Landers’ Lawyer Still Chopping

September 25, 2017

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Landers' Lawyer Still Chopping

A small circle of hired and unpaid volunteer attorney’s in the Twin Peaks Biker Brawl case in Waco, acting to satisfy their consciences rather than their wallets, continue to chop away at the prosecution.

According to Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune-Herald there are about 70 court appointed attorneys in the case. All of them seem to be adhering to what the Obama Administration used to call “strategic patience.”

Last Friday Millie L. Thompson, the Austin lawyer who represents motorcycle rights activist Thomas Paul Landers, filed a motion to disqualify the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office from prosecuting her client’s case. Thompson is one of the less patient attorney’s.


Landers is a member of the Escondidos Motorcycle Club and a founder of a motorcycle rights group called US Defenders. He was standing about 30 yards from the flashpoint of the brawl, talking to man named Lawrence Yeager, when the shooting started. He took cover. Then he was detained as a witness. Approximately 12 hours later, he was arrested at the Waco Convention Center and charged with engaging in an organized criminal conspiracy that led to multiple aggravated assaults and multiple murders.

Landers, like 176 other witnesses, was arrested on the orders of McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna. Reyna, for reasons that may be explained at future trials, ordered that everyone who was either wearing or in possession of symbols that might be construed as statements of support for either the Bandidos Motorcycle Club or the Cossacks Motorcycle Club should be arrested.

Later, Reyna told a television reporter, “I know this. I know the motto of the Cossacks is to take care of your own. So if you are showing up with those colors, you’re backing your brother. And if your brother is out there shooting a gun, and you are taking care of your own, and as many weapons as were found out there, they weren’t out there just to eat lunch. They weren’t out there just to have their little meeting. They meant business and they fall under the definition of criminal street gang. They were engaging in organized criminal activity and at this point, that’s where the evidence to us points.”

Landers was neither a supporter nor an antagonist of the Cossacks. There is no evidence or reasonable suspicion that he participated in or encouraged the Twin Peaks brawl.

Nevertheless, he was indicted along with 105 other arrestees on November 10, 2015 by a “grand jury.” All 106 were indicted in a single nine-hour session. That means that if prosecutors Reyna, Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon spent only 30 seconds picking up each case file, and clearing their throats, and reading the words on the outside of each file folder to the jurors; and none of the jurors or prosecutors ever had to go the bathroom; and the court reporter was a bionic court reporter who never needed a break; and nobody ate lunch; then those magnificent grand jurors would have carefully considered the probable guilt or innocence of each of the accused for an average of four minutes and thirty-four seconds. And, they would have done that 106 times in a row.

Arguably, the whole proceeding was a pro forma charade to render moot the claim by some defenders that the indicted had been illegally arrested.. The indictments made the arrests of the indictees perfectly legal.

Clever For Waco

Thompson has been fighting the charges against Landers tooth and nail for more than two years. Last month she successfully argued that a Waco judge named Ralph Strother should be disqualified from Landers’ case because time after time he acted as if he was part of the prosecution. Thompson also testified for lawyer Casie Gotro when she successfully recused Strother and tried to recuse Judge Matt Johnson. Johnson is the only other judge in Waco assigned to hear felony cases.

Gotro represents Banddo Christopher Jacob Carrizal who will probably go on trial in two weeks.

Landers had been scheduled to go to trial on November 7. After Strother was removed his case, Landers lost his trial date.

Thompson’s motion list 14 separate reasons why the case should be prosecuted by someone other than Reyna. Some of the arguments have been coming up for years and some of them are fresher – or at least more freshly stated..

“Reyna has a financial stake in this prosecution, as Landers, and more than 100 others, have civil rights lawsuits pending against him in the Western District of Texas at Austin.”

Reyna may be called as “a witness in this case.”

Reyna persuaded Strother, for the sole benefit of the prosecution, “to order Twin Peaks clients to the District Attorney’s Office so that the DA could execute search warrants and gather evidence against them.” He also got Strother to constantly juggle the trial schedule to create “a trial lineup that benefits the State’s trial strategy.”

Sleazy Everywhere Else

Throughout the case, Reyna, and his staff have flooded “the defense with voluminous irrelevant discovery (aka data dump) for the purpose of preventing the defense from properly preparing the case for trial and hiding the relevant discovery that the State has (or has not) provided.”

At the same time, the bad guys with good government jobs, “have withheld evidence in the case from defense attorneys,” like “material created or used by the lead Waco Police Department Gang Unit Detective Jeff Rogers, who had foreknowledge of the Cossack ambush before May 17, 2015.” And, “the criminal histories of those arrested at Twin Peaks, some of whom the State will call as witnesses, when the State’s expert will testify to percentages of motorcycle club members having criminal histories and the actual raw data is essential for cross examination and impeachment.”

Frequently, the right word to describe the Twin Peaks prosecution is “sleazy.”

Thompson accuses Reyna of “issuing a press release that painted the 150 plus (defendants) as pedophiles by publicly stating that the discovery of cellphone data would be delayed due to the discovery of child pornography on the clients’ phones when the truth is almost all of the alleged questionable images are not provably illegal – but instead were cached images of petite women advertised on the internet as being teenagers – and such were found on a mere fraction of the phones seized.”

Thompson filed her motion with Judge Johnson. Johnson is Reyna’s former law partner. Johnson agreed to hear oral arguments for and against the motion on October 20. There is some possibility that the Carrizal trial will have ended by then.



9 Responses to “Landers’ Lawyer Still Chopping”

  1. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Re: the Reyna vid @ top. Waco, the fifth most dangerous jurisdiction in Texas? To say that with a straight face he’s gotta be smokin’ something very, very hallucinatory. That ad just goes to show that scare tactics still work on the sheeple. Maybe he’ll get the county’s top award for creative propaganda this year…

  2. david Says:

    Reyna, as the attorney he in fact is, knows the TX Constitution, the procedural rules, and knows, he ain’t following the Rule Of Law. He flat don’t care.He thinks he is above the Rule of Law. A Tyrant, not mere sleaze.

    His “little meeting” put down, evidences he thinks he is above the general population,at all times.

    The 70 court appointed attorneys rep the court, not the accused.

  3. Jim Jones Says:

    I do not think it is legal for Johnson to hear this matter, Reyna will no doubt be called as a witness:

    Texas Constitution and the Rules of Civil Procedure.1 (All recusals, including in criminal cases, are governed by Rule of Civil Procedure 18a:
    14: A judge must also recuse himself if the judge, his former law partner, or his close relative has been or will likely be a material witness in the case.

  4. El Chuntaro Says:

    Reyna thought this was going to be his big career move. He fucked up. He knows he fucked up and he’s going to pull any rabbit out of his hat he can to cover himself.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    While the News is so totally concerned with Statue defenders and NFL players making as if these things are important this Waco Twin Peaks IS REAL. Our enemies are laughing and our country is under attack. I find it amazing Trump has a problem with the NFL players disrespecting the flag and a song yet has ZERO to say about Waco. Wake up Trumpers… Russia attacked us… they are coming back. They LOVE this Shit. USA can only lose a war against itself and our enemies are provoking the divide. ITS WORKING!

  6. Maven Says:

    Reyna is such a POS. Looking at his mug in this article gets my blood pressure up. Hope he ends up losing everything in those civil cases.

  7. panamaa Says:

    Sleazy……… Good word for that fucking Reyna.

  8. Wow! just wow... Says:

    It is also little known that one of those arrested ( and indicted I believe) had a large number of weapons…locked in the trunk of his car, unloaded and inaccessible, as the legal owner had intended them to be, so as to protect them from theft. Seems he was having some construction done on his house and wanted to make sure his hunting rifles and shotguns, as well as many sidearms, didn’t fall into the hands of criminals, he locked them in his trunk. It didn’t work tho- the criminals in Abel Reyna’s office got them anyway, and used the numerous firearms to increase the “count of illegal weapons in the possession of bikers at Twin Peaks”, all no with wallet chains, vest extenders, and fingernail clippers.

  9. oldskewl Says:

    “They weren’t out there just to have their little meeting”

    The disdain this fucker has for just regular people is remarkable. In a pro-gun carry state like Texas a lot of folks carry both open and concealed but to be a biker and own a weapon while you attend a function is beyond the scope of this guys comprehension.

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