Restaurant Didn’t Do It

September 18, 2017

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Restaurant Didn't Do It

After 29 months, one small part of the legal aftermath of the Twin Peaks Biker Brawl has been resolved – probably. A lawsuit filed by the Waco Don Carlos restaurant against the Waco Twin Peaks was “dismissed with prejudice” by a Dallas County judge named Jim Jordan last Wednesday.

The two restaurants shared the parking lot in a Waco mall called the Central Texas Market Place where virtually all of the violence and gun play occurred on May 17, 2015.

DC Waco Restaurant, Inc., the corporate identity of the Don Carlos, filed suit in July 2015 against the five owners of the Twin Peaks franchise – their names are Akash “Al” Bhakta, Chetan “Chet” Bhakta, Nikunj “Nik” Bhakta, Ronal “Ron” Parikh and Manish “Jay” Patel – and their various corporate identities for damages of “more than $1 million.” DC Waco also sued the Twin Peaks franchisor, Front Burner Restaurants.

The Don Carlos alleged that it was forced to close after the brawl and: “At the time of the incident, the owners of Don Carlos Restaurant had discussed selling the business, going so far as to value the business and speak to a broker. After the shootout, that process ended.”

Common Sense

The Don Carlos suit argued that “in an effort to make money, the Waco Twin Peaks “disregarded basic common sense and ordinary prudence. The owners and management of Twin Peaks invited armed, rival gang members to a meeting at their establishment where alcohol was served.”

“Twin Peaks had been repeatedly warned by law enforcement that such meetings were not wise, and that violence could likely result. This was part of a nationwide program by the corporate franchisor that encouraged such events. Because of decisions that defy common sense, not only has the Twin Peaks lost its liquor license and franchise rights, but nine people are dead and at least eighteen are wounded. As further fallout from these imprudent and unreasonable decisions, neighboring businesses, like the Plaintiff herein, have suffered….”

“The shootout started amongst rival motorcycle gangs, but ultimately involved Waco law enforcement officers. The melee resulted in the deaths of nine people and left at least eighteen wounded. Law enforcement took cover and returned fire from the front walk-up of Plaintiff’s business.”

Babes And Guns

“According to law enforcement officials, this Twin Peaks location had become a known destination for motorcycle club and gang activity due to multiple Twin Peaks sponsored events. These events included, in part, “Bike Night” every Thursday evening. Such events were encouraged by the corporate franchisor. Despite numerous warnings from the Waco Police Department, the management team at Twin Peaks refused to cooperate with any efforts or suggestions to cease special festivities directed at this particular clientele. Instead, Twin Peaks through its operating partner, Jay Patel, hosted a special event on Sunday May 17, 2015 for the biker clientele deemed the ‘Texas Region 1 Confederation of Clubs and Independents Meeting.’ This meeting was promoted by Twin Peaks through targeted advertise- ments, including photos of scantily-clad dressed women holding various firearms.”

Last Thursday, DC Waco Restaurant, Inc. formally asked Judge Jordan to reconsider his dismissal on technical grounds. For example, the Don Carlos’ attorneys thinks his client should have been granted a continuance when restaurant employees found “a second bullet hole in the chimney of Plaintiff’s building.” But the reconsideration seems like a long shot.



12 Responses to “Restaurant Didn’t Do It”

  1. James Crawford Says:

    The owners of Twin Peaks as well as all of the bikers should file lawsuits against the owners of Firebase Don Carlos for providing a venue from which the police stationed snipers for an ambush that defies basic logic and common sense. While their might be two bullet holes in Don Carlos, there were no doubt dozens of empty cartridge cases on the roof.

  2. Wingman Says:

    Where can I find the “photos of scantily-clad dressed women holding various firearms.” :-)

  3. Paladin Says:

    @ panamaa,

    Been posting over on Aging Rebellians (Fb). Hope all is well with you and yours. If you still have my number, give me a call. We can catch up. And as always, long may you ride.


  4. xplor Says:

    Two bullet holes in the Don Carlos restaurant makes us wonder how many in the Twin Peaks restaurant?

  5. panamaa Says:

    Paladin, haven’t heard from you in a while, good to see you back up…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    One of my top 3 favorite Mexican restaurants is “Lopez” in Houston, Tx. (Wilcrest and 59).

    On Google maps Lopez has a 4.7 star rating and 683 user reviews.

    In comparison Don Carlos has a 3.5 star rating and 150 user reviews.

    3.5 stars is shit, that’s a horrible rating, are we to believe that this is twin peak’s fault too?

    Don Carlos has a bunch of user reviews claiming that the food came out of a can, it tastes bland, or that Don Carlos did not honor their advertised specials. They pretty much have run themselves into the ground.

    Their lawsuit against Twin Peaks only let’s me know that Don Carlos is owned by some lazy, unashamed, rat bastard, shit stains.

  7. Iron Rider Says:

    Well DC’s can thank the Waco PD for closing off the parking lot, just as they did with Twin Peaks and just like the Waco PD closed off blocks around the area and held 177 people in the parking lot till they could transport them elsewhere.

    Twin Peaks suffered being shut off from the public as well and it wasn’t by choice , thank the Waco PD for it and a lot of flying bullets. I wonder how many members of the TDPS were on the roof of Don Carlos?

    If they want to blame someone for the crowds not coming tell them to call up Swanton who wanted the media kept away, far away from being able to talk to anyone in the area of Twin Peaks, Don Carlos and elsewhere from being asked what a witness saw or heard and that was all by design, remember Swanton telling the media there “were hordes of angry bikers armed to the teeth on their way to Waco right now to kill cops” as a way to keep the media away and not asking people questions, but yet nary a scary biker was seen, funny how that works.

    As for DonCarlos trying to blame Twin Peaks for what went on, yeah good luck with that and as for the cops claims that Twin Peaks was warned about bike night, I guess if Bikers go to McDonalds it will be trouble or to a gas station or anywhere you see two or more big scary bikers there is going to be trouble… yeah sure there will be, if it says Iron Order on the patch set, otherwise rarely an issue

  8. Paladin Says:

    The Don Carlos alleged that it was forced to close after the brawl and: “At the time of the incident, the owners of Don Carlos Restaurant had discussed selling the business, going so far as to value the business and speak to a broker. After the shootout, that process ended.”

    Any restaurant that serves shitty Mexican food should be forced to close. Don Carlos is no exception.


  9. david Says:

    As if the DC greed-blinded attorneys know anything about common sense and prudence.

  10. Hold_The_Phone Says:

    Let me translate this into bitch:

    “Our business was failing. We were looking for a way out to limit our losses, so we started the process of trying to sell to some sucker to make it their problem. Once the Cocksacks ambushed people at a CoC meeting they weren’t invited to (by invitation of our porcine saviors), we could no longer off-load our failing business onto someone else. Because we don’t know what men are, or how to act like one, we’re going to blame someone else and make them pay us for our already failing business. Please don’t make us eat the loses on our failed business venture!”

    By the way, they contradict themselves. “…Twin Peaks location had become a known destination for motorcycle club and gang activity…” Usually the 2 different organizations are like oil and water. Generally when the MCs move in, the crime rate goes down. Having gang members and MCs at a location would be trouble since some little gang banger will talk shit and it would be on.

    I know they are trying to imply that the MCs are gangs…but it just goes to show their complete lack of understanding if they can equate the 2.

  11. Vintage Says:

    Name one corporate entity in America that doesn’t regularly “disregarded basic common sense and ordinary prudence”… “in an effort to make money”. That’s called marketing, and it is just business as usual.

  12. Cookie Says:

    I bet they weren’t bitch’in when they were getting extra business from the bike nights!

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