For Vicarious Psychopaths

September 21, 2017

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For Vicarious Psychopaths

The motorcycle outlaw frontier has become a hustle where myth, profit and prison all collide. Take, for example, the literary career of sometime poet, sometime prosecutor, sometime true crime author Kerrie Droban and some of the straw men she has dressed up in hackneyed tales like worn out clothes – extra special agent Jay Dobyns, Bible student Ashley Charles “Charles Falco” Wyatt and blogger Peter “Big Pete” James.

That’s Droban in the photo above, in the middle of a group hug with the first season cast of Gangland Undercover, a soap opera for boys based on the Bible student’s memoir.

Her newest book, co-written with former American Outlaw Association patch holder Peter “Big Pete” James. is titled The Last Chicago Boss: My Life with the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club. The book has been coming for awhile. Over the months it has also been called The True Story of Big Pete, Outlaws MC and Godfather And The Outlaws. It was written to thrill desperately bored people who can’t tell the difference between shoveling out a stable and getting a shoeshine.

Never Ending Story

And there is sure to be another of these things within a year and a half. Right this minute in Texas either Droban or some good literary soldier previously known for his children’s books is “researching” a “full throttle tale” with the working title How I Saved Waco From The Bandidos. Anybody who doesn’t get that yet has never heard of Sons of Anarchy; stares blankly if you bring up the commodification of the “outlaw lifestyle;” and can’t begin to guess what the job title “Assistant Director for Public and Governmental Affairs” implies.

Big Pete has already interjected himself into the Waco case. He appeared in Ed Lavandera’s CNN Biker Brawl report 16 months ago. The network described as the “President of the Notorious Chicago Outlaws” “for 16 years.”

James has been described widely as an expert “on biker life.” According to the Chicago Sun-Times, “James says the main reason he wrote the book was to show how far things have slipped in what he regards as a once-noble brotherhood and to spur change in leadership and attitudes among the Outlaws in Illinois.”

“It used to be guys banded together who believed in something, and they had fun,” James told the paper. “There’s no brotherhood left in the Outlaws any more.”

He’s Out Bad

Just to briefly touch base with reality, it might be appropriate to point that there still are Outlaws in Chicago, they still call each other brother and Big Pete isn’t one of them. “Pete got put out bad, no contact, for dry snitching and lying. He can talk all the shit he wants,” someone I once met in a bar in Vegas explained by way of hello.

By simply breathing, James discredits the idea that motorcycle club cases must be kept mostly secret to protect the lives of the snitches, the cops and the witnesses. Like Jay Dobyns and “Charles Falco” he disproves the fiction that betraying a tribe of men you have called brother is dangerous. What it is, is lucrative.

Big Pete lives openly in Brookfield, Illinois. And he is eager to talk to anyone who will listen to him. For example, last week James told the Fond Du Lac Reporter a little about the nature of being the Big Pete Show.

In Far Fond Du Lac

“At one point, you said that Big Pete was a character. Can you explain that,” a reporter asked. “How is Big Pete the boss different than Peter?”

“He’s not a character. He exists. Because of the life that I chose, it’s a very stressful life. The highs are very high and the lows are incredibly low. I don’t know about a salesman or some other profession, where your life is you get up and go to work and if you sell something great. Well, my life was not that way. So, I had to separate it.”

“When I would step out my front door, then I became Big Pete, boss of the Outlaws. When I would come into my house, I would become just Peter. I would be able to unwind and relax. That’s why very few people knew where I lived. When I come into my house, it was like the fortress of solitude…Big Pete was who he had to be, Peter was how he relaxed and how he got away from things.”

Authenticity Is So Yesterday.

Then the reporter asks James, “Why did you decide to write this book?” You know, other than a compulsion to seek wealth and celebrity.

“It’s hard for me to explain. I saw things changing – and I understand that things change – but my goal was to write this book in the hope someone will wake up and try to salvage things (with the Outlaws). I might not be Mr. Popularity (for writing it), but I’m willing to risk that in the hopes that someone will read this and say, “Look at what this guy says. Things need to change.”

Mixed Messages

Forget that “God Forgives Outlaws Don’t” stuff. The book was Big Pete’s summing up and who wouldn’t want to read that. “As the book went forward, it’s getting things off my chest. Things that bothered me. Maybe there was a better way of doing it. I couldn’t find one. When this opportunity arose, I took it. I’m not one of these guys who look back and say ‘I regret this.’”

The book blurb describes something different. It describes James as “a legend in the biker community” and “the most revered gangster in the Outlaw Nation. He first perfected his skills with the Hells Angels, the Outlaws’ chief rival, before persuading thousands of disgruntled members from splintered Outlaws chapters to unite. Together, they formed a powerful criminal syndicate involved in extortion, contract murders, drugs and arms trafficking, money laundering and assassinations. Then a shocking medical diagnosis knocked James sideways, forcing him to face a new life on the outside of the organization he built, dodging snitches, federal law enforcement, and contract hits.

“In The Last Chicago Boss, James provides a startling and unprecedented expose into the inner workings of the Outlaw Nation from the unique perspective of its renowned leader, all brought to life through never-before-revealed interviews, police files, wiretaps, recordings, and trial transcripts.”

Vicarious Psychopathy

Droban has explained her biker books as a way of giving her readers “the vicarious experience” of being an outlaw.

In his last published interview, James describes Droban as “amazing. She’s amazing…. I actually consider her a good friend today” And he describes her book about him as “a little masterpiece.”

Maybe. This time Droban seems to aspire to more than mere vicarious outlawry. This time she has stepped up to vicarious psychopathy.

“Big Pete is a psychopath,” she warns the world in the video just under the last of these few words. “He is truly…probably…one of the most dangerous people I have written about. He had true delusions of grandeur. He thought he was Caesar. He thought he was like a king. Uh…he believes that he controlled the city of Chicago. And he talked to me as if I was there in his little kingdom.”

Enjoy this fine piece of work. Or, maybe go for a little ride instead.

Since this story was published, Droban has taken the public video in which she described James as a “psychopath,” private. The video was a promotional “sizzle reel” for a proposed “reality” series titled The Watershed With Kerrie Droban. .A still photo from the video shoot appears below.



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29 Responses to “For Vicarious Psychopaths”

  1. SomeGuy Says:

    Anyone familiar with bittorrent will be able to find this book on the web’s most popular file sharing site. Even after reading it for free I feel like I was over charged.

    Without getting in to the “should he or shouldn’t he” ethics of a club member writing a book, the book is just objectively bad, in fact horrible story telling. It has many stories that are just blatant bullshit to anyone who has any common sense at all. And the writing is dis-jointed as hell

    Things happen for no reason, with no context, in fact I couldn’t even figure out what time period a big chunk of the book occurred in until an off hand mention of him buying one of the first Evo Harleys.

    Putting aside everything else I can’t believe a professional writer like Droban would put her name on something this poorly put together.

  2. Truth hurts Says:

    How can you be in love with your wife when you use to tell everyone or her cunt Stinks

  3. Does it know what brotherhood means Says:

    From the looks of this guy hes a gangster in the buffet line How could I Dodge a bullet he can’t even tires shoes lol

  4. Disappointment Says:

    I do not know how is wife stands by his side for being For being such a loser to timer

  5. Disappointment Says:

    Been friends with him for over 20 years Sorry to say I know Always know he was full of B.S. Use the club for his gain

  6. UpsideDown81 Says:

    If I baught this book it would only be used to wipe my dogs cunt after she took a piss!

  7. Confused Says:

    They never show him walking how could you be a feared gangster When he gets to the buffet line do they scatter Being that big Feel sorry for the bike Cause you know you can’t wipe His ASS

  8. Centurion Says:

    Contract Murders? Extortion? the key words are delusions of grandeur.
    if you run out of toilet paper, this book will have a purpose

  9. Iron Rider Says:

    Bone Head Says:
    September 21, 2017 at 6:14 pm
    Sounds as though they exist to feed off each other.

    @ Bonehead

    Yup that’s how scavengers are, they all take their turn at the carcass no matter how offending the smell is

  10. El Chuntaro Says:

    money before morals right Kerrie?

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Frank

    What? Are you high. I’m still of the opinion that Droban was a man at one time and had the sex change operation. Don’t think Droban is high on many guys list of “doable”

    As for Droban’s book, I doubt it’s fit for reading even when your sitting on the toilet.

  12. kenny Says:

    A feared man in the all u could eat line. Now thats funny. But Bobby Blanco just hit the nail on the head. Some guys c the club as a way of making money. They see being a pres as the way line their pockets. A good pres takes care of his sick or weakest brothers cause your only as strong as your weakest link. Hell he was so bad he voulda talked to his brothers and let them know how he felt seeing as he was the big bad lead dog. Respect to u guys who deserve it and remember a supporter can one day be your brother.

  13. Trebor Says:

    With that personality and motivation to use and abuse she’d be nothing more than a cum dumpster

  14. rw Says:

    Now that shovelhead mentions it she does look like jenner

  15. Gordo Says:

    The smell of money eh

    An x spurt

    Yeh right

  16. Shovelhead Says:

    Come on Frank…you don’t think Kerrie looks like Bruce Jenner? Oh shit, maybe Kerrie IS Bruce Jenner.

  17. Frank Says:

    I’m calling bullshit on the haters…Everyone here would fuck Droban in one hot minute if given the opportunity.

  18. rocco151 Says:

    @ adios…perfectly stated !
    @ Sieg…you warned us about this guy months ago !

    I would like to add that I was introduced to the love of motorcycles by one of the members that is maligned in Big Pete’s book. My friend is AOA through and through and treated Big Pete as a brother and a good friend and was treated so poorly that I’m sure he isn’t even angry at his portrayal in Pete’s book but rather disappointed that he ever bothered with him. At the end of the day my friend still has his brothers and Big Pete is an outcast who contacted this author when he realized that the only way for him to make any money once he was voted “Out Bad” was to puke on people who treated him well both in his club and in the shadow world which pervades Chicago ! In that second world a measure of a man is the attendance numbers at his funeral…we’ll see how conspicuous the lack of riders in formation is upon Big Pete’s demise !

  19. david Says:

    The large adam’s apple in “her” neck may be the proof.

  20. Adios Says:

    I know Big Pete well and he was a con man that used Chicago MC’s for his own personal gain. To him Brotherhood was a term he used to decieve people

  21. Shovelhead Says:

    I’ll never waste a dime on anything Kerrie writes. All Bullshit, glorifying Losers.

    Besides, I still believe Kerrie’s real name is Ken…She sure looks like a Dude to me.
    Probably why Pete loves her so much.

  22. Paladin Says:

    Kerrie Droban needs a tic tac for her cunt.


  23. Bone Head Says:

    Sounds as though they exist to feed off each other.

  24. Bobby Blanco Says:

    Fat Pete, Couldn’t take out Lunch,Those that know, his best friend in the Club was another Rat Rotten Ronnie from Joliet.Go Figure..SYLO.

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    Idiots without borders – Pete and Droban. Watch them waste air and trees with videos and books that only basement dwelling, zit-faced punks who jerkoff to Sons of Anarchy videos can appreciate and wouldn’t know a lie if it was somebody beating them upside the head with a three-days-dead-in-the-sun octopus.

    Rope. Tree. Pete and Droban. (your call which is the bitch).

  26. hero Says:

    Droban is a hack. She didn’t make it as a defense attorney and now likes to spread gossip through books.

  27. Sieg Says:

    A legend in the buffet line…i wouldn’t read it with someone elses eyes.

    FTF / FTP

  28. Paladin Says:

    A true collection of some of the most opportunistic and embarrassing individuals.


  29. Hangaround Says:

    Im not sure what I was just watching, but its unclear to me how doing an interview inside of the Sheriffs department can be either a watershed or dangerous moment…

    From what I’ve heard just going to the Waco courthouse is more dangerous and life changing

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