The Waco Ballistics

September 26, 2017

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The Waco Ballistics

Speculation about how many police fired their weapons into the panicked crowd at the Waco Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 and who killed whom waxes and wanes. From the beginning, the official reporting of this case has been so twisted and Byzantine that it has been impossible not to see conspiracy.

A mountain of evidence points to a clandestine conspiracy but it does not lead to where many people hope it will.

There may very well be concealed evidence that shots were fired by police snipers. But if there was a sniper he fired only one shot. If there was a sniper he fired the shot that started the brawl. If there was a sniper, he used a rifle very similar to the ones three, known, Waco Swat officers used.

There was not, as some survivors have stated, automatic weapons fire during the brawl. That idea is absurd. Machine guns tear things up. If police fired machine guns, they fired them into the air. It is much more likely that survivors heard a crescendo of many weapons being fired and echoes of gunfire.


There has also been a suspicion, from virtually the moment the shooting stopped, that the fight was provoked by one or more of the seven undercover agents at the Twin Peaks that day. Almost immediately, multiple sources told The Aging Rebel that “two men wearing Cossacks colors” approached a small group of policemen and “put police windbreakers on.”

According to the official record, which is what may be presented at trial, Texas Department of Public Safety Lieutenant Steven Schwartz was on scene in a car with agents Chris Frost and Chris Dale. Four other undercovers paired off to “gather intelligence.” One pair comprised agents Cory Ledbetter and Justin Overcast. The second pair included Waco police detective Jeff Rogers and DPS agent Mark Gerik. It is plausible that one or both pairs dressed up like Cossacks. There is no particular evidence at this point that they did. There never will be. Those Cassacks cuts, if there were Cossacks cuts, are undoubtedly now collected evidence in Drug Enforcement Administration Investigation GGA3R which was imitated on May 26 2015 as “a result of the MC-related shootings on May 17, 2005 at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco Texas.” Those cuts are safely hidden behind the federal firewall.

There is a possibility that one or more of the undercovers pulled a disposable pistol and tried to shoot his way out but that is very unlikely. If they were caught in the fight there is no reason to suspect that they wouldn’t have done what almost everybody else did, which was take cover. Why would they take a chance on being mistaken for a biker?

Serial Number BF1470811

If the first shot was fired by police the target was Cossack Wayne Lee Campbell. Campbell was leaning against the balcony of the Twin Peaks patio with his hands in his pockets when he was shot in the chin. The bullet and his face both fragmented. A bullet fragment and a bullet jacket fragment were removed from the front of his neck near his esophagus. Ballistics tests on the fragments performed at the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences at Dallas conclude that the bullet that killed Campbell was fired from a “Bushmaster, model XM 15-E25, 5.56 x 45mm caliber select-fire rifle, serial number BF1470811.”

The rifle was one of three turned over to the forensic institute by the Waco police. Three Waco Swat officers, Andy O’Neal, Michael Bucher and Heath Jackson admitted that they had “engaged” bikers. The chain of evidence for their rifles seems impeccable and all three were briefed by police union representative before talking to detectives. All three were “no billed,” or cleared, by a Waco grand jury in September 2016. The serial numbers of the guns each officer was issued have never been made public.

Cossack Daniel Raymond “Diesel” Boyett was shot in the head as he crawled toward police. He was shot with two rifles and one of them was the same rifle that killed Campbell. Tests on two bullet fragments revealed that one fragment, “removed from right neck was identified as having been fired by the item One Bushmaster. model XM 15-E2S, 5.56 x 45mm caliberselect-flre rifle, serial number BF1470811.” Additional fragments “removed from left abdomen wall” and Boyett’s “head and left face” were conclusively identified “as having been fired by the item One Bushmaster, model XM 15-E2S, 5.56 x 45mm ealiber select-fire rifle, serial number L372190.”

Many .38s

Someone shot Cossack Richard Vincent “Bear” Kirschner, Jr. with a .38 caliber pistol in the leg as he attacked a Bandido with a length of steel chain. Someone else ran up to Kirschner while he was down and hit him in the head with what looks like a wrench. Kirschner rose again and fell near the pole camera police had installed that morning to memorialize the anticipated violence. He appeared to have been shot just before he fell a second time which would be consistent with his autopsy report. The bullet that dropped him the final time and left a large hole in his leg has never been recovered. Kirschner died at a Waco hospital. Only the .38 caliber bullet was recovered.

A Cossack named Jacob Lee “Rattlecan” Rhyne, executed Jesus Delgado “Jesse” “Mohawk” Rodriguez, who was unaffiliated with any club, by shooting him the head at close range as Rodriguez fought with Cossack Jacob Cody “J” Reese.

After he killed Rodriguez, Rhyne was shot and killed by “One Bushmaster. model XM 15-E2S, 5.56 x 45mm caliber select•fire rifle, serial number L372190, which was one of the guns used to kill Boyett. Ryhne was also shot by a projectile fired from an unidentified ,22 caliber rifle.

The lone Bandido to die, Manuel Isaac “Candy Man” Rodriguez died from two gunshots, He was struck in the head by a significantly deformed .38 caliber bullet that was recovered from his neck and he was also shot in the back where a less deformed .38 caliber bullet was recovered. It is possible that Rodriguez was shot by one of the four undercover cops in the crowd but unlikely.

Oedipal Magistratus

Cossack regional sergeant at arms Charles Wayne “Dog” Russell was shot by a small caliber round to the chest. He had numerous abrasions as if he had been in a fight or an accident. He had a large, star shaped wound on his shaved head. The path of the bullet that killed him was from his front to his back and slightly downward. The path of the bullet makes it unlikely that he was shot by an elevated sniper. A minimally deformed, approximately 15 mm long, small caliber, jacketed bullet was recovered from his vest. Russell appears to have been shot with a .22 caliber pistol. Many bikers carry either .22 caliber derringers or .22 caliber revolvers as emergency guns. Police never do.

Richard Matthew “Chain” Jordan, III, the stepson of Cossacks Nomad Owen Reeves another club regional sergeant at arms, died of gunshot wounds to the head. Two bullet fragments, identified by the forensics lab as having been fired from a .38 caliber weapon, were recovered during his autopsy.

Matthew Mark Smith was killed by one of two Bandidos using a .45 caliber pistol. Smith had a pistol in his hand when he was shot. There is significant evidence that the Bandido who killed Smith, warned him to stop and fired only after Smith fired at him.

Ballistics evidence indicates that at least four of the wounded were shot by police riflemen. One of them was Christopher Julian Carrizal, the father of Christopher Jacob Carrizal, who will be the first Twin Peaks defendant to stand trial. Among the victims Jake Carrizal is accused of assaulting, is his father.



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