First Waco Trial Imminent

September 12, 2017

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First Waco Trial Imminent

Christopher Jacob (Jake) Carrizal, a Bandido from Dallas charged with directing members of a street gang to commit murder and aggravated assault, will go on trial tomorrow at 9 a.m. in Waco, Texas before Judge Chad Johnson.

Carrizal was arrested after the Twin Peaks Biker Brawl 29 months ago. He was indicted in November 2015 and re-indicted last June. What he actually appears to have done is try to park his motorcycle when a group of Cossacks opened fire on his group of 12 Bandidos. Then at least three Waco policeman opened fire on everybody. The charges against Carrizal would not appear to be just. At least to the average, informed man in the street. But it is all perfectly legal.

Carrizal has had a couple of lawyers. The first was Landon L. Northcutt who advertises on his website that he is a lawyer with “15 Years Of Experience, Hundreds Of Trials” and who has been described in open court as “never being ready for a trial in his life.” Northcutt was replaced by a lady named Casie Lynn Gotro who has been fighting like a demon for the last week to try to get Carrizal a trial before a judge she thinks will be fair. Yesterday she managed to get Judge Ralph Strother recused. Tonight she is batting .500, which is pretty good for Waco.

One of the most notable details about all the “Twin Peaks cases,” as the McLennan County prosecutors describe them among themselves, is that three of the four defense attorneys most stubbornly arguing that these cases have been fixed from the beginning are women. One of them is a former prosecutor and judge from Galveston named Susan Criss. Another is Austin attorney Millie L. Thompson who described herself in court today as a “radical defense attorney.” The fourth is Dallas lawyer Clint Broden, who currently has three motions before Waco judge Matt Johnson and who has a little history with Johnson. Broden is going to have to wait for his motion hearing.

Oh Joy Johnson

About 7:30 tonight, a visiting judge named Robert Miller Stem ruled that Johnson will preside over the Carrizal trial. Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett promises it will be “shorter than O.J.’s.” He couldn’t be baited into saying how much shorter he thinks it will be. O.J. Simpson’s murder trial in 1995 lasted 135 days.

According his legal coordinator, a blunt woman named Paige Light, Johnson knew he was being assigned to try Carrizal before Gotro did.

Johnson set jury selection for 8:30 this morning. Gotro got there at nine, saw Johnson and immediately filed a motion to recuse him. Johnson, who was then, technically, off the case responded by forbidding anyone, including Gotro from leaving the room and if they tried he would have them jailed which is, technically, kidnapping. The threat epitomized the way Johnson has handled the Twin Peaks cases for the last two years.


As if by magic, a recusal hearing was arranged for noon with Stem presiding. Stem quacks like he is fair and impartial but he is no duck. The hearing sputtered and restarted for almost another full shift. The highlights were all feminine.

A blindingly blonde, born again bitch in a tight black suit and four inch stilettos named Amanda Dillon explained to Gotro why she had been in Strother’s recusal hearing the day before. “Frankly, I think a lot of people show up to see your behavior.”

Dillon is an assistant DA who has been so absorbed by the Twin Peaks cases that she has become a biker gang expert. It was her notion to divide every defendant in the case into the “Red and Gold Team” and the “Black and Yellow Team” on account of “a safety concern.”

She explained to fellow prosecutor Jarrett that “outlaw motorcycle gangs is all I have done for two years..” She is the beneficiary of “extensive training” and has “debriefed (outlaw motorcycle gang) experts across the country. “Based on” her “experience and training” she considers “the Cossacks and Bandidos to be criminal street gangs.” She has learned that “the Bandidos are at war with the Cossacks and the Kinfolk” motorcycle clubs.

Under Gotro’s cross examination it turns out her extensive training is comprised of a course that was sponsored by the Texas “Attorney General’s Office” and an annual conference sponsored by the Texas Gang Investigators Association.

The Anti Dillon

The anti Amanda Dillon was Thompson, a soft spoken, stubborn and astoundingly well spoken woman who Jarrett mercilessly tried to bully on the stand. Eventually he got her to admit that she didn’t think working people should have to attend multiple, capriciously scheduled hearings; that she was surprised to be summoned to court for service of a DNA warrant on her client, Paul Landers; and that she signed her letters “in resistance.” Thompson kept her composure while Jarrett relentlessly argued that she was a much less experienced and more callow attorney than he. The cross examination revealed much more about the prosecutor than the defender.

And then there was Gotro’s closing argument after it had already become obvious that she and Carrizal were stuck with Johnson. Gotro usually affects the persona of a little toughie. Her voice quavered with emotion and she genuinely seemed about to weep as she practically begged Stem for a “fair” trial.

Not in Waco, baby. Not in this case.


17 Responses to “First Waco Trial Imminent”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    In the humble opinion of this Shoemaker Jim Jones is right. The Fact that Police were letting people go until Reyna got involved makes Him a witness. He interjected Himself and wrote the Arrest Warrants.

  2. david Says:

    Fake-O,Texas: Theatrical fake legal proceedings, fake corrupt “judges”, fake compliance with the rule of law, fake respect for real justice,fake un-biased juries, fake jury instructions, and fake reports by fake news-paper reporters, all plastered on top of a real pile of shit.

  3. Jim Jones Says:

    If they want to recuse Johnson, all they have to do is list Anal Reyna as a witness…
    Texas Constitution and the Rules of Civil Procedure.1 (All recusals, including in criminal cases, are governed by Rule of Civil Procedure 18a:
    14: A judge must also recuse himself if the judge, his former law partner, or his close relative has been or will likely be a material witness in the case.

  4. Filburt Says:


    You are a 100% right. Baptist have a history of murdering innocent and try sweeping it under the rug!

  5. SoCal Says:

    I would like to know the the defining act that turned MCs into Organized Criminal Gangs. Steve Cook, the expert in OMGs throws out various Club names while talking to Bill O’Reilly about the Waco incident that had nothing to do with it and weren’t even there. I know we supposedly evolved from Clubs to Gangs to Organized Crime but when did it happen in the courts or Congressional hearings? I saw the hearings when Al Pacino addressed Senate hearings but I must’ve missed the Biker Gangs Hearing….

  6. El Chuntaro Says:

    I see Steve Cocksucker Cook’s picture again. Is Steve Cocksucker Cook a prosecution expert witness?

  7. BMW Says:

    Another self-appointed, self-certified “gang expert” regurgitating bullcrap 40th hand, with a touch of unattributed persecutors’ fantasies and a smidgen of federally approved jealousy of free men. Since motorcycle clubs are *NOT* gangs, WTF does she know? The shear ignorance of these self-appointed “gang experts” (who are *NEVER* expert, except at lyi g a out their imaginary qualifications bugs the hell out of me.


  8. Roger Says:

    I’m tired of the media and LE lies referring to MC’s as street gangs! LE including the FBI,ATF and homeland security have try to drill this lie into the public for years! The Asst. DA Dillion calls herself an expert on motorcycle gangs when none exist except in the minds of people like herself and LE! The real street gang here is Waco PD and any federal agency that took place in the ambush on that day! This is another case of LE misconduct just like the branch davidians and Ruby Ridge! This case is just LE trying to cover up another screw up!

  9. Filburt Says:

    Baptist the frozen chosen…

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. The corrupt fucktard Johnson, the simultaneous bully and pussy Jarrett, and that stinking cunt Dillon.

  11. david Says:

    Rebel, which one of the two “Johnsons” is the “former” law partner of Un-Abel Reyna?

  12. david Says:

    Power drunk tyrants only revel in more abusive tyranny. When the general population cannot, or will not, take their shit anymore, then the torches and pitchforks come out.

  13. rw Says:

    The subjects of Waco may rise against they’re Baylor dictators and surprise us.

  14. Hold_The_Phone Says:

    I think these sick fscks need help. They sit on their thrones getting off on the power they have over other people’s lives. They are nothing but bullies burning up the lives of the citizenry like they’d burn ants with a magnifying glass. It’s a “safe for work” version of torture porn that these judges get off on. The power, oh the power. That smug holier than thou look on their faces while they watched jury selection like a strip tease. I’ll bet that’s why Criss changed sides from prosecutor/grand inquisitor to the defense.

    As always, Fuck the Urine Oder, the Iron Ladies, and the rest of the posers.

  15. Sieg Says:

    Have to imagine that Gotro is preparing for an appeal more than she is preparing for the trial. With Johnson sitting, the outcome is pretty much a given, so there isn’t much point to wasting too much energy on it. Best to get it over with and start moving the case through the courts.

    A shame there are no Americans left in Waco to set things right.

    Thanks for the reporting, Rebel, and I hope that bottle holds out!


  16. Maven Says:

    Good luck to Bandido Jake and all the hostages of the Waco “justice” system. May they all ultimately prevail.

  17. Iron Rider Says:

    Well if Johnson is at the helm I fully expect he will dance to the prosecutions tune just like Strothers has done. The one thing we will all know is whatever happens in Carrizalà trial is it will be appealed.

    Crying shame that Carrizal knows he is going to get convicted even before his trial starts, that is the definition of guilty before you can prove your innocent. If the forefathers could see what mockery the government has made out of the constitution and peoples rights

    Thanks for reporting one again Rebel, I wish it was better news

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