronic files.

“Mr. Ledbetter had pictures and/or videos of himself and his wife engaging in consensual sexual activity stored on his cellular telephone,” the motion claims. “These images were consensually taken by the couple, and were not meant for anyone but the two of them to view. Following his arrest, his telephone was searched and these images copied and inspected by law enforcement, even though they were outside the scope of any warrant or other authorization as there was no reason to believe such images had a scintilla of evidentiary value. Following this inspection, instead of deeming the images irrelevant to any litigation and deleting them, the images were copied over one hundred and fifty (150) times, and distributed to counsel and staff for all of the ‘Twin Peaks Defendants’ as part of discovery.”

“The District Attorney and his assistants have committed numerous crimes against Mr. Ledbetter and his wife by knowingly revealing these intimate images on his telephone without any legal excuse.” Looney said by way of press release.

Unlawful Disclosure

In the same release, Clay S. Conrad, Looney’s law partner, said, “The State has been claiming a ‘duty to disclose’ that never applied to these images and that is simply an outrage. They have a duty to disclose relevant information, but they also have a duty not to disclose private sexual images having absolutely nothing to do with the current case.”

Looney accused the District Attorney Reyna and his associates of a Texas crime called “Unlawful Disclosure Or Promotion Of Intimate Visual Material.”

The law says: “A person commits an offense if: (1) without the effective consent of the depicted person, the person intentionally discloses visual material depicting another person with the person’s intimate parts exposed or engaged in sexual conduct; (2) the visual material was obtained by the person or created under circumstances in which the depicted person had a reasonable expectation that the visual material would remain private; (3) the disclosure of the visual material causes harm to the depicted person; and (4) the disclosure of the visual material reveals the identity of the depicted person in any manner, including through any accompanying or subsequent information or material related to the visual material or information or material provided by a third party in response to the disclosure of the visual  material.”

Photo Opportunity Tomorrow

According to Looney, “They are not protected by immunity; they are not protected by discovery rules and they are not protected by common sense. Those actions were and still are simply criminal. The District Attorneys’ office in McLennan County can no longer be responsible for the prosecution of Cody Ledbetter; a special prosecutor must be appointed. There is no argument that a person can criminally victimize another person and continue to serve as a prosecutor against that person. McLennan County citizens have a right to be disgusted with the behavior of their prosecutors.”

Looney has invited the press to watch him file his motion tomorrow in the McLennan County courthouse and he “will be available to answer questions in the rotunda… immediately following the filing of the motion.”




26 Responses to “Satire Proof Waco Day 872”

  1. david Says:

    Dishonest, professional criminals, occupying Texas public offices, really do not have a conscience so, anything goes, anytime.

  2. Gandalf Says:

    “We’re going to trial Tuesday come hell or high water,” Gotro said. I got 1 dollar says Casie saw that the people of Waco think it’s the Bikers who are stalling and actually has no intention of going to court on Thursday. Something will come up… Like the Porn disclosed? Funny thing is, since Reyna disclosed the “evidence” to Casie in order to “use” it at the Trial… She can play the Video in open court for everyone’s enjoyment. Heck, If it was me and my wife…. we would be laughing our asses off in the audience. LOL

  3. James W Crawford Says:

    Re Ironrider


    Aw c’mon man, none of the 177 people charges would want any part of that action, no telling what they’d catch


    But people could use various instruments such as batons, baseball bats, emulate Hillary’s Libian Arab Spring fanatics by using bayonets, or emulate the City of Portland police by using a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot. (This last incident did not result in an arrest because responding officers “saw no evidence of domestic violence.” A suggestion that the Portland police institute a program to distribute Kevlar condoms to their officers so that they could practice safe shotgun sex was not appreciated.)

  4. Iron Rider Says:

    James W Crawford Says:
    October 5, 2017 at 6:15 pm
    I hope that sometime soon video will be disseminated of DA Reyna being sodomized by all 177 of the Twin Peaks defendants.


    Aw c’mon man, none of the 177 people charges would want any part of that action, no telling what they’d catch

  5. Mark Says:

    Gandalf, good stuff, thanks. A hundred gran gift for legal bills can be easily be done with a legal fund. No big deal if it didn’t go into the campaign fund or the personal bank account. It’s a shell game of what shell the money is under and an accountanting of the money really going to, legal bills. And not a girlfriend’s legal bills. Many times people in power have so many connections to one another it looks like a single DNA cell, road map. You have Texas pegged, I grew up here and nothing much has changed. Collectively and hopefully we all can make enough of whatever it takes to see some honest and truthful justice come out of Waco. Thanks again for the heads up.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    BTW I see Strategy in Mr Looney’s motion. Put Reyna in a catch 22. Either Reyna says He didn’t look at what He disclosed and admits disclosing evidence He never intended to use at Trial OR Reyna admits to knowing He disclosed Porn of a defendant and His wife that has nothing to do with the case and against the Law. Catch 22.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    @ Mark: “Kaufman County District Attorney Erleigh Wiley on Thursday told the Dallas Morning News she was examining whether Paxton ran afoul of state bribery and corrupt practices laws by accepting the 1,000,000 gift from James Webb, whose North Texas medical diagnostic company ultimately paid $3.5 million to settle allegations that it improperly billed the government for Medicare and Medicaid services performed without appropriate medical supervision.
    “There is an active investigation looking into that matter,” the newspaper quoted Wiley, a Republican, as saying. “We are carefully and thoroughly going through every piece of evidence.”
    Wiley’s office did not immediately respond to messages from the Texas Tribune. 
    Paxton has been fighting securities fraud charges since July of 2015 — a case that has faced multiple delays due to a dispute over attorneys fees. Paxton is accused of misleading investors in a company from before his time as attorney general. If convicted, he could face up to 99 years in prison. He has pleaded not guilty.
    Webb gave Paxton a $100,000 gift in 2015 to help the Republican attorney general pay his growing legal bills. Paxton has disclosed accepting at least $547,000 in gifts for his legal defense over the course of his trial for alleged securities fraud.” WELCOME TO TEXAS :)

  8. James W Crawford Says:

    I hope that sometime soon video will be disseminated of DA Reyna being sodomized by all 177 of the Twin Peaks defendants.

  9. Mark Says:

    Gandalf, thanks for the link. Keep in mind the AG is a political animal who tries not to piss off large groups of people. In this case the AG would have his, Chief Criminal Deputy AG, step into such matters. Which is the normal step. At that point the deputy AG will put things on hold, go through the cases and very likely drop many of them, for lack of evidence. Who knows if not all of them. We all know there is a real lack of truth that brought the cases to this point. The Chief Chrimnal Deputy AG is not going to waste time and resources foolishly. For one thing, he/she didn’t create this cluster fuck and doesn’t needs to use the law to hide and put off things looking for a way out. Like looking for a Hail Mary. That paves the way for a different agenda and likely a more open or transparent dialogue that the defense attorneys can work with in. Which is completely nonexistent at this point with the current situation. Beyond that, I wonder who is behind the almost complete and total media blackout of this matter. Many people in Texas have a keen sense of smell for the truth, and removing the players in Waco due to misconduct can’t be seen as a negative. Is there another choice? Frankly, many of us have had chickenshit in the criminal justice try and railroad us. The fight is a real bitch just to get back to where you should have been from the beginning. Not guilty of anything.

  10. anewday Says:

    Damn, these assholes will not stop their corrupt bullshit. I sense this horror story is finally turning around and the victims are now taking control through some kick ass attorneys who know the truth and the law. Something Reyna and his idiots thought would never happen. They have been laughing and patting themselves on the back for 2 plus years. What these idiots failed to realize is that they also gave these top shelf attorneys 2 years to find the truth and the corruption in Waco. Now, they are being called on the carpet for all those misdeeds and WILL be held accountable. The more filings the attorneys do to correct the wrongs, only uncovers more corrupt shit. And right now there are only 3-4 hitting them. The rest of the attorneys need to get off their asses and start lawyering. You got these fuckers on the ropes and a few more calculated surprises for them and this hole thing collapses. Let them breath and they will find a way to cover their tracks. Follow the lead of Gotro, Looney, Thompson, Broden etc. and smash their ass now!!! They have done the heavy lifting for you, file your fucking motions for legal due process and hit them with attorney and expert witness bills. Let the idiots in Waco see how much this is costing now and they will also start raising hell!! Respect to you Rebel.

  11. Filburt Says:

    The frozen chosen thawing!

  12. Gandalf Says:

    @ Dutchboy. You don’t need to visit Texas to understand that the Justice System everywhere is random and bent. Texas/Waco just don’t care and don’t hide it as well. I don’t think Reyna will pay for sending that video out but any and all motions make them work, make news and preserve appeal. Nobody likes to work in any field. Make them decide if you are worth all the effort. (Like fighting possession of a joint like a murder trial).
    1st rule of defense is “Make them work”.
    2nd, “Trust the Jury not your Lawyer.” (Unless He/She is family/friend or paid well)
    3rd, “Surprise” them. Be the wrench and gum up the works
    4th, If they (or you) can’t prove it’s false… it’s true.
    5th, Fight fire with fire… They lie, you lie. They cheat, you cheat. Just don’t get caught because for a defendant it’s the kiss of death. LE and DA’s can lie/cheat and it’s just an honest mistake. If We lie and we are done.

    My all time Favorite trick is to let my Public Defender rack up billable hours and do what He can only to fire Him on the day of trial and hire a heavy hitter. Like Jake did. (kinda) Remember these people talk at the Clubhouse… A DA knows your going to be lots of work because your PD told Him so. Certified Letters to your PD requesting anything reasonable. Normally you have a year or 2 to save your $ while you wait for trial. Waiting for trial is stressful but ya gotta forget about it as much as possible while you wait. “Live, Laugh, Love” (or ride) as best you can.

    But in the end, “the only way to win is not to play the game.” An ounce of prevention is worth a Ton of cure.

  13. Paladin Says:

    There are many questions that require answers. Two of which should be: 1) is there anyone, anyone at all within the Texas judiciary that is capable of acting in an honest and professional manner? And 2) when in Texas does one go from being a “good ol’ boy” to a despicable piece of shit, or is that transition even possible?


  14. BMW Says:

    One of the important lessons from the Whaco II debacle is that everyone should use passwords and encryption on their telephones, just like they should with their computers — to avoid the risks of Russian hackers, etc. Just look at what Yahoo and Equifax over the past decade…



  15. Big Al Says:

    Paul Looney is ready to kick some Waco D.A. ass. He spoke a while back in Waco about the difference between military actions ( overwhelm the enemy with deadly force ) and the original definition of police work ( keeping the peace ) . He suggested the May 2015 Twin Peaks carnage was a direct result of a military operation conducted by soldiers in local police and civilian uniforms in a area loaded with American civilians. I’m reasonably certain that he personally does not like the government conducting war on citizens in our shopping malls and restaurants. The Law is a double-edged sword.

  16. Dutchboy Says:

    Gandalf and some others have a better grasp of the legal system than I do so maybe they can share their opinions. Normally a prosecutor is protected by his office from criminal/civil charges in connection with performing his duties. However in cases of malicious criminal intent that legal protection does not apply. Rayna et Al can claim the release of these particular photos was unintentional, however if they did not share ALL the photos from ALL the phones seized then Rayna may have his tail in a legal crack.

  17. Dutchboy Says:

    Imagine Rayna’s first day in lockup. That boy is gonna be REAL POPULAR.

  18. Freebird Says:

    Uncle Bob…..

    I hope they choke on it before it ever gets to the eyebrows!

  19. Gandalf Says:

    “This state can not have criminal working under the color of the law as Criminal Justice Professional representing the state of Texas.” Mark. Think again. I give you… Ken Paxton Texas AG. LOL

  20. Gandalf Says:

    @ Mark. The Texas AG? You mean the guy who went to Baylor and set to stand Trial on Dec 11th? That Guy? LOL

  21. Mark Says:

    Enough is enough, the Texax State Attorney General needs to step in and sort this whole matter out, lawfully and honestly. The reason is, this is going to be a huge black eye to the entire state of Texas and make Texas look like a bunch of Hilljacks idiots. Every person in Texas is going to be effected by this circus that Ringmaster Reyan is running. There is no question whatsoever the government’s case has been on the wrong side of the law in any number of situations, during it’s handling of these cases. This state can not have criminal working under the color of the law as Criminal Justice Professional representing the state of Texas. This matter is going to get ugly and worse every day as these cases move forward. Someone is going to need to put on their big boy pants and pull the plug on this craziness and unlawful conduct. It’s far too late to save the people of Waco, McLennan County, they are going to have huge tax increases as it is, why let this ridicules situation compound itself beyond being able to get a grip on it and the damages that are going to be awarded by a number of civil suit juries. Or one big fat class acion in federal court where the whole country is going to be watching Texas get dragged through the mud. The people in the system in McLennan are not worth the damage the state of Texas is going to endure. That’s my two cents, right, wrong or otherwise.

  22. Uncle Bob Says:

    @ Iron Rider
    Agreed, but in today’s age and phones with giga-oodles of terabyte memories people carry their entire lives on their phones.

    However, the shit storm that’s forming is going to go Category 10 on Reyna and his pals. They’ll be eyebrow deep real soon.

  23. RLG Says:

    Boy, it is going to be rough if Mr. Looney subpoena’s the cell phone companies for logs of multi-media txt messages sent by the AG and his staff for the file names of the images taken off Mr. Ledbetter’s phone…

  24. Iron Rider Says:

    Why anyone would leave that on their phone is beyond me but Reyna and clowns had no right to spread it around everywhere they could, that is just another tactic of how low we will see Reyna and pals go.

    There have been a lot of violations of the Law Committed by Reyna and the cops since this fiasco started and it is still going on and will be going on long after these cases are over.

    For Reyna and pals it is all about tactics same with the claims they found child porn on cell phones but yet there was never any charge laid against any off the 177 for having or making child porn, yet Reyna trumpeted that out to the media.

    If there really was child porn like Reyna would let it go? Highly doubt it, This was just another way for Reyna to taint the defendants and nothing more. The amount of douchebaggery coming from the Law Enforcemnt side of the equation is something the likes I doubt we will see again

  25. Hangaround Says:


    The great Waco DA is going to get charged with distributing porn in one of the supposedly most pious towns in the great state of Texas…..

    Thank you Rebel! I am about to fall out of my chair laughing….

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