The Waco Ballistics

September 26, 2017

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The Waco Ballistics

Speculation about how many police fired their weapons into the panicked crowd at the Waco Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 and who killed whom waxes and wanes. From the beginning, the official reporting of this case has been so twisted and Byzantine that it has been impossible not to see conspiracy.

A mountain of evidence points to a clandestine conspiracy but it does not lead to where many people hope it will.

There may very well be concealed evidence that shots were fired by police snipers. But if there was a sniper he fired only one shot. If there was a sniper he fired the shot that started the brawl. If there was a sniper, he used a rifle very similar to the ones three, known, Waco Swat officers used.

There was not, as some survivors have stated, automatic weapons fire during the brawl. That idea is absurd. Machine guns tear things up. If police fired machine guns, they fired them into the air. It is much more likely that survivors heard a crescendo of many weapons being fired and echoes of gunfire.


There has also been a suspicion, from virtually the moment the shooting stopped, that the fight was provoked by one or more of the seven undercover agents at the Twin Peaks that day. Almost immediately, multiple sources told The Aging Rebel that “two men wearing Cossacks colors” approached a small group of policemen and “put police windbreakers on.”

According to the official record, which is what may be presented at trial, Texas Department of Public Safety Lieutenant Steven Schwartz was on scene in a car with agents Chris Frost and Chris Dale. Four other undercovers paired off to “gather intelligence.” One pair comprised agents Cory Ledbetter and Justin Overcast. The second pair included Waco police detective Jeff Rogers and DPS agent Mark Gerik. It is plausible that one or both pairs dressed up like Cossacks. There is no particular evidence at this point that they did. There never will be. Those Cassacks cuts, if there were Cossacks cuts, are undoubtedly now collected evidence in Drug Enforcement Administration Investigation GGA3R which was imitated on May 26 2015 as “a result of the MC-related shootings on May 17, 2005 at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco Texas.” Those cuts are safely hidden behind the federal firewall.

There is a possibility that one or more of the undercovers pulled a disposable pistol and tried to shoot his way out but that is very unlikely. If they were caught in the fight there is no reason to suspect that they wouldn’t have done what almost everybody else did, which was take cover. Why would they take a chance on being mistaken for a biker?

Serial Number BF1470811

If the first shot was fired by police the target was Cossack Wayne Lee Campbell. Campbell was leaning against the balcony of the Twin Peaks patio with his hands in his pockets when he was shot in the chin. The bullet and his face both fragmented. A bullet fragment and a bullet jacket fragment were removed from the front of his neck near his esophagus. Ballistics tests on the fragments performed at the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences at Dallas conclude that the bullet that killed Campbell was fired from a “Bushmaster, model XM 15-E25, 5.56 x 45mm caliber select-fire rifle, serial number BF1470811.”

The rifle was one of three turned over to the forensic institute by the Waco police. Three Waco Swat officers, Andy O’Neal, Michael Bucher and Heath Jackson admitted that they had “engaged” bikers. The chain of evidence for their rifles seems impeccable and all three were briefed by police union representative before talking to detectives. All three were “no billed,” or cleared, by a Waco grand jury in September 2016. The serial numbers of the guns each officer was issued have never been made public.

Cossack Daniel Raymond “Diesel” Boyett was shot in the head as he crawled toward police. He was shot with two rifles and one of them was the same rifle that killed Campbell. Tests on two bullet fragments revealed that one fragment, “removed from right neck was identified as having been fired by the item One Bushmaster. model XM 15-E2S, 5.56 x 45mm caliberselect-flre rifle, serial number BF1470811.” Additional fragments “removed from left abdomen wall” and Boyett’s “head and left face” were conclusively identified “as having been fired by the item One Bushmaster, model XM 15-E2S, 5.56 x 45mm ealiber select-fire rifle, serial number L372190.”

Many .38s

Someone shot Cossack Richard Vincent “Bear” Kirschner, Jr. with a .38 caliber pistol in the leg as he attacked a Bandido with a length of steel chain. Someone else ran up to Kirschner while he was down and hit him in the head with what looks like a wrench. Kirschner rose again and fell near the pole camera police had installed that morning to memorialize the anticipated violence. He appeared to have been shot just before he fell a second time which would be consistent with his autopsy report. The bullet that dropped him the final time and left a large hole in his leg has never been recovered. Kirschner died at a Waco hospital. Only the .38 caliber bullet was recovered.

A Cossack named Jacob Lee “Rattlecan” Rhyne, executed Jesus Delgado “Jesse” “Mohawk” Rodriguez, who was unaffiliated with any club, by shooting him the head at close range as Rodriguez fought with Cossack Jacob Cody “J” Reese.

After he killed Rodriguez, Rhyne was shot and killed by “One Bushmaster. model XM 15-E2S, 5.56 x 45mm caliber select•fire rifle, serial number L372190, which was one of the guns used to kill Boyett. Ryhne was also shot by a projectile fired from an unidentified ,22 caliber rifle.

The lone Bandido to die, Manuel Isaac “Candy Man” Rodriguez died from two gunshots, He was struck in the head by a significantly deformed .38 caliber bullet that was recovered from his neck and he was also shot in the back where a less deformed .38 caliber bullet was recovered. It is possible that Rodriguez was shot by one of the four undercover cops in the crowd but unlikely.

Oedipal Magistratus

Cossack regional sergeant at arms Charles Wayne “Dog” Russell was shot by a small caliber round to the chest. He had numerous abrasions as if he had been in a fight or an accident. He had a large, star shaped wound on his shaved head. The path of the bullet that killed him was from his front to his back and slightly downward. The path of the bullet makes it unlikely that he was shot by an elevated sniper. A minimally deformed, approximately 15 mm long, small caliber, jacketed bullet was recovered from his vest. Russell appears to have been shot with a .22 caliber pistol. Many bikers carry either .22 caliber derringers or .22 caliber revolvers as emergency guns. Police never do.

Richard Matthew “Chain” Jordan, III, the stepson of Cossacks Nomad Owen Reeves another club regional sergeant at arms, died of gunshot wounds to the head. Two bullet fragments, identified by the forensics lab as having been fired from a .38 caliber weapon, were recovered during his autopsy.

Matthew Mark Smith was killed by one of two Bandidos using a .45 caliber pistol. Smith had a pistol in his hand when he was shot. There is significant evidence that the Bandido who killed Smith, warned him to stop and fired only after Smith fired at him.

Ballistics evidence indicates that at least four of the wounded were shot by police riflemen. One of them was Christopher Julian Carrizal, the father of Christopher Jacob Carrizal, who will be the first Twin Peaks defendant to stand trial. Among the victims Jake Carrizal is accused of assaulting, is his father.



52 Responses to “The Waco Ballistics”

  1. Steve Says:

    .38 caliber bullets could come from a .380, a .357, a 9mm.. or .38 specials… I wonder what the recovered bullets weigh.

  2. david Says:

    Persecutors will refer to the accused as “defend – ants”, small easily squashed critters who the persecution can win against. Subliminal,word play mind-control.
    And all one large GAME, in “court”.

    The so-called legal system, truly is, a large pile of shit.

  3. xplor Says:

    Criminal prosecutors will call a firearm a “weapon,” while defense attorneys will call it a “gun.”
    When prosecutors talk about the defendant “aiming” and “firing” the weapon,
    defense attorneys respond with phrases like “where the barrel was pointing when the gun went off.”
    …All of these advocates have a vested interest in their choice of words (hence the term “mouthpiece”)…

    D. H. Garrison, Jr.

  4. Mark Says:

    A little background, as I understand. The COC meetings had been held in Austin but this meeting was changed to Waco, by Twin Peaks Austin whom had no past issues from COC meetings.
    The cops put up a pole with a camera. The cops had snipers in place. That’s just a little background that has wondering minds asking, a lot of, “why’s” and “how come’s”. The more that that comes out seems to demand many questions that need answers. What a cluster fuck.

  5. FF Says:

    Maybe it’s too simple or maybe I’m not seeing the big picture, but all a defense attorney has to do is push the TRUE NARRATIVE that if the people who were NOT invited to attend this meeting -Cops and Cocksacks- don’t show up, NONE OF THIS MURDER AND MAYHEM OCCURS.

    It blows my mind the way the Government Media Industrial Complex gets away with the FALSE NARRATIVE and blames this all on Red and Gold. And you know every single one of the jurors minds are polluted with this lying ass crap.

  6. Shutup Says:

    Seen five or six riding solo flying their rag since May 2015. Last one a month or so back.
    Respect to those who deserve it. Thanks again Rebel, for your coverage. Noticed the waco Tribune hasn’t published the ballistics report yet, or mentioned it..

  7. rw Says:

    They’re seen about as often as they were before,rarely.
    There has been a long standing joke here that the MC on they’re back stood for my car. If u see 1 on a bike there’s prob 10 in cars.
    Hell the last time some showed at the little bar I go to there were 4 wearing they’re rags and three bikes in the lot. Mine and the 2 prospects with me.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    @Aanon I still see Bandits around but haven’t seen a Cossack since TPs. Sometimes my temper can get the better of me. Like my last Post. I had to change it a bunch of times. I hope I don’t see any. I blame the Cossacks 1st. Then Police. I can see the Police “set up” and conspiracy but that’s what Police do and have been doing for years… to everyone, not just bikers. If Police put a 12yo girl in front of someone as bait and He takes it… He’s still a pedophile. Whatever Bandits are doesn’t concern me. On that day they were COC&I members attending a meeting. Whether they knew or not that The Cossacks were waiting doesn’t concern me. Why should anyone be bullied into not going to a meeting just because there is danger there? Lots of those people were not Bandits (or support clubs) and just bikers… With a Fat Mexican patch. 100% Innocent. Waitresses and Civilians were there too. I’m as close as this blog can get to being an unbiased juror and believe The COC&I members need to stoke up the anger at what The Cossacks did that day. In Court.
    But NO… I haven’t seen any. If I do I’m going to have to control my anger. I can provoke too… and guess what? I can call Police and act the Victim too. I’m 100% Civilian and an old man but have given all the fear I could ever have long ago. Cossacks have more than The Bandits to worry about these days in Texas.

  9. Aanon Says:

    Are they still seen around Texas? Or any of you other Texans answer that ? I’m on the left Coast, it’s an honest inquiry.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    FUCKING COSSACKS! Decided to make a stand against The Bandits ON A SUNDAY MORNING IN A MALL PARKING LOT! Do you even know you put innocent bikers and waitresses in danger by TCB on that day… in that Mall Parking Lot? DAM the Police and their tricks. They been doing this Shit for years. You Fucking bought chains that morning? Crashed a Meeting? Pulled out your dicks to show everyone how big they were only to realize how tiny they were. Then cried like babies when Cops smoked you. You were “set up”? NIGGER PLEASE! Y’all were defending YOUR “turf”… Waco. What am I? Stupid!
    The only Luck you had that day was that MY DAUGHTER wasn’t a waitress and got hurt that Sunday Morning. Don’t imagine that I would care who shot Her. Burn those colors… They are a disgrace.

  11. Freebird Says:

    Rebel your what we used to call in the Army a “High Speed Low Drag” kind of dude! Great reporting!

  12. Aanon Says:

    To quote dumb and dumber,” so what you’re really trying to say is….”
    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend. Thank you

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bobo,

    Yes. You are right.

    Right. Without bothering to clean up the OCR, if you already have the autopsy you can read along, the passage in the report reads:

    B. Gunshot wound of trunk:
    The right side of the back has a gunshot entrance wound located 15-3/4 inches from the top of the head and 3•lI2 inches to the
    right of the midline. The ‘I. inch, round detect has a 1116 inch pink, concentric marginal abrasion. There is no soot or stippling on
    the skin.
    After perforating the skin and subcutaneous soft tissue, the bullet sequentially perforates the right Rth intercostal space, lower
    lobe of the right lung, right pulmonary hilum and pulmonary ligament, left atrium and ventricle, superior segment of the lower lobe
    of the left lung, ..nd mlterolateral left 4th rib.
    The bullet exits the subcutaneous soft tissue and skin ofthe lell chest, 14 inches from the top of the head and 6 inches to the left
    of the midline. The slit-like defect measures 5/R inch and has slightly irregular margins. There is no marginal abrasion or firearms
    The trajectory is from back to tront. right to left, ..od upward.
    The wound track is hemorrlwgic. The right and len pleural cavities contain approximately I I 50 cc and 690 cc of blood,
    respectively. The pericardial sac is lacerated with ..pproximatdy 10 cc of residual blood. The heart h..s .. large, gaping defect of
    the left atrium and basilar left ventricle which involves the left ventricular outflow tract, mitral valve, and left circumflex coronary
    ..rtel)’. No fragments .. re recovered ulong the wound track.

    And the corresponding passage in the ballistic report reads (again without cleaning up the typos that result from OCRing the document)
    Hole A, a bullet entry defect, was located on the back right side of item 004-008. Gunshot residue in the
    form of lead wipe and lead particulate was observed ncar Hole A. Hole A corresponds in general location to
    a gunshot entry wound to the body, per the autopsy report.

    I believe the fatal shot was fired by Rhyne. Okay? You with me? The torso shot might have been fatal but Rhyne did fire the head shot. There is no evidence that either shot was fired by a cop which was the point of the story. If you have what I have you must have a pretty good idea of whom, might, possibly, have fired that torso shot and when. There are two possibilities, I think – I would like to hear what you have to say – of who fired the torso shot. One of those guys is dead. Are you with me? One of the two guys is dead.

    If you don’t get what I am saying to you, then email me and I will spell it out for you explicitly.

    The success of a lot of what I do depends on my discretion. And there are guys out there who might think that even what I have written right here is dry snitching.

    Stay in touch. Write me, tell me who you are and we will chat about what I have left out. Okay?


  14. xplor Says:

    Police Chief Brent Stroman knew in advance of the potential problem at Twin Peaks. What did he do ?
    He left the town he swore to serve and protect. Was he afraid of the feds ?
    Compare Stroman to Sheriff Jack Harwell, who would have called both sides to his office a talked some good ole’ horse sense to them. It is get along or get along.

  15. Bobo Says:

    Mohawk was also shot through and through in the back(rifle?) as well as in the head by the Cossack. It’s in the autopsy report and that wound would surely have been fatal. As far as i can see from the video of them wrestling, he must have been shot right when they lurched to the left and fell. That was probably the reason he fell to begin with and he surely did not get shot while lying on his back. The Cossack may have shot a man who was already dying.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    What a wonderful Jury Selecting tool. If I’m a Trial Lawyer I got my whole counties voter profiles on my laptop. It might cost bank but these guys got McLennan Counties profiles already in their data bank. Cruz used them 1st, then Trump.

  17. xplor Says:

    Who told the three Twin Peaks Security Guards not to show up ?
    This would have been a piece of cake for them. Patel told authorities
    that he hired three security guards to attend, but they never showed.

  18. Neuro Says:

    Star shaped wound =good old Phillips-head screwdriver.

  19. Gandalf Says:

    No matter what you can bet your last dollar Police outside of TPs were communicating with someone inside for a full hour and as soon as the Cossacks arrived. It’s how Police Operate. Those communications are important to the Cossack defense. But not so much to the simple COC&I claim of Self- Defense.

  20. Gandalf Says:

    We know that the TPs Manager talked to Police and was told, “If you see anything unusual call us.” Did the Manager call Police and tell them about the Meeting crashers? We know that the Manager told Police that the COC&I had reserved the Patio AND Police saw the KNOWN ENEMY of the COC&I in the Patio seats an Hr before the shoot out. If I was manager… I would have called Police when I saw the Cossacks. Why? Because Police asked me to earlier.

  21. Gandalf Says:

    Another thing. Someone needs to check the 911 calls for any COC&I member who might have called saying, “There is an army of armed Cossacks sitting in our reserved seats at Twin Peaks.” ALL the 911 calls need to be examined for anything that helps the COC&I members Self-Defense strategy.

  22. Gandalf Says:

    @Paula I can believe BOTH conspiracy theories… I guess because I have an array of Tinfoil Hats designed for different frequencies. LOL I like to think I am a realist first and it’s not what I can believe that counts. 1st rule of Psych is people believe what they want to believe. Predisposed to believe. A Waco Jury is predisposed to believe their PD are heroes who saved the lives of innocent people that day. If I’m JakeC (or any COC%I member) I use that predisposition and give to the Jury myself as being the “Innocent” person LE saved. This is court and court is, and always has been about emotions and predispositions. Then facts you can prove to support these 2 things. But Yes, I do believe Police set the whole thing up BUT that’s a defense for the Cossacks not the COC&I members. Waco Jurors will get defensive if the COC&I members go the LE conspiracy route. Even if they see a smoking gun… maybe more.

  23. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Welcome Rebel. .

    Gandalf, sent Rebel a picture of the guy who you’re talking about that got hit 3:07. Do you have a copy of the arrest affidavit? If so read page 4 paragraph 3, the cop’s set it up.

  24. Gandalf Says:

    BTW: On Butchers Cam the most obvious Police Justification of shooting is in plain sight when a Cossack appears on the Patio and looks to be shooting straight at Butcher. With a little more review that Cossack shots a few shots down 1st. Possible executing Candyman. ????? Then while it looks like He’s shooting at Butcher watch the Yellow Helmet dude take cover behind a pole… That Cossack could have been shooting at Him. Where was JakeC at that moment? Prob taking cover just a few feet from that Cossack who was trying to execute people. No matter how you slice it Butcher could have saved JakeC’s life that day.

  25. Gandalf Says:

    And in the End there are 2 Conspiracy Theories and 1 provable fact.
    1- The Bandits set this whole thing up.
    2- LE set this whole thing up.
    Fact: An Army of armed Cossacks bought and carried weapons that morning to disrupt and/or attack the COC&I meeting.
    All Conspiracy Theories are based on fact but without a “Smoking gun”
    The Smoking gun of the “Fact” above is the Patio Video.
    (BTW: As you all might know I believe The COC&I members need only to Thank Police in open Court and let the DA prove his Tinfoil hat Theory. Thank Jurors for their time, and explain that while being arrested and charged was bad for Her Client and His Family, being dead would have been much worse. Had those 3 Cossacks, (and other Cossacks) not been taken down by LE a lot more COC&I members would have been on the dead list)

  26. Gandalf Says:

    As far as it goes, to me… The only important shot is the 1 that killed (or wounded) the Cossack at 3:07 in the Patio Vid. All the rest of the shots could be Self-Defense or blatant Murder. I always believed that shot missed it’s intended target and Hit that “innocent” Cossack minding his business. (kinda). Rebel’s clearing up of the Cossacks name and bullet that hit Him seems to me the most important revelation in this Story. The rest we kinda knew or it really didn’t matter legally. Dude with the chain bought that morning got justice when He hit the ground and Dude who executed Mohawk too. Same with dude later who looks like He is firing right at Butcher. Those 3 dead Cossacks were OBVIOUSLY in need of a bullet and Police gave it to them. IMHO

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paula Carroll Swann,

    Thank you.


  28. Maven Says:

    Rebel – thank you for your tireless work to make sure the truth is told regarding Waco.

    Much respect.

  29. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Rebel, check your messenger, I sent pictures to better help, the guy who am saying 1rst shot on the sidewalk is not Country and he was directly behind Diesel. You do realize that the one that you say protect Jacob Lee Rhyne’s aka rattlecan is who shot Jesus Delgado Rodriguez aka Mohawk.
    Please see my messages to you. All is there & with pictures. .

  30. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paula Carroll Swann,

    The man you keep misidentifying as Campbell (wearing for some mysterious reason Rattlecan Rhyne’s favorite hat) was absolutely, positively, no doubt at all, identified by six impeccable sources (who I continue to protect) Jacob “Rattlecan” Rhyne.

    I don’t know where you got the idea that 14 cops fired their weapons. As far as I know the CLEAT representative only talked to three of them. And I trust the report that asserts that because cops always cover their asses. Yes. There were very many cops there. The important questions are like why were they there, what were they told and why was at least one of them scoping a biker like bikers are deer? I wonder if he had a two-stage trigger and if he was surprised when his rifle fired. I don’t get the relevance of asserting that the cops are lying about how many cops fired their weapons in order to conceal the “fact” that, as you assert, 11 cops fired into a massed crowd and they were all such terrible shots that none of them hit anybody.

    The guy who ran off the patio, on “Patio View One” probably was Phillip “Country” White. I honestly do not believe he was the guy who dropped like a stone at the moment the brawl started. And my source for that is a person who has told me that she or he was “within feet” of the first two people to be shot. And no I am not going to tell you her, or his name. Really don’t care if you believe me or not. But I do think that deliberately asserting misinformation at this point, when the main facts of the brawl have been know for two years, is counterproductive.

    Thanks for reading and commenting,

  31. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Yes, Gandalf. . I was never able to get a positive ID on who he was. I think he is also the same guy they pulled under the railing onto the patio. That one is alive and is not Campbell. Campbell was the last to be shot, in the dash cam after the shooting stops, you see Campbell get up walk over Chain step off the sidewalk and fired 4 shots at people on the ground then you see him get shot. In both the dash cam and the patio video you see someone doing CPR on Campbell as well as Rhyne’s who is in the parking lot behind the silver car that was next to the white truck that was backed in…
    Remember people have a way of telling on themselves, Swanton said as soon as they BANISHED WEAPONS we quickly moved in, so I would say that either Bucher or Jackson shot that guy on the sidewalk or a Swat member, as we found a scope battery in the landscape that was where Bucher’s backed up his vehicle.
    22 WPD, 10 Swat, 6 DPS + detective Rogers, unsure of the # of Sheriff.
    14 officer’s was placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after firing their weapons, however we only have the 3 officer’s who fired the. 223 rounds. Now leaving that O’Neal who claims to have only fired 1 shot at Campbell, we are still missing 11 officer’s and their weapons.
    We have 18 wounded & don’t know what weapons shot them. Missing projectiles that went through people.

  32. Gandalf Says:

    @ PCS OK maybe we have the names mixed up. I’m only concerned with who was shot 1st. And who shot the man. The Patio Video above at 3:05-07 shows a Cossack minding his business leaning on the patio fence but standing in the Parking Lot. Watch Him drop at 3:07. I assume this man is Mr. Campbell, He was shot by LE rifle, and it was the 1st shot of all shots fired. (It could be the 2nd shot so long as the 2 shots were less than 2sec apart.) Before He is shot people were not panicking or afraid. It’s also exactly the time a Cossack on the Patio draws his weapon and takes defensive measures. OBIOUSLY THE 1st shot was between 3:05 and 3:07. Whoever took it. Please correct me if I’m wrong…anybody.

  33. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    This doesn’t update correctly, which is a problem. Yes Wayne Lee Campbell was shot last after he stepped off the sidewalk and fired 4 shots at people on the ground. To which I never understood why, you see it in both the patio video & the dash cam video. You can also see Kirchner in the patio video with a whip hanging from his right side belt loop, you see him walk off the patio & then you see him on the sidewalk by where Boyett was at.
    O’Neal claimed he only fired 1 shot, so if this is true, now remember what 1 guy reported that was in the rear parking lot of Twin Peaks of officer’s firing from there?
    Also on the pole cam you see that Kirchner was shot in the butt.

  34. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    I know that Boyett was shot in the head while wrestling with someone and then the 2nd shot to the top of his head while on the ground.

  35. Frank Says:

    You don’t mix up dates, but I just did…May 17, 2015

  36. Frank Says:

    Your work on Waco has been relentless. Your document of it has been above any reproach and the complete fact based story of what has happened after May 15, 2017.

    Thank you, Rebel.

  37. Iron Rider Says:

    While I have doubt about who shot whom, One of the things that bothers me is what Paula mentioned before and that was there were Law Enforcement picking up shell casings, that would certainly raise some eyebrows at why the cops would be picking up casings at a crime scene, and the only conclusion I can see is too lessen the ballistics evidence that cops fired more shots at Twin Peaks then what they say it did.

    While I believe Rebel is reporting what the ballistics report has stated, if the cops were removing casings from the scene,that would make the report manipulated before it was created.

    The fact that Law Enforcement fired into a crowd of over a hundred + people makes me think the order of shoot to kill was issues way before a shot was fired because no Law Enforcement agency in it’s right mind would allow it’s officers to fire into a crowd that large because there in no way to tell who is a victim, who is an assailant, and who is an innocent bystander and there is no way in hell a cop could make that determination on the fly, hence why I believe there was a standing order of shoot to kill and judging by some of the shots fired, I still believe that Swat officers were doing the shooting from elevated position which would explain wounds some survivors got and those that were killed.

    I get the felling there was some sensitization of the scene and the ballistics report reflects that ( mind you I have always been a skeptic of the police investigating there own and the police being in charge of evidence in a case where there is allegations of police wrong doing ) and I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see a little of the nudge nudge wink wink nothing to see here investigation of what happened at Twin Peaks

    Hopefully the various defendants counsels will find some laziness in the document dump, it wouldn’t be the first time someone included something in disclosure that wasn’t supposed to be there.

  38. TX_Biker Says:

    @L-Frame S&W The .38 Special and 9mm are the same size bullet. Yes, the same size. They are within two thousandths of an inch of each other. The .38 Special measures .357″ in diameter. The 9mm measures .355″ in diameter. The slight difference in diameter is not relevant to any degree worth debating. Now consider after a bullet hits a target and deforms, It will be more difficult to tell 9mm from .38.

  39. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paula. I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion anyone was shot before Campbell. Judging buy the Patio Video posted on this page watch for a “group Flinch” (or panic) to determine when the 1st shot was taken by anyone. It’s kinda easy to tell. Just after 3:05 on the video. Campbell drops by a Police rifle at 3:07 in the Video. It stands to reason that no other shots were fired 9or even a fight started) because before that people were just milling around. Why did Police take that shot? There can only be 3 reasons; 1- The shooter was protecting a UC/CI who was a part of the initial fight. 2- The shooter saw a gun come out and took the shot. 3- The shooter got an itchy trigger finger and shot at the 1st sign of a fist fight. Either way 2 things ARE FOR SURE. 1- The LE shooter was watching through his scope even before the fight started and 2- The LE shooter missed his target and hit Campbell. It could be that the Campbell shot was taken 1sec after a 1st shot by 1 of the bikers in the initial fight but it seems way too fast and even a fist fight should have caused people in that video to flinch, panic or move around fast.

  40. oldskewl Says:

    I see a whole lot of guys that can’t get out of their own way despite having a brother shot in the fucking grill still breathing and needing a hand to get to safety.

  41. Austin Says:

    @Gandalf- good advice- along with keep these guys in mind when doing ANY posting. Wow.

  42. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    This proves that O’Neal lied about firing only 1 shot at a shooter..
    So O’Neal 1rst shot Boyett then ran around Don Carlos and then shot Campbell.

  43. Gandalf Says:

    Here is a Link to Cambridge Analytica. Trump proved that Cambridge Analytica’s FB targeting in certain districts can beat the Main Stream Media at it’s own game. The cutting edge of modern Propaganda. IT WORKS!

  44. Gandalf Says:

    Because the Cossack in the Patio Video OBVIOUSLY falls almost the exact instant the crowd reacts to the 1st shot it can be assumed that was either the 1st shot or the 2nd just a second after the 1st. That’s shot came from a Police rifle and seems VERY IMPORTANT to me. IMHO The Bandits need to simply point at the Cossacks buying weapons and crashing the meeting an Hr before… Then jumping the Patio to surround them. Slam the Cossacks with everything you got. Don’t slam Police. Thank Police for saving your life. On the other hand The Cossacks need to show the guy being shot 1st on the Patio and slam Police with everything you got. Show your Client running away. Slam Big O (or anyone you can link to Police like the Waco Pres Wilson who had a meeting with Police weeks before) and say you were duped into going that morning. Show you were a Pawn in a Police plan to get the Bandits and encouraged by Police (via Wilson) to attend. Then show the 1st shot.
    2 words: CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA! Pay these people to do a profile of EVERY Waco voter and perspective Juror. They already have a profile on them and simply need to print it out. Chip in and Share the results with other Lawyers. Cambridge Analytica can also target Waco with Pro Biker FB posts and advertisements and actually change opinions…. Do this ASAP.

  45. Shameful Says:

    I agree with most of this, but have to disagree on the Campbell portion. Campbell was the guy shot after Rhyne, when he stepped out from cover near the patio door and began firing at individuals who were taking cover on the ground. Looked to get at least 3 shots off prior to being shot by the cops. The guy shot in the initial police volley was probably Phillip White, aka Country, who was shot superficially in the face, tearing thru his cheek.he is the guy seen with blood covering his face in many of the videos. He was taken to the hospital, released, then picked up under the sealed indictments in a casino in Bossier City, Louisiana.

  46. James Crawford Says:

    Settting up this situation then deploying snipers to protect undercover officers is so insanely dangerous and irresponsible that it makes my head spin. The fact that the first man to die was leaning against the railing with his hands in his pockets threatening no one demonstrates then complete dereliction of duty and common sense.

  47. Gandalf Says:

    I don’t understand ballistics but this story makes it easier to understand. I have always thought the Cossack leaning against the rail with His hands in His pocket was the 1st person shot. If you mark the exact sec in the Patio Video everyone reacts together it seems to fit. I always wanted to know what bullet was found and who took that particular shot. Now I know it was Police and from a distance. Tells me Police had rifles out and were watching with the scopes before the bandits even arrived. Police had ALL the big dogs there that day and were obviously prepared. It was well thought out and controlled with supervisors present. Q- Why have 3 officers watching with their scopes instead of Binoculars or just waiting? A(?) Because they were protecting UC/CIs who were very close to the action. Why take the 1st shot except they were told who was UC/CI and they saw their man in Danger? In the mix of the fight. My conclusion is the shot was to protect their guy and missed and Hit WL Campbell. I suspect CW “Dog” and/or “Chain” Jordan started the fight after the prospect stopped the bandits bikes. BOTH SIDES Obviously knew they were surrounded by Police that day. Seems obvious that The Bandits took cover fast and The Cossacks kept fighting and shooting. Why? Did The Cossacks think Police were with them? Why was, “It was a set up.” shouted by the Cossacks if they were not talking about Police setting them up? Who else could have, “Set them up?” Id like to see some knuckle pics or evidence of fist fighting. Esp on those 2 particular Cossacks.

  48. L-Frame S&W Says:

    “The lone Bandido to die, Manuel Isaac “Candy Man” Rodriguez died from two gunshots, He was struck in the head by a significantly deformed .38 caliber bullet that was recovered from his neck and he was also shot in the back where a less deformed .38 caliber bullet was recovered. It is possible that Rodriguez was shot by one of the four undercover cops in the crowd but unlikely.”

    Rebel, yes, pretty unlikely, cops switched to 9mm semi-autos a long time ago. Even the undercovers are carrying compact 9s, while uniforms are carrying full size 9s or .45s.

  49. TX_Biker Says:

    What about those in the crowd that were wounded by gunfire? did the report include the ballistics for those wounds?

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