Waco Motion Campaign Continues

September 28, 2017

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Waco Motion Campaign Continues

Dallas Attorney Clint Broden dropped another three motions totaling about 60 pages on the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office, and alleged office coconspirator, the Honorable Matt Johnson, today.

Broden filed the motions on behalf of his clients Burton George Bergman and Matt Clendennen. Bergman is scheduled to be tried in Judge Johnson’s court on November 6. Bergman and Clendennen are both charged with plotting to turn a brunch into a bloodbath.

Very many people who both are and aren’t Mensa think County District Attorney Abelino Reyna has a credibility problem. Some of this skepticism grew out of a previous motion to disqualify Reyna from prosecuting Clendennen. At a hearing on that motion, Reyna testified that he had no financial interest in the case, even though about 100 lawsuits for false arrest have been filed against him in federal court. He also testified that the Waco detective, Manuel Chavez, who signed the fictitious arrest warrants used to falsely imprison 177 people after the Twin Peaks brawl, collaborated on the document rather than just signing what he was told to sign.


Broden asked Reyna, “Prior to the affidavit being given to Mr. Chavez or Detective Chavez to sign, did you allow him to have any input?”

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Reyna lied. “And a lot of the input – that’s what I was telling you about the hole from communication. There was a gap in communication between what was going on at Twin Peaks and what was going on at the convention center. And I remember getting the affidavit and it was, I believe, a draft somewhat of it. And I remember the draft made its way to Manny Diaz…I mean, Manny Chavez. And Manny said something like… to the effect of, this looks good. But at that point in time, I cautioned him and told him, Manny, you need to read every single line and word in this affidavit and if you cannot swear to it, then you need to go back out there and get on the phone and call the people at Twin Peaks and make for sure that you can swear to everything in this affidavit.”

Apparently lying under oath is like crank. Some people just can’t stop doing it. “And I…I told him that and I stressed it to him. And he says, no, okay, I will. And I said, that’s a draft. We’re working on it. You better make sure that you can swear to everything in that affidavit. And you need to go back out there and talk to the people at Twin Peaks. You need to talk to the people that had the Intel leading up to it,• the people that were…that were sitting out there watching these guys try to kill each other. You need to know every single bit of it. And he said, I will, I will.”

More Testimony

Chavez survived being thrown under that bus, and was much more succinct than Reyna when Broden questioned him.

“ Okay,” Broden asked the detective. “Did you read over a draft or a final copy?”

“It was the final copy.”

“And do you ever recall Mr. Reyna saying words to the effect, now, Mr. Chavez, you need to make sure that everything in here is true and I need you to call people and make sure it’s true before you sign your name because you’re signing your name? Did any conversation like that take place?”

“ I never spoke to Mr. Reyna that night,” Chavez replied.

Assistant Waco Police Chief Robert Lanning, who was the Acting Chief the day of the Biker Brawl, also remembered events of May 17, 2015 differently than Reyna. Landing testified that he didn’t want to arrest the detainees that day, that neither of the two other assistant police chiefs on scene wanted to arrest the detainees and that only Reyna wanted everybody arrested based on the words and other symbols on their clothing.

Not Quite Legal

Reyna wound up staying on the case, rather than being replaced by a special prosecutor, because Judge Johnson denied Broden’s motion. But technically, legally, Johnson shouldn’t have been presiding over any hearing in which Reyna testified.

Johnson and Reyna previously practiced law together in a firm called Reyna & Johnson and Reyna, Johnson & Reed. Reyna & Johnson LLP described itself as “a small organization in the legal services industry located in Waco, Texas,” founded “in 2002,” that had “six fulltime employees” and generated “an estimated $362,486 USD in annual revenue.”

Johnson’s presidence over the hearing was illegal. Broden thinks the relevant law is in the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and supported by a Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas ruling in 2011 in a case titled George Gaal v. Texas. The law says that a “judge must recuse (himself) in any proceeding in which…the judge or a lawyer with whom the judge previously practiced law has been a material witness concerning the proceeding.”

Reyna testified. Reyna and Johnson had been partners. Johnson should have recused himself.

The motions Broden filed today ask: 1) That the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office be disqualified from prosecuting Bergman; 2) that Johnson be disqualified from ruling on that motion; and 3) that another hearing on Clendennen’s motion to disqualify Reyna be held with somebody other Johnson presiding.

Reyna issued a statement when he heard the news. “I have read Mr. Broden’s motion and request,” he wrote. “Based on the facts and the law, I’m not worried about it.”



14 Responses to “Waco Motion Campaign Continues”

  1. Jim Jones Says:

    Might wanna start worrin’, cause Johnson recused himself. I realize that Anal Reyna’s safe place is “Down” on Judge Matt’s “Johnson”, but not this time!

  2. jay Says:

    im glad im not the only one that refuses to call crank ‘crystal meth’….

    keep up the good work rebel….

  3. kenny Says:

    WOW ive read dome legal mumbo jumbo. Line item is anything gathered be not fruit ofvthe tree. If its not fruit of thevtree everything isvthrown out period. Rebel thank ya for the news.

  4. Dutchboy Says:

    Looks like the wheels are coming off, or at least are damned loose and wobbling like hell. “Recuse”? Hell, more like convict. If there was ever a situation that screamed RICO it’s the Johnson, Reyna, Strother triad.

  5. FF Says:

    Esto está dedicado a el Cabron en la foto


    Abelino Reyna vino de su RECTUM de las madres

  6. david Says:

    Un-Abel’s statement translated: “Based on my connections with the organized crime ‘Good O’le Boy’ network, I’m not worried about it.”

  7. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    @ Fuzzy: (chuckle) I’m in…

  8. Freebird Says:

    Chavez cell log records for that day would be a nice document to see.

  9. Uncle Bob Says:

    “I never spoke to Mr. Reyna that night”. Says it all doesn’t it?

  10. kenny Says:

    First off… when u tell one lie it leads to two lies. The gov has used lies to fuck us for years. But us 1%ers know this in fact we acepted it the day we sewed on our patches. The mom and pop clubs should see that they are getting treated like us. When I raised money for my down brothers i would tell the clubs ….We lose its u next. Rebel I say again b very carefull. Your the only voice and u know a set up to dirty u is in the ATF playbook. Thanks for your reporting!!!

  11. RLG Says:

    I have a source that tells me Reyna was drunk and high on coke that dfay. He scored it from some deep cover DEA agents who promised him this case would make his career — he would be a super star in Texican law enforcement circles after he did his part to smash the local 3 piece patch, er, OMGs. My source wasn’t sure, but he thinks there was some sexual inuendo from one of the female DEA agents as well.

    Stay tuned dear readers, my source swears there are more incredible details to some. Some about the Adelita’s Express…

  12. Jim Jones Says:

    First Strother, then Johnson (maybe), then Reyna (hopefully). I think maybe a crack in the dam is going to let a little light through! We can only hope!

  13. Iron Rider Says:

    LOL Chavz’s testimony totally contradicts Reyna’s be a mile. Apparently Chavez wasn’t interested to face a perjury charge so told the truth.

    Reyna on the other hand looks like he consulted with Tattoo and Mr.Rourke on his testimony since there seems to be a lot of Fantasy in his recollection of what transpired compared to Chavez’s recollection.

    Am I surprised that Reyna’s testimony is no where near Chavea’s, nope not for a minute. The real question here is what the judge who heard it does. Perjury is a crime, so how does Reyna explain away the contradictions between his and Chavez’s testimony? Reyna cant. This will be a test of how impartial the court is going to be.

    I can’t wait till Reyna starts having to sit for depositions in the lawsuits, every answer Reyna gives will be public record and you can bet your ass he will be getting raked over the coals, I would even pay for a front seat at Reyna’s depo.

    I hope all of the defendants lawyers keep going after Reyna, Johnson and Strothers, way too much back slapping wink wink I got you back buddy bullshit going on btwn the 3 of them

  14. Fuzzy Says:

    Who wants to take bets on how this will play out?

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